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friday ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Targeted Ads: The Struggle of Personalized Marketing

Have you ever felt like your online activity is being monitored and used to create targeted ads just for you? It's a common experience for many internet users. This article explores the ups and downs of personalized marketing and how it affects our daily lives.

The Pros and Cons of Targeted Ads:


- Personalized ads can be helpful when they offer products or services that we actually need or want.

- They can save us time and effort by showing us relevant options instead of sifting through endless search results.

- Advertisers can reach their intended audience more effectively, leading to higher conversion rates.


- Targeted ads can be invasive and creepy, making us feel like our privacy is being violated.

- They can lead to an echo chamber effect where we only see ads and content that reinforce our existing beliefs and opinions.

- The algorithms used to create targeted ads are not always accurate, leading to irrelevant or offensive suggestions.

The Experience of Targeted Ads:

- Many people have had the experience of seeing the same ad over and over again, even after they have expressed disinterest or dislike.

- Some targeted ads can be downright bizarre or inappropriate, leading to confusion and frustration.

- Others may find themselves questioning their own online activity and wonder if they're being tracked.

Targeted ads are a double-edged sword. While they can be helpful, they can also be invasive and frustrating. As consumers, we need to be aware of how our online activity is being used and advocate for better privacy policies. As advertisers, we need to strive for accuracy and relevance in our marketing strategies. In the end, the success of targeted ads depends on finding a balance between personalized marketing and respecting personal boundaries.

Making More HORRIBLE Funky Friday Mobile Ads... (Roblox)

In this article, we will be discussing the making of mobile ads for Funky Friday. The video series has been well received, and the creator thanks the viewers for their support. However, this will likely be the last video of its kind, unless viewers request more.

The creator introduces the topic and acknowledges the support of viewers in the previous videos.

Main Body:

- The creator explains the concept of making Funky Friday-themed mobile ads.

- They decide on a theme for the first ad: my sister versus my brother.

- Gameplay footage is gathered and a suitable song is chosen.

- The creator edits the clips and adds text and emojis to create a tacky and humorous ad.

- A second ad idea is proposed: if you can FC this, you're legally skilled. The creator uses a nine-key song and adds a meme to the clip.

- The finished ads are presented.

The creator thanks the viewers again and encourages them to like and subscribe. The article ends with the outro music.

If People Who Sell Stuff Were Honest About Black Friday - Honest Ads

Black Friday is an annual shopping event that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. Retailers offer discounts and promotions to attract customers to their stores. However, the hype and pressure to participate in this event may not be worth the stress and chaos that comes with it.

Points to consider:

- Black Friday is a day invented by retailers to entice customers with marginal discounts on products that are available all year round.

- Retailers spend millions of dollars on advertising to convince customers that Black Friday is the only day to buy gifts.

- The pressure to get the best deals turns customers into bloodthirsty Vikings, trampling over each other to save a few dollars.

- Retailers have gradually started opening their doors earlier and earlier, even on Thanksgiving Day, to give customers a head start on their shopping.

- The discounts offered may not be worth the stress and chaos of being in a crowded store with stressed-out shoppers.

- The sales and promotions are often not as great as advertised, and customers can find better deals online.

- Black Friday can take away from the true meaning of the holiday season, which is spending time with loved ones and showing appreciation, not just buying gifts.

- The worst Christmas present you could receive is a gift that shows no thought or effort, given just for the sake of giving.

While Black Friday may seem like an opportunity to save money, it is important to consider the true cost of participating in this event. The stress, chaos, and pressure to buy gifts may not be worth the discounts offered. Instead, focus on spending time with loved ones and giving thoughtful gifts that show appreciation and effort.

Facebook Ads Black Friday Strategy & Ideas [2022]

Sail Season: How to Crush it This Black Friday

As sail season approaches, it's important to have a solid marketing strategy in place, especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In this article, we will discuss offer creatives, strategy, and account structure to help you crush it this Q4.

Creative Ideas:

- Use a price slash with a single image to showcase your product and sale.

- Use a GIF slideshow to showcase different products or bundled products on sale.

- Use your best performing videos from the year and add a sticker that highlights your Black Friday sale.


- Make it clear and obvious what your sale is in the headline and primary text.

- Use capitalized letters and emojis to grab attention.

- Build up your assets before Black Friday by building brand awareness, email lists, and customer base.


- Use lead campaigns to collect emails and build hype before Black Friday.

- Switch to conversions campaigns on Black Friday.

- Warm up your email list with drip campaigns leading up to the sale.

By using these creative ideas and strategies, you can effectively crush it this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Remember to build up your assets beforehand and make it clear what your sale is. Good luck!

Get Black Friday Ready with Google Ads in 2022

How to Maximize Your Google Ads Campaigns for the Silly Season

The holiday season is a crucial period for businesses, as it greatly increases spending in the e-commerce and retail sector. To make the most of this period, it's important to utilize all the different tools available in your Google Ads campaigns. In this article, we'll explore the top four tools to maximize success during the silly season.

1. Countdown Timer:

Adding a countdown timer to your responsive search ads creates a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) among users. It dynamically updates to show how many days or hours are left for your sale or promotion, speeding up the decision process. To add a countdown timer, go to the edit section of your responsive search ads, type in the brace symbol, select the countdown option, add the end date and start time, and apply.

2. Promotion Extensions:

Promotion extensions appear below your ad and highlight discounts, promotions, or special events. They increase ad real estate and attract more attention from users. To set up a promotion extension, go to ad and extensions, select the blue plus button, add promotion extension, choose the level of promotion (account, campaign, or ad group), add details like the type of discount, occasion, and URL, and set the start and end dates.

3. Price Extensions:

Price extensions display your products or services with their prices, making it easier for users to compare and choose. They also increase ad real estate and provide more detailed information about your offerings. To add price extensions, select your currency, add each product or service with its price and description, and set the start and end dates.

4. Audience Targeting:

Targeting specific audiences can increase the relevance and effectiveness of your ads. You can target audiences based on their demographics, interests, behaviors, or remarketing lists. To set up audience targeting, go to the audience manager, create a new audience or select an existing one, choose the targeting options, and apply it to your campaigns.

By using these four tools in your Google Ads campaigns, you can maximize your success during the silly season and increase your profits. Don't forget to regularly optimize and update your campaigns based on performance and trends. Get your free checklist for e-commerce campaigns in Google Ads to ensure you're not missing any important steps or tools. Happy selling!

Best practices for Black Friday Ads

- Gins owns a company called Con Fact and helps e-commerce brands create better content for their ads.

- Gustavs has been doing e-commerce for six years and focuses on building an intimate experience for clients.

Black Friday Sales:

- In the past, one ad could generate millions, but now it's not enough.

- The game is changing all the time, so advertisers need to innovate and come up with new, fresh content.

- Content is king, but it's not just about what you say, it's about how you say it.

Preparing for Black Friday:

- Black Friday is a day where you can sell in one day what you would normally sell in one month.

- The cost of advertising goes up as the date gets closer, so it's essential to prepare early.

- Facebook has changed its platform to push the best content out, so having good content is crucial.

- Prepare a plan and create visuals in advance.

Tips for Black Friday:

- Start preparing early and warm up your audience before the big day.

- Gather emails to market to in the future.

- Communicate the speed and convenience of shipping and any discounts or price drops.

- Consider seasonal and geopolitical factors when creating visuals.

5 TAKEAWAYS From a Multi-Million Black Friday Weekend With Google Ads

What are the top five takeaways when it comes to Black Friday promotions and campaigns? In this article, we discuss some important points to consider when running Black Friday campaigns, as well as holiday and large promotions in general.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most important days for businesses to generate revenue. In this article, we will provide some useful tips for running successful Black Friday campaigns.

1. Use Black Friday Ad Copy:

It is essential to use Black Friday ad copy in addition to regular ads. This will help to pre-qualify potential customers and increase click-through rates.

2. Use Black Friday Asset Groups or Campaigns:

If you are running performance Max campaigns, it is important to create Black Friday asset groups or campaigns. This will ensure that you have Black Friday assets in your campaigns, such as images or unique bundles.

3. Consider Using Best-Selling Products:

If you have a product that is heavily discounted or a best-seller, consider using it as the final URL for some of your campaigns. This will focus potential customers' attention on the product and increase conversions.

4. Consider Display and Discovery:

Display and Discovery campaigns can be useful during Black Friday and other sales periods. This will attract more top-of-funnel traffic to your store, increasing sales and revenue.

5. Keep an Eye on Profitability and Customer Lifetime Value:

While it is important to generate more revenue during Black Friday, it is also important to keep an eye on profitability and customer lifetime value. Don't sacrifice long-term profitability for short-term gains.

In summary, using Black Friday ad copy, creating Black Friday asset groups or campaigns, using best-selling products, considering display and discovery campaigns, and keeping an eye on profitability and customer lifetime value are all important factors to consider when running successful Black Friday campaigns. By following these tips, businesses can maximize revenue and generate more sales during the holiday season.

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