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get rid of ads on kindle

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Kindle Paperwhite Review ✨ [& how to remove the ads]

[Applause]. hi friends, welcome back to my youtube channel. i'm stoked for this video number one, because i'm posting a video on youtube. you never know when that's gonna happen. i like to keep you on your toes. really, i'm just terrible at being consistent on youtube, but, alas, i'm excited for this video because you and i over on instagram, dms, have been chatting a lot about books, fiction books, which is new for me- and the amazon kindle. also, my dogs are coming. i can hear them. yep, okay, so we might have a visitor. yeah, hi, harley, would you like to say hello, don't smell my coffee. okay, i love you so much. i'm gonna film this video. okay, i don't want you to drink this coffee. you're crazy enough, okay. so, uh, i am so excited to make this video for you guys. i tried to just do it as an instagram highlight. his head is still in the frame, huh, yeah, um, i tried to just make an instagram highlight about my kindle, my kindle experience, because i've been getting a lot of questions about it. but, to be honest, it was just too much to do, like in stories. so i was like, let me just make a quick youtube video just explaining what kindle i got, why i got it, how i'm using it, how i'm liking it, all of that good stuff. i do have notes with me on my phone, as well as the exact kindle that i have. i have like the make and model and all that pulled up so i can tell you. so i'm gonna do my very dang best to not make this video all over the place, but this is my very casual review of the kindle paperwhite. cool, cool. so grab a nice coffee. you saw that i have one. probably i don't need it, but i wanted it. so let's get into all things. kindle, okay. also, y'all know that i don't really youtube that much, so i'm trying my best to look down here and not up here, because i have like a flip up. so if my eyes look a little bit crazy, it's because i don't know where i'm looking. so let's see, i got my kindle on june 19th and let me just give you a little backstory. i used to be such a snob when it came to reading. i did not consider e-readers or audiobooks like a good reading experience. i hadn't even tried them, but i was, like you know, like i have to have the actual book in order for it to be like a solid reading experience, girl. what were you thinking? first of all, i've grown as a reader, okay, um, so that's no longer the case, obviously, but that's just kind of my backstory. i was just like: no, thank you when it comes to an e-reader, i just wanted nothing to do with it. i had tried using the kindle app on my ipad in the past and it just i didn't enjoy it. i used to have a kindle like right when they first came out, and i tried so hard to get into it, but i was just always a physical paper book kind of gal. so keep that in mind as you're watching this video, because maybe you're in the same bow, so listen to what i have to say, because i've been in your shoes, okay, so the kindle that i got, i decided to get it because my husband and i went on vacation last month, almost two months ago now, which is insane. we went to hawaii. we were there for like 11 days. the flight to hawaii from florida is long, and so i wanted to be able to bring some fiction books with me on the plane, but without having to actually pack the books, you know, because that would be really expensive, really just not practikal. it would make my luggage way a time. so i was like i'm going to try this e-reader thing like this is the time to do it because it will actually be helpful for me in my life. so i, even though it's made by amazon- kindle is made by amazon. if you didn't know, i didn't get mine on amazon. i got it at target because i decided that i wanted it the day before we left for our trip, so i didn't have time to wait for delivery. i was like, okay, going to target, going to get what they have, the one thing that i will say the tart. my target only had one option and it made it really easy to choose which candle i was getting, because i only could get the one that they had right. so the one that i ended up getting is called the amazon kindle paperwhite 10th generation 2018 release. i got in black, obviously, it's all they had, um, and i got the one with special offers. now, the special offers, it just means ads, so i actually paid to have them taken off. so now, when you look at my kindle when it's asleep, you see the book that i'm reading. which girl verity. i just finished it. last night, i stayed up late to finish it. i started a day ago. i read it in a day. i'm not okay. i am not okay. verity is such a twisted book. so, anyway, this is not a video toking about my reading experience with verity, so we can do that another time. but the my kindle shows the book that i'm currently reading on the home screen. so i did pay to do this and at the end of the video i will tell you how to do it, in case you're interested. um, but you can buy a kindle, i think, for like a little bit more, without the ads. they call them special offers. their ads it's just like cheesy romance novel covers and like. i'll put a picture of one here. i think i took a photo of one and it's just like. i have nothing against cheesy romances, i love a good cheesy romance novel, but the covers are just not my vibe. so i wanted it off of my kindle, you know. so at the end of this video i'll teach you how to get the ads off, the special offers off, if that's something that you're interested in. um, but that is the kindle that i got. like i said, i got it from target. it was 129.99, but i did get to use my five percent discount. i am a red card holder at target, so, just so you know, i didn't think the red card five percent would work on this, but it did so pro tip for you there. um, so that is the kindle make and model that i have. now i want to tok about some accessories that i have. i have two. it's not. it's not anything extreme. okay, some of y'all on instagram told me to put a pop socket on the back of my kindle. game changer y'all. i am not kidding. this has elevated my reading experience so much. i just have a plain black one because i wanted it to blend in. it doesn't stand out, it's nothing crazy. but when i was on the plane, when i was on the beach in hawaii, when i'm in my bathtub at home, i can just like hold my book up. like it's amazing. i think i love the kindle as much as i do because of having the pop socket on the back. it's seriously. the kindle with the pop socket saved me as a reader and i know that sounds dramatik, but i'm not kidding because prior to getting my kindle, i hadn't read fiction in like two years. i was only on like professional development, spiritual development, business development type of books. so i just went through this period of time where i wasn't reading fiction. now that i have how rude. now that i have the kindle, i have been reading so much fiction again and it's been really good for my mental health. so thank you, kendall. thank you, pop socket. so that is the first little accessory that i have for my kindle, and the only other one that i have is this little case right here. it's magnetik and it's just like a suede type material day. i got it on amazon. they have it in light blue, a beige color and then a gray color. i don't know, i just wanted the pink. since my kindle is black, i was worried that it wouldn't slide down into the sleeve with the pop socket. i thought it would be like too wide this way, but it's not. it slides right in and i will show you. now. i'm going to be honest with you guys. i see, super simple, super cute. i am very rough with my kindle. i did not have this little sleeve when i took it on vacation. i threw this in my luggage, i threw it in my beach bag. i don't have it like a screen protector. i don't even know if they make them. i'm sure they do i yeah. it was just floating around in my bags, but now that i won't know how much i actually love the kindle, i'm wanting to preserve it and make it last as long as possible, so i decided to buy this little sleeve. i have it linked in my amazon store. those are the two accessories that i really enjoy using with my kindle. next up, i want to share with you guys the types of books that i'm reading on my kindle and how i get them on there. so i y

2022 How to get rid of lock screen ads on your kindle fire hd tablet (no computer)

hey guys, today i'm going to show you how you can get rid of ads on your amazon fire hd tablet lock screen. now, whenever you get these, it's going to automatikally have ads and um to get rid of them without a laptop. amazon wants you to go on their app and they want you to pay 15 to get rid of them. that's kind of a lot of money just to get rid of ads. so to get rid of them free you're going to need an app called automate. but to get that you're going to have to have the google play store, unless you use your silk browser. so go on your soap browser type in wwwapkpurecom, all right. then search on apk here, um, [Music], automate. there it is. then press download apk 6.1 mb. then it'll take you to settings saying ads from unknown sources. just turn that on and hit ok on it and then, once that's finished downloading, click the three lines at the top left part of the screen and press downloads. it will be on your downloads. and then once click on it and then hit install, all right, and then, once you're done with that, go to automate. now you see i already have lock screen ad removers on here, but what you're going to do is go to settings, press run on system startup, then go back, then hit community, then search amazon lock screen ads remover v 4.5. now, i've really never tried any of these before, but if you click the adb required one, you're gonna have to have a laptop for that, i think i mean you can try without a laptop, but i don't know if it'll work. but i recommend using the one in the middle. it doesn't say anything about having to have a laptop. then press download, then go back, go back again, go back again and then it should be: yes, it's right here. then just press start and it should say ads have been removed from the lock screen. but if it doesn't work, you can always go try those other endless unlock screen ad removers, but i think those require a laptop. but i think this one should work without a laptop and then just press start. now, whenever you go to community, it's going to make you enter in your birthdate. i don't really see why, but i entered in a date for mine, all right, and now i'm going to stop all these other flows to see if this works. hit start, okay, then try going and looking at your lock screen and see if it works.

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How to Stop lock screen Ads on your kindle no hacking needed

tired of having advertisements on your lock screen on your Kindle Fire. well, we're going to ask Amazon to turn it off for us. ok, Here I am with my attempt to get rid of my ads on my lockscreen. I'm clicking on help and I'm going to cut out where it says the name of my device, etc. but you'll be going to your fire to buy it. in chat, customer service chat me some private information, so, but in the end it's gonna show you some information about where your Kindle was sent, it cetera. go down here and go promotions and deals, and then Kyle here other questions and other questions, and then I'm gonna click chat. Oh, Oh, all right, it worked. as you can see, there is no ads on my lock screen. have your Kindle connected to Wi-Fi? it will make things go quicker before you go into chat, and I typed out my Kindle name and my Kindle serial number so I could just cut and paste that information right in. it should be quick. thank you for watching and I hope you found it useful. if you found this video useful, please give it a thumbs up. thank you.

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How to: Remove lock screen ads on Fire tablet in 5 minutes! (7th generation)

what's up, guys? it's true, from tailor tik. today I'm going to be showing you how to remove the ads from an Amazon fire tablet like this one here. I picked this one up on prime day, like many of you probably did, and, as you can see, there are no ads on the lock screen. now, whether you knew or did not know that it would come with ads when you got it from Amazon, that's how you were able to get it for so cheap, and they don't want you to be able to remove the ads, because that's how they make more money, obviously. so I'm going to show you how to hook it up to your computer. run a simple command and you'll be able to get rid of the ads. I have another one here that I'm going to show you, and it is currently updating to the latest version, so it will be up to date. and yeah, this one's cracked, but ignore that part. just doing it for demonstration purposes and also because I've done that one yet. let's get to it, ok. so, on the tablet, as you can see, it says system updated to five, point four, point four: first thing that we're going to need to do is go into settings, device options, scroll down to serial number and press this seven or eight times and developer options will open just underneath of it. you want to enable ADB debugging, which is already enabled here. so we'll go home now. we'll go ahead and plug it into the computer by USB and I'll also show you that it still has ads. there you go, it's connected to Wi-Fi and it still has ads. and on the computer we will need to go to this link here which is in the description. it's just a Google Docs document for a file that we need. so this was what the link will take you to just go ahead and click download. once it's downloaded, just open it and extract, extract all. I'm just gonna throw it on the desktop. so next we were going to open up device manager by right-clicking on the windows icon and making sure that the fire tablet is recognized. so, as you can see, it's down here recognized. it's gonna minimize that and we're going to hold shift, right click and open command window here so just to see if it is recognized and adb debugging is on and it's - 8080 me devices. so it's showing offline right now and if we look back at the tablet we'll see that it's asking you to allow debugging. so we're gonna press ok and we're going to check again to see if it's working. it's recognizing, so this time we can see it. so now we're going to type adb, shell, and then this is where we need to enter our command, just down here, right after the dollar sign, and here it says success. so that means it did work. just exit this and then back at the tablet, we are going to just reboot it. so I'm gonna shut down and the power back up and at this time I'm also going to unplug it from the computer, because we should be done there. alright, I've just booted up and I do not see an ad. I'll lock it and unlock it a couple times. nope, just the background changing. beautiful. now I can slice my finger open on this crack without Ed's behind it. alright, guys, that's it for this one. I hope you enjoyed it. thanks for watching. leave a like down below if you enjoyed it. subscribe to my channel and check out some of my other videos if you're interested. I will see you in the next one. [Music].

How to take lock screen ads off of a kindle tablet (2021) updated

buddy, itsy boy, devin loreanna, today- and we're doing another video setup tour- is almost here because i have one more thing for my setup to be complete. okay, so for today, i'm going to be teaching you guys how to get your alexa fire tablet, amazon tablet, my bad, your amazon fire tablet. so, yeah, guys, i have my amazon, you know who? hd10, ninth generation. it's a 10.1 screen. so i'm going to be teaching you guys how to get the ad watch. i'm going to close out my tab real quick. i'm going to close this out, i'm going to turn it off and i'll turn it back on. so right now, i have to show you guys while i'm recording, because if i turn it off on my tablet right here, as you can see, as if i turn it off right there, then it'll say stop recording. so, yeah, let me just exit these things real quick. so i'm going to be teaching you guys how to get no ads on your amazon fire kindle, hd 10, 9th generation tablet. so first thing you're going to want to do is go to your settings, right. so there is no easy way to do this. there is no other way to do this. all those videos on youtube, they're all scams. they're all just trying to waste your time, you know. so you're going to want to go to help. so what you're going to want to say here in help, you're going to click on photo and email. i'm gonna photo my email and phone, phone and email. so then from here it's gonna say: what can we help you with? so you're gonna wanna go to. so there's options right here: content, device settings, subscriptions, account and something else. so if you're gonna wanna take off the ads off the tablet, you wanna go to something else, click email. then from here you should have your email address on there already. all you want to do is type in what you want to say. so what you're going to say is: hello, like i'll just do a fake one real quick, then pause the video, okay, so you're gonna want to see something along the lines of this. i put: hello, i am a loyal amazon user. i would very much appreciate it. appreciate. i forgot to put in my bad guys. if you can remove the pop pads on my lock screen, please and thank you. so if you put something along the lines of this, they will go ahead and send you another email saying that they removed it and they'll give you instructions on some on more pop on the pop-up ads on your home screen too, there's some. there's a little bit of pop of ads, but it's okay, they'll send you instructions so they'll tell you that. they'll tell you somewhere along the lines of thank you for reaching out to us. we've done it for you. thank you so much. and then so i just i'll put a picture, like right up here of what they sent me back and i'll put a picture of also what i said. so yeah, guys, this is how to get rid of the ads on your lock screen of your amazon kindle, amazon hd 10, kindle ninth generation or any kindle, if you wanted to just get rid of the ads. usually there's pop-ups everywhere on here. so this is a tutorial hopefully you guys enjoyed. if this helped, you make sure to drop that like and subscribe and i'll see you guys in the next one. peace.

How bad are the ads on Kindle Paperwhite?

take our lead. let's help you make your mark. our goal is your satisfaction. let us show you the way. the general reaction towards the kindle paperwhite special offers as positive, with some users pointing out that the ads do not interfere with the reading experience and are highly relevant. some even said that they were able to read amazing books they'd only discovered through the deals. let's help you make your mark. kindles with special offers have advertisement on the lock screen and on the home screen. i find this the single most annoying thing about kindles, far more annoying than the ads themselves. it's just a pointless swipe screen that forces you to stare at an ad for five seconds before the kindle turns on. take our lead. the ads are one bar at the bottom of the screen and the screen saver. you will spend 99 of your time in a book where there are no ads. just get it with ads and call amazon and ask to have them removed. they usually do it no questions asked. not worth it. make your mark. take our lead. here's how to do it. sign into your amazon account and go to manage your content and devices. devices: select the kindle device from which you wish to remove special offers. look for a line that says special offers, offers and ads. click the edit link next to subscribed and follow the instructions to unsubscribe. [Music]- take our lead. it only uses power to create the image on the screen. this is why an amazon kindle with special offers can display an ad on the screen when it is in sleep mode while consuming little to no battery life. with that being said, the kindle can be turned completely off when you are not using it. let's help you make your mark. the ads will appear on the lock screen of the kindle paperwhite. they will not pop up and interrupt your reading. if you want to remove the ads, you can do that from your amazon account for a one-time fee. look for a line that says special offers, offers and ads. let's help you make your mark. first of all, there are no hardware differences between kindle with and without special offers. the difference is that you'll receive sponsored ads as screensavers for the kindle with special offers. sponsored ads on kindle devices are not invasive or pervasive, and unlikely to be so in the future. let's help you make your mark. ads regularly support and subsidize content delivery. these lock screen ads aren't that bad either. even if you get an ad supported device and you hate it. then you can just pay to have the ads removed in the device settings or through your amazon account. make your mark. take our lead. select kindle and then click the device that you want to remove offers from. finally, click remove offers and pay the 20 fee. it can take up to 24 hours for the ads to be removed and you might need to restart your kindle. if you have any issues or want some help with the process, contact amazon support. let's help you make your mark. here are the main differences: display: the kindle has a six-inch 167 pixels per inch display, while the kindle paperwhite has a six-inch 300 pixels per inch screen. the basic kindle has four led lights, while the paperwhite has five, but neither compared to the 25 led lights the oasis has, which contributes to the screen glowing more evenly. let's help you make your mark. if you want to compare the nook with other kindle versions, please see kindle dx versus nook and kindle original versus nook. if you are in the market for a good color e-reader with low glare display, good physical design, better personalization choices and more user accessible storage, then nook tablet, as a better choice, take our lead. ads are displayed as a screen saver when your device is in sleep mode and at the bottom of your device home screen. on fire tablets, they are displayed on the lock screen. tap on an advertisement to see more details. let's help you make your mark. normally, amazon charges 20 to remove the ads. in fact, removing them is as simple as going to the manage your devices page at amazon and clicking a few buttons. but if you are really stingy and don't want to pay extra, there are a couple of ways to avoid ever seeing screensaver ads on a kindle, and it doesn't cost uh. [Music]. thank you for watching. please subscribe and hit the bell notification.