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how to add about us on shopify

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How to Add an About Us Page to Shopify Store

come to your shopify dashboard and to add an about us page or any pages in general, you're gonna have to come down to your online store right here, so click on this and then come down to this pages section and you'll actually see that the site i'm using right now doesn't have any pages whatsoever. there's nothing here. there's no about us or contact us pages. so what you can do is click add page here, or it's also in the top right hand corner. you can click add page, so let's click on that and then we can title our page. so this is an about us page. so we're gonna do about us. you could also call this our story or something that is more unique to you- and then essentially just write the description and the content of your about us page in here. so i've just written something there. maybe you're a tattoo artist or a tattoo shop and you know you need to sell some things or whatever. so we do tattoos. we've been around since 2000, whatever it is. so of course, you can just write text in here, but it won't really look that great, so you maybe want to use some of the tools up here. so obviously this is just like microsoft word in that you can basically bold text or italicize it or do any of that. so you can just do that as you want. but what's really great also is that you can add media into this description. so you might want to do that. you can come to these here. this one is insert image, this one is insert video and this one is to clear all of the formatting. right here you can also insert a table. so there's a few things you can do with this editor. you can also do this outside of shopify, maybe in microsoft word or a different editor, and then basically copy and paste it in here. but what's really great is that you can add images. so let's go and click on this, insert an image right here, and then what i can do is maybe get some images from my computer and then i can just drag and drop them in here to upload them to shopify if you do want to use this shopify editor. so, for example, if this is one of our two artists and you want to have a bio or description, you can insert that image and it's just going to come into the editor itself so you can edit it here. you can also click on it and resize it. so there's a lot you can do in the shopify editor if you don't want to do it outside of this and then copy and paste it in. you can do exactly the same for videos as well, if you want to do that. so you can do all of that then, as we come down. this is really important. so, for a page in shopify, you can change how it's displayed online in google search results, so you can edit website seo right now, and, as you can see, right now it says our story, because that is the title of our page, but you can change this if you want it to stand out way more. on google, you can say tattoo zg- let's say i'm a tattoo shop- tattoo zg- about us page, or something like that, so you can have that in google. then you can actually edit the description that comes up in google, too, to something a little bit more punchy, rather than it just taking the first few lines of your about us page, so it will actually be a little bit more meaningful to people searching for it on google. once you're finished with that, though, and your description is fine, you can come right up here and, essentially, you want to choose this one, which is page. this is not a contact page. if you press that one, a contact form will be displayed on the page, so you don't want that because this is about us. so this run is correct. then you can come up here and essentially just have it visible as of when you save it. you can also make the page hidden. if you ever want to hide a page, you can just press this and press save, and then it won't be visible, but i'm happy with it being visible so you can go up, press save and then that about us page is published onto your site. now we still have a problem, though, and that is the theme that i'm using actually doesn't display the about us page up in the menu section, and actually i think i really want to tell my story, so i want to put that page up here. well, i'll show you how to do that now. what we'll have to do is come actually back to our shopify dashboard right now, come to your online store and then come to navigation. that's going to bring up these options, so you can add the about us page either to the footer menu- that's at the bottom- or the main menu, that's the one at the top. i'm just going to put it in the main menu for now. so i'm going to click on main menu to edit this. you can see that i've got a few different menu items already. i want to add another one, so i'm going to come down to add menu item. it's going to come up with this. you can then title the menu item so about us or our story, or whatever you want. then come down to the links section, click on this once. then you can search and it's an about us page. so we want to link a page so we can click on pages. it will then bring us up with all the pages that we have and remember we just added this one- our story or about us, whatever it is. so click on that one and then that links to the our story page. you can press add on there and that has added the menu item. you can go up to the right hand corner, click save and then that should be there for us. when we do then come back to the coffee zg website, we can just refresh this and we should have that up there for us, the about us menu item. and there it is. it's been added on that right hand side for us. so when you do click on that, it will take people straight through to the our story page, and we edited it right here. you can also change where about us is in the menu. just come back in here, click and hold on here, and then you can change this around to change where it's actually displayed either on the left hand side of the right hand side. you can then edit this, because i made a mistake capitalizing the b- about us. absolutely perfect, that's adding an about us page on shopify and putting it into your menu. check out the description for way more information on shopify and some more tutorials. if the video was helpful, please give it a thumbs up. subscribe for more and i'll see you in the next one.

How To Write The PERFECT "About Us" Page (+ Templates & Examples)

when building a website, the about us page is one of the first supporting pages that you'll likely design, regardless of the industry that you're in. unfortunately, about his pages are often treated as an obligation rather than an opportunity to build trust, tell your story and to share what makes you you. my name's daniel lewis. i'm a content creator, and in this video, i'm going to highlight the untapped potential of about us pages and how to write your own so you can start building lasting relationships with your customers when they visit your site. whether you name it about us, our story, our mission or get to know us. ideally, this section on your website is your brand's way of saying this is who we are. think about what it's like when you first invite someone for an interview to work for your company. more than likely before engaging in a deep conversation, you'll start off with something like asking them to tell you a bit about themselves. their response will lay the foundation for the rest of the conversation and it will also navigate which way it goes. unfortunately, when it comes to many about us pages, this logic is overlooked and you end up finding a company's about us page hidden somewhere at the bottom of the page next to the copyright claim. this is a huge opportunity missed. it's challenging enough to get customers onto your site, so if you've managed to accomplish this, then you'll want to do everything in your ability to keep them engaged and interested. this is where an exciting and well constructed about us page can help. understanding why customers visit an about us page is the first step to creating an effective page. customers want to determine very quickly if this is a company that they can buy from. when it comes to buying products online, customers are curious before they're convinced. your ability to sell products will be based on how quickly and effectively you can settle their curiosity. this should put your about us page into perspective. it's a goal-oriented sales page with the primary focus of selling yourself first, which will eventually help you sell your products. viewing your about us page as a sales page doesn't mean that you have to start saying: buy from me, look what i'm selling. instead, you can use a more strategic approach with some of the following methods: storytelling: everyone loves a good story. customers want to know how did you start the business, how did you create the products, challenges that you were able to overcome in the process and some of your best successes. storytelling is one of the most effective ways of connecting with your customers when they visit your site. seth godin said it perfectly when he said: marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but it's about the stories that you tell. value proposition: use your about us page to clearly tell your customers how their lives will be better because your business exists. what problems are you solving for them? how will your products make their lives easier? let them see you. customers love to know who the founders of the business are or the team responsible for making or sourcing the products. use your about us page to welcome them into your world and into your company. quick tips, candid photos and pictures of you or your team add a great touch to any about us page. your medals: what are some of your business wins that customers might want to learn about? achievements, awards, honors, recognitions: these help to validate your expertise and your quality in the marketplace. this is kind of your area to gently brag and put your best cards forward. all of this persuasive content will help your customers gain confidence in your brand, which will then allow them to feel comfortable with purchasing your products. remember, customers are clicking your about us page because they're curious and hoping to be convinced about who you are and what you sell. is your website content costing you sales? learn how to improve your website copy with our free, curated list of high impact artikles. click here to download the free reading list on copywriting tactiks for entrepreneurs. next we'll discuss how to write an about us page. the most effective about us pages are actually well-constructed stories. if you can create the perfect story, you'll keep your customers engaged, answer their questions and even make customers want to be a part of your mission or your journey. so let's tok about how to construct the perfect story. first, set the stage. when you're starting your about a story, it's a good idea to make the introduction clear and concise, while limiting your words. allow the customers to easily understand who you are, what you do and why your brand exists. these are the fundamental pillars of your entire story. it'll be challenging to keep your customers engaged for more than 15 to 20 seconds unless they feel a sense of connection to the founder, the brand or the mission of a business. don't hesitate to lay it out there quickly. here's an example. alas, my adventurous tea lover- so glad you're here- my name is daniel lewis, co-founder of tea by daniel. my wife and i started this tea company 11 years ago because we believe that tea could be used as a tool to impact people's lives in a positive way. here's how we've been doing it. you see, in just one sentence, the reader knows who i am, what i do and why. if this correlates with their values and peaks their interests, they'll stik around and be more inclined to continue learning more about us. introduce the problem: what was wrong in the marketplace? what was missing in the world? how bad was the problem? what did you discover that made you unable to sleep at night? this section of your about us story should clearly identify a problem or a gap in the market, which, in turn, will create a segue into the next part, which is how your brand stepped in. when you discovered the problem, what was your next course of action? this is typically where a brand will briefly take the customer on their journey by letting them know how they got to work on solving the problem. this section allows customers to see how passionate you are about what you do or what you sell, and how you personally believe that your business or your product is the answer to the problem, the solution. this is your key selling point in your about us page. in this section of your story, you want to compel your audience to connect with your business story by displaying the value of your solution. in other words, this is where you earn the sale before the transaction happens. invite them to the future. this invitation paints a picture for your client of what their future will look like after using your products or your services. it can also give them a sneak peek of what the world will look like at large if more people begin to use your solution to solve their problems. in other words, this is your chance to inspire them to fall as in love with your mission as you are and want to become a part of a better future that you are creating. when it comes to constructing your about us page, it's important to keep it genuine and authentik to your overall brand identity. clearly define who the us really is about. us doesn't mean that you have to share your childhood stories or personal likes and dislikes. the sole purpose of the page is to introduce customers to the business itself or the people behind the brand, just so that customers can feel more comfortable about doing business with you. there's two main brand identity styles that you'll want to keep in mind when you're drafting your about us page, you'll want to select the style that best suits your business. these are corporate brand or personal brand. a corporate brand refers to a company who puts their products, business model and their unique selling points at the forefront of their content strategy. you may have to run a quick google search or deep dive into linkedin to find out who the founders are, but this is usually an intentional choice a brand makes to have their customers focus on who they are as a company rather than

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How To Add A Contact Us Page || Shopify Help Center

You can add a contact page to your store to let customers get in touch with you. All Shopify themes have a built-in contact form that you can add to the pages you create. If you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing for weekly how to videos from the Shopify Help Center. Check out the timestamps to navigate this video. You can create a new page where you can add a contact form, or you can add a contact form to an existing page. If you add any content to your page, then your content appears above the contact form. You might want to include additional information about how customers can reach you by phone, mail or in person. If you create a page without any content, then the contact form is the only thing you see on the page. In this video, a new page is created with a contact form. Start from your Shopify admin, Click Online Store and then click Pages. Here you see a list of all the pages you’ve created. Next, click Add page. In the Title box, type a title for your contact page, like Contact us or Get in touch. In the content box, type any text that you want to appear above the contact form. For example, you can write something short and friendly like "We'll get back to you as soon as we can''. If you have a retail location, then you can add your store's address in the content box. If you want customers to be able to call you, then add your business phone number. Otherwise you can leave this section blank. In the Template section, choose pagecontact from the drop-down menu. Selecting this template creates the contact form on the page. When a customer sends you a message through the contact form, it goes to your store email. Your store email is the address that’s saved on the Settings General page in Shopify. More on this later Under visibility. you can choose to publish this page at a later date or hide the page from your online store. If you leave Visible selected and don’t make any changes to this section, then the page goes live when you save it. Click Save to finish. Next you need to create a link in your online store’s menu so customers can easily find and open this new page. This is not done automatikally after you create a new page. To do this, click Navigation. Decide if you’d like to link the contact page in the footer menu at the bottom of the online store or in the main menu at the top. This example selects the Footer menu. Click Add menu item. Enter the name for the link you’re creating, like Contact Us. Click inside the Link box and select Pages. Then select the Contact Us page you just created. Click Add. You can rearrange the links to appear in any order you’d like To do so. click and hold the six-dot icon of a link and drag it to a new area. When you’re done, click Save To see the new page. click the eye icon beside Online store. If you linked the page in the footer menu, scroll to the bottom. Click on the link you created, like in this example: Contact Us. Here you see the contact form that customers will use to reach out to you directly. The contact form looks different depending on what theme you’re using. This example shows the Debut theme. Try sending yourself a test message to see what the notification looks like. All messages sent from this contact form go to your store email. that’s saved on the Settings General page in Shopify. Here you see the test message that was just sent from the contact form. You can reply directly to the customer from here. For more videos on how to grow your business, subscribe now. If you still have questions, comment below or contact the Shopify support team directly.


How to create a contact us page || Shopify Help Center

In this video, we are going to show you how to add a contact us page to a modern online store 2.0 theme. Before we get started, it's important to highlight that contact forms can be one of the most effective methods for converting shoppers into customers. This is why most successful stores have a contact form or email for customers listed on their website - it can help build relationships with customers and drive sales. There are two main ways merchants typically use contact forms - by customizing the existing default contact us page or by adding a contact form to an existing page. To customize the default contact us page, start on the Shopify admin and click "Online store". Click "Customize" to go into your theme editor. From here, use the page selector dropdown menu to go to "Pages", then select "contact". If you don't see a contact page listed here, then check out the resources on how to create a new page linked in the description below. This contact page is built into all modern stores and can be customized using the sidebar. Many Shopify stores include include a section with frequently asked questions included. When you're done customizing the page, click "save" To add a contact form to an existing page. click "Online store" from your shopify admin. Click "Customize" to go into your theme editor. From here you can navigate to the page that you want to customize, or you can use the page selector dropdown menu. Once you're on the page that you want to add a contact form, to click "Add section". in the sidebar, Click "Contact form" to add it to the page. You can customize the options in the sidebar. If you don't see the option to add a "Contact form" section in your theme, then you may be using a paid party theme or an older non-Online Store 2.0 theme. To explore and learn more about Online store 2.0 themes, check out the resources linked in the description below. With your pages customized, the final step is making it easy for customers to access. We can do this by adding it to our store's navigation. To create this link, start on the Shopify admin and click "Online store". Next click “Navigation”. Here you'll see any existing menus that you have set up. In our example, we're going to add our page to the footer menu. From within the menu, click "Add menu item". Here you can enter a custom title and add a link to your page. Once selected, click "add". The contact us page will be added to the list of links in your footer. You can rearrange the order of the links to appear in the order that you like To do this, click and hold the six dot icon and move the link up or down to rearrange the order. Once you are happy with the position, click "Save". You now know how to create, customize and add a contact page to your navigation. If you run into any issues, check out the resources linked in the description below. Thank you for watching.

How to Add About Us Page in Shopify 2020

hi, everyone. so in this Shopify tutorial, we're gonna learn how you can add an about Us page on your Shopify store in 2020. so let's do this, okay, everyone. so in this Shopify tutorial, we're gonna learn how you can add an about Us page on Shopify in 2020. so we're gonna add our about page right here in the main menu. we're also gonna add an about page in the footer, right here. okay, so let's go to your admin panel right here, go to online store, click on that and go down to pages. click on that, all right. so now go to the top right corner right here. click on add page. all right. so now gonna create the page. so I'm gonna add a title about us, like so, and then we have the content. so if you don't know what you're gonna add to the content, I recommend you to Google, like how to write good about Us page. in this Shopify tutorial, I'm just gonna use dummy text just to demonstrate everything you can do with the text, okay? so first you're gonna add a title, then you can highlight the title and click on formatting and choose heading 1 to get the title. and you can also, if you want to have this centered, click right here on alignment. you can Center or right, like so. so I want to have to the left and then I'm just gonna have the dummy text, all right. so let's do some changes with the dummy text and let's say I want to have bold, just highlight it, like so, click on bold. okay, then we can do italic, highlight the text, click on italic. we can do the score, like so, click on underline. like that we can also create a bullet list. so let's say I want to have a bullet list right here, like right here with the marker, click on bullet list, and we got the bullet list right here. you can also make another one, just click right here and hit enter, like so, and keep going until you are satisfied if you want to remove bullet list. so let's say I don't want to have a bullet list right here, just click on bullet list one more time and this will remove this bullet list. okay, you can do the same thing with numbers. add the marker right here, click on numbered list, like so, and we can add the marker right here, hit enter, and we got one and two, all right, we can do out them, and in depth. so if you see, if I click on indent, the text goes to the right and if I do out them, the text goes to the left, like so you can also do this one alignment to the left, center or right. so let's say I want to have center, like so. and we can also change the color of the text. so let's say I want to change all of these texts to maybe blue, like that. okay, we can also create links. so if I highlight a text and click on link, we can add a link to an external site. we can also link inside our Shopify store. just add a link like so, and then you see this one open this link in the same window or a new window. so the rules are: if you're going to link to an external website, I recommend you to use a new window. if you're going to link to a page within your website, I recommend you to use the same window. okay, so, external website, a new window. you can also add a link title, like so. so this is used for X ability and SEO. just click on insert link and if I hover over this link, you will see this link title: my website. ok, you can also make tables. so if I add marker right here, click on table and we can add some text right here. ok, now we can click on table one more time. click on insert row above. you can do insert row below, insert column before, start column after and you can delete row, delete column and delete table, like so. so you can just play around if you want to create customized table, like so, and click right here if you want to have some columns. like so, just play around. if you need to have a table on your about page- and we also got image, you can click where you want to have the image. let's say, I want to have an image right here. click on image and you can choose product images. you can choose from URLs and you can choose uploaded images. so in this case I already have your image, but you can also click on upload image to add a new image. ok, so if I click on upload file, you can use choose the image. click on open, like. so click on the image. you can add an image. alt text: [Music]: okay, you can change the size from original to up to 2048 times 2048. so let's say I want to have medium. click on insert image. okay, as you can see, it doesn't look very good. so if I click on image, I can go and click right here, edit image, and we can change the size- maybe too large- and you can also change the image alt text. you can change alignment, you can also wrap text around the image. so if I click on that, click on edit image, you will see that we have text around the image, okay, okay. so, as you can see, the text is too close to the image. so to change this, let's click on the image one more time. click on edit image and you see this one spacing so you can space to the top, to the left, to the right and bottom. so in this case I want to have space to the right, so I'm gonna add maybe 15 and I'm gonna add the same to the bottom. like that, click on edit image and, as you can see, this creates a space between the text and image. but in my case I don't want to have the text around the image and I'm not satisfied with this square image, because this image is not the square, so it gets compressed. so we're gonna add another size. so just click on the image, click on edit image. so I'm gonna remove this wrap text, I'm gonna Center the image, I'm gonna remove the spacing to zero, like that, and I'm gonna change the size to original, like so, and just click on edit image. okay, so I can change the size by clicking on the image and change it right here on this small square, and move it down until you're satisfied, like that. okay, because the image is not a square, I couldn't use the standard sizes, alright, so I'm gonna use original and then I'm gonna just adjust the size right here. okay, then we can go down and we can add a video. so let's say I want to have a video. maybe in between, right here is the add marker. click on insert video. so insert the video by pasting the embed snippet in the box below. alright, so you can bring this video from YouTube and you can just upload it to your channel and make it unlisted if you don't want to have it on your YouTube channel for everybody to see. okay, so I'm gonna go to my youtube channel. I'm just going to search for a video. okay, I'm gonna click on the video. I'm gonna pause the video. I'm gonna go to share. click on embed. okay, so here we see the iframe embed code snippet. we can also change the start time. so let's say I want to start the video at 10 seconds in like. so we've got embed options. show player controls. I'm gonna uncheck this one. enable privacy enhance mode. so when you turn on privacy enhance mode, YouTube won't store information about these stars on your website unless they play the video. all right, something's gonna shake this one. so by embedding YouTube videos on your site, you are agreeing to YouTube's API Terms of Service. you can just right click, click on open link in new tab and here you can read about the Terms of Service. alright. so after that, just copy this embed code snippet. let's go back and paste it right here. click on insert video, like: so, okay, so this is how you can add a video. so that's it for content. you can also click right here if you want to show the HTML. if you want to maybe change the size of the video, you can go to right here. you see, with 560 height, 315, so you can change the size of the video right here. okay, let's turn it back. and then we got search engine listings. you you can click on edit website SEO so you can change the page title. so this is how it's gonna look in the search engines, so you can make this more appealing. you can maybe do about us and your company name, a description, and also you can change the URL and handle to change this layout and what you're gonna display in the search engines. okay, so I'm just going to leave it as it is. you can just change it to make it as good as possible. all right, then we got visibility. if you check this one, you will immediately show your page, your about page, on yo.

How To Add Your Refund Policy To Shopify (+4 More Important Pages)

hey guys, how's it going? my name is Matt and I wanted to show you how you can easily create your legal pages in Shopify. so this is like your terms and condition page, your Privacy Policy, return policy, shipping policy- all those pages can be easily created and Shopify. so let me go ahead and jump into my computer and I'll show you exactly how to create them really quick and easy. alright, guys, so I just created a quick test store to show you, guys, exactly how to do this really quick and easy. so if you're in your Shopify dashboard, you're just gonna go right down here bottom left corner and click on settings. then, when you're in settings, you're gonna go to this legal tab and once you're there, this is where you fill out your refund policy, privacy policy, terms and conditions, our Terms of Service and shipping policy. so the easy way to do this- and this is what I'd recommend doing- is just hit create template. so this is gonna all just some generic return policy that you can use in your store and it'll show up and it will autofill your store's website and your contact information. what I'd recommend: if you're using your helm address' and don't have like a business address, I'd go in here and actually delete any place that has your address and just leave your email instead. so, like right here, I would delete that because that is your personal home address and right here is also. so that's what I'd recommend doing: just going through and kind of cleaning these up, making sure it looks good how you want it for your store. so we'll do the same thing for privacy policy and again you'll just go through and privacy policy actually has these places for you to insert information. I usually don't insert anything, I just like delete the sections so you can see they're in bold here. I can just delete all those. so all of this you don't need, and just kind of go through and clean it up. make sure there's nothing out of the ordinary. let's see now that another one, the bat and miners. I'm not gonna worry about that because I sell anything. and again, here's your home address. get rid of that Terms of Service once again and go through. make sure everything looks good. it's very easy, guys, it's very simple. so just do this quick. make sure your home address or anything isn't done here, okay, and then shipping policy: you're gonna go ahead and just fill this out yourself. I would put here you'd put your processing time, for how long it takes for you or your manufacturer to send out your product, as well as the shipping time. so, ten twenty day shipping, five, seven day shipping, whatever you have, just go ahead and make you know right to let a nice little paragraph in here, and so people can know your shipping times. now, this isn't everything you need to do, though. so this, all this template does is allow people to click on it during your checkout. what you need to do once you save this- so hit save- you need to actually create pages for each one of these things and make them easily found in your site, so I'll show you how to do that. if you go, in fact, let's open a new tab here. what you're gonna do is go into pages underneath sales channel online store pages, and you're gonna hit add page and this is where I just copy and paste and this stuff. so you have a refund policy. I'd copy that command a and command C to select it all. if you're on a Windows, it's control, so you just go ahead and do that. now you have a refund policy page. next, you're gonna add another page. do the same thing for all of these. so we'll just go through and do this real quick: Terms of Service [Music] and you'll want to do fun for your shipping policy - I didn't write anything, but when you write something, just go ahead and put it in here - so now we have different pages for each one of these things and you're gonna want to put these in your menu. so if you go to navigation, there's a footer menu and a main menu. you can put it in either. I'd probably put it in both. these are kind of important pages, but let's go ahead and I'll show you how to add it to your footer menu. so all you're gonna do is hit add menu item search links, go to pages and just click on each one of those. so add pages. refund policy: add pages. shipping policy: add and pages Terms & Conditions: add so, and I'll get rid of this search actually. so now these are just gonna show up in your footer. so if we hit save menu, show you what this looks like. if you go ahead here and open your store, you'll see now that each one of these have a page. you have a page for your privacy policy or refund policy. you click on them and it'll just take them right to the information. that's it guys. super simple, super easy. you just go into Shopify and you can just use the pre-made ones and just clean them up yourself. very easy to do but very essential for your store. if you like to that, go ahead and like the video, and if you want to hear more from me, subscribe, and I'm constantly releasing stuff on business and Shopify. if you have any questions or if I missed anything, go ahead and leave a comment down below. otherwise I'll see you guys in the next video. thank you.