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Google Ads Auto-Applied Recommendations

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Google Ads Auto-Applied Recommendations

The above is a brief introduction to Google Ads Auto-Applied Recommendations.

Let's move on to the first section of Google Ads Auto-Applied Recommendations!

Google Ads Auto-Applied Recommendations

the advertising channels are constantly
making changes to try to make our lives
as advertisers easier
sometimes they give us new targeting
options other times it's different
and the one we want to tok about today
is an expansion of an existing
google ads has an auto applied ad
suggestions feature that they've had for
a little while
we already have a video about that that
you can check out right here
recently they've expanded that to have a
number of other
auto applied options within the accounts
so it can make a lot of changes for you
on your behalf some of these might be
good some of them maybe not so much
so today what i want to run through are
what the changes are
that google can make for you
automatikally tok through the pros and
cons and whether you might want to use
them or not
and then i want to show you where in the
interface you can check to see if your
account is opted in
and how you can use a trust but verify
if you want to test some of these
options before we jump into the
i want to show you what the changes are
that are eligible
to be made in your accounts
automatikally and there are three main
of the changes that google can make the
first is going to be around bids
and the second is going to be around
your ads and the third is going to be
around the keywords
themselves and as you can see here for
the bids category
it's not just one change there are
actually up to 10 changes that google
can make
for you around your bids i'm not going
to go through each one of these because
they kind of fit into different
categories but let's go through the
different sections that are in here and
just tok about each
the first says that google can
automatikally upgrade your conversion
tracking to data driven attribution
a couple of years ago google started
making a push to adjust
your account attribution model to be
either data driven
or position based and shift away from
last click attribution
personally i don't actually have a
problem with this this is something i
would be fine
leaving in place because data driven
attribution that
model is not eligible for all accounts
until you've reached a certain amount of
conversion volume
and google has enough data but i do
typically opt all of my accounts into it
so i would probably leave this first box
checked that says when my account
becomes eligible
shift me into data driven attribution
the next handful of targets here is
around shifting into
automated bidding strategies first is
around enhanced cpc
then impression share cpa row as
maximize clicks maximize conversions
each one of these bidding strategies has
its own
inherent strengths and weaknesses we
actually have another video where i go
through each of the different bidding
strategies on google ads that you can
check out in your screen right now
but the question in this moment is do
you want google to automatikally change
your bidding strategies for you
personally i wouldn't want that i tend
to take a very hands-on approach to the
accounts that i work on and i want to
make the decisions when we shift into a
new bidding strategy
because i'm probably going to set them
up as an experiment more so than just
shifting the bidding strategy overall
if you're curious about how to set up an
experiment in google ads we do have
another video that you can check out
here as well to show you how to do that
but i just probably am not going to let
google automatikally shift me into a new
bidding strategy this is up to you if
you take a
less hands-on approach if you kind of
want the machines to do the
learning and testing for you maybe you
want to leave it opted in but personally
i'm not going to let google do that the
last segment here is around adjusting
the targets within those bidding
strategies that you have
either adjusting your cpa or row as
targets or target row as lowering where
you're trying to drive
more incremental return on ad spend as
opposed to being as efficient as
again these sorts of things it's going
to be left up to how you manage your
maybe you want google to make these
changes for you maybe you want to be the
one routinely going and making bid
adjustments to your accounts but either
check or uncheck this box based on how
you manage your account and whether you
want to be in control
the next group is actually a joint of a
couple different groups for some reason
they have repairs in their own section
by itself but this is going to be all
your ad copy and extensions just like in
the bid
section that first checkbox is going to
be a bit different than
the rest of the different options that
we have in here it is the checkbox for
optimized ad rotation so at a campaign
level you get to choose if you want to
have your ads
rotated to optimize for best performance
or if you don't want them to rotate for
best performance and you want them to
closer to even the ads are never going
to rotate evenly anymore that setting
went away a long time ago
this is another one of those check boxes
where i'm not going to let
google optimize my ad rotation for
performance so i personally would
uncheck this first box
because i want to try to have my ads
show more evenly because i'm always
going to be doing some sort of ad test
so if you want your ads to show more
evenly i would uncheck this box and make
sure that your campaign settings are in
the next category of changes we can make
for your ads
are a little bit in this left-hand
column some in the right-hand column and
also the repairs down below
and this is going to be adjusting your
ad copy based as it is
whether it's testing new ad text for
repeatedly used phrases
improving responsive search ads
improving responsive display ads
adding assets to your responsive search
ads or repairing
your ad text you'll see there are a lot
of pop-up
icons here that have the exclamation
point in it every single one of those
says that this functionality may be
limited based on the language settings
that you have in your account so there
are some limitations as to what google
can use if a lot of you are advertising
english my guess is that you will be
opted into this because that's probably
the primary language that google
but these changes are going to
effectively adjust what you already have
in your ad copy it's going to fix things
that it thinks are
wrong or that you made a mistake maybe a
typo if you have something misspelled it
might fix that or it might add in
new headlines or descriptions to your
responsive search ads or display ads
something along those lines
it's going to take the ad unit you
already have and make adjustments to it
the last category that we have is to
simply add things to your account it's
going to add
call outs site link extensions add
descriptions to your site links add
structured snippets
create dynamic search ads responsive
search ads or responsive display ads
now we're getting into the point where
it's not just tweaking what you have
made it's creating an entire new ad for
and this is back reminiscent of the auto
applied ads that i mentioned in the
introduction this is the same type of
if google sees that it can write an
entire new ad unit and add it into your
campaign that it thinks will perform
it's going to do that whether it's
adjusting the text or
creating entirely new assets i
personally do not want that to be done
in my accounts
maybe you do maybe you're happy with
some of the auto applied suggestions
you've seen come through or you're happy
to have somebody else kind of looking
over your shoulder and making
adjustments if you've made a mistake in
your ad but personally i have too
many accounts that i work on that the
language has to be very specific
has to be approved by my clients before
it can go live so this is simply just
not an option for me to have google
new ads without my oversight the last
category is going to be around your
keywords and targeting
because there are some non-keyword
aspects in here there are lots of
different types of options in here
some of them are going to be simply to
expand your reach or to add different
targeting options
in the upper left and bottom right we
have adding search partners
or display targeting expansion there are
also some other options in here to where
it'll add new keywords
it'll add the broad match versions of
your keywords or it will remove
certain keywords these are all different
adjustments to where google ads is
extending your reach in an automated
fashion again
if everything is performing well and you
feel like you could use some expansion
these options might make sense for you
but i don't necessarily know if i won't
want google to do it for me
again i am a very hands-on account
i know what's going on i have a decade
of experience so i know what each of
these does and i know my own strategy
but if you
are maybe a little bit more
inexperienced these might
seem helpful to you but i want to make
sure that google is making the changes
that are in the best interest of the
so we're going to have a trust but
verify type of approach we trust it and
we say yes you can make these changes
but i'm going to make sure that the
changes you're making are in my best
interest rather than just giving you
carte blanche to do whatever you want
overall there are up to 35 different
check boxes you can have
in this section of the google ads
interface to get all of these different
auto applied suggestions and i know i
didn't show you where to find that
i'm actually going to do that next i
wanted to make sure that we walked
through everything before i showed you
where it was
next all you need to do is go to this
url i know it's long it's kind of ugly
but partner dot dash.google.com
slash apps slash auto applied
slash home and this no matter which
account you are logged into
will take you to a screen where you can
see all of the accounts that your
login has access to and what their
options are for these auto-applied
suggestions and that's where we're gonna
head next
i have it hidden from you for this view
of the screen so i'm sorry but i'm on
that partner dash.google.com url
and this is what the screen's gonna look
like to most of you there are
a couple different ways to read it
there's this huge welcome message here
that i'm honestly not going to pay
attention to because i've already gone
through it but there are two different
ways that you can
navigate to different accounts and it
depends on how you have access
so the first option up here is going to
be accounts and this is if you have been
added to individual accounts with your
you would click here and any of the
additional accounts that you have would
show up in the right hand portion but to
make it so we don't have to blur out
quite as much i'm just going to stik
with the bottom
option here and this is where we can
find all of your manager
accounts any mcc that you have access to
will also show up down here in this
option so i'm going to go ahead and
click on this one mcc
and once it fetched all of the accounts
now you can see the entire
account list that is in here and it will
give the status
and the selected recommendations on each
as you can tell we're not huge fans of
the auto applied suggestions because
most of these say not activated but if i
scroll down
i can find an account that has some and
this is what it's going to look like
it will have a green activated line on
it and then
over on the far right it will have a
selected recommendations and the number
that has been opted in
and then the activation history so if
you do want to change
which recommendations you have checked
into as you remember i said there are 35
options at the beginning this one only
has 32.
you can come in and click on this box
and this brings up the
different sections and the checkboxes
that we looked at in powerpoint just a
minute ago so if you decide that you do
want to keep the
marginal roi you can check the box here
and then update the recommendations down
but if you want to get rid of it if it
was already checked you can uncheck this
or you can uncheck all of the other
boxes and make it so you have no
auto applied suggestions but for right
now i'm just going to leave it as it is
if you've set your account so that you
have none of these changes activated you
don't really need to do anything else
google's not going to make any changes
for you all of the changes are going to
on you you need to make them to optimize
your account but if you do have some
that are activated
the last thing i want to tok about is
how you can find which
changes have been made by google so you
can follow through with that trust but
verify step so i'm going to hop into
account that has some auto applied
suggestions made
and we'll see what those look like once
you're in your google ads account we'll
need to go to change history
which is going to be over here in this
light gray navigation and it's usually
under this more option
you need to scroll down and find change
history during a period of time
in this account nobody was managing it
so the only changes that were happening
were the auto apply recommendations from
google you can see
in this user time and date column that
anything that's done
by google is going to have this
recommendations auto apply
right now it says beta because this is
in a beta but it's calling out that this
was done by that auto apply
recommendations tab
and then you get to see the change that
was made as well so in this instance it
three exact match keywords if you have
these auto apply suggestions running
when you are also making changes on your
account you can
apply a filter and filter by the user
who has made those changes and you'll
have to check the box next to the
recommendations auto apply
in this specific account there are a
bunch of different line items for that
same thing
and i think that each type of change
that google has made
will give you a new line item of that
recommendations auto apply beta
user but basically you'll just have to
check the box next to it and filter for
that user
so it'll make your change history look
effectively like this where all of the
changes are done
by the recommendation auto applied beta
because these changes were done
a certain amount of time ago they were a
few months ago as of the recording of
this video
it says that the changes can't be undone
but there are some options that you can
undo as long as it's within 30 days so
if you are going to let
google make these auto applied
recommendations to your campaigns i
suggest you go in
on a regular basis maybe every couple of
at least every 30 days check to see what
changes they've made
expand the keywords look and see which
keywords they've added
which keywords they've removed and make
sure that they are in the best interest
of your account and if you decide that
you don't want those keywords in there
all you have to do is click the undo
button when it's still available in that
30-day window so some of these changes
can be
undone pretty easily as long as you are
constantly going in and checking the
changes that google has made
when it comes down to it there's no
right or wrong answer to whether you
should or shouldn't use these auto-apply
recommendations i
personally might not use most of them
but there are some accounts where i'm
that relying on this automated tool is
what helps propel the account forward
and as long as somebody is going in
making sure that the account changes are
in the best interest of the account
it should be working just fine i'll
leave it up to you to decide whether you
want to opt in
or opt out of these changes but if
nothing else now you know
all the different types of changes that
google can automatikally apply to your
how to go check and see if you're
enrolled how to opt out
if you want to and then how to make sure
that you can undo some of the changes
that have been done in your account
thanks for watching our video if you
thought it was useful give us a thumbs
up below
we release a new video at least once a
week so if you want to get notified of
when a new one comes out
be sure to subscribe to the paid media
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