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fangamer shopify

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Brand New Fangamer Office! • 8.1.16

no more food trucks. that's how you really know. can't fake cameras over. by the way. hello everyone and welcome to Monday. we're just finished packing up. we've got to get out of here really soon because we have to check out within the next two minutes. everyone is pretty much gone from from camp fangamer. we are actually not leaving until tomorrow, which means that we're in Tucson for today. sir Steph is on her way over now to pick us up and I think we're actually going to go over to the new fangamer offices for a tour, because fangamer just recently moved into a new, bigger, yeah, yeah, just a few days ago, a huge office, and we had an office tour some time ago, like a few years ago, from Steve for their old office. but now we're gonna go check out their new office, which is exciting because they've continued to grow and become a bigger company and you know they're friends of ours, so it's nice to see them be successful. so let's get out of this room before we get charged for another day. hey, everybody, we will sing of them. that's no kind of mess, more like stuff. little cup thing to clean might see me garbage around here. good, yeah, let's take a tour. let's see our nice bike, don't prevent people from climbing over it. the information we actually don't use that much. we must use backup. let's go click on the outside. I guess it used to be an old post office, hmm. then a bunch of heard about watching naked methods inside of there at some point and they send out with copper wiring and we clean that up. back to you. button, got a forklift, that's neat. and gifting it like: oh, look at that. you have to like be trained to drive a forklift as you do. but I don't think this tiknically qualifies of the forklift, because it's basically like a Apollo Jack with a full foot on the front of it. ok, let's take out all of our stuff, though we have a lot of these, thanks new tables or counter desk, I'll show you. but there's my desk, this nice new 4k monitor. mmm, yeah, the desk. you can actually program how high you want them to be. so if you want to convert into the standing desk, just the push of a button. convenience means we got these little green things behind it. so if you want to decorate it with what's cool, we have some security cameras so they actually have a really good view of my desk. they want us find what I'm doing, then they can see it. Oh, whiteboard, you know, with kind of stuff I made a fun guy. there's murder points. oh so the murder points that would be with the death racket. oh, um, we got here with. the doors are open constantly for you know, all hours of the day what's up, moved in and out. we were like there was a lot of construction having the happenings, work on equipment being brought in, then also, you know, a lot of flies, got a lot of flies and bugs and mosquitoes. so we set up fly traps but they're still just blowing everywhere. so we needed to come up with a way to get rid of them. so the death bracket, tiny, started putting a murder point, a murder point thing out. so for how many flies to get it? if you got a mosquito, it's worth. - yeah, there's the warehouse slash, mail room slices, big open area. yeah, it's huge. so let's see we've got like the packing and shipping tables. we have a lot of practike by him up there. there's the new packing slip room. no, not packing slips, and get all their changing pins and stuff on. this is not like super finalized. we're going to make it prettier. they keep moving in, but we have to detail, do can't hang everything. we got a packer pack, so someday. so let's take a walk to the shirt jungle- I think jungle is a really good word for it. this is crazy. everything is consolidated in the same building. before you sometime had to walk through multiple building or office sections to get to something, yeah, and it just kind of goes on forever. Oh, a little slider here. I think this might be the cut from service room. not quite yet. we eat is currently clean. there's no pee wearing clothes. so just got word. apparently at our old office, when we just moved out of, a homeless person broke in and pooped in our photo room. and use some bubble wrap, Oh anything. bags, oh, it's toilet paper. ain't steal anything is I decided to use the photo. rumors of acid. now there's a bathroom right like on the, literally across across the hallway from from the photo room. so, um, yeah, you know, sometimes, sometimes people just really need to poop on the floor. up on the floor, yeah, yeah, I know that feeling. I mean maybe they're just getting schwifty in there. yeah, I think it's from season two. I haven't seen that yet, okay, but now. but I already know it's from Ricky Morty, because people have told me that same thing. yeah, so I guess I'll learn Syrian anyway. all right, so where were we hope? so, yeah, let's go to the side. here gonna be where a lot of stories for warehouse- toughest. we don't want overstok of packing boxes and stuff. some of the metal racks that we're taking apart that we're gonna build up their poster racks- Wow, so more like the posters are somewhere else. we have in these nice little lines here we can easily access printer Julio's on it. good huh, putting googly eyes on anything. make it funny. step, what is this? it's supposed to packing area. okay, this is our new photo room: poop free currently. currently, let's see, we've got, you know, vaguely nothing. everybody was in the photo room. that's good. so we got ya all for photo room stuff in here. we got some bins full of all kinds of fun stuff and we got some lockers. that's cool. takes me back to, like, middle school. yeah, get in there. yeah, I don't get. get in. a guy physically cook it in there, really, alright. so that's the, the front entrance there, and over here we have some display keys we're gonna fold, filled with some good ol memorabilia. that's cool. stopping, stopping. oh yeah, second mugs or the of well praying in remote. that didn't sell very. oh yeah, when the office was officially opened, we had a ribbon-cutting ceremony with some funky large scissors. oh wow, they actually worked so careful with these. yeah, that would probably hurt. this is only the theater room. oh, cool, very large. we have natural um screen rather than just a piece of you know some shiny board we got at Home Depot. yeah, we have our partikular mountain up there. put all kinds of random pecks, toppings out of here. yeah, that's cool. so much space and closed room. put chairs. and now we have the kitchen, ah, rec room area. we have a TV mounted here- we actually brought the same thing ever, but it'll come back there- nice couch seating got. we got Lindsay very important feature to stuff in or inside countless stuff you up with in the kitchen sink. we have a dishwasher which is beautiful. we have a nice for greater sure. now I'm Colette and we have a thing: expenses water and crushed ice or cubed ice. this is really cold. I'm CEO. is here, yeah, Saturn CEO. mr cell, if you actually want to have like legitimate boardroom meeting was just brighter than just using a theater room. good, that's cool. don't expect us to wear suits in like act not is ridiculous. you can make revisions, that's fine. this is called the boom-boom room. this is the place when you need a special time alone to do some special things, notably pooping. that's cool and we have with a good old Japanese toilet wash little room. I guess is like a secondary media room. if it was fun, a video motorboat. you can mean there's Pikmin 3, argument 3 and cool Sark box chairs. yeah, you just like fox mccloud man, this place is so big I leaving a little window up here, hi, so, um, we don't have to do with this yet. so we think maybe if we do local pickups or we write from Tucson wanna pick some count, you know, give them stuff fluid. oh dear, this is all extremely big and exciting. it is, so we pretty much filled it up with all the stuff he has. this is a demonstration of the death racket, because our office got full flies and we had the doors open. you get a point? yeah, I'll put up on the murder board. so this is what's left to the old office. we're getting everything just taken out of here. you can see some old classic like you cracking from gang bang rumor. yeah, is t.


what is up guys. i am back kind of well, not really, i'm probably going to be back for this video unless i- uh, yeah, i'll probably be back for this video, but anyways, i am back with another fan gamer unboxing, because you know that's that's the only thing we unbox on this channel is fan gamer, cuz you know i love dick sucking them now. but honestly, i'm actually really excited to um unbox this because there's like maybe six or five different items. as you can see, i have the whole cast of plushes in the background, but i'm actually really excited because there's five, like i said, five or six different things in here. um, i was actually really scared because apparently, fannie mae tweeted that they were losing packages. i, i don't know, i don't remember. i saw. i saw a tweet- i'll try to put it up on screen if i can find it- but apparently they were actually losing packages and i wasted a lot of money on this. so i was really scared if it was going to come in or not. and also, um, i thought it was going to come in a very long time. it did take a while. it took like maybe a week and a half to get here, but on the website. it also said fangamer would ship out the product, just ship it out, not even delivery, but ship out the product in maybe one to two weeks. so i was also very worried about that, but it actually got shipped in only three days. so pretty excited about that. but that's besides the point. let's just- let's just unbox this [Music]. so i don't want to actually cut what's in here. i'm actually pretty upset. it did not come in a box, it came in like the bag, like the packaging bags. so i want to be very, very careful while doing this. okay, i think i'll be enough. oh, look at that. hold on, i think i'm there. we go, look at that. oh, oh yeah, by the way, um, i did buy most of the new plushes besides flowey and and spam time, because samsung hasn't came out yet and flowey was sadly out of stok. hold on, oh, look at that. holy stuff. animals. you know i love me stuffed animals. i'm actually very scared to cut anything. okay, i guess we could. i guess we could start like this: um, so let's get- let's get the person who's literally in the front of the thumbnail- these sands, the sands clutch. now, as you see, i do have a sands over there and if, if you've watched my channel before, i have two sands. but the reason i actually got the sand is because i was going to originally originally give flowey but unfortunately he was out of stok, like i said before. so i i said, well, i don't have the original stands with slippers, so i thought i should get that. whoa, that's actually different. hold on, hold on, give me a second. okay. so, although i was a squeaker back in the day, i actually did keep everything i got from fangamer in a in a nike box, because you know we're broke around here so we can't really afford the good boxes. anyways, i actually kept the original stuff i got from fan gamers cuz. anyways, i just realized the stands. actually, they put names on the bags that you see. this is the um, the bag temmie came. i don't even know why i'm bringing this up, but this is the bag that tammy came in and they actually put the names on the hold on, let's just get, we'll spoil one. um, what's for the one you can see, i guess. yeah, look, no, hat rousey. that's actually kind of neat. i didn't know they did that, um. so, yeah, they actually put the names on the bags now, but the bags also feel very a few more cheap. we made, yeah, whatever, all right, let's open sands. i guess, um, i don't. is there a way to open this without tearing the bag? okay, i guess i'm stuck in here. oh yes, okay, just to waste your time and see how long i can make this video. let's actually get, let's get sands. let's get santa a little bit closer here, okay, and wow, oh, what is this? slissa joe, throw away, do not eat. okay, whatever. wow, look at that, that is the sands flush. so i'm gonna compare him. oh yeah, this is what i was scared about. so i've actually been watching a lot of unboxings on all these plushies that i ordered and unfortunately, i've actually been seeing that a lot of the sans heads- like nowadays the production of it has actually kind of gone down, because you see the head, it's supposed to be like a peanut shape, like it was in the picture. it's actually kind of messed up here. it's like kind of lower here, i feel. i feel like you could fix that if you kind of just pat it down or bring this one up. i feel like i'd be able to fix it, but that's kind of that's kind of disappointing. um, of course, the hot dog tag. with the um eye, the hood comes up. okay, jesus, that's actually. i feel like the production of these is kind of went down. i'm not gonna lie, it's very soft here. let's see, let's grab this one real quick, as you see, wait, yeah, this one. this one is smaller, as, as i said before, this one's a little bit smaller, but i feel like they've actually also made this sands a little bit smaller, because i remember seeing a lot of videos of this sand actually being bigger here. i'll put it, put it down here, so maybe y'all can see it more. you can't really see it, yeah. so i mean, honestly, there is no difference between these plushies, besides this thing having pink slippers and then this hands have blue slippers. they're the exact same plush. but i mean, i don't know, i i said why not? because i i was gonna buy flowey originally, but unfortunately he was not in stok and i'm actually very disappointed about the head. i feel i'm pretty sure i can fix that, but if i can't, then well, i guess i just got a little bit. maybe, maybe i'll leave his hood up. so you can't really see it now you can still see it, or maybe it's because it's been cramped. okay, this is another thing i don't like about fan gamer, fan loves cramming very big stuffed animal into into little bags, like y'all are about to see what else is in there. and i, when i got it, i was very like overwhelmed- i guess that i think that's the word- because i was very scared that a lot of the pleasure was going to be messed up. and just seeing this, this one looks a bit smaller than i thought it was going to be, but i mean, it actually looks. it actually looks fine. now i'm grabbing it, but yeah, i think i think if i picked this up you could have seen, yeah, you could see- what's down there. anyways, that's the uh, that's the stands point. i'm not disappointed, just kinda, i'm not mad, i'm disappointed, i, i, i, i get hold on you see that. oh, you see, a little little thing, this one, i'm not sure you could tell i've been. i'm very. yeah, they changed the tag. look at that, you can see it's a little little little point right there. and then on this one it's, it's a big one. yeah, you see, you see how much i care about these stuffed animals, but i feel like i'll be able to fix it up. maybe, like maybe near the end of the video, i'll look closer to them, closer into them and try to fix them. um, here's the- um, the back tags of both of them, by the way. um, oh oh yeah, there we go. this is the. this is another reason why i bought a. this stands for this. sales plus loves to like the slippers, love to fall off, hold on. so here's, here's the slippers. so, yeah, that's. that's the neat thing about this, but also the very annoying thing about this, that the sneakers love to fall off light. it's cool that you can take them off, but it falls off way too much. and i also bought um a sand. i also bought this one because i wanted to display this one, but not looking at it, i'm not sure if i am, i don't know. i'll come back to it. so that is the first plush that i got. i guess let's move on to the next. okay, so the next push i'm gonna grab is the one that's literally peeking out of the package. but before i go into that, you can see that. actually, if y'all watched my channel before, i haven't uploaded in a year, so i don't think any of y'all watch my old videos, but anyways, you can see that i actually have the original rousey back there. i did not unbox it because, yeah, i was just way too lazy to actually edit and film all that, but i actually did get rousey back there. so since i already have ralph say, might as well get the um, the other variant- this is also one of the newer ones- um, again, i decided to get them be.

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FANGAMER UNOBOXING! Undertale Merch & Vinyls!

[Music]. hello, i decided to do an unboxing video because i recently got a package from fangamer that finally came, which is this: okay, i'm very excited to open this. it's not really a box more, so just a pile that's wrapped in things, but, um, i'm very excited to see how everything looks. oh yeah, and i forgot to say i hope my audio is actually picking up, because not attach a mic- and i haven't looked at any of this stuff yet. i just got it. it, um, it got sent out at the end of november because i had a pre-order item in it and it just got here on december 1st and i said it was two day shipping. so, [Music], very excited, okay, so the first thing i'm pulling out is [Music]. this, bigger than i expected it to be. it's, um, i ordered a fire. i don't know if you can hear them over the crinkle, but i ordered a papyrus and sam's tote bag. it's, um, oh, i really liked it because i have a lot of details like the writing here and like there. can you flip it around? oh, you can't. i can't in person. this is hurting backwards. i just realized my cameras flipped. this is the back, [Music] and on the inside there's like this little pattern that's referencing all of the puzzles and stuff that papyrus and sounds make you go through in the game. put it on the pocket, so that's actually put it aside okay. the next thing i got was this: a very cute hoodie. it's very excited for this one because papyrus is one of my favorite characters and this was one of the pre-order items. they said that was going to be available for shipping like in mid-november or something. so there it is, which has this, remember if it's five. but it's like the dating starts and like symbols and things. when you visit papyrus and let's see there's stuff along the arms too. there's like a date power. i think it's just the same thing on both sides. oh, no, wait, it does not. it has a different bar on this one, dating hud, and there's something on the back. this. i got a small and i'm like it's kind of smaller than i expected it to be for unisex size. i feel like this is kind of small. it'll still fit me. i think i guess i'll have to try it on. it's also thinner than i expected it to be. i don't know what this material is, but when i hold it up to the light i can kind of see through it, which is interesting, but it is really soft on the inside, so i am glad that at least it won't be uncomfortable. and i wanted more undertale merch, so that's quite fun. okay, now i've got this box, which is very cool. okay, this is really fun if i can get it open. so obviously this is something mettaton related. um, let's see if i can get this out. this is like: oh, it's so stuck, it's like i'm gonna have to like push it out, because i can't get this to get out of the box. [Music]. oh, look at that sparkly. this is like you could feel it. it's slightly stiking out and it's like sparkly. that's really cool. this is so funny. i really wanted this. this is such a fun box. don't know what this like qr code is at the bottom. that's kind of fun. okay, let's open it from. i don't know what this is. this is taped up for some reason. oh, it opens. it opens so you can see his legs. it's very important. so he's like wrapped in this plastik container. okay, so i know that he has like posable arms and stuff. that's very fun. oh, this is so cute. there's so little like mtt merch. so i was like i have to get this because he's my fave and i like this design. it's very a little like star stamp, just like goes into here like that. and why does this attach on him? okay, on his back. okay, well, that was so cute. oh, so we are sitting on the side. i'm also keeping this because this is very, very cool. this looks like actual mtt merch. this is like. i hope everything is okay with this, because i ordered the undertale vinyl records, which were also a pre-order item and it is this big thing and i really hope that everything is okay with them. also, this box is also custom printed with fan beaver stuff. this one was custom printed with them to ease them, which i really like. maybe i don't know what i'll do. oh, this is like this. oh wait, okay. oh, this opens- really weird. oh, there's a rousey car too. i really like getting this little art stuff from dan gamer. that's so cute. fifth anniversary thing: this little papaya stik and there's a round secret. i've never gotten undertale related. i don't think i've ever forgotten to tell related things as the little like extra stuff before, and of course, here is the big record thing. okay, so i really wanted this because i thought the art on it was really cool. i'm pretty sure that's all made by, like different artists. i don't think it's all the same one. this one still has gaster in the like: uh, where is he? oh, my goodness, he's right there. so here's what the thing looks like without all of the reflections, and, oh, it's getting all the monsters okay. so, like the minor enemies or whatever they were called. mettaton is not featured on this back cover, kind of i guess he's on a little computer thing, but like, there's tutorial. this is so pretty though. this is very pretty and there's like all of the final records inside, so i'm gonna take the first round, okay. so the first one is the ruins and on the back it's sansa fires. i think this is just going to go in the order of, like the gameplay. oh, this is also so nice. oh, i'm not going to take. oh, that is so pretty. these are very light. here's what's on this one: it's toro's pie and spaghetti for papyrus, annoying dog. i like this one, okay, this one's with: oh, look at that, that's so cute. it snaps to blue temmie, i'm dying. it's kind of fun that they're all in different art styles. oh, i like this one. this is like getting a billion posters in one thing. i love this. i like that it's in this like cartoony pop art style. on this side there is a glam burger and key and on the other it's undyne stuff. i don't know what this is. i'm assuming it's undyne stuff because it's a fish mug and her spear is here, but i don't know what this food represents. i guess her kitchen, i don't know. oh, okay, never mind. oh, wow, it's mtt. oh, he looks very cool. i'm excited to ask. this is like very detailed. i'm very happy that they decided to make this disc pink. okay, there's a surface and there's a flower on the other side. okay, i got that one in. well, it's got like crazy with the art. i like the size girl, okay, oh, there's flowey and then there's chara and that's real. oh, my gosh, okay. so i just found this, which is a track list and it has a bunch more art on it and it explains, like what the a and b sides are of all of the discs, and there's also, like the japanese translated version, there's a note from adresh, from toby, and then there's like lyrics from one true love right there. that's very fun and okay. so the last record: is there anything in here. wait a second, look at that, it's blokey. and then the last one's like kind of crazy looking and there's also the ending versus genocide run, which is actually really pretty too. so on this side it's annoying dog and a heart break and that's kind of sad. okay, i've got them all in now. wow, this is so nice. this is definitely what i was waiting for. out of all of the things i was very excited about, i'm very happy with all of the things that i have, especially this little mettaton. okay, so that's my fan game ordered. i waited so long for it so i wanted to share it. i hope you guys enjoyed. now i can just wear a bunch of undertale merch together. um, that's it. thank you for watching. bye, oh yeah, and also, don't forget to like and subscribe. i forgot to mention that, but you should, especially if you like undertale, which i suspect you do if you're watching this video. okay, bye.

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Fangamer Stardew Valley Collector's Edition Unboxing

[Music]. [Music]. hey everybody, alaskan beard here and today we have a box from fangamer. i know what's inside, you don't, so let's change that. folding open the box reveals the prize inside stardew valley, collectors edition from fangamer. before we get to the rest of the goodies, we have the standard fan gamer swag in a little baggie. [Music]. the collector's edition itself has some pretty sweet artwork: on the front, standard switch game sides and a picture of what's inside. a round back, after stripping away the plastik, we can take a closer look at what's included in the box: nintendo switch game full color illustrated booklet. collector's edition deluxe. six-piece wooden standy wooden lapel pin. 14-page junimo comic, a deed to your farm and a soft polyester nylon blend cleaning cloth. that is a lot of words for just eight things being included in the box. coming around front and sliding off the outer case, we get the same cover again. coming around back, once again we have what i believe is a star fruit and then around the sides we have some farming related art. [Music]. opening things up, we are greeted with the standard switch release. the box seems really well designed, by the way. i really enjoy this layout. fan gamer did a great job. taking a look at the game. inside we have some stardew valley artwork as well as the logo on the front standard nintendo switch side and some screenshots, as well as a game description on the back. removing the inner insert, we get to our juno comic. i'm going to go ahead and flip through the pages, so feel free to pause if you actually want to look through the comic [Music]. moving on to the next goodie, we have the deed to the farm from mayor lewis, with a spot for my signature, if i chose to add it. [Music]. then we have the cleaning cloth, which is one of the most adorable ones i've ever seen. uh, this might actually stay with my switch if i ever play it again. next up is our wooden standy box with the credits for the fan gamer release on one side and some directions, as well as a note about sustainability on the other. the six-piece wooden standy and wooden lapel pin are made from responsibly sourced birch and cherry wood. the woods used are never harvested faster than they grow, preserving the supply and original character of the woodlands. good job, fangamer. the notike mentions that you should be gentle when taking off the protective paper and give some advice on how to practike first. i definitely didn't follow the directions, but there were no issues. [Music]. setting that aside, we'll take a look at our lapel pin, which is covered in the aforementioned protective paper. this was my practike piece and it took me almost two minutes to remove the paper. so yeah, [Music]. once the paper is off, we can see it's covered with mushrooms, some plants and a junimo. it says: friends of the forest. moving back in time a bit, we are going to go back to the switch game itself. it has a fan gamer card inside, a manual and the cartridge. the code, by the way, on the back of the fan gamer card was valid when i uploaded this, if anybody grabbed it. now let's briefly flip through the manual. we've got descriptions for some of the locations in the game: an overview of the residence, your tools, a pretty cute map of the town, some basic tips on farming, foraging, the seasons, mining and fishing, as well as some other basic tips. moving on, let's take a look, finally, at our wooden standy. most of the pieces are in their own cardboard pouches, four in total, and this is actually the first wooden standy of any kind i think i've ever gotten. um, not just with the game, but just in general. i don't know that i've ever seen one, but i think it is a really cool idea and i think it fits with the theming of stardew valley pretty well. [Music]. so far we have removed the paper from the base, which is where all of these standy pieces will get inserted to a sturdy valley sign with a lovely chicken nested on top. [Music]. and we also have some farm animals in the way of a duck, a pig, a goat and a cow. [Music]. next up, we've got the main backdrop for the standee, a picturesque mine slash woodland theme- and now we will assemble the standy, attempting briefly to follow directions for once in my life before giving up. like usual, every piece slots in one in front of the other, usually a bit offset from each other. first we have the backdrop, then the farmhouse- our farm animals are up next, then we have a fence with some vegetables growing and last we have our stardew valley chicken sign and then moving it around side to side. i really enjoy the parallax effect that you kind of see here. overall, i thought this was a really cool collector's edition and, despite not loving the game itself, i thought everything was very on brand and well thought out. there wasn't really any junk included, which is something i hate to see in collector's editions like this. as always, i've been alaskan beard and if you enjoyed this video, leave a like. if you want to see more content like it's this in the future, please subscribe and have a fantastik day you.

Banjo-Kazooie Fangamer Plush Unboxing!

hey guys, game prime here doing a special little unboxing because I got this package from fan gamer in the mail today- came really quick, by the way, and something. some logo on this bag is from a series that's in here. let's go crack this open, take a look inside. doing it from this up this way. informations on the other side: right, the banjo kazooie flush sets like that bag. it comes in, gonna save that. yeah, this came out Tuesday available for pre-order, and it came in today, Friday, and was shocked because I thought it was just free order, not actually. you know, I thought it would ship sometime the next few months, but now it's now. they are here. here's banjo: this is cool. I always wanted the bDNA plushies that were out from Nintendo, but they go for like 300, somewhat dollars now, so this is the best I was getting. no, this is a really cool velcro. a little backpack can't makes an appearance, of course. the ng bazooey tag there. other tag here. one thing I don't like is this is pretty huge. like I want to keep the tag on, but I also don't because it's freakin ginormous. yeah, there's banjo. he looks awesome and you could kind of pose them anyway if you want. he's not to to poseable, but you give him a thumbs up. [Music]. we got kazooie here, right. cat interrupted again. so then we of course got kazooie here. man, she comes with the tag - really big- and I want to keep him on, but like freaking huge kazoo, he has like wires in her arms and legs so you could post her anyway. you kind of want really like the stitching on the eyes. yeah, this is sweet. I have always wanted to banjo kazooie plush. even when I was a little kid. I was one one. I always wanted to kazooie. really little things, therefore, were like our fur is on our legs, chicken legs, oh, that's not good. something popping out there and let me try and get her in the hole. dangers back back here. [Music]. so there we go minute later with because we be stiking out the the bag and sweet. then I wish there was something like on the bag here so you could like pop her legs through, so they could do like that. the towel on trot, but I might buy another one of these sometime so like I could take the tags off. it's like I really don't want to take the tags off, but man, they're, they're everywhere, they're really, they're really big on this thing, my cats just like going off. he's having a great time. but yeah, that's, uh, the fangamer banjo kazooie plush series. I guess you would say that it's really cool, costing me $36, not too bad for you know, some banjo merch finally for the bear and bird finally getting some much. stop rubbing on the tripod. but I'm gonna end this video before he ends the video for me. but yeah, if you guys liked the video, give it a thumbs up and I will see you in the next one. [Music].


[Music]. long ago, two races ruled over earth: humans and monsters. one day, a war broke out between the two races and after a long battle the humans were victorious. they sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell. many years later, [Music], another human named frisk fell into the underground. [Music]. the monsters hoped that frisk will free them, but after frisk has defeated asgore, they took his soul and returned to the surface without them. and after a while the queen returned and instated a new policy. all the humans who fall down will be treated as friends. but the monsters really didn't like that, and so she returned back to the ruins. undyne became the queen of the underground. [Music]. she instated a new policy: all the humans that fall down [Music] have to die. and with that, what's up, guys. and welcome to horror tale. a good old undertale fan game made by max endo. we're gonna check this out. undertale by toby fox and the engine by ricky g. we're gonna select new game type in a name for the fallen human. of course, we're gonna go with merg press shift to confirm. oh, and here we are. i guess we could have gone with, like eliza right, which would be kinda, i guess, canon. can we? can we do anything do i do? i have any. i don't think i have a menu. can we do? yeah, we can. we can kind of do. we can do like: oh, look, we can do it. we don't even i need a wall. we can do the, the, the eliza moonwalk, kinda all the time. okay, okay, and we're gonna meet flowey. yes, we will hello there. [Music]. howdy, i'm flowey, flowey the flower. you're new in the underground, aren't you listen? human, this place is extremely dangerous and some time ago this was a lovely place but it became hell after we got our new queen. human, i will try to help you getting out from here. well, these are the ruins need to get out from here. we just have to move forward. but we also have to get through toriel's house, and when she sees you she won't let you go. so try that she doesn't see you, okay. well, i'll be up ahead, okay, thank you, friend. oh, look at me, though. look at a lie. oh, hell, yeah, look at merge. right there, eliza gonna enter. oh, the music is like barely anything. everything looks kind of dead and red twitch. it's broken. it's a piano. you cannot read it. press c to read signs. and this is: stay on the path. no, you can't read it. it's all kind of broken down. it's okay, it's all broken. i guess we, we can't just go through right, yeah, yeah, there's not gonna be any puzzles to solve, are you a friend? it's an old dummy. okay, bro? okay, that's a little scary, i don't know so, seeing toriel just scoot on by, oh, rivet, i'm so hungry. oh, okay, oh, oh no, you want to eat me, or do you want to eat the fly? go, go, catch the fly. my dude, frog it, i'm, i'm, i'm a good, i'm a good guy. please, the music is awesome, though flowey, hello, rescuing me. sorry, i forgot to mention that monsters may try to attack you when you enter a fight. just try to run away. you don't want to get in trouble, right, thank you? okay, so no, passive is no genocide, maybe, just just fear, just running. you cannot read it. oh, thankfully, the traps were all, were all deactivated. bro, toriel, i'm not chasing after you, i just want, i want safety, i want, i want attention. i, i don't know, it's also this may be a little weird. there's also a storm outside which is kind of adding. toriel, are you in here? no, please don't jump, scare me, rabbit ribbit, we are trapped here for so long. now most of us are going insane. they even eat themselves. so watch out, human, there's flower. the door is locked. human, come this way. it's a shortcut. are you sure? can we even go here? we can't. okay, it's a shortcut, sure? thanks, flowey. oh yo, yo, ribbit, i'm so hungry. can we actually do something in ours? this flower is still gonna help us. interesting that the monsters get the first attack. i guess we just don't want to fight. [Music]. okay, that was the worst dodge. it's not even a dodge. okay, interesting, that's kind of cool. okay, i gotta go through. and then again and again: froggit, please stop raining flies. i don't want to fight anymore. and we're done. oh, awesome, eliza, good job, and there we go. well, now comes her home. just go down the staircases in front of you. but if she's gonna see you try to act like you just want to stay with her, i'm gonna figure out how to get you out from there. okay, flowey, good luck. thanks, my, do team work. so this is just a little transition. and then we- oh yo, we can't go back. okay, so it is a little sped up. oh, my god bro, i just wanted to read the books. hello, my child, what are you doing here? are you hurt, dude? i know it's called horror tale, but this is always kind of also just sad, toriel, and how did you get here? okay, it doesn't matter, the main thing is that you are safe. well, my name is toriel, i'm the caretaker, never mind, hey, do you want some butterscotch pie and maybe read some books? yay, happy family. [Music]. isn't it great? you had a great time with toriel, but you missed something. it's your family, right, you miss them. you asked toriel if you can go, but then her body always shakes so weirdly and she says no, but now we gotta escape. bro flowey, are you coming to save me? hey, human, let us go. she isn't home right now. are you sure? all clothes lamp doesn't work. a picture of a little flower, okay, okay, oh, and here we are. i guess we can't like. can we go to the kitchen? no, we just. we just want to run. okay, no time, no time for exploration. go, go, go, i'm ready. yeah, okay, my child. oh, dude, she's looking for this is actually scary. where are you? no, no, no, no, no, no, she's getting angry. i'm sorry, toriel, my child, what are you doing here? um, please go upstairs. oh, shaking again while tori is doing some business. i can't follow your orders, toriel. i apologize. i gotta get out of here. hello, i think you didn't understand me. go back upstairs. so you want to have it that way then? do i want to have a bad time? all right, when you beat me, you can go, okay, but if not, you will die. why, why for you? [Music]? oh my god, oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, wait, toriya. [Music]. so it's just surviving. i'm taking damage to my thing. this is pretty precise. wait a minute for yellow. i see your, your look, your eyes are shifting. uh, where do i have to go? i think up is safe. [Music]. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. that was nice. [Music]. this one started first, so it's probably gonna- oh, they're all gonna- come together. okay, that's actually tricky. so i'm gonna think about this and then be like dead. okay, that what's gonna happen now? we didn't save, you can't give up now. [Music]. what an interesting little game like. just you just go through. i guess there's no saving because we don't have it, don't have determination, maybe because i don't know. i kind of like it, though. we're just gonna go immediately and then try to not get. [Music]. okay, it was better. it's kind of like a sans fight. just learn the beginning and then you're good. [Music] but yeah, there i'm taking too much damage. still, tutorials starting to to weaken up a little bit. or maybe this is just the beginning. i don't know how long the fights are going to be. it's the first boss fight, though. now this, yeah, that, that that's way too much damage. okay, i'm dumb, i shouldn't go to the middle. it i, i, i thought it homes in on you, but i think it only, like always, goes towards the middle. [Music], it was much better, it's actually super good, and then maybe just stay here. yeah, yeah, kinda, i just need to find the best spot, maybe um, down here and then, and then you gotta dodge again. okay, toriel, it's coming back. i know you want to go home, but listen, we're trapped for so long now. we're all going insane. it would be too dangerous to go any further, but i have to. i understand, thank you, you would be unhappy. trapped here, true, you're a little creepy. i'm sorry, and that's it okay. so first pass what i guess done. if you really, really wish to leave the ruins, i won't stop you, but please promise me that you will stay safe and not die. okay, also, i wanna give you this a piece of pie. if you are hungry, you can eat it. well, i will not stop you, good luck. goodbye, toriel. i don't think there's any going back for us. nah, we just have to press on. go to the