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How I Make $30K+/month from Facebook Reels Bonus Program WITHOUT Showing My Face

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

How I Make $30K+/month from Facebook Reels Bonus Program WITHOUT Showing My Face

The above is a brief introduction to How I Make $30K+/month from Facebook Reels Bonus Program WITHOUT Showing My Face.

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How I Make $30K+/month from Facebook Reels Bonus Program WITHOUT Showing My Face

hey buddy and business family and my
name is isabella i am the owner of two
six figure earning online businesses and
today i'm gonna be toking about a new
way that i am making 30 000
a month and literally all i'm doing to
actually make this money is i'm just
repurposing my tiktok videos to
facebook because of tiktok being such
a competitive social media platform
facebook and instagram has been paying
out bonuses it's just to create content
on their platforms since tiktok has
been taking so many of their monthly
users they're trying to entike people to
stay on by offering them money in order
to create content
this side hustle slash way to make money
online is something that i'm actually
trying to get my mom into right now
because i want my mom to quit her job
and this is the way that i'm hopefully
going to do that for her and i thought
why not share this with you guys as well
you guys are my youtube family and i
think of you guys and i teach you guys
like i teach my own family and help my
own family out so i'm really excited to
get into this video today and hopefully
some of you guys can make money from
this as well before we get started and
before i tell you guys how you guys can
set this up and do this make sure you
guys like this video for the youtube
algorithm and hit that subscribe button
so i can continue to make videos like
this by helping you guys make more money
online so if you've been thinking about
taking social media more seriously or
getting into video content creation with
tiktok this is your sign so if you
guys are new to my youtube channel i
actually have a tik tac account for my
dog all i'm doing is i'm taking her
videos that we made for tiktok i'm
saving them which you can easily save
tiktoks without a watermark i'll show
you guys a hack right now on how to do
that so all i'm doing is i'm saving the
tiktoks that i have made for her that
i posted on tiktok saving those tik
toks and posting them as a real to her
facebook page now in order to make money
and to get this bonus on facebook you do
have to have a facebook page i don't
think they're offering it to personal
profiles i could be wrong because this
is so new and that's why a lot of people
haven't even started toking about this
yet but i do believe you do have to have
a page so if you haven't already set up
a facebook page for your own personal
brand or for your business or for
whatever you're creating videos about
make sure you guys do that right now and
you can do this right from your phone so
go to your facebook app and you'll be on
your personal facebook account just
click on menu after menu you'll see this
option for pages click on pages
then you'll see that you can create a
page right here with this plus button
right here in the upper left hand corner
click that
and then from here you can get started
and create a page this is how you're
gonna actually create like a facebook
page it they do think you're a business
usually at first but this is how you can
just get started and create a page and i
have heard from other sources that
facebook is offering this bonus to all
different followings so even if you have
you know 100 followers if you have 500
followers a thousand followers you can
still get this bonus so it's worth a
shot this type of money for some of you
guys can be life-changing um so just to
show you guys you know what we've made
from this so far and like kind of this
backstory to this crazy situation um so
i was on the it's called
business.facebook.com that's what i was
looking on i was just checking out the
features and i scrolled down on my dog's
um page because i was clicked over to my
dog's page at this point like i'm
checking her analytiks i'm checking all
her things in this business creator
studio suite for facebook so on this
creator studio if you scroll down
click on bonus
and you will see if you're legible for
bonuses in this section now if you're
not illegible yet it will tell you and a
lot of times i'll tell you why you're
not illegible i obviously think that if
you do have more of a following or you
have or you're building a following that
you're more likely to get this bonus
especially if you are somebody that is
actively posting reels
um i personally don't use hashtag on my
dog videos on her reels but one thing
that i do want to tell you guys
one thing that i am doing is and how i
grew her facebook page is all i was
doing was i was just sharing her posts
to like groups so like there's a lot of
husky groups across facebook so i was
sharing her husky videos to husky groups
and that's actually how i grew her
facebook page so like i didn't like even
really try to funnel my tiktok
following to her facebook page i kind of
just grew her facebook page in its own
kind of way and they have facebook pages
like this for all different niches so if
you're picking a niche check and see
what kind of pages they have for you and
you might be able to find one that
applies to you and this is how you can
grow your facebook page so attentively
check this creator studio to see if the
bonus is there because that's where i
first saw it so when i first started
this facebook page at the end of 2021 i
think it was more like mid of 2021. i
only had like 10 000 followers when they
offered me this bonus so like i wasn't
like this big page that we have today
definitely wasn't like that um so if you
go over to your home once you make your
page i'll show you guys how to actually
start posting reels
so just click on home
and then you'll see on this button it's
actually the reels option is right there
so you'll click on real and then you can
upload the tiktok that you already
have made click next
and then you'll click share
and of course writing the description
obviously helps as well with the
keywording and things like that
instagram like my sister actually
already made 300 in one week you know
she's only 18 so her making 300 randomly
was like really awesome she made 300
just by posting instagram videos on her
instagram on reels so that's been really
awesome for her too so this is another
thing like you know repurposing your tik
toks but i feel like it all starts with
tiktok so focus on video content
creation i teach it on my youtube
channel i show you guys how i make tik
toks on my youtube channel now i'm
going to show you guys how to remove the
tiktok watermark so when you're on tik
tok and you want to save something
you're going to go to what you want to
save you're going to hold it down click
save video you're going to hurry up
before it start stop saving you're going
to go right back into it
wait for it to finish saving you can see
it's at 32 now
and then it's saved and the video was
saved it will automatikally be saved
without the video watermark
see there we go it was saved without the
video watermark it's literally that easy
so you just have to exit out of the app
as it's saving and that's the quickest
hack that i have for you guys to save
tiktoks without watermarks make sure
you guys when you guys are repurposing
your tiktoks to reels on instagram or
reels on facebook make sure that you
guys are um you know posting it without
tiktok watermarks because they don't
like it when you include tiktok
watermarks and i wouldn't want you guys
to not you know get this bonus because
of that um so that's one thing to
definitely think about also if you guys
can't do that trick or is not working
for you you guys can just search on
um save tiktok without watermark and
there's a bunch of free websites that
you just put the tiktok link in and
it saves the video like that this is
really just what i mean that if you just
go for it and you just really you know
dive into social media don't be
embarrassed to post things don't be
embarrassed to try new things just just
do it just try it you know even if
you're unsure exactly what niche to do
just pick something that you feel as
though will grab attention that can get
views and just post even if it's
something in your life that you know you
don't think is that that interesting
other people might think it's very
interesting and you don't always have to
show your face as you can see you know
these are videos of my dog you don't
have to always show your face social
media does not equal showing your face
if you guys are unfamiliar my business
body full i grew that one as well to a
six figure earning business without
showing my face and i basically just
showed my hands and when i didn't want
to show my hands i put gloves on so it's
you can
create viral video content without
showing your face and even with facebook
you can create and then recycle whatever
videos you're making on tiktok to
instagram and facebook and you're now
able to profit from that as well if you
guys have any questions in regards to
this make sure you guys just leave a
comment down below i'm happy to answer
you guys questions if you haven't
already go check out my channel for more
ways to make money online i have so many
different methods bye everyone

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