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heb ads this weekly

Published on: January 26 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, this is Sanela from The Mommy Blog, and I have a preview of the HEB Weekly Ad for you all. We have some great deals this week, including discounts on produce, meat, and household items. Let's take a look!


- 88 cent whole chickens

- 48 cent a pound tomatoes

- $1 purple garlic

- $10 off $30 Catalina coupon

- Free items with purchase of Phi heat dust meal deal

- Coupons for burgers, chicken sausage, bacon, and pizza

- Buy 2 Gatorade, get free chips and Pepsi

- Buy pineapple, get 3 pounds of bananas for free

- $3 produce coupon

- 77 cent hotdogs (3 days only)

- Buy 3 Dr. Pepper's, get 4th free (with $2 coupon)

- Beauty buys: $5 off $15

- Savings on Pantene, Neutrogena, Johnson baby products, and more

- Buy 4 Colgate-Palmolive products, get $4 Catalina coupon

- Fajita Frenzy: buy one get one deals on HEB sausage and pita bread, $1 off corn tortillas

- Free tongs with purchase of meat tenderizer

Thanks for watching the HEB Weekly Ad preview! Don't forget to take advantage of these great deals while they last. And if you have any questions about genetically modified foods or anything else, head on over to my Facebook page and let's chat! See you in the next video.

HEB Weekly Ad Preview + Digital Coupon Info

Good morning! In this blog post, we will be discussing the current deals and coupons available at HEB. Here are the highlights:

- Seasoned pork and chicken thigh for $1.97 per pound

- BBQ seasoned leg quarters for $1 per pound

- Salad tomatoes for $3.98 each (with a $1 off coupon)

- Meal deal for chicken wings (includes 5 free items)

- Combo deals for free items with specific purchases (including chicken breast, cheese balls, and lettuce)

- Outdoor living coupons (including a buy one get one free grill deal)

- Beauty coupons (including $2 off L'Oreal and $1 off Sally Hansen)

- Everyday low prices available at HEB

Additionally, HEB now offers digital coupons in the Bryan College Station area. Customers can enter their phone number and select coupons to be applied at checkout. These digital coupons are currently the same as the printable coupons available online. We hope to see more valuable digital coupons in the future.

As always, HEB's coupon policy allows for one coupon per item, whether it be a digital, newspaper, or printable coupon. However, customers can still use the combo deals offered by HEB in addition to coupons.

We have included links to all relevant websites for your convenience. Happy shopping!

HEB Weekly Ad *Preview* 4/10

Sanela from the Modern Blog is back with next week's ad for HEB, and she's got some great deals to share! Here are the highlights:

- Sanela is back with next week's HEB ad.


- Whole chicken for 88 cents per pound.

- 3 for $1 chocolates (usually 2 for $1).

- Nivea for $1.50 and Dove for $1 (check for sales or clearance).

- Meal deals and combo logos are on a 2-week cycle, so you can still get them this week.

- Sausage, chicken, and sunset items for free.

- Buy Nor and get rice and beans for free (plus a 55 cent coupon on Facebook).

- Buy a pen for $15 and get free chicken.

- Spare ribs for $1, pork ribs for $1.77, leg quarters for $1, and mesquite charcoal for $2.45.

- Spend $30 on select products and get a $10 Catalina at checkout.

- Spend $30 on razors and get shaving gel for free (and you can use a coupon on the razor).

- Beauty buys from Revlon and Maybelline.

- Buy nail polish and get hand soap or sanitizer for free.

- World of Sandwiches celebration.

- Buy 2 French's and get 1 free on chips.


- Cheese freezes well.

- Check for unadvertised deals on Sanela's blog.

- Like her on Facebook for updates.

- Share any unadvertised deals you find.

- Sanela hopes you enjoy these great deals and encourages you to stok up on deli meats!

HEB Weekly Ad Preview - 4/16

Hey all, this is a post from a mommy blog sharing the deals for Kmart starting tomorrow (17th) through the 23rd. But before we dive into the deals, let me invite you to my blog and Facebook page where I share clearance finds from different stores and looking for admins to help me out.


- Chicken products (lemon pepper and split chicken breasts) for $1 each

- Salad, tomatoes, and avocados for $2 each

- Red Delicious apples for stok up prices

- Colgate toothpaste for 88 cents

- Gatorade 8 pack 20 ounce bottles (buy 2, get 32 pack Aquafina for free)

- Sparkle, Huggies, cotton swabs, and more for new combo locals

- Sausage, bacon, chicken, wheat thins, Nesquik, corn chips, lighthouse, and organic vegetables for free

- Mexican style pork and Fresco for meal deal

- Beverage (Big Red) for 97 cents

- Earth Day deals on Berta, Cornelia, and detergent/softener

- Toy deals up to 90% off at some stores

- Plum Organics (buy 3, get 4th one free)

- Right Guard deodorant for $1.50 off

- Milani cosmetics for $2 off

- Totino's everyday price for combi local

As always, check your ad and coupons for the best deals. Don't forget to enter your zip code to see your local ad and print coupons. Also, let me know how the digital coupons are working for you in the Bryan College Station area. See you in the next video!

HEB-Early Weekly Ad *5/26/21--6/01/21*

In this article, we will be discussing the weekly specials at HEB starting from May 26th to June 1st. We will provide details on various products and deals available during this time.

Weekly Specials at HEB:

- Fresh Texas corn: 5 for $1

- Prime fresh HB boneless beef New York strip steaks: $13.99/lb

- HEB seasoned boneless skinless chicken breast fajitas: $2.99/lb

- Peaches: 98 cents/lb

- Buy one ball park franks (8 count, 14-15 oz assorted varieties), get second free with coupon

- HEB Texas roots golden crush cantaloupe: $1.98

- Honeydew or golden honeydew melons: 2 for $5

- Wild caught jumbo Texas Gulf shrimp: $7.97/lb

- Wild caught North Atlantic cod loins: $10.97/lb

- Crawfish filled run (sold by the sac while supplies last): available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday only

- Save $5 on your basket when you buy $15 of new meal simple low carbs lifestyle or grilling items

- Save more than $10 in free items with coupons in-store: buy great catch raw colossal white shrimp and get Texas heritage smoke sausage, fresh seafood boil, and Texas brew tea by HEB sweet or unsweet for free

- 20% off on assorted varieties

- Save $1 on HEB bakery Memorial Day piñata cake design

- Buy accident fuel weight 32 assorted varieties and get free accident recovery water

- Texas-grown gerbera daisies: save $1

- HEB Flair tortilla chips: buy this product and get soft drink two-liter bottles assorted varieties for free

- HEB Meal Simple smoked brisket castle: buy this product and get HEB bakery tortilla chips for free

- Totino's party pizza: save $1 with coupon in-store or online

- HEB Creamy Creations premium ice cream half gallon assorted varieties: 2 for $8 with coupons in-store or online when you buy two

- Cutter twin packs or Citroguard candles: save $2 with coupon

- Pepperidge Farm goldfish family size baked snack crackers: save $1 with coupon

- Promised Land Dairy milk: buy this product and get ready whip for free, saving up to $2.37

- Buy $12 of HEB oral care products and save $3 off your basket with coupon

- Tide liquid detergent (59-64 loads assorted varieties): save $2 with coupon, bringing it down to $9.97

- HEB finest bath tissue 80 mega rolls: $13.74

- Buy 25 of L'Oreal sunless or survey skin care products and save $5 off your basket

- Save $1 on HEB bakery party trays from May 28th to May 30th

- Lechona Chihuahua Mexico style melting cheese: buy this product and get $1 off on the Nortenita creamy Mexican blend with coupon

- Popsicle fruit twister ice pop (6 count): 2 for $6 with coupon

- Wavy potato chips (11 oz assorted varieties): save $1 with coupon

- HEB Delicates and Pita chips (8 oz chocolate, vanilla, or cinnamon sugar): save $1, bringing it down to $1.98 each with coupon

- Party tray assorted varieties: save $5 with coupon

- Fresh pico de gallo (14 oz): $4.48

- Buy 1 lb or more of hot barbacoa and get tamales (1 dozen) for free

- Hill Country Fair freeze pops (24 count): $1.67 each

- Destination graduation party goods starting at $2

- HEB holiday tableware starting at $1.97

- Texas tough heavy duty foil: save $1 with coupon

HEB is offering a wide variety of deals on products such as fruits, vegetables, meats, snacks, and household items. It is a great opportunity to save money on your grocery shopping. Don't forget to check out their website or in-store coupons for additional savings. Happy shopping and enjoy your Memorial Day and graduation celebrations!

HEB- Weekly Ad Preview **5/19/21--5/25/21**

Good morning everyone in Texas! This is Maggie from HEB and I'm here to review the weekly ad for May 19th to May 25th. We have a lot of great deals and options available for you both in-store and online.

Highlighted Deals:

- Free curbside pick-up option

- Fresh boneless thin cut center pork loin chops for $1.99 a pound

- Hill Country fair bone-in split chicken breast for $1.29 a pound

- Tomatoes on the vine for $0.97 a pound

- Kiku apples or extra large navel oranges for $0.97 a pound

- HEB premium bacon for 2 for $7

- HEB diced white onions or chopped cilantro for 2 for $3

- Extra large raw white shrimp for $4.97 a pound

- Wild caught Alaska halibut fillets for $16.97

- Meal simple spaghetti and meatballs casserole for $1 with coupon

- HEB meal simple quick for $7.98 with coupon

- Oven-ready jumbo coconut shrimp party tray for $8 each with coupon

- Pre-order graduation party tray in-store

- HEB fully cooked original beef burgers - buy one and get six items for free

- Save $2 on HEB bakery cupcake base for $16.98

- Buy one MCT bar energy bar and get the second one for free

- 3.98 cents each on mini roses

- Central market organic extra virgin olive oil - buy one and get the HEB salt or pepper grinder

- Buy cafe ole by HEB single cup coffee and get hill country fair creamer single serve cups for free

- Pepper rich farm goldfish family size baked snack crackers - save $1 with coupon

- Good pop organic freezer pops - save $1 with coupon

- HEB party size wavy potato chips for $3.38 each

- Buy two LaCroix sparkling water and get the third free

- Buy two Hershey's, Reese's, KitKat, York, Heath, Rolo, Payday, Mr. Goodbar, Cookies and Cream, Almond Joy, or Mounds standard size bars and get the third free

- Save $5 off of $20 on select Unilever beauty or personal care brand products

- Save with HEB digital coupon when you buy $25 or more of dog or cat dry food treats

- Save $2 on HEB our finest paper towels for $12.97 each

- Save $1.50 on feminine products with coupon

- Save $20 off your basket when you buy $75 or more of Pampers diapers, wipes, or HB baby organic food pouches with coupon

Don't forget to check out our weekly ad online at HEB.com for more great deals and options. Thank you for tuning in and be sure to subscribe for more updates. Have a great day!

2018 San Antonio Spurs - HEB Funny Commercials

Greetings gentlemen, today we will be exploring the world of HEB and their natural goodness. From chef-inspired meals to natural meats and sauces, HEB has got you covered.

HEB Chef-Inspired Meals:

- Over 200 choices of chef-inspired meals ready in minutes

- No room for bad vox artificial anything

- Words of affirmation and natural meditation to promote natural goodness

HEB Season Taco Meats:

- 6 authentic flavors to choose from

- Takes the tedium out of tacos entirely

- Maintain taste tradition with Tienda by HEB

HEB Brand Products:

- Thousands of reasons to love living in Texas

- Personalized HEB Prime one steak or burger

- Creamy Creation Station with toppings galore

- Cafe au lait tastes of San Antonio

HEB provides natural goodness through their chef-inspired meals, season taco meats, and brand products. With thousands of reasons to love living in Texas and personalized options, HEB is the perfect place to find all your food needs. So why go anywhere else when everything you want is right here?

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