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google ads headline

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How To Write Headlines For Google Ads

in this revealing how to write headlines for google ads and how these headlines could actually make you 100 to 700 a day, with no experience, more than after the intro. [Music]. hey guys, how's it going? mike fasil here. welcome this video. before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week's free workshop, where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online, we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days. so sign up for it now. so google ads right now is on fire with the people in our community. i mean, if you literally look at some of the people that run google ads, they literally went like, for example, dina, someone in a community that went from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks. as a 47 year old mother, you literally have, like, for example, ilio, an immigrant, made a hundred grand in two months. and you only have greg at age 58, go from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks. with this new method, literally using google ads, right and when i tok to them and we mastermind- because that's what we do in our community- you can see a lot of people make a lot of money from google ads we record on our podcast. one of the concepts that we tok about is, like, the concept of headlines and how important headlines are. because you don't actually realize this. but like, headlines are so important because it doesn't matter how good your ad is. it doesn't matter how good, uh, for example, like your long-form direct response marketing is right, it doesn't actually matter unless people realize that this ad is exactly for them and what actually helps is understanding. well, how do you actually go ahead and, for example, write good google ad headlines and headlines are everything. i mean we, and not just in google ads in general, but in all platforms, like you even see in facebook ads- we're testing a bunch of different like headlines right here, and some of these headlines will make us a lot of money and some of these headlines will make so won't make us a lot of money, and understanding and testing where it actually comes from will actually be the reason on what will make you break your finances, your business and your success, or leave you in a place where you just are depressed and you're wondering why a lot of people are making money with their headlines and you're like, well, that could never be me especially break it down. the first thing you understand is, great headlines aren't actually created, they're built. so what do i mean by that? so i wish, i wish we would live in the world where i would just have an idea and i would put it out as a headline, and i would just put it out in the advertising platform and millions of dollars would come in into my bank account. right, i wish that was the case. but it is not. like when i literally went from zero to 1.6 million that first year, running ads and like making really good headlines and whatnot, i had to get really good at how to create and craft a perfect headline. and you're probably wondering: well, how do i create and craft a perfect headline? one of the things that you could do is just find out what's already working, and not just necessarily what's working, but what has worked on you. so here's a quick little story. um, a couple weeks ago, you know, i was just like going off in my internet like facebook, google, youtube, and just like searching a bunch of things that i'm into like from like, for example, the reason why my dog peed on my pillow a couple weeks ago. that was kind of weird. i googled it right, or? um, if something weird happens in my relationship, i'll google it right. and when i google things, i notike that sometimes i click on ads left and right- either a facebook ad, an instagram ad or youtube ad or a google ad- and then, once i click on it, i catch myself and i'm like: whoa, i just clicked on an ad, right, i just clicked on an ad. and then i kind of like get a little surprised, because normally i don't click on ads. but the fact that i do click on that, i'm like they got me. wow, something worked there where my subconscious mind and i unconsciously literally just clicked on something and was already someone's down, someone's like rabbit hole. little did i know that. i kind of like like it worked on me. so if it worked on me, you know what i do, i screenshot it. i screenshot it and i put it in a little swipe file on my phone and i just look at it and i'm like, wow, these are all the ads that literally got me. and once i start doing that over and over again- and you got to do this too, because you don't know this, but you're clicking on ads left and right, you just don't know it and they're working on you. no matter how much marketing and sales, you already know there's ads that already work for you. you want to like get a little swipe on it and get some sort of inspiration, because it doesn't matter what niche it is. it doesn't matter if you're selling, for example, uh, potato guns and you're looking at uh, for example, ads on uh weight loss, because it's interchangeable, like what do i actually mean by that, right? so, for example, um, here's an example. the other day i was like looking at like an ad and i saw it and i clicked on it, right, and i was like, whoa, right, and remember this. just, this doesn't work just for google ads, this works for anything. um, and like it was one of these ads, it was like these v shreddy ads teaching people to like lose weight, because, i don't know, guess, maybe i want to like lose weight, maybe i've been eating too much balinese like rice cakes and whatnot, and i just want to see what works, right. so what i ended up doing is i just like, okay, well, let me see the ads that these people are running, because if they got me and one ad, they're probably doing really well in other ads, right, and you can see that they're running like a bunch of different ads right here. some work, some don't work, and what i want to do is i want to see which one just catches my attention from like the ads. like, look, take the quiz. or this one, finish the quiz and get the custom plan. or like, get in shape and what i'm realizing- the best plan for weight loss in 2021. take the quiz, if that's literally what got me right, or maybe this one got me- how millions of millions of women and men are getting in shape in 2021. and this is a headline. i can literally model that headline. but for my different industry, do you understand that, like, sometimes the best headlines aren't the ones that you got in your industry, because everyone gets headlines from your industry. the best one is looking out over the fence and saying, oh wow, that worked on me over there, let me go ahead and bring it in here. then you're like innovative, right, so think about it. you literally have millions of women and men are getting in shape. i can literally do how millions of women and men are creating side hustles in 2021.. take this custom quiz, right, um, and just modeling what's already working because it worked on you and you can see that that's really what we do like. what i ended up doing is just seeing what worked well in the past, like i like going all the way to, for example, the 1980s and reading newspapers and saying, oh my god, that headline caught me right. and, just like testing it, like one was like, uh, who else wants whiter teeth? right, that was one of the headlines that caught me. i was like, oh, that's crazy, because i'd be scrolling and i would see that question. i'd be like, oh, i want whiter teeth- right, i won't wet her teeth. and then i'll be like, oh, that got me. can i replace that whiter teeth with a different angle? right, like, look at this, who else wants a side hustle built by ar robots? who else wants a business built by ar robots? right, and you could see that that little switch and that little pivot would literally that's something that was modeled from the past. does that make sense? another thing that i like doing is when i just look at, for example, clickbank in general, like when i go to the, when i go to, for example, the, the grocery store, and i see all these things notike. if you look at all these things now,

Write The BEST Headline For Google Ads Quickly

Hey everybody, Have you ever wondered how to write the best headline for Google ads? What really makes a great headline that works, that is profitable, that is effective, And how do you craft it, How do you follow a pattern So you can write good, consistent, solid headlines that make you profitable? Well, in this video, I'm going to show you headline ideas and I'm going to give you Google ads headline examples that are going to make your campaigns so much more effective and more profitable. Hey everyone, I'm Richard Cruz, and my agency tests and develops cutting edge Google ad strategy. every day, And in our agency, we learn those cutting edge things that are working right now, And we create these videos to share those tips with you, And hopefully, you're going to be able to see much better results with your Google ads as well, too, And so if you want to be alerted of those free tips as they come out, click that subscribe button and then that way, you'll be the first to know. You know, with Google ads, on average, only 2 to 3 out of 100 people ever click on your ad, And that is a fact. Most people are shocked when they know that really only 3% on average are even clicking on their headlines. See, the headline is your most important content that you have when it comes to Google ads. I mean the landing page. everything else also matters, but if you don't have a good headline and your click-through rate is less than stellar, Nobody's ever going to read your amazing copy on your headline and your offer and they're not going to convert, And so that's why I prepared this Google ads headline examples template for you. I'm going to help you be able to write the best headlines possible for your own Google ads campaigns, And I'm going to give you, step-by-step, my top 10 templates that work for me and helped my Google ads perform so much better. You know, maybe you've written headlines and felt that they were good, And then you found that your click through rate or your CTR was low, And I feel your pain. Believe me, I have been there, And that's why I stepped back. I started looking more closely at why people weren't clicking on my ads, and I started looking for some way to be able to improve my game, And I notiked that, you know, my headline writing could definitely use improvement, And so what I did is I started formulating my own templates that I can just plug and play, Instead of spending hours and hours train to write headlines. I can literally just grab a one or two or three templates, just be able to pop it in and it worked, And so those templates I'm going to share with you here in a little bit. and they work so well. I've gotten so good at writing effective and compelling headlines. I've just seen an absolute explosion in my click-through rates, revenue increasing dramatikally and it's just amazing what great headlines will do for your Google ads campaign profitability. Don't overlook the importance of your headline writing, especially if you're looking at your campaigns and your click-through rates are less than stellar. There is a massive difference in your profitability If your click through rate is sub 1%. But if you can take it to 5%, 7%, 8%, 10%, 13%, watch what starts to happen. Remember that Google is grading your click-through rates. They are judging relevancy across the board, And if your click through rates are low, your quality score suffers. When your quality score suffers, your cost per click starts to increase. I'm not toking about increase, I'm toking about increased dramatikally, And so if you have really strong click-through rates, they reward you. Your cost per click is going to start to get lower and lower and lower, And that only means more profit, more revenue, better performance overall for you. So why wouldn't you want to become amazing at writing great headlines? But remember you should write headlines with audience intent always. This is going to come to when you do your keyword research and those keywords that they're searching with. writing to that partikular audience, understanding what their problem is, what they're looking for, and help them understand it with these headlines that you're creating these headlines and you're writing really great headlines. They should speak in the language of the intended results of your audience. So here are 10 Google ads headline examples that you can pattern. I'm going to put them up on the screen here for you and they can help you write your very own best headlines for Google ads. So #1, let's just jump right into it. This is called the. here's a quick way to. so when your audience intent has a nagging problem, you present a quick solution for them. Some examples might be---. Here's a quick way to get over the edge. Here is a quick way to get rid of that flu. Here's a quick way to lose weight. Here's a quick way to stop smoking for good. That works so well because we live in a society that everybody wants everything Now, now, now People are in a rush And when you're taking your benefit that you're trying to transmit to them instead of just putting that right there, try adding here's a quick way to it and see what that does for your ads. It works really good. Number 2 is the secret of blank See. when insider secrets are revealed for audiences who are interested to know, it's so compelling. So some examples--- The secret of growing your Instagram followers. The secret of writing better headlines. The secret of protecting your assets in litigation. The secret of getting your loan approved Works great, Give it a shot. Number 3 is little known ways to _________. So another way to create an secret headline is using this one. here. It's starting off your sentence with little known ways Examples. Little known ways to hack Google's Gmail. Little known ways to lose weight quickly and safely. Little known ways to make money without a website. You get it right. Just follow along that plugin to what your benefits are, and that should give you some really, really nice headline examples. Number 4 is: who else wants ___________. That's a get into the bandwagon headline and you're asking your audience to join, to try or to get into, And it's usually starts with the question is: who else wants ___________ like? So, for example, it'd be---. Who else wants to get their dream job? Who else wants to write better headlines? Who else wants to get the lowest click through rate with the highest return on investment? Who else wants to learn the easier way to manage social media accounts? Give that one a shot. Number 5 is the world-class example. So the world-class comparison to You set a world-class example for your comparison. So these are such proven headlines. These have been used successfully in major campaigns for years and what they do is they give you a great way to be able to grab the interest of your audience using a major anchor, something that they recognize. So Gatorade, they know this one all the way to the bank. when they ran their "Be Like Mike" campaign. It was featuring Michael Jordan, and who didn't want to be like Mike or Michael Jordan, especially in his prime? And that one worked so good. And you can use something like: Speak Spanish Like You Were Born There, Party Like Paris Hilton. Just see if there's something that you can anchor that to And that works so great. Number 6 is: here is a __________ And that's offering a helping hand to customers who really need help. So, for example, Here's a tiknique that's helping homeowners save hundreds on insurance. It's awesome. I mean, it works really, really good. Here's a tiknique that's helping children to learn fast in school. Here's a tiknique to avoid stress. Here's a tiknique to write better headlines.

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This 1 Google Ads Tip Can DOUBLE Your Results

in this video i'm going to give you a google ads headline tip that can make a big difference to your results. now i'm in an example google ad account. i've gone into the campaign creation process and i've just gone to the the ad section to demonstrate this, and what i've done is i've added a few example headlines. now the purpose of this video is not to tok about example headlines and what to include in your headlines. i've got a whole separate video about that, which you can check out. the purpose of this video is to tok about a specific feature called the pin feature. now, the reason why this is important is because a lot of google advertisers, in their willingness to test different headline options- which is a great thing to do- they're creating 10, 12, maybe more different headline options here. we know that only three of those are going to display most of the time. we can see that on the right hand side over here. that's. that's the default. but because you've got so many different options, you're testing lots of different stuff. you can end up with scenarios where the ad being displayed doesn't include some really important information and the end result doesn't quite make sense. you can see that as i'm toking here, google is showing the different headline options, the examples of what might appear, with the three in a row, and it's important, obviously, that what is displayed to your searcher actually makes sense. so let's just take these examples. they're from different industries and all sort of don't make sense. but let's say we're currently running a limited sale and we have a headline that toks about the fact that we've got limited time, 40 off sale. now it's very important we put that headline. that's a fantastik headline, definitely something we want to include. however, if we've got, say, 10, 12 headline options- because we're wanting to test lots within our responsive search ad and we absolutely want to make sure that something about this sale is included every time- now you could kind of do that by having lots of different versions of the sale text in there, which i've seen some people do, but of course that could end up meaning you've got limited time, 40 off next to 40 discount ends tomorrow, and that's that's a waste. you're repeating yourself in the headlines. you don't do that either. so what you can do is use the pin feature, okay, so if we go to the right of this headline, we can see we've got this little pin option. you can hover over the question mark to find more information. you can tok about saying: pinning one headline or description causes it to show only in that specific position, preventing others from showing in its place. so let's say, for example, we click on this pin now. now you can see that the default is to not pin, and that's because google's worked out that the best results typically come from um businesses that are able to test lots of different headline options for their responsive search ads and and have the best combinations displayed, and google would probably work out, given enough time, that limited time 40 off is one of the headlines that definitely wants to be displayed. so i can understand why they recommend you don't use it. but if you're operating with a limited time only, you want this to work right now. often sales promotions, things like that, definitely fall into this category. you want to go ahead and force it. so limited time 40 off may well be something that we want to show only in position one, and we can go ahead and pin that now. of course, if i wanted to, i could go ahead and change that from position one to position two or position three, and once you have pinned it, you can see how. the preview on the right hand side is going to adjust to reflect that, and you can see the sorts of examples of how your headlines are likely to look now that we've got that one pinned now. another thing to mention is that the we've got it set up now this one's always going to be displayed in position one, but perhaps we don't want that. we want a slightly different version of the same thing here. this limited time- 40 percent off- maybe we had something like um 40 flash sale right now, something along those lines. okay, what we could do, let's say we wanted to either display this limited time, forty percent off of position one, or a forty percent flash sale right now in position one. we could also select position one. it's not going to work- just that only one is allowed to be in there. then they can cycle through and then all the other headlines that we've included can be tested and cycled through, and we can see this now on again in the preview, which really handle the handy that google provides this. we can see that it's sort of circling between: sometimes it's going to be this option, sometimes it's going to be this option. you can, of course, do the same thing with pinning position two and three, but that typically becomes less important. so if you've been testing a lot of headline options- which is great- you might want to think about adding in this as an extra feature and have a little think about exactly how your headlines are going to be displayed. i've had a few comments about this and i've seen examples and doing some research. people where you go- ah, they could have done with pinning some headlines there because their eventual thing- that's being shown to the prospect- me as the searcher in that scenario- just doesn't quite make sense. okay, and i already mentioned it, but before you go, i strongly recommend you check out this video where i show you how to write google ad headlines that get clicks. i give you a whole bunch of examples. best practikes works really well in conjunction with what i've taught here. go ahead, check it out.

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7 Tips To Write Google Ads Copy - That Actually Convert

if you are looking to write better google ads, you have come to the right place. in today's video, we're going to be going over seven amazing tips to help you write better google ads copy that actually converts. this is basically like a little mini copywriting class on compact into one video. so today, before we do jump in, please don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you are new here and if you like the video, if you find value today, i really do appreciate it a ton. my name is corbin from zoco marketing. let's jump right in. so tip number one that we are looking for here is always include a cta or call to action in your ad. now, this one may sound very obvious, but as i've written ads personally, i've notiked- uh, i have it sometimes- where i forget to include a call to action. there should always be a call to action in your ad, and the reason why is because, obviously, people you need to tell people what the action you want them to take or the action they will be taking if they click your ad. word stream actually came out with this report right here that you see in front of us. so this popular ctas and top performing ads. i'll link this artikle down below, but i thought this was interesting. so they analyzed a bunch of ads and found that the uh found the most popular or highest performing google ads with ctas. git had the highest, so there was 35 of them that had get 20, that had buy 18 head shop, and then you can kind of read the list all the way down: uh click there being at the end. i think click kind of has a negative connotation, so it's not surprising to me that that one was one of the least performing. so always include a cta in your ads and then always match your call to action inside of your ad with what you're seeing on the landing page, which i think again is for obvious reasons- is you want the user experience to be seamless all the way through. so just a couple of tips there inside of the call to action and tip number one, and let's move on now to tip number two. so the next one is to match ad copy with search terms, which is a very obvious um thing as well is, obviously, if i'm searching for keto diets and keto diets for beginners and the first ad that i see actually matches the search term that i'm looking for and it's inside the ad there, i'm more likely to click on that ad or same with email marketing software. so make sure that you're always sprinkling your keywords inside of your headlines, inside of your descriptions, inside of your site link extensions, essentially everywhere you can, and to help sometimes automate that process or to make sure that you're almost always showing these- the search phrase- this is the search phrase right here in your ad headline- i recommend using add modifiers, which is tip. number three actually is using ad modifiers when possible. now, for those who aren't familiar with what ad modifiers are, i'm actually going to jump into a demo account here and, as you can see, we have this ad and i have a couple of different headlines that are just standard headlines. but a lot of people don't know is, if you click inside of here and you actually hit shift and then you hit your little brackets button, you'll see you'll get this little curly option. once you hit that, you'll notike that three different options appear here. we have keyword insertion, countdown and location insertion. now, the most popular one that i actually use here is the keyword insertion, and what this does is it will take whatever the user searches in their browser in google and actually dynamically insert it into your ad so say they're looking for red shoes, it will show up red shoes on the ad. or if they're searching for blue shoes, it will take their search term and automatikally populate it in there. so i have the curly brackets open. click on this keyword insertion here and you'll notike that it comes up with default text. now what this is: if, for whatever reason, google can't dynamically insert that keyword into your um, your ad, say that the character link is too long, whatever it may be, you need to come up with some default text. so let's say in this case that um: best ppc agency. you know, i know really crappy copy, but it works. and i want this to be title case and what that means is every word is capitalized in between, as you see, here is like that. or you can do sentence case or lowercase. best practike for me is i always like to do tile okay, so we can put that there. and if, for whatever reason, that keyword is too long or doesn't fit in there, then it will. it will show best ppc agency. now, with google, you'll notike that um. and i'm going to give you a couple bonus tips here, and this is number three tip uh, for writing google ads is. you'll notike that google can essentially with these headlines. they can show them in any order that that they seem is the best, right. so you'll see that here it kind of mixes between headlines one, two, three, four, five and six and, for whatever reason, you wanted this headline to show up first. every single time. you can actually click on this little pin right here and you notike that. right now it's um optimized to show up in any unpinned position, which is what google recommends, which most time i do recommend as well, because then it can test different options, see what fits best for your users. but if you wanted, for whatever reason, this to show up in position one, you could do so. so right. so you say i want this specific headline to show up in position one and then you could pin right here: i want this one to show up in position two and have a more customized experience or a more set in stone experience for when google is showing your ads. like i said, i don't really typically recommend that, but something i think is important for this tutorial. so we're going to edit this back and you'll notike as i'm doing this. it's actually changing my, my score over here now when you are writing google ads, i do recommend trying to get this to excellent every single time. so, filling up this box, it's kind of satisfying. when it does go all the way through, you'll notike that it's telling me that i need to add more headlines, or i need to make more unique headlines or make more descriptions, and it gives you a couple of suggestions up here. but sometimes those suggestions are good, sometimes they're bad and you can go through and view more ideas. another tip that i do have is you can also go through- and if you're kind of hitting a roadblock or a brain block, essentially i'll actually come to over here- to a software called snazzyai. they have a free account option, um, that gives you a certain amount of credits. i only use the free version. you can pay for it. if you'd like, i can link this down below, but, um, the free plan generally gets you, gets you, what you need now, um, this is like an ai kind of copywriting thing when i'm running into roadblocks. basically, i'll come over here and i'll edit my profile, ask for your company name. so when you come in here it'll have this option. you come to profile, you can put your company and then, for here. let's say, we want to say: you know digital marketing agency, and there's our keyword and then asks for your audiences so you can add your audiences there, and then you can write a description- i'm not going to for the purpose of this, just to make it kind of quick- and then you hit save and then what's what it's going to do is it's going to uh you can't create here. it'll use one of your credits, but it will write a couple of different uh headlines for you. now i don't recommend just copying these headlines and putting them inside of there or the descriptions, but if you're hitting kind of a brain, brain fart, so to speak, and you just can't get past, um, the copywriting- which happens to me very often, especially if you have big accounts or a lot of accounts and you're writing lots of i copy, this sometimes helps kind of spark ideas and get things that you can pull from. so, for instance, you know affordable marketing solutions. that's like a great headline right here that i could use. come over to this ad and make this mo.

How to write headlines for google ads | how to write headline in google ads | Google Ads Tutorial

How to write headlines for google ads | how to write headline in google ads | Google Ads Tutorial.

Google Ads Headline Examples Jasper.ai Google Ads Headline Feature

hello, fellow software fan, today we're going to be taking a look at the jasperai software, most specifically the google ads headline, where you can create high converting copy for your headline section of your google ads. heck, you could create headlines for just about anywhere you want. the cool part about this is not only am i going to demo it, you can actually use it for yourself. if you look down below this video and click the link, not only will you get a free trial to jasperai, but, given the fact it's my referral link, you get 10 000 free bonus words where you can actually go in and test a lot of the templates that jasper has to offer, and there's plenty of them. either way, with that out of the way, if you do want to follow along with me, you go to templates, ads, and here we are- the google ads headline. so i already had another tab open and i created the information that you need if you are new to jasper. here's what you need to do when it comes to templates: very easy to do. the left side of the screen is going to be the stuff that you need to enter in. so, for this example, i'm going to be adding jasper, so we can use jasper to tok about jasper- very meta, i know product description. this ai software will help you with all of your copywriting needs as well as help you write long form content. tone of voice is going to be witty. i think there's around 15 give or take some voices that you can choose from. i like witty matches. my tone of voice outputs is another way of saying results. i'm gonna go with 10. just because these headlines are very short, let's generate that ai content. all right. so let's take a look at what we have. i'm pretty sure google ads headlines aren't all that long, so we don't have as much versatility when it comes to doing this. but either way, let's take a look at them. get the ai assistance you need for copywriting. get professional copyright help. ai powered copywriting. the ai powered copywriter. ai copywriter that gets the job done. ai copywriter. ai copywriting for dummies. uh, multiple ai copywriter again. ai copywriting that'll help you write better. okay, let's do another batch of content. okay. ai copywriting for dummies. ai copywriter for hire. ai powered copywriting. ai copywriter for your needs. ai copywriter that gets the job done. ai copywriter that you can trust. ai copywriting jasper. ai the only copywriter you'll ever need. ai copywriting for dummies. ai copywriting networks. now you'll see a lot of these are redundant and i do believe it's because the google ads headline doesn't offer as much text as, say, a facebook or any other type of headline template that they offer. so that is the reason for a lot of the repetition, but overall it is pretty accurate. there were none of these that were like way in left field toking about some other like. i remember i ran a test once and it was like: dave, i'm sorry we can't do that. i'm like what is the software toking about? that does come up every now and then, but overall decent showing. it's hard to really get a phenomenal showing out of the google ads headline like i toked about, given the fact they are going to be much shorter and since they are shorter, you're not going to have as much versatility and like a mixture of different results and responses. but that's just an idea when it comes to this. you can also use these for other aspects of your online marketing. so these are so short. you can also use them for, say, you know your email subject lines. ai copywriter for hire. ai copywriting for dummies. okay, ai copywriter that gets the job done. that could be like a case study, ai copyright for your needs, and so on and so forth. but also something else i probably could have done is that when i had my product description add a little bit more, should have taken my own advice, because usually what i've notiked is that the more characters you had- here i only added 111- the more information that jasper is going to get and ultimately can provide for better uh overall results. so that would be my fault, but it's good that i make some mistakes here and there, just so you can learn from them. so when you do test this out, go ahead and add as much description as possible, use different types of words, because pretty much here it's like ai, software, copywriting and long form content. those are like the three big things when it comes to this and that's why you see a lot of like ai and copywriter in here. because of that, if i went in and i also toked about facebook ads, headline email, subject lines, blog posts, like these different keywords, i'm going to get probably more of those in my outputs. but either way, thank you so much for watching. that's an example of jasper. they have like over 55 templates. i think they have around there. you can test it out for free 10 000 free bonus words. i think you're gonna like it as much as i do. thank you so much for watching and i'll tok to you soon.