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How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Results In November - UPDATE

Published on: December 4 2022 by Hayden Bowles

How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Results In November - UPDATE

How To EXPLODE Your Shopify Results In November - UPDATE

all right I don't know about you guys
but these last couple months every
single year are just my favorite time of
the year
you know what's going on everyone hate
your come back at you with a brand new
video and in this one I'm doing
something that I have not done in
probably three months which is record in
the morning I don't know it's kind of
weird to me right now
but anyways I want to tok about a
little bit about what I'm doing since
I'm posting this video I'm literally
filming this like right before I post it
so that it's as fresh as possible on
November 1st okay so the last two months
of the year first of all I hope
everybody had a good intro to the fourth
quarter right throughout all of October
it was definitely an interesting month
for me just to give you guys a little
bit of background I want to keep people
updated with what I'm doing we're
working on three different brands run
off of Shopify okay and only one of them
is actually a drop shipping brand
meaning we're sourcing the product from
Aliexpress so the other two that's where
we found the suppliers but we're doing a
lot more direct stuff custom packaging
and we'll probably end up in China
sometime by the end of this year or
early quarter 1 in 2019 so that's what
we're working on we're working on really
scaling those gonna be blowing up the
revenue getting a ton of data as soon as
everything is good to go so I'm very
excited for that but I wanted to give
you guys a little update on kind of what
I've seen change just a lot of different
stuff keeping it relevant because
obviously things move so quick and you
know I don't want to say that everything
changes but I the way that I just
portrayed things my mind moves like a
thousand miles an hour so I'm constantly
trying to test and just do new things
and the direction that I see things
headed also constantly changes so one of
the things I'm really focusing on this
is what I've been trying to transition
to for like the last four to five months
so the first two quarters of the year
kind of think about is like half the
year so this last half of the year I've
really really been focusing in more on
let's just say there's kind of two
angles to it the people I'm helping
advanced people and then my own stuff
brands so what does that mean it means
like more legitimate like you know
already going longer term plays more
guaranteed to say the least so it is a
lot more effort I've been putting in a
crazy amount of work like yesterday was
about an 18-hour day today's gonna be
probably hopefully 60 we'll see you know
putting in a lot of work to get all this
stuff done but it's interesting I'm not
doing anything just to give you guys
kind of like some bullet point updates
I'm not doing anything with Instagram
influencers the only thing I'm doing
with that that actually correlates is
one of the brands were work
on the partner I have on it is doing
influencers for it because it's
effective but we've just been full
Facebook so really trying to dominate
that platform you got to think about it
too when it comes into the end of the
year it's the holidays right so people
are buying the most amount of stuff you
have you had just Halloween the past
which you guys think about getting the
product to them before that actual date
so some holidays like Christmas
I guess Thanksgiving stuff that has to
be there before but then you also have
two more which you can kind of hit all
week the full week before and the full
week after Black Friday so you can lead
up with the whole Black Friday week sale
push your ads crazy hard on Black Friday
and then do the same thing on Cyber
Monday and then a Cyber Monday week so
that's a cool time of the year because
you don't actually have to sell your
product enough in advance to get it to
them then if that makes sense they're
just buying it on that day and then it
doesn't really matter when it comes so
it makes it a little bit easier the one
thing you do want to think about what
the holiday spending is yeah people
spend the most amount of money you're
not the only one who knows that I'm not
the only one saying that and I'm not the
only one who knows it because guess what
these massive brands are spending the
craziest amount of money this time of
year it's your competition I don't to
quite say competition but I guess
competition yeah there's people they're
spending massive amounts of money so one
thing we're kind of running into it's
interesting is Facebook actually won't
let you spend a certain amount of money
and this is really interesting to me I
never end in this problem before but
this is where it really helps to have
like connections at Facebook you know we
have a dedicated rep now for a lot of
our brands and it's really interesting
to see it you have to basically get it
approve and have someone inside of
Facebook manually let you spend over a
certain amount of money you know if
you're trying to spend a hundred
thousand dollars a day on Facebook Ads
or five hundred thousand dollars a day
it's at certain times it's not gonna
actually let you spend that amount of
money so that's really interesting
that's a few things we've been kind of
running into which is always I want to
say a good problem you know it's it's a
lot of new stuff we're learning so
there's so much stuff with retargeting
we've been doing just just really taking
it from an educational standpoint
sending off so many tests I'm launching
about 150 to 300 ads every single day as
of right now so that's been like the
last month for me just to give you guys
a little practikal advice for those of
you who are starting to get into
e-commerce e-commerce is not going
people ask this question from two
different standpoints he's dropshipping
gonna die and his ecommerce gonna die
those are two different things
drop shipping is a subcategory inside of
e-commerce explain to me how ecommerce
can disappear unless the internet
disappears which maybe we'll have a
different decentralized internet that's
completely different in 30 years you
know something changes like the way that
like Google just to Internet works right
think about that that might change it's
highly unlikely dropship excuse me
ecommerce is something people do on the
internet right selling products online
you can touch them whatever and it's not
drop shipping drop shipping is a
subcategory where you're selling a
product without touching it now drop
shipping it kind of gets a rep of being
I don't want to say bad but the whole
angle between just because you're not
doing drop shipping I'm trying to put
this in words I never explain it just
because you're doing Jorah are not doing
drop shipping doesn't mean that you're
holding inventory in person
like I'm not touching the inventory we
have for the stores that we actually
have inventory on you know it's
third-party fulfillment so I'm still not
necessarily the one doing it however
it's a little bit more involved so you
do want to think about those pieces as
it comes into it because that's at least
what we're building into there's more
upfront cost involved with that however
you can get you know better quality
product better packaging faster shipping
a lot of them and you guys if you
haven't seen my video it actually went I
don't wanna say viral but it got like
over like 20 25,000 views or something
and like very quickly toking about how
Aliexpress was over after this happened
and I put Donald Trump in a thumbnail
it's because Donald Trump is trying to
attack Chinese shipping because if you
were to want to send a package from New
York to California it would cost you
more money to go from New York to
California inside the same country as it
went to go from Shanghai to California
so think about that that's because the
actual the taxes are subsidizing the
shipping like programs and abilities I
guess from these other countries like
China you're giving these packages for a
dollar two dollars for faster shipping
think about that for a minute
like if there is a massive boat you know
there's just huge links a yacht but
these big like carriers did carry all
these supplies and these big like
containers you know shipping containers
think about how many packages they have
have to make any amount of money off a
$1 thing you know like a lot of that's
losing money again because it's
subsidized by the government so Donald
Trump's newest hobby is to attack that
and again it's not gonna be going into
effect until 2020 you guys can go back
to the channel like a week ago and watch
that video I made explaining that a
little bit more but and like I went
through 4 different artikles about it
and it is an interesting thing to see I
think things are definitely gonna change
however for those you looking to get
into e-commerce
it's not going anywhere Feliz you
looking to get into dropshipping it's
not going anywhere a little bit of the
means we do our marketing might change
things that work might change the type
of offers might change you know maybe
down the road where we source our
products might change the hosting
platform might change and that's fine
you just have to adapt to that and be
willing to change because a lot of stuff
is gonna change you know I don't I don't
really think I would have been making
any money if things hadn't changed right
because I could not figure it out and
then I had to make a change I had to
keep learning I had to keep testing all
this stuff and you know I want to make
sure that every single person watching
this channel especially if you're
watching this video right now it's still
watching it which I appreciate you guys
I want to make sure that you guys at
least put yourself in the best possible
position to succeed so that's why I
really flood the market to say the least
with content because I'm doing my best
to just give some sort of very practikal
little sliver every single day some
information about maybe some insight
into what I'm doing I can't tell you
what other people are doing ok I could
because you know I know a lot of people
bla bla bla but the only thing I can
really give you advice on is what I'm
doing and if it's working or if it's not
working I can only give you advice based
on one of those two avenues so that's
why I really try and make sure that
every single person gets the chance to
ask a question I do my best to reply to
comments I make a ton of videos based on
suggestions that people have so it is
very interesting I do my best and I hope
that you guys watching this can at least
take the smallest sliver whether it's an
inspirational piece whether it's a
practikal piece of advice something
you've learned and hopefully it's from
me which will be really cool and then
use that to accelerate use that as your
stepping stone as a leverage point to
build something further you know I take
credit for zero people's success you
know if you want to like look at the
programs and stuff whatever yeah we've
made six different millionaires that are
like confirm
to say the least that I know there's
probably more and hundreds of individual
people making money whether it's six
figures multi six figures hitting their
first thousand like that's a lot of
people but no matter what I do even if
I'm working one-on-one the people in the
brands where we actually took from seven
to eight figures that's still not just
me that had things in place before I
came in they've put in the work behind
the scenes without me it's not just me
it's never just someone it's you so if
I'm a little stepping-stone if I'm
anything I want to make sure that I'm at
least pushing you guys in the right
direction so that you're not getting
misleaded because if you don't know the
story that's how I got screwed over I
was being misled in person by someone I
thought I could trust for five months
and that person's still a little bit in
the space so I it is interesting to me
that's why I do my best if you guys have
any questions at all feel free to reach
out Instagram is a little bit of a
flooded place but drop it in the
comments so what I recommend you do if
you're watching this later go to a newer
video and drop it in the comments on a
video that was posted a day or two ago
that's usually when I check back on the
comments so I'm gonna keep you guys
updated throughout the end of quarter
four and kind of give you another status
update at the end of the year seeing how
things are going we're definitely gonna
be accelerating these brands that we're
working on it's been super interesting
so just again continue to focus on the
ads continue to learn build the skills
and get those sales in testing a little
bit of higher tiket stuff with the
brand but you know it's like fifty to a
hundred dollars is not like that high
tiket but we're testing some stuff
that's like five six seven hundred so
it's interesting to see how that goes a
lot of its at like two to three so just
testing a lot of different stuff that's
really kind of where I'm at right now
seeing exactly what's working and just
firing off so many tests now that I have
the ability to do so so again if you
have any questions leave it in the
comments down below if you have videos
you want to see before the end of the
year questions you might have problems
that you want solved let me know what
that is in the comments that I can go
ahead and other answered for you
directly right there or make an entire
video on it or maybe I'll just make a
like a collection video with like
answering five or ten things in depth
well let me know and if you guys enjoyed
this video and be sure to drop a like
and as always join the family join the
we're gonna be hitting a hundred
thousand subscribers within the next few
days which is crazy
I appreciate it you guys it's been a
little over a year doing this YouTube
thing and you're just posting value and
kind of share
what I'm doing so I really do hope you
guys have enjoyed the channel there's
hundreds of hundreds of videos you go
back on the channel look use that as a
reference point a little stepping-stone
hopefully you get a couple gold nuggets
so make sure to hit that subscribe
button and obviously in you tomorrow in
the next video peace

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