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Facebook Ads Video Strategy

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

Facebook Ads Video Strategy

Facebook Ads Video Strategy

all right so this last video I wanted to
add as a short video that toks about a
video marketing strategy for Facebook
okay I've already mentioned several
times that using video marketing is
really powerful offers a lot of benefits
and this is a strategy that I've been
sharing at my masterminds
and has become a little bit more common
now that people know about this strategy
and know how it can work but it's still
really powerful and can still be really
effective and I just want to share with
you the the basics of how this works
okay so the video strategy that can help
you scale quickly when you have a great
product that people are buying note that
last part please it's important to
remember that this is not a like a
secret to scale your product without any
result or without any evidence already
of sales okay this is something that if
you are getting sales and your product
is doing well this can help you scale
out to more people very quickly okay
so here's basically what it is all right
in a nutshell
right here is the strategy you're gonna
run a broad engagement ad to build up
twenty five thousand views or more on
your video and this is inexpensive with
most videos because your CPM is going to
be well under ten dollars usually so to
you know if you have asked if you have a
cost per impression of five dollars
means you spend $125 to get 25,000 views
on your video now the reason that I say
to only do this on a product that's been
proven to work well is because obviously
you don't want to do this at a testing
pace you don't want to be spending a
hundred and twenty-five dollars on a
product just to run video views before
you even know if that product is working
or not
and that's the biggest difference
between what I see some of these other
people out here toking about is they
try to teach this strategy as a way that
you can turn any product into a winning
product by just running views on the
video just running video views ads and
then taking the audience and and then
selling or I'm sorry then taking these
audiences and creating conversion
campaigns but if you
an already proven that this is an
existing an existing product doing well
then you could just end up wasting a lot
of money on this strategy okay so
assuming again that your product is
getting sales and showing signs of
winning remember this is why I like to
in my testing strategy I only start off
with an engagement campaign and in
conversion campaign and I start the
conversion campaign at a small budget
but assuming that the conversion
campaign is showing me great signs of
promise or even if the engagement
campaign is in terms of sales and and
showing me that people are interested in
this product of buying then I'm going to
start putting a little bit more money
into the engagement campaign so I can
start to build up this audience of
people that viewed okay next don't want
to start creating your custom audiences
now you can create for all of them I
don't necessarily recommend starting out
with all of them I recommend starting
out definitely with with the top ones
okay so I showed you how I showed you
where this was in the audience's section
basically once you've been running this
you'll be able to go in to your custom
audiences section inside your ads
manager and create an audience from your
video views okay so you'll have 95% 75%
50% for short because anybody that's
viewed at least 50% of your video is
definitely interested and if you already
have proven that people are buying this
product and it's a good product for that
audience then you know that these people
who are interested are actually a really
good audience that you can use because
not only can you retarget these people
and probably get a lot of them to buy
but now what we can do is we can also
take these audiences here and use them
to create look-alikes okay separating at
one the 5% and not to be confused with
this what I mean here is 1% look like 2%
look like 3% look like 4% look like 5%
look like right you remember where I
showed you in the
audiences how you can break out the
different percentages of your look-alike
audiences so this will be your source
audience 95% video views 75% video views
50% video views these are your source
audiences and then you'll you'll take
each one of those source audiences for
as many regions as you want and then
separate out at least the first 5
percent so this right here let's say
you're just targeting in the US this
right here would create you 15 new
audiences the test in the USA okay if
you're targeting the major regions of
the world like economic UAE a NAFTA and
ASEAN then this would break out 45
audiences for you to start testing all
right and then you're gonna launch a
conversion campaign and each ad set
you'll use one of these
okay so 95 percent video views one
percent look-alike us
that's one ad set ninety-five percent
video views two percent look-alike us
that's another ad set ninety-five
percent use three percent look-alike
European Economic Area
that's another ad set so you're breaking
each one into its own asset because each
look-alike is gonna be a decent size
audience already in and of itself so
that's the strategy alright this is a
way to create a lot of new audiences you
would and then everything from there is
the same testing right same testing
metric same testing phase that we toked
about you're putting them in a
conversion campaign optimized for
purchase you're gonna launch all these
all these ad sets each ad set will have
one look-alike audience in it and then
you're gonna monitor the ones that work
turn off the ones that don't and scale
the ones that work using the scaling
strategies we've already toked about
all right and then based on the success
of the first three audiences right
ninety-five percent 75 percent 50
percent and based on the success of the
first five percent of those audiences
you can scale out even more you could do
five to ten
sin or upside six to ten percent for
these existing audiences and then you
could take these lower engagement levels
and also create custom audiences for one
two five percent for each one of these
and test them right you might as well if
these are all working then you might as
well test these two because some of
these might work as well and if the one
the five percent is working you might as
well test six to ten percent on each one
of these as well so at the maximum
potential at the maximum potential with
only one reaching you could be creating
60 audiences at the maximum potential
with three regions you could be creating
180 audiences that's on top of 150
audiences we toked about in the
previous video where we toked about
creating custom events based off of arms
our custom audiences based off of your
conversion events right so now with
videos on a winning product you see that
we can easily get up to testing you know
somewhere in the nature of somewhere in
the nature of two to three hundred ad
sets right and if we're able to find a
bunch of those assets that are working
and start duplicating that now and and
scaling them that's how you can create
really big campaign success without
necessarily putting in a lot of money
just into one ad set budget alright so
that was a short video I'm already done
but I think really powerful really
valuable don't underestimate this
strategy it can and has made people a
lot of money because it's effective and
it works really well when you have a
winning product because it gives you the
ability to expand into a lot of new
audiences and then take those audiences
and also increase budgets on them too to
be able to have lots and lots of assets
running your once and and add lots of
sales coming in from different places
thanks for watching that is everything
from me for the Facebook Ads module in
the next video you will be able to get
access to the expert that I have been
toking about that he will be
introducing his content
as well

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