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Horseback Riding Through Trinidad - Cuba Vlog

Published on: December 21 2022 by Nash Hagen

Horseback riding is a popular activity for tourists visiting Trinidad, Cuba. It provides a unique way to explore the countryside and experience the local culture. In this vlog, we will take you on a horseback riding adventure through Trinidad, Cuba.

Heading 1: Getting Ready for the Ride

- We started our day by meeting our tour guide and getting fitted for our horses.

- Our guide provided us with helmets and gave us a brief lesson on how to control our horses.

- We mounted our horses and set off on our adventure.

Heading 2: Exploring the Countryside

- We rode through lush green fields and past farms where we saw locals working the land.

- Our guide pointed out various landmarks and explained the history and significance of each one.

- We rode through a small village where locals greeted us warmly and children ran out to wave hello.

Heading 3: A Visit to a Sugar Plantation

- Our ride brought us to a sugar plantation where we dismounted our horses and explored the grounds.

- We learned about the history of the plantation and how sugar was produced.

- We were able to taste fresh sugar cane and purchase local souvenirs.

Heading 4: The Beach and Sunset

- Our ride continued to the beach where we had the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters.

- As the sun began to set, we mounted our horses and rode along the beach, enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

- We watched the sunset over the ocean before returning to our starting point.

Horseback riding through Trinidad, Cuba is a unique and memorable experience. It allows you to explore the countryside, learn about the local culture and history, and enjoy the beauty of the beach and sunset. We highly recommend this activity for anyone visiting Trinidad.

Horseback Riding Through Trinidad - Cuba Vlog

In this article, we will be taking a look at a day in the life of a group of travelers in Trinidad, Cuba. We will follow their adventures as they try to find a taxi, go on a horseback riding tour, visit a sugar plantation, and spend the day at the beach.

1. Trying to find a taxi

- The travelers are walking through downtown Trinidad trying to find a taxi for their trip the next day.

- They were able to negotiate a good deal with a driver for a seven-hour trip to Danielle Ace for $120, which is less than what they paid for a three and a half hour trip from Varadero to Trinidad.

- They are also trying to find a fruit stand before meeting their horseback riding tour.

2. Horseback riding tour

- The travelers meet their horseback riding tour and ride through the countryside, seeing parts of Trinidad they wouldn't have seen otherwise.

- They stop at a sugar plantation and learn about the process of making sugar.

- They try some honey and banana chips at a restaurant in the woods, which is a little expensive but still enjoyable.

- They also pay $6 to enter the national park to see a waterfall.

3. Spending the day at the beach

- The travelers head to the beach and take some cliche beach pictures.

- They watch the stunning sunset and take a time-lapse video.

- They end the day with dinner at a restaurant called Vlogs Boo Boo Teja, which has great food and is reasonably priced.

The travelers had a great day in Trinidad, filled with adventures and new experiences. They were able to negotiate a good deal for a taxi, see parts of Trinidad they wouldn't have seen otherwise on a horseback riding tour, and spend a relaxing day at the beach. They also enjoyed some delicious food and made some great memories.

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