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facebook com ads preferences

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How Does Facebook Target Their Ads To You? | Facebook Ad Preferences

have you ever wonder: how does facebook target the edge to you? in this video, I'll be showing you a curve interest Facebook think that you have based on your behavior when using the Facebook apps, whether Facebook or Instagram. so, by knowing that the it's actually interested, all the other things I can use in order to target new specifically. so we've, by looking at it in to this, your behavior itself, office would think you are interested. physical things you have and you'll be able to see exactly why you're being targeted in certain ads, right, and you also can be able to see the advertiser you get to. what Macau sv, how interested is use in order to target new right. so in this video I'm going to show you two easy can check in. check it when using mobile. I think the mobile is a more prevalent one, is easier to manage, and the second one is using your desktop. if you knew this channel, I'll kindly subscribe. I should be sharing a lot of information regarding Facebook, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, public speaking and if you like those contents, can you subscribe. give me a like. put NPM comment section below. okay, without further ado, let us jump into the mobile site so that you can see how you can check what's your interest and your behavior, piece of what Facebook think you are. okay, let me do it. [Music]. so let's look into the mobile version and let's see how we are going to check the ads and whatsapp academia people used to target us. so to me, I mean, Facebook has been tracking all our information, so they may I have really pretty good idea what peeping about us, right? so I'm just click on the three lines here at the top right, you could go and go to settings and privacy and then go to privacy shortcuts, right. so the beliefs of privacy, so this, I can check the account overview over Facebook, the Facebook comm privacy, or you can check a con security of all the updated your personal information and things like that regarding to your Facebook account. or into this we are looking to add preferences: why people target you and bus a targeting that people can use to target you. so this is what we didn't look at today, so we can look at at preferences, right? okay, and you see there's a lot of your a few things. learn about ads. if you notike like the every pitch itself, right, they have a way for them to teach you, to be aware of how they use your, your data and things like that. why is it important? is because they have a lot of flack coming from Facebook saying that they show you- I mean D, they sell that, they tok to other places and things like that. so that is why is important: see the every other learn about your privacy, icon, security, testing, much to learn about and also, and things like that. so it's all for you to be aware of what's happening at Facebook: run test, what's you right? they're not able to review a preferences, so from here you get to see everything: your interest, the advertisers and businesses, your information, a settings, even acident, a position and also and how it works. you see, this is again a place where you can read about ads. you can take this out to read if you're interested, right, so this is a choices same thing as well. it's all about educating you and if you have time, do read it, right, okay, so this might sound interest. I'm not sure about cosmetiks, but yeah, so you can to see all your interest. so this is all the interest at face book. think that you like fitness, the long hair products- I didn't do much more hair, okay, toks, exercise, yes, so, business, entrepreneurship, automobile, yoga, video games and things like that, so it is used to helpful for you, yes or no, as you say. yes, okay, and this is my top interest. you can even put it as there's a few other interests. the agency is the same industries, so these are the interests that I like. so when you target all these people with Amazon, Netflix, sure you will be able to target me. if he's, if his suit, within the geographic charge of fractal graphical range, which is the location and the age group. so everything is you can have a look. Costas is a long list, so it's up to you whether you could call them, and I was okay, and that's all about your interest. next, you can see the authorizers and businesses. so these appetizers was at. I clicked right. you see more. okay, it's an uploader I use, at least. so this is this could be the list I've given one way or another by, but the even marketing and things like that. they have all my information so they will be able to send, so so in Facebook, you can upload lists into the advantage' and you can able to target. you are able to target, okay, able target certain people based on the email they are loaded. so this is you, put a cop malice and upload, that is, you can see all, as usual, whose website, app or store you interacted with. so this is mostly, I think, for website, the news pixel to check my, my data, of course, teacher date, I didn't really know who you are, because they hash the what is easy hash or data, so that is anonymous. but the but this was able to link within the, the data that you land on the pixel to you right, and also, as the case from, for apps. so I use crab and things like that right outside those who I visited, not sure why, this man, yeah, a few there, and also robot. this is some advertisers. I didn't because I'm going Australia and that's the reason why I like that. so all these can be set. so, as you see all. so, yeah, you see all the s ever seen. so you can click on the tree icon and then you can report or hide all the ads. so again, this is all within your power, within your heart. we didn't what you want to do. you know you can. you can rewrite them or you can report them to define. so next is your information. they can turn your information. so this is all about you. so in the well do tablet, anytime we can target based on your diction, she status, like I mean I'm, I'm a lot, a lot them to tok, to me, miss on Russia status. so she can target people based on your relationship status inside me- dragnet right. otherwise my employer, my job title, education, has a choice, a strong right. so you can real category. so the my target before the birth in May. or your business fish manager in Malaysia. so definitely I'm on target. so this is all the, the categories that you can toggle me directly when your office, that's right. so here you move category and things like that. so again, it's up to you what you want people to show. of course, you might get confuse. what you're gonna do, we're gonna set it. I'll show you about the ads, right, what the ads? how did what it used to toggle you on? so information, a settings. so this one, we used it. other schibetta ads, of course, obviously just a reason why the kata Tjuta can use these set settings to choose what the you as a little influence. that it's also all this you can really true, right? so that's a lot of ways yet Allah allow, right? for example, they toughen partners. this could be now this is all again pixelated- attract you. so it's up to you whether you want disabled for anybody's right. the other option is: do not disable, enable, so last time at the danger this, but not allow you to do that, right? the last one, Association, which is the pitch light. it's a tricycle, so you can. you can, yeah, you can, disable this as well. right, then I can add topics. so these are topics that I've hidden. maybe that's why I don't see any alcohol ads now shooting. he can hide on height. I didn't hide it. so this is a somewhat skeptikal idiot. a lot you attend, a lot to hide, got Perrin. so I can. you know one, highly, highly, right, okay, I also suggest other topics to hide. you just tap in and then, for example, muttering, right, so thank you for input. I'll just wait, right, yeah, I, usually this is a few things that they a lot of height currently. if you want to hide the ads itself, you can just go to the I will take it up portion and then just just hide. the out is linear, right? so this is simple to manage your references. what you want to see, I think I see you at settings. it's the same thing, right, the same thing that you see from here. you, you're simply a setting here. it's nothing right, then all we can loo?

Facebook Attribution Settings: What's This Facebook Ads Hack?

if you're not checking this one setting in your facebook ads, it could throw off your entire ad campaign. you could be making more sales. so watch to the end of this video to make sure you know about this secret facebook hack. what's up everybody, welcome back to the channel. i'm brandi with life marketing, the digital marketing agency with a mission to help small businesses grow real quick. go ahead and like this video, subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell so that you don't miss out on any of the marketing videos we put out every week to help you grow your business. okay, so the facebook ads hack i'm sharing today is something a lot of small business owners don't know about and are not taking advantage of, and that is your attribution settings. so what is that? what am i toking about? the attribution setting is a finite period of time during which conversions can be credited to your ads and used to inform campaign optimization. for example, with a seven-day click setting, our system will learn from conversions that happen within seven days and show as to people most likely to convert within seven days. we currently have hours set to a seven day click or one day view, so what does that really mean? it means that we're telling facebook two things: number one, that people are more likely to click on our ad and convert later, within seven days, as opposed to instantaneously, and we'll tok more about the importance of that in a minute. and number two, that if somebody clicked on our ad seven days ago but didn't convert until three days ago, we still want facebook to count that as a lead and attribute it to this facebook ad. so let me show you where to find your attribution settings and we'll cover another example and then tok more about how this affects your facebook ads. when you click into your ad set settings, scroll down under the optimization and delivery section and click show more options and there you'll see attribution settings. facebook says the attribution setting ensures the conversions our system optimizes for are the same ones you want to measure. for example, with a one day click and view setting, our system would learn from conversions that happened within a day and show ads to people likely to convert within a day. if you click the edit pencil, you can see all the options you have to choose from: one day click. seven day click. one day click or view or seven day clicker view. so how does this affect your facebook ad campaigns? to answer this question, you first need to think about the type of business you're running. what's your customer's average time to purchase? do your customers move through your sales funnel rather quickly or do they need time to consider the purchase? this isn't a hard rule, but most of the time we do find that b2c businesses like e-commerce, stores, restaurants, etc. with lower price points tend to have a shorter time to purchase, whereas b2b companies that offer an ongoing service or products at a higher price point tend to have a longer time to purchase. think about how you shop. for example, if you find a sweater that you like online, you don't normally need to speak with a salesperson before buying it right. if you want it and it's within budget, you'll just buy it right then and there. but if you're buying a house, you'll need to have multiple meetings and conversations with your realtor before buying. you're not going to find a house online and just click add to cart and purchase right. it's a longer process and therefore a longer time to purchase. that's what your facebook attribution settings are trying to account for. going back to what i mentioned earlier, with our settings we have it set to seven day click and one day view, so if somebody clicks on our ad today but doesn't fill out our contact form until six days from now, we still want facebook to count that as a lead that came from this facebook ad. if we had it set to one day click, it would not count the lead that came in six days later after clicking our facebook ad. now a lot of you may be thinking: well, why wouldn't everyone just do the maximum time frame then? why wouldn't everyone set it to a seven day click attribution setting so that your facebook ad gets as much credit for as many leads or sales as possible? the answer to that is because of the second purpose of this feature that we mentioned. the attribution setting is a finite period of time during which conversions can be credited to your ads and used to inform campaign optimization. facebook ads is known for using machine learning. it all the time is trying to find your ideal customer, and the way it does that is by paying special attention to the people that do convert on your ad, especially since the ios updates hit and made tracking people extremely hard for facebook. what it does is look at the people it can see converted on your ad and try to find more people who look like those users. so if you would prefer for facebook to show your ad to people who are likely to click and convert within one day, you need to select the one day click attribution setting. but again, be realistik about it and keep your business model in mind. if you know that your customers take a longer time to make a purchasing decision, then it's probably not realistik for you to select the one-day click setting, even if you wished people clicked and converted within one day. continuing with our realtor example: buying a house is a big deal. most people take a lot of time to make a decision, not just on what house to buy but on what realtor to use. so in that instance, you'd probably want to select the seven day click attribution setting. same thing with the services we offer. we perform digital marketing services for small business owners to help them grow their business, because it's an ongoing monthly purchase to invest in your business. it's often something business owners want to hop on the phone with us about. first. they want to study the free proposal they get from us and make an informed decision before signing up, which again is why we have hours set to seven day click and, by the way, if you are interested in having us handle your marketing from top to bottom. you can click the link in the description to get your free proposal today, but if you haven't seen many or any sales from your facebook ads and you go to your settings and see that it's set to one day click, that may be the issue. it may be that you are getting sales from facebook ads and just didn't know it because it wasn't counting people that converted after the first day, or it could be that facebook was trying to find people who would convert within one day of clicking and that's not in alignment with your target audience and that's why you're not seeing success with facebook ads yet. you need to change your attribution settings to match your customers behavior patterns in real life. so comment below and let me know what you have your attribution settings set to one day click or seven, and, of course, comment and let me know if you have any questions about it and i will get back to you there. otherwise, that wraps up everything i have for you today. guys, this is a super quick hack that can be done with a click of a button and can transform your facebook ad campaign. for other facebook ad hacks and updates, be sure to check out our facebook playlist linked below, and don't forget to subscribe, like and ring the notification bell and i will see you in the next episode.

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PrivacyDuck - How to See What Facebook Has On You (Ads Preferences)

hello and good morning. tragedy duck family. it is real macadam and I am back here to tok with you about something a little bit different today. absolutely, I'm not just how to opt out, but about managing your privacy on a greater extent while you're out and about online. this morning I came across a really good artikle day on the New York Times. Facebook has just kind of updated their ad preferences page to show you what they know about you. now, it's not usually a secret that Facebook collects data on people, but it is surprising what you know they, what they have about you, what they know about you sometimes, and you know the to no assumption is that we did these things on Facebook. they're targeted at preferences towards us and their knowledge of us by you know what we choose to like. you know a business page or a fan page, you know, but there's actually a lot more to it. you you can think you are as mum as can be on your religious or politikal preferences, but it's a. it's a. it's a new marketing. not a new marketing, but some marketing science called that's kind of you know. it goes into the psychological habits of what we do, what you say or how you interact, or even what time of day you are online on Facebook and a lot can be, you know, kind of assumed about you from that and that's how they actually get a lot of their information. it's not from what you even directly give them, it's from what they assume about you based on what you do on Facebook. so we're gonna look into that and how you can control that and what the difference is. you know, just give me some information here. so there is a page, excuse me. there's a page you can go to you. you don't have to be logged into your Facebook account and you can do this on mobile or on your desktop. it looks differently on the desktop and that's what we were doing here. it'll be more of just a list if you pull it up on your mobile, but it's gonna be. once you're looking at facebooking, go to facebookcom. that's class, adds a DES, that's last preferences, and you can see exactly what they have about you. and you know a lot of this isn't- and again, this is my own personal Facebook here. I don't I go by Elijah so slowly. I have four years- metal and of course is will. but you know I don't do a professional Facebook. I don't really feels neither these days and Facebook's kind of irrelevant when it comes to businesses anymore, um, but you know it's my own little personal page here and I'm pretty open about Who I am and you know in my life and if you follow me online on these videos or anything else, 380 point of time, you've probably seen that on the prowess of that blog, I think so forth. so I'm always mindful of what I share on Facebook, or what I like or don't like. it doesn't really matter to me. if I get targeted ads based on my likes and my preferences, I couldn't really care less. to be quite honest, there is an idea that people ask me about a lot and that's the idea of what's called confused vacation, which basically means, hey, if I get on here and I just you know I want to throw the day, the marketers off and I'm just gonna click on all these irrelevant things. maybe I really AM into rock music. I'm gonna click opera and classical and country and to make them think disorder live here or anything you know on. Facebook already has a profile about you that's much beyond your control. that is already much choreographed. understand CD across other companies online. it doesn't thrilled and off when you do that all it does is it makes you look like a very random person and you can be getting very random targeted advertisements, but these will still be targeted. there's a key line to remember in life, folks: when you do not pay for the product, you are the product. you are the product of Facebook. the best way to get around not being targeted, tracked is to not use Facebook, obviously. but anyway, if you're gonna use it in love with you, that's fine. just be aware were you doing. but here we'll be able to see how they interest you. and the point I really want to discuss right now is the religious and politikal toast effort Iseman. so you actually get, and those are right now mostly more politikal than you are religious in nature. but you know, it's very interesting to see how politikians will use Facebook's demographics and what they assume about you. even if you don't claim to be liberal or Democrat or what-have-you, even if you don't like a Trump or Sanders or Hillary pates or anything, they can assume a lot. I'm going to look at this year. so first it's going to be- I'll get a circle around of that- a second gift us all place into a funnel. here we'll see it. but now, if you go to interest, the first, happiness, interest, and you can see these are things that I have liked for the most part. they see, I like films and music. that's really a lump inside there guys been, you know. going more specifically on Adele, you know the Roxy Theatre in San Francisco, the band format, you know, Spotify is the thing I use. I like to be the wallflower. I read walk, though, quite often, so that's so accurate. I don't really, you know, care how they get that in here. I don't remember liking a lot of these pages. but again, whatever- and you can always remove that from your list of things you've liked, for example- but the really interesting thing, here and again, travel places, that's all a cure for me. again, they're assuming they build a profile about me. so, just toking about me here, I'm very much a California boy. going back, I've done a lot of traveling to the Middle East, in to other places, and so like Damascus here. or I used to learn the Sunset District in San Francisco. I love Disney California Adventure, so that's again I'll accurate. that here's where it gives kind of creepy. they take everything that you've done on these other pages, your likes, and not only that, it's analyzation of your facebook comments the things you like, or share the comments you might make, the keywords that you might put in those comments, whether you're toking about love and light or energy or gun control or any of you know anything, that's going to be a topic. they want to know where you land on this, and so you know I haven't liked any of this stuff really. however, it just assumes this about me from everything that is fine and so in those in gay. so there's the LGBT community and I, you know, I'm openly married to my amazing husband, August, and openly gay and proud, so that's not a secret. I'm openly a big fan of Harry Potter. so, muggle, I might be interesting, but uh, I don't look at the changes here that you'll see. okay, so I like the Washington Post here, but don't make that lifestyle in culture. when it gets into Who I am- that I haven't told them directly, but is Who I am that I hate driving me and I prefer walking and subway, so there's rapid transit. I work, you know, in the privacy of mystery brothers, reputation stuff. I'm a big fan of sixties music, so it assumes that I now a big fan of counterculture, the 60s, and that there's another separate counterculture tapes, and so you know. look at the verb, it's here. you had this preference PS. you like tap, AIDS related to muggle or to rapid transit. so, again, a lot of some sense they're Billie's trail falls off me, but you know. so the most interesting thing here to me personally is where it says US politiks. now, this is not something doesn't matter if you've hidden or not so in the politikal affiliation on your profile page when you did your Facebook. they will gather everything they think they know about you, um, being gay, or you like Harry Potter, you liking riding public transportation, you live in the big city. I might be very liberal- I am- but they got that you know and that I haven't told them that. and the reason why this is disturbing too is because Facebook will use this. there's been open stories lately. the New York Times artikle again. please read that. it's a fantastik artikle, but I'll tok about how, for example, you know if you're, you know, kind of in the middle and undecided, Donald Trump had one set of ads that were targeted towards the kind of undecid.

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Program Facebook Ads Privacy Settings to Your Own Liking

hi everybody. I just wanted to show all of you Facebook users something. so first of all, you should remember this here, but I'll post it when I share in comments probably, I'll post the link so you can go straight to your settings. okay, Facebook, because here is what you have on this page. really, you've probably been taking here by Facebook, but you really need to know because artificial intelligence is gathering your interests. so we'll take that. if you click like on something or you come, or you comment for or against, then these apps we'll start reading your stuff. Seymour, don't forget to do the Seymour. take all of this out, because I don't want them to know my interest, because what happens is other companies scour your profile with a bot and they can scour this and ad companies or these apps or these organizations then have certain access and for Facebook advertising- and here don't forget to click on everything- I'm gonna remove it all and it will change what happens in your newsfeed. it will change what ads you see and don't see. yeah, yeah, so I take all of these out. okay, be poor. oh, my god, off. Donald Trump, although actually a label on a. clearly what the heck? I'm not interested in half of these. that's strange, double. so you go through all of these things and remove them unless you really want to be advertised to about those things. I mean, some people like it, so that's your interests. advertisers you, right, interacted with, so I've just removed all of these retargeting. you hid all ads from this advertiser. these are advertisers. we're gonna hide those too. I don't want ads from anybody. Seymour, Seymour. so look at all of this. you just take them all out. you know. you take them all out and you've got your information. people who, so they can see that you are a person who uses a mobile network or device and you recently changed your device. take that out. I don't want them to see. you don't wanted to see that. ads based on data from partners: not allowed. that's based on your activity: not allowed. this is how I've set it. yeah, ads that include your social actions: no one make sure of that. hi dad topics: alcohol: permanently one year alcohol. parenting, pets, how Facebook Ads work- should have a read of that too. so this is add preferences. this is advertisers: your interacted with your information. how much of your information you want them to have. go through all of this on this link here. okay, and I think that's me done and I hope this helps here.

Facebook Ads Settings Post IOS 14.5 Update

hey, this is Archie, and today we're gonna tok about the tiknical part of Facebook ads. so pretty much how you set up your Facebook ad account, the buttons you have to click and many, many other things related to that, and this is a video that you would want to watch multiple times because some things that I'm about to share with you it might sound overwhelming, especially if you're coming from a place where you think that only the tiknical part is going to help you to take your ad account with your web Next Level. that's why you want to watch this video multiple times to understand why these things are bringing the best results. at the end of the day, we want to do things that are bringing much more sales and are not giving us that whole expectation that we are improving. so hopefully that makes sense. now, before we start running our first campaign, we have to set up a few things. the first thing is our Facebook pixel, which is simply a piece of code that you put it in the back end of your website and what this does is kind of tracking the behaviors of your visitors on your website, and this is helping you to retarget that customer right with our ads or also helps the algorithms to optimize your ads much better in terms of showing your ad creatives to an audience who is much more qualified for your product. so this is a piece of code that is quite important, even involved. after the iOS 14 update, the performance of Facebook pixel is not that high, but it used to be because a lot of people they opted out of tracking, but it's still a very important thing that you have to set it up on your ad account and pretty much you're going to go to your business settings. you'll click on the data sources on this drop down and you'll click pixels and you'll click on the add button. if you have not set it up, afterwards you'll name the pixel and then you have kind of free options to use two of them. they are pretty much the ones that you want to go for. the first one is choosing a partner, which is very easy. if you see one of his Partners where one of the websites that you are using, this is the easiest way to set up your Facebook pixel. if you don't see any of these Partners, in that case you'll need to set up that manually, which again, is pretty easy and it's a very self-explanatory process. it's just copying that code and pasting on your backend. so that's something that I think you will be able to do that on your own. and let's say that you are using Shopify and afterwards on Shopify, you need to install the Facebook app, which is an app that is absolutely for free. you will connect your Facebook account, your business account, the domain of the ad account of a Facebook page and you'll click on finish that up. again, it's a very, very easy process that every single person can do it. and then, under the Facebook app, you want to go to the data sharing settings. this is extremely crucial. you want to enable customer data sharing and choose the maximum level. what this is going to do is kind of combining with a conversion API, which is a better way to track the behaviors of your website, because conversion API doesn't care about the ad blockers and things like that. so it's a much better way to understand for Facebook what people are doing on your site, so we can optimize your ads much better. so, pretty much with this option, this pixel is combining with a conversion API. now, after that, you want to go to the events manager setting and you want to go to settings here. you want to go to automatik Advanced matching and you want to turn that on. and you want to toggle on all these aspects from email all the way down to your external ID. again, this is allowing you- and this is along with algorithms- to have a better understanding of the behaviors of your customers on your site. and one more thing is to toggle on the tracking events automatikally, without the code. again, this is going to help us to have a better like attribution. so the next thing you want to do is to set up up your conversion API. so we already set up the conversion API on Shopify. as you remember, we used the- let me go back here- so we chose the maximum level, which is already connecting with the conversion API. we also want to go to the conversion API. again, it's under the settings. you'll just scroll down a little bit and you will click on choose a partner, you'll click Shopify and you'll pretty much click continue, continue and then it's gonna be set up, so that something is extremely important to make sure of that is connected, so your conversion API is working properly. and the next thing is domain verification. now, before the iOS 14 update, this was not mandatory, but now it's very important to verify your domain, otherwise you cannot really run conversion- this is the keyword conversion campaigns- properly, and this is not allowing the Facebook to like- have a better optimization for your campaigns. so the way you do. but you'll go to Brand safety, you'll click on domain and you'll click add- if you don't have any domains- and the first thing you'll see is that it's gonna say not verified and it's going to be highlighted with a red color. now there are three ways to verify your domain. you'll pretty much see how to do that by giving you exactly the right instructions. that's something that I'm not doing personally, but something that some developers are doing. but you could also do it on your own and see that actually, if you're using something like GoDaddy, where you bought your domain, that is a pretty straightforward process as well. and the next thing: once you verify your domain, you want to make sure that the events prioritization- okay, I just said this word, it's a pretty tough word for me- it's set up properly. pretty much it's going to be something like this: if you have an e-commerce business, it's going to start with purchase and it's gonna go all the way down to review content. so it's prioritizing the highest event. this is like the most important event that we are looking for, which is purchase, and it's going all the way down to review content, which has the lowest priority. now to go to the web event configurations, you want to go to events manager or to all the events, and you'll click on the aggregated events manager. you'll click there and you will see a dashboard that will look something like this. and one more thing that is something new to the Facebook ads is called events match quality. so you'll see all these events that you set up. the moment when you start running ads, you will see how each event is going to be populated with these numbers and now, under the event much quality. you want to make sure that you have something from good and ideal grade. if you see something like okay, this is a signal that you want to look at. you'll click basically on this or kind of text, right, and then you'll see what actually Facebook is telling you. they're giving figure some kind of suggestions on how to improve away event match quality, and this is something that you would want to get some help from developers, because most likely, it's going to be something that you need to work in the back end in order to increase this event match quality. if you see something like okay, work good, even with a good, I could tell you that of our attribution on your Facebook ads manager is pretty bad. like you don't see very much of a very, very accurate results, which, if you don't have any other software tools, like third parties software tools, where, if you're not using UTM parameters, in that case you are most likely optimizing in the wrong way and you're leaving quite some money on the table. so those were the settings that you have to make sure you are using before you launch your first campaign. now let's tok about what you have to click on, where you have to put some kind of informations at every single level. so we're gonna go now into a campaign, then Etc level and then finally at level. on the campaign level, you will first name your Campaign, which is something you don't need to overthink. it, just give it a name. that is super sugge.

Facebook Ads 2021 | Campaign Optimization, Pixel Settings, Event Match Rates

can you smash me? yes, cool, cool. so couple questions. um, the performance for the last couple of days was kind bad and, um, i mean it was. i have no idea, i absolutely no clue why it's going bad, so i just want to come and to ask you about it, gotcha, um, yeah, i mean. well, i mean, yes, let me show you the stats. so, from june 19- so that was saturday, the last saturday- it was okay. but then on the twenty, pull in the date range 16th to now, uh, it's easier to analyze than a bigger set- yeah, uh, facebook or the cfi, yeah, 16-20, because i can look at it daily this way. all right, there you go. so, yeah, i mean sales are decreasing each day. yeah, i mean i, i mean i, i did not, um, like, cut off any ads on facebook or whatsoever, but i mean, um, the, the sales was going on every single day. all right, scroll down, okay. so i mean you had a 300 increase in the toddler boy short sleeve airplane pattern set. how much is that? um, you may need time. yeah, what does that cost? no, it costs um 20, 22.99, blue, okay, all right, yeah, let me just check it real quick. yeah, yeah, this one is one of the best settings that i have right now. all right, go to your ad account, okay, and then just select all ads. all right, do you want me to change the date or not? oh, that's fine, okay, let's request access real quick, okay, cool, okay, okay, yeah, i mean nothing looks like it's changed at all. uh, yeah, what you could do is, let's see here the auction overlaps increasing on that [Music] audience. that's a new audience. all right, you change the targeting on the 20: 20. yes, because i was thinking about the first time impression ratios go. every time the ratio goes up. i seems like i get a purchase. that's why i changed it to exclude the. um, also my youtube videos. for you to exclude the purchases or the and the facebook inventory people. that was a. yeah, i was thinking about it, but i'm not sure if that's correct. so, yeah, i mean you adjusted the targeting, so that's one thing. um, yeah, did you make any other changes? uh, no, i only exclude the facebook engagements. that's it and that's all i did. all right, yeah, so i mean, like that's going to interrupt the, the results, obviously. so, like you got to be careful about making changes like those. and then also, since you're. did you do that to all audiences in there? uh, no, but the. i want to do that to the um, the, the kindergarten one, okay, so you should have, like a dynamic retargeting ad. okay for last, yeah, for like the last 30 days. for add to carts and view content. okay, okay, add your card to your content, yeah. so, like, make a dynamic retargeting ad. what you do is you hit create and it would just be under- sorry, i mean right here, dynamite created. no, it's gonna be a different campaign because it's gonna be dynamic. well, okay, so we just discard this. you do the catalog retargeting. okay, so i do the um, the catalogs or what's happening. yeah, so you, you hit create and then you choose catalog sales continue. and then you would do on the ad set level, you would change it to a product set which- let's just select one of these for an example. all right, so retarget ads. and then you do view or added to cart, see how it says, but not purchased. ah, okay, gotcha to 30 days, to. since it's a view content, we can get away with 14, because you're gonna have a lot more people who viewed. then you just name it at the top and then you would put your dynamic ads in here and you'd run the budget, like you know, 10 to 15 daily to start out with. okay, gotcha, that makes sense, yes, yes, and then we'll just discard that draft because we're not actually going to publish it, but you would also so, right here, you had some notifications in your account. yes, that's all about the um. i mean, i think the audience overlapped, kind of stuff, mm-hmm. so these two audiences you can combine. so basically, you mean, like, stack them up together, exactly, stack those together. stack these two together. okay, what is this exactly? okay, all right, yeah, just make those changes. okay. so, the dynamic targeting one in these backup assets? okay, perfect. and should i do anything for the, the kindergarten one, the one that i had budget for thirty dollars? i mean that one was performing quite well. no, you're gonna stack it. um, i mean no, no, they, this one, the, the, the second one- oh, you can scale it down for a little bit, but i mean like, once you make all these changes, you should see a reverse in results. okay, okay, gotcha, perfect. and also, something weird is that, um, can i take the control? yeah, so i mean, from the front of the app, the better replay. i had a lot of added cards and i watched them and they did add to car, but they're not showing on on my um, shopify and let's see. do you know what's the reason for that? all right, let's see. yeah, for, for this one, like two minutes 35 seconds, they all did add to cars for today. um, they saw today, but they are not showing up here. there's only three entry cars here. can we see the replay? yeah, so this is gonna have something to do with shopify. so i mean, i won't be able to tell you how to fix that because, okay, well, shopify is tracking, but does that happen regularly or? um, it depends. i mean, i, i don't know what the problem is yet. so, let's see, you can skip to the part where they try to add the card if you want. this person looks like they're on an ipad. yeah, i think so. weird regulation. um, okay, maybe not this one. wait, what happened right there where it skipped? okay, i see him right here. i didn't see anything. yeah, maybe, maybe that's the male functional better player replay. well, i mean, yeah, it did happen. um, for the last couple of days, the, the, the numbers was just not matching up. yeah, try to see if it's a glitch or something's happening where it's not loading proportionately. yeah, and the the. let me show you example. i think you'll remember yesterday- oh, no, sunday- the stats was really weird. i mean, i've never seen that before. there was not no sales until like like 2 pm and they went up. i mean it never happened before. father's day: uh, it could have been in the year in the state, okay. so father's day, yeah, people are busy, okay. yeah, gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. okay, that might make sense. then, yep, okay, um, yeah, that's all i have right now. just uh, want to check and check up about it on the app, cool, cool. yeah, our checking on wednesday to give you an update about it, to see what's going on next. perfect, thanks, henry, awesome, thank you. thank you very much. what? what up, chase? hey, how you doing good? um, so the last two days really sucked. i didn't get any sales, but, uh, these numbers also aren't accurate. they're definitely under tracked. but uh, the last seven days are profitable. uh, basically like 2x. i think. i was getting a little nervous, though, if i go like one or two days without any sales, so made 227.. it's bad. 116.. yeah, i mean, that is uh above your. yeah, so i mean that is good, yeah, yeah, so i mean, go to your site metrics real quick, all right, scroll down, scroll down some more. yeah, i mean like, for instance, you could just leave the spin quartet and see what it, you know, continues to do daily. uh, just to watch the, the numbers, see if it comes back up today. have you gotten any sales today? nothing yet today. so, okay, yeah, let's see where it lands today. but, um, in your ads manager, what ads are running right now? i got, uh, these three. so, yeah, do all ad sets here. uh, yeah, and then do, yeah, this month. okay, you haven't even spent that much. no, where do you have any other campaigns? just this one? you have any other campaigns running here? no, just this one, because, uh, i was thinking about it because we toked about it last time and i was running ads for another product, but, uh, if once i'll perform the other, doesn't really make sense to have both going exactly but at the same time. the other one did outperform this one at one point. so i don't know because they fluctuate so much, and the fact that i didn't get sales for the last like two days with this one is, uh, a little concerning. i guess. i'm not really sure if i made the right move, but it's already done. so yeah, if you're at a 2x, that's good. i mean, just leave this running to see if it continues to get sales on the regular and if you main.