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how to block ads on iphone apps

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

How to Block All In-App Advertisements on Your iPhone!

what's going on guys today I'm going to,show you two very quick ways that you,can remove or block all in-app,advertisements on your iOS device so,this works on your iPhone iPad iPod,Touch all of those devices you can,remove all of the ads so I'll show you,exactly what I'm toking about so the,score app for example everyone uses this,app or a lot of people do and at the,very top you have this advertisement,video which is very annoying also if you,go into many different games this is,just one that I downloaded a second ago,and once you start it up and start,playing it'll have the banner at the,bottom of the screen also games will,have the big pop up ads that make you,wait like 10 seconds in order to click,the little X in the corner before you,can keep playing so this is going to,remove all of these advertisements on,your device and it is very easy to do so,the first way that you can block all of,the ads on your iOS device you may,already know how to do this if you just,turn off your data connection and your,Wi-Fi connection and then reload the app,so make sure you go into your recent,apps and cancel out those two apps and,once you've boot them back up if you're,not connected to any internet there will,be no ads so as you can see the ad that,had this I've had the ad on the bottom,the banner that is now gone this isn't,the ideal method because if you have an,app that you need the internet for like,let's say for the score app if I go into,the score app I won't even load up,without internet so the second way is,going to allow you to remove these ads,even with your internet connection,turned on so the second way that you can,remove ads on your device is by,installing a VPN or virtual private,network so head over to the App Store,and search for an app called Luna Lu and,a and hit search and go ahead and,download this app right here just,download it like you normally do and,once it is done go ahead and open up the,app so once it's done download and go,ahead and open it on up and once it,starts up it will see a little power,button in the middle by connecting the,VPN you agree to our terms and,conditions so I recommend reading those,but I'm just,go ahead and turn this on and you will,have to click allow' with this little,pop-up here so hit allow it's going to,take you into the VPN page in your,Settings app of your phone so just go,ahead and enter your passcode to your,device if you have one once you enter,your passcode the power button will turn,green and will say you are now connected,so you can click through there's a,couple pop-ups for the initial time that,you turn it on that will kind of tell,you a little bit of both the app but,once you click through those and hit no,thanks on push notifications you're now,all up and running it is connected and,you can exit out of the app so once,you're connected that's all you have to,do as you can see I'm still connected to,my Wi-Fi network and if I go ahead and,open this app up and I start playing,there is absolutely no banner ads at the,bottom and also no big fullscreen pop-up,ads will show up and I am still,connected to the Internet if we head,over to the score app and reload it once,again that video ad at the very top is,now gone you can go through and and do,everything that you'd normally do with,these apps except you don't have these,annoying ads blocking some of the,screens so this will allow these apps to,start up faster it has less to load,it'll also save you some data if you're,using your data connection won't have to,load these videos and these,advertisements that these apps will,create so all in all this is something,that you should definitely do and if you,learn something new in this video be,sure to hit the like below and hit,subscribe peace

How to BLOCK ALL Advertisements on Your iPhone in 2022!

what's up guys today I'm doing a,follow-up to a previous video that I,made which was how to block all in-app,advertisements on your iPhone that video,got a ton of views about a quarter of a,million views but unfortunately that,method no longer works so in this video,I'm going to show you how you can still,block all advertisements on your iPhone,and even using the latest version of iOS,so to show a little bit what I'm toking,about if you go into many apps it'll,show advertisements either on a banner,at the bottom or sometimes a larger,Banner like we have in this Score Sports,app also games are really notorious for,advertisements so if I click on this,random game usually there will be a,large advertisement when you first boot,it up and also when you start playing,the game there will be banner ads in the,bottom which actually lag and slow down,the phone and are very annoying,and you can see an advertisement on the,bottom so I'm going to get rid of all of,those advertisements and I believe this,method also gets rid of advertisements,in your web browser and potentially also,in Spotify and YouTube so go ahead and,give this a shot for yourself and see,all of the things that it can block so,this method is very simple all you have,to do is go into Safari and search Luna,Adblock,Luna Adblock search that enter click on,Adblock luna.com here for me it's right,on the top so I'll click on that,and just scroll and click install for,iOS,then scroll down again and enter a birth,year I'm just going to put something,random here and then on step two click,on ad blocking VPN profile click on that,click on allow,and then click on close here that the,profile is downloaded you can watch this,instruction video but you can watch my,video instead so I'm just going to hit,cancel and step three just go ahead and,click on the settings button to open,settings and hit open and at the top of,settings you will see a new button here,that says profile downloaded click on,profile downloaded and here it will ask,you to install the VPN profile so click,install here enter your passcode,and then once you enter your passcode,it's going to give you a little warning,just hit install and install again at,the very bottom,click on done,and that should be everything you need,to do now all of your advertisement,should be blocked if you go ahead and,look at the top of your phone here there,will be a little VPN button showing that,this is turned on now you can go in,settings and turn this on and off as you,would like if you want to or you can,keep it on all of the time here's where,you would click it on and off so to,prove that this worked I'm going to go,back into the apps that I showed you,earlier with all of the advertisements,the first one score app,and before we had a large Banner right,at the top of the app here you can see,there is nothing and if you go ahead and,look into Safari and potentially Spotify,and YouTube you should not see ads there,either if you like this video Hit,subscribe to see more content like this,I show tips and tricks all the time and,how to improve and make your life easier,on your iPhone and also just help you,save money any single way that you,possibly can so that's pretty much it,peace

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How to Block ADS on iPhone! (ALL APPS)

what's going on guys in today's video,I'm going to be teaching you how you can,block all of the ads on every app that,you use let's get into it,what is going on guys how are you doing,today I'm going to be teaching you how,you can get ad blocker for free on your,iPhone your Android whatever it may be,guys ad blocker is a godsend ad blocker,literally saves me I don't have to buy,YouTube premium that's what 20 bucks a,month okay then we're gonna do,um I don't know I never see any ads,which saves me so much time I don't see,ads on Instagram I don't see ads on,Reddit I don't see ads on tiktok,nothing and I'm going to teach you guys,how you can do it too it is through this,app right here ad blocker Plus plus guys,ad blocker Plus plus is basically the,gateway to all of this stuff now you,can't actually get this on the app store,which is why I'm even making this video,uh because you have to actually get it,on an external website uh because they,don't want it on the App Store because,it takes away money from the app store,so uh let me show you how it works how,you get it all done hey guys so as you,can see you can see right here I have ad,blocker Plus plus downloaded and ready,to go on my iPhone 11. now this does,work on all devices it doesn't just work,on my iPhone 11 but I'm going to teach,you how to do it on an iPhone 11 just,because that's what I have here but I,tried it on a buddy's phone this morning,and I tried it on my girlfriend's iPad,and it works on all those devices as,well so no stress on that just follow,along generally with my instructions and,you should get to where you need to be,but yeah I mean ad blocker Plus plus is,pretty simple in its interface and how,it works it should take a second and,that is so we can read all of the apps,and then you simply are just presented,with the screen and then you can,literally just turn it on uh which I,have mine turned on and then I have no,apps now I have no or no ads uh which is,freaking kosher that's exactly what you,need uh so I mean yeah it's ad blocker,it's kind of hard to exemplify how ad,blocker works because there's no ads so,I don't like how do I show that there's,not anything but I it can show you guys,how you you can actually get it yourself,and that is going to be by using these,two apps right here settings and Safari,settings and Safari Guys these are going,to be your two friends now if you don't,have Safari because you're on an Android,that's okay like I said just use,whatever web browser you guys have now,that that is done we are going to go,ahead and hop into our settings because,we need to configure and change around a,couple of settings the first one is,going to be this battery one this,battery low power mode low power mode,low battery mode battery Reserve mode,whatever it may be called on your device,we need to make sure that it is turned,off for the remainder of this download,now the reason why we need to make sure,that it is turned off for the remainder,of this download is quite simple it is,because this low power mode right here,actually restricts some of our,background app downloads and since it,does that well it doesn't work so we,can't have that going on but other than,that guys we can go ahead hop into,General go into background app refresh,where we will see uh this whole platform,right here of things that need to be,turned on if you don't have your,background app Refresh on for the app it,will not work with the ad blocker so,make sure that you have that running and,good but other than that we should be,kosher with Safari right here let's go,ahead and hop into it because we are,going to go to this store right here the,app build store,appbuild dot VIP there it is right there,guys type that in to your phone and then,hit go right there and you will be,brought here to the number one tweaked,App Store that is not even an excess,it's not even exaggeration really,there's so many apps here but of course,the app that we're looking for is ad,blocker Plus plus right there on the top,the third one is going to be it so go,ahead we're going to hit that install,button and that's going to install or,download something called a,configuration profile which is just,Apple's against this manchy word for uh,like basically what this is It's a,hacked app tweaked app I don't really,know what you'd call it,um but it's a it's a configuration,profile is what it is,um so yeah we are waiting for a little,notification to pop up and then we have,to go to our settings to confirm it uh,but other than,the notification and that I don't think,there's anything else to worry about so,we are waiting there it is to hit allow,and then we are going to see this that,it wants us to go to our settings if we,want to install it I imagine we want to,install it so we're going to go right,here to the settings app and we're going,to go down to VPN and device management,you should see under downloaded profiles,that ad blocker Plus plus right there go,ahead and click on that and hit the,install button in the top right corner,it's going to prompt you for a passcode,that is just referring to your regular,unlock passcode just the regular,passcode used to unlock your phone on,any given day hit next and then hit,install,after that guys you should be good to go,to hit done on your phone because you,are done ad blocker Plus plus is,downloaded and ready to start blocking,all the ads let's go enjoy

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iPhone 14's/14 Pro Max: How to Block Ads & Save Data In Safari

hey guys in this video we're going to,take a look at how you can block it and,save data in Safari on the iPhone 14,series,first let's go back to the home screen,by swiping up at the bottom of the,screen,and on the home screen tap on settings,next scroll down and tap on Safari,next we go down and tap on extensions,then in here tap on more extensions,and then go down to the content blockers,and tap on block bear click on the get,button,and then tap on installed,you may need to double click on the side,button to allow the installation of the,app,once it has finished installing to an,open Button,and then I say here switch block bear on,so tap on the on button at the top to,switch it on,and say ready to activate block Bear,Block bear needs to be enabled in Safari,settings to block ads Checkers and,social buttons so tap on the ready,button,and then it tells you to update your,Safari settings Safari settings Safari,content blockers and turn on so tap on,done,and so we need to go back into settings,so I'm going to tap on the back key here,tap on the back tap on back back again,and I'm going to go back into settings,so on the home screen we go back into,settings,and in the Safari extensions,tap on block bear to turn it on so I say,allow this content blockers,once it is turned on in the Safari,settings page we can go back in here so,we can go back to the home screen,and tap on block bear in here you can,configure what to block so it can turn,on block ads block social patterns block,tracking and even block phones so you,can tap on the information button to see,what it does,what does block font block some websites,are designed to use custom font when you,open a web page this custom fonts are,downloaded so you can block it from,being downloaded to your device,in here you can tap on white list white,list allows you to Grant certain website,to show ads,and that's it finally you can swipe up,to go back to the home screen,and if you open up a web page you can,try to refresh it hopefully on some,sites it will attempt to block it so,normally there is an ads right here now,it doesn't show the ads at the moment,and if you go down here on this side you,can see a lot of the ads has been,removed,and that's it that is how you can block,ads in Safari on the iPhone 14 series,thank you for watching this video please,subscribe to my channel for more videos

How To Block Ads On Iphone Apps / Games / Safari - Fliptroniks.com

what's up you guys idiot flip tronic so,I'm going to be show you guys once again,how to block ads on ABS games and Safari,so before you knew this you guys I would,appreciate a big like and a share and if,you guys have not subscribed to us I'd,appreciate that as well,and you know I keep toking about the,Super Mario wallpaper but if you guys,want to pick it up get it off of,Pinterest there's a lot of cool,different iPhone wallpapers on there,okay you guys anyways um this is going,to be probably one of the best apps that,you guys can get I'm going to leave a,link in the description for it or you,can search for it on the App Store but,anyways you guys it's called adblock,unfortunately you guys this is a paid,app I think it's like a dollar,ninety-nine or something but I can tell,you guys that it's going to save you a,lot of you know annoying frustration,issues with you know playing free games,and free apps on your iPhone I'll show,you guys how it works in just a second,but this also will block ads on Safari,as well so this thing is freaking,awesome you guys anyways you can kind of,see it's got some mixed reviews in here,but I can tell you from personal use,that this thing is awesome alright so,anyways there's lots of updates on it to,the app is always you know being updated,I've notiked ever since getting it so,anyways I'll show you guys the interface,on this and then I'm going to show you,guys how exactly it works so anyways as,soon as you guys you know install it it,kind of just syncs with your iPhone,right now it's disabled because I want,to show you guys how it works but I'm,just going to pull up a free game and,I've used bottle flip before so I'm just,going to use it again anyways a lot of,the time when you guys load up a free,game or free app that you download it'll,put up an ad so you guys just saw the ad,pop-up right there I'll load it one more,time so you guys can see the ad pop up,again literally as soon as I see ad,right away you guys so anyways basically,what this ad blocker is going to do is,get rid of this so any time you guys are,playing like a free app or free game,it's going to block the ad automatikally,so I'm going to load this up one more,time,alright so anyways to make this thing,work literally all you have to do is,click one button and you're done so,you'll see a little you know icon that,says adblock is enabled blocking ads and,then if you want to disable it you would,just click it to disable it but anyways,I would just always leave it on another,really nice thing about this app you,guys is that it will block viruses too,which is you know another concern for mo,you know people using their iPhones,these days so anyways I'm gonna load up,bottle flip and you guys will see there,was an ad coming on the app as soon as,you loaded it no more ads you guys it's,completely blocking the ads so how,awesome is that,it is awesome guys so I mean this this,app will block you know ads on you know,games apps Safari so I mean if you have,any you know things like that going on,this will protect you now like I said,there is no way to get this for free you,guys you have to pay like a dollar,ninety-nine for it but look at like what,it's going to do for you over the long,run I mean it's just awesome so anyways,I'll leave a link in the description for,you guys you know I recommend getting it,I've been using it on my iPhone and I,think it's definitely worth it so thanks,for watching this video guys please hit,that like and share below stay tuned for,more and be sure to subscribe to our,Channel

How To Block Ads In YouTube on iPhone 2022

[Music],hi guys,this video will show you how to block,ads on youtube on iphone,types of youtube ads in 2021,skippable video ads this is the kind of,ad you see with every single video,it lasts for up to half a minute but you,can skip it after watching for 5,seconds can be shown before during,and after the video non-skippable video,ads,this kind of ad lasts over 15 seconds,without an option to skip it,in partikular it affects users who are,not logged into their google account,madrol ads such ads are usually served,with long youtube videos,they come within the show and cannot be,skipped,bumper ads these are the shortest video,commercials deployed by youtube,although they cannot be skipped either,bumper ads would only last for six,seconds before the show continues,content embedded ads ads of this type,are served not by youtube but youtubers,they come integrated into the video,itself so you can't do much more than,just,manually scroll through the timeline,how to block youtube ads on iphone in,safari,open your device settings and select,safari,scroll down and switch block popups on,tap content blockers and find the app,you just installed,use the toggle to switch this blocker on,how to stop youtube ads on iphone with,ad lock,ad lock is simply the best youtube ad,blocker for iphone and ipad because of,the very nature of its tiknology,unlike safari block pop-ups or other,third-party content blockers,it comes without any pre-filled white,list of good,ads adlock blocks all the types of,commercials from youtube right after its,activation in the safari settings,instead of certain ads you might see the,pure white screen with a skip button,however normally the video goes with no,interruptions at all,when using ad lock now,learn how to get rid of ads with premium,youtube account,the easiest solution as always is the,most expensive one,11.99 a month will buy you a youtube,premium subscription,with this paid monthly plan you can,enjoy all youtube content completely ad,free,it has other benefits too offline mode,for watching pre-downloaded video clips,background mode for listening to the,music when the screen,is off unlimited access to google music,content and the app exclusive shows and,series from youtube originals,it works for ios mac pc,and even tv within one account youtube,premium is definitely an option worth,considering if you are using the service,a lot,and not just for watching the videos but,also for enjoying the music through your,fancy airpods,yet there are other ways to remove,youtube ads without paying that much,we will tok about them further