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How To Create VIRAL Videos & Make $1000s Daily | E-commerce Business Hacks!

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

How To Create VIRAL Videos & Make $1000s Daily | E-commerce Business Hacks!

How To Create VIRAL Videos & Make $1000s Daily | E-commerce Business Hacks!

hey body full family my name is isabella
i'm the owner of two six figure online
businesses and today i'm going to be
sharing with you guys my process of
content creation content creation is the
most important thing for your business
to grow online and this is the content
that i create you guys know i do not
spend any money for any ads i would
never recommend you guys ever buying
facebook ads or ever paying for any ad
service or influencers you guys can do
this all on your own but you guys
already know how i feel it's 25 the
product 75 how you market it so not only
am i gonna be telling you guys what you
should do but i'm going to be physically
showing you guys my creative process and
what i do and exactly just showing you
guys how we create these videos and i'm
also going to be editing one for you
guys because a lot of you guys have been
asking a lot of questions about how i
edit on my phone i take all of our
content creation on my phone i've never
paid for an ad so i do this all my own
from my iphone and through tiktok and
instagram tiktok being the number one
platform and instagram now that it has
reels has really been promoting my
online business as well so i'm gonna be
sharing with you guys how we have done
that as well and what's super awesome is
that i just basically recycle all of the
tiktoks and i just have been posting
them on instagram reels so i'm gonna be
showing you guys how i make these videos
and how they're always going viral most
of our videos we have very high
engagement and i grew this account from
zero to 600k in less than a year so i'm
going to show you guys how we create
that content and how you guys can do
exactly the same with your own products
too so let's get right into this video
so i always wait until the evening time
to capture the best lighting possible by
natural light i always try to get on the
same level as my products and i always
try to make sure that they are centered
so when i post them on tikstok and
instagram they will be centered in the
frame and even if this was artificial
lighting nothing is better than golden
hour type of lighting and you could go
outside to do this as well you don't
have to do this inside so once you guys
have your video then you're going to go
into your phone and you're going to
download this app it's called in shot
this app has been literally amazing for
me i edit all of our youtube videos on
this app i i literally edit everything
from this app so it's really awesome and
i'm going to show you guys exactly how
we do this so i click on video and i
click new and i click on the video that
i want so i want to show you guys how we
edited our packaging video because you
guys do know that i believe strongly in
showing as much behind the scenes as you
can it helps people to trust you and it
also helps people to get excited to
order from you so i'm going to select
everything that i saved for this video
there we go
and let me close out of this
and you guys can see i just like kind of
recorded a bunch of different videos
here so all my videos i always keep
either under 10 seconds or 10 to 15
seconds i try not to go above that
because i feel like if it's too long
people just keep swiping so we want to
just keep the retention as long as
possible that's definitely the goal to
keep when creating content especially
for tiktok so basically the first
thing i'm going to do is i'm just going
to listen i actually didn't record
record any audio with this which i'm
going to be sharing with you guys how we
record with my voice and everything so
let me show you guys everything so what
i'm going to do first is i'm going to
just cut this down
so i just kind of like like the inside
of the box like right there and you guys
should i also just showed you guys um
earlier in this video like i always do
this with lighting so you guys see this
was golden hour time so i'm just gonna
like show the box
okay kind of like that frantik movement
so i'm gonna show the box so people are
like what the heck is she doing
all right so i'm gonna cut this down as
much as possible right
let's see what's next
so then i'm grabbing it and i'm showing
the item off the shelf because you guys
know i have these shelfings back there
because i do like to show the products
which i also will show you guys in this
video earlier on
okay so i'm gonna basically just cut
as much as i can
and then right before i start to move it
around i'm gonna select slit split it
and then i'm gonna click on that clip
and click speed and then i'm gonna speed
that up so because we don't want any
like extra time of me going like that
like that's wasting time for the video
because remember we're trying to hit
this we're trying to keep this video
under 10 seconds or
under 15 seconds so let's see
so there we go so then i'm gonna so now
that i
did that i'm just gonna cut this one a
little bit
and i always like just watch it as i'm
doing it too
okay that looks pretty good and i'm just
gonna like speed that up just a little
bit just a tent
just like that okay and then i'm also so
this was the second boba bundle that she
ordered this was a bff phobos i'm just
showing it okay so i'm just gonna stop
it right where we left it there was a
lip gloss that she ordered so i'm just
gonna cut that randomly like that's not
that serious
and then i'm and then i'm basically just
dragging these arrows together and
that's what's like cutting it and
keeping the clip shorter this app i
promise is very easy to use you just
need a little practike with it
so then after that
so then they also ordered this new body
oil that i just made because now i am
developing beauty products that i'm
creating at home
so i just wanted to show so first i'm
going to show like that i'm going to
slip that again and i'm going to go down
to where the bobas fall
and then i'm just going to let them fall
and then i'm going to cut it again
and i think that looks pretty good okay
okay i kind of like how the bow as well
so i'm going to delete this in between
you guys see all i'm doing is i'm
basically just like eliminating it as
much as i can and only showing like the
highlights of this video so now that
that's done so i'm gonna speed that up
because you don't want it like too fast
but you just don't want it to be too
slow either i'm gonna speed that up and
cut it down a little bit
and see where we are okay and then i'm
gonna go through this okay so i'm just
watching it so i think that looks really
good just gonna cut that down again
and they always like crunchy noises too
on ted tok so we're gonna leave that
crunch so we're going to leave that
crunch usually i mute the videos though
and okay
so we put that in the box okay and then
let's cut that
and then i also just showed this again
but it kind of looks better okay i'm
just going to show it like that
there we go
like that there we go okay so now that
the video is done the second biggest
reason why my videos i feel like always
go viral is because i use my voice and i
know you guys have a unique voice
everyone does and you guys can all use
your voices too in your videos and not
only does that make them trust you more
but it makes your videos stand out from
other people and take out because a lot
of people in tiknology are afraid to
use their voice so don't be afraid using
your voice you're gonna you're trying to
do this to make money so just use your
voice don't be afraid okay so and nobody
can see your face anyways so like what
do you have to lose nobody will know
it's you saying it if you're embarrassed
of your voice
so okay
so i'm just gonna watch it one more time
before i start recording
and make sure this looks good that was a
little slow there so i'm just going to
cut it down there we go
okay i think that's looking pretty good
you guys
maybe just i'm just going to speed this
one up a little bit
okay i think that looks pretty good so
under 10 seconds okay so it's 11 seconds
so not too bad i think that's perfect so
now that the video is done we're going
to record so how how you're going to
record is you're going to go over
and you are going and you're going to
find the music button so you're going to
click the music button on this app
and then if you want to add your own
custom music you can do that in the
tracks button but for right now we're
going to click record
and three two let's package an order for
somebody that loves purple
let's package an order for somebody that
loves purple
so i always do it in slices too so you
can't hear me like breathing or anything
so then i do it like in slices also hang
she ordered one purple bubble bundle
one bff bundle
one bubba popsicle lip gloss oh it was
too long so i'm gonna redo that one so
you just click the radio button
one popsicle lip gloss and one body oil
one popsicle lip gloss and one body oil
their skin is gonna glow with this
and one body oil your skin is gonna glow
with this
let's package it up
and add her free stikers can't wait
till you get it for free stikers can't
so the end it kind of got messed up so
i'm just going to extend this a little
bit more like that
um or you know what i can also do is
like i'm just going to slow down a
little bit so it fits okay
can't wait to get it
i could do that
here's our first stikers
can't wait till you get this wait do you
get this
it's still kind of cut so i'm just gonna
go back
can't wait to get this
perfect we got it you guys okay so we're
gonna hit x okay now let's just watch it
one more time to make sure it's good
this is what i always do every time
somebody that loves purple she ordered
one purple bubble bundle one bff bundle
one popsicle lip gloss and one body oil
your skin is going to glow with this
let's package it up here's our first
and that is our video so that took me
literally 10 minutes to make and this
video alone if it goes viral could make
thousands of dollars in one day so
basically because it's happened many
times so we're going to click this check
box now and we're going to go up to this
and click save and this app is 100 free
you guys and it takes like one second to
save it so after that i go into tik
tok and i click on the plus button and
i'm going to click upload and we're
going to upload this one
okay and then it's kind of like quiet
for somebody that looks purple
and it's kind of quiet so i'm going to
add a song with this so i'm going to
click sometimes their suggested songs
are so on point so i'm going to actually
try a suggested zone and see how it
one bff bundle i think the sound that
they suggested is actually perfect so
i'm gonna go ahead and use this sound
and it's not too loud so i don't have to
adjust the volume because you guys have
to be careful sometimes if it's too loud
then they can't hear your voice and that
defeats the purpose of using your voice
so i think it's pretty good and then
what i'm gonna do is i always select a
cover so i'm going to select just
something that looks pretty good so i
think i'm going to do
let's see here okay i think
i'll go ahead and just select
i think the boba bundle one is cute so
i'll do that one and then i'm going to
put here
um packaging and order and i usually
will put their names too and like what
state they're from because tiktok
actually like say you say texas here
okay so passion order for let's just
pretend baddie from texas i have to
check and see who it's actually for and
if you actually write texas there it
actually will actually show your video
to people from texas so if you have a
target state audience this will help for
that too so i'm just going to save it
for a draft as well but if not you'll
click post and then i always just use
hashtags that fit within my niche do not
use a small business hashtag because if
you use that it's only going to show
your content to other small businesses
you need to be targeting who your
audience is so if you're selling
blenders for example fruit blenders you
need to tag um like food asmr or like
you need to tag things that are relevant
to the food or health industry so with
tiktok you usually post three to four
hashtags and instagram is a little
different so i'm going to show you guys
what i do to save all these hashtags so
i have a place on my phone where i keep
all of the hashtags and i store them in
my phone so i can copy and paste them
and this really just took me five
minutes to just really go through
instagram and see trending hashtags for
the niche that i'm in so again if you're
in the health you will do like healthy
types of hashtags if you're a beauty
you'll do beauty hashtags and so on and
so forth
so we're gonna go to instagram and we
are gonna click the
real button up here and you're gonna
swipe up and add your reel
so you're gonna click add and then click
and then basically you can pick your
cover here i always have to cancel out
and try again to actually show up
so then you can pick your cover out here
of what you want to show in the profile
in the image and then you can go to
caption and you're going to write your
caption try to include as many keywords
as you can in this caption so for
example i'm going to pretty much say
everything that she ordered in this
caption so i'm going to do it like
packaging in order for and i'm gonna put
like just the first name
from texas
and then i do like cute emojis like you
know just anything that's gonna just
draw more attention and i don't want to
put too many emojis because you don't
want it to look too crazy so then i
usually just post two emojis in that
and then i'm gonna start using hashtags
so i wouldn't use lipgloss business
hashtags because that could just put you
guys on other business owners like feed
and you don't want that so i would just
put um you could just do like boba and i
just so then basically i'll just make
this space so then once i'm downloading
my caption i click return and then i
click these two things here i don't even
know what those are called and then and
then you click here and you're gonna
paste in your notes so you're going to
just copy everything that you keep
stored in your notes and you're going to
just paste it here
and then you can click share and it's
really that easy and instagram has
really been promoting my product which
i'm going to show you guys right now
and as you guys can see i've been
getting it tons of views on my instagram
videos like this is crazy you guys in
like 100k 140k sometimes i will go viral
with a video on tiktok i post the same
video to instagram and it gets not that
many views but then i'll have a video
that doesn't go as viral and take shock
and i post it to instagram reels and it
gets so many views more than i did on
take definitely definitely start using
instagram reels for your business as
well because it obviously has brought in
a lot of exposure for me and there's a
different kind of crowd of people on
instagram than tiktok too so i
definitely recommend utilizing reels as
much as you can but the content layout
is exactly the same you basically are
just posting to reels
as well as tiktok i hope this video
helped you and i will see you guys in my
next video hit that subscribe button if
this helped you and hit that like button
so i can keep making videos like this
comment down below if you guys have any
questions at all i try to answer all of
you guys questions in the comments so
this is the area that you guys can ask
me questions and you will also help
others that may have had the same
question i cannot wait to see all the
content you guys come up with and i will
see you guys in my next video bye

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