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festival food ads

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

7 most Emotional | Thought provoking Indian TV ads | Part 8 (7BLAB)

How was Football practike? Come on, Lets have sweets. Those aren't sweets, Those are donuts. Right, So then Take one quickly. Why don't we share one? Ahaan, Once again, We will see another glittering spectacle from the sky. Just that someone will hide behind all this celebration. Sweets will be served on a platter, But who will feed the feeder? We set off for our homes to celebrate Diwali, But the one who takes us there will not be in our thoughts, Through our vision. we will chase the rockets (crackers), But someone will not sway away from being watchful on us. Everywhere there are smiles and laughter, But some will spend their Diwali worrying for us, Our festivals and families - just like ours. But leaving all that, they go out for work, Office, Security, Hospital, Fire station, Airport. Lets unbox their Diwali and, through Snapdeal, lets send them a gift and tell them That our Diwali at home will be safe, a selfless, As these everyday heroes will be at work Non stop. Dad, did you take the ECG file with you? Yes, I have taken it. Why don't you take that route? we may reach earlier. If we doctor leaves, we will have to take two more leaves. Dad, we are going in a scooter. That too, without a helmet, We will have to take leave, in any case A long one as well. Why do we play with our lives when we all know we are doing it? Please wear a helmet while riding two-wheelers. What are you looking at, brother? Nowadays, during Diwali, we see less lights and more headlights. Hello, Whats the rate for Motikhoor Laddoos, The one with Saffron? Yes, Yes, Rs 550 per Kilo, Thank you. Whats this, Brother, this Diwali, lets not increase the traffic. You get such good Motikhoor Laddoos close to your place. Take one from me. Happy Diwali. This Diwali, let's not create Traffic, Lets do paytm Lata. is the Mysore-pak ready In the evening? You don't get an off on even Diwali. Leave it, lets go Where Dad, Mysore Pak for you, 31 years Lata, Same taste, Same Taste. Why don't you mae this Diwali happy for someone else?

New York Times Food Festival 2022 Food Review

I'm not ready. what's up, guys? what's up, guys? we're back on another video and, as you can see in the title, we. where are we going? Elena? the New York Times food festival. guys. for those who don't know, by the way, well, we're going to the New York Times because, um, food festival, because one of us actually work at the new hydrogant Arena, works at New York Times and she worked on the Food Festival. so we're going there. make sure you guys stay tuned. hit the like button, comment, turn on the post notifications, subscribe, watch the ads and I'll catch y'all when she's ready, cause she said that we're leaving at- okay, one o'clock. she said that we're leaving at 12:00. then this morning she said that we're leaving at one o'clock. it is now 1: 40 and Elena is still doing her here and I've been looking for build, all kind of things. so we'll see when we get there, guys, because we have something else to do this evening. so get you out soon. [Music]. I'm ready now. my castle- I didn't mean before. I can put my hair. [Music]. all right, just trying to find the Lincoln Center right now, you know. [Music]- foreign. [Music]. [Music] foreign. [Music] [Applause] [Music]. [Music]. I love my ground. [Music]. oh, I didn't show these. I'll show them before we spend them. [Applause]. [Music]. let's see. foreign [Music]. [Music]. foreign [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. it's day two. foreign [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. yeah, it's uh. I know a lot of the time you'll hear us say stuff like the photos and all that, and we probably did like just a while ago I think we gave it like a 6.5. I went to the bathroom and I saw a guy washing out his mouth. I might not washing out anymore because he was like: yo, I just had something that I really didn't like, because it just looks strange because in the bathroom and this guy is washing out his mouth and he's an older guy. he just ended up speaking to me. it's like: yeah, I'm just watching. that's something I didn't like. I was like, yeah, that happened to me earlier today because the pancake thing. I really wanted to watch it, almost. but he was like: oh, it's the lamb. I was like, yeah, I never liked the lamb either. that wasn't good. let's go to show you like we're not being fussy. actually never really taste them. I'll meet you guys. [Music]. [Music]. all right, it was like: sorry, I just had something that I really didn't like me. I told you guys. so I just explain it to the camera, like sometimes about like this actually happens, like I would not agree them hard, it'd be good. then we say: it's good, that's good. yeah, so the show would not be what it is. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's amazing, guys. literally we're just going back for a. well, Elena was going back for her Lassie, and they were like here that's kind of a free Samosa, so we are the next one. um [Music]. they made this, but still good, kind of milk with no water, just yogurt. mango. um, it's good. I just did a laugh and I was like all the desserts are gone. yeah, no more dessert. no, no, get. the tiramisu is good. okay, yeah, and they're hot. well, I didn't wait in the line. I went to the bathroom and I came back and professional [Applause] every second, Elena walking will leave her about. do not leave it in the bathroom, Elena, do not even put it down. I mean, who is going to carry it? we met some really cool paper here. hopefully we'll get some new subscribers. it's a food festival, so we're leaving the New York Times Food Festival here. oh, I see people. good, how was it? I think it was good as well. I can't complain. guys, if you like this video, make sure you hit the like, but make sure you guys hit the like button, make sure you guys come and turn on the post and turn back because it's sold out damage. turn on the post notification. guys. watch the ads and we catch you in the next video. and, yeah, make sure you guys turn on the post notification while some sick videos coming coming up soon so you want to see when we post these stuff. oh, going on, you know juilliard's School of Dance. is it dancer music? I don't remember, you know, but I used to want to go to another little girl- and I hope so- becoming a dancer, before my father said: those people on the grass, foreign bro, what are you toking about him? all right, why somebody just leave them back right here in the hotel, do not? training is being made for a minute, then why are you sprinting?


Max & Ruby: Max's Sandwich / Ruby's Bedtime Story / Ruby's Art Stand - Ep.57 | HD Cartoons

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪. Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪. Ruby and Max ♪ [♪]. Max and Ruby, Ruby and her little brother Max [♪] [kids shouting]. Max and Ruby [laughter]. RUBY, There it is, Max, The East Bunnyhop Round-the-World Fair. Going to this fair is like going around the whole world in one day. LOUISE, Hi Ruby. Are you here to earn your Bunny Scout Cultural Appreciation Badge too? RUBY, It's practikally on my sleeve, Louise. We have to do a report on exploring different countries' cultures. You know what culture means, don't you, Max? It's all the kinds of food and clothes and art and music that everyone in a country likes Sandwich [laughter]. What country are you doing your report on, Ruby? I'm going to find out as much as I can about each of them and then decide. Sandwich Sounds like Max is hungry. Bye, Louise. Okay, we'll find you something to eat, But this is a Round-the-World Fair. It's your chance to try something new. You can have a sandwich any old day. . Look. Let's go visit Mr Piazza's Italian booth. Mr Piazza can tell me all about Italy and you can get something to eat. Enjoy your tiramisu. Buon giorno, Ruby. Buon giorno Max. Buon giorno. [laughs]. That's how we say hello in Italy. Oh, Buon giorno, Mr Piazza, Buon giorno Roger. Hey, Ruby Sandwich. [giggle]. I'm here to find out about Italian culture, but I think Max just wants something to eat. Well, you came to the right place. If there's one thing all Italians agree on, , it's their love of food. How about some delicious Parmigiano cheese. [sniffs] some stuffed olives and, of course, spaghetti. Other than food, what else is great about Italian culture? Hmm, What else? Everything. Art and music. Italians love music. . Listen to this. ♪ [accordian music]. ♪. Don't you just love this music, Max, Max. Ooops, I have to go, Mr Piazza. I guess Max really wants a sandwich. A sandwich. We could have made him a panini. [♪] Max - I didn't have time to learn anything about Italy. ♪, Ta-ta, Ta, Ta ♪. Rosalinda. Hola Max, Hola Ruby. I bet that's how you say hello in Mexico, right? Si Si Ruby, That means yes. Oh, I see. Si [giggles] Is dancing, like that part of Mexican culture. Si, si Ruby, Would you like me to show you how to do this dance? Oh, yes, Sandwich. [music stops]. I don't have any sandwiches, Max, But I've got lots of different Mexican food. It's always fun to try new things. How about guacamole, Nachos, salsa Looks yummy And it is. Try it, Max. [sad]. Sandwich. So you were going to show me how to dance Mexican style? I'd love to, Ruby. [music starts]. Doesn't that sound like fun, Max, Max? [sigh]. Not again, Sorry, I'll have to get that lesson later. Adios amigos [♪]. Konichi-wa, Max, There you are. What are you doing here? Sandwich, Konichi-wa, Ruby, Oh, Konichi-wa [grumpily] Sandwich. Sorry, Max. today's the one day I don't have any sandwiches in the diner - only Japanese foods, like sushi. What's sushi? It means "with rice". You can make a sushi roll with anything you like - carrots or cucumber or avocado -, and then you wrap it in "nori". That's seaweed. Seaweed, Really. There you go, Mmm. What else is wonderful about Japanese culture? The Japanese make art just by folding paper. It's called "origami". [gasp]. Maybe I'll learn about origami for my Bunny Scout badge. Do you want to learn too, Max, Max? , Oh, no. Sorry, Katie Sayounara [♪]. Namaste, Max, Max, You're still looking for a sandwich? Namaste Ruby, Namaste Candi, Would you like to try some Indian food? Sure, , That's called Na'an. -. [gasp], it's the kind of bread they eat in India. Max, You're actually going to try something different. What are you doing? - [gasp]. Max. Mmm, Now I know how I'm going to earn my Bunny Scout badge, And so I learned that when you put all of the different cultures together, you get something different and new. That's a wonderful idea, Ruby. What made you think of it? [laugh]. Max's sushi, seaweed, spaghetti, guacamole, olive Parmigiano, salsa on na'an. [stuffed mouth] SANDWICH [♪]. WOW, HUH, Max, did you see the size of this berry? Where are you going in such a hurry? [sound of toy]. Ah, Now I understand. [chuckles]. How's it going out there, Ruby? Fine, Grandma, But no more peeking. You'll ruin the surprise I'm making for you. [chuckles]. Oh, Okay -, I'll be in the front garden if you need me. Thanks, Grandma. [sound of toy] . [muffled crash]. Max, Wow, You've found Grandma's old fashioned ice cream maker- Ice Cream Cone. Yes, we could make an ice cream cone , But I can't right now. Max, I'm going to surprise Grandma by making her favourite summer treat, "Very Berry Summer Salsa", Ice Cream Cone. Well, She is going to be gardening for a while longer. Okay, Max, We'll make you a cone. then I'll make Grandma's treat, But first let's clean this thing up. Okay, the ice cream maker's all cleaned up And we've got ice cubes, milk and sugar. That's all we need to make ice cream Oh -, except for one more thing: Ice cream cone. [chuckles]. You're right, But there's something else: You need to decide what flavour of ice cream you want. Sorry, Max, Those berries are for Grandma's Very Berry Summer Salsa. All right, Max, One "Tangle Berry Ice Cream Cone" coming up. First we pour in the milk, then we add the sugar and, last but not least, the yummy berries. Ice cubes, please. Thank you. Now the next step is to fill the outside tub with ice. And here's the part where you take over, Max. When you crank the handle, you churn up all the ingredients inside. You keep cranking until they get so cold they turn into ice cream. You'll know it's done when the handle gets really hard to turn. Got it Okay? I'll go back and pick some more berries for Grandma's Tangle Berry Summer Salsa. [grunting], [strained groans], [sigh], [chuckles]. Sounds like it's done. ♪ [angelic harp music] ♪. Ice cream cone, Yup, Enjoy, Max. And now I can make Grandma's Tangle Berry Salsa. [gasp], Whoops. [sadly]. Ice Cream Cone, [sigh]. Well, we've still got enough to make another one, And I guess I can pick more berries. First the milk, then the sugar and, last but not least, the yummy berries. Thank you, There you go, Max, Get cranking. [humming to herself]. [strained groans]. Good work, Max. This time I'll pack the ice cream scoop in. really well, There you go. Ice Cream Cone, You're welcome. [tense music]. [blowing sharply] [sigh]. Oh, Max, and last but not least, the yummy berries Over to you, Max. There you go. Be very, very careful with this one, okay. . [distant crash]. [sound of toy]. [gasp]. [tense music]. Ice cream cone, Oh no. [gasp]. Nice, save, Max. I wouldn't have believed that if I hadn't seen it myself. Ice cream cone. [sigh]. Okay, But this time we're going to make a big batch. That way we won't have to make more if something happens again. [strained grunts]. Okay, it's ready, Max, But I have to hurry. Grandma will be done her gardening any minute now. and GRANDMA, Oh my. You found my old ice cream maker. Max found it. Grandma, I wanted to surprise you by making some Tangle Berry Summer Salsa - but I ended up making Max ice cream instead. [chuckles]. That's wonderful, It is. Oh, Yes, There's only one dessert I like more than Tangle Berry Salsa, And that's a Tangle Berry-- Ice cream cone. [whew] Hot. What do you think, Ruby? Hmm, A little to the left, Louise, Perfect. [giggles]. Making an Art Stand is one of your best ideas ever. Who wouldn't want to buy wonderful, one-of-a-kind hand-painted art made with creative flair, And support our Bunny Scout trip to the Art Gallery? [sighs] BOTH, I love going to the art gallery. [laughing] Hot, Yes, it's a little hot, Max, But it's a perfect day for selling bright, sunny paintings at our Art Stand, Like this one I painted of Ruby. What do you think, Max? [whew] Hot. [gasp] A-hem, Thank.


Top 5 Things To Do at EPCOT Food & Wine Festival - 2022

[Music]. hey there, fellow disney fans, it's maria. i'm coming to you today from the epcot international food and wine festival. it just kicked off this weekend for 2022 and we are here today exploring the top five things to do here at the festival. so, without further ado, i'm gonna walk into the park and get started. let's go. coming in at number five on our things to do here at the food and wine festival is shop the merchandise. here is a look at some of the merchandise they've got here at the festival. you just saw that spirit jersey for 74.99. they've got these festival exclusive ears, which are really, really cute little pinches of food up there in the window. we've got a tea here which is next to some wine glasses- let's say food and wine festival 2022- on them. they have stem and they have stem lists. here is some more merchandise. we've got a lot of figment related merch over back here- i'm right between morocco and the american adventure- got some pigment t-shirts, an adorable figment plate right there, got some really, really nice tumblers up here, an awesome apron featuring pigment right here, as well as some pins. as you can see, these are limited release, exclusives to the food and wine festival. we got a magnet over here and there's also an amazing figment oven mitt. he's so cute. we've got some more tall stem wine glasses back here with the 2022 food and wine festival logo on them- the really cool spaceship, earth inspired design in the background. look at these really nice charcuterie boards. they've got the 2022 logo on them again, with all of the food and wine emblems. those are made of solid wood. they're pretty thick too. really nice to serve. we've also got some pizza inspired pins up here, minnie serving some pizza. i'm going to get to another really awesome pizza related pizza merch in just a second here and we've got mickey on the grill. here is that pizza merch i was referencing. look at these plates. they're in the shape of pizza slices and they've got all different designs on them. it also comes in a pack of stiks, so you get all of them. here's minnie. there she is got pepperoni pie comes in a pack of six, so you get all of them, and it actually comes in this little pizza box. these are absolutely adorable and, of course, they've got the year on them right there as well. these are great. i'm here in the pass holder section of merchandise. we've got some tumblers, some t-shirts, really nice mugs and some serving platters and bowls down here, all exclusive to annual pass holders. as i walk around world showcase, i'm reminded of our number four spot on the list. this one is a shout out to all the kids out there. this is remy's ratatouille hide and squeak. so the deal here is you purchase a 999 stiker map that you take with you around world showcase. you will find hidden remis in all of the different countries around the world. when you locate them, you take your stiker and place it there to show that you have found that remy, and when you're done you can turn your scavenger hunt in for a very special prize. this is a great way to get the kids engaged and keep them engaged as you travel around the world, especially if you're planning on stopping at a lot of these food boots, which we recommend that you do along the way. here are the completer prizes for remy's hide and suit. we've got really, really cute 3d cups, one featuring remy, pigment mickey and tiana holding some really really tasty looking beignets coming in at. number three on our list is the eat to the beat concert series. they have huge names, come through here at epcot all festival long and the great news is every concert is included in the price of admission. you just got to make sure you line up before the show begins. they start at 5, 30, 6, 45 and 8 pm nightly. make sure to check your my disney experience app or the website to see who's playing on the night that you'll be here. [Music], [Music], so, [Music]. before we get to the number two item on our list, tune in from a word from my friends over at www magazine. are you looking to escape to walt? disney world? wwe magazine delivers monthly magic mail from our fan favorite print magazine to keepsake special editions, as well as our digital magazine. we will deliver magic right to your hands. subscribe today. next up on our list, coming in at number two, is, of course, to sip your way around the festival. this is the food and wine festival, after all, so of course, food and drink are going to be at the top of our list. we're getting things started with a drink from india. all right, so we've got the mango drink from the india booth. it has got more of a smoothie like texture than it does just a regular straight up water like texture. it also has chunks of mango on the top, so that's really nice to chew through as you sip it. this is a really kid-friendly option. if you've got a kid who likes mango smoothies or anything mango flavored, very approachable, something they would definitely enjoy. it's also refreshing because it is so cold, so it's really nice. pick me up as you work your way around the world. coming in at number one on our top five things to do is, of course, to eat. i am standing right outside the fry basket, which is a brand new booth here. this year they feature, you guessed it, french fries, and i am here to try the french fry flight. i just ate my way through the french fry flight. there are three flavors to this fry flight. we have got a sea salt and malt vinegar, barbecue bacon in the middle, with sweet potato casserole fries on the end. now i ate them in the order that they came. so i started with those sea salt and vinegar fries. they are very, very crispy. all of the fries are cooked very well. partikularly, the sea salt and vinegar fries are very crispy and very, very salty. i love that you can see the crystals of the salt on the outside of the fry very evenly distributed, ensuring every single bite is equally proportioned, going on next to the middle fries. they're very good. they reminded me a lot of a barbecue potato chip. they are really good with the toppings. but without the toppings they're just as good, just seasoned fries if you don't want to get those toppings on it. but the toppings of bacon and aioli are very, very tasty and definitely add to the overall fry. the last sweet potato fries are like a dessert fry. they're kind of a take on what you find on your thanksgiving table. they are sweet, they've got a marshmallow cream and they really serve as a nice sweet finish to the overall flight. i would highly recommend the flight. it was really, really tasty. i just got some more food, this time from the india booth. we got everything. we got the crispy paneer, we got the pea samosa, we got the chicken dish and the mango drink. so i'm going to just go down in order here. i'm going to start off with the highlights. for me they were the pan fried crispy paneer. they were really good. they're essentially just fried cheese. you're a fan of cheese curds or any type of fried cheese. it is a very mild, quite dense cheese, but it is extremely approachable. there's nothing spicy about it whatsoever, except for the sauce that it comes with. it has mangoes in it. that's a really nice dipping sauce, very approachable for a kid- there's someone who likes a fried mozzarella or something like that- very approachable. it could definitely be enjoyed by a large variety of palettes. next up we have the samosa. that was really good. that's also a an item that you can get if you are a vegetarian or vegan. there are peas and potatoes inside and it has a coriander lime crema. when you cut into it you can see that the dough is really really light on the outside and the inside has got the peas and potatoes packed in there. this one was spicy and not just like how i can sort of hint spice. it's definitely spicy. so if you don't have a high tolerance or a tolerance for spice, probably skip this one. we made a stop at the belgium booth where we got the beer. braised beef with gouda mashed potatoes looks very, very good and of course we would give or miss. we did not try at least one dessert today. i.

If Theme Parks Were Honest - Honest Ads (Disneyland, Six Flags Parody)

well, hello there. I'm Roger, and I'm here to welcome you to Horton land. we sell you happiness, fun and memories, and in return, we've become the forefront of corporate greed and self-interest, all while wearing these goofy hats and blowing you with glitter dust. what, what ice? blowing glitter dust at you like this, like that whimsical? take your heads out of the gutter for crying out loud. you are at Horton land, and here at Horton land we provide your family with the best overpriced vacation that your entire 401k can afford. so you better goddamn enjoy it. but, Dad, I'm tired. no, you're not. you're not tired. you're not covered in glitter. you're here to have a good time and we have everything you love about amusement parks. do you love our long waits for minute long rides? we've got you covered. or if you'd rather skip the lines, you can get our Express tiket. it'll only cost you $100 per family member. but can you really put a price on family memories? we can. it's the price of a normal tiket plus a hundred bucks. Hey, look, a sweaty intern in an animal costume. or maybe a sweaty pervert in an animal costume, you'll never know, but they're everywhere. notike what their heart. okay, then, Horton land was designed by the greatest engineers, or dream engineers, as we like to call them. for no reason, they built fake houses, fake castles and a general facade held together by the piles of cash you fork over for this fantasy, because any dysfunctional family can pretend to like each other for a day if they can run away from their problems. right, stop texting and enjoy your family's company. Oh, have fun exploring our different parts that were designed by the same architects that created the American prison system. it'll be so hard to leave, not because you're having fun, but because we literally design these places to be hard to leave while you're aimlessly wandering around looking for an exit. enjoy any number of our special restaurants or whatever. it doesn't matter what food we sell. you have to buy it. hey, boo 29.99. well, it's either that or skin cancer. by trapping in record numbers of guests every year, we've made record profits across the board, even though our employees have some of the lowest wages in the service industry business. in fact, most of our employees have to live in motels because they aren't making a living wage, and that's if we pay you at all- because you can also apply to the prestigious Horton land land internship program, where we turn your bright dreams of bringing joy to families into free labor with zero to no career benefits in the long run. I haven't eaten in three weeks. look on the bright side. you've got fake cartoon princess on your resume. now that's magic. we've created a cult-like fake town where you can follow your dreams, especially if those dreams are illegal. oh right, this is just an unintended consequence, but we've embraced it all the same. my family-friendly theme park is a magnet for illicit activity such as drug trades, gun rings and sexual predators. in fact, right outside of our parks is the number-one human trafficking site in the world. what well I get hung up on that. when you can take a ride on a roller coaster, remember you came here to be whisked through the air at 80 miles an hour with only a few metal bars that were safety checked by a hungover, underpaid worker three weeks ago? the thrill of death seems so real, doesn't it? well, it is, because if you happen to get injured or died during one of these fake death traps, you're in for a legal nightmare, because our rides are less regulated than lip gloss or shoes. not only that, but 15 states have laws that have no oversight or regulations on building roller coasters or rides in. Florida exempts its three biggest parks from reporting accidents and deaths. there's only one national inspection and every year the inspection includes fewer and fewer parks in their overall analysis, while lobbyists worked tirelessly to end bills on regulating these flying mousetraps. so come on by Horton land today, a place where dreams did I say, dream I met. nightmare, oh, and I've been. Roger. [Music]. thanks for watching. if you want to subscribe, hit the Big C in the middle, and if you want to watch more videos like honest ads, hit one of the boxes to the right. be sure to hit the notification bell below so YouTube will notify you when we have a new video. oh I, I'm ready for my cryogenic nap.

These Ads Are Spoiling TV! | IPL Ads

*audience cheering*. Sachin: "Owww". "What are you doing". "Those who eat eggs everyday". "they are healthy and stronk". Sachin said so. Then I'll eat eggs daily. mom, Son, You watch cricket daily Eggs. *claps from happiness*. *commentary*: "My style, my signature". "A Premium from the-" Cardamom chewing tobacco. "Kamla Pasand: a unique taste". Okay. *audience cheering*. *ad music*: "Vimal Speak the language of saffron". (disclaimer: these are printouts). What? I'm an IPL fan dude. What are you An IPL fan dude? I watch IPL everyday. (the illegal holi). When we apply saliva to the ball, it changes from a T-20 to a test match ball. *ad jingle plays*. ~suspenseful music to suugest impending doom~. (you have been tricked, backstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled). Son, enjoying all alone, Come hither, I'll feed you mom's handmade tobacco. What's your favorite team? RCB? Why, Since its red? no (NOW we know jk jk). Red, red (in case someone is confused- its sauce), The match for which is tomorrow. by the way, We're sending the youngest population in the perfect direction. The number of overs is 20.. And the number of chewing tobacco ads are 250.. They aren't even eating it themselves. What kinda cheap Rs 15 VFX did they get done from the cyber cafe? Thermocol dandruff is falling into their mouths. (forbidden snowfall). If, by watching this, you feel that celebrities actually eat all this, then I also eat whatever. I drink the ink from pen guys (graphics level over 9000). So realistik. I eat Fair and Lovely cream- My butt has turned fair from eating and excreting this- And lovely too. And if IPL is a festival, then ads are the uninvited relatives during festivals Who go up to every player to say: hey, kid, please dance for us. DaNcE FoR uS KiD. (talent show on the spot). *a song mashup*. STOOOOPPP. (they really making them do everything except play cricket). (cricket fans crying in the corner): Yoo, all the relatives ran away. *more Bhojpuri songs*. What lifetime's revenge are you extracting on them? Someday, some player will grab hold of the director's mug and hit a pull shot. Let any director (of these ads) have a taste of a fast bowler's bouncer. They too, then will quake like Chitti Robot (= ref movie Robot) without a motherboard. People are leaving cricket because of these absurd things. For instance, the ones doing the bowl step from last time They were like: nope, I am not stabbing myself with the same dagger again. Bye, cricket, I am off to do commentary. (cricketers aight imma, head out). And then these who had danced like a drunk uncle in weddings- sooo absurd that this year. no team picked them to play (sed). *sed sombre music*. If they were to leave batting and had watched "How to dance like Tiger in 2 minutes", then he would've still been a part of some team (press F). Also, these Jio people have their own DID (= Dance, India Dance) going on each year. *Jio jingle plays*. This is how the dance is done in the Mumbai matches by the opponents: (apply cold water to burnt area). (Gautami, they ask you how you're feeling and you say you're fine-). HAHAHAHAHA, Dude, give us a chance as well to dance like this. Then storyline: the aunties in the park are being stared at by Rishabh Pant, And that too, with zooming Aunty, gave a flying kiss. Then three guys started dancing to the Jio jingle. Wasn't making them dance? enuf of a humiliation that you had to portray them as horny too? What drunk director is making them cricketers? the pride of the nation, do all this. *Jio jingle plays*. (why am i here? just to suffer). There is definitely a loaded AK-47 beside the camera. (shooting in more than one way). *mimics*, they didn't say anything about a dance in the contract. *mimics*, Isn't there an option for quit mission irl? (introverts at social gatherings)? I feel like jumping down from Jio tower. These poor guys don't even have the Jio sim. Every year in every ad meeting. HOW IS JUST ONE IDEA GETTING THROUGH? Haa, IPL is coming. Show me your best ideas. Let's make them dance. Let's make them dance. *YAAAAYYY* Done. Promotion is guaranteed. Every ad is the same. An ad for booze- Make the players dance. (directors be promoting what they having writing these ideas). All the footwork has been done by the dude here itself: Naagin (=serpent) dance aerobics edition. Even the players are fed up of their demands. "Full on bhangra, full on bhangra". "For that I need to know, Bhangra, no". *OOOOOOOO* Fantasy app ad. Make the players dance. (instagrammers in their natural habitat). "This I will do". "You make a team on Dream 11". (how the turntables). This is how you'll do it. then all his followers will run away. *mimics*, That's it. there goes my fan following. What kinda scheme is this? lose money there and lose followers here (more danger than Ponzi scheme). Aunty, please rotate the phone. Reels are vertikal. "This I will do". *mimics*, I am not able to do. Bro, didn't even find the Australian fast bowlers. this tuff. You, dumbass director, could've made him do some Salman-kinda move. When will all this be put to use? (= ref to Ready movie). Then an ad for hotel. Make the players dance. (such creative, much, wow). *Text: when will we play cricket". Ad for helmet In which players must've thought we'll be John from Dhoom. Nope, *glass and hopes shatter*. Script was (you guessed it): *Make the players dance* (with a stik figure for reference). Yooo, you offsprings of xerox machines ARE Y'ALL PLAYING, PASSING THE PARCEL WITH THE SAME SCRIPT DAILY? They too are now thinking: what step do we make out of this? One, two (buckle my shoeto, kick the writer). three, four (shut the doorin the ad director's face). *mimics* This helmet, catch out, hehe. (smiling through the pain). ~Gallan Goodiyan~. OMIGOD, THIS MUCH ENERGY. (enjoyment pro max). Why did you wake the poor guy up from his afternoon nap Without helmet and in this much drowsiness? never drive. This is the message. How are they able to extract this much dance from within? cricketers Director definitely must be telling them: The horse and the chariot are my pick. the one who doesn't dance is a sister's d- (dance guys, its dance). *aggressive dancing*. *ad jingle*. (players vibin' coz, no choice). Hold upBritish empire. Why, tf, are we celebrating the British Raj, Slapping thighs and going "ooh la la", thinking those were the days, Yeah- and they even are waving a flag of the British Empire. Then we found It was an ad for Premium Brown Sugar. (disclaimer: logic was harmed in the making of this ad). 5 millionaires are going gaga over sugar As if the main goal of their career was to lick sugar. World Cup and stuff. Heh GIMME SUGAR. (very sus sugar). WOOHOO, Now the pretty neighbour will ask us for sugar. (sugar, yes, please). YAYYYYY. And if the ad guys did just 99 percent of the torture, then the rest of the 1 percent was fulfilled by the social media of the team By making them dance to Instagram trends. (everyday we stray further from cricket). (very flexible dance). Even after zero IPL trophies, RCB be like. (meanwhile, RCB fans, why are we here)? *sobs*. Yeah, you do this first. (i'll make a team on Dream 11. jk). How is Puma being promoted through these moves? (ad writers, my goals are beyond your understanding). You did not have to go so much into your character that even Kim Kardashian would shy away. If this wasn't Rinku but Rinki, I would've DM'ed right away. (processing powers have left the chat). (confusion x 100). Oh my god. Indian Butt League. Nora is in a state of shock. The real Kaccha Baadam are being danced to here. Do this after every wicket. Guys will deliberately get out to see this And getting foreign players to do desi things. the directors start salivating (Pavlov, this is beyond science). Here they made them wear a lungi (= a cloth worn around waist). *bass boosted jingle*. Depression, the live walking example. They brought him here in the name of warm-up, where the only thing warming up is the brain (if regret had a face) (expres.