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How Noah Scales to $1k a Day in 3 Days on Tiktok Ads ( Shopify Dropshipping)

Published on: December 7 2022 by NAZERATI

Are you struggling to get traffic to your Shopify dropshipping store? Have you considered using TikTok ads? In this article, we will discuss how Noah scales to 1k a day in 3 days on TikTok ads Shopify dropshipping.


1. Why TikTok ads?

2. Noah's strategy

3. Results and analytics

4. Tips for success

Why TikTok ads?

- Over 1 billion active users

- Younger demographic

- Low competition

- High engagement rates

Noah's strategy:

- Creating a unique and attention-grabbing ad

- Targeting specific interests and demographics

- Testing and optimizing constantly

- Utilizing retargeting ads

Results and analytics:

- Achieved $1,000 in sales per day within 3 days

- Return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4x

- Average cost per purchase of $16

Tips for success:

- Utilize video content

- Use engaging captions and hashtags

- Keep testing and optimizing

- Utilize retargeting ads

In conclusion, TikTok ads can be a valuable tool for scaling your Shopify dropshipping store. By following Noah's strategy and utilizing the tips for success, you can achieve impressive results in a short amount of time. Don't be afraid to try something new and take advantage of the low competition on TikTok. Happy dropshipping!

How Noah Scales to $1k a Day in 3 Days on Tiktok Ads ( Shopify Dropshipping)

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of using TikTok ads compared to Facebook ads for dropshipping. We will also be touching on the author's personal experience with the two platforms.

1. Ease of scaling:

- Testing products on Facebook at scale can be a nightmare, whereas with TikTok, it is much easier.

- The author tests 50 to 100 products a week and finds TikTok to be much more manageable.

2. Support reps:

- TikTok actually has support reps, unlike Facebook, which makes dealing with issues much more manageable.

- TikTok support is also more responsive compared to Facebook.

3. Endless strategies:

- With TikTok being a newer platform, there are endless strategies to try out.

- The author has invested a lot of time and money into TikTok over the past six to eight months.

Overall, the author prefers using TikTok ads compared to Facebook ads for dropshipping due to its ease of scaling, responsive support reps, and endless strategies to try out. If you're looking to get started with dropshipping, consider giving TikTok ads a try.

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