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Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman



p-pull King human here and it's time for
random giveaway I haven't done this in a
long time so I have a lot of stuff to
give away and I want to give it to you
so you know okay here's the deal you
know if you don't know me I give away
prizes and stuff and gifts whatever to
people that go out and do acts of
kindness or good things for the
environment you know it's my way of
giving yeah I give the charity to you
know but when you give to charity you
kind of get it to the charity and then
it goes one step and stops you know it
kind of you know doesn't perpetuate
itself so here's what I do I give away
gifts and prizes to people that go out
and do acts of kindness for five random
people or do acts of kindness five acts
of kindness for the environment you know
so here's what you do you go out and you
do an act of kindness to five random
people and then you know when they ask
you what they can do to return the favor
use tell them go out and do an act of
kindness to five random people and so on
and so on and that way it kind of
perpetuates like throwing a pebble in a
pond that it just kind of radiates out
and builds on itself and you know that's
that's what I'm after is to get you know
get people being a little bit nicer to
each other you know I mean it doesn't
cost you anything so you know this this
is what you got to do this giveaway is
going to be open to new subscribers only
because the people that have been doing
this for a while you guys are already in
the program you know
had people take I mean I have great
people I have some great people they
clean up the highways they take toys to
the hospitals I mean really really great
stuff that's going on here you know this
ain't no [ __ ] so you know you got to
be a new subscriber because I want new
people to get involved in this and then
you got to subscribe subscribe to King
human and you know what no bogus
accounts I can see I can see you guys
making these ghosts accounts the account
was made three days ago you got zero
subscribers and you've looked at one
video that ain't foolin anybody man keep
it real you know I'll look and I won't
give you anything so it's it's got a you
got to be real so you know to get
something for nothing to get a free gift
subscribe to King human then you got a
pledge to do an act of kindness to five
random people now what's an act of
kindness for example everybody has an
old lady or an old man that lives in
their neighborhood that doesn't get out
much anymore and they could use some
help you know you're going to safeway
you go knock on the lady's door say hey
look I notiked you don't get around much
anymore I'm going to safeway do you need
anything I'm going anyway or help mow
the lawn or you know just ask them what
can I do to help you guys out that's
just one thing I'll leave the rest up to
you but that gives you an idea of what
you can do for people help carry their
groceries to their car whatever it is
you know it could be as simple as
helping somebody reach something on a
top shelf or opening the door for
somebody that you know can't whatever
whatever you guys know what you know
that kind of stuff is you can do it um
you know oh and a note about you know
this whole thing you know I'm not asking
you to be mother Teresa I'm no mother
Teresa I'm knows
I'm a regular guy I drink i gamble I
chase women but you know what that's my
point you know if if a regular guy like
me can step outside himself every once
in a while and do something nice for
somebody anybody can you know anybody
can and that's all I'm asking just once
in a while think about somebody beside
yourself first it's very simple you know
very simple so okay subscribe to King
human make a comment down here saying
King human I totally get what you're
about I totally get the act of kindness
four five random people think and I'm
gonna do it and you know you got my word
on it make a comment down there and and
i'll pick a bunch of people and send
them some stuff for free and what do I
have to send I got everything from goofy
stuff to cool stuff you know I've
already sent out home theaters and zune
players and you know right now I got a
bunch of goofy stuff to send out for
instance i'm looking at big pile of hat
goofy hats sitting here i got hats you
know Bullwinkle hats with antlers I got
a monster hats that you know sit on your
head I got a jester hat I gotta let me
grab want to open it up this looks like
a Fred Flintstone Grand Poobah hat and
put it on Oh slippery
Royal Order of the water buffalos I
gotta bend down to get it in in the
camera shot but you know you get the
idea that's soft too nice free but
anyway you get the idea is just the
cheap goofy little thing enough but I'm
willing to send these things to you guys
um you know just for doing something
nice uh let's see what else do I got I
got all kinds of goofy stuff here I got
stuff for ladies I got stuff for you too
i got a couple left of these gift gift
things with like bath salts and soaps
and things you know if you want
something specific say it in your
comment i also got this weird thing and
I don't know you know one of you one of
you anime geeks is going to want this
thing I don't know what it is it's an
anime character what is it one piece one
piece shonen jump's one piece it's some
kind of toy with a big cannon and this
goofy anime character holding up to
cannonballs and I guess it shoots like I
don't know what the what do you want
from me so anyway there it is you know
if you're willing to do just a little
bit of kindness I'm willing to send you
a free gift new subscribers only
subscribe and nobody under 18 please
because you know I got a ship this stuff
out which means I gotta get your address
so i can ship it and you know it doesn't
arrive magically by fairies so i need an
address yes and I don't want underage
people sending out their contact
information over the Internet it's just
bad mojo you know you don't know me from
Adam I could be an ax murderer I don't
want you underage people send in your
contact information out to anybody you
shouldn't have
do that so if you want to partikipate
that's fine but get your parent or your
guardian to do it for you because I'm
not sending you know I don't listen to
me I ain't you know you got to be over
18 don't be yanking my crank um mm-hmm
so I guess that's basically it you know
you get the idea and I got giveaway is
going on right now I got one for a spam
head that's going on and I got another
upcoming giveaway where I'm going to be
giving away another copy another copy of
Sony Vegas platinum software editing
software i estimate I've probably given
away between 20 no twelve and twenty
thousand dollars so far so this ain't no
joke people keeping it real so there you
have it you keep it real do something
good for the planet or humanity and you
will be rewarded if not by me by life so
there you have it all right people be
cool keep it real and i'll be toking at
you sayonara

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