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fresh and easy weekly ads

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

ALDI * FULL AD PREVIEW FOR 12/21/2022 - 12/27/2022

foreign. thank you so much for clicking on the video. if you're new to my channel, my name is Amy. starting off with pineapple for a dollar 69 each. I live in New England. just for reference, regarding the flyer, California Naval oranges for 3.99 per four pound bag. zucchinis are going to be a dollar 39 per pound. if you wouldn't mind giving this video a thumbs up, I would greatly appreciate. it helps my channel grow. us grade number one: round white potatoes: 4.49 per 10 pound bag. brussels sprouts are going to be 2.29 per one pound bag. celery is a dollar 29 per Bunch. if you've tried any of the products in this video, please let us know in the comments if you liked it or not. us grade number one: sweet potatoes: 79 cents per pound. mini cucumbers are going to be a dollar 89 per 16 ounce bag. the thing I've notiked about cucumbers is you have to eat them quite quickly. from Aldi Appleton Farms spiral sliced half ham: 95 cents per pound. limit of two. Appleton Farms: boneless spiral sliced ham: 3.99 per pound. fresh Bap. certified farmed coho salmon for 10.99 per pound. Thomas Farms. fresh grass-fed chuck roast: 6.49 per pound. Fremont Fish Market jumbo cooked shrimp: 8.69. Italian dried cured meat: three dollars and 49 cents. Emporium selection: havarti cheese: two dollars and 69 cents. Berman's cocktail sauce for a dollar nineteen. if you guys didn't know, I have a Facebook page and a Facebook group if you'd like to join us over there. Park Street Deli assorted Tzatziki dips: 3.39 each. I am active on Facebook every single day. they have the vegetable or wheat round crackers at 219. I've tried the vegetable crackers. I like them. I think they're good, especially selected salamini: 2.99, 8 grams of protein. that's pretty good. Emporium selection: cranberry white cheddar cheese: 2.49. a lot of people like this cheese, good feedback. Southern Grove dried cranberries: a dollar 95 each. simply nature organic broth. they have chicken or beef a dollar 79 each. chest covered condensed cream of mushroom soup for just 68 cents. Chef's cupboard french fried onions for a dollar 85. as you can tell, lots of ingredients for the holiday meals. happy harvest french green beans for just 49 cents a can. Aldi has the cheapest vegetables in my area right now, canned at least. bake shop cheesecake sampler are 5.89. I was not a fan of this cheesecake. bake shop apple pie: five dollars and 89 cents. if you like a denser cheesecake, you will like it. I tend to like a fluffier, creamy cheesecake. dark chocolate ore covered cherries- oh and cranberries- 4.99 each. specially selected milk or dark chocolate covered butter cookies- two dollars and 19 cents- those are so good with coffee or tea. Huntington home- 24 by 72 utility Runners- these are 14.99. Auto XS: 600 amp. portable jump starter for 59.99. [Music]. Auto XS: four piece all-weather car mats- 14.99. you can see this ad directly on aldicom if you'd like to view it up close and personal. Auto access car organizer: 7.99. I always find it more fun if we go over it together. hot hands, hand warmers. value pack: five dollars and 49 cents. easy home folding step stool for 8.99. I have two of these. I like them. they are very sturdy. they have the work. Zone 2x3 Mega scraper mats for 12.99. that's a very good price if you do comprise comparison. Amazon or Walmart- all of their rugs are always a good price at Aldi. Huntington home: 18 by 30 absorb at 6.99 each, just in case. Deluxe travel safety kit: 19.99. I actually own this. easy home shoe and boot tray for 9.99. Huntington home: robotik floor duster- I was gonna say Buster- 19.99. nobody's giving me feedback if this thing actually works or not yet, so if you've tried it or have it, let us know. easy home portable vacuum cleaner- 24.99. Huntington home Spin Mop- these are 19.99. I don't love it, but a lot of you do so I'd go with the masses and say it's a good mop. Huntington home a tree storage bag- 24.99. Huntington home large or two pack small woven totes: 9.99. Huntington home large storage bin for 4.99 and for 8.99 you can get the Sterilite latching storage box and that's a good price. they're more expensive at Walmart. I've just gotten a couple recently: Pembroke premium planners- these are 6.99. such a good deal for the planners. Huntington home wreath storage bag for just four dollars and 99 Cents. those usually go on clearance. that's when I've grabbed mine in the past. Huntington home holiday light organizer: 6.99. Huntington home ornament or gift wrap storage for 9.99. I have one subscriber who absolutely despises these. Huntington home double rod garment rack- 49.99. she feels like they're just not made well so I don't know. has anybody else has some feedback? I need to know. I'm 60 by 70 feather soft throw- 14.99 and they have the king size heating pad. that's such a good price at just 16.99. Huntington home door insulator for 6.99 as well. easy home a fan forced heater- 14.99. I got this on clearance last year. I haven't used it yet this year. Huntington home two pack of the memory fiber bed pillows- 19.99.. Huntington home a flannel sheet sets. depending on the size, they're going to be 14.99, in the range 229.99. and then the Huntington home alternative comforter: 24.99. there's been some good feedback on the comforter. thank you so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it. please make sure to subscribe if you haven't already hit that thumbs up and the Bell so you're notified the next time I upload a video and I will tok to you guys down in the comments.

Grocery Stores That Sadly Disappeared

Alpha Beta, Hinky, Dinky, Jitney, Jungle. These grocery stores have all gone to that great parking lot in the sky, But why? The founders of the California-based grocery store chain "Alpha Beta" are often credited with creating the modern self-service supermarket concept we all know today – and here's how it happened. In the early 1900's In Pomona, California, brothers Albert and Hugh Gerrard started small, with just one butcher shop, Soon expanding into the grocery business. they had a unique idea – why not let the customers get their own groceries instead of having clerks retrieve them? This simple concept is something we all take for granted today, but it was a novel one back then, and it became one of the keys to their success. And how did they get that name? Well, after realizing customers had no clue where to find things on the shelves, the brothers started stacking products in alphabetikal order, a tiknique that worked so well they named their market after it – "Alpha Beta". "up one aisle and down another. the way you save at Alpha Beta is positively amazing". In the 1930's, Southern California was growing, and so was Alpha Beta. In 1932, the brothers opened two more markets, much larger than their original stores, and these were some of the very first large-scale supermarkets. In 1961, the chain merged with "American Stores", A public company, which meant it was subject to leveraged buyouts. And that is exactly what happened in 1979, when another grocery store chain, "Skaggs" took over Alpha Beta. The stores were renamed as "Skaggs Alpha Beta": "Here at Skaggs, Alpha Beta, they'll do anything for you, The meat cutters. they'll cut meat any kind of way- specialty cuts. I had the guys make a little portrait of me". In 1994, the Alpha Beta stores were folded into the California supermarket chain Ralph's. If you've ever wondered what A and P stood for, the answer is "Atlantik and Pacific". as in "the Great Atlantik and Pacific Tea Company", Well known on the East Coast and Midwest grocery scenes, it began as a tea company back in 1859, right before the Civil War. Expanded inventory and good pricing led to customer loyalty, which allowed A and P to move into several states and become a major success. The company was able to expand from the East Coast to the Midwest and eventually West to California. At its peak, A and P had over 15,000 stores. The 1950s were times of growth for the company, but many smaller stores in the chain were being closed in favor of the larger supermarket format. The company had also lost track of a strategy that initially made it successful, that is, signing short-term leases allowing the stores to follow the customers moving where they moved. But by the 1950s the company was no longer that nimble. In the 1960s and 1970s, the situation got worse as the California stores were closed and the company started opening new store formats that fell flat. Sell-offs and store closures continued, culminating in two rounds of bankruptcy in 2010 and 2015, after the company faced adverse changes in terms from suppliers. according to USA Today, The financial losses were too great and the last A&P closed in 2015.. Dominick's Finer Foods was a Chicago stalwart from 1918 until it's closing in 2013.. Named after its founder, Dominick DiMatteo, the chain initially didn't grow that quickly, having only seven stores by the early 1960s. In 1968, the chain was bought out by Fisher Foods. though the company kept the Dominick's name. "At your Dominick's finer food store, Famous for imported Italian foods, Italian-style domestik foods. Convince yourself now". In 1981, Dominick DiMatteo Jr bought the company back from Fisher, and that's when Dominick's really took off. The company added video rental, prepared foods and many other divisions, and kept expanding stores. "This week, at Dominick's country fresh produce department, you'll find some appealing savings on golden ripe bananas". Things looked great until DiMatteo Jr died in 1993, at which point the family decided to sell the company. In 1997, Safeway bought the markets. The trouble for Dominick's started just a few years later. First, Safeway made Dominick's run more like its other stores, replacing favorite store brands with Safeway brands and ending special orders. Then waves of firings and resignations struck management, customers rebelled, union negotiations stalled and Dominick's even got sued by Michael Jordan for using his likeness in an ad without permission. Things got even worse in 2011, when customers reported finding expired products on store shelves, with one blogger finding 435 products, some dating back to 2008.. In 2013,, Safeway decided to sell its remaining Dominick's stores to different companies. But the story doesn't end there. Just this year, one of the founder's great-grandsons opened a new grocery chain in Chicago called Dom’s Kitchen & Market. Indianapolis-based Double 8 Foods provided a necessary service in parts of the city that didn't have much in the way of grocery stores, And when the chain closed in 2015,, the Indianapolis Star interviewed several customers who were worried about where they could shop next. The Star also noted that Indianapolis had more food deserts than other US cities, making the store closure partikularly painful for residents. But the family-run chain was forced to close when the owners couldn't find buyers to keep it going. "A shock and a punch in the gut to the neighborhood. The Double 8 not only put food on the table, but it provided jobs for people here in the neighborhood". The chain started out as Seven Eleven Supermarkets in 1957.. Zoltan Weisz opened one market named after its hours, expanding to six stores by 1971.. After Weisz died and the store was handed to his relatives, Elana and Isaiah Kuperstein, the name was changed to Double 8.. Mr Kuperstein told the Urban Indy blog in 2010 that the name referred to the day the store opened, August eighth, as well as the date of the Kupersteins' anniversary. The couple continued to manage the store as before, but by 2015, they didn't have the revenue to continue. No one would buy the chain, so they were forced to close all of the stores in July of that year. "Where are they going to go now? This was already a food desert". Fresh and Easy was the US branch of UK grocery company Tesco, which announced in 2006 that it planned to open stores in the US. Initially, no one knew what to make of it. Analysts were divided, with some calling the move risky and others pointing to Tesco's huge success in the UK as an indicator that it knew what it was doing: "Jacob's cream crackers: eleven and a half P. A large can of ideal evaporated milk- Fifteen and a half P". In 2007,, Tesco opened a large number of Fresh and Easy stores in places like Southern California, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Its main gimmick, in addition to selling groceries, was prepackaged meals, which Tesco had done successfully in the UK. However, this meal concept just didn't quite catch on with Americans. Failing to distinguish itself from other brands, the store declared bankruptcy, first in 2013 and again in 2015,, when they finally closed for good. Back in 1943, Henry and Jessie Boney started a fruit stand in La Mesa, near San Diego, California. That stand grew into five stands and then into full stores, at which point the Boneys sold them. But the Boneys returned to the grocery business in the 1970s when sons Steve, Stan and Scott opened Windmill Farms, which later became Boney's. In 1997, the brothers renamed the chain Henry's Marketplace. However, two years later, the Boney family sold Henry's and it was renamed Wild Oats Market, something that Shon Boney (Stan's son) later told the San Diego Union-Tribune they regretted. After the sale, Stan and Shon couldn't open another market in California because of a non-compete agreement, so they went to Arizona and started the Sprouts chain, which quickly grew into a multistate o.

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Sunrise Yoga - 15 Min Morning Yoga Practice - Yoga With Adriene

- Hi everyone, Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I'm Adriene and this is Benji and, per your request, we have a smooth and quiet and quick sunrise yoga for you. So hop into something comfy and let's get started. (gentle music). Okay, my friends, let's begin standing tall at the top of the mat. Bring the feet together and squeeze the legs. Really stand up nice and tall here, and when you're ready, draw your hands to your heart, close your eyes and we're just gonna start with some soft, easy movement. Take a deep breath in And a long breath out On an inhale. squeeze and lift the shoulders to your ears, Exhale, let it go. elbows draw down. Inhale, squeeze and lift Shoulders to ears. Exhale, relax. One more inhale. really press into the feet as you squeeze shoulders up to the ears And then exhale. relax the shoulder blades down the back body. lift your sternum to your thumbs. Beautiful, Here we go, moving with the breath, nice and slow. Release the arms down. nice, big, good morning stretch. Inhale, reach for the sky, Exhale, let your shoulder blades slide down the back body again and you're gonna grab your left wrist with your right arm. Inhale to lift up and exhale. just, nice and easy here to start Over to towards the right. Inhale to lift up. switch, Grab your right wrist And exhale. nice and easy. over to the left. Beautiful inhale, reach up, Exhale. bend the elbows. Cactus arms- You're gonna lift the chest. Inhale to reach up, Exhale as if you're pulling a bar down here. (sighs) Good, and one more With your breath. (shushes), Beautiful inhale, reach up, Exhale. palms come together up and overhead and, on your breath out, send it all the way down. Now, from here Forward, Fold, bring the feet a little bit wider than hip width apart, Bend your knees, let your head hang over loose, No holding or gripping in the shoulders or the neck, And you're just going to start to sway. Soft and easy movement, Waking up through the glutes, pressing into all four corners of the feet. If you want to clasp opposite elbow here, you can Now start to breath a little deeper, more fully, Letting the blood rush to your head. here Again, staying nice and grounded through all four corners of the feet. Awesome. then come back to center, release your arms And you're gonna walk your feet in, either together, flush together, arch to arch, or hip width apart. So yogi's choice. When you get there, dig into your heels and inhale halfway lift, Find a nice flat back, Exhale, soften and fold. Bend your knees generously. Belly comes to the tops of the thighs. Tuck the chin into the chest and roll it up. Then stack up through the spine here and when your stand up nice and tall, go ahead and reach the fingertips to interlace behind you. Draw the knuckles down and away And then close your eyes and observe the breath. here The beautiful, beautiful part about practiking first thing in the day is embracing the quiet, And if it's not quiet near you, don't fret. Find that inner quiet best you can. It's all good. Take one more breath, Lift up through the chest, the heart, Dig into the heels And then exhale. bend your knees. Keep the fingertips interlaced as you slowly come forward All the way back to your fold Knuckles reach up towards the sky first and then overhead gently as you bend your knees Again, creating a little inversion here. Take a deep breath in, Bend your knees even more And then exhale, slow and with control. release the arms, Inhale halfway. lift your version, Exhale, fold. Plant the palms From here, step the right foot back, Then the left foot back and lower all the way on to your belly. Press into the tops of the feet, send the fingertips to your left and right off your yoga mat, Then wrap the shoulder blades around and inhale, peel up, tuck the chin, Lift up Cobra variation, Exhale, cascade it down Once you have the hang of it, soften your gaze, close your eyes and keep moving with your breath, Finding little waves, Keeping pubic bone pressing down to the earth, Tops of the feet pressing down Slowly, finding more spaciousness in the spine, in the back body, the front body. If this variation doesn't work for you, you can work in a Baby Cobra here. Catch a wave with your breath And then the next time you exhale, draw your hands underneath the shoulders, curl the toes under, press up into your power. Nice and easy though strong, Plank, Soften through the face, Take a deep breath in and exhale to Downward Facing Dog. Take a moment or two here to really stretch, Find your breath and then sync up the breath and the body Pedaling out through the legs, the feet. Then, on your next inhale, gently lift your right thigh to the sky And then exhale, soft and easy. step it all the way up, Pivot on the back foot and roll up to Warrior. I Take a big inhale, look up, reach up And then exhale. bend the elbows open the chest, Inhale, look up, reach up And then exhale. swim the fingertips around behind to interlace Once again. draw the knuckles down and away here, Open through the chest. Inhale, exhale. press into your back heel, Send your heart forward. Belly's just gonna hover right over the thigh. Long, beautiful neck here. Breathe deep, Careful you're not gripping in the jaw or gripping in the toes. Good, break free here. Release the fingertips down to come up Big inhale, catch a wave, Warrior I, and then exhale to release. Plant the palms, pivot on the back foot, Step the right toes back. You can move through a little vinyasa here Or go straight to your Downward Dog From Downward Dog, take a nice cleansing breath in through the nose And then release out through the mouth. On your next inhale, lift the left thigh high, Soft and easy. slowly sweep it up and through. Find your lunge. Then pivot on the back foot, excuse me, and slowly roll up. Warrior I, Good morning. Inhale. reach the fingertips up, high, Strong back leg, And then on an exhale, bend the elbows, open the chest. Inhale. connect to your core. Exhale, release fingertips behind, Opposite thumb on top, this time Great. then press into that back foot firmly. knuckles, draw down and away as you inhale. lift the chest And then exhale. draw your navel in. connect to your center as you bring the heart forward. Let your rib cage hover just over that left thigh bone. Pull the left thigh bone into socket here. Press into the outer edge of the back foot. Inhale in, Exhale, release, break free. Sweep the arms all the way up and overhead. Catch a wave here. Big breath, big stretch And then exhale to release. whoa, all the way down. Pivot on the back foot, Plant the palms and come into your Plank again, Straight to Down Dog or take a little vinyasa, moving with your breath. Keep it soft and easy. We'll meet in Downward Facing. Dog In, Down Dog. inhale lots of love in. Close your eyes And exhale lots of love out Again. big, big, big, big breath. inhale And empty it out. Great inhale to bend the knees, Look forward. Exhale to make your way to the top. Just step it up. Release the weight of the head And then inhale halfway. lift your version. Exhale to soften and fold. Inhale root to rise. Sweep the arms all the way up and overhead. Exhale. hands to heart. Now slowly turn to step wide on your mat. When you get there, get your center really underneath you. Imagine you have two lights on your hip points shining up towards the sky. Then turn the two big toes in, Press into the knife edge of your feet here, Draw up through the arches, and hands will come together in prayer. Close your eyes, get really strong through your legs. ground, Maybe set a little intention for your day. Then slowly release the fingertips down, Take a deep breath in, Take up space here. Inhale, reach for the sky. palms, kiss overhead. Exhale down. they go Moving with your breath. You can close your eyes here or send your gaze down. Inhale, Exhale. strong legs, drawing up through the arches.

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Yoga Morning Fresh | 35-Minute Morning Yoga | Yoga With Adriene

- What's up everyone. Good morning and welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I'm Adriene and this is Benji, and we're wishing you a very good morning. We have a yoga practike to help you feel fresh and awesome for your day, so hop into something comfy and let's get started. (upbeat music). Alright, good morning, my friends. Let's begin sitting up nice and tall in a nice cross-legged seat. We're gonna ease in and wake up together. Take your time as you get into place, Find length through the spine. We're gonna just start with soft, easy movement, with the head and neck as we connect with the breaths. No need to force anything or push. Just begin nice and easy with soft, easy movement, maybe nodding the head, yes, and then no, Maybe drawing circles with the nose. You can close your eyes here now that you have your task and begin to deepen your breath. One of the awesome things about practiking yoga in the morning is: it's the beginning of the day, right? You have an opportunity to start fresh, to let go of anything that's happened before and to begin anew. You don't have all the information of the day and the hip happenings of the day. They haven't occurred yet. so you get to design, or attempt to design, the way you feel today, Maybe letting go of any baggage from the previous day. I'm just really seeing this as an opportunity to start again, begin again. There's no time like the present. Bring the head back over the heart. We'll bring the hands together- Prayer Position. And if Prayer Position feels really revenant and awesome, really close your eyes and feel it, Drop your thumbs to your heart. If that's not your style, then no prob. Press the palms together and start to open up through the shoulders, elbows, left to right, and just create a little resistance here, a little sensation. The way I like to approach yoga is very personal. it's very individual. That's perfect for our morning practike right, where you're really taking this time for yourself, whether you're practiking alone or with someone, Wherever you are in mind and body, just take a second to set an intention. It can just simply be to wake up, Take a deep breath in And exhale, to release the hands to the legs, Open your eyes, Smile just a little. We're gonna bring the legs one foot in front of the other, so let's start with the left heel in and the right foot in front. If it's beginning to be a little bit tricky to sit up tall here, you can lift your bum up on a blanket or a block or a rolled up towel, even a couch cushion's awesome. Then here we go. a nice good morning stretch. Spread your hands, your fingers, super wide so you really feel the skin in between your fingers. stretch really wide and then just reach up really naturally from here. You don't have to come into a perfect shape or worry about rotation, Just reach up in a way that feels good. We create length through the side body. You might close your eyes here again. Now that you know what you're doing, you can close your eyes and feel it out. Think about lifting not just through the side body but through the front body and the back body as well. Then, like a little monkey or something, you're reaching up and imagine you're now hanging from a tree branch or something here, so you might even claw the fingers or take fists. (deep breathing). Begin to deepen your breath. Longer, louder, fuller breaths. We're just feeling the energy and the blood rush and you might be tired here, so you might take a big yawn (yawning). Then here we go, wiggle the fingertips, actively, Wiggle the fingertips and rain it down, nice and slow, Great. then you're gonna take the fingertips out all the way in front and then continue to reach your heart forward. palms come to the earth. You should start to feel this in the outer right hip. Breathe deep, Then turn your elbow creases towards the front and from here reach your heart forward and slowly melt it down forehead to earth. I should say forehead toward earth because the forehead's not gonna come to the ground. If you have a block in your home, practike you can actually bring the block to your forehead here. Otherwise just let the weight of the head hang kind of loose. Close your eyes once again, deepen your breath. You might rock gently side to side, feeling the sensation in the outer hip. but we're also starting to create space in the lower back. Again, elbow creases are forward here, so we're not clenching or we're rounding, but we're rotating the shoulders out, elbows forward, Excuse me, elbow creases forward, Soft, easy movement as you sway like a branch in the breeze, back and forth, back and forth (deep breathing). Great. then root down through your bum. Hips grow heavy here. We're gonna slowly roll it up, Tuck the chin into the chest, nose toward the navel. We round forward, shoulders forward. This is my favorite, Mister Burns moment, you know. Then from here we plant the seed, roll all the way down at the coccyx and then slowly grow awareness all the way up through the spine, all the way up, up up. Rolling Chin stays tucked 'til the last possible minute. all the way up We rise. head over heart, heart over pelvis. Let's switch the legs, nice and easy. Right heel comes in, Left leg comes out. Siddhasana is this shape Once again, this time a little faster. we spread the fingertips, inhale, reach to the sky, Lift and lengthen through all four sides of the torso. Maybe you take a big yawn here. (yawning), Maybe a lion's breath (exhaling). Rotate the wrists- Awesome. Then send the fingertips forward, Wiggle the fingertips, rain it down and send it all the way forward. Keep your heart open, chest open, elbow creases towards the front and you're gonna come into your fold here, Really feeling a nuance. what's going on in that left hip? Then, same thing, you'll close your eyes or soften your gaze and start to rock gently back and forth like a branch swaying in the breeze (exhaling). Relax your shoulders, relax your neck, Move how you wanna move throughout your day. Move like that on your mat. Nobody wants to be a basket case, rushing from one thing to the next, feeling late and unprepared and grasping or pushing or trying to catch up, Mm-mm. Set the tone for your day by paying attention to the quality of movement on your mat, Just allowing sensation to occur, not forcing it (exhaling). This is that, Sukha. that ease And it takes practike. Take one more cycle of breath here. Then again plant a seed right at the tailbone. So root down thigh bones heavy. tuck the chin and slow this one down a lot. Slow, slow, slow. Rolling up, That seed at the base of the spine starts to grow taller. The chin stays tucked as long as possible. as you roll up, super slow, feeling your way all the way up through the spinal column, The neck, nice and long, The posture grows tall. Eventually, the third eye and the crown lift up, Head over heart, heart over pelvis. Alright, a little rinse. Squeeze shoulders up to the ears as you breathe in. Take a deep breath in here. then pause, hold the breath at the top. If you want, you can come into a little mudra here, index finger and thumb Retaining the breath at the top. Squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift. Then exhale with a big sigh. (exhaling). Drop the shoulders. Awesome, Let's do that two more times. Inhale, Squeeze and lift Shoulders. rise with mindfulness all the way up to the earlobes, Then soften the skin of the face- Maybe you take the mudra here- Retain the breath, Hold, Squeeze and lift, Actively, lifting, lifting, lifting. Then here we go, Exhale to drop (exhaling). And one more time: Squeeze and lift, Inhale, hold or retain the breath at the top, Pause, hold it. you got it. Find the ease in the jaw and the skin of the forehead, Here we go, Drop and release (exhaling). Awesome. Allow your hands to rest gently on the tops of the thighs and keep the mudra, if you like, Rela.

Woolworths Weekly Shopping Haul - 23 December 2022..plus IGA & Fresh Prawns!

hi, I'm Ellie and welcome to my Channel. today I have my final shot before Christmas. I have managed to get most of my beer things and put them away, but this is just the last few things that we needed that would be fresh but also to get us through the week, because it is obviously school holidays. my husband and I have both finished work so we are going to be home all week, so this is to get us through. so I have spent quite a bit, but I've got a few expensive things included in this shop. this is my Woolworths whole family of three: myself, my husband and our 13 year old son. I have a few things tucked on the end that I got at IGA because, uh, one other thing I forgot in woolies and the other two when available in woolies. but I did see them when I was in IGA. and then I do also want to show you. um, we went to our local fish shop and we have checked these babies out. these are wa tiger prawns and you can see, look at the size of my thumb- these are enormous. I have got two kilos of these. they were freshly cooked this morning and this is a Christmas tradition for us, so we will maybe even sneak snacking on them a little bit earlier. um, because we are just like I said, it's just the three of us home, but I've got two kilos. now they are a little bit more expensive. they cost me forty dollars a kilo. so I've got eighty dollars worth of prawns here, but the three kilo Frozen prawns in woolies I notiked were about a hundred dollars or just over a hundred dollars. so, considering these were freshly cooked today and they are wa? tiger prawns, you can even tell by looking at them. I know they say when you look at prawns a bit hard to tell because they're still in a plastik, but you look at the eyes and things of the prawns. Now The Feelers along with says they haven't been frozen, and the eyes are dark and round and plump, which is another reason to tell you that they're fresh, and you can see on the top all their feelers and things are all still intact. so when they freeze and they feel The Feelers do fall off, I'm just going to throw these back on my sink, because they have been sitting on ice one second right, and then I will put those away. uh, sorry, I'm coming back. I'll put those away in the fridge and then they'll be all good for us to go. so okay. so here is woolies. this is what we have now. I started with: uh, I've got three very small sweet potatoes. they were four dollars ninety a kilo, so I paid 3.81 for about 770 grams. we are going to have a hot Christmas lunch, so we have a gonna have a glazed ham. I've got a turkey roll, one of the frozen ones that we'll do. we'll have gravy, we'll have veggies, so we'll have sweet potato, potato, carrot, pumpkin, broccoli. um, couldn't buy any Frozen greens today. the the fridges were bare, so we're just gonna make do. we'll have a hot lunch and then we'll just have cold meat and salad or leftover veggies or whatever we find after that. the piece of broccoli was an absolute Beauty today, so it's a great big piece. it's nice and big and round. that was 2.73. it was 5.50 a kilo. I'm the only one in my family that likes cherries, but it's a Christmas tradition, so I got some fresh cherries. they were 16.90 a kilo, so I've got about 560 grams here, so 9.58 and they are. the reason why I get them sort of as late as I can is because look at these Beauties. oh, hang on, I'm dropping one. they are gorgeous, gorgeous cherries, so they will be lovely. it says their Australian premium cherries, uh, Torrens Valley. I'm not quite sure where that is. there's no address on them, but they are Aussie cherries, so that's great to have, and my family will eat grapes. so there's a bag full of uh, green seedless grapes. they're Aussie ones as well. they were 9.50 a kilo, so 7.36. so they were things that I couldn't get any earlier. they had to kind of be last minute. and then we move on to our dog food drama. now I shopped earlier this morning. it's Friday, so it's Friday the 23rd. you'll probably see this video Tomorrow by the time I edit it and put it up, because I have got markets in the morning as well. but I got down there as early as I could and I managed to get these. Nature's goodness. they're the grain free ones. they're a kilo chicken with duck, but a kilo will do um our dogs. we've got two German Shepherds, so they'll share a kilo between them with some Black Hawk dry food for tea at the moment. so what I did was I got five of these. I have a little bit of the food left over from last week, um, so I'm gonna have a little bit spare, but that's fine. so they were 4.50 each. so it's cost me 22.50 for five kilos of this, which is huge. but it's either that or they would have eventually Gone without. now the chunkers is what I got last week. they actually really like these and these are five dollars a packet and they have about two-thirds of a packet between them, because this is a little bit more, um sort of heavier than like, more heavier in, stodgier than the other food. so two packets of this will do them for three meals. so I did get two packets of these as well at five dollars each. that was ten dollars for that one. so this week I've spent 32.50 on dog food. um, but you know it is what it is. um, we needed the food. so if you've seen my last videos, you know that by chopping and changing the dog food and mix and matching things um one week there, or a couple of weeks in a row, we actually ended up with one of our dogs at the vet because his tummy didn't cope. so I'm just, it doesn't matter what it costs. now I can't afford another thirteen hundred dollars at the vet, so we're just buying what we can now. these were on special in the freezer Department. there's a kilo in here. they are classic crammed squid trip squid strips. do that's a tongue twister just caught Frozen seafood and you can see through the side of the bag. they're like decent streams. so these were on special for fourteen dollars for the kilo and I thought that was actually a really good price. um, and probably not so much for Christmas, but um, they were on clearance, which tells me there might not have been there next week and this was the last packet I saw on the Shelf. when we lead up to New Year's, because we're going to be home, we'll quite often do a picky platter for tea which will include things like that with, you know potato Gems or little meatballs or sausage rolls or little red sausages, or you know meats and cheeses and all that kind of stuff, and we'll sometimes do that for tea because we're sitting home. we'll have a couple of quiet drinks, we'll go down and watch the fireworks. so I thought, well, I'll put them in the freezer and at least, if we don't have them, then they can stay in the freezer for some other time during the school holidays. right, oh? so then we go to the back to our ice cream. now I'll stack these up, but I probably shouldn't have now. I'm gonna have to stop and pop all these in the freezer once I've done these. so we've got the double creamy- no sorry, bullet creamy- classic chopped chip. this was five dollars and they were half price. so I got one of those. um, and I also got the vanilla one, because we'll we've obviously got um Plum Pudding and custard and all those yummy things for for Christmas. so I just got some plain vanilla as well. so this is the streets Blue Ribbon: two liters. that was on special for 5.75. so that's what I've got. I'm just going to pause and pop the things in the freezer and I'll be back in one second. okay, I'm back. I've popped those in the freezer. so I was actually quite happy um that I was able to get those, because I screamed something that if I'd put it in the freezer too early, um, my family would have eaten it. so it was good to get at our last minute. another Dairy Farmers thick and creamy yogurts were still on special this week for four dollars, that's for the 600 grams. so I got the? um Orchard Peach for my husband, so that'll just be a different flavor. our one liter of Harvey fresh milk. now, the date on this is only boxing day, which you know. it tells me they've got heaps of stok, but I'm thinking that we'll probably go through that um in the next few days anyway, and I can.

Morning Yoga Flow | Yoga With Adriene

- Good morning everyone. Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I'm Adriene, This is sweet Benji, And we have a flow for you to get in your body, connect to your breath. that will hopefully influence your day in a positive way. So hop into something comfy and let's get started. (upbeat music). Alrighty, welcome. Let's begin in Extended Child's Pose. Come on down to the ground, Reach your fingertips out, front knees, nice and wide toes come together and we'll melt the heart here And right away close your eyes and start to notike. your breath Can rock gently side to side here on the forehead as we ease into this beautiful morning flow. Just take a second to notike how you feel this morning, Slipping into the role of the observer here for this practike. So no judgment, Just kind of notiking what the process feels like. today, Hardest part is showing up and you've already done that. So here we go, Walking the hands over towards the right side of your yoga mat, Walk them all the way off the mat, really reach the left fingertips forward and then it'll allow the head to just kind of bow here. the weight of the head to relax down, Should feel a generous stretch in the left side body, left waist and the lower back. Breathe in And then slowly, as you breathe out, walk it back through center and take it to the other side, Really reaching with the right fingertips, allowing the weight of the head to relax down. Breathe in And breathe out. And breathe in And, as you breathe out, walk it back to center. Go ahead and lift the chest up, shoulders underneath the wrists, Walk the knees underneath the hip points, Spread the fingers wide, Inhale to drop the belly, open the chest forward And exhale to round through the spine, chin to chest, really claw through the fingertips Now with your breath. inhale, Drop the belly And exhale round the spine. Inhale, drop the belly open up through the front line And exhale, rounding through opening up through the back body. Good, Inhale back to Tabletop Position, Curl the toes under, Lift the knees. Let them hover here, Breathing full, long inhalations And slow, long exhalations. You're here for five, four, three, two On the one. lift the hips up high and back. You can walk the hands forward just a bit. Downward Facing Dog, Take a couple of breaths here to pedal it out if it feels good. Clawing through the fingertips, Nice, good morning stretch as you continue to deepen your breath, Now coming to stillness, a nice symmetrical Dog Inhaling in deeply And exhale As you bend the knees, go ahead and look forward and make your way to the top of the mat So you can take as many steps as you like. You can hop. We'll bring the feet hip width apart, Bend the knees generously as you grab your elbows and start to hang the weight of the head down, down, down. Find a soft, swaying motion here, Breathing deep, And then we'll release the arms, bend the knees, Really feel this connection with your feet as you roll up. Strong legs, strong legs Opening up through the chest And standing up. nice and tall Mountain Pose. Step the feet together, really together, And when you're ready, inhale, reach for the sky. Palms come together here. Good exhale. Keep the palms together as we slice it all the way down Forward, Fold Good Hands. come to the heart center as you inhale halfway, lift And exhale to let everything go. Beautiful Palms come to the earth. We step one foot back than the other for Plank Pose. So find a softness here, Maybe a little tik-tok of the heels left to right, Waking up those core muscles that are gonna support us as we move throughout our day. And then coming back to center, slowly lowering to the belly, And here we go. Inhale Cobra, squeezing the elbows in. Keep it nice and low here to start. Sweet Benji, Oh my goodness, So sweet. Take a deep breath in in your Cobra And then exhale to release it down. Curl the toes under. Inhale to press up to Plank top of a pushup And exhale to send the hips up high and back Downward. Dog Inhale to lift the right leg high. Exhale to shift it forward Knee to nose, squeeze it in. Good, Inhale to kick it up high And exhale, stepping right foot all the way up. Nice, low lunge. Open the chest, Look forward, Rock a little front, a little back And then make sure that front knee is over the front ankle. Good, On your next inhale, sweep the arms forward, up and back. Nice, high. lunge here, Deep breath as you maybe open the chest and look up And then exhale, rain it down. Plant the palms, step the right foot back. Here we go, Lowering to the belly. nice and slow. Inhale for Cobra And exhale to soften and release. Curl the toes under once again, lifting up to Plank Pose, Breathe in And exhale. hips up high and back Downward. Dog breathe out. Inhale. lift the left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward, Squeeze knee to nose. Inhale Three-Legged Dog And exhale. step it all the way up, Nice, low lunge, Open the chest, look forward, Front knee, over front ankle as you rock a little front to back here. And then, when you're ready, here we go, Squeeze the inner thighs to the midline, Lift it up, High lunge, Big breath here, big stretch, And then exhale, melt it down, Plant the palms, step it back, Plank Pose Lower to the belly, nice and easy. And then fingertips can come off the mat. for this one, working up to a little King Cobra here As we inhale, rise up And exhale to soften and bow. Curl the toes under. Inhale up to Plank And exhale Downward, Facing Dog. Take a cycle of breath here, Inhaling deeply in And exhaling completely out. Good, Anchor the left heel, inhale. lift the right leg up, high Exhale, shift forward. kiss the right knee to the right elbow, Inhale, Three-Legged Dog, kick it up Now, crossing it over. Exhale right knee to left elbow, Inhale, kick it up And exhale, Shifting through center, squeeze and lift And then stepping it all the way up into your lunge, This time pivot on the back foot. We sweep the left fingertips forward, up and back, Come into a nice Warrior II here, really taking up space on your mat. Front knee is bent, Breathing deep. Keep those strong legs As you inhale. reach the right fingertips up and back. Exhale. send the right fingertips all the way down towards your right heel. Inhale. send the right fingertips forward, up, around and back- Twice more: Forward, up around and back With the breath. inhale forward, Up, around and back. And as your left hand comes down, go ahead and let it kiss the mat As you pivot on the back foot and inhale. reach the right fingertips up towards the sky. Inhale in here. Exhale. Bring it back down both hands to the mat. Step the right foot back Slowly lower to the belly. Inhale for Cobra, Following the breath and exhale to soften and release. Curl the toes under. inhale. press up to Plank And exhale Downward. Facing Dog Inhale. lift the left leg up high. Exhale. shift it forward. left knee, kisses, left elbow, Upper body's in Plank. Inhale. kick it up. Exhale. cross it over left knee to right elbow. Inhale. kick it up. Exhale slow and steady through center And then all the way up into your lunge. Good, Find your breath. Pivot on the back foot, Leading with the right arm all the way up Warrior II. Back toes are turned in. Follow your breath. Inhale. Left fingertips. reach up towards the sky And all the way back. Peaceful Warrior, Good. and then slowly left fingertips up forward and down towards the left heel. Right fingertips- come down Forward, around and back Again. down Forward with the breath Around And back one more time. And as the right hand comes down, let the palm kiss the earth. Pivot on the back foot. Inhale, big twist to your left fingertips to the sky- Good. Slowly release. come back down both palms to the mat. Step the left toes back, Inhale in. Exhale lower to the belly, Inhale Cobra. Catch a wave here in the spine And exhale. soften and release. Curl the toes under building.