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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Open Doors: Singapore - Someone Was Watching When She Shoved The Domestic Worker // Viddsee.com

come on, these are: this is your new home [Music]. I thought your butcher was next week. oh yeah, sorry, forgot to tell you they moved it forward. so what are you gonna be back next weekend? ah, he said this is sir. hello Lisa. sorry, I really have to rush right. bye, sweetie. yeah, Mario, I see you in a bit. uh, Lisa, this is June. hello John. yeah, just, Lisa will do. okay, um, um, where can I rest, rest? you just arrived and you're already thinking about rest. no, mom, sorry, sorry. what I mean is where is my role? where you know I can, I can sleep at night. and then, okay, boom, you want a room. okay, mommy, what my luggage in there? it's your room. you can clean it up how you like and I have a brand-new mattress that you can use. okay, ma'am, Oh, um, and I'll also need to keep your passport and your work permit. but, mom, I would need my a working permit when I go out on, maybe. when we were at the agency, I thought it was me very clear to you that you have no days off and you agreed to it, but I thought it's only at the start. you know, until I am able to pay my debt to you, we need you here and you agreed to it. and you know what? besides, if you go out, you're just gonna waste money or you might fall into bad company, and that will just mean trouble for everybody. come on, oh, hey, man, you know I'm just doing what every other employee is doing and you are not special. okay, come on, Jun, go sit down. mom, where do I eat? you can eat after we're both done. [Music]. [Music] Lisa, Lisa. ah yes, now I'm feeling a little bit hungry. can you go and make me some food? uh, yes, ma'am, [Music] is so clumsy. [Music]: morning, mrs chat. oh, yes, yes, June's teacher. hi, she did what milen taan Jun got into trouble earlier today. she pushed our candy aunty down and caused her to fall. fortunately, the aunty only got a small bruise. where did you learn to behave like that? what happened? it was a small accident. the auntie spill some foot on June, but she reacted by yelling, pushing her and calling her clumsy mana dan. we are concerned and worried. jewel was a respectful and polite student. we need to know what caused the change and what can we do to help her. I think I know what I should do. oh wait, June, from now we're going to keep our own shoes, okay. [Music]. what's it Lisa? yes, ma'am, here's your passport and your work permit. feel free to enjoy your day off. thank you, ma'am Lisa. yes, ma'am, would you like to join us for dinner? [Music]. he says evening with us. it's unfair, sir. call auntie Lisa. [Music]. thank you, ma'am Lisa. you've made this very welcome, um, do you want this? you're on. you know what? you sure it's not too big for you? [Music] you.

How to be a Housewife {Restored by Christian Blatter}

in the USA the start of a woman's day, but only the start, because a woman is all things to all people. did you ever have to make a meal in 20 minutes, literally from the time you entered the kitchen until the meal was ready to serve? well, Sally Gasko did once, when the schedule for a before supper football game and then after supper movie got a little confused. she wasn't in too much of a hurry though, and you should never be he's thoroughly before starting to the meal, because Sally is rapidly learning home making. she knows most of the basic tikniques of good kitchen behavior and knows how to use the tools of the craft. but to get a meal in a hurry, something more is required. in this case, a little intelligent pre preparation. in a convenient corner of the Gaskell kitchen is an emergency show of canned and packaged goods appropriate to a quick meal. here's where mother also tucks away a spare collection of cleansers. the foods include canned soup, cooked meat, stews, any good packaged food which will keep indefinitely. Sally decides upon corned beef, hash and hot date pudding for dessert. other ingredients for the Mayo corn-on-the-cob and green peas will come from the frozen food storage compartment of the refrigerator. the gas goes. keep this shelf full of the modern frozen foods which are not only useful in general but especially so for quick meals. the basic meal, the hash corn peas with a little cheese to spark up the flavor of the hash, are spread out on the work show along with the utensil. she will need time to go to work high time. even three minutes suffice to get all the packages open and the contents out in pans and cooking. another convenient thing to remember in this quick cookery is that vegetables are best to eat and best for you if they are cooked a minimum length of time. in the case of frozen vegetables, the time is even shorter. the pudding goes into the oven where it will warm slightly while they are eating the main course. Sally will serve it with cream. isn't a time for fancy sauces. how's the time going? well, fast, but not too fast. it's time to serve and Sally is going to be able to keep that 6 o'clock deadline mostly, to be honest, because of intelligent marketing rather than any great show of speed. right now, while she's serving, we might remember if she's doing how it's possible to cook a meal quickly, knowing how to handle the equipment involved in cooking, to use the utensils deftly and to use them for the purpose for which they were designed is a matter of practike and a question of tiknique. when the need of the moment is for fast, efficient cooking, a modern gas range can be the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen. six o'clock and there we are. it's possible to make a meal in 20 minutes if, first, your well grounded in good kitchen tikniques and have the right tools with which to work at the time, and second, if your four-sided enough to purchase and keep in a special emergency shelf in your cupboard and the storage shelf of your refrigerator a good supply of those modern foods which have taken most of the terrors out of cooking against the deadly weather. it's done by the day, by the week or just once a month. meal planning presents the homemaker with her best opportunities to express her talent, and today's modern world offers the widest variety, the greatest selection and the most delicious possibilities imaginable. most meals start with an idea, usually an idea about meat. it's hard to beat the sizzling aroma of lamb chops. or what about meatloaf with a fresh twist called lamb Lo and lamb shish. kebobs will bring real life to an evening on the patio, as your family tried lamb stew lately. make plenty because it's good as a leftover dish - also, there's an unlimited selection of delicious roasts, like this leg of lamb, or this tempting rolled shoulder roast, and even this, the gourmets choice, the royal crown lamb roast. all are available at your market throughout the year for a satisfying combination of economy, variety, quality and palatable pleasure. remember, there's nothing like lamb. the variety is almost endless. [Music]. roast lovers will find many delicious lamb cuts that roast superbly. the lake, for example, is more than just a leg of lamb. your meat man can provide you with a long leg and you'll be able to serve lamb sirloin roast and a leg of lamb roast. and the loin section produces the delicious tender loin chops. this portion of the lamb produces the rack roast and when two or three are used, the result is the crown roast. this, called the breast section, produces riblets and spareribs. the shoulder section provides familiar round bone and blade bone chops, the square shoulder roast and the rolled and tied shoulder roast. one of the delightful things about lamb is that preparation of nearly all roasts is almost identikal. this rolled shoulder roast can be purchased ready to cook at your meat market. all you need to do is place it on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. sprinkle it lightly with salt and pepper and insert the meat thermometer. it's ready to roast. one of the secrets of cooking successfully with lamb is the use of low heat. almost all of the lamb roasts should be cooked at 325 degrees for about 30 minutes per pound. but to be safe, to make certain that your roasts are cooked properly, use an accurate meat thermometer. when it registers 170 degrees, the meat will be done, but a bit rare. use the thermometer even when lamb is cooked on a barbecue grill. you'll like the results. other cuts of lamb you'll enjoy preparing as well as eating, include the leg roast. remember asked for the long leg. you'll have a sirloin roast for another festive meal on another day. [Music]. all you need to do is to wrap it in a good grade freezer paper, tape it and it can be stored for nearly as long as you wish until you need it. [Music]. but fresh lamb should be cooked as soon as possible and preparing it is always a simple matter. all high quality lamb has a smooth covering of pinkish white fat /, which is a thin paper-like covering called the fell. under most conditions it should not be removed from any roast. it helps the cut hold its shape and retain the natural juices for a better tasting roast. when inserting the thermometer, be sure not to let the bulb touch the bone or rest in fat. then cook in a slow oven at no more than 325 degrees until the thermometer registers 170 to 180 degrees, depending on your taste and preference. stew meat comes from the breast section and the shank end of the lake and lamb stew is an old friend at any dinner table. to prepare stew, Brown the lamb cubes carefully in a small amount of cooking oil and add your favorite combination of vegetables [Music]. cover the pan tightly and simmer. hmm, better fix plenty, because the stimulating aroma of lamb stew does something exciting to the appetite. it'll be a surprise if you have any left, but if you do good for lamb leftover. lamb stew is good reheated or as a new dish in disguise [Music]. one of the favorite leftover dishes is lamb potpie. while the stew is warming in a 450 degree oven, prepare the biscuits. then add the biscuits to the top of the bubbling stew and bake for about 20 minutes. results: a perky new dish from a dependable old favorite [Music]. other use: again lamb dishes include cold sliced lamb sandwiches. great for lunchbox excitement [Music] and for a hot meal without that warmed-over taste. how about hot lamb sandwiches made with last night's main dish and piping hot rich lamb gravy? curries and many casserole dishes can also be made with leftover land for other quick to fix, economical lamb meals, try one of the many possibilities with ground lamb. lamb burgers with all the trimmings will go a long way to satisfy the most critikal group of guests, and an economical, always tasty lamb look will suit your family fine any evening of the month. to prepare lamb loaf, just add minced onions, dry breadcrumbs, a little evaporated or fresh milk and seasoning to a pound of ground lamb. [Music]: preheat the oven to 325 degrees while you mix these ingredients.

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The Housekeepers Secret Weapon that No One Is Using Right Now.

hey, airbnb family, it's haley again, uh, sean's director of operations here to show you a little bit of. one of my favorite things that i've gotten to create here for our dfw properties and employees is the fantastik cleaning caddy. so this is one of my- uh, most exciting achievements. it's one of the very first things that i was able to pull off to help, like, improve the functionality of the operations with business. when i got there, or when i joined and i was hired by sean originally, i was seeing that cleaners were purchasing their own cleaning supplies. um, i think the reason why- and what was misunderstood is- is that there was supposed to be cleaning supplies in the apartment but they were either getting used up and thrown away or- guess, we're stealing them. um, and so, instead of leaving it in the apartment, i said you guys need to have cleaning supplies in your own possession so you can watch over it and keep track of it. um, and i was like, instead of spending money on cleaning supplies, you can actually pay for gas to get to work. so we need to fix this right away. i went ahead and bought these carts online. they're not super expensive, just a little plastik. it's got a nice little handle to pick it up off the ground, and then it also has wheels and like a pulley, kind of like luggage, and so it's really kind of easy to maneuver. these aren't super sturdy. i've notiked they kind of have broken. so i'm kind of looking for some more sturdy carts to use and i can, you know, reach out and let you know if i find something great. i also made sure to personalize all of the little charts for each of my cleaners. make them feel special. we made an entire list of all the supplies that should be in here, or a list of supplies that they should be keeping in stok with them so that they have everything they need to make sure that they can clean the apartment and do the job well every single week- and so we do- is. the plan is they take this with them and at the end of the week, on mondays, they go ahead and come pick up their paychecks and they look at this list and tell me what they're missing and we can restok it so they have more for the next week. i'll go ahead and run through some of these items and explain why we use them and why it's some of our favorites, one of them being a fabulous. so we used to use pine salt. there's a few things that we used to use. this has evolved quite a bit as we've like, experimented with different products and these are: this is the most current. this is what we like to use the best as of now. so fabulous, so beats pine saw in my opinion, because a lot of like laminate um floors and stuff, it would cause like a stiky residue. same with 409 multi-purpose cleaner. i love fabulous because it does not do that and it also leaves like a really nice scent. anybody who's used it would know because it's that great. then, um, i use lint rollers, or i give them lint rollers to use because of those little stiky, pesty hairs that do not come off in the laundry and you know that's one big thing that will cause you a refund. lint rollers, let's prevent it. then i have febreze. that's a given. you know whatever kind of lovely sense guests like to leave behind. we want to eliminate airline and sky is kind of basic. there's a really good like. there's an ozone scent. i think that one of them is it really kind of eliminates the eliminator, not just like a perfume on top of the weird smells. i like that partikular one better, also like a pet one too. that's a good one. we have dawn dish soap. so, on an actual cleaning caddy for one of my employees it'll actually have specific items that are going to be highlighted in red. those are things that they don't just keep to clean with. it's actually something that they're going to restok and supply for the guests. dish soap is one of them. if someone's there for long term, i want them to wash their own dishes. another one is the mr clean multi-purpose spray. this is awesome. literally every single one of my housekeepers treat this like it's gold and they find it like: oh, gimme, gimme, gimme. it's kind of crazy. i, i don't know. it's just a really good smelling one. it's also super sturdy. it gets the grime off easy. you're not having to put in a bunch of elbow grease. so i totally recommend this one. over 409 or what was another one? we used lysol, i think, too, but this one's awesome, really gets the job done. all right, we've got glass cleaner. i was using windex, but i also just recently got a costco membership, mainly for paper towels and toilet paper, hashtag covid, but i found this stuff and it actually works so much better. no streaks, you know, you just use a little rag afterwards it's like it's spotless at the end. really, really good product here. we have a microfiber cloth on this list as well as clorox bleach spray. these two go hand in hand because the bleach spray is good, but when you get something that really can kind of get into the grooves, it helps. when you put these two together, really gets it off a lot easier. that's what we discovered collectively as a team. we have, let's see here: oh, magic erasers- these guys great for getting streaks off of walls. people are constantly scuffing up our walls and instead of just repainting over and over again, this guy will, just you know, remove them. thank you, sir. gloves- super important also hashtag cohen. honestly, even from the very beginning, they weren't using gloves at first, when i started and i was like: why aren't you using gloves? you don't even wanna. i mean, everybody knows if you're a host, you know what kind of unmentionables you're gonna find in a used airbnb. don't touch it with your bare hands, protect yourself. we also have um swiffer dusters. i make sure that they have something to dust ceiling fans with. obviously good old-fashioned lysol total cleaner. this one actually comes with bleach in it too. so you know any pesky like yellow or scum or anything that's left behind. it really kind of gets some of that color away, leaving you with a nice fresh white toilet paper. towels and toilet paper are a given very hard to come by, but, like i said, since i just recently got a costco membership, i've been able to restok on this fairly easy with a business membership in partikular, it allows me to get more than one package, so i'm not being really restricted by that. um, we have easy off. this is for the ovens. this was really an amazing find. it took me a really long time to find something like this, because oven cleaner in general- like a lot of them- are cheap and it doesn't really do a good job. this one digs in there and like gets the worst of it or stuff that's been stuck there for way too long. we use pledge on obviously, a lot of wood surfaces also smells great. i provide a hand soap refill. this is a very large bottle, costco and swiffer refills. um, each cleaner also is given like an actual swiffer pull, but they just kind of leave it in their car and then i'll give them some pads throughout the week to use. another really big change too is we went from using regular laundry detergent and dish detergent and we switched to pots, so, even though they can be a little bit more pricey in an instant, we actually are saving money, because, especially with laundry detergent, we would leave some behind for guests to use. they would take the entire bottle home with them, so much theft from that kind of stuff. so just providing them with two or three pods instead of an entire bottle of laundry detergent has saved us a ton of money. it's been a really, really good option. one bump in the road initially, though, was that they were getting popped in bags, so i recently got like individual containers for each of my housekeepers that are like plastik containers to prevent them from bursting while traveling around. and then, lastly, there's other things that you can put in a cleaning cabinet that aren't even cleaning related, one of them being things like parking passes, parking passes, double-a batteries, aaa batteries for, like uh, smoke detector batteries- little little things that aren't too hard to carry around, that they ca.

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House Cleaning Side Hustle

[Music]. how do you earn money during kovat 19 when all the house cleaners have gone home? everyone is quarantined and no one will let you come over and clean houses. that is a great question. we're gonna tok about that today. hi there, I'm Angela brown and this is ask a house cleaner. this is a show where you get to ask a housecleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. now, if you have a question, you can go over to ask a housecleaner com. there's a little blue button right there in the corner. you just pop on it, a little microphone appears, you start recording your message to me and it brings it to me right here at the show and I can answer it here for you. alright, on to today's question. there's a house cleaner that asked this: hi, Angela, I live in Pennsylvania and all of my clients have put me on hold due to the virus, everybody's quarantine and I am not working right now because they all want to stay in the house and stay safe. what can I do about this? is there a way to drum up business? all right, I love the fact that you're asking this question, because what I hear you saying is: how do I earn money in a time when my money is not coming in right. these are unprecedented times. I've never seen this before in the house cleaning industry. the house cleaning industry has always been pretty foolproof, and by that I mean in the event that somebody cancels, you still have other customers that have jobs and whatever that are paying you that you can still pay your bills. I've never seen where everybody cancels all at once. in almost 30 years in the business, I've never seen that. all right. that said, there are other things you can do. we did not get to be who we are in this life without more than one set of skills. if housecleaning is all I knew how to do, boy, I would be up a creek without a paddle right. so I have lots of skills, and so do you. I don't know what your skills are, but what are your skills. so this is a timer right now to sit down and take inventory of your skills now. I know for a fact that many of you are in the house cleaning business. I'm speaking to house cleaners right now and in the house cleaning business we do what we call before and after pictures and the before and after pictures. you take a picture of the before. here's what the toilet looked like before. here's what the picture of the toilet looks like after Tara, and we make sure that the lighting is right and it looks great, because we're gonna use those for advertisements, right? one of the ways you can make money during the Cova 19 downtime is you can offer those pictures that you have taken to stok photography libraries, for example. there are a couple ones that come to mind, and I will leave links in the show notes to Shutterstok and a big stok photo, which are two that I use. now. I have a youtube channel and I don't have the luxury every time of me running out with the camera and taking pictures of the things I want to show you to help tell the stories that I'm telling you on this channel, and so I refer to ni reference on a daily basis, a stok photography library, where today, on this very day I mean, he did a picture of a clear glass measuring cup with water in it, and so I went and I did a search for clear glass measuring cup with water in it and I found one. then I downloaded that picture. whoever put that picture up there made a commission off of me downloading it, so I have a license that I'm allowed to download so many pictures per month and all of the graphic designers that work with me on my team. they all have their own licenses. so if you are at home right now and you have a library of these before and after pictures that you've been taking in your business, my suggestion is that you sit down and you go through them one by one and you say: is this good enough for Angela's video? use that as a barometer. the reason I say is I use lots and lots and lots of photos. I have an online learning library where we train house cleaners how to start and grow their own house cleaning businesses. so I need lots of pictures that are not just about house cleaning, but I need pictures of all different areas of the business. I need pictures of things like pictograms and safety data sheets and I need legal things, like a gavel, for example. there are all different kinds of weird and odd zany things that might come up in a conversation and I need a picture to help illustrate that. so if you did nothing else but take your high-end smartphone and go around your home and take pictures of items and upload them to the stok photography libraries, then every time somebody downloads that, you make a commission. so that is something you could today, and then, when the doors open again and you go out into the marketplace, you can still run your regular house cleaning business, but every evening when you come home, you could upload your photos and you can have a second revenue stream while you are working your house cleaning business once the doors open again. that is just one way you could make money. there are a whole lot of different ways, and if you know about the gig economy, it is known as the gig economy, where people work from home and they're doing virtual assistant projects where they're not actually at your house, and by that I mean I have a YouTube channel, right, the people that edit my YouTube channel are not working at my house right now. they are working from their own homes. because of the Cova 19 and what have you. they are working from their own homes and they're editing my videos. and because we have the cloud, I can upload the information and they can download the stuff that they need from the stok photography libraries. they can patch it together and then they can upload the shows to YouTube, so everybody can work from home. it's really awesome and it's super nice where you can do something similar. I don't know what your skills are, but if you can do video editing, if you can do audio editing, if you have visual imaging that you put together like graphic designs- I know that right now, moving back into the marketplace, every business is gonna be running promotions to try to get their business back up and running again. so if you can create ads or you can do graphics or any of these things, these are great services where you can set up your own little spot on Fiverr. people can find you, they pay you on Fiverr, so they pay first for the project and then Fiverr holds it in an escrow account and so you are guaranteed the money is waiting for you once you turn the project in. once you turn the project in and a customer approves it, they release those funds and you get paid, so you never even have to meet the customer. all of the contact information goes back and forth through Fiverr, so I'll leave links to Fiverr in the show notes as well. but there are so many different things that you can do and I recommend, as a housecleaner, that you set up some side projects that you can do on the time that you're not working as house cleaners. most of us only work a 40-hour week, and so what happens on the other hundred and twenty eight hours of the week when you're not working? your house cleaning business. so you could be working in the evenings and the weekends on the side gig or the side hustle or the side-project, whatever you want to call it. and then the beauty of it is, as you get older in the business, there will come a day when everybody is like, look, I think I want to quit. you'll have this other revenue stream that you've already built up that is bringing in revenues on a regular basis, so you can do both at the same time. and so you've heard the saying: don't keep all your eggs in one basket. right now, all the eggs are in one basket. if you're a house cleaner, and that's the only business that you have and it's so creating something else. as exciting as it is right now, he's gonna challenge you to come up with what. what is it that you know? what is that you want to know? and if you don't have the skills, if you're not a photographer right now, you can take some online photography classes there.

How to Advertise a Cleaning Business with No Money

Angela Brown: How to advertise your house cleaning business when you have no money. Great question, and we're going to tok about that today. Hi there, I'm Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is the show where you get to ask a house cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now today's show is brought to us by How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company, which is a book that I wrote. I wrote this book for you based on 25 years of experience and the house cleaning business. There are a whole bunch of tried and proven methods that are inside of his book. so if you're just getting started as a house cleaner and you have no money and you have no idea where to start, I recommend this book. Now, you don't have to have the hard copy. You can actually download a free copy of it on Amazon. The link is in the show notes below. so check out that book and read it from cover to cover. It is not a big book, but it will give you a lot of food for thought and a lot of things to think about. That is How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company. All right On to today's show, which is from a house cleaner who has this question, Celma? Hi Angela, My name is Celma. I am brand spanking new in a cleaning business and I'm looking for ways to advertise my business, with the exception that I have no money whatsoever to start this business. on the advertisement side, I am looking to see what could you recommend to me as a house cleaner to start strong and find clients, which is my main difficulty side. I am in the way that I don't know where to and how to advertise my business. Could you help me with that? I appreciate it. Thank you very much. Love your show, Angela Brown. All right, How to advertise your business when you have no money? The answer is you don't. All right, I don't want to surprise you by saying you don't advertise your business because you will always be marketing. but there's a big difference between advertising and marketing. Marketing is building a brand and building the foundation of your business so that when you start advertise that, everything you pay for in the vain of advertising is built on top of that foundation. If you don't have a foundation in place- which is your marketing- and you start to advertise, every dollar that you spend will float away into the ether and it will bring you nothing in return, Because when people come to back to home base, which is your marketing platform, there will be nothing there. Oh, don't do that, okay, Not cool. Advertising costs money. Marketing costs time. As you start your house cleaning business, it is possible that you have more time than you have money, And so this is the time that you want to build out your marketing platform. Now, how do you do that? All right, There are a bunch of basic things that you can do to start your foundation. Now, it's not all of the things and it's not an in depth overview, but they are simple things like how to create a profile picture for your business Facebook page. Facebook allows you to create a business Facebook page, which is like a website where you're going to have pictures of cleaning and get to have your picture up there and you've got a history of what you do and your story and your reason why you're in business and you get to have your business hours and you can have all the different things that are about your business that a customer needs to know. As you're getting started in business, even if you don't have a website, then a customer will say: where do I find you? You say here's my Facebook page And They look at it and now they have what's called social proof. The social proof is: yes, this is my business, I'm online. I've committed to this company name. I've committed to these hours of operation and these partikular services. As you create this and you send it out into the marketplace, what happen is you can pay for at a later time. you can pay for targeted Facebook ads, But in the beginning, if you just set up a business Facebook page, that's free. That cost you no money. There are a lot of house cleaners that sit around and they're like: I have no money so I can't advertise. Well, for very little money, you can advertise. You can put together a flyer. In the book I show you how to create a flyer. There are two flyers on one page. You cut one page in half so that you get half the price for the flyers right. Instead of a whole page- the cost of a whole page of printing- you now have two flyers for the price of one. There are ways you can save money and it doesn't cost a lot of money to print up some flyers. I'm not taking about glossy flyers and four color printing. I'm toking about a simple flyer. that's blank ink on a white piece of paper. You cut the paper in half and then you go deliver it in the neighborhoods that you want to work in. It's very, very, very inexpensive. For just a few dollars- like $10 or $15, you can have some flyers printed at your home printer- Very easy to do. There are apps like Nextdoorcom. You don't advertise your business on Nextdoor. You work the network and the referral program on Nextdoor. There are things like that that we've already toked about in other episodes on this show. If you're not familiar with this show, you can search YouTube or Google Play or Stitcher or iTunes- all the different podcast apps- and you'll find this show, which is called Ask a House Cleaner. You can also search by my name, which is Angela Brown, and search next to the term house cleaning. It will pop up and you can find all different questions that we've already answered, like on how to use Nextdoor to build your business. There are so many ways that you can build your business for free using marketing, not advertising. When you turn that switch on and your business starts to expand and you start to hire other people and you decide that you are going to advertise, that is the time when you want to make sure that all of your platforms are in place, all of your profile pictures are set up, all of your social media profiles are set up, that you have website and you have all of these elements in place, because, as you drive people back to your home base, you want to make sure that it's populated and it has an about section, and it has frequently asked questions, and it has pricing information and it has all these other things That you can do right now, even if you're just getting started. If you're just getting started and you have no idea where to start, do pick up a copy of the book. Like I said, you can download a free copy of it on Amazon and you can read on any device- a computer, a tablet, a cell phone- using the free Kindle app. I've made it absolutely free for you. All you have to do is download it and read it. Here's the catch. Oh, there's a catch I knew there would be. You have to apply what you read. If you just read it, it doesn't do you any good. It's not even entertaining reading. so this is not reading. you're going to go. oh, yes, it was so entertaining. Okay, now I'm a successful house cleaner. It does not work that way, Just like having a gym membership. Having a gym membership does not make you fit. It does not make you skinny. You do not burn calories just by paying a membership fee to the gym. You have to get up and go down there and workout. It's the same with house cleaning: If you're going to build a business, you have to do the work. That is one of the biggest myths in this business. People think that they're going to jump in a Facebook group and they're going to get a piece of information and then, magically, that's going to transform their business. It doesn't. It doesn't transform your business unless you put the information into action and you transform your business. All right, That's how you don't advertise with no money. All right, Until we meet again. leave the world a cleaner place then, when you found it.

8-Year-Old Kate Gets Body Shamed at the Community Pool | This Is Us | Prime Video

[Music]. hey, kate, stop being silly, come over here please. [Music]. oh, samantha and vicky are here. hair bear, you are surrounded by adults and lifeguards that resemble adults. there's very little trouble. you can actually get it. okay, kate, baby, are you sure you don't want to put a shirt on what right ear? enjoy misery. people are staring at her in that bathing suit. jack, some jerky little kid is gonna say something. it's baby fat. she's only eight years old. kid seven turn mean: hi, hey guys, you wanna play mermaids? this is from all of us. randall, uh, randall, hey, kate, have you seen randall randall? [Music]. [Music]. [Applause]. [Applause]. okay, you're not eating. okay, what's up with her? are you kidding me? oh, why? because we didn't make her wear a t-shirt. that's what you don't know, jack. you're only gonna make it worse. sit, are you cold? i didn't bring one. oh. [Music]. i brought a t-shirt. that's the one mommy hates. mommy's just jealous? i don't think so. no, it's true. she just pretends like she hates it because i don't know how to wear it. you know where i got this shirt? i heard mommy say it was from a drunk dog drifter. listen, mommy doesn't know the whole truth, so this is gonna have to stay between us. okay, i got it in florida, a magical land called daytona beach. can you go there? no, no, you may never go to daytona beach. i want you to say it out loud: daddy, i will never go to daytona beach. daddy, i will never go to daytona beach, good girl. but i was there and one night i was walking back to my hotel and i came across this man, a traveler. he was wearing ragged clothes and he had a strange way of toking and these three young jerks were bothering him. they were trying to take away his bag of groceries. so i chased the jerks off by yourself- yeah, by myself- and had a few buy them in drinks. and i chased them off. it happened, and the traveler was so grateful he wanted to repay me. you know he didn't have much. so he reaches into his little satchel and he pulls out this shirt. he says to me: it's a magic t-shirt. he said that when you wear it, your enemies will see you exactly as you want to be seen, and only that way, whether it's, uh, a warrior or a princess, whatever you want. does it work? you tell me, i was wearing this shirt the night i met your mom and she thought i was the handsomest man in the world. you, yeah, i know me [Music] magic, i'm gonna go with. princess [Music], i want you to know already sees you that way without the shirt. okay, you don't need it, thanks, daddy, but i'm gonna wear it anyway. okay, your highness, find you a crown. you.