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how to back up shopify store

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Backup YOUR Shopify Store (2021)

in this video i'm going to guide you how you can easily backup your store, and in this video i'm not going to show you that. okay, that what you should do is to download data from your theme on shopify store. it doesn't work like that. what you actually need to do is to use application for it, and i'm going to show you one of them that i recommend for you to use. that helps you also backup your data, restore it and also copy the critikal information. so let's say that you would get hacked, but you need the orders, you need to have all those products, uh, also on a new store, because you you would get hacked. it's like all right stuff happens and the application that i'm going to show you right now helps you with that. so let's start and let me show you the whole process: pricing, plans, etc. so when you come here, the first thing you want to do is just scroll down below to the description and click on the link. when you will do it- and you're going to click on a link, you will get right here to rewind. then what you want to do is you could go and go to top right- start your free trial, and you can start the free trial by adding an email address, full name, organization name and how it actually works, the whole process of connecting with shopify. when you're gonna start the free trial, then you will be able to integrate it with your shopify store. uh, the whole pricing plan and products, it all depends only about how many orders you have. so, as you can see, if i'm going to have 8- 80 orders a month, i'm going to have a growth plan- 10 bucks a month. so that's like really good. then, let's say, if i'm going to click product shopify, you can simply back up the shopify store right here. what rewinds backs up to shopify. this means you can restore individual items, including images, description, blocks, themes, orders, pages, customer list and more multiple items at once, like an entire collection or brand, your complete shopify store just how you like it, so you can copy literally everything with rewind and simple pricing for all stores. you see, right here, if i'm going to have, let's say, 700 orders a month, i'm going to have a business backup of 60 dollars a month and i would pay- and in that regard it's like really good- and get peace of mind: install minutes, cancel anytime, seven days free trial. and last thing that i want to show you is if you would come here and if you would come to divine shopify. look at this: 4.9 stars, 4.8 stars, 800 stars. plenty of people are really satisfied with the application that you can use and you just start the free trial and you connect it with your store and you're good to go. it's nothing too difficult. i'm going to even uh, show you the video here how it works out: pick up themes, orders, collections, shopify story, rewind, backups, installed. look at this. and this is how it looks like the advanced restore and, if you want me to, i can create a whole tutorial on what it can do and how we can backup it. that i would create everything from the shopify store. i can do it for you if you want me to, but this is pretty much it how you do it and this is how you can backup shopify with rewind. if you can have any questions, guys, ask me, download comments. i'll really happy to help you and provide some guidance, etc. rewind is a really good app for this. definitely test it out. you have a free trial that you can see and how it actually works. so, yeah, thank you and have a great day and goodbye, see ya.

How to Backup Shopify Pages, Collections

welcome back guys. I know it's been a few weeks since I uploaded a video, so I wanted to come back with something really special today. so today we're gonna be toking about backups and why it's super important that you have a backup app installed on your Shopify store. now most of you might think, wait a minute, it's a SAS product. obviously, Shopify has backups of all their software because if they didn't, their business would be over in one outage. but I'm not toking about backing up the software for Shopify. what I am toking about backing up is your personal data. so it's taken a lot of effort for you to put in the description, the images, the configuring Shopify to make sure that it works exactly for your business. you want to protect this information so that if there is a situation where it wouldn't be, if Shopify goes down and loses your data- that's not what we're toking about. we're toking about is whether or not a staff member or someone who's working for you accidentally goes in and makes the wrong change. they go and change a complex system that you've already set up and you have no idea how they made that change, made the change in their. so what we want to do is we want to be able to provide you with a backup so, in case that this happens, it's easy for you to go and restore to your previous version. it also allows you to be more confident when you're rolling something new so that if you do make a mistake or something does happen that you weren't intending, it's easy to rollback. so I'm gonna hop up on my screen now and I'm gonna show you how to install the backup app that we recommend and how to get it going right away. so if we're on my screen and we go to apps, there's a couple ways that we can go and get this app now. the app that we're gonna be installing is called rewind I oh so on my demo store, I've already gone and installed it and I started doing a backup, because it takes a few hours for the first backup to go through, especially on this store where I have a thousand products installed on it. I wanted to get that started before we went and did this video. but here is how you go and add in the app. so if you go to the location, some will see a slash backup and I'm gonna put that location here as well as in in the description. it'll take you directly to the page. so let's go and test that out. so if we go to Sun Bowl dot, CA, slash back up, hit enter, it's going to refer us directly to rewind back up. we can hit the add the app button and it's going to ask us to confirm and put in our Shopify store location. once we put in our Shopify store location, it's gonna ask us to approve the app and then it's gonna start doing the first backup. now, once it starts going through the first backup, it's gonna take a little while. now you can just close this window and leave it as it is, because what they're going to do is they're gonna send you an email telling you when the backup has been completed. so you're getting any an email. it's gonna tell you how many products were backed up. it's gonna tell you all your themes or collections, your navigations, that sort of thing. so, once that is finished and then I'm gonna go and show you how to restore it. okay, now that that's finished, now I'm going to show you guys how to restore a backup. so if you want to go into the dashboard and you want to start off by going to apps, we're gonna scroll down until we get to the rewind i/o backups for Shopify app. we're gonna click into that and we're gonna go into the app. now. this app is really easy to use. it's super simple and it's super straightforward. so what we can do is we can go into the rewind vault and we can restore our products, either one at a time, so if we made an error on a single product, we can restore that product, or we can restore the entire store. if that's something that we're looking to do, so let's go into the vault and then we can select a product. so we're gonna select a product and, because we're currently processing it, there's gonna be a number of products in here that are gonna solely filter in as we go, but we can still restore a product right away. so we're gonna go to a SOHO Python handbag. we're gonna go to the versions. we can see the exact version of the product that we want to be able to restore. we're going to get arrows on right and left hand sides once we have multiple backups. so rune line is only going to show you versions if something has changed. so on this current demo store that we have, nothing has changed since we first took the backup. if there was different versions of a change. you would get arrows on the side which would allow you to select the one that you want. now I can hit rewind product. it will come up and it will give me a warning whether or not I want to rewind it. I hit yes, it will process it and then it will restore your product. so now you're very easily able to go and do it. so this is that's a basic overview of how you install the rewind backup. now there is one other piece that I want to show you is if you want to go and restore your entire store. now I'm still backing up this current one, but when it's finished I can go in and I can restore the entire store. so that's everything from themes to collections to menus, the whole snapshot of what your, your website looks like. I can go and I can restore that. and so if you're about to do a huge rollout or you're going to be updating information on a wide scale and doing a bunch of changes and you want to make sure that if you mess it up, you can go back, you can get, enter the store, rewind and remind the whole thing back to the beginning. so that's basic overview of what I have for you guys today. I hope this is super helpful. remember, you do need to backup all your stuff, even if you're on a SAS service. that information that you have created over the years of working on your store is invaluable and you don't want to accidentally delete it because he clicked on the wrong button. that's up for me today. I hope you guys are having a great week and we will catch you in the next one.

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How to backup your Shopify store - Shopify Help

hello everyone. welcome back to welcome Sutra today. in this video, I will show you how to create backup of your store. so one of the disadvantages of Shopify is that it doesn't create backup of your store on their backend. it means that if Shopify gets hacked or your store gets hacked, you cannot reach out to their customer service time asking to recover your store because they won't be able to because they don't have the backup of your store. and that's why, being a Shopify user, you will have to take extra security measures to ensure that your store doesn't get hacked or, if it is get hacked, you have its backup right. so in this video, I will show you how to create backup of your Shopify store in two ways: manually and using app. so let's get started Now to create manual backup. there is no such option like where you can go and hit the button and it will create the backup of your entire store instead. so if I allows you to export data of certain types of content from your store which you can download and store it somewhere secure which you can use in the time of recovery of your store. so let's say you want to create backup of your products. just go to products, select the products and click the export button here, and then choose how many products you want to export. let's say I want to create the backup of all the products in my store. I will choose all products and choose the format in which you want the backup. so I choose CSV for Excel and then click export route. once you click the export button, it will start creating the backup and will send all the data to your registered email. now, how much time it will take it depends on your data size. okay, so if you have thousands of product, it may take 10 to 20 minutes, and if you have few photos, it might just send you the data immediately. so after you receive the email, just download it and save it somewhere secure. next, you can create the backup of your orders. you know, just like this, the- if you have some orders in your store, you will find the link here. similarly, you can create the backup of your gift cards, price lists and inventory as well. you can create the backup of inventory as well. just select all the inventory data, click export and choose all variants and Export variants, right. similarly, you can create the back of your customer data. you can create the backup of your customers, choose all the customers, click export and choose the options here and click export. so, similarly, you can follow the steps for each type of content you want to export and download the files from email. now, once you download the email files, you have to make sure that it is stored somewhere secure, right, and that's like your job. that's your job, so make sure you do that. now, apart from creating the backup of this type of content, you can also create backup of your theme, which is important because once you design your store, you have to customize the theme, you have to customize the product pages from your theme. only right, and you don't want to lose that. so if you want to create backup of your themes, just go to online stores themes and from all the install theme choose. you know you can create backup of all the themes or just once. so let's say I want to create a backup of the theme that I'm using right now. just go to this three dotted button click and then select download theme file and then select the send email. make sure you check the registered email if you want to receive the email to this now send. click Send email now. you will find the data in your email instantly. so this is how you create manual backup of your Shopify store. but the question is like, how many times you can create this manual backup- weekly, monthly, or how many times? right? if something happens between the last backup and the upcoming, what will happen then? you will lose the data, right? and the worst part is you can't create the manual backup of blog posts and Pages. there is no option to backup this, this type of files. so, basically, if something happens, you will lose your all the blog posts and pages, and no one wants that right, because it takes a lot of effort in creating blog post, right? so what's the solution? so the solution is use Shopify backup apps, and the best app that I found is rewind. rewind is one of the leaders in data backup and Recovery Services and it works very good with Shopify. I have tried it and it's perfect, right. so if you want to try it, you can see the link in the description and if you use the link, you will get seven day free trial. now, once you land here, scroll down to Shopify and click Start free trial, then click add app and install it in your store. once you install it, you will see this screen where you will see nothing backed up now. it is creating backup for your store, right? so once you create, once it creates a backup, you will see all the data backed up and you will also receive an email alert like this: so you will find all the data that has been backed up by rewind. okay, so this is how it goes. this is how how it works. next is Advanced restore, where you will find all the options of what you want to restore. like, if you want to restore all the items that you have backed up, you can do it just by a click, you know, just by click. you can also select the date your items will be reached out to: the selected date and time. so, basically, it will create a backup on the on that and you can choose specific platform, which day you want to recover the store. so it's awesome, right? it's up and you will notike that. it will create backups for blogs, customer Collections and Pages as well, which was not available in your uh in in manual backup options, right? so this is the best option to keep your sofa store save and create automatik backup, right? so I don't know what can be the best alternative to this. now, remember that you will have the seven different trial. so that is, it will create the free backup of your store for the next seven days. after that, you will have to opt for one of its paid plans, which starts at 39 dollars per month. so you can see that it will create daily comprehensive backups, unlimited restores, 365 days of version history, help sentences, support, backup anytime, real-time backups, multi-user support. so, yeah, I think the basic plan also works really great. right, the it's? it's fine. now if you want to create backup of your metadata, like SEO and other analytiks probably, then you will have to choose the plus plan. that is 99 per month. so make sure that you check, analyze all the plans that is available and choose the one that you need. rest is, you know, once you decide, just select the plan and make the bill payment and it will be ready. so that's how it works. now let's check our vault and see if it has been recovered. oh, sorry, it's backed up. so you will see that all the data has been recovered. right, so the customer data has been added. blog is added, themes are added, products are at a. shipping Zone has also been added. now, these options were not available when you have to do manual backup. so now you have two options where whether you want to do manually or you want to use rewind backup app, so make your choice and see what works for you. so that's all in this video and you can see that the store backup is also complete. so, whether you choose automatik backup or manual, make sure that you do it routinely and keep your back the file somewhere secure. and yeah, that's all for the day and thanks for watching, and if you like this video, please do subscribe and hit the like button. thank you.

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How To Back Up All YOUR Data In Shopify - Pics, Website, Customer list, etc - BE PROACTIVE

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How to Backup and Update Shopify Themes Tutorial

hey guys, this is Carrie, with core marketing grouped. today's tutorial is all things: updating themes, backing up themes. so the first part of this is going to how do you make a copy of a theme, say if you wanted to make some changes or some updates but didn't want to have it impact the current thing that you have live. so here we are on our dashboard on your Shopify site, so we are going to go on navigating store and so then you'll see where you have your live theme here. so then we're going to go here. you'll just hit the drop down and you're gonna see an option that says duplicate. so I'm gonna hit duplicate and it's gonna go ahead and duplicate a copy of your theme. so I'm just gonna let it run its process here real quick- shouldn't take too long- and what I like to do: once it's done duplicating, I like to rename it. so I have an idea: if it's like a specific change that you did, an app integration, I like to give, put that in the name, or even just updating the date, so you could go over here and rename and I would say like turbo copy, and then I would put today's date, which is like six, twenty, nine, twenty twenty, so I know when what this is and when it was actually duplicated. so then you could go over here and what this did is it actually copied your theme exactly how it is. so it copied everything and duplicated it over here. so if you were to go over here and customize it, you're going to see everything just the way it is on your life theme. so what you would do is you go in and make your changes and then, when you're ready to publish it, all you would need to do is hit the drop-down and publish it, and then that is going to publish it to your live theme and you just hit publish. so that is how to make a copy or duplicate your live scene. now I'm going to show you two different ways on how to make updates. so a lot of these themes are constantly being improved by their developers, so every now and then you'll get a notification. if you purchased a theme, depending on who you purchased it from, that there are updates, maybe to fix some bugs or add new features, things like that. so there's two different methods that you can do this bait, depending on the type of theme that you purchased. now first, I'm going to show you if you just purchased a theme from the Shopify theme store, how we would go ahead and get the latest version of that. so I'm going to switch over here. this is one of my clients and they are rust. we purchased this theme called Testament. so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back over here, we're gonna go to the Shopify theme store, okay, and I'm gonna find the Testament theme, okay. so here it is, and so what I'm gonna have to have to do is I'm gonna have to go back over and grab the URL for my shop, and then you're gonna go back here and you're gonna log in with this URL, and so what this is gonna do is it's gonna recognize if you purchased any themes through the theme store. so now you're gonna see here that this button has actually updated, so it is recognized that this shop has purchased the Testament theme. so what we can do here is go add the latest theme version to your shut, so it's gonna copy it over, and now you're gonna see it here updating, and what it's done has added the latest version of this theme to this client store. now the only difference between this is is it's going to install the raw template, like just as you had purchased it from the very beginning. it's going to bring over some of your photos and everything, but so I'm going to just click over it here so you can take a look. so it's gonna be like the very first time that you installed a theme. so essentially, you're gonna have to go through and wreak ustym eyes. your site now, all your products and everything will be here, right, but you're gonna have to go through and essentially recreate your site. I only suggest doing this if there's some major functionality issues and you need to reinstall the theme. so the third part of this tutorial is what I'm going to show you is updating themes. if you are using out of the sandbox or pixel union themes- and they are actually the preferred theme provider for all core marketing clients- and I'm going to show you why we choose to use these themes. a lot of times we do a lot of customizations, but sometimes we'll use these as base themes or if a customer wants to save some money, we choose these themes. so what you can do? so we're currently using the turbo theme from out of the sandbox. so what they have done is they have created an app. you can go over here, the App Store and it's called Shopify theme updater. so if you have any template by pixel Union or out of the sandbox, you get a 365 day free subscription to the theme updater. after that it's like 9 dollars a month, but I'm going to tell you it's gonna save you lots of time and headaches. so once you add the theme updater, when you go over to our online shop you'll see we have all these different themes. so if you log into the app, then it's going to show you all the themes that you have currently available and it's going to tell you if there's a new version. so this is an unregistered, and so the the caveat with is is you actually have to register your themes to be able to update them. so if I want, if there's a new version for turbo, all I'll have to do is hit update. and so there's a couple little things that you want to keep in mind when doing this. you probably want to make a copy of it first before you update it, and if you've made any huge changes- customized changes to your theme running, this update will not always bring those changes over with them. what it will do is give you kind of a log of the changes that were on the old theme and the new updated one, and then it'll let you go through and you can manually go in and update those with one of their services - they have a plan that allows you to pay a little bit more and they will save those customizations and then it makes it a little bit easier when you have to go and update it. so what we're gonna do is we're gonna hit update and then it's gonna, if I want to preserve our theme customizations once again, like we can go ahead and click this, but it's not gonna always save them up. I don't believe this theme has been heavily customized, so it's gonna go ahead and update it. ok, so now that our theme has been updated, it's just going to essentially give you your theme log here and it's gonna tell you all the different things that have been updated within this update and the ones you have from before. so if you had some customizations here, it's also going to show you like what of the customized options within your theme we're not updated, so it'll give you kind of a change log to be able to do that. so if you wanted to go over and customize your theme, you will see, once it's done loading here that everything is intact, so it looks exactly like what you had. that was live. it's just updated to the latest and greatest version of your theme. so that is it for this tutorial. I hope that you found this helpful. I hope that this empowers you a little bit more to take control of your Shopify website, and if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. our handle over on Instagram is Cora marketing and you can also reach us over at our website at core marketing group com. have a great day and if you liked this, please like and make sure you subscribe so that you can keep updated for all our latest tips and tricks and tutorials. you

How to BACKUP your Shopify store? Rewind Backups - Honest Shopify App Review by EcomExperts.io

rewind is really something you absolutely need. I mean, seriously, imagine if it would rewind. hello guys, welcome to another video where we review Shopify apps. my name is Andrew from eco expressio, but you subscribe to our Channel, you watch all of your videos and you already know. huh, this week we're looking at rewind. rewind is a Shopify a big surprise. it basically creates daily automatik backups of your store. basically, I mean, if your online stories the way you make money, it's protecting your most important asset. it's like having fire insurance on your building. it's not a bad idea. rewind has a four point nine reading out of more than 600 reviews or something like that, so it's really, really well reviewed it. actually, I was in the shop of five Facebook group for Shopify entrepreneurs shout out to John Kennedy and on there someone was asking: hey, what's the most important app you need to have? and I think it was perfect and said: from eater psycho, he said you need to have the rewind one. like backups are super crucial. it's fire insurance anyway. how did you stop making so long inches? let's look at behind the scenes how rewind looks and say: you neither. say so. the app is installed in. we are greeted with the plan picker on this page. we also have life chat, which you guys know by now. I love life chat and its really great. if you have any questions about the plans, maybe, by the way, it's a good idea to consult the agent if you're not sure which plan works perfectly for you, because during the research, we did saw some reviews from people who chose the wrong plan because they didn't tok to the supports. India ended up with bills way bigger than they originally estimated. make sure to to check the right plan. this is a demo shop, so we will stik with the free plan for this. so click on start trial and we are on the door. bakit started in the background as well, so all we need to do is wait from this point. first thing, I notiked there is no progress bar like here. we see that the backup is in progress, but we don't know how much percentage, not to mention the time, is left. but all right, let's just wait a bit. okay, this is taking a bit more time, so let's tok about a bit about you. what are the dumbest mistakes you made on your Shopify store? we have so many of these stories that we can write a book, so many of mistakes I personally made. we'll make a dedicated video one day, but in the meantime, let us know your story in the comments below or contacts or social media. become experts on Facebook and LinkedIn and share them. I mean, it's really great value to learn under the mistakes of others. that's how you're going to make it. half an hour later, Andy, back up. he's finished. my idea is to mess our team, dilute some products, like, make some serious damage to our store and then basically try to rewind it. so let's see if that works. let's go to the Shopify admin and start messing things up. battle here. first, we will delete random things from the team. we believe in rewind, so- and this is a demo shot, so I don't really care- so let's break as much as I can. okay, let's go to the online store and then teams. from here, we will choose actions and edit code and we will delete some random templates and sections. now that we deleted a lot of things like, jump onto the website and see the damage we've done. as you can see, our store is missed. let's go to the rewind app and see if we can fix this. I'm a little bit nervous. we are in the rewind dashboard and from here I think we'll go to the count rewind account. rewinds are used to rewind all items within a specific item type or an entire store back to a specific date and time, which we will do now for the items that are going to be rewinded. we will go with all item types, but you can always select only the ones that needs to be recovered. you can choose from blogs, custom collections, customer pages, products, product images, smart collections and teams. we will go with all items types and proceed to date and time in the date and time section. first we need to select the date we want our items to be restored. click on a select date and simply choose the number from the calendar. the time is automatikally set at 12:00 am, but in case you want to change it, you can just choose a time from the drop down menu. we are only left with confirm our rewinds and deaths in. so let's click on the red button that says rewind. any new pop-up appears. our account rewind has started and we will be notified by email when it's done. all right, click on done and we are back to the dashboard. on the dashboard, we don't have a lot of things to play with. I mean, this isn't really rocket science, so that's probably good to keep it simple. rewind should maybe included the game just to have something to play with while you're waiting. some things we got from their customer support is that if you want to be right to the very first backup you took, that's the one with the complete team in it. trying to go back further than that will do nothing, and going back to now will also do nothing, so keep that in mind also when we are speaking about customer support. these guys are straight A's like. they're really awesome. they reach back in a matter of seconds and they actually really, really helped us. ok, the rewind is complete. let's jump to the website and see what they've done. under homepage, everything looks ok. nothing to complain besides my fantastik designs. let's check collections. we made some serious damage in there. it looks like it's all back to normal. alright, I'm back in business selling millions. I mean, guys, this app has some real value. it's like buying fire insurance on your house. we sometimes work with our emergency clients and coding requests for our members clients, where they just send out a huge campaign of social media- 10,000 dollars per day- and, Murphy's Law, their store just breaks. at that minute. I can imagine they would be saving a whole lot of money working with us by simply having this app installed, reverting to a previous version and at least having the Buy button word while their massive campaigns are up and running. if you're a big store, this is really, really a must and it kind of gives you a second chance and a great way to protect probably your most important asset if you're an e-commerce store. so hands down to the rewind crew. all right, that is it for today. people, I hope you enjoyed our little review of rewinds. I hope you'll check out all our other videos that we made over mid the fields and life, chats and reviews, and make sure to check them all up, because before you install the app, you want to see our video, because if you uninstalled it up afterwards, you're not necessarily removing the code from your team and I quitters all your code team up and that slows your site down and then affects your revenue, and we don't want that. so that is why make sure to LIKE, subscribe, tell us what you do and if you ever need a developer, my name is angie from econ experts DeMayo and i'll see you in the next video. [Music].