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homescapes ads

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

very well everyone welcome back to let's,play Garden escapes the only skill based,find the object game at least that I,know of,anyway last time we picked up a bunch of,things,we have the statues,the live sculptures and something else,as well I forgot exactly let's look at,the sign here,oh yeah the garden lights sure that as,well so we should be okay for to enter,the,gardeners Club,but we begin stage three today,bad canopy there you are,Kick Scooter,three watering cans,and helicopter also knock his they look,sick is easy helicopters usually,uh I thought it was up there but no it's,not,[Music],three watering cans I see one,there's another one too,and three and get these ones to get a,little speed bonus let's need to find,the helicopter and then I can I see a,camera already but what is the,helicopter,help me out I cannot see it,where,where is it there on the side of the,screen man,all right,coin,there's a big thermometer here,just in case we have a camera dry cycle,I know what it is it's down here,tricycle or tricycle I'm not even sure,how you say it baseball hat baseball hat,are so bad for a second no baseball hat,uh it's up there okay what else,backpack it's here,now for flowers dude stop asking for,multiple things,I don't know if this counts as a flower,and a skirt,got stopped with multiple things man,you know what this,that's a single one now,[Music],I'm you I'm doing it,I hate when you have like many many,customers and there's someone comes in,five of this like come on man I have all,the other stuff to find,wall clocked up there it's easy child's,drawing right there buff on the wall,okay army men they're down here okay,what else the target this is the Target,by the way I I had no idea this was a,Target and Cat,I'll be fine there's a cat one two three,four and five,nice,five left what do we have,balloon easy over here,rattles uh I saw them before,I hope that no there's not these ones,right,I thought I saw them,you know what where are they actually,they're up there never mind,don't worry man I got them I got I got,them fish,uh the fish is a toy there it is and the,rocking rocking horse,I see it and the Frog okay one two three,and four got them all,yeah 925 just for as like the base score,here that's good,not bad,and we got like four flowers and there,was another like three of those I think,right,so stage three has the bird cage,footpaths the fountain,and garden figurines we also have a,letter,hello fata we're writing to inform your,decision to accept you as a member of,the city gardeners Club you are invited,to make full use of the privilege and,Facilities of our club however as a,member you are required to maintain your,guardian election condition we'll do,that thank you,foreign,get accepted could they have made a,mistake we should do a little more work,on the garden just in case now we're,good we're good next one is The Birdcage,although I would like to go for the,footpath first because the birdcage just,hangs around here and doesn't do,anything you can have Austin interact,with it that's it,also he says there's a contest for,Gardens and Fountain of course we're not,repair the fountain thank you,okay let's keep going let's see we're in,the hole again we were here just last,time three pairs of scissors,ah really there's one here,then what paintbrush dartboard give me,this the blueprint is it's usually down,here it's usually here they moved it,this is where the blueprint usually is,uh and the headphones sometimes are over,here,usually they're over here at least,two pairs of scissors still,you also want a paintbrush and a flask I,can see none of this either that's the,flask never mind,the remote is usually like over here,they switch things up a little bit,paintbrush,there's the paintbrush it's so big,almost clicked on the hint so two pairs,of scissors where are they,I can't ask the thermometer is gonna,only point to one of them,also the the meme address is usually,hanging around here,and now it's here uh scissors there they,are okay we're good there are no cameras,that I see,it might be out of ants in this one,bag is,um,all right it's up there,it's huge fire logs are down here okay,in case I probably have a thermometer,Golf Club,uh,uh I cannot see this one,let's get somebody else in there scarf,you can't see this one either can you,stop doing this you know what all right,we'll do it the hell with that,the scarf is over here some for some,reason and guitar okay,uh golf club the fire logs,Golf Club,[Music],Golf Club,says it's over here oh,that's the guitar isn't that that's not,a guitar no I guess I guess it's not oh,that's the guitar that makes sense,[Music],I hope that will stop okay you want the,meme dress uh well I hope Austin will,stop coming up and say hey this is a,hint use it,neck thigh I saw it before there it is,okay we'll go two things on lockdown,already hand fan uh there it is okay we,got three things,Bell I see it they're right next to each,other okay and then the last one is the,straw hat,and I cannot see this throw oh there it,is one two three four five,[Music],last set of five what do we have gloves,I saw them before when I was looking,around there they are,red gloves okay high heels,they better be on the ground they're not,oh there they are okay two red things,okay easy compass,is I cannot see it oh there it is never,mind it moves,a sword,is this a sword I'm not sure that's a,sword,[Music],it is nice,[Music],I'm not sure because you know there can,be many shapes and sizes of swords,I wasn't sure that would count but there,you go,could have gone better,let's keep hitting it,in the kitchen again elephant bananas,toast Rocky toast turkey I see there's a,camera here just be careful not clicking,it yet,bananas,oh there they are,the spawn is usually here yep salt and,pepper,there layers okay,any more coins there's a camera hint for,sure,there's a thermometer here and one here,which is nice Fork there you are and,I'll shoot whatever I click why did I do,that never mind then let's keep going,let's kill it I don't know what that is,I actually don't know what that is,tell me,oh that's a that's a frying pan I call,it a fry pan,okay I know what a blender is at least,but I don't see it oh there it is,D cop it's probably one of those it's,probably this one,AC vent,I'm gonna get that one speed bonus and,leave,and like call it a day because okay box,of chocolates it's down here usually,what's not they moved it,no there it is never mind it's always,it's either here or here,grapes I see them up here right,oh the mouse is easy okay,one two three the rock is also next to,the mouse great,you owe and Miss come on why do you do,that to me,I see one what is the other one,[Music],okay,that was interesting and I have a camera,I might as well,a washing machine this is Big Apple's,over here pineapple,okay pop the camera,[Music],that was a lot,oh it's really fast level too I forgot a,coin,maybe I need to find those coins because,coins are big the 25 dollars per coin,and they add up,I can't get any of this stuff yet,about this what's going on,hello fat I'm a watchmaker I've been for,the past 43 years in fact over the years,I've put together an amazing collection,of different timepieces but I'm sure,there are one or two examples in your,house that I haven't seen before but you,currently consider selling them to me Mr,Meriwether,sure we can look for,for watches all right I'm going to,actually I am going to collect the most,and you're not going to do anything,you're just gonna stand and watch,yeah I see coins though trying to get,the freaking this is an easy one though,because you know you just,very recognizable usually,like the clock you just look at the the,face of the clock like with the handles,and the numbers,so it should be pretty easy to find them,in fact I'm only missing too,I'm only missing one,[Music],see if I can guess some more coins but I,think we got the coins,now we just need one more,[Music],hopefully it won't take forever to find,it,that's not a clo