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Help This Guy & Get an iPod!!!!! REPOST!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Help This Guy & Get an iPod!!!!! REPOST!!!

The above is a brief introduction to Help This Guy & Get an iPod!!!!! REPOST!!!.

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Help This Guy & Get an iPod!!!!! REPOST!!!

hello youtubers my name is king human
and if you don't know me let me give you
a little background about what I'm about
had my channel up on YouTube for I don't
know a couple months now and what I'm
trying to do is use youtube for a
vehicle to do decent things for Humanity
in the environment you know yeah I try
to be entertaining and I try to throw in
some weird stuff here and there so it's
not just preaching but basically I'm
trying to do something decent you know
use YouTube to accomplish something
rather than just being another idiot on
YouTube saying look what I can do you
know and being every other idiot out
there yeah I'm an idiot and I do idiot
stuff but that's not what it's about so
do me a favor go back look at my channel
look at some of my videos see what I'm
about you'll understand before too long
what I'm trying to accomplish with the
whole humanity thing and the only reason
I'm trying to give you a little
background on this is because I got a
situation going on with one of my
subscribers his name is used to be 803
and this guy needs our help you know and
just a little bit effort we can really
help this guy out here's a situation
there's a guy and he's on YouTube you
can go see him right now is used to be
803 and I'll have the links in the wait
a minute i don't know if it's this side
or this side i always get that thing
confused but it's in the description
somewhere either on one of these sides
up here where the description thing is
and I'll have links to him and he's also
got a website
so what he's asking for and this guy he
used to weigh eight hundred and three
pounds now he's down to under 400 and
he's been bedridden for a long time his
I think his muscles have been atrophy
because he's you know he hasn't been on
his feet so what he's asking for is a
bariatric take tilt table and what this
thing does is it he can get on it and
it'll slowly tilt him and it will it'll
regulate the degree of weight that he
puts on his legs and eventually you know
by doing this a little bit more each day
his legs will get strong enough to
support his weight and he'll be able to
start walking again and once he starts
walking you know your your muscles are
your motors and your motors burn fuel so
you know this is the 22 year old kid he
just wants to get his life back he wants
what we all want he wants a kid he wants
a family and and you know the whole
thing and he's really trying hard to do
it but he's in a bad situation he really
needs this table so I'm thinking you
know let's get together and pool our
resources and help this kid out by
getting in this table what's the table
cost the table costs by four or five
thousand bucks so I'm thinking okay you
know for a thousand youtubers to get
together is nothing i mean there's
millions of youtubers out there you know
so if a thousand youtubers donate five
bucks apiece to this guy he'll be set
he'll have his table and what is five
bucks to you people you know two cups of
coffee at starbucks or some crap you
know you won't even feel it
so here's what I propose people that are
looking for something good to do for
Humanity go donate 5 10 50 100 whatever
you want whatever is comfortable for you
even if it's just a buck donate to this
guy used to be 803 and let's get him as
table for and what I'll do is after
we'll keep this going for about a month
and you know after a month in the day
you emailed me and you tell me how much
you donated to them the guy who donates
the most I'm gonna give him his choice
of either a ipod video a zune player or
the DVD recorder deck or box of animal
crackers some autographed by King human
you know it's not really about the gift
but you know it's there for you you know
so let's get behind this thing I'll also
pick a bunch of the people that donate
to this guy and just send them random
stuff you know random prizes that I
always do you know and you know it just
let's get behind this guy and if you
don't think I really send up go
back and look at my there's a video in
my history and it's me with a great big
blue head and everybody posts their
video responses there of the stuff that
I send out to people and I mean not
everybody does it but you'll get the
idea and they're you know they're right
now it's just kind of booby priced stuff
but anyway I'll send out better stuff
and you know the point is let's help
this guy out also I'm really appealing
to you youtubers that have huge
subscriber basis you know send this
video to as
your subscribers as you can you know
send it even people that don't have big
subscriber basis but I think you people
that have huge subscriber lists you know
come on use that for something positive
don't just use it for your own selfish
you know look at me kind of crap you
have a real chance to do something good
for a youtuber here and what's it going
to cost you a few clicks of a mouse come
on you know this is real here you
got a chance to help a real human a
human that you can look at a human that
you can know this kid is a decent kid
anyway I'm done lecturing that's my
proposition help this kid out with a
donation how do you do it go to his
channel it's used to be 803 and again
i'll have the link there and for those
of you that can't spell used to be his
you SED tio de not you SE or whatever
spelling you guys might come up with so
anyway if you go to his channel and you
read what he says about himself and then
at the bottom there's a little link to
his website if you go to his website
there's a little thing on on the top
there where he's set up for people that
can donate money and that's just a
little paypal thing and anybody can send
money through paypal you can even use
your cheque as a credit card through
paypal there's no excuse you don't have
to have a paypal account you can just do
it either with a credit card number or
you know with uh with your cheque number
and if you're hinky about doing that you
can send him a check just contact him
directly and he'll give you his address
there's no excuse not to send a couple
of bucks to this guy you know we can
help him out anyway and remember at the
end in in one month and one day from the
timeless videos posted
send me an e-mail say King human i just
sent this kid 2,000 bucks or King Hume
and I just sent him a hundred bucks or
King you and I just sent him ten bucks
you know and the guy that sends the most
money I'll send him your choice the ipod
the zune the the DVD recorder deck you
know and then a bunch of other people
just email me after a month saying yeah
I sent that guy a buck I'll send you
something to you know i'll pick a bunch
of people at random i'll try and send
something to as many donators as i can i
probably won't be able to send something
to all of them I don't know we'll see
how it goes spread this video please
help this guy out alright thanks again
people King human saying sayonara

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