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how to access ads manager on facebook

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to add people or an agency to a Facebook Ad account, now called Meta Ad account, quickly and easily. You can also find more detailed information on Facebook Ad accounts and social media on our website rihackscom for free.

Steps to Add People or an Agency to a Facebook Ad Account:

1. Log in to your Facebook Business Manager or Meta Business Suite account by going to businessfacebookcom.

2. Go to the Business Settings page and click on More Business Settings.

3. Select the ad account you want to add the agency or person to.

4. Click on Add People and assign them the appropriate access level.

5. Alternatively, add them as a partner by clicking on Assign Partners and providing their business manager ID and access level.

Additional Tips:

- Be careful not to give admin access to the ad manager of your company.

- Check out our free Facebook Ads audit checklist to increase your return on ad spend.

- To learn more about running and optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns, check out our YouTube playlist.

By following these simple steps, you can easily add people or an agency to your Facebook Ad account and manage your ads efficiently. Don't forget to use our free Facebook Ads audit checklist to improve your ad performance.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2022 - How To Create Facebook Ads For Beginners (COMPLETE GUIDE)

What's up guys, Jordan here and today we're going through how to start Facebook ads. Now, our last video got over one million views, but Facebook has changed a thing or two, so today I'm bringing you right back up to speed - the A to Z of how to launch your first ever Facebook ad. But before we get into it, make sure you're subscribed with your notification bell turned on. Let's get started with this video!

- Overview of video topic and importance of Facebook ads

- Announcement of competition for free access to Facebook ad training course


- 1.7 billion daily active users on Facebook platform

- 80% of internet users have a Facebook profile

- $17 billion spent on Facebook ads in Q1 2020

- Average cost per click on Facebook is $1.72

- CPM (cost to reach 1000 people) on Facebook is around $7.34

- 86% of marketers use Facebook ads as part of their strategy

Overview of Facebook Advertising Platform:

- Structure of Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager, ad accounts, ad campaigns, ad sets, and ad creative

- Importance of testing multiple variables for highest return on ad spend

Steps to Create a Business Manager Account:

- Go to business.facebook.com

- Create account with business name, email address, and website URL

- Set up account properly with navigation bar and actionable area

- Add users and people for access to account

- Add partners for collaboration with digital marketing agencies

- Facebook ads offer a huge opportunity for businesses to reach their ideal customers at a cost-effective rate

- Proper setup of Facebook Business Suite and Ads Manager is essential for successful ad campaigns

- Testing and optimization of multiple variables is crucial for highest return on ad spend.

How To Give People Access To Your Facebook Business Manager And Ads Manager Account #Bobby

In this video tutorial, we will be learning how to give someone access to your Facebook Business Accounts and your Ads Manager Account. Here are the steps:

1. Go to your Facebook Business Manager Accounts by clicking on this link: business.facebook.com.

2. Click on your Business or Tools and select Business Settings.

3. Under Business Settings, click on People and then click on the Add button.

4. Input the email address of the person you want to add to your Business Account.

5. Choose the access level you want to assign to the person - Employee Access or Admin Access.

6. Select the Facebook page you want the person to have access to and choose the features they can access.

7. To add someone to your Ads Account, choose the Ads Account you want to add them to and click on Manage Ads Account.

8. Click on the Invite button and the person will receive an email invitation to accept.

9. Once the invitation is accepted, the person will have access to your Business and Ads Account.


- It is advisable to add someone as an employee access to your Business Account instead of an admin access.

- Select only the features you want the person to access on your Facebook page.

- Make sure to choose the correct Ads Account you want to add the person to.

Thank you for watching!

Recover Facebook Advertising Access | Ads Manager Account Restricted

How to Regain Your Facebook Advertising Access: Tips from a Social Media Marketing Expert

- The founder of Stage City Tool, a social media marketing agency

- Received a message from Facebook saying advertising access was restricted

- Could have been a critical situation if managing clients' assets

- Shares a solution to regain access


1. Click learn more on the message pop-up and select I'm not sure which policy I violated

2. Submit the request for review

3. Write a message to Facebook appealing for access restoration

- Acknowledge Facebook's core values

- Introduce yourself and your job managing clients' advertising efforts

- Emphasize compliance with Facebook's policies

- Explain the situation and its impact on clients

- Ask for a human perspective on the algorithm's decision

4. Wait for a response from Facebook support


- Never create ad accounts on behalf of clients, let them do it through their business manager and become an admin

- Follow Facebook's policies carefully to avoid access restrictions

- Regaining access took six hours with the proper appeal and support

- Compliance with Facebook's policies is crucial for avoiding access restrictions

- Onboarding clients properly can prevent critical situations

- Don't hesitate to appeal to Facebook for access restoration with a well-crafted message.

How To Add Someone To Facebook Ads Manager? [in 2022]

In this video tutorial, we will learn how to add someone to a Facebook Ads Manager. Before we begin, please note that for more detailed information, you can check out our blog post on roihacks.com.

To add someone to a Facebook Ads Manager account, follow these steps:

1. Access the Meta Business Suite account by going to business.facebook.com.

2. Add the Facebook Ads Manager account to the Meta Business Suite account if it has not been added already.

3. Open the Meta Business Suite account and click on settings.

4. Click on the people tab and select Add People.

5. Enter the email address of the person you want to add and select Employee Access.

6. Choose the ad account you want to add the person to and select the level of access you want to give them.

7. Click on Send Invitation.

8. The person will receive an invitation to access the Facebook Ads Manager account.

It's essential to note that partial access is usually enough, but you can choose to give full control if the person is an agency or freelancer managing your Facebook ad campaigns.

Before we wrap up, we recommend checking out our free Facebook Ads Audit Checklist on roihacks.com. This checklist provides 56 checkpoints to increase the return on ad spend of Facebook ad campaigns.

In conclusion, adding someone to a Facebook Ads Manager account is simple and straightforward, and with these steps, you can easily give access to others to manage your ad campaigns. If you want to learn more about running and optimizing Facebook ads campaigns, check out our Facebook Ads tutorial YouTube playlist.

Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads

Are you interested in running Facebook and Instagram ads for clients but unsure of how to set up the accounts and billing? Running ads for clients can be an effective way to grow your business, but it's important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you do it properly. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up a Business Manager account, connecting as a partner, gaining access to your client's ad account and pixel data, and reporting on your results to your client, employer, or team.

Setting Up Business Manager Access:

- The preferred way to run ads for clients is through Business Manager access.

- There are two ways to get connected to someone's Business Manager: through a personal account or partners.

- If your client does not have a Business Manager account, you will need to help them set one up.

Why Use Your Client's Ad Account:

- The client will retain all of the pixel data, and it will not get confused with any other pixel data.

- There can only be one billing method on a single ad account.

- Running ads for multiple clients on one account puts all of your clients' ads at risk.

Connecting Your Business Manager to Your Client's Business Manager:

- Go to business.facebook.com settings and copy your Business Manager ID.

- Have your client go to their Business Manager settings and click on Partners.

- Click on the blue add button and enter your Business Manager ID.

- Select the assets you need access to, including the Facebook page and ad account.

- Once your client adds you, assign permissions to your team members to access that asset.

Reporting on Your Results:

- Customize the columns in your main ads manager area to show your clients the data they want to see.

- Go to the Reports drop-down menu and select Share Link.

- Copy the link and share it with your client.

By following these steps, you will have the necessary tools to start running Facebook and Instagram ads for clients. Remember to use Business Manager access, connect as a partner, and use your client's ad account for pixel data and billing purposes. Finally, customize your reports and share them with your clients to demonstrate your results. Good luck!

How To Give People Access To Your Facebook Business Manager And Ads Manager Account

- Many people want to run ads on Facebook but don't know how to give access to their account to an expert

- In order to give access, you need to have a Facebook profile, a business page, and an ad account

- The Facebook Business Manager is where you can manage all these assets and give access to others

- This article will guide you on how to give someone access to run ads on your behalf through the Business Manager

Steps to give access:

1. Create a Facebook Business Manager

- Go to facebookbusiness.com and follow the instructions to create your own Business Manager

- The Business Manager is where you will manage all your Facebook assets related to advertising

2. Add your assets to the Business Manager

- Once you have a Business Manager, you need to add your Facebook page and ad account to it

- This can be done through the All Tools option in the Business Manager

3. Get the business ID of the person you want to give access to

- To give someone access to your ad account, you need to have their business ID

- Ask the person to provide their business ID and copy it

4. Add the person to your Business Manager

- In the Business Manager, go to Partners and click Add

- Paste the person's business ID and select the assets you want to give them access to (e.g. your Facebook page and ad account)

- Click Save Changes and the person will receive a notification to accept the invitation

5. The person can now manage your ads

- Once the person accepts the invitation, they can manage your ads from their own Business Manager

- You can now collaborate with an expert to run successful ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

- Giving someone access to run ads on your behalf through the Facebook Business Manager is easy and straightforward

- You need to have a Facebook profile, business page, and ad account before creating a Business Manager

- Always make sure to ask for the person's business ID before adding them to your Business Manager

- Collaborating with an expert can help you run successful ad campaigns and reach more people on Facebook and Instagram.

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