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how many shopify stores are there

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

10 Things You Must Know About Managing Multiple Shopify Stores

hola bonjour ciao lavas hi,welcome to the shop tok i'm alberto and,today we'll go through something that,may seem a little complicated,but can be the key to your success,managing multiple,shopify stores we will answer the,questions is it possible when does it,make sense,and what challenges does it bring but,before anything else,make sure to like this video click the,subscribe button and hit that bell right,next to it to never miss one of our,stories,you are probably wondering if having,multiple shopify stores is a thing at,all,yes it is but it can get a little bit,tricky,you see tiknically shopify does not,allow you to have more than one store,under the same account,so that means that to create a new store,you need to create a new account which,in turn means,two stores two accounts two sets of,settings and two paid plans,but at least you get to use the same,email address to log into those stores,still why would you want to have,multiple shopify stores at all,for most people having one store to sell,the products and promote their brands is,more than enough,but besides the potential increase in,sales there are actually several reasons,why it would make sense to have more,than one shop first,when you're entering global markets,selling to an international audience,may require to adapt your site to a,different reality,that means language currency habits or,any kind of communication specificities,second you may want to create a more,personalized experience,different locations call for unique,approaches you may want to craft your,design and your promotions based on,local references,to better catch your visitor's attention,third,when you start to sell to different,customer segments that could mean,dividing your audience into men and,women or when it starts to sell to,businesses,and individual customers whichever it is,you will only benefit from having,different approaches,fourth when you have too many different,categories of products,imagine that you sell shoes cell phones,and sunglasses,maybe you want different stores for that,so that your customer is more clear,about what kind of store he's,walking into and finally fifth,having multiple stores can work better,for seo purposes,with a more streamlined and personalized,experience provided by the multi-store,approach,your customers are encouraged to stay,and browse longer in your store but,as cool and promising as it sounds this,multi-store approach,comes with a few challenges for once,processing orders,may become harder your customers will be,placing orders on the same,product pool but from different stores,that means that you will need a solid,structure,and tight processes to avoid confusions,delays and errors,then you will face a challenge of,managing inventory across multiple,stores,that will require extra attention,whenever your customers purchase or,return,an item or when you add a product to one,of your shops,creating product data can also get messy,because the structure may be different,in each of your shops,and then you have the integration of,your multiple stores with your other,systems that will also require some,additional effort,to ensure that they are kept in harmony,this strategy will increase your seo,challenges too,having two shopify stores means that you,need to put more effort into building,two strong domains,brands dealing with site optimization,social media and so on,in conclusion being owner of multiple,shopify stores,is possible and even beneficial,sometimes but you need to make sure that,you actually,need them for a business success and,consider if you have the necessary,resources to manage,promote and optimize them this approach,can give you an edge when competing with,stronger brands that sell,everything or set you to fail so my best,advice to you is this,set your goals plan a strategy be,thorough,be bold but always acknowledge the risk,all that said feel free to watch this,video again and as many times necessary,if you found it useful if you liked it,show their love and appreciation by,clicking the like button,and subscribing to the eshop tok,channel if you want us to cover any,specific topic if you have something to,add,please let me know right there in the,comments below i am alberto taking eshop,and until next time keep your sales up


hey guys in this video I'm going to be,sharing an amazing way to find,successful niches and econ products that,are doing really well on some of the,most successful Shopify stores alright,guys now in this video we are actually,going to find some existing successful,Shopify stores and then we actually,gonna check what their best selling,products are Shopify is actually the,biggest Ecommerce platform we can check,every single store that is built on,Shopify the way we can do this is by,simply going to this website called myip,myip.ms and then from there go to,hosting companies choose Canada because,Shopify is a Canadian company then here,we can click on this number here so this,is the number of stores that are,currently hosted on Shopify as of 3rd,March 2022. so let's just click here now,we have a list of over 300 000 stores,that are hosted and built on Shopify,these are all ranked differently,depending on their popularity the big,bigger the brand the better rankings got,here so let's just browse through some,different stores so let's just check,this one gonna copy this and paste here,phones and electrics and all that stuff,that's fine job app colourpop I've heard,a lot about this brand I think it's a,huge American brand color Paul very nice,layout there very nicely set up which is,super cool let's just continue gymshark,is their concept store,checking what works about humidifiers,air purifier 46 volts it's a different,currency I'm not sure which one could be,Philippines or pesos but let's just,quickly check what is their best selling,purifier so here's this little hack we,can use we can always use this code to,paste out to the website address.com,forward slash collections forward slash,all question mark sword underscore by,equals best Dash selling it works on,99.9 times there's like only a few,stores that have actually blocked this,code on this side so let's just hit,enter right this is their best selling,product which is probably because it's,cheaper as well let's move on and see,some other stores we don't really have,to actually just follow the list we can,always go to some different pages,because the higher the site is ranked,the more competitive it would be because,especially when you're starting out it,won't be easy to compete with this you,really want to go and find some small,retailers online retailers that are,selling some cool products and then,perhaps look into that I'm not a big fan,of selling clothing or shoes and because,this stuff is literally just everywhere,it's just too much competition and it is,like if not Millions thousands of,friends selling these perks okay this is,a Us store all sorts of different,Electronics like branded stuff that's in,Germany cheers Rosie what's a prozy okay,that's clothing again there's just so,many so so many clothing stores like I,said fashion here Urban monkey let's,just go to let's say page number 100,Club clothing as well tax activator and,layer Alley Pro it's like a toilet brush,okay guys I don't I mean I personally,wouldn't sell this,very interesting clothing Rosewood Hong,Kong lanolips World War toys witty,coffee jewelry okay this one looks,interesting again this is another,country let's just check which country,is this it's this third time,all right it is Philippines so let's,just carry on and continue our research,show not Joy,clothing I think out of these 300 000,stores at least 100 000 of them artless,clothing that's another language while,by Nature CBD that's like CBD oil French,toast collection right this is by,jewelry and it's a UK based store let's,just check their best seller all right,this necklace is their best selling,product I have actually found a lot of,cool products and a lot of nature ideas,going through the list it is time,consuming but it's really worth it,because you can just find lots of,different stores and you can kind of,like make a list of specific stores in a,specific Niche so let's say you're,interested in selling jewelry go through,the list you'll have to go through the,whole 300 000 stores but let's say you,go through 200 or 300 you might find,like 10 or 20 in jewelry stores you can,then take a look at their website house,what sort of branding is there how they,set up everything what kind of upsells,they have you can go and see if they've,got a Facebook page linked and then from,there you also check their ads I mean on,here they don't have a Facebook page,connected on their site let's just carry,on and find something out grooming,Lounge it's all the grooming products,they have a Facebook page here it's an,American company let's just check if,they're running any,they are so these are all the different,ads they're currently running that means,of course they are making money they are,getting sales because it's all different,sorts of ads let's say again you're,looking at building a jewelry store and,you go through the list and you find 10,or 15 jewelry stores go like their Pages,go to their websites and add the product,to the cart and what should then happen,is you will start seeing the retargeting,ads and you'll also get the emails,asking you to come back to their website,and complete the purchase you'll get to,learn a lot there and you'll also see,which ads you are constantly seeing code,wallets this looks interesting classic,one for four to five dollars where is,the code okay that's just a brand name,slim and Sleek quick access nice product,let's just see if they are running any,ads okay the page isn't available so,they're definitely not running any,this partikular page there might be from,some other accounts a lot of brands do,that just do,kind of like avoid showing their ads to,their competitors and the jewelry store,hard jewelry pendants Rings earrings oh,wow look at the prices 250 dollars for,this,750 for the sterling silver very nice,let's just check if we can find this,product on AliExpress here we go guys we,found several similar products only,Express within seconds this one is like,five dollars right this one is sterling,silver this is so yeah that's what,they're selling for 750 and this is like,64 GBP to USD like 87 so it's not,exactly the same but it's very similar,and like I said before if you want,something exactly the same you can find,a couple of suppliers of jewelry and,then reach out to them send them photo,support that you're looking to buy and,in most of the cases they can Source the,product for you so it's not a big deal,to find the same product we can just go,on and around like I said before there's,like 300 000 stores on here in fact,almost 304 000 and it is time consuming,to go through the list but if you're,looking to build a serious and get some,really cool ideas I recommend you spend,some time on here go through different,sites go through different stores check,their Facebook page check their ads,check their website set up go sign up to,their email newsletter and add some,products to the cart and then leave and,then you should start getting,retargeting emails retargeting display,ads as well as you should start seeing,ads on Facebook and any brand that has,all this setup is definitely making,money because this is a little,complicated process and it's time,consuming and a lot of money is spent on,all these things so all the best with,your brand research and product research,that's it for now let's move on to the,next video,foreign

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Beginner Shopify Store Mistakes You Don't Want To Make in 2023

this inception of the internet there has,never been an easier time than right now,to make money it feels like every day,when i log on to instagram i see,somebody posting a screenshot of how,successful their shopify store is doing,showcasing their lifestyle of fancy cars,beautiful women and lavish trips so i,most definitely understand why so many,people are so drawn to wanting to start,their shopify stores unfortunately data,shows that nearly 90 percent of all,online businesses fail within the first,four months which to me 90,is a really high failure rate at this,point you're probably wondering why so,many people fail at trying to run a,successful shopify store and if so many,people fail is it really worth it to,start a shopify store well in this video,i'm going to tell you the top 5 mistakes,i see beginner shopify owners make so,you can be among the extremely small,percentage of successful shopify store,owners the first mistake that i see is,choosing the wrong niche a lot of people,start our shopify stores because they,think it is an easy way to get rich,quick and pick some random niche or,industry that they don't really know,anything about and don't have a real,passion for unfortunately a lot of,successful shopify store owners try to,sell you on this dream lifestyle of,working from your laptop and some,tropical island making six to seven,figures a year,and they try to showcase how easy it is,to be a successful shopify store owner,drop shipping toasters okay i know i'm,kind of being funny here but seriously,you really have to do your due diligence,on the products you want to sell by,conducting,proper product research and by having a,good understanding of the industry you,are planning to go into if you're not,passionate about your industry it's,really going to be hard for you to do,the work that is necessary and do enough,research and testing for you to be,successful just so you know i have a,couple of videos on my youtube channel,teaching you step by step how to,actually do proper market research the,right way so make sure that you check,them out overall so many people rush,through this initial phase of their,shopify source just because they want to,make money as fast as they can and trust,me this is a huge mistake so please,please please take your time there is no,rush,really do your homework on your industry,your target audience and the initial,product you want to sell or even the,products you want to sell before you,decide to launch your shopify store the,second mistake that i see a lot is not,optimizing your shopify store so you may,be wondering what does optimizing your,shopify store even really mean so,basically you want to make sure that,your website can be found in google when,people search for your products online,this is a very easy way to gain free,traffic to your shopify store not,optimizing your website will make it 10,times harder for your potential,customers to find you which can really,cause you to lose out on sales and who,wants that not to mention it will cause,you to have to heavily rely on social,media and paid traffic to get users to,your website which can be very expensive,and time consuming especially if you,don't know what you are doing i really,recommend that you hire a seo specialist,on either fiverr or upwork if you can,afford it however seo isn't really a,super hard skill to learn and there are,plenty of resources out there now that,can teach you the fundamentals of seo,and the best seo practikes before we get,into the third tip if you could give,this video a like and subscribe to the,channel i would really appreciate it we,are almost at 10k subscribers and i,would really love to have you a part of,this community now the third mistake,that i see shopify store owners make is,horrible branding and truthfully,branding goes far beyond the colors of,your shopify store,your logo or your mission statement i'm,here to tell you that it is way deeper,than that it's the identity of your,business and what your shopify store,stands for it is why you are selling,what you are selling and so many shopify,owners do not put enough thought into,their branding in this day and age you,have to really know your unique value,proposition and your consumers have to,understand it and cosign with it as well,now don't get me wrong you can,definitely go off the deep end with this,but make sure that you spend a lot of,time on your branding and the messaging,of your shopify store you just simply,want to make sure that all your products,marketing materials graphics and,messaging all cohesively aligns when it,doesn't you can potentially confuse your,potential customer and ultimately they,may end up shopping with your,competitors and you most definitely do,not want that so you want to make sure,that your brand speaks to one specific,person and why your brand is better than,your competitors the fourth mistake i,see is making poor financial decisions,running a successful shopify store is,just like any other business and you,have to know your numbers you have to,document and take into consideration all,the expenses and unexpected costs your,store might face even though starting a,shopify store in general can have,extremely low startup costs running a,successful shopify store expenses can,start to add up out of nowhere so things,like web hosting product calls,advertising shipping fees etc should all,be budgeted every single month when you,don't do this properly it causes a,domino effect of delays miss sales or,even chargebacks even the best ran,shopify store these things happen so,make sure you are transparent and,provide as much customer service as,possible,communication is really key here so,being on top of the back end of your,shopify store is vital to the success of,your store and unfortunately many stores,drop the ball here the last mistake i,see is people give up on their stores,too,early okay building a shopify store and,a successful brand takes a lot of time a,lot of ingenuity hard work and patience,okay,setting realistik expectations and,keeping an open mind will help you get,through the tough times you can do it,however for the majority of shopify,store owners it takes months even years,of trial and error to have a six to,seven figure shopify store so just,because your store isn't really popping,off right now,doesn't mean it won't happen so continue,to improve all the aspects of your,shopify store to provide the best,quality products and customer service,that you absolutely can truth be told i,found that a lot of shopify store owners,struggle with marketing and just simply,getting people to their shopify stores,in the first place so check out this,video right here where i show you the,five best ways to market your shopify,store right now

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Quick Question #1: Should You Launch Multiple Shopify Stores?

[Music],what's up guys it's your boy jordan back,with another video,decided to switch up the framing a,little bit instead of by my desk decided,to stand up so I got a new lens and,wanted to test it out so if it looks,good let me know in the comments below,and you know if it doesn't tell me as,well,but anyways I wanted to start a new,series I recently posted an Instagram,story asking you guys for some advice on,videos and topics that you wanted me to,cover and the response that I got was,overwhelming I actually got over a,hundred DMS in one day never gotten that,many diems my life but it showed me that,there were a lot of little questions,that you guys were having and I didn't,have the time to go through and reply to,each one individually so I wanted to,start this new series called quick,questions where I basically jump in here,and do like a three to five minute long,video where I answer some of the,questions that you guys may have about,building an e-commerce business so the,question for today was is it a good idea,to pursue building multiple Shopify,stores and I think this is a good,question because I've seen a lot of,students that I work with one-on-one,juggle with this problem when they're,first getting started so I'm gonna jump,right into it in just a minute but if,you like the quality of this video give,me a thumbs up hit that subscribe button,down below join the family we are so,close to hitting 13,000 subscribers,which is crazy to me we're getting,closer and closer to my goal that have,set by the end of the year and I know,you guys will help me get there so,appreciate each and every one of you,also check out my facebook group down in,the link below if you're looking for a,community of entrepreneurs to network,with and help you grow your business but,anyways without further ado let's get,into the questions,okay so I just watched that intro clip,back again it looked like I was entering,the gates of heaven or something with,the background this camera stuff is,confusing especially this freaking Sony,it's got a million different settings,and I don't know so trying to figure it,out so please stop ripping me apart in,the comments I'm still learning okay,eventually I'll have the best quality,videos out of everybody but I'm still,figuring this stuff out anyways though,back to the question at hand should you,begin to launch multiple Shopify stores,the question is easily answered but you,can go more in-depth on it and that's,kind of what I wanted to tok about in,this video so a little bit about my,current situation I'm focused on,building out a brand right now but along,with this,I am partnered with multiple stores,helping them grow in scale so,tiknically you could say that in my,current position I run multiple stores,but it wasn't always this way and I do,not recommend that you guys put this as,your beginning goal once getting started,the thing about running multiple stores,is that you wake up every day with a,little bit of a scattered brain you,understand that you have certain goals,to accomplish with each of these,businesses and that's gonna take you,different strides to get those goals,accomplished so it makes your energy,kind of spread out like this and you,really once you're first getting started,out want to be able to devote your full,time and energy towards one business so,the short answer to the question is,is no you shouldn't begin with multiple,stores and I see this all the time,people get started and they say okay,well maybe I'll just build this store,around pets but then I'm gonna run this,general store alongside of it and I'm,gonna test them both and I'm gonna see,which one does better this is the worst,way that you could possibly do this,because you're not gonna be able to,properly learn the right way to do,things and you're probably just going to,end up hindering yourself even more,because you can't put the right level of,focus towards your business so what is,the ultimate structure that you should,go for when toking about this question,in my opinion and out of all the ultra,successful people that I've seen with,e-commerce the multi millionaires that I,met personally this seems to be the best,structure to follow you pick a business,model that you want to build off of you,focus heavily on building one store in,that model whether that be a general,store or a niche store you scale that,store up after months and months of,working on it and you build out the,systems behind that business you figure,out each little thing that it takes to,get you to those results and then you,hire the right people to fill in the,gaps so you're not doing each and every,piece of the work some examples is,customer service order fulfillment,product research so I had a blank there,video ads etc once you can fill in the,blanks then you can realize that you're,in a different position the position,that you're in now is the business owner,you're managing everything and you have,a full overarching understanding of how,the business is run and then it's not so,much of wake up each day and okay I need,to launch three products and I need to,message back 30 customers and whatever,it is you wake up each day saying okay I,need to tok to my team let them know,what our goals is for the week and you,know let them get at it and accomplish,it and once you can get to that point,what's your business that's when you can,say okay we can keep scaling this but,now I have a little bit more free time,now I have a good understanding of the,systems behind all this so I can pull,back on this one a little bit and change,these systems over to another business,and once you're able to apply those,systems to another business,get that skillet this is how you build,your empire this is how you can have,multiple seven-figure stores running at,the same time but like I said if you try,to start out by building multiple stores,it's like running with an ankle weight,it's gonna be a million times harder so,so the person who has Anita's question,there's your answer if you're just,getting started do not do it if you're,already building up automate everything,that you can hire the right people and,then scale and move on to something else,or if it's a brand and you're really,passionate about it don't move on to,something else try to build it into,something huge look at movement look at,fashion Nova etc you don't have to have,multiple stories to be successful but,that's one path to take and that's the,path that I want to take so my main goal,is to blow up and then act like I don't,know nobody is to build up this brand,scale it and then like I said once I,have the brand building process mastered,I want to continue to replicate that,over and over and over again you guys,are gonna be along for the whole journey,so excited to bring new content around,that but like I said just a quick little,short video the structure for my channel,is gonna follow like this I'm gonna do,one video a week where it's like 10 20,minutes long where I break down,something really specific I know you,guys like those videos I'm gonna do a,quick question video like this so you,guys can just hop on watch this when,you're eating lunch or just you know in,a car or something light and then we're,also gonna try to make like one of those,like mindset type videos each week just,sharing something I learned from a book,or a podcast during the week but anyways,a real quick video that's all I have for,you guys today so if you like this video,give me a thumbs up and also check out,my 0 to 100 program down in the comments,section below I'm adding a ton of new,content to that soon so the price is,gonna go up so you know try to enroll in,that before we do an increase but,anyways hope you all have a great rest,of your day and I will see you tomorrow,in the next video peace,[Music]

How to find ALL Shopify Stores? Find Owners Information including Emails!

hello and welcome back this is ashford,rafi once again in this video i'm going,to show you where can you find the,complete list of shopify stores how to,find the store owner or ceo's name and,how you can collect this ceo or store,owner's email address easily so first of,all you have to visit this website,myip.ms i'm going to attach the link,into the video description for your easy,access after visiting the site you have,to provide the shopify inks ip address,here which is,after providing the ip address here,simply you have to click on this who is,look up button,and it is going to take us to the next,page where you can see the ip owner is,shopify inc,and they own,from this ip range to this ip range,right,now if you click on other sites on ip it,is going to show us,all the websites hosted with these ip,addresses that means all the websites,using shopify right now as you can see,now websites between this ip range to,this ip range,we have got over 294,websites,now if i take you little,bottom you are going to find 400k plus,websites using shopify,now these websites are no longer in,business as you can see here,uh the list is pretty big 16 000 so they,used to use shopify but they are not,using shopify anymore,right now what you can do here,uh to get all the results if i click on,this view all records you are going to,find,on each pages we have got around,50 shopify store listings and we have,got around,5882 pages containing the shopify stores,now if i take you to the fifth page you,are going to see these results we are on,201,so to extract all these data,all these website urls it might going to,take a whole lot of time for you so in,this case you can simply hire someone on,fiber,to get these data extracted on an excel,spreadsheet or on a google spreadsheet,i'm going to attach the link of this,site into the video description so that,you can hire someone if you need all,right now let me just verify if all of,these websites are actually built with,shopify so simply i'm to copy the,website url from here let's paste it,here,hit,into the enter button and let's visit,the website right this is the website,and if you take a look here on this tool,which is,um wapa laser so as you can see the,ecommerce platform they are using,shopify right so this is a shopify,website after that if i,take let's say this website as an,example,all of these website is actually built,with a shopify platform right just take,a look another website now if i take you,to this tool just take a look the,e-commerce platform is shopify not only,this information you are going to find,whole lot of other information by using,this tool i'm going to attach the link,of every tool i'm going to show you,throughout this video into the,description field so if you need you can,check them out,now let's cross them out now i have got,some business data here on my um,excel spreadsheet now i'd love to show,you how you can collect their owner or,ceo's name and how we can find their,email addresses easily so first one as,you can see here you copia so i'm going,to open up the website here,and after that i'm going to copy the,domain name from here,let's paste it again and after that i'd,love to type out,owner or ceo,and i'm going to add linkedin,so my goal is to find,the owners information of these websites,and their linkedin page so that i'll be,able to collect their email addresses,easily okay,so here we go lauren greenwood who is,the co-founder and president of ucopia,president so yeah i can take her profile,from here,let's copy this profile,and i'm going to type out linkedin here,paste,now,i'm going to copy her name from here,copy,paste it here and title is going to be,co-founder and president,now paste this information now it's time,to collect the emails so i'm going to,use cell sql just take a look if i click,here let's click on this,and you're going to find this is the,email address and this is the email,address so personal and work emails we,have found so i'm going to copy both of,these emails from here,and let's go back to the spreadsheet,paste this email here,sorry,okay,now i have got two emails for lauren,now let's say,i need the email address and the founder,or the owner's name of this website,simply i can visit the website,and,let's just wait while it is working yeah,now copy this,from here the url,after that i'm going to make a search,again,i'm going to change the url only from,here,owner ceo linkedin so let's hit enter,let's see here we go,this is the profile which i,watched earlier,so here we go lara casey larson ceo of,cultivate what matters so i'm going to,copy the url from here,let's paste it here and after that i'm,going to take the name,from here copy,sorry copy,and paste the name here,after that i have to take the title,which is going to be ceo or the chief,executive officer,and then again i'm going to use the tool,which is cell sql and i'm going to,attach the tool link into the video,description for your easy access,simply copy,these emails from here,so i'm going to copy all these emails,copy,and paste them here now i can simply,remove the other texts,okay so these are her email addresses,for different companies right,so this is the process how we can,get all the shopify store links,or shopify websites,and then how to,find the shopify store owner,or the ceo's information and how to,collect their email addresses by sell,sql and i'm going to attach all of these,tools all of these page links into the,video description for your easy access i,believe you have found this short video,helpful if you did please give this,video a like let me know if you have got,any question by commenting below and,please share this video with your,friends to help them out thank you so,much for watching have a good day bye

The 12 Best Shopify Store Examples To Inspire Entrepreneurs

if you're on the journey of building,your own business here are 12,exceptional shopify store examples to,give you a bit of inspiration,and i'll also give you some tips on how,you can get your store on their level,hi i'm creative strategist michelle,bally i've helped countless small,businesses create,and optimize their shopify stores so in,today's video we're going to be looking,at some of the best stores out there,and how you can apply these ideas to,your own store,there are already set standards when it,comes to how ecommerce sites are built,so look at what other brands are doing,to follow best practikes for design,ux navigational flow on-site marketing,copywriting and photography,you don't need to recreate the wheel but,instead just get inspiration from other,existing ecommerce stores,and that's going to save you some time,and effort so what i do when i'm,creating an ecommerce store for a client,is i look at what's already out there,but i also keep in mind that nothing,truly great,and memorable in this world is a copy so,let's just look at these stores as a,baseline,in no partikular order let's hop into it,all right so let's start with spencer,badu spencer badu is a gender-neutral,clothing label,his shopify store is really well,optimized for mobile shopping so,let's take a look at why that is so as,you can see his website is optimized for,mobile meaning things are,fitting and flowing really nicely on the,screen it's important to design mobile,first,designing mobile first means that you're,starting off your designs by looking at,it on a smaller screen,and then looking at how it will appear,on a desktop this might feel backwards,but it is important because more and,more people are using their phones to,shop,to ensure that your website looks good,on mobile make sure that you're clicking,this mobile view button right here,as you're designing your store in,shopify alright so jumping back to,spencer's website he includes an email,signup form,it's also great that he includes only a,few necessary fields,making this section as concise as,possible which is respectful of people's,time when filling out the forms on,mobile,and that's also going to lessen the,likelihood of people just getting,frustrated,and exiting out all right so let's go,shopping so,i'm gonna add this to the cart and what,i like is that he has a pop-up that,allows you to tap to continue shopping,this makes it super easy for people on,mobile to go back to the main shopping,page,now this might seem like a simple,addition but the more seamless that you,make your website with small editions,the longer you're going to keep a,customer on your online store,and the longer people are on your online,store there's a better chance of a,customer seeing that purchase,confirmation page,so i'm ready to make a purchase so let's,see how this checkout experience is,okay wow so this is really easy to,quickly update what's in my cart by,number,or just by completely removing the item,and i have many options to pay,immediately or i can just continue to,check out,and when i continue to check out the,form looks super simple and really easy,to use,so the nice thing about shopify is that,most themes if not all,come with a pretty standard and pretty,seamless checkout experience,whereas with other platforms custom,coding is involved,shopify has this feature already built,in the importance of having an online,store that's really easy to use on,mobile can be the difference between a,lost sale,and a purchase,so greenhouse juice co sells healthy,sustainable juices and their website is,super functional so,let's take a look at it all right let's,go over here to navigation,so they're using sub navigation which,helps clean up the main navigation and,not make it look too cluttered,and now i can choose to shop by category,having intuitive navigation like this is,extremely important in keeping people on,your website,longer i know i've definitely rage quit,a website because i just couldn't get to,where i was going so,try using some of these common,categories in your main nav,use shop about contact,the search function blog and shopping,cart,in your sub navigation include product,categories different about topics like,our story,faqs and locations and then the footer,nav,is traditionally saved for items like,privacy policy,refunds and shipping faqs and wholesale,inquiries,so a little bit of the drier stuff,now delivery will keep customers engaged,during social distancing,delivery can be a logistikal nightmare,both for the business and the customer,so they have done a really good job of,just simplifying it here,they break down the process in detail,and they have a zoning map and contact,information for any questions,now i'd like to see more about how they,built their store so i'm going to go,into an app called shopify inspector,this is a google chrome app that's free,to install,and right off the bat i can see that,they're using an app called lucky orange,lucky orange is a shopify app that gives,you heat maps of where people are,clicking,and screen recordings of how people are,using your website,you can literally see people shopping on,your site with this app and it's going,to help you determine if you need to,make any changes to your website,so you might be able to see why people,are leaving your store,or if people are searching for things,you just don't carry and if the checkout,process is too long,when you get in front of the screen and,start building your shopify store,keep these tips in mind and make your,store as functional as possible,all right let's take a look at half moon,they sell yoga props and wellness,accessories and this store has done,an amazing job of finding a niche,category of products to sell,they went from the general topic of,health and wellness distilled it down to,yoga,and then they boiled it down even,further to props for yoga,now the result of this for any business,is a loyal engaged and focused following,by stiking to a niche they've also,opened themselves up for opportunity to,wholesale,you can see that they have a wholesale,portal that is password protected,wholesaling is a great way to diversify,your revenues,so if you're looking to create a,wholesale portal like this one check out,shopify apps like wholesaler and,wholesale club,okay let's head over to vitale vitale is,a jewelry brand with experimental,designs now,the reason that i wanted to visit this,page is because they have stunning,visuals,look at these lifestyle photos the,styling the lighting,choice of models and the choice of set,are all super well thought out,look at these colors and the camera,angles they've even incorporated the use,of video with special effects,now we all know that video keeps people,engaged longer so make sure that you're,including video on your website,this video here is a lifestyle video,meaning the focus is on the feeling of,the brand,rather than just shoving product imagery,down your throat the reason that this,lifestyle content is so effective is,because it allows a consumer's ego to,identify with a brand's personality,this type of marketing is more complex,and definitely more conceptual,as opposed to rolling out a product demo,video that you might find on the,shopping channel,their product photos are also amazing,it's hard to tell but i believe they're,using a mix of 3d rendering and,photography,so all in all storytelling through,photography will not only increase your,store's conversion rate,but a customer's loyalty and how they're,going to relate to you as a brand,silk willow is a sustainable wedding,decor online store one thing that they,do super well is their level of customer,service through customized orders,they have a separate page for custom,orders and the form includes space for,customers to narrate,what they need verbally and visually,through the use of inspirational photos,so this solution of digitally intaking,potential customers is a great,experience for the client,rather than endless emails back and,forth