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free with ads movies on youtube

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

20 Best Movies to Watch While They're Still FREE on YouTube | Flick Connection

hey everybody, this is darren van damme and you're watching flick connection, the show that helps you get more out of movies, and today we're going to be toking about a bunch of free movies you can currently catch right here on youtube. [Applause]. so not only is this gonna be a long list full of totally free movies you can watch right here on youtube, the links to each movie are in the top pinned comment, not the video description, the top pinned comment. that means you can click that link and start watching these movies right away. however, the availability of these comes and goes really without warning on youtube- a lot less warning than you get on streaming platforms. so availability is subject to change and some of them could change quite quickly, which is why you want to have that subscribe button and the bell notification icon clicked. that way, you get notified when these videos release and you can check out the movies before they're gone. this video is brought to you by squarespace. later on in this video i'll be telling you how a bonehead like me created darrenvandamcom using the squarespace tools, but that's later. for now, let's get started all the way at the back at this list with a sylvester stallone movie that was then later essentially remade into a hugh jackman movie over the top. now, in over the top, stallone takes his estranged son on a cross-country trip to compete in- a wait for it- arm wrestling competition. yes, it's a movie about an arm wrestling competition. they ended up taking the exact same storyline and adapted it to real steel with hugh jackman, an equally good movie. over the top just doesn't have robots fighting in it. it's got a bunch of meat heads arm wrestling in it, but it is kind of good 80s fun. keep in mind, though, i do rank my list so over the top is all the way at the back: 24 by 36. a movie about movie posters is way more interesting than you would think. if you don't know, before i started here on youtube, i actually began this business venture- i guess you could say or hobby- with an instagram account where i shared a lot of interesting movie posters. this documentary is about sort of this explosion or renaissance of movie posers. i find it really interesting. however, just because you love movies does not mean you're going to find a movie about movie posters interesting. if you're the least bit interested in the designs, the process of design- i went to school for graphic design- you will find this movie beyond interesting. frozen is free to watch on youtube right now, and no, i don't mean the disney frozen that's over on disney plus. frozen, though, is about a couple of people trapped on a ski lift indefinitely. it is essentially a horror movie. it's exactly what it sounds like, though: it's a slow burn. not much else other than them being stuck on the ski lift happens. but considering it's such a simple concept, this movie actually delivers. there's actually quite a good story that gets revealed. it's again. it's a small movie. you're gonna be stuck on a ski lift and it's gonna feel like you're stuck on a ski lift for about 90 minutes with some people, but if that interests you in the least, frozen is actually a pretty decent low budget horror flick: thriller horror flick. got a couple of comedies on this list, starting with the slam and salmon, which is from the same comedy group that brought you super troopers. i will say super troopers is way better than slam and salmon, but if you find their sense of humor funny, the slam and salmon is full of it. it's just not a solid movie overall. if you like the people involved, though this movie does have a bunch of laughs in it. if you were in no way, shape or form, a fan of super troopers, then uh, you're going to want to stay far away from the slamming salmon. for another silly comedy that's got some years on it now. remo williams, i think, is a really underrated comedy movie. it's very self-aware, it's an american action hero all the way. it's a spoof of like chuck norris type movies and stuff and the movie has a lot of fun with it. obviously it's very dated but the jokes still hold up. i think this is a really funny movie. for people who were fans of 80s action movies, this one essentially is one. even though it's really kind of lame in the action department, it's still. it's got a lot of really good laughs in it and it's just a really has become a cult classic over the years. so before moving on with the rest of this list, i need to tell you about today's sponsor, squarespace, but also my new website, darrenvandamcom. this is what it looks like. you can go there right now or when you finish this video. but squarespace made it super easy for me to create this beautiful website with literally zero coding. i did not put a stitch of code in it. it's drag and drop, super easy to integrate my youtube videos very easy to create a newsletter. in fact, when the video is over, you can go there and sign up for my free newsletter. there's still time to sign up to get my first edition, which is going to be coming out very soon, but they let me manage the emails directly. in squarespace. there's analytiks so i can see how many people are coming to the site and, again, it's all incredibly user friendly. now i research everything before i buy it pretty much, and i did that with the website as well. there are a lot of competitors out there and i landed on squarespace because of how beautiful their sites can be and how easy the interface is to use, and right now you can go to squarespacecom and sign up for a free trial. it has nothing to do with me or this channel. they make it easy to sign up for free, but when you are ready to register for a new domain name or purchase a website, go to my url, which is squarespacecom, flick connection and you'll save 10 off your first order with squarespace. so if you've been thinking about starting a web page, creating a new one for your business or your passion, squarespace makes it easy for anybody to create something that is beautiful but also compatible on desktop and mobile. i mean, the site will just fluidly change and i didn't do anything to set that up again. go to squarespacecom flick connection and you'll save 10 off, or just go directly to the site and sign up for a free trial. but that said, let's go ahead and move on with the rest of the movies on this list. faster is one of the more interesting movies the rock did before he really became a household name. this is one of the earlier movies that he did and it's pretty cool. it's got a cool soundtrack to it. it's a great little revenge flick. it's got some decent action in it. billy bob thornton plays a good character in it as well and it's got a good look to it. the colors pop, muscle cars. not a great movie, but for the genre that it's in of- just like hot women, fast cars, shootouts- this one is surprisingly underrated. believe it or not, batman makes the list, but no, it's not really one of the good ones. it's the 1966 adam west version. however, i will say that this movie actually is worth watching, mainly for the campiness, now. well, let's just be honest, exclusively for the campiness. but it's really funny, especially if you're a batman fan. if you're maybe my age or a little younger and you never watched the 1966 version, it has way more laughs in it than you would think. i think now is a great time to watch it. if you've got a little bit of batman fever, i really do recommend watching this one as a comedy, because that is what it is truly, and it is a lot of fun to watch all the bad guys and the 60s campiness and all of that. it's just a good fun time at the movies that i think people view incorrectly. they view it as a bad movie, and while it is, that, it's also more culturally significant than just only a bad movie can be. so, again, if you've got a little bit of batman fever, this is very different from any other batman movie, obviously, and that's kind of what makes it worth revisiting. alright, we'll switch things up a bit here with a sci-fi alien invasion movie starring none other than charlie sheen in the arrival. now this is one that

The 11 Best Free Movies On YouTube Right Now

It might come as a surprise to find that there are a whole bunch of free movies available to watch on YouTube — and it might come as an even bigger surprise to find that some of them are actually great. Here are a few of the very best. In 1986, John Carpenter broke the cinematik mold with Big Trouble in Little China, a satirical kung fu movie that sets Kurt Russell down in a labyrinthine Chinatown and leads him through an intriguing plot involving kidnapping and sorcery. Unfortunately, Big Trouble in Little China bombed at the box office on release, making back only around $11.1 million of its budget, which has been estimated at roughly $20 million. In fact, it bombed so badly that it drove Carpenter away from Hollywood altogether. But over the years the film's reputation has increased and it's now considered a bona fide cult classic. Empire magazine rated it among the top 500 movies of all time, and many of its vocal defenders praise it for its skewering of stereotypical Asian roles in movies. At the time, it was rare for a Western movie even to feature a predominantly Asian cast. As actor James Hong has said, "There will never be another Big Trouble in Little China []. Martial artists, the greatest of all actors, writers [in] that movie, John gave us all a chance". There's never a bad time to watch The Terminator, James Cameron's spectacular 1984 sci-fi action movie about time travel, killer robots and romance. In case you somehow don't know the premise, Sarah Connor is an ordinary young woman whose life is suddenly upended when she turns out to be the target of a Terminator - a cyborg sent from the future to destroy her before she can sire the son who will lead humanity against the machines. Luckily for her, someone else has come from the future, Kyle Reese, a soldier sent to protect both Sarah and humanity's hope for victory. "Come with me if you wanna live". Groundbreaking, intense and incredibly fun to boot. The Terminator fully deserves the praise heaped on it by Variety, who called it "A blazing cinematik comic book full of virtuoso moviemaking, terrific momentum, solid performances and a compelling story". And the best part of all: Once you're done with this one, you'll have a whole franchise of Terminator movies, shows, comics and video games to explore. Author: Walter Tevis' stories are having a bit of a renaissance these days, mostly thanks to the breakout success of the wildly successful Netflix adaptation of his novel The Queen's Gambit. So now's as good a time as any to enjoy an equally powerful adaptation of one of his other stories. Martin Scorsese's The Color of Money is a "25 years later" sequel to The Hustler, with Paul Newman reprising his role from the original. Newman plays Fast Eddie, a former pool hall hustler who starts mentoring Vincent, an up-and-coming player. There's no way to do a belated sequel and please everybody, even if you're Martin Scorsese. but this is still the film that finally got Paul Newman his well-deserved Best Actor win at the Oscars. The cast is the strongest selling point here. Sheila Benson, writing for the Los Angeles Times, describes the core players a quote: "an electrifying, unholy trio". Throw in a great soundtrack and some typically brilliant direction from Scorcese and you've got the recipe for a genuine must-watch. Let Me In is the English-language version of the Swedish movie Let the Right One In, and it actually achieves the incredibly difficult task of living up to the original. In fact, plenty of critiks even argue that Let Me In is the better film. Horror site Bloody Disgusting said: "[Director Matt] Reeves takes a bold (and dangerous) step in (basically) doing a shot-for-shot remake of the Swedish vampire flick, but finds a way to season it with a little more emotion and flavor. Yes, I said it, Let Me In is a BETTER movie". Meanwhile, Stephen King called it the best horror film of the decade, and Rolling Stone's Peter Travers said: "Prepare to be wowed, It's a spellbinder". High praise all around. So what's it all about? Well, Let Me In is a quiet, unsettling study of the friendship that develops between Owen, a bullied young boy, and an otherworldly young girl named Abby. Things get much creepier and much darker from there, but it'd be a shame to give away too much. All you need to know is that Let Me In is beautifully made and basically impossible to look away from - and more than justifies all the praise it attracted from critiks. Tune into the beginning of an epic franchise with the original Stargate, the 1994 sci-fi film starring Kurt Russell and James Spader. This movie would eventually result in a sprawling set of TV series, which ran for a combined total of 17 seasons, and a whole host of tie-in novels. But it all started out relatively modestly with a standalone film about an expedition going through a Stargate to a distant planet, discovering aliens who once came to Earth and posed as Egyptian gods. Spader plays Daniel Jackson, a civilian linguist, and Russell is Colonel Jack O'Neil, an Air Force officer who is more than okay with this being a suicide mission. The film got a rocky critikal reception on release. In fact, Roger Ebert hated it so much that he included it in a 2005 round-up of his most hated films. But it got a few kinder notikes too, including one review from MovieLine which described it as, quote, "an instant camp classic". that is the good kind of bad "How ya doing" And of course, at the time no one could see the kind of mark it would eventually leave on the TV landscape. It really is the little sci-fi film that could. 2008's Slumdog Millionaire probably needs no introduction. Featuring a star director in Danny Boyle and a star lead in Dev Patel, this movie was a huge success, first on the festival circuit and then at the box office. It even went on to win an incredible eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. And, of course, it has a terrific hook. The film tells the life story of Jamal Malik, a poor young man who has had an unexpected and thrilling victory on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, not missing a single question. Now he has to tell his life story to prove he came by the answers. honestly Described by CinemaBlend as a story of coincidence, luck and, eventually, fate, Slumdog Millionaire isn't so much a strict retelling of events as it is. as the Los Angeles Times says, "A Hollywood-style romantik melodrama that delivers major studio satisfactions in an ultra-modern way". Of course, the film isn't above critikism, especially in India - a country which some have argued the movie misrepresents. Whether you fall for the magic or just roll your eyes, however, Slumdog Millionaire is still bound to be a heck of a conversation-starter. The 2004 documentary Super Size Me chronicles Morgan Spurlock's ambitious - and unusual - quest to eat nothing but McDonald's for every meal for a month in order to better understand the effects of fast food on the human body. And it should go without saying: but Don't try this at home, Still as much as no one wants to see Spurlock vomiting in a parking lot. Super Size Me is funny, riveting and thought-provoking to boot. It's very easy to take issue with the validity of Spurlock's experiment, but it's hard to argue with the hugely entertaining film that results. As Empire magazine says, "It's a hugely enjoyable descent into epic gluttony. It's the thinking man's Jackass". Moulin Rouge is wonderfully and unabashedly overblown, from its swoon-worthy romance to its gorgeously artificial sets and its exuberant musical numbers. The story follows Christian, an aspiring young writer living in a garret in Paris, When he meets Satine, a courtesan and sta.

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The 24 Best Free Movies On YouTube Right Now

did you know that a charmingly sweet sports movie starring anthony hopkins, of all people, is available to watch on youtube? oh yeah, it's also free. curious to know what it is? keep watching for this title and 23 more. few war stories are as harrowing as all quiet on the western front, and its start grim grace, comes across perfectly in this 1979 television film. the movie follows young paul baumer alongside his friends and his comrades in arms through their world war 1 service. paul enters the war full of romantik, idealism, his passion for a noble quest, stoked by a teacher who, notably, has no plans to volunteer for the fight. he soon learns the bloody and bitter reality of war, which he experiences as a grinding, pointless horror. his bond with some of his fellow soldiers provides the only bright spot, and that becomes its own torment as his friends die off all around him. they've amputated my leg. could be worse? the film is obviously bleak, but it's also beautifully crafted. furthermore, the acting helps convey the staggering human cost of the war, magnifying the movie's effectiveness. it's painful to watch, but it's worth it. this early slasher is a dark, atmospheric masterpiece. black christmas features an incredible cast full of familiar faces, including olivia hussey, margot kidder and horror icon john saxon. given its solid cast, the film creates characters who are richer and more realistik than the stok and stache norm. olivia hussey stars as chess, a serious young woman in the midst of a personal crisis. on top of that, her sorority house keeps getting obscene phone calls. the more jaded girls can dismiss and even ridicule the unknown caller's heavy breathing and grotesque advances. but he soon escalates. the wild shrieks, different voices and threats of murder expanded his act. when sweet, responsible claire turns up missing, it kicks off a police investigation, one that eventually reveals part of the terrifying mystery behind the phone calls. while time has lessened the impact of the biggest twist in black christmas, it definitely hasn't diminished the film's definitely handled characterization, well-incorporated humor, moody atmosphere and strong sense of place. so what about the scares? put it this way, there are scenes and images here that will have a permanent place in your nightmares. you'll never think of a plastik bag the same way again. the ending is the perfect, ambiguous cherry on top. over the years the film has become a cult for classic that's popular with fans and critiks alike. it's earned both a spot on bravo's list of scariest movie moments and retrospective artikles praising its feminist overtones. when conspiracy theorists insist that the moon landing was all an elaborate, well-funded hoax. there's one movie they like to point to, capricorn 1, a paranoid 70s thriller where nasa's strong arms its astronauts into faking a mars mission, just so the money keeps flowing. we do not claim this planet in the name of america. we claim it in the name of all the people of the planet earth. obviously, the moon landing was real and capricorn 1 is absolutely fiction. in spite of its lackluster early reviews, however, the film is a satisfying and well-constructed thriller with a strong cast that includes heavy hitters like hal hallbrook, karen black and elliott gould. fans of movies like the parallax views should certainly check it out. the 1985 television adaptation of death of a salesman made an impressive showing at the emmys, collecting an award for its art direction as well as outstanding acting in a mini-series or special awards for dustin hoffman and john malkovich, as well as a whole slew of nominations. the story is a small scale tragedy of traveling salesman willie lowman, whose dreams of success have never really come to fruition. i'm going off the road. willie is slipping into senility and his family is struggling to deal with it. even as he keeps judgment upon them, his relationship with his sons, happy and biff takes center stage as the young men grapple with the weight of his expectations. the original play is a classic for a reason, and this remarkably strong adaptation makes you feel like you're seeing it performed live, and by some of the best actors of the last few decades. if you like kaiju movies, you should know in advance that destroy all monsters isn't just one of the best kaiju movies, it's also one of the most kaiju movies featuring an epic clash of 11 separate monsters. the king of all mashups takes place after all known kaiju have been safely confined to monster island where scientists and researchers can study them. unfortunately, when aliens start mind controlling the scientists, this means it's all too easy for them to unleash the monsters on the world. cities will fall until earth gives in. needless to say, people don't give up that easily, and soon it's a battle of our monsters against their monsters. destroy all monsters provides plenty of kaiju action and satisfaction, while also fully acknowledging that, since this is the 9th godzilla movie, everyone is really fond of these guys by now and don't want to see them go down. the endless is an ambitious and beautiful sci-fi horror film that makes the most of its modest budget. instead of pure spectacle, you get thoughtful and innovative chills. the movie is a companion piece to resolution, also by directors justin benson and aaron morehead. the two films enrich each other, but they can both be watched as standalones of the two. the endless is a shade more complex. it concentrates on two brothers, justin and aaron, who have lived marginal and unsatisfying lives ever since justin forced them to break away from the camp arcadia, the cult they grew up in. aaron misses the easy life, camaraderie and sense of belonging, and when he and justin receive a video from camp arcadia, he seizes on the excuse to go back for at least a brief visit. once there, the tension between the brothers amps up, with aaron embracing the place, while justin can't stop wondering about all its impossibilities. why doesn't anyone there seem to age? why is there a second moon in the sky? who or what is leaving them? photographs and videos, and what does it all mean? the answers are clever and sometimes terrifying, especially in the scene where justin finds people who are also trapped in the area but not having an idyllic camp arcadia experience. this is a movie that will linger long after its credits roll. [Music] four lions is a dark and daring satirical thriller with plenty of politikally sharp critikism of both its fanatikal would-be terrorists and the world that rouses their ire. security guard omar, played by riz ahmed, and his friends are frustrated, angry, committed, idealistik and sometimes incredibly confused and incompetent. they want to express their beliefs to the world explosively. there's just one complication: they're not exactly the most talented terrorists in the world. just as a start, they have trouble picking targets, and let's just say that their skills with handling explosives could use a little fine tuning. equal parts exciting and insightful. four lions takes a lot of risks and makes them pay off in spades. chloe is just a little girl, but that wouldn't matter to the dangerous government agency that keeps an eye out for abnormals and tries to capture or kill them. both her parents and grandfather are abnormals. no wonder her justifiably paranoid father, henry, who can slow time, always tries to keep her inside and out of sight. he wants to give her a normal life someday, but he's terrified that she'll meet the same fate as her mother, who is imprisoned in matik mountain by the ruthless abnormal defense squad. will henry's chances of keeping chloe safe fall apart when she makes it into the outside world? i promise i'll listen to you. i won't go outside. moreover, is there any hope of rescuing her mother. the superpower elements are well considered and an immediate draw, but it's how freaks handles them, with skilled acting, personal stakes and realism, that really makes the movie something special. gizmodo's review emphasi.

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9 Best Free Movies On YouTube

YouTube is branching out as a streaming service. You can rent or purchase films directly through the site for a small fee, but now they're setting themselves apart from the pack by releasing almost 100 films for free- well, free, with ad breaks, at least. Here are some of the best free movies YouTube has to offer. 2014's Very Good Girls certainly has all the marks of a prestige indie film. Its cast includes Demi Moore, Ellen Barkin, Richard Dreyfuss and Peter Sarsgaard, alongside stars Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen. You may recognize her as the younger sibling of the Olsen twins, who has since made a name for herself as Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematik Universe. The film tells the story of two young women, Lily and Gerri, who fall for the same boy, David, played by Boyd Holbrook. during their last summer before college, Both girls have to weather personal strife that goes beyond typical teenage girl drama, complicated by the fact that David is more interested in Lily, creating a rift between the two friends. The film wasn't exactly a hit with critiks, but it was praised for its sharp writing and excellent performances. If you haven't heard of it, it's worth a watch, and anyone who struggled through their teenage years will absolutely find a moment or two that are incredibly, sometimes painfully, relatable. This 2011 documentary by director David Gelb focuses on Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old master chef and the proprietor of Sukiyabashi Jiro, an extremely unique, Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Tokyo. The legendary restaurant only offers a 20-course fixed menu of dishes that cost at least 30,000 Japanese yen, or just under 300 US dollars. The restaurant also has only ten seats and is located, oddly enough, inside of a subway station. The movie also shines a light on Ono's children, who each follow their father's footsteps in their own ways. Takashi, Jiro's younger son, left the nest to open a restaurant of his own elsewhere in Japan. His older brother, Yoshikazu, considers himself duty-bound to take over Sukiyabashi Jiro one day and is shown still working alongside their father. Originally, Gelb was going to make a documentary about sushi culture in general, but after eating at Jiro's restaurant, he was struck by the chef's artistry, commitment and focus, not to mention his incredible sushi. He then decided to focus exclusively on Jiro instead. You don't need to be a foodie to enjoy the movie either. The film has been met with near-universal critikal acclaim. It was even parodied by Fred Armisen on his series Documentary Now, on which Armisen learns how to make the perfect grain of rice from his father. a no-nonsense chef. Some have described Jiro Dreams of Sushi as a perfect antidote to today's haphazard and hectik culture, in that watching a master of his craft perfect his tikniques through constant patient practike may inspire viewers to stop chasing the next big thing and learn to focus. The late, great Stan Lee was more than just a comic book writer. he was a self-made superhero and a legend unto himself. After his passing at the age of 95 in 2018, there's no better time to watch, With Great Power, The Stan Lee Story, which chronicles everything from his childhood to the creation of seminal characters like the Hulk, Spider-Man and the X-Men. Lee's life was so long and storied that many may have forgotten how many things he lived through and accomplished. As a younger man, he served in World War II. When he returned home and got into the comics industry in the 1950s, he engaged in a hard-fought battle to prevent comic books from being censored. The documentary wisely lets Lee speak for himself through most of its 80-minute runtime, telling stories about his humble beginnings. A partikularly moving anecdote reveals that he once came close to quitting comics altogether until his wife, Joan, convinced him to write what he really wanted to write about, which resulted in the creation of the Fantastik Four. No documentary on Stan Lee would be complete without plenty of Marvel stars and celebrities to tok about his influence, and a wealth of famous faces appear, from Tobey Maguire and Samuel L Jackson to Paris Hilton and Ringo Starr. This film serves as the perfect ode to an icon and shows that he was still at his core, relatable and accessible, even as perhaps the most influential man in comic book history. "You know, I guess one person can make a difference". An ambitious yet seriously low-budget science fiction film from Ecuadorian director Sebastián Cordero. Europa Report features a few actors you might recognize. The movie stars Embeth Davidtz, best known for Schindler's List, and Matilda, as well as the late Michael Nyqvist, who appeared in Mission Impossible -, Ghost Protokol, John Wick and the Swedish Millennium series. The movie focuses on a group of astronauts searching for life on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. Six months into the mission, the ship is suddenly hit by a solar storm, which leaves them unable to communicate with anyone on Earth. They then suffer a series of accidents before eventually landing on Europa, discovering evidence that a single-celled organism exists on the planet. Though they manage to restore their communications, the crew never makes it back to Earth, leaving behind only a video that gets transmitted back home. The making of the film was extremely faithful to the realities of space travel and of Europa itself. the filmmakers used maps for accuracy, and they used footage of space walks from the International Space Station and space shuttle to correctly portray how a human might move within space. These tactiks paid off when it came to critikal reception. among other positive reviews, spacecom noted that the film was extraordinarily realistik and it was nominated for a Bradbury Award by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America in 2013.. Flawless features an all-star pair as its two main cast members, Demi Moore and Michael Caine, both of whom shine in this creative heist thriller. The film opens on Laura Quinn, who is being interviewed for a relatively superficial piece about being the first woman to run the London Diamond Corporation. But things take a turn when she suddenly places an enormous diamond on the table in front of her and announces that she stole it. In a flashback to 1960, the film tells the story of Quinn's early days at the London Diamond Corporation, where she keeps losing jobs to relatively unqualified men. Making things worse, she finds out from the building's janitor, Mr Hobbs, that she's not only not going to be promoted, but that the higher-ups are planning to fire her. Together they put together a plan to rob the Corporation. but as with every good heist film, several twists and turns keep Quinn and Hobbs from easily accomplishing their goals. At every fork in the road, the two are tracked by Mr Finch, a private investigator hired to look into their amateur heist. While the film earned lukewarm reviews from critiks at the time of its release, it's still well worth a watch, featuring an engrossing story with a number of sharp turns, as well as an excellent cast. This Oscar-nominated documentary about the excesses of one Christian summer camp may seem at first that it's choosing sides purely by existing, But Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, the directors of Jesus Camp, have assured viewers that they truly had no agenda during the making of their film. According to the filmmakers, they always intended the movie to simply be an accurate and honest representation of camps that aim to radicalize Christian teenagers, indoctrinating them with a drive to take back the country in the name of Jesus Christ. The film focuses on a camp based in North Dakota called the Kids of Fire School of Ministry, turning an even narrower focus to three children who attend Levi, Rachael and Tory, Switching between the camp itself and a prayer conference in Missouri at Christ Triumphant Church.

Pilot | S1 E1 | Full Episode | K.C. Undercover | @disneychannel

KC. we're at an expensive French restaurant. What are you doing on your phone Ordering a pizza. Why do we bother taking her to nice places? You know what? Here's an idea. How about I go to the mall and you guys pick me up when you're done, Or don't? Okay, Target has entered the restaurant. I have facial recognition confirmation. Target matches the profile: Slight, limp, broad shoulders, weak chin and a very longeyelash. Oh, Oh, no, That one's mine. actually, Intel shows he's here to get the stolen plans for our new missile defense system. Our assignment: recover those plans. I'll cover the exit. I'm going in. You can't go in the lounge. It's for adults only. Not a problem. My little girl's grown up so fast. KIRA. He's on the move and he's got a briefcase . ( beeps ). I have a visual on the plans. Let's do this. Didn't anyone ever tell you not to play with matches? I highly recommend the filet of sole. Ooh--aah, I can't believe you hit me. I'm just a little girl, A little girl who just girl-stomped you son. Time for you to chill out. What You never heard of a teenage spy. ( clanging ). Sorry, I didn't have time for dessert Morning, Mom. Hey, I need my permission slip signed for my field trip next week. No slip, no trip, No trip. I flip Kind of busy here, So am I. I mean, I have a test to study, for a paper to write and I still find time to bug you, Sweetie. I run an accounting firm, I take care of two kids, cook clean, do the laundry and have to convince your father- his hair isn't thinning. You really want to compete with me? I get it, You're busy. I'll just sign it for you. No, KC, you really shouldn't--. Wow, You do my signature better than I do. Is there anything you aren't good at? Yes, failing. Well, you're just perfect, aren't ya? Well, I am Mom and Dad's favorite. ( laughs ). Yeah right, There's my KC, My pride and joy--. UhHello, Oh, hey, Ernie, Didn't see you there. You guys want to laugh. KC thinks she's your favorite. Funny, right, Right, Mom? Oh, hey, Ernie, Didn't see you there. Don't be ridiculous. Just because KC has an A average, she's a black belt in karate and she single-handedly retrofitted the whole house to run on solar power doesn't mean you're not as good as ( toaster rings ). Hey look, breakfast is ready. So I'm thinking tonight you come over, hack into the school's network and switch all the cute boys into my classes. Okay, Marisa, as much as I enjoy risking expulsion so that you can get a date, tonight is a school night and-- Please don't say it. I need to study. She said it. Okay, How many times do we have to go over this? Study? bad Party, good, The first dance of the year is Friday night and we are going ♪, And we're gonna get all boom, boom, pretty on. ♪ ♪, Shakira. I hear ya, Shakira, I hear ya ♪ ♪ ( indistinct ). My hipsMy hips. ♪ Marisa, Marisa, Marisa. Yeah, Half of the school is now staring at us. How embarrassing. Why isn't the other half staring? Okay, look, the point is, even if I wanted to go, which I don't- I have a robotiks club meeting Friday night. Ugh, come on, KC, you're going to that dance and having some fun. Yes, because there's nothing more fun than sitting around and watching you flirt with guys all night, waiting for one to tok to me-- which thankfully never happens, Because every time I do trying tok to a guy, I just come off sound like a complete idiot. I mean, my brain says something really cute and funny, but my mouth is just kind of like "Blah, blahbitty, blah, blah, blah". Oh, come on, You are exaggerating. How are you doing, Marisa? Oh, hey, Ryan, cute jacket. Thanks, Hey KC. Hey jacket, cute jacket. I mean, hey, cute Ryan jacket. Hey, j--. Oh, just kill me. I'm worried about KC. I--I just hope testing her is the right thing to do. It's all going to be okay. She's never met a test she couldn't ace. Ha ha ha, Takes after her old man, She sure does. Oh, here she comes, KC. My name is Wally. I'm with a secret government agency. It can't be that much of a secret. if you go around telling people This is my ID, You need to come with me, Okay. Uh, I think you have the wrong KC. Let me just show you my ID. Oh, My belly button. I think you just turned my outie into an innie. Ow Ow, Let me go. Please, stop that. Ow, Help, Help, Let me go. Okay, uh, the police just got here and they said that they're going to wait outside and give you one last chance to let me go, and if you do, they won't be mad Man, this is gonna hurt. Okay, seriously, can't just hang here all day. Stand back, All right, I watch reality shows. I will scratch your eyes out and scar you emotionally. One minute forty two seconds- A new record. Okay, I don't know what is wrong with you people, but if you think my parents are gonna pay some big ransom, you are sadly mistaken. Okay, They are not rich, They are just boring accountants. Now, I wouldn't say we're boring. And accounting isn't our only job, Honey, we're also spies And we need your help on a mission, What? Okay, so let me just get this straight. Um, basically, you guys have been lying to me my entire life. Honey, we wanted to tell you we were spies, but we weren't allowed to. Well, we could have, but then we would've had to kill you. You guys are joking, right? Yeah, Okay, I just don't get it. Why me? I'm j--. What were you guys toking about? TOGETHER Nothing. Are you planning a surprise party for me? I knew you guys wouldn't forget my birthday again. But why me? I'm just a regular kid. A regular kid. No, We had you tested when you were three. you were certified a genius. You used to read us bedtime stories- Shakespeare. Wait, I'm a-- I'm a genius. Why didn't you guys tell me that? Because we didn't want you to get a big head-- which, according to the tests, you already have- because your brain is so big. And, let's face it, sweetie, you kick butt. Your first lesson at "Karate Kiddies" when you were five, you crushed your sensei's windpipe Wa--You guys said he choked on a raisin Again. Whoa. Plus, you're perfect for this mission because you go to Hamilton High. Our intel shows one of the students is an undercover teen spy working for the other side. Now we need someone on the inside. we can trust Your mission, if you choose to accept it ( giggles ). I love saying that It gets old baby- Is to identify that spy and recover the code for a new virus that jams cell towers, rendering every mobile device useless, thus creating worldwide havoc. You mean it all goes down? No texting, no selfies, no super cute kitten pics. no checking in. If I go somewhere and I can't check in, how will I even know that I was there? Tell me about it. But, sweetie, you can help stop the virus. So what do you say, KC, Are you in? Oh hey, Any chance you changed your mind about going to the dance? Because a lot of cute boys are going? Please, Marisa, you know that school dances are not my thing. Plus, I have way too much going on to be worrying about meeting some Boy. Who is that boy? Lincoln Treadwell. He just moved to DC. From where Heaven, Wait? um, just moved to DC. Wow, this mission is gonna be a lot more fun than I thought it would be. What do you mean? ( beeps ). Nothing, Oh, sorry, I can't eat with you. I have to go to detention. Wait, You're in trouble again. Oh, no, No, no, no, It's a dedication ceremony. They're naming the room after me. Of course I'm in trouble. ( laughs ). Hey Reena, How you doing? Let me guess you don't have anyone to sit with. so you figured sitting with the girl sitting by herself in a wheelchair was better than sitting alone. I would not have put it that way, but okay, Well, too bad, I'm saving these seats. Sure, you are Ermahgerd, Reena. Why is that annoybot sitting in my seat? Hi, Julie, Uh, my name's not Julie, it's Juli J-U-L-I. No E. I was just leaving, Juli, no E. And by the way, not only do you have no 'e', but you have n.

🎦 How to Watch Movies for FREE

Hi everyone. Kevin, here Today, I want to show you how you can watch movies entirely for free, and these websites are completely legal. So what's the catch? Well, you'll have to sit through and watch the occasional ad, and you may not find every single movie that you're looking for, but you'll likely find many high-quality movies that are well worth your time. All right, let's check these out. At #1, we have You Tube movies, and you don't even have to navigate to the YouTube website. You're already there. To be fair, it's pretty easy to miss this Over. on the left-hand side. click on movies and shows and then scroll down just a little bit and you'll see a category called free to watch movies. As a quick aside, right underneath there are also some free to watch shows, and there are also some excellent options there. When we click on see more here, you can see all of the different free movies. You can browse through this list and you'll see some pretty good options here. As a downside, there's no way to scope your search just to this list, and there are also no ways to filter this list. At #2, we have the website tubitvcom. You can get to it up above or you can click on the link down below in the description. Once you land on the homepage, simply click start watching and you can now browse the catalog. If you click on browse up on the top navigation, you can also just view all the most popular movies, and here you'll see a selection of some of their most popular movies, and there are a lot of good options here. You don't have to register at all to start watching movies, but if you do, you'll get some better content recommendations. you can create your own watch list and you can also view your watch history. At #3 we have vuducom, and this is a service owned by Fandango. When you land on the homepage, you can watch just about any movie that's out there, but many of them cost money. If you just want to see the free movies up on the top navigation, click on free and here you can now click into movies, or you can choose a category. I'll click on movies. Here I see all of the various free movies available and by default it's sorted by popularity, but I could also change that to release date if I want to see the most recently added free movies. Now, this is a mix of some high-quality movies and also some lower quality movies If I just want to see the highest rated movies, I can click on this filter button and then I can set it to fresh only on the tomato meter. At #4 we have this service, Freevee, which was previously known as IMDb TV, Which was previously known as Freevee, So they keep changing the name back and forth. We'll see if this one stiks On the home page. click on start streaming and here you can see all of the different contents that you get for free, and here you see some of the most popular movies. When you click on see more, you'll see a full list. If you hover over any one of these titles, you'll see the IMDb score, so that way you'll very quickly know if it's a good movie. that's worth your time, At least for me personally, I like it when a movie has at least a 6.5 or higher. At #5, you have the Roku channel. You might recognize this name. This is the same company that makes the Roku device. On the home page you can watch live TV, or you can also watch movies and TV shows on demand. Right here you can also see content that's leaving the service soon, so if you want to make sure you watch it before it leaves, you can do that here and down below you can also see all of the new content that has recently been added to the service, and there are quite a few good options here. At #6, we have Peacock TV, and this is owned by Comcast. Now, unlike all of the other services that we've looked at, you need to create an account, but the good news is creating an account is entirely free. Once you log in, up on top you can click on movies, and here you can see all of the different movies that are available to you For free. you can only access the movies that do not have a purple feather icon in the top left-hand corner, and unfortunately, there's no way to easily filter to just view the free movies, so you basically have to browse through and try to find them. Now, of course, they're running a business and they want you to go premium, but that is one downside to call out. And at #7, and this is the very last service that we're looking at today- We have plutotv. When you head to this website, the video will just automatikally start playing, kind of like when you turn on your TV, At the bottom you'll see a timeline of TV shows and movies that are either currently playing or coming up soon. If you'd rather watch your videos on demand up on top, click on on demand and then, over on the left-hand side, click on the most popular movies and right here you can see some of those popular movies. If I click over, I can then click on to view all, and here I see the entire collection of popular movies, And here too, there are some very good options. All right well, hopefully you found a good movie or two that you can watch for free. If you found one, let me know what you're watching next down below in the comments. To watch more videos like this one, please consider subscribing and I'll see you in the next video.