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garage sale ads examples

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

GSM-Craigslist_Intro to placing a successful Garage Sale Marketing classified ad

if you remember from our must have bonus materials, we toked about how you need a video on your Craigslist ad to really drive traffic to your site. using a video on a Craigslist ad helps bring your inventory to the people days before your sale. you don't necessarily have to be a Spielberg Earle Lucas to make an effective video. the first step we're going to take to record your Craigslist ad is to go ahead and open a Craigslist page in your browser. type in WWE is calm. it should load up your local city. if it doesn't and you want to go ahead and change it, the cities are listed on the right hand side or on the home page for Craigslist. I'm gonna locate Dallas cuz that's where I'm at. so the top left-hand corner of the screen you'll see a link that says post to classifieds. as you click on these radio buttons here, they're gonna go ahead and open the next page. so be cautious as you click to make sure you click on the right. one will click on for sale. choose the garage sale category. it'll prompt you to choose an area nearest to you. for me, I'm gonna select Dallas and this is the home page for making a Craigslist ad. you'll start putting in your title. here. we recommend using the title as you've created for your sale in the posting title and use capital letters in the word video pide. the price field you can either leave blank or I usually put $1.00. and for your specific location, go ahead and put an idea of the neighborhood that you might be in. we're gonna use downtown Dallas. you'll type in your email address in the next two boxes. leave the box that says anonymize your email. checked. this will help you avoid spam. for your posting description, we're gonna include another video on how to write your ad copy. I'm gonna write a sample here of what your ad might sound like. but garage-sale my address. again, use the title. include some tips on something that you might be selling at your garage sale and the time and date for your garage sale. you might want to include a catch phrase that will draw attention to your sale and make them want to come. the next important section is gonna be where you're going to include a link to your video. you'll type check out my video. you'll type the link to your Animoto video. we show you how to make an Animoto video later in the program. you make sure that you include images in your Craigslist. a lot of people will scroll through their search results and I'll only click on ads that have images. so click on add or edit images. roll down, click, Choose file and navigate to wherever you save the pictures that you want to advertise your garage sale with. I'll go ahead and just select a couple and then click on continue. the next page that pops up will be a preview of your ad. scroll down and make sure that you didn't make any typos. one of the most important things that we can stress is to check and recheck your work. your link should automatikally turn itself into a link. this one probably won't work, because I just made one up. check your images and make sure they uploaded properly. then click down here where it says continue. if you feel like there's anything that you need to change, click on edit again and it'll take you back a page saving your work for you. the next page is Craigslist email address verification page. in order to receive your ad posted on their website, they require that you go into your email and publish your ad. email was sent to my email address here, so I'll go ahead and open a new window. type in my email login sitting in my Eve inbox. I'll have an email from Craigslist. I open it up and simply click on the link. you're not done just yet. keep paying attention. they'll bring up the Craigslist calm Terms of Use. you can scroll through and read these. it's a lot of legal stuff. then you'll go ahead and click down here where it says accept. you'll get a thank-you page and a link to preview your post. you click on manage your ad. this is where you'll delete your ad later on. you'll also get a confirmation email in your email box. sometimes it takes a few minutes to come. here's our web posting. we are alive on Craigslist. make sure that you copy the address of your ad because you're gonna use it later to post it on your Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and if you're gonna use link tracking, you're gonna need this address. so right-click on it, copy it and either paste it in a notepad file or in your email. one of the things that I usually do is I send myself an email with any information that I need on it. that way I know I don't lose it. there's my link saved in my email so I can use it later. here's our Craigslist ad pictures uploaded: excellent ad copy title with the name of your sale and the word video and you're well on your way to drawing traffic to your sale from the internet.

Three secrets to successful yard sale.

got a bunch of unwanted stuff and old clothes in your closets and attik. well, this is the time of the year to make good money by selling it at a yard sale. and who doesn't have all that stuff, really? but before you do, consumer reporter John Matarese has the do's and don'ts of throwing a yard sale, so you don't waste your money, John. yes, calling Carol, this is the peak time of year for yard sales. but how can you set up that yard sale and make the difference between making just a few bucks and making several hundred dollars? well, we have three experts secrets to getting the most for your stuff. like many homeowners, Terry Lyon has dreams of making two or three hundred dollars at a yard sale. so she set out dozens of old possessions, from curios- a lot of glass items- these are porcelain- to paintings and books. books seem to go pretty good to a vintage typewriter. it's a Remington, noiseless, and it's the kind I guess they used years and years ago. but things were moving slowly. so we turned for advice to a yard sale veteran. Amy Hill throws regular sales, taking in at least $150 each time here at her main Vil home. I do. I try to have one every year. I just pile up all the stuff as soon as we're done with things, as soon as she outgrows them. her biggest seller- clothing, it seems to be closed, closed. so very well, all the kids closed. so Amy shared her three big secrets. her first advertised everywhere. take out ads on Craigslist, garage sales tracker comm and garage sale cow comm which are free. also, pick up a garage sale kid at Target or Walmart. it is everything from street signs and signs on which era. which way to go. has numbers for street numbers to price stikers, secret number to organize. messy stuff won't sell. amy hangs her old clothes and puts similar items together. here's a great tip: set your stuff out on tables where it's easy for people to sift through it. nobody wants to have to bend down and look at items on the ground. she says: don't make shoppers do extra work. also, put flashy items like kids, bikes, school or even Elmo down near the street. we're passing drivers, we'll see them. don't hide the good stuff in the back of your garage or in cardboard boxes. what things are hard to sell? old glass TVs- no one wants them. or computers more than five or six years old. the computers are the only thing that they look at and just keep walking. if you must sell electronics, Amy says, ideally have them plugged in and working and keep the price low. which leads to her third secret: don't over price your stuff. people want to pay five or ten dollars, not 50. have your items organized, appealing and reasonably priced and you may be pleasantly surprised by what you can make off your unwanted stuff, even that old tikle Me, Elmo. you thought no one would want. no. on wccocom we have more tips for throwing a successful yard sale. plus, also on here we're going to have an interactive mat for you to help find upcoming yard sales in the tri-state the next couple of weekends. plus, I hope you can join me back here at 6 pm tomorrow for the second part of our report for yard sale shoppers. I'll show you how to score the best bargain at yard sales and get the deals so you don't waste your money.

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Garage Sale Tips | Consumer Reports

[MUSIC PLAYING]. No matter what you call them- garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale- the goal is the same: to make as much money as you can from the extra stuff in your house. And remember your trash could be someone else's treasure. And here to give me some tips is Margot Gilman, Money Editor at Consumer Reports. Hi Margo, Hey Jack, How you doing. There is some serious money to be made, but you have to do it right. How much is this? $2. Oh, wow, great. Thank you guys. Thank you so much, Thanks. So first question is this: when is the best time to do a garage sale? I believe yard sales have no season. Plan it for the weekend and pay attention to the weather forecast. So if there's going to be rain on Saturday, make Sunday your rain day All right. So now that I know my time, the question is: how do I organize all my stuff? I think it pays to really display your things with attention. It will net you some more coin. You want to put things out on a table, for example. make things look more valuable. What you don't want to do is throw stuff into a cardboard box and ask your customers to rummage through that. What about pricing stuff? I've always had a problem in knowing exactly what prices to give these items. Well, you know, I actually recommend that you don't price your items. A yard sale's all about serendipity, right? So somebody might come and fall in love with something of yours and think that it's worth a lot more than you think it's worth, True? So let them make you an offer. And the most important question is: how, then, do you attract customers to your yard sale? Well, you have to advertise, of course. you know, And it may sound really old-fashioned, but running an ad in your local newspaper isn't such a bad idea. Lots of them will let you do it for free. Still works, Still works. And social media: tell all of your friends that you're selling your prized possessions and tell them to tell their friends and share it. Hey, look at this. Isn't this ugly? It's so ugly. Who would buy that? I sure wouldn't. Now that you have your customers here, how do you get them to shop more? Be a friendly presence, Chat up your customers, Give them a reason to get to know you and the neighbors, right? Another good idea is to offer refreshments. you know, some cookies and lemonade maybe Like those. Yeah, Can we have a cookie? Yeah, sure, take two. Thanks, Thank you. Ultimately, what's the takeaway for consumers? I think you just have to be open to the possibilities. It's only a yard sale, but amazing things can happen. Personally, some of my favorite possessions are things that I picked up at a yard sale. truthfully, For sellers, the best advice I can give is: don't be greedy, Especially toward the end of your sale. maybe that is the time to slash prices. The last thing you want is to have to haul all this stuff back into your basement. By the way, besides this good cookie, I saw this lamp over there that I've been having my eye on all day. OK, Margo, what do you think? Well, Jack, I guess someone's trash really can be someone else's treasure. [MUSIC PLAYING].

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Garage Sale in Canada

hey guys, guess where I'm taking you today? I'm taking you garage saleing. garage saleing: what is a garage sale? do you know what a garage sale is? well, a garage sale is when you sell things from your house. okay, on one day, usually a Saturday or a Sunday, okay, most people, you know. on Saturdays, for example, if you drive around here in Calgary or anywhere in Canada, you will probably see signs that say garage sale this way. okay, so people just make their own signs, to get a piece of paper and they write garage sale this way, and they might put some balloons, you know, and tie it to a post. all right, so if you ever see balloons somewhere on a Saturday, here, you know, somewhere on the street, tied to a lamp pole or a street sign or something that probably indicates that there is a garage sale somewhere in the community, so then you can look at the address on the, the poster, or you can, you know, just look around and it will probably be really close by. okay, so a garage sale is is when you turned your garage into a little store, into your own little store for one day. okay, now, a garage is the place you park your car in a house, okay, so if you own a house, like any of these houses here, you could just clean out your garage and then sell things from your garage. okay, now, if you don't have a garage, well, you could still have a garage sale. then you would call it a yard sale. you would just put stuff out in your yard to sell. a yard sale and a garage sale are the same thing. okay, so we are going to ROG sailing. so who does this? who sells things from their garage? well, imagine that you come to Calgary, okay, and you buy a house and over the next few years you accumulate lots of stuff and then one day you realize: hmm, I have lots of stuff, it's all junk. why did I buy all this junk? then you could have a garage sale. so you put all the stuff you want to sell in your garage, you open the door, you make some signs. tomorrow, Saturday, July the 28th, garage sale from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, or something like that, however long. you want to just sit there, because if you have a garage sale, you need to be there in your garage because people will. people will stop by and they will see what you're selling. okay, hopefully you're selling some good things and not just junk. but most of the time the stuff at garage sales is just junk: maybe old clothes, old furniture, DVDs. do anybody, do you own DVDs anymore? or CDs- you know a lot of people sell those kinds of things in garage sales- or video cassettes like VHS, like a video- do you even have a VCR? you have a VCR? I haven't even seen a VCR for years. okay, so those kinds of things people sell at garage sales. we have a saying in English: one man's trash is another man's treasure. one man's trash is another man's treasure. now, that can be true. hey, maybe I don't need something anymore and you know I want to sell it and maybe for you it has a lot of value, a lot of value. I can't think of anything right now. but I mean, let's say I have a blender. okay, I used to drink a lot of milk shakes, but now I don't drink any milkshakes anymore, so I want to sell my blender. let's say I bought it for like $30 and I'm just gonna sell it for like $2 or $5 or something. okay, then my trash would be your treasure, all right, but most of the time I think one man's trash is another man's trash. this isn't. it doesn't usually, you know it depends. it depends on what you want. sometimes you can find some great things at garage sales, but most of the time it's it's not that great stuff. so we're just going to a garage sale here. I saw a sign in my community, so I'm gonna take you there and and we'll see. you know, I'll show you. it's probably not gonna be great, probably just some stuff, old things and usually things that garage sales are priced pretty low, like 25 cents or a dollar or two dollars. most of the stuff is, yeah, is is really cheap. maybe, if it's something really nice, it might be five dollars or six dollars. but you know, you just have to go there and check it out. sometimes people even give stuff away for free. they say, oh, you can just have it, I don't need it and I don't even want the money anymore. keep your twenty-five cents, okay. so anyway, let's go to this garage sale so you can see what it's like and I'll see you over there. [Music].

Facebook Yard Sale Ads Part 1

hi there, Dawn's dazzling diamonds. this is dawn, and in this video, I am going to show you how to join groups on Facebook yardsale groups, how to post ads in these groups to find new team members, how to respond to people who are inquire about joining your team, and also how to maintain your Facebook page- your business Facebook page- to keep people interested in what you have to say. and I will be breaking this video up into parts so that it's not super long and you could just go back and watch the parts that you want to rewatch over again. alright, so let me start right here, and the reason why I feel it's super important for you to learn how to post ads is because I did a little project for myself. I wanted to see exactly where I found all my team members from, and so I went through everyone in my back office who I have signed up personally, and this is what I came up with: there's a couple people missing. since I made this, a few more people have joined, but this is my team of personally sponsored people, and this is where I found them from. so, as you can see, the number one place that I have found people were on online yard sale sites from posting an ad. I posted an ad in a yard sale group and these people responded to my ad. they either liked my business page or asked for info on how to join, or well, in the next section is some of them found me this way, but then they joined in on online parties and so I've had people join from online parties, but essentially I initially found them through an onion. you know online yard sale posting. so, as you can see, I have 20 people that I found in yard sale groups. I have 19 people that I found that have each ordered at least 50 PV within the three months. maybe every month, 50 PV or more, or maybe just one, but that's how I determined if they were active or not. for this purpose, here was five from online parties, and you have to forgive me, I have a sore throat- I'm always sick when I make these videos- and I have six people I found doing events. um, three are still active, three are inactive. I found one person who joined from home party. I've never had anyone join from a basket party. I've had referrals- five of them- where people said, hey, I know a good business that you might enjoy doing, or someone asked, hey, do you know anyone who does paparazzi? so I've had five referrals. three are still active, two are inactive. I have two people who found me online through Google somehow. I have no idea how if they found me, but they did and I'm glad they did, and they're both still active. I've had six friends or family sign up and I'm gonna tok about that in a minute. one is still active and five are inactive. and then I have one person who's inactive, who I just found from conversation at a doctor's office. but back to the friends and family one, when I first joined, I had a few people in my family: a cousin in South Carolina, my sister- although my sister joined maybe five months into me doing this- and a couple of friends. but mostly they just joined because they're curious and they see me doing it and or they were trying to help me out or something, but they really were never into the business. so they basically just ordered a kit and they had. they didn't do anything more from there. so a lot of times I see people saying that their friends and their family won't have parties for them or they want, you know, buy jewelry or anything, and I learned that it's actually pretty much better if you don't rely on your family for that, because, although this was super nice that they joined and tried to do it for themselves, I don't want anyone do not for me just to help me out. I want people to join who want to use this opportunity for something that will benefit them, and I don't think I've ever hosted a party with a friend or a family. no one has ever wanted a party and everything has always been from events or online. but just from doing this little research project of mine, definitely you could see where a lot of people are coming from. for me personally, and just because this works for me doesn't mean it's gonna work for everyone. so people may find a ton of people at events or at home parties and just for me, this is kind of the way that works for me. so hopefully, what I'm able to teach you in this video, you'll be able to use and also gain some team members this way too. all right, so that's that with that. if you're not familiar with the art sale sites on Facebook, this is gonna be real basic and show you how you can find them. what you need to do is log into your regular Facebook and here are some keywords actually gonna type in to try and find some yardsale groups to start off with. I recommend starting with groups near your hometown and then grow out from there. before I still paparazzi, I already was in a bunch of yard sale groups in my area because I used to sell things out of my home. I would buy stuff from my daycare and then the kids grow out of it and I would resell it back, so I was familiar with them. but here are some terms you can look up. you would take a city name- for me it's winchester, not Winchester Virginia, just Winchester- and you would combine it with one of these terms or any kind of term you can think of. that would connect you to something that would be an online yard sale. these are some of the main words that I found are used in a lot of the groups, so I would put Winchester online or Winchester yard sale, rummage, work-from-home, etc. you could see there are some groups that are specific to direct sales to women, to businesses in home, businesses, and that's where you would look into these or advertise advertisers. another good word that you can look for- and at first I started to not post in groups like that because really all it is is a bunch of direct sellers posting their ads and there's no one else in there to see them but other direct sellers. but you never know, there might be someone in their current company that's looking to switch to a new one and you may find someone, and I have funded that. I have found a couple people in those groups as well, so I do post in them and when I do post in those groups I know I'm gonna be safe and okay and it's allowed because that's what those groups are there for. so those are some of the terms. um, let's see, here are some steps to posting ads and I'll go back to some of this, um in my part two. but the first thing you have to do is to create an ad and find pictures or a few different pictures to go with that ad, and I'll tok about what you can put in your ad in just a bit. and I already said, find groups that are local. you're gonna join groups, okay. so to join a group, um, the first thing you want to do is pick a town, pick a city near you. I'm already in all the groups near me, so I'm gonna pick. let's see Charlottesville, and let me, type yard sale. see what comes up. okay, so let's fill online yard sale. oh good, I'm not in this group. so when you find something like that, you click on it and then right here it's gonna say join group so you can join the group and then you just have to wait until they approve you in the group. what's really important to do once you're in a group is to read the rules, because a lot of the groups don't allow business ads, or they're will allow businesses, but only on certain days. they'll allow them in certain locations on the group. there are three places you can look for the rules, and sometimes they have three different types of rules listed. sometimes the same rules are listed, sometimes there's no rules. so the first place I'm gonna go into a group that I'm already in, let's do this one. that's not a good example. let's try that one. okay, the first place you can look for the rules is a pinned post on top. this one is very clear: do not advertise on this site. I'm not warning anymore, I'm just removing you in your post. okay, that tells me immediately. I cannot post my business in this group. normally I would leave a group, I would just unjoin it and the way you one join a group is you click on this little star thing and you click leave group. but since this is a lo,

Garage Sale Success

hi, I'm Kim danger and I've got some great tips for you to put together a garage sale easily so you can have fun in the process and make lots of money to the first thing that you're going to want to do is create an ad for your sale. most people add advertising, the classifieds. it might be a penny wise section of your paper. put your ad where most people put their garage sale ads. sometimes they get hidden in the regular paper when you should be doing the penny wise. it pays to know where to advertise. besides going and putting in your date in your location in your time, include some great teaser items as well. I've done like some great furniture items. I also like to mention specific brand names, especially with kids clothes, because that's what really draws customers in. make it a group effort. if you've got other people in your neighborhood that might be interested in holding a sale group, together with them. not only will you split the cost of the ad, you'll have a lot of fun and you'll leverage that foot traffic, which is really great. next, it comes to pricing your items. a lot of people ask me: how do I mark this, these items? how do I know what to put on them. a general guideline would be about a tenth of the original price. if a shirt costs about ten dollars, you might might want to market a dollar kind of depends on the condition. if it's in great shape, you can ask more, if it's not, you might want to ask a little less. I found that kids clothing does tend to sell better, so you might be able to mark that up a little bit. adult clothing doesn't sell as well that sometimes I just simply donate because it's easier. also, make sure that you mark every single item. that way you're going to avoid those haggling, the people that like to haggle. this way. it takes all the questions away from everything, makes it easier for you. one exception, however, is marking group items alike. for example, these are all books. I just put them in a box and mark them a dollar. it makes it so much easier for me. you could do this with DVDs. you could do this with anything similar that you could just mark one, put in one box and be done with it. another tip that I have is to create a freebie box. what I like about this. these are all things that I probably wouldn't the time to mark, so I put them in a box. I'm going to put these at the end of my driveway to hopefully bring wrangle some of those customers in and get them into my sale. toys are a great thing to. kids love sales. they come to these sales with their parents. I put some things on the lower level. that way the kids are entiked. I'll be right at the kids level. the moms can look up top and the kids can look on the bottom. another thing when it comes to pricing is to make sure that you mark things in increments of a quarter. that way you're not making a change. you mark things a nickel. it really kind of throws a wrench in it. so mark everything fifty cents. a dollar makes it a lot easier for you. another thing I like to do is really create a fun atmosphere. like to have a little mood music going on, nothing too crazy or while, just some really light, comfortable music that helps people on a linger. my kids like to get in on the action as well. we have done cookies, we've sold sodas and they like to do this. it's a great lesson in marketing for kids because they get the profits and they get to spend them all on their own. it's really fun for more information and great money-saving tips go to you. neural tires com to download my free ebooks.