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ford patents ads that scan billboards

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Future Fords Could Scan Billboards And Show Associated In Car Ads

Ford is developing technology to display in-car ads based on billboards that are scanned by the car. This means that as you drive, your car could display ads on the touchscreen, steering wheel or even on your dashboard. But what does this mean for drivers? Is this just another form of intrusive advertising?

Pros and Cons:


- Companies can target their ads to specific locations and audiences.

- Drivers could be alerted to discounts and deals that they might not have known about otherwise.

- It could be an additional source of revenue for car manufacturers, which could lead to lower prices for consumers.


- Many people view ads as intrusive and annoying.

- It could be a distraction for drivers, leading to safety concerns.

- It could be seen as an invasion of privacy, as ads could be tailored to the driver's preferences and habits.

Possible Scenarios:

- You're driving down the road and your car alerts you to a discount at a nearby restaurant.

- You're stuck in traffic and your car displays an ad for a new movie that just came out.

- You're on a road trip and your car shows you ads for hotels and attractions along the way.

- You're driving with your family and an ad for an adult-themed establishment comes up on the screen.

While the idea of in-car ads may not be popular with everyone, it is clear that it is a technology that is here to stay. As with any new technology, it will take some time to work out the kinks and find the right balance between advertising and driver safety. In the meantime, drivers can expect to see more and more ads popping up on their car screens as they drive.

Ford patents something INSANE!! - The Future of Cars

Today, we will be discussing Ford's new patent for a technology that uses a vehicle's external cameras to detect and scan passing billboards and advertisements and create an in-car advertisement for that billboard. While this may be convenient for some, it raises questions about the future of cars and how much of them we really own.

Implications of the Patent:

- The technology may be convenient for some, but it raises concerns about how much of the car we actually own.

- With over-the-air updates and patents like this, we may not technically own our cars in the future.

- Updates can potentially create a system where we no longer own our cars, as updates can be given to the car that release our grasp on the vehicle.

- This can be concerning, as we may not be able to use our cars how we want to without interruption.


- Tesla has been removing features from cars and replacing them with subscriptions, making cars more like a service than an actual product.

- Some Volvo models can be officially rented, which blurs the line between ownership and usage.

- The combination of advertisements, updates, and renting further suggests that we may not own our cars in the future.

Ford's new patent raises concerns about the future of car ownership. As updates and subscriptions become more prevalent in the industry, it may become difficult to truly own a car and use it how we want to. The evolution of cars into a service rather than a product is something we should keep an eye on.

Home Depot Commercial: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

With the holiday season approaching, Lowe's has introduced robot shopping assistants to one of its stores. However, this innovation may not be the best idea, as it could lead to lawsuits and other issues.

Why Robot Sales Assistants are a Terrible Idea:

1. Sales associates are not just there to help people find things, they are also there to prevent couples from arguing and ruining their relationship.

2. Home improvement stores are a lethal combination of everything that can ruin a relationship, including spending money, reconciling tastes, long-term planning, and fluorescent lighting.

3. Robots cannot diffuse explosive arguments like human sales associates can.

4. Home Depot values the personal touch and understands that there are some things machines cannot do.

5. Lowe's ads themselves show the importance of human sales associates in diffusing arguments and making the shopping experience more enjoyable.

While the idea of robot sales assistants may seem innovative, it could ultimately lead to more problems than solutions. Home Depot values the personal touch and recognizes the importance of human sales associates in preventing arguments and improving the shopping experience.


The Invasion of Privacy: Cameras Everywhere

Cameras have become ubiquitous in modern society and can capture heartwarming moments, random acts of kindness, and even embarrassing moments. However, the constant presence of cameras can also be an invasion of privacy.


- A homeless man jumping for joy after getting a job caught on CCTV

- A bear moving a garbage bin caught on camera

- A school custodian making a backwards half-court shot recorded by security

- A woman vacuuming her garden for over 10 minutes with the vacuum container wide open

- A young girl being informed of her adoption caught on security camera

- A security guard getting his steps in on a snowy day

- A dog pretending to be injured to trick a man into helping him

- A Domino's pizza delivery driver eating the pizza toppings in an elevator

- Two bears catching snowflakes on a Ring camera

- A man trapped in an elevator for over 20 hours

- A kid catching his dirt bike before it falls on CCTV

- Cats not liking water or other cats

- A girl falling in a pool while trying out a hoverboard

- Garbage trucks struggling to measure bin dimensions

- A kid studying under a light post due to electricity issues caught on camera leading to a millionaire helping his family

- A woman stealing tips from an Uber driver's tip jar caught on dash cam

- A kid failing to stop elevator doors from closing

- A dog running out of the house before his owner locks the door

- A man failing to jump over a fence caught on camera

- A woman faking injury with a sprinkler falling on her caught on security camera

- A UPS man showing off his dance moves caught on a Nest camera

- Police chasing a sneaky pig for over 40 minutes caught on camera

- A woman destroying a bouquet of flowers in a subway caught on security camera

- A cat miscalculating and falling into a pool

- A woman prioritizing her phone over her safety during an earthquake caught on camera

- Dogs ringing doorbells caught on security camera

- A tourist ruining a sand sculpture caught on security camera

- A cat stealing random items and bringing them into the house caught on camera

While cameras can capture amazing moments, they can also be an invasion of privacy. It's important to be aware of the potential for cameras to be everywhere and to respect others' privacy.

Level1 News May 18 2021: The Dark Side of The Gas Boom

- Today's news covers government and security, but before we get into that, we have an orange soda to try and a thank you to give to our sponsor, Linode.

Linode Sponsorship

- Linode is a linux hosting partner with a lot to offer.

- Use the coupon below for $100 of Linode credits to try their services.

- They have Amazon S3 compatible object storage, Nextcloud hosting, Calibre server hosting, and more.

- Linode does not invade your privacy or data and has how-to's and tutorials for learning new skills.

Orange Soda Tasting

- We try Sun-Kissed's zero sugar orange soda.

- It is drinkable but only a C- rating.

Government Surveillance

- The Pentagon is surveilling Americans without a warrant, as revealed by Senator Ron Wyden.

- This is not a new issue, but a concerning one nonetheless.

Fact-Checking Bill

- A Michigan GOP lawmaker has proposed a bill to register and fine fact checkers for publishers and online content creators.

- This may have a chilling effect on free speech.

Space Travel News

- Space travel is becoming more accessible with the first fully civilian space flight to the space station, AX-1 mission, moving forward with a NASA contract.

- The cost for this experience is high, with $1,500 a day for food and $2,000 a day for toiletries and laundry.

- Today's news covers a range of topics, from privacy concerns to space travel accessibility.

- It is important to stay informed and advocate for our rights and freedoms.

Colorado Legalizes Kids Playing Outside - Weird News Report 14

Colorado Wants to Legalize Kids Playing Outside: A Weird News Report

Hello broskies and welcome to the 14th weird news report! Our first story covers Colorado's attempt to clarify that it's not illegal for kids to play outside alone. We also explore a preacher's claim of identifying witches, Ford's new dashboard advertisement feature, and a device that lets drivers watch TV while driving.

Colorado Affirms Outdoor Activities for Children:

- Colorado clarifies that outdoor activities like playing outside, walking to school, or staying home alone are not considered maltreatment according to state law.

- It affirms that age-appropriate activities are safe and won't be considered neglect.

- The article mentions a case where a 7-year-old girl running outside led to a police call because someone suspected neglect. The same girl was reported again when she was 12 and playing outside alone.

Preacher Claims to Identify Witches:

- A preacher claims that a demon told him the identities of six witches in his congregation.

- He threatens to reveal the names if they misbehave.

- The article questions the logic of trusting a demon and the reliability of the preacher's claims.

Ford Patents Dashboard Advertisement Feature:

- Ford patents a feature that scans billboards and sends commercials to a car's dashboard.

- The feature sends basic information, including phone numbers, to drivers.

- The article raises concerns about distracted driving and the potential annoyance of pop-up ads on car dashboards.

Device Allows Drivers to Watch TV While Driving:

- A device called AutoVision lets drivers watch TV while driving by projecting images in front of them.

- The inventor argues that it improves drivers' concentration by stimulating their fight or flight response.

- The article questions the safety of watching TV while driving and the validity of the inventor's claims.

In conclusion, this weird news report covers a range of topics, from Colorado's affirmation of outdoor activities for children to Ford's dashboard advertisement feature and a device that lets drivers watch TV while driving. The preacher's claim of identifying witches raises questions about logic and reliability. As always, stay safe on the road and keep an eye out for weird news!

cust2mate - smart shopping cart

Music, today we are here at one of the largest supermarket chains in Israel, Johanna, to witness the launch of their revolutionary smart cart. This cart has been tested and used for over 12 months and is now ready to take the supermarket retail sector by storm. With hundreds of smart carts being introduced in all their stores nationwide, we are here to examine whether it really works and what benefits we can gain from it.

Features of the Smart Cart:

- Equipped with a touchscreen connected to a special scanner that acts as a mobile cash register

- Special cameras that identify products and scan barcodes

- Highly sensitive scale that allows you to add any item from the supermarket into your cart

- Scale not only weighs the product but also makes sure the scanned and inserted item is at the appropriate weight

- Real-time pricing and discounts as you shop

Customer Experience:

We had the opportunity to speak with Shirley, a customer who has already used the smart cart. She mentioned that it has made her life so much easier as a busy mother. With the smart cart, she can pre-order her deli items in advance and is in and out of the store in a flash. She also loves the real-time pricing and discounts as she goes along.

Benefits of the Smart Cart:

- Frees up valuable space for the supermarket

- Allows the supermarket owner to add a wider array of products

- Offers 24-hour shopping convenience

Overall, the smart cart developed by A to Z is a game-changer for the supermarket retail sector. It provides a smart, efficient, and pleasant way to shop at your local supermarket. With plans to register as an international patent, it is no doubt that within a couple of years, this will be the most popular way to shop.

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