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How To EASILY Get Better Pictures For Your Shopify Store (AliExpress Products)

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To EASILY Get Better Pictures For Your Shopify Store (AliExpress Products)

How To EASILY Get Better Pictures For Your Shopify Store (AliExpress Products)

you know what is going on everyone here
coming back at you with a brand new
video and in this one I'm gonna be going
through explaining not only how but also
a little bit around like what and why
you should actually be taking your own
photos of the products and how to do
this very easily very quickly and very
inexpensively so you don't necessarily
need that ten thousand dollar camera you
don't need to hire someone for a crazy
video shoot but getting a unique angle
of some sort of product that nobody else
has that right there can make all the
difference and it can help so much when
it comes to actually building a brand
with your store versus just your typical
Shopify store with you know the most
popular photos that you know are pretty
much on every single major listing for
that product on Aliexpress so there's a
few things I want to tok about here
first of all the importance of having
your own photos so a lot of the times I
see people marketing this I get targeted
by these ads all day long left and right
on Facebook and on Instagram where let's
say I'm looking and I'm just I'm just on
there scrolling through and whatever I
get targeted by some piece of clothing
and I know that I've seen it that same
photo was taken by a major brand let's
just say I don't know
Zara or let's just say H&M for an
example and they're basically taking
that photo the same photo just a copy of
it a screenshot whatever and running
their ads where they're sourcing the
same product just as an example and
they're trying to run ads to it people
are gonna be confused when they know
that it's coming from somewhere else or
they've seen it elsewhere by a major
brand let me give an example I've done a
lot of stuff in the women's in each a
lot of jewelry a lot of clothing a lot
of different things like that and one of
the things I've actually found I've
literally had multiple people comment on
one of my ads before saying hey isn't
that from pura vida which is a major
brand they do a lot of accessories and
women's stuff and it was that's
literally where that photo was taken
okay and I actually took that photo off
of the Aliexpress listing so the
Aliexpress supplier is taking that from
nabbit it's this whole mess so doing
some very simple things like ordering
the product yourself or taking a picture
even with your iPhone even with your
iPhone you take a picture in portrait
mode or whatever's your high quality
maybe use Lightroom and get someone who
knows a little bit about editing or hire
a freelancer for five dollars to just
edit the photo a couple of angles and
you put those on your site instead of
the typical stok ones that Aliexpress
gets you that can help you so so much
okay it's a unique angle but how can you
do that quickly okay it's not so much
about the money ordering the products
not that big of a deal for most people
but the time if you're gonna order from
Aliexpress isn't gonna take like a month
to get there it is let me show you a fun
little trick right here that you can
actually utilize yourself to go ahead
and get your products much faster and
get photos taken to them yourself and
you can have these up and running on
your site in like three to four days so
let's jump into my computer real quick
and I'm gonna show you how to do this
all right so I've got Aliexpress open
and let's just take this product to blue
up for an example this is something I
sold myself we're doing about 40,000 a
month just with a free plus shipping
offer on this one product right here
okay so the pod necklace let's say you
want to order it 45 cents great deal
let's go ahead and order right 22:39
days now there's some things you can do
you can go in here pay for a packet
you're still gonna wait about two weeks
yes is it cheap look at one other thing
you can do this is what I like to do you
do have to be careful jump over to
Amazon two-day shipping go ahead find
the exact same product listed on Amazon
let's see right here I typed in pawn
necklace boom what is this right here
Prime which means it's in stok now you
do want to make sure it's the exact same
variation so one thing that I know is a
problem with this one specifically some
of these don't have a space in between
it's you see this kind of a little space
right there a little space in between
like the main palm of the paw and the
toes I guess some of them don't have
that so you just want to make sure you
look at your listing and can tell like
see this one is a really big space there
whereas something like this I don't know
if this one's his big you just want to
make sure it's the same thing okay and
the reason is you don't want to be
advertising a picture of a product and
they get something different even if
it's still good or it's better you want
to make sure you're not doing false
advertising because that's literally
just setting yourself up with wrong
expectations where you're gonna get a
lot of I don't want to say public
negative feedback but like it's a little
that a lot of people are gonna reach out
to you about and this the dealing of
support with that is gonna be unreal so
if you're like right here on Amazon they
have stok photos okay you see like this
is the same crap that's on Aliexpress
everywhere if we were to click on it
look white background regular photo boom
it's pretty much the same thing but
they're also throwing in a mix of these
lifestyle photos a lifestyle photo is
where it's a picture of me using it for
example this hard drive I can take a
picture of it with a white background
and I could also take a picture of it
plugged into my computer here like from
a nice angle you know it's a lifestyle
photo it shows the product in use you
can go ahead and make a diverse kind of
profile with a couple different photos
so if you were to order this product
right now this pawn necklace what I
recommend you go ahead and do is take a
couple of regular photos with a plain
background that doesn't have to be an
all white background you can literally
just set it on the table or hold it
against the wall or something very
simple where it's you know the
backgrounds not too distracting but then
also go ahead and take a few that are
these lifestyle photos where maybe
someone's wearing it maybe you have a
dog and you put it over their paw or in
front of them or your friends dog any
it's not that hard to get a dog
to take a photo of you know just as an
example this product with so taking
those photos where it relates to it
going ahead and you don't need anything
again you can literally just use an
iPhone if you have a friend with a
camera or if you really want to do it
good hire a freelancer in your area for
like 100 to 200 dollars right say you
can shout them out or do this and that
whatever make some sort of deal and then
order a ton of products and have them
take a ton of photos for like two three
hours straight you know give them fifty
dollars an hour or a kid at your school
who's an aspiring photographer something
like that where it gives them the chance
to practike their craft right work on it
maybe you're already their friend and
they're making some money and it's a
good deal for you as well so this is
something I primarily focus on
practiking once the product is already
working so I don't go ahead and like
spend a ton of time like trying to make
these videos and like really good custom
photos until it's actually working but
once it is working I am NOT opposed at
all to just going on Amazon and
literally ordering the same exact
product because it'll get there in just
two days so some of these don't have
prime like this one right here doesn't
have prime this doesn't have prime this
does this does I've seen this on how
they express you know you can see all of
these these are on
these are on Aliexpress these are on
their Prime you see people are reselling
so you should know this either way
because when you're doing your product
research you want to compare the price
to see who is selling what for how much
so in Amazon this pod necklace right
here is fourteen eighty I don't know if
it's one of the reasons but one of the
reasons that we did really well
ours was a free plus shipping offer for
only seven ninety five so we drastikally
were able to undercut this cos only
costed us like 50 cents like two fifty
with a packet so we have that margin
built in and we can get you know cost
per purchase down to a dollar so that's
where our margin was built into even
these other ones you see this one's ago
a black and white diamond you know
obviously diamonds for fifty bucks
being a little more style you can go
ahead and order anything similar like if
you wanted to do let's say a phone case
you could just do a regular dog phone
case I'm sure a lot of people sell these
let's see if they have ones that I've
seen on Aliexpress up in here you can
just go through how this one's cute this
is kind of interesting you can go
through and find a lot of stuff just
scroll through it and you can even get
product ideas by going ahead and looking
on Amazon at stuff like this so a lot of
classic stuff you can just go back and
forth with that over on Aliexpress and
just order from Amazon and take your
photo there's nothing that says you
can't do that it's a very simple thing
you can do and it helps increase your
brand because you don't want to
necessarily put a ton of time energy and
money into building a brand right away
but once it's working you want to make
sure that you at least somewhat
positioned or position yourself to be
able to do that a brand is going to help
increase your conversions your returning
customer rate is definitely going to go
up and just something as simple as
having your own unique photos can
drastikally change your conversion rates
it's as simple as that it's gonna look
better on the website the aesthetiks of
that it's gonna be gonna be very
pleasing to say the least
so definitely folks on that definitely
messed a little bit of time a little bit
of money into it I don't believe it's
something very hard it's it's simple I
mean I could do this right now for this
dog paw what it would cost me he'll run
Aliexpress it would go over here all we
got to go back it would cost me $14 $15
and I get it in two days look I would
have this by October 2nd so like a few
days after that's not a lot of time not
at all so go ahead and do this for a
couple of the products even if you
haven't started selling them go invest
into it because once
you're actually invested in you put in
some money and the time then you're
gonna be more likely to actually go
ahead and you know take good photos and
actually take the marketing very
seriously but other than that if you
guys want me to address more topics like
this be sure to let me know what you
would like to see discussed in the
comments down below along with any other
questions you may have and with that
being said if you enjoyed this one be
sure to drop like and as always join the
family joined the gang by then I think
an subscribe button down below hopes or
hear over here
where is it we can't find it but it's
free to hit that we're about to hit 100k
subs I do appreciate the support I'll be
seeing you guys tomorrow next video
peace let me even give you an example
take the iPhone 10 right here switch it
into portrait mode it'll zoom in a
little bit boom look at that you kind of
press and hold BAM something as simple
as that you can get all sorts of angles
this and that you can switch it you can
take some where it's out just on a plain
background you know take all sorts of
photos of the product just get some
simple angles it's really not that hard
you don't need anything more than just a
regular iPhone or you could use a 1d X
you want to get a big like
this no no no I get to show

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