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google words ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How To Use Google Ads 2022 | Google Ads Tutorial [FOR BEGINNERS]

- [Instructor]. In this video, you're going to learn exactly how to set up your first Google ad, step by step. So let's dive right in and create our first Google ads campaign. First, we're going to click on Switch to Expert Mode so that we get full control over our new campaign. Then Google wants to give us some guidance by asking for our campaign goal. However, we're going to click on Create a campaign without a goal's guidance. By choosing this option, we keep full control over our campaign. Then we have to select a campaign type. In this video, we're going to create a Search campaign using simple text ads. Those are the kind of ads you see when you search for something on Google. Later in the video, we'll define exactly what search keywords we want our ads to show up for. Now we can determine what should happen when somebody clicks on our ad. As an example for this video, we're going to create ads for an online store selling standing desks, So we wanna get new visitors to our website. So we're gonna type in the URL of our online store. Then let's click CONTINUE. Now we have to define our general campaign settings that will apply to all of the ads inside of our new campaign. So let's give our campaign a name that reflects exactly what we are advertising. Then on the next step, we wanna make sure to deselect Display Networks. This is really important so you don't waste money on useless clicks. You can leave to Search Network enabled if you want to, but I like to turn it off in the beginning so my ads only show up on the standard Google search engine. Then we're going to click on Show more settings. Here you can define a start and end date for your campaign. So if you don't plan on regularly checking your Google ads account, I recommend to set an end date so Google doesn't keep charging your credit card if you forget to turn off your ads. If you only want your ads to show up at a specific time during the day, you can define your ad schedule here. Now let's move on to targeting and audiences. You wanna make sure that your ads will only be seen by people who are your ideal customers. So let's click on Advanced search to find the locations that we wanna target. You can go really broad here or really narrow, depending on your target audience. Let's say we ship our products only to the US, so we're just gonna select United States and then click SAVE. Then we're gonna click on Location options and change the target from presence or interest to presence. This will make sure that our ads will only be shown to people who are actually physically located in the United States. For languages, we're just gonna select a language of our customers, which, in our example, is English. We're going to skip the audience tab because we don't have any audiences yet that we can remarket to. So let's move on to budget and bidding. First we have to decide on the currency that we wanna use to pay for our advertising costs. Then we have to decide on our average daily budget. So let's put our daily budgets to $10.. This will tell Google that they're not allowed to spend more than $300 per month on this campaign. 30 days in a month times $10 average daily budget. Google will then try to figure out the best times to show our ads. So sometimes it might spend more than $10 in one day and sometimes it will be less than $10. But with the average daily budget at $10, we will make sure to not spend more than $300 in one month. Of course, later on we can always come back to this campaign and change all the settings. Now let's look at bidding. Those settings will define how much you're willing to pay for one click on your ad and also your bidding strategy. If you wanna know exactly how the Google ads bidding system works, I highly recommend to watch my detailed Google ads tutorial, where I go a lot more in-depth. I leave a link to that video down below in the video description. To start off this campaign, we're gonna leave the focus on clicks and set our maximum cost per click bid limits to $1.. I also recommend to set up conversion tracking using Google Analytiks so later you can change your bidding strategy to maximize your conversions. I leave a tutorial in the video description that'll show you exactly how to set up conversion tracking using Google Analytiks. Then let's move on to ad extensions. Ad extensions are very useful because they make your ad larger in size, so it takes up more space in the Google search results. This usually results in a higher click through rate, which also increases the quality score of your ad. Having a high quality score lowers the price that you have to pay for each click, So we definitely wanna use Ad extensions. For this campaign, we're going to add four sitelink extensions that lead to different pages on our online store. We're also gonna add some collard extensions. Google will not always show all of your extensions, but you still should add them because if they are shown, it will increase your click-through rate because it takes up more real estate on Google. So let's now click on SAVE AND CONTINUE and move on to the next step. Now we are at the ad group level, where we can define the search terms, also called keywords, that we want our ads to show up for. I recommend to dedicate one ad group to one keyword group so that we can make our ads as relevant as possible for our keywords. This strategy will make sure that we get the highest quality score possible, so we get the best place on Google and pay as little as possible for our clicks. So, for example, in the first ad group, we're going to target the keyword standing desk. So that's what we're gonna call our ad group, And then we're going to define our keyword match types. The keyword match types define what combination of our keyword group standing desk will trigger our ad. First we're going to use the exact match by putting brackets around our keyword so that whenever somebody exactly types in standing desk, our ad can show up. Then we're also gonna use the phrase match by putting quotation marks around our keyword. That way, whenever somebody types in a phrase including our keyword standing desk, our ad can also show up. And then we're also gonna use the so-called modified broad match so that our ad will also show up when people use the word standing and the word desk in the phrase that the type in the search bar. If you wanna learn more about keyword match types, then check out my complete Google ads tutorial. you'll find the link in the video description below. Now we are done setting up our first ad group, So we can also start another ad group for a different keyword. Let's now go for the keyword height adjustable desk, And we're gonna use the same match types like before, but now apply to the keyword height adjustable desk. You can continue this process until you've created ad groups for all the main keywords that you'd like to target. However, later on you can always come back and add more ad groups and keywords. Once finished, we're going to click on SAVE AND CONTINUE. So now we are at the ad level offer campaign. so this is where we create the actual ads for our ad groups. The ads that we're gonna create here is exactly what people will see when they type in our targeted keywords that we have just defined. So let's create our first ad for the keyword and ad group standing desk. We're going to add three headlines to our ad and we're gonna make sure to include our keyword, standing desk, to make sure our ad is as relevant as possible to our target search term. The display path is what's shown to people when they see the ad, but it's not where people will go when they actually click on the ad. So we can also use this path to make our ad more relevant to our keyword. So we're just gonna type in standing-desk. Then, for the ad description, we're also gonna use our keyword once or twice and we make sure to use up as many characters as we can. That's because we want our ads to take up as much real.

How To Run Google Ads For Local Businesses 2022 (FULL TUTORIAL)

what's going on? everybody? it's your boy, jordan. in this video, i'm gonna be teaching you how to run google ads for your local business. a lot of my subscribers are marketing agency owners. whether you are a marketing agency owner, if you're looking to start your own marketing agency, or maybe you are a business owner looking to run google ads for your own business- here in 2022, i'm gonna give you the most updated tutorial video in this video. alright, i said video twice. i don't know why, but if you enjoy this type of content or enjoy this video and you think it's so helpful, please drop a thumbs up. it would really help push this video for the youtube algorithms. and if you haven't already, you want to learn more tips, tricks and how to grow your business. make sure you subscribe to the channel. all right, let's go ahead and jump right into it. so i'm gonna go ahead and share my screen here, okay? so the first thing that you want to do is actually, you want to have a google mcc account. all right, and what does that mean? it's just a manager account, so that you can manage multiple ad accounts under your manager account, right? hopefully that makes sense. so it's, you know it's good for if you're a marketing agency and things like that, but it doesn't really matter. even if you're a business owner would still work, okay, and it's just a lot more. uh, you get a lot more tools- not even tools, but just options- okay, so later on, if you want to manage more ad accounts, you can do so. alright, so it's going to be the very first link, right? so i just googled mcc account. it's gonna be the very first one here. um, from here, just go ahead and create a manager's account, log in, sign in- all that good stuff. okay, i already have my own, uh, google mcc ad account sample, so i'm just going to go ahead and log into that one. okay, but just create your managers account and i'll see you on the inside. all right, so i'm going to be logging in here. this is a dummy account, by the way, all right. so here is what your uh inside of your google mcc ad account is going to look like. all right, now we want to start running the campaigns, we want to start running ads and we want to make sure that everything is set up correctly so that once we start running something, we're going to start seeing a return on investment. okay, there's lots of business out there that run google ads themselves, and i tok to so many of them and they're just, they're like jordan: i'm not getting results right, and it's because you don't have it set up the right way. all right, so don't worry about it. you're going to learn how to do all that today, all right. so the first thing that we need to do is to create an ad account, right? so? remember, this is your manager's ad account, right so? this is not where you run ads out of. you want to create an ad account so that you can run ad, run ads out of, right? so, uh, whether, if you're an agent marketing agency, then you're going to want to create an ad account for your clients. if you're a business owner, and just go ahead and create one for yourself, right so, uh, inside the accounts, right here, the very first one: performance: you can hit the plus sign and we're just going to go ahead and create a new account, okay. so, from here, just go ahead and name whatever it is that you want. so let's just say that you are a- uh, i don't know- personal injury lawyer client, okay, whatever, you can name it, whatever, it doesn't really matter. and then the time zone: um, select, whatever. i'm here in los angeles time, okay, and then you're gonna go blah, blah, save and continue. you don't really need to worry about that stuff. billing configuration: all right. so from here, uh, you're going to want to enter the credit card information that uh is going to be linked to this ad account, okay. so, whatever, whoever is responsible for paying the ads- you're going to want to link to the credit card here, right? so if you are an agency owner, then you want to get your business owners- uh, your clients- credit card on here and, obviously, if you're a business owner, just go ahead and put your own uh credit card. all right. so, from here, just go ahead and type it in very, very simple stuff, all right, um, and that's pretty much it. so, from there, you're just gonna hit submit and you should have your own ad account, all right. so i already have a dummy ad account, so i'm not going to set up this billing here. i don't have credit card on me, but let's go ahead and exit out that, right, and it doesn't matter, it's still going to pop up, okay. so once you, once you create it, even if you cancel out that billing, it's still going to pop up here, right, so? so let's just go back to overview. so this is what your dashboard looks like, right, when you first created, or your mcc account. if you go into accounts here, you can see all your ad accounts, multiple ad accounts, if you've created more than one. so let's go with this one right here, the one that we just created. okay, and as you can see, uh, this is the dashboard of google. alright, now we're gonna start building campaigns and go into ad groups, writing ad copy, finding keywords, how to, uh, how to know what to bid on these keywords. i'm gonna show you, guys, the whole nine yards, right, everything from a to z. so, like i said, guys, if you appreciate this tutorial, please drop a thumbs up. i'm dropping lots of value bombs here and you are going to just crush it with your account, all right? so from here, you can go ahead and create a new campaign. super simple, right? it's the only option that it gives you, all right? so you can also press this drop down menu, by the way, and it'll also pop up all the ad accounts, all right, so we're gonna go ahead and create a new campaign. let's just do something simple, right? so depends depending on what your goals are, you should go ahead and select that. uh, in this case, for a lot of um, you know what we do. we try to do. we generate leads for businesses and if that's what you're looking to do, you just go ahead and select this option right here. okay, um, if you're looking to just get website traffic, you would select this one. but whatever you select, google is going to try and optimize for that goal, all right, so we're going to go ahead and click the leads here from here. uh, you know, you can leave this alone for now, but, uh, depending on what your goals are, okay. so if you want some form submissions- if you're, if you're sending traffic to like a landing page and there's a contact form on there, you can go ahead and check that. and then if you want phone calls coming from your ads, you would just check that. okay, but either way, i'm going to show you how to set thing, set up conversion tracking the right way, all right, towards the end of the video. so i'm just gonna go ahead and leave that unchecked for now. all right, we're gonna go ahead and click continue. and the best one so far is gonna be search. okay, so the search campaign type. now, if you wanna run like youtube ads, this is what you wanna do. go into video and performance. max is a newer campaign type that google has recently just launched. it's still a little iffy as far as results. from what i've heard, i haven't personally used it myself- um, for all of our clients we use search. all right, we can leave all that alone. we can name the campaign, all right. so, depending on what the campaign is about, we want everything to be relevant, all right. so google is very, very they're the number one search engine, okay. and then they are the number one search engine because they show the most relevant uh ads to the searcher, okay. so, in order for us to get a high quality score and for us to for google to think that we are showing people what they want to see, we want to keep everything as relevant and as pac tight as possible, okay. so if this campaign, for example, is about personal injury, we're going to put personal injury, all right. so this is about this campaign is going to be personal, about personal injury, we're going to hit continue now from here, bidding. ideally, we want to use manual, um, manual cpc, which is manual cost per click, and what that means is basically us controlling how much.

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Google Search: Reunion

這是我,那就是我兒時的朋友優素福。 在拉合爾, 我們的房子的前面有一個古老的大門。 一到黃昏, 我們會飛到那裡放風箏, 然後到優素福的糖果店偷 「Jhajariyas」。. 什麼是 「Jhajariya」? 您好, 梅拉先生,你最近好嗎?? 我很好, 我遇見從孟買來孫女 。. 您好, 你最近好嗎?? 優素福,你的風箏被剪斷了!. (兒童的聲音迴盪). 哎喲, 優素福. 您好, 達累斯薩拉姆, 有沒有扎勒糖果?? 有, 爺爺,有電話從德里打來找你。. 您好, 優素福叔叔. 請問 您是誰?? 你好,我是從德里打過來的蘇曼拉. 是你的兒時好友 - 巴爾德夫的大女兒。 你還記得當你還是小孩時,你常跟他一起玩和偷「Jhajariyas」?. 當分區發生了, 我們不得不搬遷到印度過夜。 爺爺, 我常常想起優素福。 請您你快點過來?? 係啦, 這是誰, 我的好朋友. 生日快樂, 優素福, 優素福哦, 哎喲, 優素福. 哦, 哎喲, 優素福, 我的好朋友.

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Google Ads words

all right, welcome back. so in previous section of uh, module two, section one went over to how to list your business on google. so now, show you how to create an ad. therefore, you, if you want to run an advertisement of any partikular sales or you, uh, you just want to populate on a higher ranking on google and you have the funds to do it. i will show you, guys, how to do that. if not, again, the free platform, uh, by listing your business on google, your local uh area, you will still pop up, trust me, you will still populate without using paid ads. you just won't be in the top tier. but if, within your zip code, if you're in a close vicinity of a personnel or a customer that wants cleaning services, you will populate and hire because they're closer. they're closer to your uh zip code where you live at, where we may be it. but now let's just say i'm in check speed, but i'm in the outer part of chesapeake and i type in clearance. near me, another cleaner may pop up. but creating an ad, you will pop up as a whole, within the state, within those categories, within the different cities you you selected. so if i was in uh, i'll put five cities and i want to create an ad. um, i will become up top. i would become one of the top categories as a whole without within the top total of the five states that the five cities that i elected to have my business um ad to be uh researched on. so you create an ad. you create an ad right here, click that button right there on your um business listing portal. so he said: what is your main advertising goal for businesses? cleaning business? i always say: get more calls, because it is straightforward. or if you want a uh to get more website sales, if you're uh sign ups or for subscriptions or anything of that nature, uh, it breaks it down and it kind of uh, what it does is give you a quick template, how to edit or how to uh the format it should look. or you want to get more brand awareness, like you have youtube channel, youtube, how to clean your business, how to clean uh, just a different variety. so you always come back and have and run different ads at one time too as well. so, so i want to brand wearing this. i want everybody to know that i exist. at the same time, i want to get bookings. but either way, if i want to have my brand awareness video. you'll have verbiage, give us adversity. hey, click this link uh to our website to get cleaning services and whatnot. so, again, each category is pretty cool, but just the way that uh, your goal, uh, straight forward, go. so right now i just want to get more calls. more calls, it's great, it's gonna go straight to the contractors. they'll do their bookings because at this point they're needing of cleaning services. there's no need to have them go to the website. um, have them, um, um. again, it's all to how you feel. um, have them. uh, look around and uh, because they're gonna call you anyway. the percentage of me getting clients like i looked at this majority has been called nine times. the time has been caused because they're gonna call the verified kind of service that you have and then i'll try to see other options available to fit their budget. so, which is great. so some instances: um, they're gonna google you anyway and they're just gonna hit, uh, click the website anyway. so if you go out there and go business near you, they're gonna like: well, i'll hit this button, it'll say on their end how it's gonna look, but it'll show your preview. but so let's say i want to get more calls. so right now i have a business website, but, um, [Music]. so again here i could have put my the uh booking link where i keep showing. so if you don't have a website, so if you do, uh, if you don't have a website, and but you can use that, that booking form, so you will still dominate the industry by using just your booking form. because, again, we're trying to get the customers less foot traffic or what they actually need. we're trying to get that kind. we're trying to convert that, that customer, into dollar signs. so do i have a website? so, so, as i look on your mobile, remember you already use your logo, your website. it's not looking at your desktop, so it's self-explanatory call now and you can put in the descriptions here. so this is how the google ads gonna look, and i can go back and let's say that one more time and let's say that i wanted. oh, let's see, don't worry about too much, all right, say okay, i'm good with that. so good thing about google ads is, again, it is straightforward. so the profile we looked at. so remember, we saw ads in the beginning of the research bar. so headline one, headline one is right here in the headline two, et cetera, et cetera. so headline one can be uh, shoe cleaner. you can be uh, whatever. so one of the secrets is so if you're a shoe cleaner business, so you want to pull up another tab, i'm gonna show you the top words that's popping up in google. so uh, shoe cleaner, mirror them. so, shoe cleaner near me. so this is one of the hidden secrets that i use to steal other customers. so where's the paid ads? so i'm seeing the shoe cleaner than me, i think i actually i ain't no shoe cleaning company, so repair. i mean, he just got it straight up so i just put uh. so i was ain't no shoe company named me. so let's put cleaners near me then. so my fat don't say near me, so she uh [Music], home cleaners, don't keep popping up by hitting near me, because i'm literally right on top of my own self. so there we go. so clean home cleaners. so best maids in virginia beach- they probably know one because they're paying top dollar to appear within the whole hampton roads. so again we'll, we will come up as um within the uh, the business, uh listing, which is right here within the map, but the advertisements will pop up number one over top of everybody. but within the business listing we will still see coupling service. we still pop those number one because i'm literally uh, my, my location, how they track us. i'm a little right over, i'm over top of my own self. so i'm still gonna pop, come up top. but if i wasn't outside of level a little bit, i'll probably be like second or third or whatever. but either way, the customer is going to browse. usually i'm gonna keep clicking down here: who's this, who's is that a better rate, and so forth. so it's best made services. now, the cheap. this is see how this is the. this is the name of the business cleaning, the cleaning authority. so this is how these businesses are, are doing this, how they cheat in the system. so best maize in virginia beach. so that's the word you want to use. we're fully licensed and licensed insurance. you want to copy some of their words? or residential cleaning, house cleaning. so that means headlining one. go back, headline one. so you want to. you can copy it for baiting: residential cleaning, copy. you can put it right here and it's going to probably write your residential cleaning. and you can put: you know, uh, then put people give up discount or they're gonna search discount cleaning or uh, best maze in virginianbc. put that in there, let's look. and then this is what actually is going to populate once you finalize your google ads. so residential cleaning, best maze and virginia beach, and uh, again. so you want to change it a little bit. home cleaners: you can put main services near me or not made services, or home cleaners or house cleaners and see if that populates. different house cleaners [Music], the cleaning authority: they are dominating this industry by paying top dollar ads, which is great because they're they're tone over their um, their with the authority rate, uh as um their ability to afford it. the more business they get, of course, the more they can pay for advertisement. so, again, advertisements are paid per click. so they just paid for this ad. just now, this mommy kicked on by me clicking their ad, so let's go back out. and then molly made: everybody know molly made. again, these are paid ads. so then then there's us, just show you guys, uh, 10th is still listed on there. but here we go, right here. so let's go back out. so we put molly made. you can even um put best local house cleaner, or you can put molly made in your uh, there's still that lo.

Google Introductory Google Ads Words Training

okay, um, good morning everybody, and you're very welcome to our google adwords. um, introductory class. um, so, canon, before we start, uh, can i just ask a quick question to make sure that everybody can hear? okay? um, so if you see in the chat, in the bottom of your zoom screen, you see the chat box. so if you wouldn't mind um typing in just to confirm that we can hear everything, okay, please? good, thank you, guesses coming in, and that's always, that's always a good start, okay, um. well, first of all, you're all very welcome um to this morning's class. uh, what we, what we're planning to do, is to uh just get my screen to move forward here. okay, so our agenda for today is: um, we're going to basically walk through. we have about three hours, so 12: 30, and we will take a break um somewhere around about 11: 00 um o'clock, just to give everybody a chance to get up and stretch the legs and walk away from your desk or your laptop, etc. because i do know sitting on zoom calls for that length of time is obviously quite, quite tiring, etc. so what we'll do is: um we're going to go through these topics. um, first of all, we probably do a very. i'll just give you a very quick, brief introduction, my background, and then we'll run a poll, um, just to get a sense of where everybody on the call is at in terms of if you're already um running adwords, if you're experienced, what sort of problems you have with it, etc. just to give me some feedback and it'll allow me maybe tailor the content as we as we go along. uh, by the way, this session is being recorded this morning as we've changed the content a little bit, so it'll be the first version we've. it's the first time we've delivered this exact version, so that will be available to you afterwards as part of the class deliverables. so don't worry about having to write everything down as we go along. you will get a copy of the slides at the end of the class and you will have a link to a video which will which allow you to go back and review what we've said, what we've toked about through the course of this morning. a couple things we'll do before we start in terms of you know, very often people don't think about in enough detail about what or why they're running google adwords, um, is google adwords the right thing for them, etc. so we're going to spend a little bit of time, uh, toking about a couple of things that you really need to understand and do before you even start to enter google adwords and into that whole domain. uh, the basic media course. then we'll be looking at keyword research, which is fundamental to how successful your courses or your campaign is going to be. we look at how to structure your ads accounts and then obviously, creating um your own campaign and some of the key settings to watch. we spend a little bit of time toking about ad groups, ads and ads extensions, what to look for there, and then, finally, we'll sort of tok about metrics to monitor and measure and how to approach optimizing your campaign over time, because the most important thing really i find with google adwords campaigns is they do need constant attention and very few campaigns work as well as we would like straight out of the box. it generally takes two to three months of optimization activities to really get your campaign working in the way that you want. now for questions and answers: um, there is both uh, the q a uh box at the bottom of those familiar with with chat, so you can, as we go along, please put in any questions that pop up that we haven't covered or anything you don't follow um, if you pop it into the q a and at the end of each topic um, i'll review that uh box and try and answer any of the questions that come up. um. equally, you can also type in the chat um, and again, we'll we'll look at that at the end of end of each topic as we go along. it'll be a mix of um slides- the majority content of the slides- but we will be going into a google ads campaign, an account, and working in the account um, just to show you, um in real life what some of the things are that we're toking about. okay. so, considering that we have a lot to get through this morning, let's, let's uh, let's kick on with the uh, with what we're, what we're looking at here. so one second, okay. so just a little bit about my background: um. i've probably, unfortunately, been about 30 years in this business, um, both in the general tiknology and digital area. i've worked primarily initially as an ibm consultant in the e-commerce space, but i suppose my biggest piece of career work was building the lenovo e-commerce environment in europe, which spanned about 14 countries by the time we completed that. so broad experience, partikularly with with large budgets, um. but these days i work with a mix of clients, um across, you know, ecommerce stores, which has been, of course, very, very busy over the last 18 months or two years, as, through the pandemic, people have transitioned more to that. but also we work with traditional distribution and sale businesses, um, who are looking for our new leads and that sort of stuff, which is a slightly different approach in google adwords but equally important. and we've worked with budgets for clients all the way up from, you know, 500 uh euros a month or slightly below that, sometimes, up to larger budgets of of, obviously, 50k per month. nice when you have it, but then you have a lot of work to do to make sure that all of that continues to deliver for um for your client, okay. so first poll of the morning um see how everybody is um. i'm going to just initiate this poll, which is just basically a couple of questions um around um [Music]. let me just stop this [Music] relaunch, okay. so what we're going to, so what you should see on your screen, is just a couple of questions in terms of what you're currently doing with with adwords, and this is really just to give us a sense for what everybody's um doing at the um doing at the moment. so we can get an understanding from, and so we don't mind if you wouldn't mind answering the questions on the screen, um, in the poll and then in about you know, 30 seconds or a minute. we'll, uh, we will share the results and then we will move on from there. does everybody see the poll? okay? okay, so a couple of answers coming in. so we've four or five people have now answered six, seven. okay, we've at seven at the moment. we've filled everything in, so we'll give it another couple seconds. okay, we'll give you five more seconds, then we close the poll and then we'll share the results. okay, we'll end the poll and we'll share the results. okay, so, um, you should be able to see the results. so, um, okay, most people don't have an ad count um on the call. so five out of seven. so we have to create that. that's okay. so, most people. so nobody's actually running ads- paid paid search ads at the moment. okay, that's good to know. so we'll take a little slower maybe in some of the areas. um, okay, budget would be expected to be less than 500 euros a month. okay, um, i have conversion tracking enabled, um, and these are. so we will tok about these metrics in terms of conversion rate, cost per acquisition, return and ad spend, and setting up conversion tracking is probably outside the scope of the course this morning, but that's really, really important that we'll tok a little bit of what you need to look out for there. your average order value or the value of a lead um. so that's good news in terms of, basically, if it's below 50 euros, it's very difficult to get ad worked adwords to deliver um a good return. so everybody at least is between 50 and 150, or indeed over 150 or 500. so that's that's all. that's all good. we don't know the about the um average order value or your average value of lead. it's something we spend a little bit of time toking about. you need to calculate, because i think that's really important to understand um, because without it you don't know if you're succeeding or not. um, most people either haven't done anything or they just know the basics um. okay. so thank you for that, folks. i mean, that gives me. that gives me a a good sense of where everybody's at um on the call. so let me go back to.

Google Ads - Anahtar Kelimeler (Key Words) [2021] #2

Selam arkadaşlar, selam kampanyamız oluşturmuştu ki Bir önceki videomuzda. Bak şimdi de, bildiğiniz üzere, arama ağı kampanyaların dayız ve arama kampanyalarında müşterilerimize nasıl yaşıyorduk. müşterilerimize Google'a yazdıkları kiyurtlar aracılığıyla dolaşıyorken. Örnek vermek gerekirse: biri Google'a gelip SP, şuraya mesela elektrikli araç, şarj istasyonu, yazdı diye: o bir arama terimidir. Eğer sizin anahtar kelimeniz bu arama teriminin içindeyse veya yakın bir anlamındaysa, kullanıcının karşısına çıkabilirsiniz. Ben bir Kullanıcı olarak arattığımda ne görüyorum? bakın bazısı reklamlarla karşılaştım, Demek ki bu reklamverenler bu arama teriminin yakın varyasyonların da veya Aynısı olabilir ve ki bu ve reklamlar vermişler. ki verdiğimiz neredeydi kampanyamıza geliyorum ismi kampanyada hatırlarsanız anahtar kelime arkasında geliyorum. bakın, Burada bir sürü anahtar kelime var, Bunları beraber oluşturmuştu. gördüğünüzde. Şimdi ben de hepsi kaldıracağım. bak, hepsini seçiyorum, düzenle, diyorum, kaldırıyorum ve onayladım şimdi Anahtar kelimelerin hepsi kalkacak. bak, şimdi gelin sizle buraya yeniden anahtar kelime ekleyelim buraya, nereden gelmiştik tekrar göstereyim kampanya tıklıyorum ve şurada anahtar kelimeler var, oraya geliyorum, altında anahtar kelimeler sekmesinde yim bugün anahtar kelimeler Bizim Reklam verdiğimiz anahtar kelimelerdir negatif anahtar kelimeler ise reklam vermek istemediğimiz anahtar kelimelerdir kesinlikle arama terimleri kullanıcıların Ne oldu aradıkları terimlerdir a çıkartma bilgiler de bizim girdiğimiz rekabetler. Şimdi söyle başlamak gerekirse anahtar kelime ekleyelim, artar kelime ekleyeceğiz, fakat nereden ne gideceğimizi bilmiyoruz. bunun için Google'ın yine kendi içerisinde bir aracı var. bakın şurada araçlar var, gördünüz mü araçları tıklıyorum, anahtar kelime planlayıcı var, içine giriyorum, gene anahtar kelimeleri keşfetmek istiyorum. şimdi dilimizi seçiyoruz. Türkçe olduğunu varsayıyorum- kullanacağınız dilin ve lokasyon seçeceğiz Mesela biz nerede yapalım. İstanbul, İstanbul olsun. Biz İstanbul'daki bir tane firma olalım, venes atalım, Mesela şey satalım: elektrikli araç şarj ünitesi. Biz bunu satan bir firmayız. şimdi aşağı bu elektrikli araç şarj istasyonu kelimesi Google'ı arayan bir insan bizim müşterimiz Olabilir, değil mi? Yani bunlar eminiz. o zaman bunu buraya yazdım. şimdi bakalım sonuçları göster, diyorum sonuçları gösterdikten. sonra bakın bizim yazdığımız anahtar kelime, buydu sağladığınız anahtar kelimeler, diyor Bizimkiler, buraya birden fazla yazabilirsiniz anahtar kelime, fikirleri, de bize tavsiyeleri, Bunlar da geliriz. şimdi sağladığınız anahtar kelimeler de bizim anahtar kelimemiz de bakıyoruz karşısında ne var ortalama aylık arama sayısı. bakın, İstanbul'da bu anahtar kelimeyi Aylık 1000 ila 10 bin kişi arıyormuş. gayet, ya, az da olsa, Ama özel bir olduğunu düşünürsek fena değil. rekabet düzeyi orta. şimdi sayfanın düşük aralığı diyor: bu diş kaldı Nedir Biliyor musunuz? bakın, düşük aralığı: 40 kuruş. yüksek aralı: 10, 84 TL, şu anda 84 kurur. Bu ne demek şimdi biz buraya bunu yazdık. ya da, eğer ben şu Koç dijitalin reklamını tıklarsam, Eğer on insanların ceplerinden 40 kuruş ile 10 lirası bir paracık bakıp sadece tıklarsam, Yani ben bu reklama reklamlar, alışveriş yapmak zorunda değilim, girip çıkabilirim, sayfanın yüklenmesini beklemeden de çıkabilirim, Fakat her türlü bu insanların cebinden 40 kuruş ila 10 lira, 80 kuruş arasında para çıkacak. bu demek yani, siz de bu anahtar kelime reklam verirseniz birisinin reklamında, bastı zaman, şu Aralık'ta bir para ödeyeceksiniz. demek, Bunu anladım. şimdi saldınız anahtar kelime neydi, buydu anahtar kelime? fikirleri vardı, Onlar da bunlarda. Şimdi ben saldım anahtar kelimeyi, seçiyorum, bunu alacağım zaten şimdi şarj istasyonu, mantıklı, yorum araç, şarj istasyonu, bu elektrikli araba şarj istasyonu mantıklı, elektrikli şarj istasyonu mantıklı falan, sizde bulamazsak hızlı şarj istasyonları. Eğer ürününüzde alakalı olduğunu düşünüyorsanız, buradaki size önerilen anahtar kelime kelimelerin, bunları seçin Şimdi ben okuldan birkaç tane seçiyorum, seçtim şimdi Daha sonrasında ne yapıyorum? bakın şuradan kopyala, basıyorum alttakileri, kopyaladım, sonra tekrar kampanyamı geliyorum, kampanyamı seçiyorum, gumar, anahtar kelimeleri seçiyorum ve anahtar kelimeleri geldim şimdi bu artıya basıp anahtar kelimeleri kampanyam ekleyeceğim. bakın, benim kampanyanın ismi neydi ilk kampanya da aramalı reklam grubun, Grubun ismi neydi bütün anahtar kelimeler, bu kafanı karıştırmasın. ve bu reklam Grubun ismi ilk reklam grubu olabilirdi. biz böyle yapmışız Bir önceki videoda ara. Evet, şimdi bu anahtar kelime Hangi reklam grubuna ekleyeceğimiz, seçeceğiz, zaten bir tane var. Onu seçiyorum ve sağ tıklayıp bakın kapıda demiştim: ya, orada yapıştırıyorum, geri alırsa, alırsanız, bakabilirsiniz, yapıştırdım. şimdi anahtar kelimenin yapıştırdım, ama Bakın, Şu an eşleşme türlü seçmedim denir ve kaydet, diyorum eşleşme türünü. şimdi seçim, bakın Anahtar kelimelerin hepsini neşri, şu an geniş eşleşme default olarak gelen değer. budur yani bir şey yapmazsanız, karışmasını etmezsiniz. geniş, aşırı, ama eşli türüdür, bütçenizi Nasıl harcayacağını ve ne kadar dönüşüm alacağınızı. çok, çok, çok etkileyen bir şeydir. çok fazla boşa para harcayabilirsiniz. çok doğru insanlar ulaşabilirsiniz. Bu tamamen, yani eşli türlü, de bunu etkileyen en önemli faktörlerden biridir, yani cebinizden çıkacak parayı belirler olacak Çok dikkatli olmalısın. Evet, şimdi şuna bakalım: Google'da üç tane eşleşme türü var: geliş eşleşme, sıralı eşleşme ve tam eşleşme. geniş eşleşme nedir bakıp anahtar kelimeye, bakalım bunun bize örnek: bardağı takip et çim biçme hizmeti. bu kadar kim biçme hizmet. Şimdi siz bunu anahtar kelimeler belirlemiş siniz. bir insan buraya geldiğinde ben şimdi mi içme hizmeti yazdığımda, bakın reklamlar çıktı ve gördünüz mü yani buradaki yazılan ki ver, diyebiliriz arama terimini içinde anahtar kimiz varmış, demek ki şimdi lalelik buradayım. bakın çim biçme hizmet. Eğer geniş eşleşme seçerseniz, Eğer bir insan Google havayla çim temizleme fiyatları yazarsa, Siz çıkarsınız, E şimdi siz çim biçme hizmete reklam vermişsiniz, ama havaya için temizleme fiyatları diyor ben ha ha için temizle. diyorsunuz siz de ya, sadece mi kesmeyeceğim ağırlıklar var temizlemeye girecek, o aletler yok, yani Buraya para vermez, boşa para vermek olur sizin için. yani geniş, geniş eşleşme seçmeniz. sizin için boş yapılan bir harcamadır sırada eşleşme nedir anahtar kelimenin anlamı, Aynen korunur, başına, ortasına veya sonra farklı kelimeler gibi: yani şudur anahtar kimin cümle içinde kullanılabilir. ya ne de yakınında kim biçme hizmeti bakıp, yakınında çim biçme hizmeti alma, Yani yakında kelimesi, anahtar kelime, yani Arama terimi, anahtar kelimenin başına geldi ve ve sizinle çıktınız tam eşleşmeli ise başına, ortasına ve sonra başka bir kelime kabul etmez, yani Siz sadece çim biçme hizmeti yazan birinin, ya da örneğin ot kesme hizmet yazan, bir benzer anlamlı olduğu için orada çıkarsınız karşı bu, ama cümle içinde kullanırsanız. eğer karşılaşmayacaksınız Bence bu bir eksiklik ve cümle içinde olmak daha iyidir. geniş eşleşme, çok geniştir. Onun için zaten herkes ilk aşamada performansını ölçmek adına bir sırada eşleşmeye başlatır kampanyalarını. Ben de sıra eşleşme yapmanızı tavsiye ederim. Çok Fazla uzaklaşma yapacaksınız, ama çok kadar almayacaksın. en iyi savaş midir ve bütçenize en iyi şekilde harcamanız için iyi bir başlangıç olacaktır. brevet, Şimdi biz de geldik eşleşme, şimdi eşit ürüne bakıyorum, Hepsi geniş Yaşar eşleşme. bunu böyle tek tek yapabilirsiniz. ama bir kolay var. Şuraya tıklarsanız: bak 11, satın, Tamam seçildi, your on. bir tane anahtar kelime var ve düzenli ediyorum anahtar kelime, eşleşme türleri değiştiriyorum ve şuradan sıralı eşleşmeyi seçiyorum, sözleşmeyi seçtim, orjinal anahtar kelimeleri koru ve yeni eşleşme türünde yenilenen anahtar kelimeler oluştur. butonunu seçmiyorum, Çünkü bunu yaparsa, Gel hem eskisi kalacak, geniş aşırı hem savaşına kalacak. ben bunu istemiyorum. Hepsi sırada olsun istiyorum uygulaya bastım, iyi bakın, Bütün anahtar kelimemiz. sola Şişme oldu artık sadece, yani ısılı e.