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Facebook Page Like Ads

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Facebook Page Like Ads

The above is a brief introduction to Facebook Page Like Ads.

Let's move on to the first section of Facebook Page Like Ads!

Facebook Page Like Ads

facebook page like ads are a little bit
different than the other campaigns you
may already be running on facebook i say
this because you don't set them up in
business manager you set it up in your
facebook page so this video will show
you what access level you will need in
order to create a page like ads campaign
we'll walk through the step-by-step
setup and then to close out the video
we'll show you how page like ads can
help your other campaigns we don't
recommend page like ads as your sole
marketing strategy but if you are
running other campaigns or plan on
running other facebook campaigns we will
show you how page like ads can benefit
those additional efforts
as i said in the intro you create
facebook page like ads on your facebook
page so in order to do that you have to
make sure that you have the proper page
role to run ads via the facebook page so
there's a couple ways that we can do
this especially if you're the one
granting access to someone else if
you're already logged in via the
facebook page you can click on manage
then you will want to go to page access
via our business manager account we
already have partner access so that
gives us full rights to everything we'll
show you how to do that soon but maybe
you only want to assign certain roles so
for people with task access if you add
new let's just go to next gonna search
for someone really quick and there we
see a few different levels of how you
can grant someone access this is the
paid media pros channel we're toking
about ads here so it's pretty clear-cut
that you would want them to at least
have ads access and then i would click
give access the user would be notified
and then they could start going in if i
x out of this you could go up to people
with facebook access this is pretty much
like using the business suite or
business manager but i think it's easier
to maintain the access levels within
that interface so let's just jump up to
that tab so here we are in the business
settings you can find that by going up
to the all tools menu could be under
your shortcuts but it's going to be
under the manage business section you
can see i am on the pages section and
that's where you can add a person or a
partner if you go through these steps
you're going to get something similar to
what i see in these drop downs for
things that we've already added so from
a partner status if you give full
control that's going to automatikally
give the facebook access we saw within
the manage settings on your facebook
page let me go down to a person and you
can see we have the same thing so full
control via the business settings will
automatikally give users access to the
facebook page again you have to do it
within the pages section there's a few
different areas where you may have to
add your partner so again it's got to be
on the pages but as long as they have
access somehow we can hop back into a
facebook page and start walking through
page like ad setup
now let's start creating our facebook
page like ads campaign to do this go to
ad center on your facebook page and then
if this is your first time doing it
there's a few different options that we
have we'll see a create add button down
here but there's also one up top right
above the tool section you can click
either one it doesn't matter
next you will have to choose your ad
type i'm gonna go with create new ad
then first you can look at the goal what
results would you like from this ad
currently it's set to automatik i'm
going to want to change that and let
facebook know i want to get more page
likes so then we can save it and not
sure if you caught it the sign up call
to action button changed to the facebook
thumbs up so that is the call to action
that is going to be on the ad users will
like your page and we can see that right
down there that is the button label a
page like here you can go up and edit
your description they're pulling the
main image from our page banner you do
have the option to go and change it as
you can see it doesn't have to be an
image you can still use video and if
you're curious about the exact specs
that you can use for page like ads for
either images or videos just go to this
link right here if you click on the link
it'll already be selected to the page
like campaign objective so if you start
messing around and changing the
objective or start messing around with
certain placements on it you might lose
the page like objective but this is
where you should start i'm going to
leave it as is to make it as simple as
possible so we can keep on moving if
you're in a special ad category you
still have to define it even if you're
just promoting ads via the facebook page
and then you can get down to your
audience section it's first going to
start off with a smart audience that
facebook is going to use to try to reach
the best people who will complete the
goal that we have selected of page likes
so initially facebook has us targeting
the united states ages 18 to 65 plus
people who match the interest of online
advertising not a bad start and they
left detailed targeting expansion on if
we want to make certain changes we can
click on the pencil button and maybe we
want to add some more interest there i
just added one more so this is the best
that we have now since i'm editing the
audience that they have already created
i'll have to save this audience there we
see a few others updated and that would
be the audience that i would go with
however we do see some other options you
can choose people you choose through
targeting and here's where we would edit
things again pretty much the same thing
as editing the smart audience so
i'd only use this option if their
initial smart audience was way off base
in other campaigns you create on your
facebook page you can target people who
like your page we're going to get to
that that is a big value or just people
in your local area depending on what
type of business you are next we can
look at the duration you can make it an
evergreen ad and run it continuously or
as we just saw you can have a specific
end date and next you can adjust your
daily budget we can see in the estimates
off to the side at five dollars a day
with the location interest and age
targets that i had selected they're
showing me my potential reach and an
estimated five to 18 page likes per day
if i look at just doubling it you see
that the page likes didn't increase that
much essentially it did not double like
i doubled my budget so maybe i do want
to bring it back down i'll see how that
does first and then i can look at
scaling later if i want to next you can
review your placements in other
campaigns that you may create via the
facebook page like boosting a post that
sort of thing and you have a different
goal selected you could look at
reviewing placements but i can't change
anything here because i'm trying to
boost likes to my facebook page so
they're not going to show it on those
other placements and then you could
choose your pixel and then you would add
your payment method and then choose
promote now so there it is it says our
ad is created they're going to review if
it meets the policies within 24 hours or
less so then we can go back to ad center
once you're back in ad center you'll
most likely see a preview for your ads
there's the page like one that we just
created i'll be able to see total spend
total page likes and the reach you can
get a little bit more specific by going
to view results and here's where i can
edit the audience edit my ad
once this campaign is out of review i'll
be able to update some of the details
like this one i said run continuously
but if i want to pause it i can just
come back to ad center and do it within
this page but can't make any changes
right now while it's still under review
so let's say your page likes campaign
has been running for some time and
you're using your page like ads along
with all the wonderful things that
you're doing organically as well as
other brand awareness on other channels
just to build your facebook following
well what can you do with this because
building facebook page likes is great
but there's one easy strategy that you
can set up next to do more with all the
page likes that you're getting and to do
that this is when i want to hop into ads
once you're in business manager head on
over to the audiences section you can
find it by once again going to your all
tools section i still have it in my
shortcut because i use it all the time
but if you need to scroll down a bit
you'll find it under advertise once
you're in that section go up to create
audience and then look at and then
create a custom audience for the custom
audience source i'm going to go down and
choose facebook page click next i
already have my facebook page selected
but for events i want to change this and
then i'm going to switch it to people
who currently like or follow your page
we see that if anyone unfollows or
unlikes the page they're removed from
this audience that's okay i want to
create this audience to get in front of
people who like to engage with my brand
i could include more people here if i
wanted to and widen the audience out a
little bit more i would only do this if
you don't have a lot of page likes and
that audience isn't going to be large
enough to serve one thing that is
interesting and you may notike is that
the audience doesn't expire meaning
there isn't really a look back window of
just 30 days just 60 days 180 days and
as it said earlier the audience is going
to update just depending on who likes or
follows your page so the more effort
you're putting into building the likes
go in and create this facebook custom
audience so then you can get back in
front of those users with whatever ad
message you want to put in front of them
okay let me save this quick create the
audience i'm good with that now let me
go up to another tab where i can show
you how we can add it to an ad set so
then when you get to your ad set scroll
down to the audience section we can
search for custom audiences there's a
facebook page like one that we created
this is just a dummy account that i
created a long time ago it's not even
the paid media pros account but i'm
assuming your business page will have a
good amount of likes or if you're
putting effort to it you're going to see
that continue to grow so this could be a
good option to potentially boost any
organic posts that may be suppressed and
not getting the organic reach that you
want to your current followers who you
know are going to be interested in what
you're toking about what you're trying
to promote or maybe you know that people
who like to follow your page are already
invested in your brand they're more
likely to sign up for something buy
something from your website so on so on
you can use this audience to get in
front of users who hopefully are more
engaged and we've seen that by boosting
post-aware current followers we do see
better engagement we do get more shares
and when we get a lot more people
sharing it that's how we can really
stretch out the organic reach and get
more bang for our buck as i said in the
intro we don't like to use facebook page
like ads solely on their own we will do
it if a client demands it but we'd like
to have that next step remarketing
strategy in place to really see of just
boosting page likes is actually
beneficial to the business you'll be
able to monitor your page likes campaign
within ad center on your facebook page
but after that campaign is launched you
will be able to see certain results
within ads manager as well if you have
any other questions on facebook page
like ads or maybe some ideas on what to
do with the audience after you've
created it within business manager
please let us know in the comments below
thanks for watching our video if you
found it useful give us a thumbs up
below we release a new video at least
once a week so if you want to see more
from the paid media pros channel be sure
to subscribe

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