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fry's sales ads

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads


okay hello everyone let me grab my pen,as you can see we are getting ready,there it is it's up underneath me to,start our,food for less and how are you guys doing,where I am it is in the afternoon it is,right now to,37 P.M,uh Thursday October 20th and we are with,a new sale there we go through Tuesday,October 25th and by now you all should,know for those of you who don't,um Food For Less is an affiliate of,Kroger Kroger is the parent company and,as you can see we actually going to,start out with Kroger so in the,description box below if you have a,store that is listed they are actually,Affiliates of Kroger Kroger owns them,um,and uh so the same cells that you see,here you should see at least about 90 to,95 percent of the time the exact same,sale at the store near you okay so with,that being said let's get started let's,see what we have going on,this week,um the store if you are in Illinois like,I am not only do you have food for less,that is an affiliate of Kroger but if,there is a Mariano's near you they are,affiliated as well and their ad is,actually much larger,uh because of course it is a larger,store all right let's go we have Kroger,breaded shrimp we have uh Frozen,24 to 32 ounce for 8.99,and get your pen and paper of course,so you can write down what you want to,get,we have the boneless sirloin not sir,lion or somebody say it's a lion before,we have the Boneless or loin tip steaks,or roast for 3.79 per pound,uh we have the E assorted,pork loin chops with the bone in for,1.99 per pound,all right so let's go over now we have,apples every week now whatever store you,go to apples are on sale this is the,season so we have the gala Fuji or,Granny Smith apples for 99 cents per,pound,and in our section here we have the gem,Chicago style beef patties oh I haven't,heard these in a minute,so let's check the small writing three,pounds or the Eckrich Smoked Sausage,30 to 39 ounce,select varieties for 9.99,Connie's Pizza,or,Kroger pizza rolls 90 count which is,which you see in the back,all right for 4.99 they have of course,different varieties,and this is here every week we have the,Lay's potato or kettle cooked potato,chips or the Fritos Frito-Lay baked,snacks select varieties now you have to,buy four in order to get them for 1.99,each and according to the small print if,you give quantities less than four it,will be priced up to,4.99 each,so it would behoove you to buy four and,just get it for 1.99 each or two dollars,okay,oh so we're back with the sale here for,those of you,who partake in this,uh 13.99 each when you buy two so you,have to buy two to get,um whatever your choice is for 13.99,each if you do not get them,in quantities of two,it will be,15.99 each,and I do not see a limit,sometimes there's a limit and this one,does not have one it's usually right,here,okay let's go up to the Coke Pepsi or,squirt these are the bottles that are,showing when you buy four or they're,back to four for twelve,okay,if you do not buy quantities of four,it will be,5.49 each,well that's a good way to get you guys,off of the pop huh I don't drink it like,that so we have the Kroger,red green black or tri-color sequence,grapes three pound package for 4.99,for a three pound package hmm okay,can't be surprised with too many things,nowadays so if you have the app,if you have the Kroger app the Food For,Less app the Mariano's app or whatever,store that is listed below app it will,usually take you back to the Kroger,store though you have to clip these,coupons I would do that at the end to,show those of you who do not know how,and those of you who do know how you can,go ahead and Skip and do that now while,I'm going over these deals so for this,week to put a digital deal we have the,Kroger breakfast links or patties,1.99 each with the digital coupon,and if you do not clip it it would be,2.99 each,and underneath that we have the Kroger,100 Apple Juice 64 fluid ounce for a,dollar and 29 cents,with the digital coupon,if you do not clip it it will be,1.89,huh not too much of a difference,but you know every penny counts nowadays,especially at the end when they put that,tax on I don't know about you guys but,if you are here in Illinois we are not,getting any tax on groceries all the way,through June 2023 okay,but that does not mean that local tax,it just said the state grocery tax okay,and,we have the reset or russet five pound,bag of potatoes grab your potatoes now,holidays are coming,and you got to get ready for those,potato salads that you guys make 2.99,for that five pound bag keep it in a,cool dry place now,going there your stuff is brown it's,nasty and Soggy okay we have tri-color,peppers,three count package with 2.99,salad Tomatoes 199 cents a pound,per pound,we're coming over to the naval oranges,99 cents per pound,and your pumpkin's larger medium 5.49,so the medium is 549 and the large is 5,49.,something about that doesn't sound,fear,okay let's go on over to the bar s,bologna or bologna and the jumbo Franks,well I guess they're variety so the just,I'll just say Frank's four for five,dollars,and come over to the Kroger,cooking bag seasoned pork ribs,4.99,per pound okay so I'm sure that would,not be 4.99,this looks kind of huge I wouldn't be,surprised if this run you somewhere,between 10 to 12 bucks,okay,let's come down to the Kroger sliced,bacon at 4.49 16,ounce,kind of fatty there,come on over to the fry catfish steaks,I've been wanting some fish for a while,5.99 per pound,and this is a farm-raised bone in I know,that matters to a few people,and it's come on over to the I haven't,seen this in a couple of weeks,they could picado for taco meat,4.79 a pound,and what do we have this week in our,Deli and bakery Hoagie Rose I haven't,seen this either in a minute,six count two for six dollars,and the Private Selection yeah it's a,Private Selection for 8.99 a pound,and they also have swiss cheese for 7.99,a pound,wow,okay and that's what we have there,hold on and let's flip to the inside,okay let's keep it moving we are on the,inside I'm seeing a lot of your play,your and on sale too so that's ten for,six,let's just move over to the bread and,doing a mother's bread,199,come down to the Pillsbury Grand,biscuits,Crescent or cinnamon rolls buy one,get one free the one that is of the,Lesser value of course will be the free,one,eight count,okay stok up on that also,we have the Croco cheese two for four,dollars so this is the Kroger branches,looks like shredded and black,get your cake mix and Duncan Hines,brownie mix as well 99 Cents that's a,pretty decent price,so stok up on your cake mix,everybody don't have to do everything,from scratch okay,Nabisco family size Chip Ahoy,you have the Orioles as well 3.79,up top we have the Little Debbie Snack,cake,12 2 6 to 12 count,two for four dollars,and below that we have the Kellogg Echo,waffles,let go of my eggo 4.99,come down to the ice cream the Kroger,brand is two for five,foreign,decamps,fish stiks or fillets 4.99,the Dutch Farm kids a four for five,dollars,and for the babies we have the Gerber,pups or little crunchies,you know,they had I don't think they are there,anymore but you guys just start going,through,coupons.com on your computer they,actually had coupons for this,2.29 but they don't have them there,anymore,okay,that's just a tip for you guys and,another tip for you all,Speed Stik deodorant,uh 2.19,go to,B stik.com,and look for coupons,now when you print out the coupon hold,on a second I think I still have one it,may be expired though,because I haven't I didn't use mine hold,on,okay here we are actually it expired on,yesterday look at that 10 19. okay but,in any case,um you guys can go on here,and,go to,space dick.com or you can just type in,your browser on your computer this is,for those of you who have a computer,that you can print out okay,um,type in Speed Stik coupons and it will,give you a site directly to the coupons,okay and this is a 50 cents off as you,can see,now do not,click to print more than one copy,because unfortunatel


all right good morning everybody,as you can see,we are getting ready to do our food for,less for the week,and remember this is the month for,Thanksgiving,let's see this ad will go through,Tuesday November 8th so this is one of,the next three ads that we have to,gather our stuff our groceries,so that we can prepare for the holiday,I already have the audio for this week,so if you want to check out Aldi go back,and watch that one,and as you know hoof OS is an affiliate,of Kroger so if you have a Kroger store,near you these are some of the ad but,some of these sales that will be at,Kroger store but as you know Kroger is a,larger store so they have a much larger,ad also if you are in the Illinois area,um food for less as well as Mariano's is,an affiliate or our Affiliates of Kroger,stores okay and Mariano's actually have,a larger ad as well but the sales that,are present in this ad,should also be present In Those ads or,in the stores as well,so let's get started we're going to,start with the,fresh 73 lean ground beef and now the,small writing says that is it it is sold,in a five pound package for 9.95 so if,this is what you want then prepare to,pay 9.95,also at Bessie's rib tips now those are,sold in a 10 pound box for 19.90 so,although it says 199 per pound it is,already measured out you have the five,pounds for the lean ground beef for 9.95,and you have the aunt Bessie rip tips in,the 10 pound box for 19.90,my God,okay moving on to the fresh boneless,Chuck bottom round or still knowing tip,roast 379 per pound,we have the center cut pork loin chops,bone in 249 per pound,all right let's move over to 18 ounce,blueberries for two dollars,and 77 cents,and we have the Bob Evans breakfast,patties,select variety,6.99 and it looks to be 30 patties in,each box,okay we are over to the avocados our 77,cents each if you look at the already,add they are cheaper I remember this I,think they were like 59 cents or,something like that but they are cheaper,so if it's worth going over to this too,already then go over there and pick it,up there,um we have the,pizza puffs 5.99,looks like,four puffs,okay let's move down to delays or lace,kettle cooked potato chips we also have,the Cheetos and the Fritos,so like variety now you do have to buy,four in order to get them for 1.99 each,if you do not buy four they can be,priced up to 4.99 each,okay and we're gonna come over to your,little corner here these are 15.99 you,have the 24 pack 12 fluid ounce bottles,or cans,I think wow now we're gonna move up to,okay we are back to four for twelve so,this is the time to pick these up if you,want to,have this available for your holiday,you have the six pack 16.9 fluid ounce,bottles now when you go online it'll,tell you whether the cans are included,in this as well okay so anything less,than four look at here they will be,5.49 each so your best deal is to just,divide them in four,and we're gonna come over,please,due to two deals as you know this is on,your app or if you have a browser go to,www dot whatever store you have the,food4less.com,your kroger.com mariano's.com okay in,the description box I will list all of,the stores that are Affiliates of Kroger,so you can check there,and we have the 18 count egg so this is,the good time or the best time to pick,up some of your egg products they will,be 1.99 each,and if you do not clip it it would be,three dollars and 49 cents each,okay so check your app make sure you,clip,the coupon and go pick up your eggs,and here we have the Nabisco Oreo,cookies the honey made graham crackers,so like variety,they would be 2049 cents each,these are good for those of you who make,your pies okay if you do not clip the,coupon it would be,3.99 each,all right so those are two just two of,your digital deals remember I showed you,last week how you can actually go into,your app and see what other digital,weekly deals you have okay,and just keep going to the five pound,russet potatoes time to pick up your,potatoes 2.99,let's go over to Collard mustard turnip,greens or kale 79 cents a bunch,and for those of you who like cabbage,instead 69 cents per pound,and we have your navel oranges at 99,cents per pound,below that we have your Gala Fuji or,Granny Smith apples sold in a five pound,bag for 5.99,and we're gonna come over to the Vienna,beef frank so these are your beefs up um,beef hot dogs 5.49,and down below we have Moana orange,sausage snakes oh they still have more,like this was a huge butcher shop here,in Chicago,several locations,9.99,okay,and here we have your fresh Purdue,chicken wings no antibiotiks ever,2.99 per pound,and below that we have,Seas never heard of the Seas the bay,catfish nuggets Frozen three pound bag,for 6.99,moving over to what is this here coming,down,there it is fresh boneless Chucks,bottoms or soloing tip stiks 4.79 cents,per pound,and let's see what we have in the deli,and bakery first we have the glazed,donuts 12 count for four dollars,and then right next to it we have the,Stone Ridge Ranch shaved pastrami or,other varieties at 11.99,okay let's hold on now go to the inside,all right so we are now to the inside we,are going to the 32 ounce of Kroger,cheese for those of you who may want to,use this for macaroni and cheese 6.99,coming down to the Kroger canned,vegetables they are now at 79 cents,and your Carnation evaporated milk this,goes pretty fast four for five dollars,and also for you Bakers we have the,granulated granulated sugar four pounds,two dollars and nine cents,and we have the sweetened condensed milk,the Eagle brand remember that,I was getting ready to sing something,that's okay two dollars and tell me two,for five dollars,all right so we are now at the Tropicana,orange juice 52 fluid ounce two for,seven dollars,and let's move along to the mini muffins,or even the Hostess Donuts,we have them for two for five dollars,and also,well this is the same isn't it the,little ditty mini muffins five count so,there are five in here,okay,below that we have the Kroger Deluxe ice,cream or,Kellogg's Eggo waffles tin count,two for five dollars,okay did you run those pizza is on sale,this week when you buy two there would,be 6.49 each the small writing says,quantities less than two,will be priced at 7.29 each,okay let's move down to the Stouffer's,party size mac and cheese,2.99,below that we have the Totino's Pizza,Rolls 130 count in the bag or 10.99,in the frozen section I believe,now we're gonna go over to the Colgate,total toothpaste I hope you guys are,going to Walgreens or CVS to pick up,these,because at least you get points back,okay,and they're about the same price but if,you do not have a Walgreens or CVS,by all means pick it up for 3.99,and on top we have these stay free pads,14 to 24 account 3.29,and still say these should be free,or at least covered by insurance right,we're gonna go up to the chorus body,wash,oh wow 4.79,I think that increase,okay these are the 18 fluid ounce,bottles,okay let's see what we have for the,when you buy,six,only 50 cents,this is usually by five save a dollar,first it will save two dollars and then,it will save a dollar now we're only,saving 50 cents huh and then this one up,to six,okay,so everything on this page you have to,buy Six,in order to receive this the bottom sale,price the lowest sale price,okay let's get going,what's included is,this Pillsbury,so we have the pills very Grands and,biscuits Crescent or cinnamon rolls,let's see if it is there okay,uh TGI Fridays Frozen appetizers,and your Campbell turkey gravy or,chicken broth,and you're elected milk,Monterey family pack burritos or,chimichangas,we have some vegetables from bird's eye,and some red gold diced tomatoes,up here you have,Kellogg's area,make sure you check your app to see,which sizes are included in the deal,okay you can find out by checking your,app,remember I said if it's in a little,yellow box,with the sale price then that is what is,included but you want to look for the,ones that are two dollars and 99 cents,and I'll link that video t

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good Thursday morning it is time for the,Food For Less ad today is December 22nd,and this ad will go through the 27th,however this is the last ad that we will,have before Christmas okay so if you,have any items that you need to purchase,Before Christmas this will be your ad,for food for less,all right so let's get started the fresh,pork half legs or pork picnic Roots it,is sold in a bag for 99 cents,per pound not for 99 cents per pound,all right and underneath that we have,two separate things here we have the,cooks portion ham shank or butt bone in,you must purchase 25 worth of items to,get it for 57 cents a pound,and now underneath that we have the,whole male brand,of spiral sliced ham bone in and that is,going for 1.99 per pound so you have two,different things in this section you,have the cooks portion ham,which you must purchase 25 or the items,to get for 57 cents per pound,and then you have the Hormel spiral,sliced ham with the bone in for 1.99 per,pound,okay and let's move over,to the boneless beef chuck steaks or,roast,3.99 per pound,they're right beside that we have the,sweet potatoes or rosette potatoes for,49 cents per pound,and let's just take a quick look here it,says that all stores,will close at 6 00 pm on Christmas Eve,and remain closed on Christmas day so,Food For Less here will be closed on,Christmas Day,all right,let's move down,and of course we have the Kroger Brand,we know Kroger,items are in food for less because,Kroger happens to be the parent store,company of food for less and here in the,Midwest that also goes for Mariano's so,we have the Kroger cooked trip 51 to 60,count or Raw 31 to 40 count it is sold,in a two pound bag for,9.98 so be prepared to pay,9.98 if you want the Kroger cook shrimp,it is just telling you that it's 4.99,per pound,right here in the small writing,all right then let's keep moving we have,the banquet,brown and serve sausage these have been,around for a while there used to be 99,Cents back in the day they are now two,for three dollars,okay and underneath that we have the,lace or lace kettle cooked potato chips,all the free dolls or Tostitos you must,buy four,in order to get it for a dollar and,ninety nine cents each,small writing if you do not buy four it,will be priced up to,4.99 per bag,okay so the best bet is to buy for,and we coming over here you guys know,this is if you're regulars you know this,is the corner for this,13.99 it is a 12 pack 12 fluid ounce,bottles or cans,and there is no limit that is posted,here,and we're going to move up to,your pops we have the coke the Pepsi or,squirt,select varieties 12 pack 12 fluid ounce,cans or eight pack,12 fluid ounce bottles so the bottles,come in eight okay your limit is eight,so there is a limit of how many you can,get you must buy four,bless you you must buy four in order to,get it for fourteen dollars now let's,look at the small rating if you do not,buy,uh at least four,it will be priced at 7.99,wow Okay so,it's best to get four,and let's see,what I would do to two coupons are for,this week our savings the first would be,the gym meeting,and let's see what you have here the,Jimmy Dean Roll-Ups or hash browns,four to eight count,4.99 each,if you do not have an account which is,quite easy to do you would just um hold,on a sec,okay I didn't want to move it too much,okay trying to hold it steady for you,if you do not clip the digital coupon,it would be 5.99 each,you have to have the app on your,smartphone or you can actually go to,your browser if you have a laptop,and open,um up an account,and then you can start a clipping,coupons I have a separate video on that,I will post that at the bottom if you,would like to know how to download okay,but these two are our deals for this,week so if you clip,the digital coupon definitely 4.99,without it it would be 5.99,under that it is,Dorito Dorito chips,clip the digital coupon on your app and,you would get it for 2.99 each,if you do not have it it would be four,dollars and 99 cents each,now,remember this you can purchase it up to,five times but it will have to be in the,same transaction so you can get five,bags of Doritos,you can clip the digital coupon and each,bag will go down to 2.99 each,and it only happens once once you use,the coupon it goes away okay,I hope I explained it,you can only use the digital coupon once,you cannot buy two and then come back,two days later,will be gone okay,all right so let's go to the back,all right here is the back and we are,starting out with the greens we have the,colored mustard turnip greens or kale,they are 79 cents a bunch,around this time of year they used to be,49 cents,okay and let's go up to the Kroger,mini peeled carrots so the Kroger brand,of carrots baby carrots,two pound bag 199.,underneath that we have the pint of,blueberries or five ounce raspberries or,blackberries two for five,and underneath that we have a turkey we,have the Kroger brand or the honeysuckle,brand turkeys they are frozen name it,one with a 25 purchase so we're doing,this again in order to get the turkeys,for 59 cents per pound you must purchase,25 worth of items,okay and that would be again both the,Kroger brand or the honeysuckle brand,and underneath that we have Scott,Peterson smoked sausages for 4.99,and let's make a left because we didn't,go down,because on top we have the green so,underneath that we have the Kroger Brand,bagged apples five pounds for 5.99 so,these are sold in five pound bags,now let's slide,up to the Hormel sliced bacon 16 ounce,4.99,okay now we're gonna slide down,to the rib eye ropes,bone in,8.99,all right now we are going to slide it,over,to the lemon pudding cake,7.99 and there are other varieties other,than just the lemon pudding cake okay,and this is found in the bakery,okay and next in the bakery we have the,fresh baked Private Selection,butter croissants nine count Marge,for 5.99,okay and next to that we have the men's,or women's pajama bottoms okay these are,the bottoms,this is not a pair,there are only the the bottoms 7.99,so we just say pajama pants,and right next to that you have a,gigantik dump or fire trucks,for 20.99,and let's go down to these squish squish,Milo these are 12 inches or 16.99,and right next to that it just says,playset,not quite sure what that is but whatever,it is it's 6.99,all right and we have the blueberry,muffins,or other varieties four counts for five,dollars and this is in the bakery,section,and right next to that you have your,pumpkin pies or your sweet potato pies,eight inches,for five dollars,okay so this is your bakery section,okay let me flip to the inside,okay and now we have the Toronto rolls,you know Toronto's is in,Oak,Park Illinois and the smell from that,Bakery oh my gosh,I'm telling you you get real hungry when,you drive down through there but yeah,the Toronto manufacturing company,is this it's not too far,but if I can get to it and drive down,through the street I'm telling you you,can smell it it is 3.99 and it is a six,to eight count,very good bread,and under that you have the Papa,Charlie's Italian style beef for that,bread it's a 64 ounce 17.99,can make your own beefs,under that we have the helmets,mayonnaise and this is the 30,ounce,4.79 different varieties,and always make sure you check your app,because,every now and then you will see a,helmet's um,coupon come through and it is on the app,as the digital coupon okay so just check,it,and next to that you have your Dutch,Farms Keys is 1.49 each,pick up some I'm sure you know kids are,going to be out for two weeks so like I,said make sure if you see anything that,you can grab and stok up because your,kids are now raiding your fridge okay on,top of that we have the giardinera,marinated pepper mix,they usually come like mild or hot or,something like that 3.39,good for those peppers,um the beef,and like the hot on the beef,on top of that you have your White,Castle bites,yeah okay you see what they're doing,they know your kids are getting ready to,be out so 8.99 for that box,and right

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GENIUS Advertisements That Actually WORK

I'd love to be sitting on your face whoa,appropriate nobody gonna be sitting on,my face Ray Ban sunglasses okay you know,what that's just fine,genius advertisements hello friends it's,me your favorite French youtuber it's,been a while so if you got a product you,got to have some good advertising this,ain't just a spreadsheet it's the visco,life force it can replenish abisco,girl's health bar also put the hair up,Pepsi did a Halloween campaign and then,they were like wish you a scary,Halloween and it's Pepsi truth as,coca-cola Wow y'all are petty for this,y'all team Pepsi or coke comment below,growing up my household only drank Pepsi,here's a ginormous billboard that says,text and drive Oh,supposed to do that way if you look,closely it said ad from a funeral home,got Savage for this like how many,customers is y'all get before you are,like okay you know what let's put up an,ad for it might as well promote the,family business while we at it I mean,yeah don't text and drive but also don't,look at mill boards and drive I feel,like that's even worse I've been in so,many close calls because I was done,stuck reading a billboard it was like,moms look good for your kids PTA meeting,get a new but I like what this is a real,billboard,I mean it's distracting Starbucks has an,ad that says here's to the best part of,your day and it's that coca cappuccino,oh my god that looks delicious,hey that's not the best part of my day,y'all really insulting my life over some,coffee I feel like it's the best part of,my day okay are not wrong I feel,attacked but I'm trying to think of,something better I did today then have,my coffee there's a bench with nowhere,to sit but it's not a real bench,it's a Nike ad and just say run thank,you run there's no time to sit joke's on,you I'm still sitting on the armrest,like you're always trying to get people,to do stuff like just do it,Ryan don't give up what are some things,I want to be lazy why does the Nike have,a lazy line I mean they say just do it I,mean you could do whatever you want you,could nap you can breathe you can exist,I'm just doing it imagine arriving in,another country and you going down the,escalator and then you see this male sea,hype the children like the kids will be,low,whoa Florida I wouldn't be a second I'm,like how you better think of coffee up,there but it's a lamppost and they just,put a coffee on top of it,Wow and then it looks like it's pouring,it delicious Natalie how did you know,just be ugly Jim Wow,y'all sandwich for this but this is the,type of motivation some people needs,I've put in months and years of training,I'm still ugly though Conda had this,ginormous display of a real car coming,out of a cereal box it's like no more,toys real cars only because you can win,a real car in the cereal when you that's,huge,I can make a cereal box that babe your,wife is hot sir what did you say about,Barbara better get your AC fixed all,around the clock AC service call us now,that is a good at all the Kyle's they'll,be driving around Kylie be like oh how,dare the dinklebergs come out Barbara,like that inappropriate but they just,mean your wife is fine it's a hot summer,day,yeah AC broke so I would he came out,with a new car put it on a billboard I,was like your move BMW and then they got,a billboard right next to it I was like,checkmate Oh roasted,what's better out here BMW comment below,doesn't matter because both are inferior,to Mercedes you drive man but you hungry,we got all-you-can-eat rest off I'm,delicious I love eating Honda Accords,for breakfast they made the entrance of,this tunnel into a mouth open wide eat,and all the cars if that doesn't make,you hungry I don't know what will you,got pimples cover that issue and they,make the billboard fold over the woman's,face oh now we don't gotta pay a,celebrity to be on our ass we're just,gonna use a stok image woman holding,her hand up and then they just pinned it,disgusting ain't nobody want to see that,by the way use our face wash yeah I'm,gonna tell you guys now I see a pimples,all the time and then I looked at my,boyfriend I'm like how can you skin is,only self perfect you don't have a,skincare routine you don't even do,anything but wash your face little water,and so I,that like in the mornings I will always,just wash my face with water unless I'm,wearing makeup then I'll like make sure,you get all of it and then wash it with,water I don't know man it's like magic,ain't even holy water or anything just,regular tap water I don't think I've,really gotten a pimple in months since I,started doing that life hacks product,suck but I bought a company write that,about their own products and put it on,an ad Oh cuz they're vacuum they suck I,mean if a vacuum doesn't suck does that,make it suck it sucks to not suck I,don't know but that's pretty good you,punny Hoover dude we have a bunch of,bags a goldfish someone went to Walmart,now I remember being a child and getting,a goldfish I was my first pet because,her Goldie I don't even know if it was a,girl how you even tell anyway she was,really boring and my dad got hungry one,day and he filleted Goldie but none of,that matters because this is an ad or a,car for Volkswagen precision parking Wow,parkings so precise that you could be a,porcupine and park in between bags of,fish here's the box this is thinking,outside of the box you up in space you,up in another galaxy what even is this,sure it makes sense,that's like saying McDonald's nuggets I,like my dog there good over here we got,Billy Bob he has the beach he don't look,too happy and then is the same picture,just add dog don't makes your life,happier adopt yes it does see you could,be chilling at the beach alone nothing,but your thoughts and anxiety or you,could be with spot over here smells like,if you already have Adobe copy $4 I,coffee $12 way is this an Android ah,don't be an idiot if it's a cappuccino I,don't care if it's an Apple Store,cappuccino and they go and dust a lot,Apple on it there's no way I'm paying,$12 coffee okay but this does sound like,an Android ad y'all pay more for things,just because they got the Apple name on,it and most of us are okay I can't made,this tetris app or a tiny apartment,they're like cut me and see how much,stuff you could stuff in your room and,everything just fits perfectly together,find the one that fits if it fits it,ships KitKat also made this bench that,says free no Wi-Fi zone,so what's the point have a break have a,kit kat okay but give me free Wi-Fi,first y'all saying I can't stay here and,enjoy a KitKat while snapchatting about,it but if I want to post it on Instagram,oh wait I can't cuz y'all don't give me,free Wi-Fi let you go to a vegan,restaurant and order steak and fries hey,you get that cardboard state and buys a,delicacy where I'm from that's what it,tastes like,without Kent chef you sure about that is,there really the ketchup or is it the,salt give us a regular bus accept a,giant snake is wrapped around this,squeezing it it looks so real but it's a,wrap because it's an ad for the zoo wait,is this gonna happen to me if I go to,the zoo squeeze me daddy does that,advert vacuum except it's sucking up an,entire hot air balloon that took a wrong,turn on two they're basically saying we,sucked up everything we don't just suck,we swallow these fake people just,chilling in the basket like that's it,sober,you know super important no matter where,you're going you've got to wear your,seatbelt always buckle up or you know,what if you don't this could happen to,you a slingshot and then just like,through the windshield through the wall,blood drop down my balls cuz your dad,McDonald's did it again their logo and,ads aren't like in-your-face enough they,made a whole entire crosswalk and to a,large fry I mean that's pretty genius,but does the crosswalk lead to the,McDonald flat twist you cross the street,at this Burger King you know you got,street tacos now you got Street fries,this billboard got an empty toilet paper,roll and some blue j


okay good morning good morning I don't,have my headpiece in,on my speak microphone,because I left it at home I'm at my,brother's house,staying with over here for a few days so,I hope you guys can hear me we are going,to get into this food for less and as I,stated in my last video I was going to,take a look to see if I could find any,um,coupon matchups you know maybe perhaps,there are some coupons available,somewhere and quite frankly I don't see,anything,um,well let's just say I've been fine and,I'll leave it at that this ad uh,literally started on October 26th,however we have until November 1st which,is Tuesday so you still have time to get,your list together and to get out into,the stores and shop now,I will say that I was expecting a little,bit more for their Halloween,um ad because Halloween of course for,those who celebrate,I don't but that's okay you know let,everybody have their shine I'm too old,anyway,no I'll just eat a piece of candy when,the kids come back how about that so,um,let's get into it I would suggest,because uh somebody asked me who had,sales I would personally suggest that,you go to stores such as,um I would say,if you if you have the digital apps,because a lot of places that I'm going,to mention do have coupons along with,sales in the stores so if you can,combine all of that together then you,will save Walgreens right now have not,only a store coupon on the app but they,also have a manufacturer coupon on the,app that you can put together and then,you can use that on top of the sale that,is in the store so if you do not know,um how to combine that call the store,ahead of time and just say hey I'm,coming in and I would appreciate it if,someone can just show me how to clip the,coupon,um to my app so that I can purchase some,candy at your store that's how you do,things you know,so hopefully you have a nice friendly,store,that can do that or you can just call it,customer service but I would suggest,Walgreens you can always go in store to,see if they have any sales available but,you know right now guys things are they,they have increased we just have to deal,with it it is inflation everybody's like,oh oh oh but it's inflation post,pandemic you got a a war that's,happening things are Global things are,Global so right now we're just trying to,maneuver around,to stay ahead of the game okay all right,there we go and going to Aldi because I,was there and I did see,um it may not be the best candy you know,the Snickers and all of that but they do,have some decent sales on some candy now,let's get into this ad,um,it is right now like,what 2 20 in the morning so,let's go we're going to start out with,the Kroger cooked shrimp which is the 51,to 60 count and it says here in the,small print or Kroger raw shrimp 31 to,40 count it is sold in a two pound bag,for 9.98 so be prepared to pay in at,least ten dollars plus your tax,okay it says 4.99 per pound however it,is sold in a two pound bag per defined,print okay let's go to the next one we,have beef,skirt steak at 6.79 a pound,pork spare ribs in the bag 1.99 per,pound,we have the red green or black seedless,grapes and 99 cents per pound,let's come down to the Scott Pete beef,Polish sausages they are 4.99 per pound,the Dutch Farms chicken select varieties,5.99,and of course we have our Doritos our,like it's mine right but they are always,in the middle section here there's my,pen,okay now we must buy three oh this week,is by three it's usually by four,you have the latest potato chips the,Fritos and the select varieties meaning,you know whatever kind you like,um must buy three for a dollar ninety,nine cents per pound just read the small,writing it can be priced up to 4.99 each,if it is bought in quantities less than,three so to get this price buy three,okay,now we have,for those of you who like to partake in,this,13.99 for a 12 pack 12 fluid ounce,bottle or cans okay so 13.99 each,okay so we are down to three for 12.88,it's usually four,but let's go and see what we have we,have the coke the Pepsi or the squirt,12 pack 12 ounce cans or eight pack 12,ounce bottles,and if you do not buy in quantities of,three,they will be,7.99 each,the buy three,okay unless you don't drink pop like,that,three pounds,of Labor oranges will get you 2.99,all right so we know what this section,is over here you guys already know that,if you um,or a follower here that food for less is,actually an affiliate of Kroger Kroger,is the parent company they have,different stores and,um if the store is listed in the,description box,then it means that you can download the,app to the store and you can clip these,coupons always check the description box,to see if your store is Affiliated okay,and there has been some news here,um,in Chicago that,Kroger and Albertsons have now merged,there was some big huge billion billion,dollar deal or something so they are now,going to become one company so I've just,been looking out for more information on,that if you are in Illinois,partikularly around the Chicago area the,affiliate store here for Albertsons,happens to be Jewel food Osco okay so be,prepared because Jewel fuasco eventually,coming soon will start running the same,type of ads as your Kroger or your Food,4 Less or your Mariano's that's here in,the midwestern region if you have those,stores I just listed and I will do a,video on that as well when that change,happens so back to Food For Less let's,go we have the Oscar Mayer wieners okay,so look through your app clip the coupon,and you would get it for 4.99 if you do,not clip it looking at blurry right it,would be fine 5.99 so that's a dollar,difference,okay,um,I see 30.,does that mean that there are 30 because,this is a big box,how about we take a look in it and,um online toward the end okay,and next we have the ruffle potato chips,at 1.99 if you clip the coupon,small princess,or Kroger Deluxe ice cream okay so that,is included in the deal,1.99 each if you do not clip it it will,be,3.99 now that is a big difference,so if you would like to purchase these,two items,go into your app and click the coupon,all right let's flip it over,this is my clipboard guys all right,hit this clipboard for,probably about 15 years of my nursing,career all right so here we go,we have red orange or yellow bell,Peppers or English cucumbers buy four,for five dollars,avocados are 99 cents each I think that,is a good price for those of you who,like avocados they're usually like a,dollar and 59 cents or something like,that let's go down to the fresh cut,fruit these are usually in a bowl,um five dollars each,okay,and,salad Tomatoes we have a pork cut,two packages for three dollars,fresh asparagus is 2.49 cents per pound,and we have Kroger beef shaved steak,6.99 and that is 14 ounces,I haven't seen this in a minute we have,10 patties,beef let's see 80 lean 20 fat 10 for 10,dollars,okay that's nice for some hamburgers,okay so you make pick up two of those if,you have a little family there going and,freeze one pack and you,um make hamburgers or whatever it is you,want to do with it now we're going to,the pork,Saint Louis style ribs,2.49 per pound,and we didn't do daily sexually,the deli section and bakery,um King Hawaiian Rose 12 count 4.49,and we have the home,Chef fried or baked chicken so this is,already pre-cooked you usually see it in,a container such as this,over by the daily section you have to,buy two two of these two for twelve,dollars pick up one bait and then pick,up you some fried chicken eight piece,that'll be two for twelve,two meals,okay let's go on to the inside,all right try to get this paper together,if you're gonna see what I what I do,when I try to fill up this paper you,will laugh okay so let's go on to the,Kroger caramel apples,that is one,so two apples for three dollars,um the reason why I said it like that is,it's usually three in a pack I think,Aldi had that,okay we're going down to the Crooked,vegetable trays 7.99,we're over to the oh here's a little,cell here,Hershey's all-time greats candy,wel


okay,happy,thursday,today is 7 7 7 7 22,and this is the ad that will run,all the way through,until tuesday july 12th so this ad began,wednesday july 6,and we'll be going through tuesday july,12th,again remember guys this this happens to,be the food for less and food for last,is an affiliate,of kroger and as always whenever i do,upload a foods for last,i will put in the description box,all of the,other stores affiliated,with kroger as kroger is the parent,company of foo for less if you're here,in illinois partikularly in the chicago,area the other store that is affiliated,with kroger happens to be mariano's so,you may want to check,your mariano deals to see if they are,somewhat in sequence,also,make sure you download it on the app the,fufales app if that's where you go to,grocery shop and if you go to mariano's,make sure you download the app for that,is you can also access,additional savings,as well as coupons to go along with your,deals okay so now that we are done with,the intro,let's get started with the,all right so we're going to start off,with,the,assorted pork lawn,that is 1.99,and we have,here the fresh 73 lean ground beef,which is a dollar ninety nine cents per,pound just to get the little writing,here it says,sold in a five pound,roll,for 9.95,or,kroger 85,lean ground turkey which is sold in a,three pound package for 5.97,okay so you can get a five pound roll of,ground beef for 9.95,or a three pound,ground turkey,for,5.97,all right let me leave it here,and then we'll keep it moving,so we're gonna move on over to the seat,less mandarins never heard of sea less,mandarins but there you go it's a three,pound bag for 3.99,and a little congested here in the,middle so let's go here,25 ovens,family pack sausage patties for 5.99,looks like 30.,and we go to the right we have,fresh asparagus,1.99 cents per pound,let's go,to the original,piece of house,4 count,5.99,variety select varieties,let's go to the must buy,remember those type of deals you have to,buy for,in order to receive the lowest price of,a dollar and ninety-nine a dollar,ninety-nine cents each now let me hold,this paper for the small writing,if you do not get four you see it will,be 4.99,per,bag,so in order to get the lowest price of,1.99 you have to buy four,okay that is the ruffles doritos or,tostitis,tostitos tortilla chips,okay,let's go over,all right for you drinkers there you go,15.99,and then we're gonna go up to the pop or,some of you say soda,you must buy four,to get the twelve dollars okay and,per the little writing,or the fine print,if you do not get four it will be 5.49,each,so these are the six packs of coca-cola,pepsi or seven up,16.9 fluid ounce bottles,and i left this as always for last,because this is for those of you who,have the app,okay because if you can see here,it says with a digital coupon,so these coupons are found in the app,okay or you can go online,if you do not have a smart phone or,don't know how to download the app just,go online,and go to,food4less.com,all right and you can actually set up,your account online,um,if you do it online you can go into the,store and just put in your phone number,and the,digital coupons will come up and it's,the same thing if you have an app,all right you do it online and you have,a smartphone and you have the app same,thing they will both pop up all right,let's keep moving coca-cola or pepsi,this is a 24-pack for 7.99,with,the coupon and you have smithfield bacon,16 ounce 3.99 each with,the coupon okay you must have the coupon,now down here it says without the coupon,it is 4.99,and without the coupon up here it is 10,so that's a big three dollar job,10.99,so make sure you guys um do,do your email set up your account and,click your coupons so we're going to,turn to the back,page before i go inside and we'll keep,going,all right we have red green,or black seat less grace three pound,package for 5.99,let's move it on to the 18 ounce,blueberries for 3.99,we have the salad bowls for 3 for 11. so,3 for 11.,all right,let's keep going to,broccoli crowns,yellow squash or zucchini,1.49 cents per pound,then we're gonna go down to red orange,or yellow bell peppers,or,or,english cucumbers,four for five dollars okay,so that's the red orange or yellow bell,peppers or english cucumbers four for,five dollars,let's keep it moving,we have the acreage smoked sausage six,dollars and ninety nine cents,let's try and get that glare off for,there,um we have the t-bone or porterhouse,stiks 7.99,and we're gonna go down,to,the oscar meyer basic lunchables four,for five dollars,these are the ones without the drink,we're gonna go over to the tilapia,fillets,4.99 per pound these are previously,frozen,and farm raised okay so they're not wild,caught,okay the taco meat 4.99,all right,and let's go down to the bakery,items the deli and bakery this week we,have cheese or fruit,coffee cake,four dollars,and we have,del rio slow cooked pork carnitas or,other varieties,10.99,so that's what we have for this week,all right so hold on and i'll switch to,the inside,okay we are on the inside so let's get,going we almost there we halfway there,kroger cheese,or blocked 5.99,the cremet pasta four for five dollars,the moroccan roman and i would say ramen,i don't know why i say roman ramen,noodle,7.29,and that is a 36 count not bad,um,[Music],matt's applesauce two for five dollars,and we have the pearl meal which i,still,have a hard time,your aunt jemima's okay but your pearl,milling company pancake mix or syrup two,for five dollars so just give one to,each,let's go down to the simply fruit drinks,you have two for four dollars what is 52,fluid ounce,okay we're going to go through the,packages of,star kiss chunk like tuna or tuna,creations 10 for 10.,and then we have the kroger pure,vegetable oil,or laurie's garlic or seasoned salt,two for seven dollars,all right,okay you guys know what this is it's,27.99,it's just going down,to the 34.99,okay,and it's come on over to,the deluxe party pale ice cream 128 blue,and ounce 4.99,totino's pizza rolls this is 130 count,10.99,home running classic pizza i guess they,go back and forth between this and,connie's huh,5.99,and your kroger garlic bread,chex,texas toast or bread stiks all right,two for four dollars,you have your egg and waffles 7.99 that,is a 40 count,and then you have your ice pops or twin,pops nine count in each box two for four,dollars,all right,so let's switch,and remember guys as always this is your,mix or match,five or more in order to receive the,lowest price that you see,the lowest price you must buy,at least five items,mix or match,on this entire page all right so let's,go,we have,the lipton tea,that is a 12 pack,we have the kroger orange juice or your,play fridge pack and that is an eight,pack,this week we have the post cereal,okay,and we have the lorries marinades,we have the petroli pasta sauce,come down,to the little bites,where are we little bites and the,intimates we're here,all right and we have the,colgate,optik white,stain fighter or,total toothpaste,we have the pepperidge farm goldfish,come on over to the,small body wash,and then we're gonna come down to a new,garden here for tea shampoo or,conditioner,so all you will have to do,i'm going to pan out a little bit here,is buy five items,whether you want them all to be the same,or you just want to pick one of each,on this page and once you hit that five,once,then you will start to receive the,lowest price,okay,and there you have it,and that is your food for us,okay we're back to the front page that,is your food for less for this week,remember guys this goes all the way,through,july 12th on tuesday,and,if i find any pretty decent,coupons that go along with this sale,then i will upload that video on,tomorrow,all right just to kind of give you guys,an idea once again on how to actually,maximize your savings now remember,that doesn't just have to go for the,buy five or more you can actually find,coupons and put them onto the sales,if they happen to come out in the pa