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Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video, i'm gonna start a brand new shopify drop shipping business and attempt to take it from zero dollars to over one thousand dollars in just one week. and i'm not going to be using any money for this challenge, and i know a lot of people think you can't start a drop shipping business without any money, but we're gonna prove them wrong in this video and i'll be starting the drop shipping business completely from scratch and walk you through the entire step-by-step process, and at the end of the video, i'll show you exactly how much money the business makes. honestly, i'm hoping it's gonna make over a thousand dollars, but we're just gonna have to wait and see. so i have a lot of stuff that i have to get done today, and the very first thing i want to do is just find a good product to sell, and then after that, i'm just going to find a good supplier. then i'm just going to create my online store with shopify and then after that, i'm going to start creating advertisements, and for this challenge, i'm basically going to be using pinterest, instagram and tiktok and just basically post viral videos on there for free. and yes, this method does work well, since i do use it on my current drop shipping businesses that make over six figures. okay. so the first thing i want to start by doing is trying to find a good product to sell and, honestly, as long as i can create viral videos with the product and it has high demand, it's something i can work with. and, honestly, i find about 99 of my viral products on tiktok, so i'm going to kind of show you my strategy and how you can do this yourself. so kind of what i do on tik tok is just search up tiktok made me buy it- then i'll just click on that little hamburger icon in the top right corner, then i'll just change the date posted to this month and now it's going to show you a bunch of relevant winning products that are selling right now. and some other hashtags you can do this with is amazon fines, drop shippers exposed and tiktok viral products. but anyways, i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to try to find some good products to sell and once i do find something, i'll come back and update you okay. so, honestly, i found a ton of really good products, but there is one that stood out to me the most, which is the cordless hair curler. and for anyone who doesn't know? the cordless hair curler is really convenient for females, since you can kind of touch up your hair anywhere you go, and there's so many stores on tiktok selling this product, so if they're doing well, i'm sure i can also do the same. all right. so the next thing i want to do is find a supplier that i can get the product from, and so for this video, i think i'm going to use spocket. so i found the cordless hair curler on spock it for 28 dollars and 30 cents, which is really good, and the shipping times are only seven to 14 business days, which is also ideal, and i think i'm gonna sell the product on my store for 59.99. now i've actually seen a lot of stores sign this product for over a hundred dollars, but because i do want to sell a lot of product in a short period of time and i don't want it to be too expensive, i think 59.99 is a good number to stik with, and if my customers do see that other stores are selling it for over a hundred dollars and i'm only selling it for a fraction of that cost, i'm sure they'd rather buy it from my store. now i do want to add one other product to my store, and i'm thinking just to make it an upsell. so, anyways, i found this heat protectant spray and i think it goes really well with the cordless hair curler, and i'm thinking to sell it on my store for 19.99, and it's only going to cost me eight dollars and 27 cents, which is pretty good, and if you do need a supplier for your drop shipping store, i'll leave a link for spock it in the description of this video. but, anyways, now i got the product, which i'm happy about, and so the next step now is to actually start building my shopify store, and i do want my store to look like an actual brand, and so it is going to take me a little bit of time to build it. so, anyways, i'm going to start working on the store right now and then i'll update you tomorrow once i'm done. all right, so it's the second day now and i finally finished the store and i made it look very simple and clean, and i'm going to show you the page that the customers get redirected to. so, anyways, i have different color options here, and i also did add a sales timer to create sense of urgency. i also included a ton of high quality photos, which is really important, and i also added this to build more trust with the customers. and if you scroll down here, you can see i put what's included in the package, then i tok about the benefits of buying the cordless hair curler, then i added some frequently asked questions and then i also do have a 30 day money back guarantee. a lot of customers won't buy your product if you don't have this, so make sure you do. and if you scroll down here, you can see that i did include how the cordless hair curler works, so this just makes it look really easy and straightforward. and all the way at the bottom of the page i did include some customer reviews. now, i obviously did import these reviews to my store, but usually i do have real customer reviews. but that's pretty much it for the store and i think it looks pretty good. but anyways, now that i'm done with my store, the next important thing i have to do is add a shopify app called after sell to my store, and the reason i'm going to use after sell is because it can increase my revenue anywhere from 10 to 15, which is exactly what i want. and afterstok is for post purchase upsells, and if you don't know what that is. it's basically when you offer a customer a product to purchase after they've already purchased something from your store. for example, after someone purchases the cordless hair curler from my store, i can then offer them another product to purchase. so in my case, i could upsell the heat protectant spray, since it works well with the cordless hair curler. and post purchase upsells work so well because if a customer just purchased something from your store, they're more likely to purchase another item, since you already built that initial trust, and you can even give them a really good discount on the upsell offer, which will then make them want to buy it even more. now, one thing you never want to do with upsells is actually offer them to the customer before they've made a purchase. this will just end up confusing them and they might not end up buying the product at all. but the good thing about after sell is that the upsell offer only comes after a customer makes a purchase, which is exactly what we want. but anyways, i'm actually going to create an upsell offer using after sale for my store right now and kind of walk you through the process step by step. okay, so the very first thing you want to do is go to the shopify app store and just search for after cell and it should come up. so it's going to look like this: after sell, post purchase, upsell. so let's add the app. okay, so once you're in after sale, the first thing you want to do is click here on enable settings. then it's going to bring you to the shopify page. so just make sure you click on after cell, then just click on save. okay, back here, let's just refresh the page. okay, now the first thing we want to do is actually just set up our first funnel. click here on create and i'm just going to name this funnel: heat protectant. so here i want to click show this funnel to all customers. since i only do have one upsell product. okay, now i'm going to choose the upsell product and basically what i'm going to be upselling is this heat protectant spray. now, the cool thing here is, if the customer actually does end up purchasing this product, you can offer them another upsell, and if they decline this product, then you can offer them a downsell. now, since i don't have any other products, i'm just going to keep it like this, but you can add products in here. now. next thing i want to do is click here on edi.

How to Start a Vape Shop Business Online 2023 #vapeshop

hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of what's your game plan. today, i'm going to give you a quick start guide on how to start a vape shop business online. i'm not sure if you knew this, but the vape industry is bringing in 18 billion dollars a year. since vaping is becoming more and more popular, this kind of business will be a huge money maker for you. if you're looking to start your own vape store, but you don't know how, then you come to the right place. here's how to get started: [Music]. so there are two methods to start this kind of business. you can set it up as a drop ship store, where someone else is responsible for shipping the goods to your customer, or you can buy, store and ship out your own vaping supplies. once you choose a method, you can now proceed to step one. if you have no idea how an e-commerce business operates- or maybe you're just a first-time online business owner- i recommend downloading a business plan from bplanscom. their plans outline how the business is supposed to work and what you should expect, and at the bottom of this video, you can buy the vape shop business plan plus the vendor list, so you'll know exactly where to get the inventory from. so whether you choose the drop ship method or to buy your own inventory, the supplier research process is still exactly the same. if you want to get started right away and you don't have a lot of money to buy inventory, you'll want to head over to google and type in these words: dropship vape products. this will give you access to thousands of products to sell in your online store right away without actually needing to buy any of them. and if you do have some money and you want to manage your own inventory and keep products in your own warehouse to ship to your own customers, just google the words wholesale vape supplies or wholesale vape products. as you can see, the listings have totally changed and from here you can find a company to buy in bulk. from now, when you've got all of that sorted, it's time to officially register your business. you won't be able to buy wholesale items or work with a dropship supplier until you complete this step. you're going to need to register and apply for a federal ein number and form an llc or a corporation. now, when you've got all of that sorted, it's time to officially register your business. you won't be able to buy wholesale products or even work with a dropship supplier. until you complete this step, you'll need to register and apply for a federal ein number and form an llc or corporation, and, depending on what state you're in, you will likely also need a reseller or retail merchant certificate as well. this is going to allow you to buy products tax free. i recommend using my corporation, as they do have a variety of packages to choose from, but their most basic package will get you started right away. so, after you've chosen a name for your business and you've registered, you can officially open a business bank account, and it's pretty easy to open, but they won't get you set up without having that legal incorporation and the ein paperwork that i just spoke about. you can work with a local bank that you're already using or you can just choose a new one. branding is one of the most important parts of creating a vape shop, because it's your brand's identity that will leave a big impression on all of your new customers. i recommend using 99designs because their process is always quick and it's super painless and you actually get what you want. for marketing materials, i really like to use envato, because they literally have tons of graphics for each and every single kind of business on demand vape shops will usually need to start with a logo, a website, email marketing banners and some social media graphics. 99designs actually has what they call the brand identity pack. that will get you started right away. so the next step is to buy web hosting. i always recommend choosing bluehost because they are the most reliable for e-commerce websites. you can check if your website name is available for free, and with their packages, you get bonuses. they're giving away free domain, a free ssl, advertising credits and access to 24- 7 tik support, so you really can't beat it. once you pay for your plan with bluehost, they'll give you login credentials. you're going to want to save this information and then deliver that to the web designer in the next step. so if you don't know about fiverr, it's a company that sells affordable web development and marketing services that get done really, really quick. you just type in what you want in the search bar and it will reveal tons of people who are willing to help you get your website set up in less than three days. once you choose a person that you want to work with, go ahead and give them the bluehost details and communicate your vision and your plans for the new website. so, while they're working on your new website. you're going to need to activate a merchant account, and this is going to allow your customers to actually pay you. it's time to get paid. many businesses are using paypal, square or stripe. i personally like square. they make it super easy for me to accept payments online, via my website, or via email or even over the phone. an account with square is free, so once you sign up, give these details to the web designer so they can complete the integration process. okay, so now that you're all set up, how will you actually make money? here's what you'll need to know in order to take a check to the bank. congratulations on owning an online vape shop. i know you're going to do just great in all. the vapers are going to love you, and if any point in this process you have any doubts, please reach out to me. i'm happy to help at any time. so now, at this point, you can choose from a variety of items to sell. right now, the most popular items are e-cigarettes, disposable vapes, coils, vape kits, mods, bottling supplies, tanks, batteries and vape chargers. don't forget, you can also sell branded vape lifestyle clothing and accessories. clothing and accessories are very, very, very profitable and are huge money makers. anyone who vapes will eventually need to buy these products, so why not buy them from your business? i know what you're probably wondering: what's the price tag on this baby? if you're launching online using the drop ship supply method, your startup costs for this kind of business are somewhere around 500 to 1500 on average. but if you're planning to fund your own inventory, you're gonna need a large warehouse to store all the product and maybe even a couple employees, so be prepared to drop the big bucks. i know a lot of people have dreamed of owning their own businesses and working for themselves, but don't know how to get started, so i hope that this video encourages you to make a change today and finally chase your dreams. hey, i'm giving you everything you need to get started. below this video are the links to the companies that i've mentioned today. i'm also giving away my new marketing strategy book series. if you want it, just go to my website, enter in your email address and i'll send it to you right away. and if you like this video or you know someone who needs to see this today, tag a friend, hit like or give it a share. and until next time, guys, take care.


Dropshipping Taxes in Europe The Truth!

this video. i want to tok about taxes in europe. it's a topic that nobody wants to tok about. i'm probably the only one who toks about that. i already started to tok about it back in the days and people want to give me so much money because, like, tax lawyers are saying one thing, people in the community are saying a different thing and nobody really knows what to do about it. and i tell you honestly, like tax lawyers will always tell you something different. they will always tell you that the most politikally correct thing that is possible, and i can give you an explanation why that is so. if you got a tax lawyer who is based in europe, he has to follow certain regulations. if he does not, and he cannot subscribe that right. like if you get the tax lawyer and he tells you something, he's basically liable for his advice, so you're able to sue him if it does is not correct. that's why a lot of lawyers are very careful and only the really good lawyers that you need to pay like a lot of money for they will give you, like the, the biggest insights, because those are the ones who can take the risk, because obviously you pay them more money and therefore they do more research, they have a bigger team and they find those like little hacks, the niches. we in my team we already found those niches through the hacks. we paid tons of money for different lawyers, we know how this works and i can tell you how the drop shipping thing in europe looks like currently. so, um, if we are toking about taxes, we need to differentiate between three taxes. you have to company taxes, you have the vat taxes and then you have the taxes for distribution. so dividend taxes- um, you pay also sales taxes. you pay employee taxes for your employees, but i guess the most, the two most important ones, is the company capital profit tax and the vat. obviously, depending where you live, you can also reduce the dividend tax. so in this video i want to focus, like in general, about taxes in europe: how to compare to the rest of the world, how you can go around it, how you can minimize that, and i give you some actually insights: how the scene is looking right now and what top drop shippers are doing. so don't skip forward right like, listen to everything what i say in the video, because everything is important. so let's start with the income tax: the income tax or capital tax for your company. it's basically depending on the region where you live. if you live in germany it's 30. if you live somewhere rest of europe it's between nine percent till thirty percent. uh, hungary has the lowest one with nine percent, and then you have france that has 25 percent, the uk has 20, and so on and so on. this one you can reduce if you have a bunch of losses on the other hand. so every time you go out for dinner you can charge it at business expense. if you do a trip somewhere, you can also charge it as business expense. you know, when you had, like a trip to dubai and even though you just went there with with your girlfriend, or you just went there for fun, you know, to smoke some hookah in the desert, then you can basically charge that as a business expense. like it's pretty common in every county, it's pretty similar everywhere in europe and you shouldn't focus too much on that. i would say, like, just get all the builds and then afterwards give it to a bookkeeper and you will type in everything for you. and then, depending on the region, maybe you will have after toks, maybe your text advice will tell you some things you can not put as losses, depending on the jurisdiction, and then you don't do that. but in general it's really easy. you don't have to think much about it. if you want to minimize that, you just collect all the builds, you save them somehow. maybe get like a cabinet where you have like the builds per year per company. you save them everything there. if it's not digital, if it's digital, you have like one folder where you save everything and then also set up like a accounting software where you can put all the information directly inside. so the question now comes like: oh, can i open up another company where, like the inc, the capital tax is lower? so can i set up a company in dubai and hong kong where the capital tax is basically zero to go around that. and here's the thing about europe: in europe you have this rule called cfc rule, which stands for controlled foreign cooperation, and there's basically rules about that. if you have like a offshore company somewhere else and you physically live in a country in europe that has those cfc roads, you can look them up, just type in cfc rules and then your country, and then you'll get likely clear understanding what it is. you basically have to follow them and what they usually mean is like if you have, like, an offshore company, there's no employees, there's no need that the company is somewhere offshore, like there's really no physical need. you know like a physical need would be, for example, that you register a company somewhere and this company actually sells in this country and you can only get certain payment processors if you are registering a company there. so, for example, if you sell in africa, most likely it will be accepted because you need to register company there. and also, usually there are rules that says: okay, the company has to pay a certain amount of profit tax and if it does in this jurisdiction it's not considered an offshored jurisdiction and therefore your tax authority will probably not say anything against you. but most likely you just want to register somewhere, like in hong kong. they shout: you know you can have a uk llp, us llc, and it's also like a viable option. pay zero percent, but you, if you still love your new country, there's little to go around it. the best thing that you can do in this case is either you get out of the country that you're in and get into a country that has no cfc rules, or you just travel without, like you, dear ricketts, and you just travel um the whole time. you don't spend more than six months in any country. or you set up actually a company with substance in another country. you set up a manager there, you hire some employees there, you do all the contracts there, you set up the bank account there and so and so on. it sounds really easy, but it's more more difficult, to be honest, to do the setup. i believe the easiest setup is actually to just leave the country, because there's some many better jurisdictions where you can do business and grow. like every big person that i know, they don't live anymore in like their home country. it's maybe only not true for us citizens, because they are basically taxed on their citizenship, so it doesn't matter where they look. they can live in dubai, they can live in bahamas. they still have to pay the same taxes. for them it's like no question. all the business stays in the us. they travel just for fun, but in europe we are not so far. so, like all the big drop showers, they are living outside of europe or in some jurisdictions in europe that are okay with that. so switzerland is a good option. you pay less tax on everything, you have no cfc roads. then cyprus also doesn't has any cfc roads. you see a bunch of dropshippers living there. then ukraine was a viable option, yet cfc rose but the government wasn't looking too much on foreigners. malta is a good option. so, yeah, to sum it up again like it depends on jurisdiction how much capital profit tax you pay and you just have to look up how much the, how much it is per country, and you have to look up also the cfc roads in your country and then based on that, you can do the decision where to do that. the other question that remains is about the vat. so there are certain rules in europe that says if you have to, if you're reaching a certain threshold in europe, then you have to pay vat in this country. for example, in the case of germany, it's around 100 000 euros that you have to reach in revenue in total. right, it's not just for a month, it's not for one year, it's like in total. so, or it was a per year, i'm not sure. but basically if you reach that, which is actually quite easy to r.

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How I Made $3000 in 3 Weeks SELLING VAPES!

what's up, guys? in this video I'm going to share with you how I made three thousand dollars selling babes in under a month. so this started. in February of last year, all my friends were going on a trip to Cuba and I really wanted to go. I just did not have the money. so I needed to find a way to get that money. at the time I was working at Best Buy and I wanted to just increase my hours to make money that I needed, but I wanted to maybe think of a quicker alternative. so in my grade twelve year I notiked that vaping was gaining a lot of popularity. it was huge amongst high school students and there was one very popular vape. it was called the stik, the smoke stik, DEA, and I'm just doing a little bit of research. one day I wanted to find out how much that cost, like the manufacturers price, so I looked up on Aliexpress how much it would be, and then I came across this one website called DHgate. on DHgate I found that it is significantly cheaper, but you need to buy a lot more. so the minimum order for those vapes- I- I think it was about $18.00 canadian- you needed to buy 15 of them. so at the time these vapes were retailing for about $70 and on DHgate I was able to get them for about $18. so I saw about 15 $50 profit in there and I knew the demand was there. I've seen people buying these babes every single day so I called up a buddy of mine and we ended up just taking the risk and splitting the money on. I think we ordered 20 at first. so after placing the order on DHgate I was just kind of nervous at first so I wanted to make them sales before the babes even came in. so I did that by just contacting friends that I knew would be interested and I made a couple eggs on Lecco and Kijiji- and those are basically just local sale apps to resale stuff. so after messaging friends and making those ads I actually got a lot of interest on both. my co-anchor Gigi, I sold a couple to my friends already. they some of them even paid me beforehand. about a week later they all came in and I actually ended up selling them all in just one day. in that one day we made over $600 and with so many more people interested, we saw that as an opportunity to order, even more so with that money that we made from the first order, we put some of that back in or did another order of twenty, made that money back at about one or two days once they came in, and then we did that one more time around. that time of our third order a new vape came out called the smoke meg Meg kit, and that one was gaining. I saw I was getting a lot of height. a lot of my friends were telling me that they wanted to buy it, but I just wasn't sure if I was able to get it. after doing some research I found that I can get it on DHgate for about $50 Canadian. it was a little bit more of an investment so we decided to order just ten of them at about $40 each, but we were able to sell them for, I think, about 120 dollars Canadian and they were actually retailing for a hundred and fifty. so I told my friends that I can get it and I can sell it for cheaper if they just wait a week, just cuz it takes a little bit longer to come in. when the Meg's came in we sold them fairly quickly, about two or three days. we sold them for one hundred and twenty dollars each and we had ten of them, so that was about twelve hundred dollars minus the four hundred dollars it costed us. so we made about eight hundred dollars there. we made our money. we made the three thousand dollars between the two of us. I needed fifteen hundred dollars for Cuba. so around that time we also kind of notiked that the trend was dying. and I haven't. I had enough, I had all the money that I needed and I didn't want to lose anything. so we just called it after that: all right, guys. so I'm should I wrap this up? I really wanted to just share that video with you to show you that it's not super complicated to make fast money. if you have the right product, you're getting it for the right price and you're presenting it to the right people, you can easily make that money. you do have to put in work, like it did require somewhere, a guide to meet people. I had to spend my own money, I had to take risks, but I promise you it is all worth it. so, guys, what I did is not really an effective way of earning money long-term. it's more of following trends. so I saw that it was popular. I knew that there was a huge demand for it and I was able to get it for a very good price. so I knew that I would make that money. but it's kind of like. it's kind of like me trying to sell fidget spinners now, like if I ordered a bunch of fidget spinners on DHgate for like fifty cents a piece, I'm not gonna be able to sell them because people don't use them anymore. so that's just. that just gives you kind of a perspective of trends. if you see something that is trendy and it's coming up really fast, then it may be an opportunity for you to jump on something and do something similar to what I did, but it is not a long-term way of making money. thanks for watching, like, subscribe. if you have any stories you want to share with us, drop a comment down below. woo, alright, alright, guys. so we start a Facebook group for entrepreneurs. if you guys want to share some of your stories or maybe get some advice from people in the community, go check it out. we'll have the link in description and, yeah, take it easy. [Music] you.

How To Start A Dropshipping Business With No Money in 2023 | Dropshipping for Black Women!

do you want to learn how to start a drop shipping business with no money? i'm toking like zero dollars. yes, of course you do. that's why you're here. in that case, let's just get into it. my name is asia apston, ceo of the lux life academy, and i have helped over 2 000 digital entrepreneurs launch passive income streams. so do yourself a favor and stik around until the end of this video to learn how to get started drop shipping with no money, so you can start hearing those shopify dings in your sleep. okay, so the first thing you need to understand about launching a drop shipping store is that there are really only two avenues to explore. honestly, this is true for a lot of online businesses, but walk with me. avenue number one is going to take an investment of money. that means that you're going to launch your store and invest money running paid traffic to your website. that could be google ads, facebook ads, print ads, radio ads or billboards. with avenue 2, you're going to invest something even more precious, and that is time. if you have no money to get started, you better have an abundance of time: time to build your site diy style and time to push organic traffic to your store. when i first started drop shipping, i had no money at all, but i did have a lot of time, so i can tell you all about that method, got the avenues down, okay. now here are the steps to actually launching your drop shipping store. step one: set up a store with a free shopify trial. shopify has a 14 day free trial that you don't even have to put a credit card in to use. this allows you a full two weeks to acclimate yourself to the platform and have an active store where people can place orders and you can make sales without even having to pay for their monthly plan. step two: determine your product. what do you want to sell? why is that a good choice for you? the options are legit, limitless. you could sell everything from bicycles to baby products. what products do you think you can uniquely market to get paid? step number three is to find a supplier. there are suppliers who exclusively sell to drop shippers, and that's where you want to start your journey. find a supplier that's been in business a significant amount of time, specializes in what you want to sell, and our b2b suppliers, meaning that they don't make most of their money, if any, really on business to consumer sales. step number four: market, market and market some more. as a diy, no budget drop shipper, you should be spending every waking hour marketing your brand across organic marketing channels and, of course, social media. just don't spend all your time building a beautiful store and not nearly enough time marketing it. that is a massive rookie mistake, and remember this. if you remember nothing else, the best marketer wins. now, before i give you step five, this is my question to you: are you going to invest time advertising your drop shipping store or do you have the funds and the budget to get straight into paid advertising? there really is no wrong way to get started, but i am curious to see what your path is going to be. and, as promised, here is step five. if you really want to kick it up a notch, click here to watch my free drop shipping master class. it goes much more in depth on each one of these touch points to give you the best chance at getting started as a new dropshipper. all right, that's it for me. guys, thank you so much for watching. please like and subscribe to my channel for more videos and i will see you in the free master class. here we go at the top of the class on a roll and it's time to run it up. yeah, you know, maxed out, put the pedal to the floor, here we go, here we go.

Como abrir una SMOKESHOP (Paso a paso) 2021🔥

hola, mi nombre es eterna narciso y esto es cómo abrir un es mucho desde cero. [Música] d [Música]. hola, hola, qué tal, cómo estás? esto es mercado 420 y mi nombre es bernard ciço. bueno, el día de hoy vamos a ver cómo abrir una es mucho desde cero. y seguramente si entras a este vídeo es porque te lo estás preguntando, es porque ya tienes en mente que vas a abrir un es mucho, pero te sientes perdido. no sabes por dónde comenzar, no sabes qué productos comprar, no sabes a quién comprarle, no sabes cómo venderlos, en donde venderlos, entre mil cosas no, y esto es completamente normal. una vez que ya decidiste que vas a poner un smoke shop, pues, la verdad, te vas a llenar de preguntas y eso es lo que más van a abundar. y lo que falta aquí es información. y bueno, es por eso que hacemos este vídeo, para ayudarte a que de verdad puedas abrir un es mucho. bueno, el día de hoy vamos a tokar todos los aspectos necesarios y fundamentales para que puedas abrir puestos mucho. vamos a ir desde lo más básico hasta cuestiones un poquito llamadas complicadas, ya, un poquito más laboriosas también, pero, bueno, todas ellas son fundamentales y necesarias para que abras tu smoke shop y no mueras en el intento' entonces, y quieres aprender a abrir un es mucho, te invito a que riqueza hasta el final de este vídeo, ya que todas estas cosas que te vamos a estar revelando son cosas que de verdad te van a ayudar. entonces te invito a que te quedes hasta el final de este vídeo y vamos a comenzar. okay, pues, bueno, primero que nada, vamos a definir qué es un smoke shop. bueno, un smoke shop es una tienda en donde vas a encontrar un montón de productos, como, por ejemplo, vas a encontrar pipas, vas a encontrar bones, por ejemplo, y vas a encontrar quizás, hitters, algunos productos para fumar marihuana, además de que también vas a encontrar accesorios y un montón de cositas. no, básicamente vamos a encontrar productos para fumadores. estos pueden ser para fumadores, pues, del cannabis, por ejemplo, pueden ser para fumadores de tabaco o incluso puesto, básicamente cualquier tipo de cosa. no, pero básicamente lo que vas a encontrar en un smoke shop son pipas, bones, accesorios, canales. también vas a encontrar vaporizadores, cigarros electrónicos, encendedores y otros artefactos. incluso puedes encontrar también ropa. ahora, sí que va a diferenciarse mucho de smoke shop, vayas o cual es la que tengas como referencia. no, pero bueno, básicamente lo que es 'un es mucho? es una tienda en donde, en donde venden productos para fumar. motta, pues, eso es como la descripción pues más acertada, porque, básicamente, tesoro, pues desovar, nos digamos que gira alrededor de eso de de la marihuana, entonces eso es un es mucho este antes que nada, porque pues, puede que tengas una idea después de otra cosa, no, pero bueno, hoy, el día de hoy, vamos a hablar sobre, sobre un smoke shop enfocada hacia el negocio cannábico, hacia la marihuana, ya sea todos sus productos y derivados, este de la marihuana, no artefactos y parafernalia para fumar. ok, ok, ok. bueno, vamos a comenzar con el punto número uno, que son los básicos necesarios para arrancar. y bueno, este punto es bastante, pues básico, valga la redundancia, pero bueno, las únicas dos cosas básicas y necesarias para arrancar es el logotipo y nombre. y vamos a comenzar con el nombre. no, o sea el nombre es lo más importante al momento de arrancar tus muchos van, y seguramente te estás imaginando de que los productos, entre otras cosas, y sí, sí, son muy importantes, pero los necesarios para arrancar es tener un nombre y te voy a explicar por qué. bueno, un error que cometen muchísimas personas cuando arrancan su es mucho, es que ya tienen los productos y empiezan a vender a la bestia, a diestra y siniestra y está, chido, que empiecen a vender y todo. pero la neta es que estás vendiendo, pues al güey, por qué? porque estás vendiendo y la gente no va a ubicar a tu marca o sea, a final de cuentas, se van a ubicar a ti y éste no sé. digamos, si tú te llamas juanito y empieza a vender tus productos, nos van a ubicar a juanito iván. hiciera así juanito, el que venden pipas, o así juanito, el de los bones, y está, chévere, osadas, pues, está bien, estas cultivando pues de alguna manera reconocimiento. pero que mejor que digan a es el d pipas, es mucho, pues el de bong, de caballitos, mucho. no, y empiecen a ubicar tu marca. eso es como lo ideal, no es como lo más chingón y bueno, algo que tienes que considerar al momento de ponerle nombre a tus muchos: está en un nombre original. en un nombre original tiene un nombre entendible, que la gente lo pueda mencionar y que se recuerde. y también tienen un nombre muy poca madre, porque el día de hoy, por lo que abunda en el mercado pues es la competencia. entonces, literalmente, vamos a levantar una tacita de café y aquí va a salir un es muy suave. entonces tienes que encontrar una manera, pues de ser diferente a las demás. no, entonces desde aquí partimos. tienes que tener un nombre bien, no malone, un nombre bien chingón, que cualquier cliente que te compre pues vaya a recordar y que diga a ese: éste tutankamón, es mucho ya se acuerde de ti, pues del nombre y pues ya vaya hablando, vaya hablando el boca a boca y pues poco a poco tú smoke shop se va a ir puedes ver realizando, no, se va a ir hablando de boca a boca y pues cada vez te van a conocer más bajo. ok, ahora vamos a pasar al segundo punto. de los básicos y necesarios para arrancar, es el logotipo. y esto va muy de la mano, pues, con el nombre, porque básicamente en tu logotipo depende de cómo vaya a ser, pero pues va implícito, no, el nombre. bueno, yo aquí te recomiendo pues que le eches machín de coco y que le eches muchísimos, pues, sí, échele néctar a un chingo de neuronas rómpete la cabeza. no, no digas de quehué y un bong, se ve bonito y ya hay que ponerle, así que si sea, me lo pues la neta sana. sí, pues, si quieres hacer algo que no va a llamar la atención, esté chingón, no te rompa la cabeza y elige lo que quieras. no, pero yo personalmente te recomiendo que en esta usar conceptualizados, aneta, métete en un trance dios sea cuál va a ser mi logo. por qué? por qué el logo? pues es la insignia de tu branding, es la insignia de cómo te van a ubicar, de de cómo te vas a diferenciar del resto. básicamente esa es la función de tu logo. entonces, piensa en un concepto, conceptualiza, piensa en no ser que digamos que el mar no. entonces, si ya te agarraste como concepto base el mar, pues darle vueltas, o sea alrededor de tu concepto. métete en el jockey, en mi logo tiene que llevar una ola del mar y también tiene que llevar el sol y tiene que llevar una pipa y tiene que llevar un rato fumando motta. entonces ya hiciste como que te fijas, como que en san blas te varios elementos y existe algo original, o sea ya éste, le puedes dar toques. por ejemplo, no métele un toque de cubismo al diseño, o métele un toque de de arte urbano que se vea como de que bien grafo, etcétera, etcétera. no, pero bueno, ese es una recomendación. el logo. tienes que tener un logo, pues un logo diferente. la meta hoy por hoy, pues vas a ver las smart shops y la neta, la mayoría de las sus muchos shops tienen logos similares, o sea siempre hay un churro, siempre hay un artefacto para fumar, o siempre hay humo o marihuana. entonces no te digo que no utilices estos elementos solamente, pues ya están muy utilizados. tu puedes llegar a innovar, puedes crear algún concepto radicalmente diferente y de esta manera vas a llamar la atención. ese puede ser un beneficio, esto puede ser algo que te haga diferenciarte. va entonces para cerrar: tienes que tener un logo y un nombre bien chingón, que estén, digamos, que ambos creen un concepto y que estén conectados. no hagas un nombre y un logo completamente, pues separados. que el nombre sea este ice cream smoke shop, y que luego sea un bato en la playa o sea ahí, sí, pues está che carnal, ahí, si no está bien, sería a screen smoke shop, vips un button o en un iglú con, pues con una paleta. no hay sintétikas, ya están conectados. este, ya, todo sigue un mismo concepto y ahí, ya, pues, hay congruencia, no en la parte de la marca, y eso está muy chingón. entonces pues, punto número uno, básicos, para comenz.