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how to change password on shopify

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Learn to Change/Reset your Shopify Password | Easy 2 Methods | Tutorial 2022

Hello everyone, Welcome to my channel. Today I am presenting a small video about How to change the password of your Shopify store. Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the password of our Shopify Store. Also, sometimes we forget our password and need to reset the password. So I will show you two methods for this. The first Method is about changing it when we know the password, And the second one is when you forgot your password. So let's begin. We are logged in to our site. In the top-right corner there is an email option. Click that and go to manage account. Under that you can see the 'Security' option and click Then click on 'Change your password'. After typing the current password, we will set the new password. After clicking the change password, we can see our password is successfully changed. Go to shopifycom and click Log in. You can see a new Login page. Now type the store address and click on Next. Here it asks for password, As we forgot our password, so we will click on 'Forget Password', Click Reset Password. Then you will get a reset link in your email address, the email address which was used to create the store. Here is the pop up where we see reset link is sent to the email. Go to email and click on reset password button. It will redirect us to this kind of shopify page. From here we can set our new password and press 'Reset Password' button, and it's Done. Let's see.

shopify tutorial How to Change the Background Image on Password Page using Brooklyn Theme in Shopify

so in this video, we're going to change the background image for the password protected holding page. as you can see, you already got an image here, but i'm not very happy with that, so we're going to go ahead and change this. thing we need to do is get into the theme, just click on the customize button, okay, so let's click on the password page. so, as you can see, um, two pages are pretty much the same. i'm gonna change the logo first, so let's pick the logo, let's save that. let's go back to our page here. let's refresh it. that was changed, all right. so on the themes, we need to click on actions and edit the code in this area. we need to go to the assets folder and click on theme dot, s, c s s, dot, liquid. here we need to search for password and here, on approximately line 4355, you can see the background image url which relates this password page backgroundjpg, which you can see again in this asset area. so we're gonna change that. but first what we need to do is we need to upload the the image. so let's go to preferences- apologies, settings, files already got some images uploaded. we're going to use this image here, so let's find that right. i'm just going to save that. let's give it another name, a bit simpler. all right, we'll save that. now let's go back to our assets. we're going to add a new asset here. it's okay and that's just sodium. i saved it on my desktop. let's upload that. let's have a look at it. let's copy that and replace this password page background. save that in this incognito window. let's refresh the page. the image is replaced.

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How To Select Shopify Plan and Disable Store Password [in 2022]

if you've already designed your shopify store and think you're ready to go live, you need to disable the store password. the store password helps you make sure that customers do not get to browse your store when you're in the middle of building it up. when you remove the password once the store is ready, customers will then be able to enter a ready and live store. now, if you don't remove the password, customers will have to log into your store using a password every time they want to visit the store, which is not very convenient. so once you think your store is ready to go live, all you need to do is buy a plan and disable the password. hi, i'm jala, the digital marketing manager here at ibusiness formula. today i'm going to show you how you can select a shopify plan and disable the store password for making it easily accessible for your customers. let's get started: how to select a shopify plan. so first you'll need to open your browser and open your store's password page. so here i'm pasting the link to my store's password page. this is the page you can see. there is an enter password button. now, in order to remove the password, i need to go to my admin page, but i can't go to the admin page from the same tab, because i'm already logged in. so i need to go into incognito mode and do slash admin. then you'll see that it's here that we need to log in. so we need to put in our email and also our password to log into our shopify account. so i've blurred out the password for confidentiality reasons, but you must always keep passwords a secret as well. so once you've logged in, you'll need to press the login button once all the fields have been, you know, completed and take a little bit of time to log in. but once the window does load, it's the admin page of your shopify store. so here it's showing we've got 12 days left of your free trial. we'll need to go to here, though at the bottom settings, and make sure that our billing information is up to date, which is this one here, because you can't actually purchase a plan or as a style until your payment methods are up to date, which you can see they are. then you'll need to go back to home and you're now now able to select a plan. so up here you'll need to press select a plan. you'll see that there is three different options and you'll need to pick a plan when the free trial ends. so here we've got the basic shopify. we've got the shopify and the advanced shopify. obviously they're all different amounts. you can see all of the details underneath each one so you can choose which one's going to be best suited to your needs. so it goes through the credit card rates, staff accounts, shipping discounts, locations and the pos subscription as well, breaks it down for each of the different types. so there you go. so for this one we're going to choose the basic shopify. so here you can actually choose how often you'd like to be billed, so you can cancel at any time. so there's four different options here that you can choose from. so every year, every two years, every three years or 30 days, and you need to make sure that your payment method's linked as well. so we're just going to choose this top option for testing purposes. then you'll see here now when you'll be charged, what amount you'll be charged when your trial ends, and then all of the plan details that you can look through in your own time as well. so it'll be 29 usd plus tax, and you'll be built on the 30th of november and you'll press this button here to start the plan. so here just quickly. the the page is loading won't be too long, guys. okay, so here you can see it's been added. but up here it says some tax information is missing. so we're going to have to enter our abn number so you can see all of the billing information has been added. but you're going to need to do gst registered and then put in your abn number, which is an 11 digit number, which i've copied and pasted here as an example for you guys to show how it's going to appear- no spaces- and then add nbn and then you'll need to go back to home. you'll need to scroll down and you'll need to go back to your password page, which is not in the incognito mode. then press on online store, then go to preferences. so here you can see online store is password protected. you're going to need to disable your password, which you can do through your preferences. so if you scroll down, you'll need to click off the enable password section here and then you'll need to press save and you can see your online store is live and is now visible to customers. so if you refresh the page, you'll see that your website is appearing without the password protection, which is great. there you go. you now know how to select a shopify plan and disable the store password. we hope you found this information useful. if you're looking to get a brand new website or want to revamp an existing website, tok to my team today and book a 30 minute free session by clicking the link below.

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How to Change and Reset Shopify Store Password | Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | ShopiDevs

hello everybody. this is rahat from shopee devs. welcome back to our channel. in this tutorial, i will show you how to change your shopify store password to keep your store updated and save it from any security threats, and secondly, how you can reset your shopify store password if you forget it. so first i'll show you how you can change your password to keep it updated. so let's do it. first, login to your shopify store. then on the top right corner you will see your username, click on it and then go to manage account. now on the top left corner, you will find general and security. so go to security and then, from password, go to change your password. and now first you have to put your current password here and then you have to put a new password and see the password strength here. make sure your password is strong enough and i'll suggest you to write your password in somewhere else so that you can get the password when you need it. otherwise you may forget the password. you you can reset your password if you forget, and i will show you the method, but still you should write your password in somewhere safe so you can use it later. so when your password is ready, just click on change password. so, as you can see, the password is successfully changed. now i will show you how to reset your password when you forget it. so let's see: first go to shopifycom, then click on login. now put your email address here and click on. next, as you forget your password, just click on forgot password and shopify will send you a password reset link to your email. so just click on reset password. as you can see, a link to reset your password has been emailed to you. so now check your email. so you should have got an email from shopify like this: reset your password. so just click on it and then click on reset password. so now you have to fill up the form. just put your new password here and confirm the new password and make sure the password strength is strong enough, and then just click on reset password. so now shopify will redirect you to a new form. here you have to put your email address and password to login. so you are good to go so you can easily log into your shopify store again. so that's how you can reset your password even if you forget it. so if you like this video, give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel and keep watching our videos to learn more about shopify.

How to edit a password protected page on Shopify in 2022

[Music]. shopify gives you a 14 day free trial period to work on your chosen theme and get your store ready, which means you can set up your store within this time frame and then purchase a plan giving you the option to deactivate the password after making the purchase. however, you can still customize your store after the trial period just as long as your store is not ready, as it is better to keep your store password protected because you don't want your customers to catch your store unprepared. which brings us to today's training: how to edit a password protected page on shopify. hi guys, i'm jala, the digital marketing manager here at ibusiness formula. today i'm going to show you how you can edit a page on shopify that is a password protected page, step by step. before i launch into this, let me show you how the password protected page on my store looks. here i'm going to google entering the url for my shopify store to land on the password protected page. so this is what the customers will see if they visit my store while it is password protected. so i want to set up a message for them to let them know that we're coming soon, so that we they know that we'll be opening soon. now i'll go to the admin page, log in using my password and edit the page [Music]. i'm going to this login. here you'll need to enter in your email address, which is this one here showing you for testing purposes- then click, click next. then you'll need to put in your store's password. always remember to keep your password secure and confidential. once you've copied and pasted that, click on login and once this loads, you'll land on the store's admin page. so from here we'll need to go to online store, which is on the left hand side, and once we click on that, you'll see on the drop downs there'll be themes, which is this one. you'll need to click on that and you'll see that the current theme is set to prestige. you'll now need to click on the customize button, which is this one here. you can see here the template is set to home page. you can go here from the drop down and click on password page. this is the password page to our store, so it has some dummy text on it, just to show you guys. so now, if you want to set an image and a message for your visitors while your store is getting ready, first you'll need to go to your logo image and select, select image so you can upload one from your computer. so i'm just going to show you how to upload one. so click and then open, and then, once it loads, you need to select the image and you can see that it's displaying here on the right hand side. so once it's selected, you'll need to click this one here, select and you can see that it's successfully been added. then you'll need to click save and the image has been successfully saved in this area. so the next step is to edit the dummy text, which is this one here. so you need to go back, go into password page again, scroll down and you'll see there's a heading which will display there and text which will display underneath the heading. so i'm keeping opening soon for the heading, but i'm just going to copy and paste some new text in to show you guys for the description where it appears. then you'll press save and changes will have been saved. so now, if i go back to the password page that i had opened in the beginning of this video and refresh it, you can see that the image and the text has been updated. so customers will get to see our logo on the message whenever they try and visit our store before it is published. this is really simple. try it out yourself. this is really simple. try it yourself. we hope you found this information useful. if you're looking to get a brand new website or want to revamp an existing website, tok to my team today and book a 30 minute free strategy session by clicking the link below you.

How to Change Background Image or Color on Password Page ✅ Shopify Tutorial for Beginners

here. you are welcome to you in my youtube channel. in this tutorials i am going to show you how to change the background of the password phase of shopify unlisted. so if you are looking easy and fast video guideline or video tutorials, then you can continue this tutorials. so let's get started. [Music]. first of all, i am going to log in my shopify online store shopify. then click on the login to log in my dashboard. here is my website dashboard. now i'm going to click on the online store button, then click on the customize from the customize section. i am going to select the password phase from here. so just click on the select button and it's called round and here the password page. i'm going to select this page. now i'm going to click on the password please element and from here i can change the logo. i can change the background, for example. i want to change this background. i can also add text here, change the custom logo size and if you want to change the background color, instant of image, then we have to add a css class in our style dot css file. so to do this, i'm going to click on the action button, click on the edit, then find css file. here the theme css file going to scroll down, then i have to add a class here. then here you have to add free code class password page. you can change the background image from here or directly use background color. for example, i want to make my background color black, so just use background color black. then click on the save. we have done. thank you for your time to watch this video. if you like this video, then click on the like button and subscribe to my channel to get more relevant video updates.