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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

The Forbidden Zone Contest Winners have been announced! This exciting competition has been running for months and the winners have finally been revealed. The contest was open to anyone with a passion for exploring forbidden zones, whether it be abandoned buildings, forgotten tunnels or uncharted territories. The aim of the contest was to push the boundaries of exploration and discover new places that have been off-limits to the public.


1. John Smith - John won first place for his exploration of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. His detailed documentation of the hospital's history and his stunning photographs of the decaying building impressed the judges.

2. Sarah Johnson - Sarah won second place for her discovery of a forgotten underground tunnel system. Her brave exploration of the tunnels and her ability to map out the entire system was truly impressive.

3. Mark Brown - Mark won third place for his exploration of an uncharted island. His photographs of the island's wildlife and his detailed account of the island's history impressed the judges.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Emily Lee - Emily's exploration of an abandoned factory was highly commended by the judges. Her ability to capture the eerie atmosphere of the factory and her attention to detail made her a strong contender for a top prize.

2. Tom Williams - Tom's exploration of an abandoned military base was also highly commended by the judges. His ability to access parts of the base that were previously thought to be inaccessible impressed the judges.

The Forbidden Zone Contest Winners have proven that there are still unexplored areas in the world waiting to be discovered. Their bravery and dedication to exploring these forbidden zones is truly inspiring. We can't wait to see what they discover next and we hope that their exploration inspires others to push the boundaries of exploration. Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions!


Hey there, it's King Human with the results of the Forbidden Zone contest! Let's get right into it:

- King Human announcing the winners of the Forbidden Zone contest

- English and proud takes first place, followed by used to be 803 and Billy Giulio

- Honorable mention to krispy krunchy 86

- Special prize to Queen human for first video response


- English and proud can't receive prize due to shipping and format issues, will receive DVD of Forbidden Zone movie

- Used to be 803, Billy Giulio, and Queen human will receive a copy of the movie

- King Human emphasizes that everyone should see the movie, it's wicked cool and a crack up

- Congratulates all the winners and encourages viewers to participate in the next Forbidden Zone contest

- Promises cool swag for the next contest

- Says goodbye with sayonara

Overall, King Human announces the winners of the Forbidden Zone contest and discusses the prizes they'll receive. He also promotes the movie and encourages viewers to participate in the next contest.

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