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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How To Use Google Trends For Product Research - Find Dropshipping Products

[Music]. hello everyone and welcome back to on our Channel. my name is Ennis and I'm working for you, so if you have any questions or any video requests, make sure to drop them below or check out my Instagram- it's right here below me- or just drop me a comment. as I said, I will reply to each comment from now on on my new videos, of course. so today I'm going to show you how to use Google trends for product research, for dropshipping, on e-commerce in general. and disclaimer: I will not show you some average information like how to use Google Trends, what it does. if it's going down, people are not searching for. if it's going up, people are searching for. that's the average information that everyone knows already. I'm not going to show you that. if you don't know what is Google Trends, I'm sorry, check out another video. in this video, I'm going to show you how to use Google trends for precision product research, for dropshipping and e-commerce. as I said, and just to make it clear, I will give you a simple example. imagine you are going to a point that's far away- like 10 kilometers away- and you have three roads to go there and you don't know which road is actually faster or more comfortable that you could ride on or or bike on or walk on. so you need someone to give you that precise information like where to go, which road to take, which one is the better. so imagine you find a guy on the crossroads and you ask him: hey, which road is better here? this one or this one or this one, and they are all will take you to the same point. but the Precision will save you time and money and also maybe some muscle pain. so the guy will obviously direct you to the, to the best road. I will say, hey, take their left one. the left one is comfortable and faster and have better views. well, thank you, Google Trends. that's why we'll use Google transfer. so I will show you one of my tricks: to find some products, we will use Google Trend or the guy Google Trend. we would ask him which one of those products is actually working now or not. because that information is not available anywhere else except Google Trends, because we are no Google. he's the giant, he's he. he knows everything, believe me. he knows everything about you, about me, about everyone. and without any more Trucking, let's get to it. and before that, please, there is that subscribe button right here. there's a subscribe button right here. make sure to click it, please. the first thing I'm going to do is not access Google Trends because, as I said, we will ask him for directions. the first thing I'm going to do. my favorite guy and, as I said, the guy who knows everything- is Google search engine. so I'm going to access Google search engine, for example. let's just close this one right here. so, as I said- and I will show you one of my tricks that I always use to find products for dropshipping and e-commerce in general, and how do I do that? I try to figure out events in a specific country. there is a lot of countries in the world and there is a lot of events happening right now, as we speak. there is something happening in, maybe in some country in Asia or South America or something like that. you just don't know it. you don't have any idea about it, but the power of Google search engine and power of internet in general, you can find anything you want about, anywhere and anytime, basically. so, in my previous video, I did show a unique trick as well, and I did. I did end up on a country by accident, which is Spain, and I did find it by the growing e-commerce business there. so it was growing, so I did go for it. in this case, I'm going to go for one of the First World countries. so, for example, let's just go for a maybe Australia. yeah, let's just go for us. let's just avoid United States, Canada and so on, let's just go for Australia. what I'm going to do is the type in Google search engine, basically the the upcoming events in Australia. so with this search, we will try to find some the upcoming events right now in Australia. I don't know them yet. I'm going to see. right now, the first website is australiacom, which sounds legit. so they should have the correct information, right, okay, so this is australiacom. this is some video promotion, just for the website. what is this? yeah, this is just for the website. major main event calendar. this is exactly what you need. so chat, mate, chatur, mates. this is so Australian. yeah, mate, okay, later mate. so the first event is is called Cape to keep. this is a biking event here. this is a a forest biking event or I should say off-road biking events. I'm sorry for the words here. my English is not very good. English is not my native language, so excuse my pronunciations on what words I use to explain stuff. so the first one is a set game to keep, which is our biking events. [Music]. this will be good. let's just open up this to check which date and also the information on it. this is nose up, try it long. this is a triathlon event. s are really known for people and people like them a lot on. also. they, as far as I know, they use different. they use they. they organize a lot of triathlons for the people, the professional, which is like an international competition where teams from all around the world competes, just like the Olympics and so on. and they organize other ones for amateurs, for people that like the sport, so kids can also join and other. that. that's, that's the information I have. I might be, uh, I might be wrong here, but I think this is what happened. this is what happens in Triathlon events. this is- let's just open up- triathlon first. always like. this is the music event. this is not that many products you can use in a, a festival and Music Festival. what is this? I don't know what. I've seen this face somewhere. I don't know what. do I know this? no, no way, no way I would know this person. so I see this, this face. oh God, damn it come back. I seen this face before. I don't know what this is. Oh, Lady Gaga. This is Lady. yeah, this is Lady Gaga. what's going on here? what Lady Gaga does here, the face actually is really. it's accurate. you see, in place with the portrait, it looks like she's from the 16th centuries. yeah, this is really good. this is really good. I don't care about the Lady Gaga, by the way, just also a musical festival, a c week. this is will be nice as well. Sydney French Festival: I thought it was cringe Festival. I was like, what of cringe Festival? okay, flower festival, flower Carnival- okay, let's check. keeps, you, keep. I agree, even though I don't agree. yeah, this will be good. not much information about this. for the mountain bike: uh, this would be harmful for people, so not so many people will will try to do this because it's four day mountain bike stage race, so this might be hard for some people. [Music] know that right now. another try to jump back in five days each week. Queensland, Queensland, queensland's really good, by the way. Queensland has amazing beaches and it's really good. coincidence, I saw some videos about Queensland. it's, it's, it's amazing. yeah, check this out. this is. this is a very good view. this is like a lagoon or something like that. yeah, this is really good. and see weak. yeah, Civic will be good for- for goggles. also, swimwear in general, this will be good. keep to keep, not so much. so we have these two right here. noza Triathlon. so let's just use our brain, because mostly people will say: finding Drop Shipping products, you need to use tools, you need to use access tools, pay for this tool and pay for this tool. and copy this title and do this. no, you use your brain. so this is a triathlon. let's just try tryathon first. let's just first thing I'm going to do is basically, as I said, this video is about Google Trends. right, just access Google Trends. so let's just change the country: Australia. where are yours? where are you mate? here we go, Australia. so let's just type in here: try it alone. yep, try it. long did go up here. maybe some event here in Marsh. this is going up again and keep in mind this is an upcoming events and even Google Trends does not, as you can see here, check what it says here. the values for this point have virtual, incomplete data ava.

6 Ways To Enhance Your SEO Strategy With Google Trends

what's up everyone, welcome to the Surfside PPC YouTube channel. today I'm going to be going over six different ways to use Google Trends to enhance your SEO. so what we're going to be doing first is we're going to be entering a search term or a topic. so we're going to start here. let's say I sell beach chairs, so I'm getting ready to sell speech chairs. I'm going to look up the search term beach chairs to see when people are searching for that the most. so we can see right here through the past 12 months- June, July starts to increase. in April we see kind of a peak here in March. very low rest of the year. so we're seeing basically from about March until the end of September people are probably going to be buying beach chairs, but for the most part we wanted to capture them during this. this Rush right here. so we're looking at the United States past 12 months. so the first thing you can do with SEO is understand seasonality. if we look at the past five years, we're just looking at beach chair as a search term- you can see the peak June to July 6th every single year. so it's going to end up being right around June. it looks like it's peaking every single year seeing the same time. it's peaking. so we know when we need to focus our SEO efforts. we know that during these slow times, we need to really really be focused on our SEO so we could take advantage of these major rises in people searching for beach chairs, because we want to sell them, our beach chairs. we want to rank high in search engines, no matter what they're searching. so that's how you can use seasonality and use demand to drive your SEO strategy. so that's going to bring us to number two, and number two is going to be that you can actually look at what people are searching. so let's use Shopify. this time we'll use the topic of Shopify. so anybody who is looking up the topic of Shopify in the United States, what you can do is look at web search- image search, new search, YouTube search- to come up with different trending ideas. so as we scroll down here, we're looking at related queries. right now we're looking at the Google web search engine. so some related Search terms that are rising. so you can see if I'm covering Shopify, whether I'm covering the platform or I'm covering Shopify as news in general. you can see some of these different related Search terms. a lot of people focused on the Shopify stok, probably comparing it to the meta stok. so as we come down here, all a lot of this related to the stok in terms of rising. so now let's look at top search queries related to Shopify stok Store app website: my Shopify. what is Shopify stok price? you can see. if we're looking at Google Trends, we're going to find a lot of ideas related to Shopify and the actual stok itself. but you're going to see here theme shipping, Drop Shipping- so you can come up with some different video ideas about some of the top themes that people can use, different themes for different types of websites, some different shipping apps that people can use with Shopify. so if you're searching a specific topic here, you can also adjust the search engine. so let's go into YouTube search and let's see if we scroll down here. if I have a YouTube channel, I want to make sure I'm creating videos about- uh, Shopify. so Drop Shipping 2022- CJ- probably Commission Junction. Drop Shipping. Shopify analytiks, Google analytiks- how to cancel Shopify. so that's another video. right, there is Shopify worth it. that's a video. Shopify meta Fields: that's a video. automation: that's a video. so how to change the store name. so you can come up with a lot of different ideas just by looking at different search engines and creating content specific for those search engines. so let's see image search. if people are actually searching for different Shopify, so the logo website stok. not too much here as far as image search, but you can see the power between going from web search to YouTube search, to news search and seeing some of these different topics or Search terms that we're looking up and what is rising in these different search engines. because when you're looking at Google Trends data and you're looking at YouTube search, this data is all going to be geared around the YouTube search engine, whereas this is all going to be geared around the web search engine. so you want to make sure that you're looking up the right search engine depending on what type of content you're creating. now that's going to bring us to number three, and number three is the overall trend and the interest over time. so let's just say, for example, I'm looking up Farmhouse Decor, so I have a farmhouse Decor website, so I want to see how has Farmhouse decor trended? and let's say, let's look at the past, let's look at all the data we have available to us and see how it's trended. so what you can see is, for a long period of time, Farmhouse Decor- basically no interest at all, very, very low interest. and then we're seeing a major, major, major, major increase in Farmhouse decor and you can see it Peaks here in January 2021 and then we're kind of seeing pretty steady results from that point. so looking at all of this data- where it's a little bit too much data- so if we just look at the past five years, for example, what we can see is Farmhouse has been pretty steady over time. we've seen a few times where it's peaked, but it kind of has a pretty steady interest at this point. but if you're looking at all time data, there's clearly a point where people became much more interested in Farmhouse Decor. think it kind of ties to Chip and Joanna Gaines because they're so popular and that's the type of Decor that they use. so you can see kind of the trend over time for certain types of topics. and one thing that you can use this information for is, let's just say I'm creating content for my YouTube channel and I don't know whether to create content about tiktok ads. so let's use the search term here. I don't know whether to use create content about tiktok ads, or maybe I want to create content about Pinterest ads, maybe I want to create content about YouTube ads or maybe LinkedIn ads. okay, so we can compare these different Search terms here. so we have four different search rooms that we're comparing and what you're going to see is, right now, YouTube ads is dominating this. so I know, okay, if I'm going to create content around these different types of topics, then let's start with YouTube. now, after YouTube, let's remove YouTube from here. so we have tiktok, Pinterest, LinkedIn. maybe I want to create some videos about, let's say, Microsoft advertising. so, formally, Bing ads, let's say, use Microsoft advertising, use the search term, and maybe I just enter Bing ads here as well, because people still search Bing ads a lot. so we're looking at these five different Search terms and what we can see here is a major growth in tik tok ads. so we're seeing a huge level of interest in tiktok ads. so that's clearly the next thing I should create content for. and then after that it looks like LinkedIn ads is more popular than these other in terms of just looking at this main search term here. so we can kind of gather from looking at these main Search terms: for example, if I get rid of Bing ads. we'll remove this. see Microsoft advertising all the way at the bottom. Bing ads is still more popular than Microsoft advertising. even though it's the same platform, people still refer to it as Bing ads. so we have Google ads here and what you're going to see is just dominates all of these other advertising platforms because it's the biggest platform. it's been around forever. so you're able to see some of these Trends over time and you can compare multiple Search terms to kind of come up with an idea of: okay, maybe I should focus on this first, because this is going to help me kind of take advantage of the popularity in this search term compared to some of these other Search terms. so you can see there's clearly a lot more search volume and a lot more people searching for Google ads compared to these other platforms. but you are seeing tiktok ads g.

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Shopify Product Research On Aliexpress STEP by STEP Using Google Trends

so you want to find that winning product right? you want to, you know, find that winning product so you can quit your job. you're trying to find that winning product to. you know, get that financial freedom right. well, in this video, I will teach you guys exactly how to find winning products, step-by-step. so if you're ready for this video, make sure you hit that subscribe button. go ahead and hit that like button. share this video so that a lot of people can access this content, because sharing is caring right. and also, if you have not grabbed your winning product, grab it in the link down below. it's been helping a ton of people out and you don't want to miss out, alright, so let's not waste any time, let's hop straight into my computer, alright, guys. so I will reveal my winning product in this video. you know I'm gonna teach you guys, step by step, exactly how I was finding it. you know what my mind was going through. you know why I chose this product and you know it's gonna be a banger. so if you're ready, if you're hyped for this video, go ahead and smash that like button right. freaking now, okay. so what I did was, first of all, you know you want to find where you want to get your products right. with Shopify and drop shipping, you mostly get your products from Aliexpress, right? so I went to the Aliexpress website. instead of, you know, typing in, you know, going in here and going into whatever initially I was in, I actually looked for keywords within my niche. okay, so I was in the kids niche, right? so I'll do search queries like moms, kids, babies, things like that, right? so I'm gonna show you guys a live example on how I was able to find this winning product. okay, so, since some of the kids niche, I typed in keywords. right, I typed in kids. so I'll go in, you know, I'll do the typical, sorted by orders, and I'll see exactly. you know what was the highest-selling prod, so you can see that this teather is, uh, you know, number one for the babies. this one is number two. so you know, they have some very, very promising products, right? so I kept looking, I kept looking, I was like babies, so I kept going through every search term and, as you can see, these has about three thousand orders, two thousand, six thousand. so these products look very appealing, right? I can probably this one's 82 cents. I could probably sell it for like maybe $14.99 or $19.99, right. so then I went to another keyword and I just typed in Mom's. so once I typed in mom and I clicked on orders, you know I found a product that very was very, very intriguing. I was like HM, this has a lot of reviews, this has 3,000 orders and I was like this is about 17 bucks. okay, this looks really, really good. so I actually clicked on this product and you know I had different types of variants. I love the aspect of what this does. it helps moms like storage their things for their kids, or they can, you know, use it for travel bags. so that's why I found with this product, I found that was very, very promising. so then the next step that I did was I actually went to on Aliexpress and actually searched that this exact bag, right? so I went on Aliexpress and I so I sorted it about orders and I saw that all these were having high volume orders, not just from one supplier but from multiple. this has about eight to eight thousand, six thousand, six thousand, five thousand, right, three thousand. so I knew exactly this product was selling in the market, guys. so these are the types of things you kind of want to look for, you know when you're finding winning products, especially if you're doing the traditional way of sorting by orders. so I saw all these high-volume orders. I love the product, I love the concept of it, and so, you know, I took it a little bit deeper and I wanted to look on Google Trends. right, basically, Google Trends is a place where you can find trending searches or things that people are toking about. so if you're not utilizing Google Trends, you know you're missing out on a lot of product research. okay, this is gonna save you a none of you know mistakes in wasting time. so what I did was, you know, i typed in diaper bag as the search term and i looked at it. it was pretty, pretty healthy. right, it's above 50, is way above 50. actually, it's around that 75 percent mark. so what I like to do next is, you know, I like to see that, as she's selling all over the United States, right, it's selling in Mississippi, Utah, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, and then what my favorite of area is to go right here. so I would go on related queries and I would, you know, instead of doing the top queries, I do rising at. so once you click, rising is actually gonna show you the graph that is gonna go up, right. so then I looked at Halawa diaper bag. I wanted to see exactly what that was, so I searched it up and I found the exact freaking bag. so that's how I knew that this product was selling. I saw youtube videos about it. I saw like other brands were, you know, promoting it. I saw all these other things were happening, and also, what helped me out was seeing this term break out. when you see a break out, that means is a trending, you know, term, or a trending product, or whatever you want to call it. so that's why I took initiative into action on this product and that is why I was able to, you know, make great, great profits and great, great money with this product. so why did I choose this product? what's so great about this product? why is this categorized as a winning product? well, the thing is, if you scroll down here, right, you know, let's look at the features for a second, you know, first of all, it helps moms. the second thing is that um is a tool for their kid, right. they can use it for storage and they can put clothes in it- of water bottles, baby bottles, things like that, right? and the last thing that I looked at was it was very, very affordable and they could take it anywhere. right, it's very, it's not too big, it's not too small. so I knew that this product was going to be a banger guys. I'm just looking at the stats. I even proved that this product was already selling in as a search term, as a, you know, as a broad term. [Music].

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Why Are You Not Taking Advantage Of This (Google Trends For Shopify Dropshipping & Ecom)

hey guys. so, first off, if you're watching this video expecting like some crazy tool life you know, go down in the description, click this link and sign up and you're going to have some tool that's going to give you some amazing results. guys, it doesn't exist. I wish I could give you on and I wish I could recommend one. now. there are quite a few websites that a lot of dropship is using their back-end and stuff. then you can poke around and kind of get a drift of some knowledge and other dropshippers quite get, and I will try and put that in future videos. otherwise, if you want to be in this one, just shoot me a DM on Instagram. but in today's video I'm not showing anything new. I'm not showing anything that has not been spoken about about other dropshippers. I just decided to make a full-on video about it because I don't think a lot of people are using it to its potential. so what I'm going to be showing you here is Google Trends- exactly which buttons to press, kind of why I use it in the way that I do, and some other stuff. so just make sure to watch it. like I said, there's nothing amazing, not brandnew, but I use this every single day and I 100% going to you, if you start implementing it, it will make an amazing difference in your dropshipping resource [Music]. all right, so this is essentially Google Trends- now, when you get into Google Trends, actually going to come up with this- and so it will allow you to add a search term. you can choose your location, you can choose your timelines, your category and then obviously, Google owns YouTube and stuff, so you can choose web search, Google Shopping, YouTube search, etc. I just want to make a note in the beginning of the video that you can do some other stuff on you as well. so you're in the search, you can basically just see what the main things that were searched in the previous year, as well as some trending searches, a lot of the trending, so interesting stuff on news related. so you know it will be nothing to do with e-commerce and stuff. same thing with here in the search subscriptions is something that I've been trying out recently. essentially, you can create a subscription here and it allows you to do things like like: if you put in a search term and then you choose your region, how often, once a week, once a month, essentially- Google is going to go ahead and send you a whole lot of updates on kind of what happened with that term or more people searching for it. so it's a very, very, very quick and easy way to maintain and keep an eye on. is a product trending upwards or down which I think could be very beneficial? so, like here you can see, obviously one of the biggest search terms is fortnight in the past 12 months, which makes sense. you can see the World Cup, which also happened in the past 12 months, also searched up. so a lot of this stuff you would expect, just based on what's happening in the world. now. in the previous video I did show you a few, but now let's get into the econ side of things. so one of the, I think, the most notorious ecommerce products is featured spinner, but it's also one of the most interesting Google Trends. so if you search for fidget spinner in Google Trends and you could have over the past five years, you can see that it was pretty much zero. no one cared. no one cared. then it went less than one and then it went all right up to relevancy, an interest of a hundred- and then pretty much just collapsed again and that's pretty much where it's been. it's been back at you, no interest of one, why it's a high product. now the video that I made yesterday. I went a bit more in detail with this, but the reason why I'm toking about this in this video is whenever you think you have a winged product or you want to test the product, I'd recommend just throwing it in Google Trends and putting it over the past five years, and you do not want anything like this. you don't want anything that is drastikally scaling up. now I'm actually going to go ahead. let's see if we can find a product that is decent on here, because that's this looks pretty good. see what this is. okay, so I have seen these before. so this is actually a winning product. so I wouldn't recommend testing it, but a lot of people have been making money with it. so let's see what the Google Trends looks like. so what is it? it's a anti-statik hairbrush, so you're just going to put that in there and I'm just going to see here the past twelve months. let's see you over the past five years, but it's been looking like sometimes it takes a little bit long to load, okay, so share some interesting stuff. you can see that it is starting to trend up, if we do over the past 90 days, you can see it's on a bit of a load. okay, let's see the boss. 70 days, see interest over time. all right, you can see there is a consistent spike up, spike up, spike up and down, which is what you want. and then if you put it over the past five years, let's see: yes, so you can see this is very, very different to the vintage spinner finished panel one of them. this is a consistent trend going over, over and over, which essentially just means if the product is evergreen- and it's probably something that you would want to be testing- you can also see related topics which would give you ideas for other products. okay, but shares what's interesting. if you go into the past twelve months, right, you can see it on a bit of a downward trend. at the moment, one of the things that you want to be looking for with a wedding product is an uptrend. okay, like I said, this is a winning product. in my opinion, it's pretty much tapped out by now, which is why I think it's indicating a downward trend. so this is what you don't want to see for a winning product, but you can also do things like change your category so, for example, you can come here and choose shopping as a category. okay, it's gonna say it doesn't have enough data. but let's say you put in the term: hey, you can exactly see which countries are searching the most. and sometimes it will really, really surprise you in which countries are searching the most fruit. because sure, you can get United Kingdom, in Australia, United States, Ireland- so that, because generally a bit of a weird one- and then you've got Singapore. so when you run in your facebook ads for a new product, what you really do want to be doing is coming in here, going to shopping and then having a look at some of this stuff. so, for example, acne is another really good product. I spoke about it in the previous video. essentially it's just evergreen because you can see over the past five years- you know it's constantly just been moving. but if we come here and we search at me right now, just remember that we've got acne worldwide plus four months and the shopping category, what will interest you sure is look at the number one country, this Denmark. so if I was going to sell a product related to acne, I will go ahead and market primarily to Denmark. now that generally will surprise you quite a lot, because most people will just think it comes going to go through the United States for the United Kingdom or some of the big english-speaking countries, and that's fine. that is generally the way to go. but, yeah, you can get some more insight if Google has it. so, sure, I would test Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Australia. okay, those are the five countries I would run attitude, which are very, very different to the general big five countries that we normally test. okay, so that's just an example with the Aliexpress products. now, sure is my last example ahead for you guys, which is a swimsuit. now, why swimsuit? the reason why I want to tok about this is every single year, during summer, dropshippers make a ridiculous amount of money selling bikinis from suits, from shorts, etc. obviously because everyone goes and buys it for the summer. but the most important thing is: when is summer now? yes, summer kind of has an actual month on the calendar, but on Google Trends you can see exactly when the Rises and then the drop, and when the Rises and when the drop, and if you look at it over five years, you'll generally find that the ris.

How to use Google Trends - 2022 UPDATE

so here's how to use google trends in five minutes, starting now. so the first thing you want to do when you get to the google trends homepage is just scroll down until you get to the recently trending section of the page. these are the most popular topics that people are searching for on google right now. so if you need to create some content or share an artikle that's going to drive a lot of clicks today, here you can identify the kinds of topics that you should be toking about or linking to. but the greatest power of google trends is understanding the search volume related to a specific topic you're interested in. that's what we're going to do is go to the search bar at the top- and today we're going to be looking at socks- and as soon as you hit search you get given a trendline and automatikally we'll get a search traffic for the past 12 months in your country, and the first thing you want to do is change that country to the region that you're interested in- we're going to choose worldwide- and then the time period you're interested in, and always start by maxing it out from 2004 to present- and then straight away, you have the trendline for searches on your topic from 2004 up until today's date. so, for socks, the first thing you'll see is that searches started growing about 2008- 2009. this is when the trend for more outrageous socks started and some of the biggest sock companies, like happy socks and stance, were founded. the growth looks like it's slowed down over the past few years, so you can assume that, uh, the market as well, has flattened out a little bit. the next thing you see are these peaks and troughs, and what it shows is how seasonal socks really are. if you hover over the peaks, you'll see that every year, people are really searching mainly at christmas, and then over the rest of the year the search volume really drops. so if we were considering starting a sock company, we should keep in mind that growth has flattened out and it's a really, really seasonal business, so marketing and sales is really going to happen over the holiday season. so the next thing you want to do is scroll down until you see related topics and related queries. so both related topics and related queries always default to rising, as you can see up here. this means these are the new topics that are increasing the popularity within the time period that you've selected, so not necessarily the most popular, just simply the things that have been growing the most over that time period. you can, however, change that to top, which is going to give you the most popular related topics and queries. so this really helps you to understand what trends are increasing in the area you're looking at and can help you decide whether you need to be a little bit more niche or what other topics that you can potentially create content about or pivot towards. so let's choose men's socks, because we see that it's a very similar pattern to the, the broader topic of socks. but the problem is with any data point is that you can add so much more meaning to it if you put it in some form of context. so let's add a comparison topic- women's socks- and when you put a comparison topic into google trends, it will pop up in a different color. so here you can see, it appears in red and what we can see is how the two terms compare when it comes to search volume. so men's socks in blue is very much higher than women's socks in red. so if you're intending on starting a sock company and you want to decide whether to start by selling men's socks or women's socks, the data we're getting from google trends says that there's more demand for men's. so one of the biggest sock companies out there is a company called starts. so let's look at them in google trends and let's type in stance, hit search, and what we're seeing from this is that stance doesn't seem to suffer from the same seasonality. but the challenge with the search term stance is that it has multiple meanings. so we need to make sure we're only looking at stance, the sock brand. so you go to your search term, click on it and choose underwear company and straight away we can see these seasonal peaks and troughs that we saw when we were looking at socks as a term more broadly. another way to do this is go to the categories filter and you can choose by category, so we will choose apparel. so now we're looking at the apparel industry. let's add a competitor here. let's type in happy socks and what we can see is that we've got a lot of redundant data here. so not many people were searching for this for the first few years. so let's narrow down to the past five years. now we've got a really good picture of stance versus happy socks when it comes comes to search for you, which can act as a great proxy for sales and performance more generally. so here, maybe we want to invest in the company or choose one to partner with. we can see that happy socks are really winning in the seasonal battles and overall, look to have more search volume than stance. what you can then do is scroll down and you can see the global picture once. so, for countries colored in blue, it means that more people are searching for stance. if it's colored in red, it means that more people are searching for happy socks. so we can see that while happy socks wins globally, stance actually dominates in the us, canada and brazil. what's happening? happy socks really dominates in europe, russia, india, australia and south africa. so that's it: google trends in five minutes done. if you found this video helpful, please help us by giving us a thumbs up. cheers.

How To Find Trending Products You Can Sell NOW - Shopify Dropshipping

we know we are approaching the end of the year, so what does that mean? sales, holidays and a whole lot of spending. this allows us to take full advantage of this time of the year. what's up y'all Danny here? you guys know we do a free Consulting call every week and if you want a chance to enter, do these three simple things. go ahead and like the video. we put these videos out every single week to give you guys as much value as we can. subscribe to the channel to catch every video we put out every single week. lastly, go ahead and comment the word Q4 with the biggest takeaway you got from this video. I'll be announcing the last winner of the consultation call somewhere in this video, so make sure to stay tuned to see if it was you. make sure that if you're having any questions at all about this video or about how you can get started successfully on your eCommerce journey, and you DM us the word YouTube on Instagram, at Supreme Ecom, so that way we can reach out to you and help you in any means possible. now, without further Ado, let's go ahead and hop you straight into it. each quarter is three months time and right now we are in Q4, which is the most powerful time of the year for us entrepreneurs, and so that way we can take most advantage of this time. we're going to cover the ultimates for finding your competitors. we're going to identify when a product is trending, validate that it has traction throughout the past years, see our winning competitors, product description, so that way we can optimize on it. and, lastly, we can use our creatives when we start running our ads. the crazy part of all of this is that we're doing all four of those things, which is one search. this is why this is so powerful power. so let's go ahead and let me share my screen with you, alright. so first things first, we're gonna go ahead and go to Google Trends so we can go ahead and pick out the dates that we can actually go ahead and take over to ad spot or drop a spy, whichever product resist tool that you are currently using, all right. so we're gonna go here and we're gonna type in just Google Trends. so Google Trends allows us to look at the type of niche, the Time of the Season, as well as products, so you can do all that here on Google Trends. so, for example, I wanted to go ahead and maybe type in back to school, we're going to be able to see the uptrend. I'm also going to be able to identify the downtrend, which are two main key dates that we can actually go ahead and incorporate into finding a product. first, for example, I'm going to go to 12 months for the past five years and go ahead and take a look and identify our uptrend and downtrend. so if we look here, it really starts to Trend up here in July. so that's for the first year as the uptrend and then we start to downtrend around September time. okay, that's for one year. we're gonna go ahead and go to the second year. okay, the second year we see is that it starts to train around July again and then it starts to downtrend around relatively the same time. that's July and September. that we're seeing for two years now. if we go to the next year, given around the same time period, July and if you go down next, September is already starting to downtrend. so that's three years straight that we are saying that it's up training in July and also down trending around September. so now that I have those main dates, what I'm gonna go ahead and do is I'm gonna actually go to ad spot. I'm going to put in those dates so that way we can actually see the products that have been sold around that period of time. so now that I'm here on Xbox, I'm going to put in those dates that I just saw, I'm gonna go in and put in credit between, or I'm gonna put in a scene between, for example, I'm gonna go ahead here, I'm gonna go to July, I'm gonna type in around that time frame. so we saw July and then September. there we go, we have made our search. we'll go ahead and just put in a few likes right here. like, so I'm gonna just put in maybe some tiknology, maybe Shopify, maybe some buttons. we'll go ahead and do keep it simple: shop now, give you some on top, maybe include some likes. I'm also going to go ahead and put in a product I know has done well and I'm going to apply this filter here. basically, after doing that quick search, I can actually see a few ads I have manifested here. I can go ahead and go back to ask by, tweak the search a little bit, maybe further expand the result. but what I'm looking for right now is going to be the product that has, you know, the one that has the most engagement, the one has performed the best. so, as we see right here, this one right here has the one with the most engagement. so I'm gonna go ahead and take a look at that. I'm going to click Arrow. so, now that I'm here, I'm going to add: I'm gonna go to the shop. now it's going to take me to the actual store. so, basically, what we're doing here is we're actually going to start Gathering our keywords. So, based off, like this one keyword that I just found, I'm gonna go to AliExpress. I'm just gonna go ahead and type it in there so I can start seeing more keywords. I'm going to type in the name of the product that we just saw right here. basically, what we're going to be doing here now. well, at this point I'm gonna go ahead and take out a piece of paper. I'm gonna take out a pencil. what we're seeing right now is different suppliers and most of the time you supply will have their own way of describing the product. so I'm gonna go ahead and look through all the suppliers and start writing down all the keywords that I'm seeing. after getting a big list of keywords, I'm gonna go ahead and just start thinking of some of myself so I can actually go ahead and start looking them up and just repurposing that same information and throwing it back on AliExpress. so as we go in here, we see that they're calling it something different, so I'm going to add that to the list. as you see, here I see they're calling it something different. I'm gonna go ahead and check that one and Mark it down on the list and I'm just repurposing the same information and I'm just going to be throwing it back into AliExpress so I can make my list even bigger. now, after you have a good amount of keywords, what I'm gonna do next is I'm gonna go ahead and go to ad spy and I'm gonna put in those keywords one at a time. next, I'm actually gonna go ahead and also go to Facebook ads library, because I can do the same thing on there. I'm going to add a category- all ads- and paste in that keyword. so, as we see here, we have gotten some ads. as we see right now, we have the same competitors, but if we keep scrolling down, we're starting to see some different ones, and all I'm going to basically be doing from those keywords that I just gathered is I'm gonna keep looking up each word, each of those keywords I just found and repurposing the same information back on here so I can make my list and my competitor search expand even further. so if I go ahead and take magic practike out and maybe only look up copy book, I'm actually going to go ahead and see different competitors. the really cool thing about this part, right here too, is that you can actually do the same exact thing with the ad copy, and I'll just go ahead and show you what I mean by that. I'm gonna go ahead and copy, push the text from here. I'm not going to copy the whole thing because then it's going to be a lot more difficult to actually find a competitor who is essentially using the same ad copy. so I'm just want to go ahead and take this portion here, copy that and paste it up here. so after making S search, we have another competitor here. I'm gonna keep scrolling down this way. right here, we're going to actually be able to maximize our results in our search a lot more because we're going to be doing the same concept, but now with the ad copy. not to mention we can also go to add spy and do the same exact thing. so after I'm doing all of that, what I can do. now, since I have that big list of keywords- and I'm thinking of my own keywords- I can actually start to see the traction behind it and t.