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Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How WE BUILD BIG Email lists & EXPLODE Shopify sales - no paid ads.

all right, you guys, in this video i'm going to show you how to go from broke to woke by having a gynamous gynamus email list that you're going to make for free, without paying a dollar to facebook or any ad platform. okay, that's the goal in this video, because i have lost a lot of money with paid advertisements and i've made a lot not doing them at all. okay, so just to introduce myself real quick: i'm omar, i'm from zycros. this is an application company. i'm also a partner in heimdallsworkshopcom, a luxury american watch brand that sells military and vikings style tactikal watches, and that's what we're going to be using for this case studies. i want to show you a real operating brand that does six figures and how we operate. you might be asking why i'm doing this. before i answer your question, please like and subscribe and turn on your notifications, guys, because today we're just going to be showing you step one. by the way, we're just showing you how we generate that free traffic, turn it into emails and then they're gonna then the part about doing the sales and all that stuff, guys. that's that's later on. so you're on your notifications or you're gonna miss it, okay. so why i'm doing this is because, again, i want to show you guys, i want to teach you how to get a realistik business going, a realistik brand. now i- i don't want to rain on drop shipping too much- it can work if you find a good product and you turn it into bread. and i'm saying the same thing everybody else on youtube is saying right now: just brand it and then turn it into a brand. okay now, why am i doing this? i'm doing this because, again, we have this application that we're going to launch in two months. i'm generating traffic for that. it's going to generate you tons of emails. it integrates with clavio and that's it. if you use the app or not, it doesn't matter, okay, but the main thing is you're going to get sick value out of this. these videos, all of it is for free. you're seeing a real, operating, long-term brand. i'm not toking about something that we just did: drop shipping and get a bunch of numbers. okay, so by the end of this video, by the end of this video, if you implement everything that i say, your email list can start growing today. but it's going to be a lot of work, it's going to be boring and it's going to be a lot of grinding a lot of the stuff i'm going to say in here. there's some steps in here that are you might have seen before. i'm not gonna say i'm a pioneer, but i'm just bringing, i'm stiking them up from the grave in the sense that they're older methods. and then there's two methods towards the end that i have not found on youtube- and i have looked everywhere. it's not there. so i'm going to teach you how to do those two methods. those two will is the big money makers for us. so you want to wait for it and you want to help my algorithm. okay, that's what i left until the end. um, so again, guys like subscribe, we're going to jump straight into it. this is going to be a boring video. it's going gonna be boring. it's gonna be me toking a lot and sketching on my sketchboard. but everything you walk away with today, guys, you implemented today, you will. your ecommerce brand will grow out, given your product is good, given your brand is, given you've done proper branding, and you, you will. basically, guys, you will kill. and whatever competition is out there, you don't have to worry about it, because you can have your own marketing asset, which we tok about in this channel. now, in this one. i'm not going to tok about the hype drop method which i promote. i'm just toking about getting the email list. we're going to do all that stuff later, so turn on your notifications. alright, guys, let's go ahead and jump into my uh, into my sketchbook, but before that, let me just go ahead and show you the clavio account, which is our clavio account, and how much we do from sales, uh, from email. it's about 53 of revenue from email. i'll just jump into that real quick. so there it is there, right there. okay, 278 thousand dollars. you can see heimdall's workshop right there. this is from last year. total revenue was 512 000. there's a discrepancy because in shopify over here it's doing one year total. this is doing one year from now. okay, so this is our 53 revenue from clavio, and i know a lot of you guys. you might be watching this. you're an email marketer, you're an agency. you might be a bit jealous, but you can do this as well, so my channel will benefit you as well. okay, so let's go straight into the. let's go straight into the sketchboard. pay attention, guys, this video is not edited that much. i'm going to do a little bit of editing, but i want to get it out as soon as possible, because everyone's been asking for it. okay, so there's not much editing done. i will be making some mistakes in terms of my grammar, i'm not, i just tok really fast as well. i'm working on that, okay, so let's go into it. all right, guys, before anything, before i start sketching everything out, please do check out my watches. here it is. this one is modeled after an air 15 rifle. i don't know if i can say that on youtube or whatever, but yeah, okay. so, um, let's go into it. okay. so the first traffic source, guys. now this is number one. so pay attention, write down notes and whatever you do, this is gonna be the most boring one of them all, and that is reddit. you're gonna be like: oh my god, this guy's telling me to go to reddit and make an account and all that stuff. yes, that's what i'm telling you to do and that's how we do it. that's how we get free traffic also. uh, just a fair warning. i don't know why my computer and internet, everything's lagging a lot today. i'm overseas, working on a jam-packed laptop. okay, so i will be up updating some of this gear, but give me, cut me- some slack, right. so you're gonna go on reddit, you're gonna create an account and you're gonna start interacting with the subreddit in your niche. okay, this is a very old method and it's really i'm digging up from the grave. okay, but it works and you should be implementing some of the old stuff to make the new- uh, to make the new- e-commerce stores work. guys, you want to do something that people aren't doing. everyone's rushing to whatever is the newest trend. we rushed to whatever was older. okay, so you go to reddit and then you're going to go create an account and, guys, you're going to start posting on subreddits, post on subreddits, create a community, start building friends on subreddits. you will start making connections, people will start liking you, especially if you're a retail brand, and then you could start linking them back to your store. now you might be asking: oh wait, i can't promote in reddit. that's true, you can't always promote and reddit. the thing is that once you start creating and it, once you start getting upgraded in your reddit forum, you, the moderator, will cut you some slack. if that's not able to, if you're not able to do that, then what you can do is you can tell your community members that: hey, guys, i'm dropping something. please check it out and a lot of them will support you. okay now you guys will probably like: okay, this is the most boring method and yes, it is because it takes time. but, guys, you will need to spend about one to two hours a day. go on reddit, make friends, start posting, especially if you're a new brand. now, this is not gonna apply to you. if you're a mid-tier or advanced brand, i understand. so don't worry, i got the good stuff coming for you towards the end, but this is for you if you're a complete new shopify store. do this, it will benefit. you. start making friends in your niche and start posting them back to your account. okay, to your uh, to your website. go, get, point them back to your website. collect your emails. you get the emails, all right, and you're gonna sell to them later. now that we're done with the most boring step of it all, let's go to the fun stuff, all right? so i got my notes right here. okay, guys, now this one is number number one. tiknically, that really makes the big bank. i put reddit in there for all the people that are completely new, because you do need some.

Finding Profitable Shopify Products To Sell Strategy (Spying On Competitors)

what is going on, guys? welcome back to the channel Joaquin Corrales, and in this video we're gonna learn how to spy on our competitors to find products. they're gonna be extremely successful and then we're gonna be able to put online and start selling almost immediately. now, how we're going to do this is very different than what a lot of people out there doing to spy on their competitors, although some areas might be the same. there are some unique touches to it that I've been able to figure out with a couple of my buddies to be able to effectively spy on your competitors at the highest level. so let's get right into it. so how we're going to start spying on our competitors is by first using Google, and what we're going to do once we get to Google is that we're gonna type this in. so we're gonna type in dot, my Shopify, comm, space plus, and then a specific niche- okay, like, for example, you already have a couple of suggestions here, so let's go ahead and let's go with the fishing niche, and what we're gonna have here in the top searches are a whole bunch of different stores, different Shopify stores online that are in the fishing niche. but what everyone tells you is to do this and to just go to these stores and find products that they're selling. but the real question here, what a lot of people do not address- or almost anyone really- is the fact that 99% of the stores that you're seeing right here are not making any sales. why would you want to grab products from stores that are not making any sales whatsoever? and so here's a solution for that. so what you guys are gonna do is that you're gonna open up another tab and go to a website called similar web comm, and what you're gonna do in this website is that you're gonna use it in conjunction with what you just did in googlecom, to be able to determine, more or less, whether this store is making sales or not, and how we're going to do that is based on the traffic that is coming to the store, because a store that is making a lot of sales is getting a lot of traffic, and a store that is not making sales is not getting traffic right, and so that's how we're gonna use it: to gage it and kinda to get some market intelligence as to what it is that these stores are doing and where they're getting their traffic from. so let's go ahead and do that. so the first one that we have here is phishing mine com. so we're gonna open that up and, yeah, the store looks awesome. it has a whole bunch of different products, but I don't even care about the products yet. okay, because what I want to do- to see if this Shopify store is gonna have products that that I should take and start selling on my own store- is that I'm gonna copy the domain, I'm gonna come back to similar web and I'm gonna paste it up there and when I hit enter, it's gonna load this up right here and you see this area right here that says the traffic overview and it says: we're sorry, but there's a lack of sufficient data. that means that this store is more than likely not making any money at all because they're not getting any traffic that's worth showing on this website. we could also scroll down and see what the store is getting their traffic from: from referrals, from search, from social, from mail. you go down from what. what are people looking up and order to get there. so obviously people are looking up phishing my Shopify because it's the first one that comes up. they're getting some traffic from Facebook, some from YouTube, but this store is not getting a substantial amount of traffic, which means that it is not a good candidate for us to use as a way to spy on competitors. so let's say that we're still in the Shopify niche and we're looking for other stores. let's just open up a couple of them. oh, another thing: if it shows my Shopify dot-com here, then we do not want to even consider those, because that means that that person does not have a domain on their website yet, and a website without a domain is probably still in test mode. so we don't even want to use that to check how many visitors it's getting. it doesn't matter. let's go to gear grabber and see that one. well, that one's also a my Shopify store and you guys are gonna see that if we look this one up right here, you see no traffic, no traffic overview, and it's because this person doesn't even have a domain yet. so the normal person would come here and probably start using some of these products. but why would you do that if this store is not generating any sales at all? right, and maybe it is right. maybe it is, but the traffic is not there, which means that this is not a very, very good ecommerce store and we do not want to grab products from stores that we don't. we don't really have an idea as to whether they're doing good or not. so let's go ahead, let's keep looking. so here we have Jenko fishing. so let's go ahead and let's take a look at this one. so obviously, this one has a domain. it has a whole bunch of products. so let's look up the traffic. so I'm gonna put it here in similarweb. go into it and see this one does not have traffic either. okay, let's keep looking. there has to be some here that that have actual traffic. there has to be a fishing store in the world that is doing good and it is not this one. okay, let's keep looking. and there's so many options. you're like there are so many stores that you can literally be looking forever. but you guys saw it like everything on the first page as of now does not have any traffic at all. so I would not use that as a way to find to find products on it. let's go ahead and keep looking on the second page now let's go ahead and press ENTER on that and see if this one is getting any traffic. okay, so it seems like every Shopify store in the world is struggling. let's take a look at this one and maybe we'll switch up the niche now. I'm sure if I keep on looking, eventually I'll find some that actually have traffic. but I don't want to make this super long, so let's type in another niche and see what we get. let's get, let's try jewelry, and obviously you could type in your different keywords there. it doesn't have to be limited to fishing or jewelry, it could be whatever, but let's take a look at some of these. so let's try this one: TfL, bazaar, stargaze, jewelry- I'm just gonna open up a couple of them. so, stargaze, let's see how much traffic these guys are getting, and they're getting none amazing. so let's see he. obviously this is not planned, because I would have picked one that would've gave me some traffic, but let's take a look at this one. okay, so check out this store. so it took us a little bit to find it, but it's better that it takes us a little while to find a store. as a poster, getting to our first store, thinking that they're successful and that they're making some money picking products, and we're basically as lost as them, right, and so here I found this one by looking up jewelry, and just I just closed it. amazing, by looking up jewelry and and just going through the feed, right, lets me look it up again real quick- and it was literally right there. it was on the first page and there's pages and pages of this that you guys could continue to look through and type in your you, type in your, your niche. and so what we see with this store is that in October they got 15,000 hits and November they got a hundred and twenty thousand hits. now, in order for you to get a hundred and twenty thousand hits, you have to spend a nice amount on advertisement right to get people to that store. so obviously, this is a store that's generating profit, because you don't spend money on advertisement to get a hundred and twenty thousand people there and not be making any money. and so we could scroll down and we see that this stores making. twenty six percent of the people are coming from Singapore, eleven percent from the US. we scream, keep scrolling down and we have sixty-one percent of the traffic is coming from social, obviously, and- oh great, they're using Facebook as advertisement, as expected. so now the next step is to come to the actual website and take a look around and try and figure.

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How Performance Max Generated Over $90,000 For My Shopify Store In 1 Month

what is up, guys, and welcome back to a brand new video, and i haven't said that in four years. i haven't uploaded a video in four whole years. it has been a crazy four years and that is why i am back now very quickly. if you don't know me, i made fifa videos for about three years, but since starting shopify dropshipping- um about four or five years ago- this has obviously now become my source of income and taking up all my time. but i am back to share everything i know with you guys. whether you are starting out or looking to scale, there will be something for you in the coming weeks with the videos i'm making. i'm not going to sit here for half an hour rambling on about how i started drop shipping. i can make that in a separate video- but my first video and back with you guys today is going to be my performance max strategy for google ads, and if we just flick over to my screen here, you can see this month on one of my stores. you know we're approaching a hundred thousand dollars revenue, which is just absolutely crazy. i started performance max about 30 days ago and if i just show you the month prior, which is obviously june 2022- um, we did 59 and a half thousand. so in a month we're getting close to doubling our revenue, and that is literally since switching over to pmax. um, just for context on my situation, i have this store here, a us store, and i also have a uk store as well. this video we're going to be just toking about the uf store. i will be making videos on my uk, but for today, performance max and the strategies i use on this store here. and first things first, i'm going to teach you the campaign setup that i used to generate over 90 000 in the first month of performance max now. now, if we hop over into my google ads account for this store here and we're going to go through the campaign setup, i'll show you everything and all the different audience signals that i am currently testing. firstly, you want to click sales. make sure as well, guys. please make sure your conversion tracking for google is set up correctly. for the first four months of this store, mine wasn't. it was only tracking about half of the sales. i couldn't scale. i couldn't make much profit. some days i was making a loss, mainly because google wasn't tracking, and if google doesn't track a sale, it's not going to know what type of customers to advertise your products to as well. so please make sure you have your conversion tracking set up and as well down the line. you'll need it set up properly for when you are optimizing for target roads etc. so make sure you have your purchase goal uh set up there as well. and for this campaign type, we are obviously going to be selecting performance max in this video, assuming that you have merchant center set up correctly, your product feed approved- make sure you select that there- and, obviously, the country of sale. if you want me to make a video on setting that up, please let me know down below, but for this video, we are just going to call this campaign pmax1. now the first page here is budget and bidding. i've had a few people on twitter actually ask me: you know what they recommend to start with. um, if you can, i would do a hundred pound a day or a hundred dollars a day. um, i would say bare minimum 30. you know, 30 pounds, 30. basically. the more money you can give google each day, uh, the quicker you'll be able to optimize, quicker you'll be able to scale and it will just allow you to make decisions sooner, basically, and not have to wait, uh, such a long time to make any changes and with a lower budget it will probably take you longer to gain some traction. so for this purpose here today, we are going to go with a hundred pounds. next up is the bid strategy. you can choose between conversions or conversion value- very self-explanatory. i mean conversions. google is going to try and get you the most sales for your budget, and conversion value is based on the average order value. it will try and make those conversions of higher value. i know the conversions. one might seem like the better option, but for me- i've tested both and on both of my websites- conversion value is the better option and as well down the line with this. here you'll be able to use target row as- and it's not something you'll need to worry about when you're starting off, but when you're scaling. it is something i have been using. now hit next: you want to make sure you select the correct country here. for me, it's not united kingdom, because this is my american store, and here you want to keep the final url expansion on. this basically allows google to direct traffic or visitors to urls that you don't necessarily provide in in the campaign. so, for example, if you have a one product campaign, typically that would only direct traffic to the url you provide or the products you provide. but in this case, if google thinks someone's more likely to convert on a different url, that's what they'll send them to. i must admit, i haven't notiked a big difference having it on or off. i've had a few extra conversions with it on, so we are going to leave it on there and you don't need to worry about the more settings there. you probably just need to actually make sure, just to schedule your campaign to start at the following at midnight: first up on the asset group page, you do have listing groups and this is the group of products that you are going to be advertising in this video. we're going to keep it as all products. if you have 30 products or less, i would just keep them all together. if you have more than 30 products, i would start to break them down into product categories. uh, whether that be, for example, a clothes shop- you know i use the example here. if you've got, you know, clothing store- you could have shoes as one category, hoodies, trousers, you know, you get the drill- or you could group them by profit margin as well. now the asset section of the asset group is where you add your images, your logo, headlines, descriptions etc. and obviously the call to action as well. so we scroll down here. make sure you have your uh url on. i'll obviously blur that out. um, you can add up to 20 images. i'll quickly cut back in a minute and add a few. add as many as you can, guys, and obviously don't forget to add your logo as well. i wouldn't necessarily worry about a video. if you've got videos from you know, save your own facebook ads, definitely chuck them in. but don't worry if not, because google will use the images you provide and make videos for you. they'll auto generate them and that's what they'll use for the youtube section of pmax. but if you are testing different videos on pmax down below, please let me know how you are getting on and if it's worth making more content just for this area here. obviously, the headlines: you want as many as you can. i typically do five headlines. i do just the one long headline. i'll do the short description and the long description here. make sure to set the um called action here as shop now and don't forget to put your business name in here. i'm quickly just going to fill these bits out here. okay, just cutting back here. i've added a couple of images, the logo and i'm just putting some sort of filler headlines here. now you probably will find yourself repeating yourself quite a lot. i wouldn't worry about that. i find i actually repeat myself in a lot of my campaigns but haven't notiked it do anything bad for them in the headlines. obviously you only have 30 characters. i try and keep the top three, um, or at least three of the five have them related to the product or product group. so we are just going to use men's shoes as an example in this video. you basically want to say what the product is and two or three of them. so it's still relevant to the visitor or viewer viewing your ad and i always have a couple letting people know if there's a sale on, for example, 20 off. or you know things like if you offer free shipping, if the items in stok and ready to order. this is a great sort of attention grabber here and i use this exact headline here in pretty much every campaign i have so far long headlines, i en.

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Building a Profitable Shopify Dropshipping Store in 48 Hours [Product + Ads Revealed]

what's up, guys? it's your boy joined in a backward another ecommerce video and in this video I'm going to be doing a case study for you guys. I'm gonna be building a brand new store and seeing how far we can scale it in just two to three days with products from the viral vault. this is my all-in-one ecomp toolkit, or to provide you guys with the products and everything you need to go out there and launch them. but a lot of people have been asking me for a case study, so I figured that this is the perfect combination to take some of these products and see how far we can take them. so I'm literally gonna be showing you guys the products we select. I'm going to show you the story I created. I'm gonna show you guys the process, be launching the ads and basically let you look over my shoulder at the whole entire thing. nothing we left out of this. this will be completely transparent, because I want to provide you guys value and, more importantly, show you that this is real and that you can go out there and do the exact same thing. so listen, guys. I need you guys and hit that like button and hit that subscribe if you want to see more ecommerce content like this. but right now we're gonna go ahead and jump over to my computer and get started with this case study. this is day one. I still haven't even launched the ads for this product. I'm gonna be doing everything with you guys, live, and take you through every step of the way, so let's go ahead and jump right to it. alright? so let's get started with this case study. I'm super excited for this because I'm curious on what results we will get in this next two days of testing. but Before we jump into launching the ads, live and me showing you guys the store and the products, I just wanted to tok a little bit about the strategy that I'm following so that way, when you're watching, you can follow along and you can understand exactly why I picked these products, why I'm launching the ads this way, and there's no confusion. but Before we jump into this, I just want to give you guys a heads up that the viral vault is currently closed. if you go to the website and you try to join, you're not going to be able to. the reason for this is because I wanted to keep it exclusive and I wanted to limit the competition for the users inside of there. but you can join the waitlist and at the end of the month I'm gonna be opening up a few spots if you're interested in getting in. that's gonna be the only way you could join. so just wanted to let you guys know that Before we jump in and the - that is down below in the description- but the goal in this next 48 hours is to see how far we can scale with a viral vault product and AD. I'm gonna be showing you guys the product that I selected and show you guys what it looks like on the back end. so no need to worry, but that is what we're gonna do and I'm curious to see what we can do with it. so, and I'm gonna be showing you guys everything, I'm not going to leave anything out. you're gonna see the product, you're gonna see me launching the ads, and all this is on a fresh pixel, fresh ad account, literally starting from zero. so this is the strategy: we're gonna use the products from the vaults. we're gonna look for one product with room for improvement. if you guys ever seen my content, especially my product research content- this is at the forefront of what I tok about. you want to find that stuff that has gone viral and has room for you to do better, and I'll tok about that a little bit more. also, I'm gonna be creating a hybrid store for these products and optimizing it to the highest level. I'm gonna be testing with Facebook Ads and we're gonna see how much we can scale in 48 hours with a $300 budget max. the reason for this is because I want to show you guys that you don't have to spend thousands upon thousands to get your first results, and if you're curious about what a hybrid store is, is basically like a broad niche store. so we'll tok a little bit more about that and when you guys see the store, it'll make more sense. but yeah, so this is what the days are gonna look like. today, I've picked the product, I've already taken in about an hour, two hours, to build up the store and I'm gonna be launching the ads which you guys live. tomorrow I'm gonna jump back on, I'm gonna review the data and we're gonna scale the ones that have potential. and then, day three, we're gonna kill the losers and scale the winners. I figured we'd included a three because the first day I don't really count it in that 48 hours, because we need to have two full days of ad spend. so it'll be about three days of clips and I'll put them all together. so, Before we jump in, I want to tok to you guys about product selection, why I've picked the product that I chose. so my team, like I said, is looking for products that have gone viral, which means that there have shown interest. they have shown that there's a market for the product and there's room for improvement. when I show you guys the product, you'll fully understand what I'm toking about. basically, I'm looking for a product that has crushed it on a general store, but it has room to be niche down slightly and build a hybrid store around it, and this is an incredibly easy way to capture the low-hanging fruit. this is something that I teach heavily, especially if you guys have watched my recent product research video, so I'm gonna put it into action here and let you guys see how this works. and I'm also looking for products that are in season, because fall and winter is very soon, is coming upon us right now, so it doesn't make sense for me to sell a summer product or a beach product or something along those lines. so I'm really looking for those fall and winter based products. okay, and if you're thinking about the specific traits or the factors that I look at when researching products. these are the ones I like to look for: products that have gone viral recently or- and you guys are gonna see this- with this product, a similar product has gone viral recently. okay, and what I mean by that is: it's the same problem that the product is solving, but it's slightly different, and I'll tell you the benefit of that soon. so also like to look for stuff with room for improvement, basically meaning that there's something that we can step in and do better on whether that's creative, whether that's niching down a little bit, whether that's having a better website. there's some room for improvement. they all solve a problem for the customer. this is a given. almost every product that you test needs to be a problem-solver. these products are all unique, they have a WOW factor and they all have a decent profit margin as well. so let's take a look at the product I've selected and the store that I have built. so the store that I built- I just came up with this name using this tool called lean domain search. the store's name is called polar palace. basically, I thought of this just for riding the trend of the cold fall and winter season and it also is gonna give us higher perceived value. by having this good branding, it will be easier to upsell to and we can build up a solid customer list and pixel data. so let's take a look at this door real quick. you guys can see a refresh real quick. very simple store, very straight to the point. we have the logo, we have a nice header, some HD images that I took from Shopify Burst, Shopify calm. you guys can use all those images for your store. we have a few cool here: premium gear, snow sports essentials- basically introducing them to the brand. so, avid snow sports enthusiasts, we understand the importance of functionality when it comes to your needs. basically, what I'm trying to do here is create the perceived value of having a branded business. now look, you can still get results with general stores. I still teach people to get started with general stores if you're brand new, but if you're having some marketing experience, if you're pretty set on making one product work, then building out one of these broad niche stores is a very good option for you. so you guys can see I just put


what's up everyone, Adrian Morrison, here- and what I'm about to show you is a strategy that I call video checkout. now we have this amazing Shopify app that has literally changed the way that we treat our customers- our most valuable customers- on our Shopify store as soon as they purchase something. so what we're gonna do in this video is I'm going to show you this epic app that we've created and I'm gonna go over a couple of profit points for you. just show you exactly what we've done. but before we do that, let's jump over to our Shopify store. ok, so this is the app. it's called vid check out. it is super cool. but first, what I want to do is I just want to show you what most people are doing and what they're leaving on the table, because it's it's actually mind boggling when you really think about this. so when somebody goes to your Shopify store and they make a purchase, as soon as they buy something, this is the page that they see. so what I did is I went in, I purchased a product- this beverage, cooling stone, these little cubes that freeze and go in a whiskey glass or something I don't know- and I made the purchase. ok, now on Shopify, the basic Thank You page that people see is this right here. so they're gonna see their name, their order number, they're gonna see their orders confirmed. they're also going to be able to see their customer information and sometimes I'll even show a little map. ok, so all of that information is gonna be here, but this is pretty boring. I mean, there's all of this opportunity. think about it. you have your most valuable customer right here right now. they're hot, they're ready, they just spent money. so the idea is to make them happy, right to answer frequently asked questions, to potentially upsell them and build trust and build a real, solid brand. now, what if I told you that when somebody got to this page after they made a purchase, they could see a video that branded your business- right, branded your business really- added some person- that person ability to this- to this Thank You page and then offered them an upsell as a thank you. check this out. so my app that I've created- well, you spent a long time on this, it's really cool. it's called vid and what this does is you install it on your Shopify store with one single click, OK, and then opens up this really beautiful interface right here and it allows you to put YouTube video URLs in here, so basically any YouTube video URL and you can actually go in and film a video. a video would be something like this: I mean, there's a lot of strategies that we teach in here. it's not just an app. there's a lot of great training, but one of the things that you would do is either you or an actor- and we'll tok about that later- what film is short? maybe 20 second video that goes something like this: hey, thank you so much for placing your order on our store. right, you want to put in your store name. we're so excited. we really appreciate your customer loyalty in business, so it's a big thank you for just making your purchase. if you look below this video, there's gonna be a discount where, if you come back within the next seven days or the next three days, the next 24 hours, you can get a twenty-five or thirty percent discount on your next order. once again, this is so-and-so from our Shopify store and we want to thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing you next time. oh and, by the way, if you have any frequently asked questions that you'd like to go over, you can get those below this video too. it was like: when is your order gonna be shipped, where is your order coming from, so on and so forth. right, so you can hire an actress literally for like 20 bucks to do that- sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more, all depending- and what it does is. it's kind of like when you see Walmart, you go to Walmart. every time you leave Walmart or walk in Walmart, there's a greeter and there's somebody to say thank you so much for coming to Walmart, whatever Walmart's huge um. so that's kind of the idea here is: we want to have a video on the the Thank You page. now, it could be a video of an actor or yourself, or it could be some other sort of promotional video, whatever you want. but we have the ability to monetize our customers after they purchase. so a couple of options here is: we can put autoplay on or we can disable autoplay, so the customer chooses if they want to listen to it or not, and then what we can do is we can enable the Shopify app now, once we put in our YouTube URL. this is actually of me interviewing the CEO of Shopify, which was really cool when I visited their headquarters. you can also add in a couple of additional steps. if you hit the next button, you have a the ability to add a header above the video. so you see right here where it says a personal message from gear grabber. that's our store. so you got any text here. you can make a bold change: the fonts, the size, everything. then you went next and now you can put anything you want under the video. now, so if I come over here and I say use discount code, return Tim or loyal 13 or whatever, and then you can put FAQ- let's say FAQ questions, right, and then you could put like: question 1: where is my item coming from? question mark: alright. question 2: where, how long? how long does shipping usually take? ok. question 3: alright, how do I contact customer service? then alright, and then you can put answers underneath these questions. now what's happening is, what we're doing here is we're giving them an upsell and a discount so this can increase conversions and our customer lifetime value. the second thing that we're doing here is we are eliminating customer support, so we're telling people when their order is going to be shipped. we're telling people what to expect. where is our customer service? because oftentimes customers get refunds. our customers refund because they get scared after they make their purchase because they don't really know this company. alright. so you get Save Changes, boom. alright. so now we have enabled our app here, we've enabled everything. hit Save Changes here, boom. all, right, now watch this. when I come back over here to the Thank You page and I hit refresh, what you're gonna see is now on the Thank You page. it's so crazy. right here on the Thank You page, we have a video that people can click on and they can watch. so this is the interview with me and the CEO of Shopify. but you would really want to put something here, thinking people for visiting your store? alright, then they can scroll down and they're the answers to all of the FAQ questions or whatever information you want to put on the Thank You page. you can put right here. you have complete ability to modify the Thank You page on Shopify. there's no other way to do this. I have never seen another way to do this and that's why we developed this application, which you can get access to right now on this video. if you look above or below this video, there's gonna be a link where you can click on it and you can see more information on vid checkout. you can install it on your Shopify store. so once you've done that, they scroll down, they see the rest of their confirmation. so we make sure that they see your video first, right? so coming back over here to the app, um, you can always come in here and change this video at your leisure. you can put on autoplay, disable it if you ever want to. you can always come in here to the content. before- and let me just zoom out a little bit here- you could come in and you can modify this message. you can change any and all of this stuff right here and see a live preview over here to the right. this is a powerful, powerful app because you're presenting that personal message and an upsell and answering questions to a customer that just spent money with you. you know in today's world of internet marketing and e-commerce that people are skeptikal to purchase stuff from stores because they don't know who you are like. and now anybody can just put up a Shopify store and up, we're in business, right. so when you add a face, alright, you add a message, you add a voic.

Ultimate Product (Full Shopify Setup)

what's up? what's up everyone? adrian morrison here. um, we are having some internet issues out here in mississippi as some bad weather roll through, so the audio is probably going to be, um, you know, lower quality uh, tonight, but i just want to make sure can everyone hear me? just go ahead, say yes, if you can hear me while i get all this stuff prepared. all right, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, awesome, okay, cool, um. so, uh, we are having some some internet connection issues here. this is just how it works when you do, you know, go to webinars and you know you're streaming, uh, but you all should be able to see my screen now. so i would like to welcome you and i'd like to say: uh, you know i'm excited about tonight. we have some cool stuff to announce, we have some cool stuff to go over. i'm just going to keep this introduction super short because i am kind of concerned about the internet right now and it's cutting us off. so right now, you should all see our introduction screen. just say yes if you see that intro screen. all right, cool, and um, i'm going to attempt to get the webcam on. let's just see if that works. uh, can everybody see me? yes, all right, awesome, i'm toking through my. i'm actually dialed in through my phone right now for audio because the uh connection was so bad my mic wouldn't connect. but on the right hand side, you're going to see, uh, my social media. so definitely go follow me on social media, instagram, youtube. we drop new videos every week on youtube. uh, left hand side, we have some must have tools. um, you know, we got our intrascout facebook targeting tool, which is amazing. uh, we have had great feedback on that, so i've opened it up for, uh, you know, the time being at least. and then we have some other shopify apps you should definitely check out, um. and then, at the bottom, we have our essential fulfillment app. so we've got shine on- and zendrop, which we'll be using tonight, i believe. uh, we have pillow profits, so these are links to different drop shipping companies that connect directly to shopify and allow you to sell products you never see, touch or ship: customized jewelry, customized t-shirts and leggings and things i've actually sold an immense amount of. all, right, so make sure that you check all of those out now. um, tonight, what we're going to do is we are going to be going in and we're going to be- uh, you know, adding a product to our shopify store and preparing to launch it. uh, and before we dive in and before we do that, if you're new to the prophet power hour, this is a series i do every single tuesday and night, um at 9: 00 pm eastern, we put this on. it is a phenomenal series that you can join in on, whether you're ecom quickstart member, ecom success academy member or you've joined any of my other masterminds or programs. and if you're new and you're hopping in, we're actually on like week three of uh, doing some product research in the pet niche and finding a couple of products that we think have home run potential and launching them. so, that being said, make sure that you go to your access adriancom portal, which is right here, click on that profit power hour button at the at the bottom under my courses and software, and that's going to open up your profit power hour members area. and when that opens up your profit power hour members area, just go to webinar replays 2021 and make sure that you watch uh march 2nd and make sure that you watch march 9th and hover your mouse over my picture and hit subscribe, because that's going to subscribe to my youtube channel and you're going to get some pretty, uh, epic videos that i release every single week if you do that. so make sure that you do that asap, okay? and while everybody is is uh, joining and piling into the room, i want to welcome you and i'd like for you all to go ahead, go to our facebook group and tell everybody else to hop in before we get started. that what we're going to do is i'm going to show you how to launch a hot product in the pet niche. uh, we're going to list in our shopify store. we're going to tok about how do you write good copy for a product like this and list it on your shopify store with compelling text that gets people to convert right, because, as you'll see it momentarily, we have some really amazing emotional touch points with this product that can help us increase our conversion rates and we want to make sure that we maximize those. so go to facebookcom group, slash profit ph and just uh, do one post. uh, tell everybody to come on, hop in here. i've got 18 500 members in here. tell them to hop in the webinar. uh, that we're about to get started with this week's training and you don't want to miss it. uh, we're gonna go through, we're gonna start launching this product and we're doing this together. this is a really awesome opportunity for everybody, especially if you're brand new and you've never generated a cell before. you just generate your first couple sales. you got to get to see how i do things, right, um, and in, uh, you know, real time, like a real-time training, not like a tutorial that was filmed years ago, right? so, um, that said, make sure that you do this. um, also, if you, at the end of this webinar, i will be releasing a link to join this weekend's quarter two profit blitz. um, it was last week, but it was this past weekend, but i was feeling kind of sick so i postponed it. so it gives some of you an opportunity to join that. if you want to, i'll give that link away at the end of the webinar. okay, so go ahead, jump in the group, tell everybody it is time to get going, and what we're going to do today is we are going to go through and we're going to launch this product, all right. so the past few weeks, we have done some research. i have my team and myself do this product analysis report on this uh gps pet tracker, and we found it on aliexpress and other uh dropship outlets for 740.. we plan to sell it for around 18.99 maximum, plus shipping and handling, which gives us a really hot profit margin. so a really cool product that can command um a little bit higher price point than, say, a free plus shipping product. um, and i think that it's a cool product to start with. now there's going to be some ups and there's going to be some downs with this product because over the last week, as i've done some more product research, um, you know we need there- i found some things that we need to avoid uh saying like gps, because this is definitely not like a gps satellite tracker. um, it's a bluetooth tracker, so it's gonna have limited distance, but it's gonna be especially good for, uh, small pets. like, if you have, a like for me, i have some small dogs or three or four pounds and uh, you know there's certain rooms that we don't want them to get into. it's scary if they get outside because hawks could pick them up and stuff. so we want to make sure that if we lose track of our pups, that we could find them quickly and we have had some scares every other week. it's kind of like, okay, where's maverick? where is dash? then we'll find him, like hiding in a closet somewhere getting in the clothes, but we'll spend 10 minutes looking for him, and that's really what this is for. this isn't for um, you know, finding your dog across a five mile span. if it gets out, it's going to be within range. i want you to think of it more of like a key tracking device, all right, so, uh, some of the things that we went over. i gave away this report completely free last week, this product analysis report. many of you downloaded it. it had literally like 2 000 plus downloads, um. so that's the problem. sometimes, when i share something like this, it's supposed to be, you know, just the people that get on this webinar, um, and then someone shares the link and then, all of a sudden, all these people are are download, downloading it, and you know one person can can give this away when they're not supposed to, which is what happened last week- and then, all of a sudden, like all of these outsiders aren't actual students- come in and download some of these free gifts that i try to contain for y'all. so whoever did that um shouldn't have done that. all right, so this is going to.