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How I built a Million Dollar Tax & Accounting Firm in less than 24 months REAL Million Dollar Firms

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

How I built a Million Dollar Tax & Accounting Firm in less than 24 months REAL Million Dollar Firms

How I built a Million Dollar Tax & Accounting Firm in less than 24 months REAL Million Dollar Firms

all right well hey everybody my name is
rob and i'm probably like the biggest
youtube star out there when it comes to
building what i call this outsourced
accounting model um if you didn't know
this i own feedback wrench before i
launch this digital marketing company i
i had started and grown and developed uh
nuanced financial tax and accounting out
of the twin cities here and what i'm
gonna show you is how
or the framework that i use to develop a
business model the framework that we
used to land high retainer clients that
love the service that we provided that
was a natural fit to small business
clients and tok about what where all
the opportunities are um how to run
meetings and just how to grow a
profitable firm and i'm telling you
unlike most of the gurus out there that
failed out of their tax and accounting
from the only reason why i've switched
to helping other accounting firms is
because my partners kind of screwed me
after being in business for two and a
half years i found out that the
paperwork we signed for the three of us
to own it equally
they had taken that escort paperwork
behind my back thrown it away and filed
their own and
i'm a follower of jesus and instead of
getting all bent out of shape and
deciding to sue them and take what was
rightfully mine i decided you know what
i'm going to go help businesses i want
to help them thrive i want to help build
momentum i want to provide the
salesmanship and communication and
digital marketing skills
or framework that will actually help
them fill their sales funnel because
here's what i know most of you as
accountants and most of the business
owners that i help even if they're in
construction uh we do a ton of home
services construction remodeler stuff
like that here's what i know most of you
got into business because you're really
great at solving problems you can hear
my kids going nuts back there uh really
good at solving problems you're you're
usually a tiknician
and you're good at doing stuff now in
partikular accountants have this other
bent that most people don't is that you
chose to play a role that's behind the
scenes you chose to play a role that has
working behind the scenes on on
tiknical things rather than being in
the forefront of sales and marketing and
one of the things that happens when you
start your own business which i realized
when i became a financial planner
is that you wear a lot of hats
i have a really big head if you didn't
know i have like the biggest head of
anyone you've probably ever met i'm like
an offensive lineman just you know uh
former offensive lineman almost 40. i
got four kids and a 10 year old a seven
year old a four and a half year old and
a three and a half year old or five year
old and a two and a half year old
anyways uh all i do is i work on my
business i work on my businesses that we
serve we go to church we keep life
pretty simple we're out here in the
minneapolis uh twin cities area but
basically what i found was that the
model out there for accountants was just
lacking and let me bring you along a
little bit of of what i had found here
okay so
basically what happened was um before we
started this firm i got recruited to be
in the financial services industry i got
my series 7 my series 66 my life and
health and i got recruited to go to
thrive and financial where faith and
finance would meet
and really what it was is where
annuities are the solution that gets you
paid and that's what you have to sell
and what that means is that i was
selling high priced high fee mediocre
financial products to all the people
that i loved and that i had garnered
respect from and i felt dirty i couldn't
do it it didn't take me very long to
realize that that that the products and
financial services actually matter but
before that i had decided i'm like i'm
going to be a student in this because
like you signed up as an accountant to
be behind the scenes to do what you want
to do you know you weren't necessarily
thinking you were starting your own um
marketing and sales focused business
because that's really what you need to
you know i knew that i had to become a
ceo i knew that i had that i wasn't a
financial planner but i was a business
owner and they don't do a really good
job of telling you that when you first
get started you think it's more of a job
but this shift was occurring and what i
did was i went around all of the super
successful uh tax or financial planners
and there was two groups that i paid
close attention to one out of prior lake
and one over by the 3m offices it was
the tang well group and uh
one of these groups had had i mean they
were millionaires multi-millionaires
selling insurance and annuities is
really what they did and what they had
done is
they would go out and do estate planning
seminars and they would tok about
3m's retirement benefits and what they
did is they niched way down to
understand how to do those two things
they would have people tok about you
know what do i do with my lake cabin
what do i do with these goofy stok
options that i own and they just became
involved in understanding everything
from these
really high-end executives or even just
folks at 3m make great money right but
they did estate planning and and i
learned a ton there i learned about
why you should be doing a trust rather
than a will and some other things then
this other group of people that i was
watching what they would do is they
would engage with people and sure you're
a financial advisor but what they do is
they tok about maximizing your tax
brackets they would frame things up is
that there's kind of three buckets your
tax now tax later tax never buckets and
it's roth traditional or taxable
accounts and and then what they do is
tok about
when you get into retirement you're
going to hit these uh these thresholds
were either 0 85 or what is it 0 15 or
85 of your social security benefits are
going to be taxed and what they do is
kind of trigger this thing inside of
people that man i have to be on top of
my tax planning game so long story short
i learned that people really appreciate
tax planning and so i dove in as hard as
i could i had already got my series 7 my
series 66 my life and health some pretty
big credentials and i went after tax
planning and what you come to the
conclusion in tax planning
is that self-employed people and small
business owners along with real estate
are really the ones that get all of the
juicy tax planning right so i read some
core books here you know i went down the
robert kiyosaki rich dad poor dad thing
and i read tom
wheelwright's book you know they have
the tax loopholes of real estate which
does a great job of explaining
depreciation passive income um and then
i got into the tax-free wealth which
even brings up things like options but
it's heavy on your business entity then
i read sandy botkins books um where they
come out every year and it's all about
how to reduce your taxes as a
self-employed person and there he hits
on the s corp big time and then he toks
about how do you um
time your vacations and your business
traveling and how do you how do you
maximize your vehicle write-offs and boy
i just dove in as much as i could i read
the book called the gospel of roth and
kind of heard about all this converting
traditionally tax stuff to maximize your
tax bracket throughout the years and and
then i got into uh mark kohler and mark
kohler is all about the tax and legal
playbook so it's all about entity
optimization is what it is and what you
come to this conclusion is holy moly i
can help self-employed people
drastikally move the needle towards
paying less in taxes and so i got all
excited about this i'm like i've toked
to self-employed people real estate
agents uh construction uh business
owners and they've never mentioned any
of this so i had this plan i'm like i'm
gonna go out and i'm gonna show people a
lot like this tangwell group i'm going
to i'm just going to show them what to
bring to their accountant to mitigate
taxes and i'm going to kind of pique
their interest with how i can make their
life better by doing that and then i'll
kind of hit them with the one-two punch
of providing simple financial planning
you know life insurance and if they
wanted to do their 401k with me they'd
do it so i go out and i connect to the
whole bunch of friends that i had and
people that i knew that were
showed them the two things and all of
them had the same exact response they're
like rob that 401k thing yeah yeah we
know that we watch dave ramsey
my accountant doesn't do that
who do you know that could help me and
straight up i'm toking five people in a
row say the exact same thing they're
all i ever do is he kind of helps me get
my books cleaned up and then we do my
tax returns
well then i go on this mission to
connect with as many cpas as i possibly
can because i wanted to find someone to
partner with
i come to the conclusion
and i mean this nicely that accountants
have this thing where they're always
right and there's not anything new you
can share with them and all i was trying
to do was
you know find somebody who would come
alongside a business owner just do it
all for them and help them implement
these tax mitigation strategies
and i was at a loss none of them really
wanted to do that bumped into one guy
who ended up being my partner and kind
of the foundation of the shenanigans
that got played but you know long story
short i called up my buddy nick and i'm
like he was a cpa had been it's been at
cbiz for a long time and i said nick
i'm telling you man when i look at the
financial planning world where these
guys are getting customers to pay like a
one and a half percent management fee
plus twenty five hundred to forty five
hundred dollar retirement planning fees
and they're paying self you know all of
these other fees and they're not really
doing anything like in the grand scheme
of stuff they're not actually moving the
needle and making them more money or
helping these people be more productive
i just went out and toked to these guys
if we can do some of this tax planning
stuff and we can just help them have
books that are amazing let's just let's
just do it for him
nick's like well we'll see so anyways
nick and this other guy and myself we we
started meeting together and meeting
together and i'm like all right guys
let's try it we kind of built this this
service model the value proposition a
little bit of what we do and i just went
out and started prospecting everybody
that i knew i started calling i started
to get in front of as many folks as i
possibly could getting google reviews
doing some marketing and i networked
with everybody i could i called on
everybody we went from zero to 150 small
businesses but here's the big catch
what was it
that i had identified and what it was is
that one there's a typical firm and i
found this out really quick when i sold
against my competitors i found out that
the typical firm really acts in in kind
of a a certain way and
their business sucks like ultimately
their business is not very much fun so
the first thing is they have a bad
business model they just really do have
a bad business model the second thing is
they have a terrible value proposition
and number three they're not very good
in terms of salesmanship like those are
the three things that the typical
accounting firm really struggles with
and uh
what i found was
if i could show them how we would
actually impact their bottom line and
really help them
get outcomes
they didn't really care about the
services that we were providing and
that's the major thing that i want you
to understand is the first thing i did
is we said we're not going to help
anybody with tax returns there's going
to be two phases to this business and
let me hit on this real quick
there was two phases to the business in
the first amount of time what we tried
to do is as many tax returns clean up
bookkeeping whatever we could possibly
do in order to earn google reviews and
testimonials we wanted to show that we
were credible that was the first phase
in fact now now that i'm you know six
seven years ahead of this whole
entrepreneurship thing i'll tell you
there's two phases to business you build
credibility by getting results and and
just getting reps and then over time you
have to prune things down
and focus on what what you do best in
providing a better more focused higher
priced solution where you can just focus
right so
as we're doing that i start realizing
let's get a bunch of reviews we find all
these business owners and then i find
out you know what these business owners
really want they're like me they don't
want to deal with it i don't like
accounting i don't like bookkeeping i
don't want to do payroll i don't want
any of that stuff i don't want to spend
any time now there's a whole bunch of
business owners that are like you know
what i love the numbers and i'll dive
all in but you know what they don't
really love doing is understanding
how the chart of accounts should be set
up and making sure they're
uh done properly you know what they
don't really love they don't really love
like which payroll system do i need to
have how do i become an s-corp how do i
pay in my taxes and all of them have a
ton of anxiety we'll get into that so
none of them really want to do this
stuff all of them ultimately have this
red-blooded american thing where because
they see the gross
profits go into their bank account they
want to keep as much of their money as
they possibly can
i don't know any business owners that
have built their own business i know a
couple that have kind of inherited some
things that aren't
gung-ho about keeping as much of their
money as they possibly can and
mitigating their taxes to the absolute
lowest they legally could possibly owe
everybody that i know wants to pay less
in taxes like that's just how it goes
right so number one they don't want to
deal with stuff number two help me pay
my fair share not a penny more that's
like that's really the mantra just help
me do all this stuff otherwise i gotta
hire somebody and just help me pay as
low in taxes as i possibly could
knowing that who is it that you can
impact the most when it comes to tax
uh planning right if you really dive
into the tax planning strategies what
you'll realize is that there's a couple
of levers that you can pull really hard
so i knew
what kind of case that if we stumbled
we could apply our process to and we
could see before and afters
of five six seven eight thousand dollars
in self-employment taxes alone
and ultimately what i found out is that
i needed to be on the hunt for
anybody who doesn't have an accountant
that's engaging with them to help them
maximize their business entity type
usually the s corp to help them maximize
retirement savings to help them get
their timing down for their business
investments and to help them
strategically build wealth in a tax
efficient manner if i could find people
who were just enjoying the typical or
just on the other end of a typical
accountant which here's what the typical
accountant is
if well i'll just land this if i could
find those people i knew that all i had
to do was get the tax return
if i could get that tax return and find
out how much was a salary versus a
distribution if i could find out if they
were maximizing the things that that
were out there i knew that i'd be able
to at least at least pique their
curiosity about how we'd make their
lives better by helping them thrive and
even survive a little bit more i knew
that once i got my hands on that tax
return i learned this from an insurance
guy once i got my hands on that we'd
understand is there an opportunity to
provide tax savings right now
here's some some stuff that i want you
to know
the re so i loved working with
businesses right and in order to do this
business model which i'm going to get
into um and maybe we'll hit on that
right now so here's how you build the
most profitable tax and accounting firm
out there number one you focus on small
businesses number two you're not going
to provide one-off services in fact from
now on you don't provide the services
that people ask for
that's not what you do
people come to you for a tax return
people come to you for their bookkeeping
they want payroll they need to do a tax
extension that's what they do but what
you really do is you serve as an
outsourced accountant and in an
outsourced account we're trying to do
three things really well for business
owners number one we're trying to
mitigate your taxes and build tax
efficient wealth i'm going to do
everything possible to proactively
throughout the year deliver as much
value as i possibly can to help move the
needle away from paying in taxes and
towards mitigating those taxes number
two i'm going to serve as a staff
alternative and just handle
all this accounting nonsense payroll
nonsense we're gonna do it for you
you as the business owner don't have to
waste your time doing it your staff
won't have to waste time doing it you
won't have to hire a part-time staff
person to do these financial things
right i'm we are going to do it for you
in fact if you do the math on it there's
i'll get into the threads and in my 500
course guys i tok about what are the
threads that you pull to get people to
take steps with you i i show you the
meeting cycle and how to work that and
all the salesmanship it's 500 i think
it's the best 500 that you can spend but
the number two value proposition is
truly you're going to serve as a staff
alternative you're going to make their
life easier you're going to save them
time you're gonna make them more
efficient and more productive okay
and then number three you're gonna keep
them compliant and help them mitigate
risk so reduce taxes and build tax
efficient wealth be a staff alternative
handle everything for them saving them
time and number three
you're going to keep them compliant
mitigate risk and in this you're just
going to you're going to do it better
than them right if they're doing it
themselves or if patty part-timer or
that that that 20 22 an hour uh
financial admin that came into their
business and starts doing the
bookkeeping you're going to be able to
deliver a much higher quality result
than what the typical person's going to
right and those are the three things
they want do it for me help me saving
taxes and keep me compliant just do it
right that's what they want okay now
underneath that what you'll see is the
the the things that impact a bit now so
now i want to get in a little bit into
what we would actually do for them but
before i get into what our service
exactly looked like what i want you to
know is one we can build you a sweet
website this before i get into that let
me tok about how we do websites book
our websites ads and seo for small
businesses and here's what it is we
understand how business owners think
everything that i'm toking about right
now we will make sure that you have a
sweet website a great set of google ads
with remarketing a facebook lead magnet
and funnel we will make sure it's all
done so well that you build a practike
that grows and thrives over time and at
the core is copywriting at the core is
this customer and then the tiknical
side of things i'm a geek like i'm a
geek and i take pride in making sure
that we deploy the highest end stuff out
there and our process is smooth we have
a great web designer i'm the writer
we've got a great team around us but
let's dive into what's all included i'm
going to kind of read this off
but what's all included in this
outsourced accounting model so number
one you get all the clients you get them
and you get their books all cleaned up
and make sure the chart of accounts and
everything is set up excellently and you
do all the backup bookkeeping okay
number one we set you up so you're done
right none of this screwing around
anymore number two
we're gonna take an in-depth snapshot of
their taxes their accounting and their
financial situation right so when they
come in you need to do this assessment
in fact during your meeting cycle you're
going to do this a little bit but what
you really need to figure out is where
are they at for taxes how much did they
pay in how much are they charging are
they an s-corp how much are they making
these decisions on salaries reasonable
salaries everything but you're gonna do
a snapshot of their taxes financial
picture and their accounting system i'm
looking at my notes here next you're
gonna create a comprehensive tax plan on
both the current year taxes and the
subsequent in your taxes now that
doesn't mean you have to get super
detailed but you're going to make a tax
plan and usually it's hinged on the
business entity type right usually what
you're going to do is you're going to
dive in and you're going to make darn
sure that um they've done everything
possible to maximize an s corp
not be an s corp or whatever it is and
then to start getting that real estate
and some of these other big levers
dialed in right um the next thing that
you're going to do and then for long
term right the long term is is you have
to get them positioned so that they can
get into these other entity types right
really it's looking at how do they get
into a position to own their own office
so you have an llc holding buy and hold
real estate and then
regular income
you know doing a lease and renting from
them um or it could be that you get a
real estate classification license for
your spouse and she starts doing
something or he starts doing some
there's a lot
to look at there
you'll also want to look at vehicles you
want to look at their home office
deductions their long-term plan like do
they want to build an office do they
want to buy a farm and build a compound
on it what is it that they're trying to
do right
next you're going to do all the work to
actually implement that so you create a
tax plan
then you make them an escrow you just do
all the screwing around you now you
can't be their lawyer you can't write up
all the agreements for them but you're
going to play quarterback and help them
get that into place take the homework
off their lap and do it for them then
you're going to keep all their books up
to date by doing bookkeeping service
right this is just one piece of this so
many of you are so focused on ah the
bookkeeping allows me to do everything
that's one important piece but you're
going to make sure that the books are up
to date every month and you're going to
provide a financial snapshot that makes
sense to them so they understand their
business and you can either do that
monthly or quarterly most business
owners just really need to quarterly
then you're going to set them up on the
best payroll situation right so a lot of
these guys are paying payroll um if they
have employees through somebody else
bring them in-house get everybody on the
same payroll operation you don't have to
run it for them in fact there's a
decision that has to be made should you
do payroll for them if they have other
employees that can get dicey but it
makes them really stiky too
but for these single owner s corpse or
small businesses with like one or two
they usually don't have a payroll system
because they don't think they need it
and long story short if they're going to
be an s corp they're going to need it so
you're going to set them up on on
payroll i would recommend going through
a payroll provider you can use intuit
you can use gusto you like you can get
into adp paychecks you can get a rep
there that will help you they'll even
feed you some clients which is kind of
so you'll set them up on the payroll and
then you'll run it for them right that
ultimately you're going to be the
customer service and make sure
everything runs really well for them now
on the other side of that is when they
get new 1099 contractors or new
employees instead of like
the business owner having to screw
around with all the w-9s just tell them
to call your office now you get an
opportunity to tok to their client
that's huge right and
i would i would really recommend doing
that just make it really really easy for
them with their payroll
then you're going to provide the monthly
and quarterly reports with some feedback
and some coaching right
i could go way deep into that then
you're going to eliminate the tax
liability surprises this is huge okay
make a tax plan help them pay in their
taxes periodically throughout the year
so that they end the year without
getting a big old tax refund and giving
uncle sam a free loan and without having
a tax bomb go off in their lap you
you got to get in tune with this one
business owners that
don't have a good tax person let me tell
we go into quarter four freaking out we
have no idea if we're gonna see a five
thousand dollar check given to us or if
we're gonna have to write a twenty
thousand dollar check and for most
business owners they don't have a clue
especially when you add in the
complexities of an s corp okay
guide for this whole tax plan is to also
provide peace of mind and just grabbing
the bull by the horns and paying in the
taxes for them right get them to do it
don't just nag them and tell them oh we
should make a payment set them up for
automatik payments according to a tax
plan then check it out you know the
beginning of quarter four make sure that
you're straight
but ultimately paying those taxes for
them so they don't have these big tax
bonds if anything it's better to get a
little bit of money back then to have
your client be facing these gigantik
situations that so many get in right now
before the year end you're going to help
them make the tax mitigation decisions
right timing in terms of like what do
you need to do for the s corp a but then
towards the end of the year you got to
tok about do you need machinery
is there bonus depreciation how should
you be depreciating these other assets
is it time to make a down payment on
something um is it time to pay off some
debts is it time to pay out a bonus
should you be using a sep ira to bonus
everybody how do you attract more
clients is it time for you to set up a a
health savings plan for everybody like
what are the things that need to happen
before the end of the year because the
bottom line is guys the typical
accountant waits till the end of the
year and they don't get to add value the
business owner's stuck and you're
sitting there like well maybe next year
you could choose to do my advisory
services and you end up telling them
something like you know what you can do
an ira contribution if you want or maybe
open up a set buyer do a 401k like
that's nonsense when if they do the s
corporate or they do some of these other
things right they're going to save tens
of thousands of dollars so
but before the end of the year you're
going to make these this double check
thing to make sure things are going well
um you're going to close out the books
and perform high level year-end
accounting and reporting right you're
going to make sure that things are
closed up right
you'll make the year-end tax season a
breeze this is huge because you've been
doing everything you're going to do
their tax returns you're going to do
their business tax returns their
personal tax returns and ultimately what
you're going to do is make their life so
stinking easy that they can file early
if they want to they can file an
extension early if they want to like
you're going to help them have that
flexibility that their operation
actually actually needs but it'll be
easy for you and let me hit on this real
quick there's a ton of value and this is
one that you just got to nudge when
you're in a conversation with them
that at the end of the year having like
a separate cpa and maybe themselves
doing the accounting or maybe there's a
third person to the accounting there's
this coordination that has to happen
between the tax guy and the books and it
just sucks for the business owner okay
and ultimately you know you hand your
books from your bookkeeper over to that
cpa or that tax person they look at it
and they always have questions and
they're questioning whether or not this
tax person knows anything or if they're
just making crap up right and then the
bookkeeper gets it and they take offense
even if they all agree and nothing's
wrong they question a little bit but the
business owner has to coordinate that
will you run the reports and send a
member do you have them yet do you have
them yet like just sitting down to write
those emails to get those from the
bookkeeper to then send them to the cpa
and then make sure the cpa had
everything meanwhile trying to get your
your payroll reports all done and all of
that nonsense i call it coordination
that messing around at the end of the
year if we were really true for most
business owners
and this sounds a little exploitative
but if we were to run around and tik
the time that you could potentially save
for them it starts getting into the 12
hours a week just for the business owner
and then when you pile on top of that
savings for the team itself you're
starting to tok you know 50 60 70 hours
um a quarter and i'm just telling you
guys that means that you're super
valuable to them okay and i'm going to
get into that last here so you'll do the
tax returns for the owners and their
family you'll do the business tax
returns you make sure that that's all
done and then over time you want to
start providing wealth building
strategies right
you want to help make sure that they're
looking at the right investments you got
to help them get involved in investments
if they're using this s corp their their
their benefits are going to be lower
anyways and they can be real cavalier in
terms of like oh i don't want to be in
the market i want to reinvest in my
business and you're a fool if you don't
help your client go buy s p 500
index funds through a separate simple or
a solo 401k like
it's just amazing we can get into that a
different time but um you got to get
them building wealth and then last tok
about you know the the risk mitigation
right i think what you should do is
basically play a little bit like a
financial advisor but don't give
investment advice short of get involved
in schwab or van yard index funds right
if they want to really easily do it just
pick the target date fund
that's a passive index fund that's super
inexpensive and i tell you what
you got to have the conversation about
do they have life insurance right just a
good life insurance contract if they
have family
have they figured out can they afford or
should they get long-term disability
insurance where if all of a sudden as a
as a marketer i get hit in the head or i
get migraines i can't work or something
like that do i get a portion of my my
payroll or my salary covered right you
got to tok to them about estate
planning every business owner if you've
got a business you need to think about
succession planning you should have a
trust in place so that your your your
family is not left not knowing what's
going on if you have partners dot got it
you better be looking at buy sell
and last there's all sorts of just
simple stuff payoff debt uh behavioral
finance right just help them out so
that's really what you're trying to do
the whole idea is that you play the
quarterback now by doing all that
you deliver massive value in fact
and this is what i'm going to end on
okay we can help you write a website
create sales funnels and help
provide coaching so my course for 500
bucks is excellent coaching for this but
i'm telling you if you do these things
the business owner is going to
understand how valuable you are to their
their customer and remember that the the
value um sensitivities is what my dad
toks about
for an accountant now
you always think that upfront price is
so important to people right
the thought of how much should all this
be right
well when we built our business we we
charged between in the beginning we were
doing 250 a month and boy did we learn
less and nick didn't soon enough but
you know 500 to 800 a month for these
simple kind of single owner s-corps or
very few employees just
you can deliver a ton of tax planning
make their life easy and it's just kind
of one simple one or you know fifteen
hundred dollars a month as a staff
alternative fifteen to twenty five
hundred dollars a month is makes a ton
of sense if you're gonna help them kind
of with the invoicing the onboarding of
clients contractor stuff like that
because it is busy like you will be busy
you're going to do stuff throughout the
year right but what it doesn't do is it
doesn't have the drawback where your tax
season is so frenetik that it's so
frantik that you can't actually add
value right and that's the bottom line
is in a traditional tax model you're not
adding value you know the things that
are the biggest value sensitivities are
number one increased productivity like
if you can get more work done with
whatever you have whatever service does
that for you as a business owner is
impactful like that's so much more
important than price and cost it's not
even funny number two efficiency
can i
do i have to decrease what it takes to
actually get the same work done
and i'm telling you those two
productivity and efficiency by you
serving as a staff alternative and
helping them focus and having them have
structure to everything
from year end to month to month to
quarterly whatever that is is going to
do that and then the last thing that you
can do is to help put money back in
their pockets remember that taxes are
ultimately at the they're at the bottom
line right and those taxes that you owe
depending on their net profits you know
um exponential exponentially far more
than what the actual tax is right so by
saving taxes you're generating
you know 10x 15x 100 whatever it is in
terms of revenue so by you saving them
in taxes and helping them build
wealth that's optimized for tax
efficiency what you'll see is that you
can deeply impact their lives and what
you'll see is that you can very easily
create a you know a business where you
know if you're charging about 500 a
month if you had 25 clients that means
that you're going to make 150 000 a year
in revenue
now on a traditional that's 25 clients
at 500 a month that's 150 000 in gross
revenue now obviously you got a ton of
of uh expenses in there at 50 clients
you're at 300 000 right now if you're at
that 800 a month average 25 clients is
240 000 in revenue there's no reason why
a single person can't go out and have 25
clients at 800 a month like that's
totally doable
and then 50 clients is at 480 obviously
right so the point is is that you create
financial stability for yourself you
create a more meaningful atmosphere for
yourself because
i'm telling you it's life-giving to know
that you're you're making them more
productive you're causing them to be
more efficient you're putting money back
into their bank account which helps them
pay for private school it helps them go
on vacations it helps them pay off debt
it brings peace to their marriage i'm
telling you things are so much better
when the finances are in play and it
doesn't take much to know that most
divorces most fights in a marriage
whatever it is occur because of finances
and i'm telling you if you can help
bring clarity to this if you can make
life more predictable in this manner
boy you're going to be able to charge
way more so again if you like the idea
of implementing something like this and
we know how to do this by using the
internet okay connect with us we get a
couple of get started packages and then
if you just want coaching about this we
have a package 500
and we include that if you sign up um in
our account uh
digital marketing setup our get started
packages and no matter what folks we we
hope that things move upward and for you
forward for you um
i hope that you're able to build a
meaningful practike and have a small
business that thrives good luck god
bless like and subscribe and reach out
book on my calendar if you like the idea
of heading upward and forward

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