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fastest ads sniper modern warfare

Published on: January 26 2023 by pipiads

The article is about the best AX50 HDR Quickscoping Class Setup in Modern Warfare. The author begins by apologizing for accidentally killing someone in the game and then proceeds to introduce the topic. They inform the reader that they will be sharing their exact setup, all attachments, and perks. The author then mentions that they have a full gameplay from their Twitch stream that they will be sharing after the setup.

The author lists the attachments for the AX50, which include the 17-inch factory barrel, attack laser, Stingart Arms Assassin Stippled Grip Tape, and Perk Focus. They then move on to the HDR setup, which includes the attack laser, Stalker Scout, bipod, and Perk FMJ. The author explains that they use FMJ on the HDR for trick shots as it penetrates through walls and objects, reducing the chance of hitting a hit marker. They recommend using Perk Focus if not doing trick shots.

The author encourages readers to like and subscribe if they found the article helpful and to watch the full gameplay clip. They also mention that they will be streaming more often on Twitch and provide a link for their followers. The article ends with the author thanking the readers for watching the video and playing the game with them.

Overall, the article provides detailed information about the author's preferred class setup for Quickscoping in Modern Warfare. They use a conversational tone and add some humor to keep the reader engaged. The use of bullet points and numbered lists helps organize the information and make it easier to follow.

Fastest AX50 Sniper in Search & Destroy..

In this article, we will be examining a conversation between friends while playing video games. The conversation is filled with slang, idioms, and colloquialisms, which we will analyze to understand their meanings.


- Oh my god, you slam that! Oh, you just on me!

- Music yo, oh my god, go off key!

- Laughter, what the was that? He's pulling three sexy through the window! Let's go try it!

- Oh yeah dude, without your joysticks, you'd be nothing but 5000! And your aim assist is killing me!

- You're so lucky, that's you by the way.

- Oh my god, uh yeah, I'm not planning on it right now. I mean, it would have to be a situation. I thought about it for like Optik, but I don't know. I feel like there's no point.

- Oh my god, mob slam this! Oh my god!

- Oh boy, here we go! One back squad, mob coming like B side!

- Oh my god bro, I don't care. My throat would hit the wall there. That's kinda...

- Applause, let me go so.

- Oh my god, you're pretty good already. That gets lost solo.

- Stop that man, come on!

- Ah, demon knows come from your trash!

- Oh, lagging! Music running away. Yup, he's in touch. I should not do that.

- Nice bro, right now give me like okay. That's some funny.

- Oh, hold on. Oh, let Bob go. Hold on, there's one in two stories. He's landed me right now. There's one in shoe store.


- Slam that means to perform well or do something successfully.

- Go off key means to mess up or do something incorrectly.

- Pulling three sexy through the window means to make a successful move or score.

- Joysticks are the controllers used to play video games.

- Aim assist is a feature in some video games that helps players aim more accurately.

- Mob refers to a group of players working together.

- B side is a term used in video games to refer to a specific area or route.

- Lagging means to experience delays or slow performance.

- Demon knows come from your trash is a nonsensical phrase, likely meant as trash talk.

- Two stories and shoe store refer to locations within the game being played.

This conversation between friends while playing video games showcases the use of slang, idioms, and colloquialisms commonly used within the gaming community. While some phrases may not make sense to those outside of the community, they hold significant meaning and are used to communicate effectively during gameplay.

This MAX SPEED Sniper Rifle will get you BANNED... (Modern Warfare 2 FASTEST ADS LOCKWOOD MK2)

- The article discusses the use of a particular gun in a popular video game and showcases a class setup that prioritizes damage range and ads speed.

- The author also encourages readers to follow them on Twitch to see more gameplay and live streams.


- The Lockwood gun is highlighted as being heavily slept on and the author has found a class setup that maximizes its potential.

- The author showcases their gameplay and shares their reactions to various moments during the game.

- The author encourages readers to imagine playing without fear and not caring about losing, while also poking fun at fans of a particular gaming organization.

- The author provides a class setup for both the Lockwood and Sab guns, with tuning suggestions for optimal performance.

- The author concludes by encouraging readers to leave a comment about which sniper they would like to see in future videos and reminds them to follow their Twitch channel for more content.


Morning, evening, afternoon, we have a banger for you today, baby! We're spectating some solos and I end up watching a guy using the Vanguard Car 98. I personally didn't enjoy using it before, but this guy had one of the fastest ADS I've ever seen on the Vanguard Car 98. At the end of the match, I invite him to talk to him about his build, that's how much I wanted to test it out. The Modern Warfare Car 98 and the Swiss are usually the go-to snipers in Warzone, but I'm telling you this Vanguard build gives them a run for their money.

- Watching a player use the Vanguard Car 98 with lightning-fast ADS

- Invited the player to learn about his build


- Vanguard Car 98's ADS Time

- Modern Warfare Car 98 and Swiss are usually the go-to snipers in Warzone

- Vanguard Car 98's build is competitive against the top snipers

Bullet Points:

- Vanguard Car 98's build is a quick ADS

- Modern Warfare Car 98 and Swiss are usually king when it comes to sniping in Warzone

- The Vanguard build at the end of this spectating video gives it a run for its money

- The Vanguard Car 98 has a strong build that can compete with the top snipers in Warzone

- Appreciating the small things in Vanguard, such as the gold camo

- A player using a floor loot bren to win a gunfight shows the importance of skill over loadouts.

The #1 MAX SPEED SNIPER in Modern Warfare 2.. (INSANE Clips)

In this article, we will be discussing the top sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 2. The Sab50 is an absolute problem due to its unmatched speed and damage. We will also cover the class setup for the Sab50.


- The Sab50 is the number one Max Speed sniper out of any of the snipers in Modern Warfare 2

- The speed and damage of the Sab50 make it one of the best sniper rifles in the game

- The class setup for the Sab50 includes the FSS Ole laser, the SPX scope, the XRK Specter mod, the Schlager rear grip, and the FSS Pole

- Tuning for the grip includes all ads speed and all Sprint to fire speed

- The sound design in these recent Call of Duty games is phenomenal

Overall, the Sab50 is a great sniper rifle to use in Modern Warfare 2. Its speed and damage make it stand out among the other sniper rifles in the game. The class setup for the Sab50 is also effective and worth trying out. Additionally, the sound design in recent Call of Duty games is impressive and adds to the overall experience.

I Built The FASTEST "Kar98K" QUICKSCOPE Class! 😈 The Best Kar98K Quickscope Class Setup MW!

In this video, the YouTuber showcases the best car 98k quickscoping class for Modern Warfare. The gun is a one-shot kill and is incredibly fast, making it perfect for quickscoping. The YouTuber recommends subscribing to their channel for more videos and mentions their goal of reaching 20k subscribers.

The class setup includes the car 98k as the primary weapon, with the uzi as a secondary. The perks include quick fix, overkill, and battle hunter. Lethal is a semtex, and the tactical is a stim.

The attachments on the car 98k include the attack laser, sniper scope, ft ac sport comb, stipple grip tape, and slight of hand. These attachments increase ADS speed, aiming stability, aim walking steadiness, sprinter fire speed, and reload quickness.

The YouTuber also includes clips of their gameplay with the car 98k, showcasing their quickscoping skills. They encourage viewers to like and subscribe to their channel and leave comments on their thoughts on the class setup.

Overall, this video provides a useful guide for players looking to improve their quickscoping skills in Modern Warfare using the car 98k.

*FASTEST ADS* "SA-B 50" Quickscoping Class Setup in MODERN WARFARE 2

In this article, we will be discussing a Sab 50 quick scoping class setup for the game, as well as the various attachments and tunes that can be used to optimize the setup. We will also touch on the perks and lethal options available for the setup.

Sab 50 Quick Scoping Class Setup:

- 12 5 carbon Barrel

- Schlanger peck box IV

- Laser

- Optik is the SPX 86 6

- Stok is the xrk Specter mod

- Rear grip is the schlanger match grip


- Carbon Barrel: aim walking speed down, aim down sight speed to the left

- Optik: aim down sight speed changed

- Grip: aim down sight speed to the bottom, Sprint fire speed all the way to the left


- Sniper (may be changed to custom perks in the future)


- Stun grenade

- Throwing knife

Overall, this Sab 50 quick scoping class setup is highly effective and can help players improve their gameplay in the game. It is important to experiment with different attachments and tunes to find the ones that work best for each individual player. Don't forget to follow the creator on Twitch and join their Discord server for updates!

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