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How I Get 14k+ Monthly Etsy Shop Views WITHOUT Social Media

Published on: December 2 2022 by Anji Long

How I Get 14k+ Monthly Etsy Shop Views WITHOUT Social Media

hey guys welcome back and today I'm
breaking down the six traffic sources on
Etsy that help me build my business to
14 000 views per month without using
social media today's video is going to
be extremely power packed I'm going to
break down each one of those six traffic
sources I'm going to show you my
dashboard and how much traffic is coming
from each one I'm also going to share
with you the one thing that I changed to
go from a struggling and failing Etsy
seller to creating a multiple six
figures on the platform and if you stik
around until the very end I'm going to
show you the exact stats the competition
and the search volume of one of my best
selling listings on Etsy that has done
over a hundred thousand views and well
over sixty thousand dollars in Revenue
now so if you're pumped for today's
video go ahead and give this a thumbs up
and also hit that subscribe and without
further Ado let's go ahead and jump in
okay guys I'm over on Etsy and we are
taking a look at their breakdown of the
traffic sources available to sellers on
the platform so number one we all know
about the Etsy search and that's from
people searching on Etsy now that
doesn't include
Etsy ads promoted in the Etsy search or
search traffic in the Etsy app and the
really cool thing about Etsy is they
break all of this down for you in your
dashboard and so you can see the exact
Search terms people are using to find
your listing so you can even go back and
duplicate those listings and add some of
the Search terms that maybe you didn't
include in the original listing then we
have the Etsy app and other Etsy pages
so this is visits from people browsing
the Etsy app or on pages on etsy.com so
app pages includes visits to your
listing or shop through any page of the
app and this includes
Etsy search favorites
Etsy ads clicked in the app which also
come from Etsy search and other pages on
etsy.com such as category pages so if
someone is doing a search on Etsy they
pop over to your store and they start
clicking through your categories it
could be from there there's also the
home page editors picks favorites forums
and more then we have Etsy marketing and
SEO which is one of my favorite sources
on Etsy and I have done several videos
about Etsy off-site ads and I will be
doing more in the future so this is
visits from Google Bing or other search
engine optimization and Etsy does this
for you so this is a great feature of
selling on Etsy they advertise your
store with paid advertising and you only
pay when they generate you a sale it's
just a small 12 to 15 percent fee which
for myself I've had experience with
Facebook ads and I've spent hundreds of
thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and
I've also lost a lot of money on
Facebook ads with off-site ads on Etsy
my profits are insane and I will show
you guys those stats so you can see what
I'm toking about then we have Etsy ads
which I also take advantage of so this
is visits from ads in search results on
Etsy so this too includes search this
doesn't include visits from Etsy ads on
the app or off-site ads so this is all
traffic that is found from the Etsy
search while you pay to like boost that
listing in the search and you pay per
click when someone clicks on your ad I
have advertising and this is visits from
ads in the Etsy search and on Google so
this doesn't include stuff from the app
but it is two different types of
searches and we're going to break this
all down on my dashboard and the cool
thing is the see SEO had director
recently came out and shared just how
much of an emphasis that they are
putting on Google traffic and so let's
take a look at how much of my traffic is
actually coming from Google right so it
shows Etsy brought 86 of my visits and
for the Etsy apps and Pages that's 82
000 visitors and as we remember this
includes searches in the apps and other
Etsy Pages such as maybe clicking
through to the categories on your store
or any favorites that they have
favorited and then we have the Etsy
search 12 900 visits from the Etsy
search we have Etsy marketing and SEO if
you remember these are from Google and
Bing and I will do another video for you
guys on how many sales that this
resulted in and how much I actually
spent on these off-site ads right Etsy
goes out and markets for you uh on
Google Bing Facebook all sorts of other
platforms and charge you just a small
fee when they get you a sale then direct
or other traffic is either someone going
directly to your store with your url or
if there's another website or blog that
maybe gave you a mention that came from
there I have a lot of repeat buyers with
my domain name so that is where those 15
000 visitors are coming from their
social media now it says 6800 I started
dabbling with Pinterest but I found it
to be a waste of time personally for me
I would rather spend my time on the Etsy
platform where buyers are already warmed
up rather than wasting my time on social
media so that is a small person energy
there and then Etsy ads are where I have
actually paid Etsy to send more visitors
to certain listings so I would set my
budget for say twenty dollars a day and
I would select maybe five listings and
Etsy would bump those listings up in the
search and every time I would get a
click on one of those then Etsy would
charge me a small fee maybe like 50
cents for the click to get that person
over to my link so that's six thousand
six hundred and ninety four visits so
right here in my opinion Google is
absolutely crushing it and so is the
Etsy app here you can see Shoppers
viewed my listings a total of
691 times and this is one of three
stores that I have so hopefully viewing
these metrics has been super helpful for
you to understand how sellers on Etsy
are actually generating sales without
even wasting their time on social media
right because Etsy is a well-oiled
machine and they really do have all of
the buyers that you need not just on
their platform but also on platforms off
of etsy that include searches such as
Google Bing Facebook
Etc so now I'm going to share with you
the number one thing that I actually
changed to go from a failing Etsy seller
to a semi-successful Etsy seller right
there's lots of etsy sellers that have
done way more than me however I do think
that I have a lot of valuable
information to share and so the one
thing that I actually changed was using
tools and some sellers will tell you not
to use tools some sellers will swear by
tools I personally can only share with
you what has worked for me and I really
did not start having success until I did
this one thing and that is looking at
the competition I started my first Etsy
store all the way back in 2008 before I
had any clue what I was doing I opened
several stores and all of them failed
because I really didn't understand how
the Etsy platform worked fast forward to
2019 I had my first successful store and
what did I do I found low competition
items so that means there are customers
searching for these items but not a
whole lot of other sellers doing their
listings well so that left a huge gap in
the market for me to come in and then do
my listing really well and beat out all
of these 487 other sellers to scoop up
this search volume right here on Etsy of
32 and now that doesn't sound like a lot
of searches however there is a whole lot
of a buyer intent behind these searches
on Etsy now in addition to that this is
something I haven't shared in my other
videos so this should be super
interesting to you take a look at this
gem right here this is the Google search
volume so this keyword that I chose was
yes only getting 32 searches on Etsy
however Google has 823
000 searches every single month and as
we just saw 81
000 of my visitors actually came from
Google so I was able to scoop up 10 of
these searches from Google the tool that
I use to do this is called sale Samurai
and this tool helps you to find low
competition but highly sought after
products and keywords it wasn't until I
started looking at competition question
that my Etsy store exploded and I am
going to link a free trial for you down
below so you can test this out for
yourself and you guys have my word that
I will never share anything with you
that I'm not actually doing in my own
business everything I share on this
channel has been my own unique journey
and my hope is that at least some of it
is helpful to you or at the very least
inspires you so after you get set up
with your free trial you can watch all
of the tutorial videos in here I'm also
going to link some of my YouTube videos
I've done about this tool in the
description as well
um but my favorite features are the
search you can do a basic search and a
single listing search and you can also
use the Chrome extension to get a lot
more ideas and sort keywords by
competition so I hope you are excited
about everything that Etsy has to offer
when it comes to helping you build your
business Us by bringing visitors to your
store for you let me know down below
what your favorite takeaway is from
today's video and as always I have
linked tons of resources for you down
below to help you build your Etsy
business don't forget to grab your free
trial of sales Samurai down below and
sign up for my free 7 Day Etsy boot camp
that is going to take you step by step
by step over the next seven days to help
you get started with a print on demand
Etsy business also be sure to click my
Etsy playlist and watch all of the
videos that I have put out sharing my
journey on Etsy and all the things that
I have learned I'm not the top seller on
Etsy however I have learned quite a lot
and I'm really happy to pay that forward
to you so make it an amazing day and I
will see you in the next video