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Facebook Group Moderation Tools for Better Conversations

Published on: December 5 2022 by Social Media Examiner

Facebook Group Moderation Tools for Better Conversations

Facebook Group Moderation Tools for Better Conversations

- If you've been trying to grow Facebook group
but are worried about how much time it's going to take,
these awesome features that Facebook has put in place
is gonna help you run your Facebook group
with ease and grow it even faster.
Facebook understands how important it is
to have really good boundaries
and rules within your Facebook group
so it can really grow and thrive in the way that you want.
It is now giving you the ability to set 10 custom rules.
Now don't make the mistake
of only taking on the rules that Facebook gives you.
Of course, you don't want any hate speech,
of course you don't want people bullying each other.
But only having those rules leaves open
so much opportunity for your group
to not understand the right kind
of culture that you're creating.
When you set up rules it allows you
to do something really cool.
When you have a post that you want to delete
because it violates one rule that you have in your group.
It allows you to actually tell the member
what rule they violated.
The great part about that is that
you can also add in the description of your rule,
what you'd rather them do instead.
This takes a rule from being negative
and turns it into a positive
to help them understand how they can post
and engage in your group in a more productive way.
One of the other really cool features
that Facebook has put into place is called Admin Assist.
They really wanna act like a team member
helping you manage your group
without you having to put in a lot of effort.
Here are a couple really cool features
that Admin Assist includes.
First, you're able to create a list of keywords
that you don't want to see in your group.
This means if anybody posts using these keywords
it will auto decline their post.
A good example is that if you don't want people
asking others to DM them in the post,
then you can put the phrase, DM me, as a keyword.
And it won't decline anybody
who is putting those keywords in.
If this has been helpful so far,
make sure you go and click the like button.
Another cool way that Admin Assist can work for you
is to create a set of criteria
that when somebody posts an outside link,
uses a phone number or anything that you know
means that they are trying to self promote
or violate one of your rules,
you can set up Admin Assist
and it will manage the process for you.
One final way that Admin Assist
can really help you manage your group
is to turn on the function that allows you
to stop comments if a post gets
a certain amount of engagement
or gets flagged to the admin team a certain number of times.
This may be a post that you wanna keep
and is just creating amazing engagement.
But it also means that
if it's getting too much engagement too fast
that it might be a hot or heated topic
that you don't want having in your group.
Admin Assist allows you to be proactive
about how you manage posts in your group
so that you don't have to be so reactive all the time.
Facebook has also given you the ability
to manage which features are available
to your members or not.
This is really helpful when you don't want anybody else
going live in the group, but you.
Just turn off the feature that shows 'em
the ability to go live
and you don't have to worry about it anymore.
If you don't want people posting outside events
into your your group, just turn off that feature too.
It creates a really easy way for you to manage
what you want your members to do
since they don't see it's available anyway,
they really don't feel like something's been taken away.
It creates the kind of environment
that you want within your group
while also making it easier to manage and grow.
Facebook understands the importance of engagement
and connection to the success of your group.
That's why it's put so much effort
into giving you these features
so that you're spending less time managing your members
and more time engaging with your community.
Now, there are a few posts that you really want to avoid
and I'm gonna show you exactly which posts not to do
and what to do instead, in this next video.

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