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How To Find Products To Sell & Make $$$ | E-Commerce & Dropshipping

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

How To Find Products To Sell & Make $$$ | E-Commerce & Dropshipping

The above is a brief introduction to How To Find Products To Sell & Make $$$ | E-Commerce & Dropshipping.

Let's move on to the first section of How To Find Products To Sell & Make $$$ | E-Commerce & Dropshipping!

How To Find Products To Sell & Make $$$ | E-Commerce & Dropshipping

hey valuable family today i'm going to
be showing you guys how you can find a
winning product this applies
for e-commerce drop shipping stores
amazon fba and more
if you guys are looking for a winning
product or you're just not really sure
what you want to start selling
i'm going to show you guys how you can
find a product to sell and how you're
going to grow your business
from there so if you guys don't already
know me my name is isabelle i own two
six figure businesses
online and now i'm here to teach you how
you can too i personally have an
ecommerce store and i do not dropship
anymore but nonetheless you can still
make money from drop shipping which is
why i wanted to include drop shipping in
the video today
so me personally i sell lip gloss and
accessories what inspired me to do that
was really just scrolling through tik
tok and seeing
what people's interests were i make the
lip gloss myself but the cute
accessories i source i manufacture if
you want to find out how we manufacture
our own
products to stand out i have a video
about that right here but if you're just
starting out i understand that you're
not willing to order a bunch in bulk
and you're not ready to really
manufacture and just go to those links
yet even though it can be really
affordable to manufacture your own
product i understand if you're just not
ready for that yet so let's get
right into this video so first thing
you're going to do is you're going to go
on aliexpress.com and sign in or make an
account if you haven't already it's free
then you're going to go to my aliexpress
it's going to bring you to this page
then you're going to click on drop
shipping center if you don't already
have that you can actually just type it
in right in the search bar and it will
bring up drop shipping products as well
i'm not saying you're going to drop ship
these products if you're not a drop
this is also just how you're going to
see what products are selling
then you're going to click find products
to sell so this page is gonna show you
exactly like where you can ship your
products from
and you can search for any product here
the reason why i like this is because it
actual analytiks of how many orders or
how many things that it's actually
um every day and so on and so forth so
as you guys can see
this smart watch has over 1 700 orders
um meaning that it's selling really well
or someone's really promoting it well
you can see down here it's a bluetooth
earphones there's look how many orders
they have placed
21 000 orders so you can see this is
another product that somebody already
kind of take
has taken and is now drop shipping so
it's just cool look at these numbers
um to get ideas and you guys can like
obviously if you want to see it closer
the image closer
you can just click on the actual image
itself and it will take you
to the product listing so you can kind
of just check out but here's the problem
with drop shipping again
i don't know how this person is making
a good connection with their customers
because if you notike down here it says
free shipping
and the product is very cheap but look
at that shipping time you guys
30 to 50 days who is going to wait 30 to
50 days for a shipment even if you have
it in the
bolded terms may take 30 to 50 days
they're going to be calling their bank
assets for their money back which is
also why i have problems with
but i'm going to show you guys today
what i have just found this morning
that i really do support so i'm going to
show you guys that in a second so let's
go back to that page
so that is just something to keep in
mind is the shipping times people expect
their product
fast they don't want to wait 30 to 50
days to receive their product with the
processing time it doesn't even include
the processing time it's just not a good
thing to do
but obviously they are making their
orders so they've had over 3000 orders
for those sunglasses so
i would love to see how they handle
their customer service so anyways you
guys we're going to go back now to our
profile on aliexpress
because i just want to bring you back to
that page that i found earlier so if you
guys are unfamiliar with dropshipping
basically what you're going to do is
you're going to showcase this product on
your own website
then the buyer is going to buy that item
from your website
and you're going to just buy it from
this aliexpress listing and ship it
to them you're basically the middleman
you're sending this product directly to
them so you do not have to package and
ship it yourself
and of course if you have it in your
budget and you want to start that
ecommerce business right away and just
kind of skip the whole drop shipping
you can basically put your logo on this
you can
customize the box and you can do that
through contacting a seller directly
then you'll be able to order in bulk and
get better deals because they know that
you're going to keep coming to them for
the same product sales
because remember those sellers are
making money too so the more that you
sell for them
they're also making that money when
they'll give you more deals so then you
will receive more profit
remember add value to the customer
that's key remember what is the value
that you're adding to the customer to
always have it in your mind that you are
your business this is not a get rich
quick money scheme
so now that we're back on the main page
we're gonna go to i'm shopping for and
we're gonna just type in
um drop shipping 2021 best-selling
products let's look and see
what's on this list this is i kind of
like this set up better because i'm
actually able to see the pictures bigger
um i like to see how many orders people
were getting with those other products
on the other page
but i'm gonna show you guys why i love
this page instead so if you go
here you're gonna click ships from
united states so if you're in the united
states you're gonna click
ships from the united states which means
that they have fulfillment centers in
the united states that are able to ship
these products
um from like california to another state
so it's going to be quick
so then you're going to look in here and
you're going to just check out so for
um this watch let's see the shipping
time on this watch
so please select the country you want to
ship from you're going to click united
states and this is the product that i
would not recommend selling because look
at the delivered buy it's actually um
today is
june the 16th so that means it's going
to take a full month for the customer to
get their products
no so i'm going to say no to that
product so i would not recommend that
products let's get rid of that
you basically have to just like go
through so here's a cute doggy bed let's
check out the doggy bed and see
what the shipping time is on the doggy
bed so it's like a cooling bed that's
cool like i haven't really seen this
before make sure that we check amazon
too to make sure this is not an
item that is easily able to be found so
i always recommend googling the item too
before like actually deciding to sell
the item but obviously they have this
united states option and if you look
down here the estimated delivery time is
4 to 13
days yes that's what we want to see so
if you find a product that is between
four to 13 days
that is a product that you can consider
so first check
done right away within five minutes or
so we have found a product that could
be a winning product but wait this is
something that a lot of people don't
quite understand how i feel about things
is it's 25
the product 75 how you market it and how
you promote it if you're someone that's
getting into drop shipping you might be
someone that you don't want to just dump
a bunch of money into
the store or business so you want to
make sure that you can come up with
that you can do to market this business
yourself you guys know i took my
e-commerce business to a
six-figure earning business in less than
a year and i did that all through the
power of tiktok alone i've never paid
anybody promotion never paid for ads
none of that so if you guys want to see
how i did that in less than a year on
tiktok myself
just posting two to three videos a week
i have a video of that right here so if
you have a dog
don't why would you sell this product
because you don't have a dog or you
don't have someone that has a dog to
take videos of this product and
incorporate this product in your
everyday life in order to share it with
sure you can pay for overpriced facebook
ads but for me personally
i just was always so afraid of dumping
so much money into a project
without really knowing where it's going
to go so me personally having a dog
i would say okay like we can try this
out so obviously i'm not gonna spend a
bunch of money on a shopify store
i'm gonna go ahead and make a store for
free which i have a video about right
that you can test out five products
which obviously like if you're kind of
focusing in on just like a few products
drop shipping store anyways
um you'll just have a few products so
that's perfect now that we know
that this seller has fulfillment centers
in the united states and ships usps
which means you will get a usps tracking
number and we'll just make everything
seem more legitimate to the customer
that's already kind of questioning
do i know this company when they get
that usps tracking number that is
huge that's something that's very
important so let's go ahead and scroll
to the store so they have good feedback
so let's go ahead and click visit store
and we can check out what they have in
this store it seems like they have a lot
of different things so far
um so it's really important to find
stores like this
to just um because you know that their
shipping is fast and that they have
fulfillment centers in the united states
so this is another great way to find
other products in this store so a really
cute one so i saw i saw this wall
product and if you scroll down they have
just a bunch of cool things for walls
glowy butterflies are really popular in
teenagers and
kids and even some adults um so this is
something that
i would personally sell if i decided to
open a drive shipping store and market
it through tiktok because we all know
there's a lot of teens and younger
adults and children on tiktok
let's just see how fast the shipping is
again four to 13 days for the shipping
on this
perfect and it's 70 cents so even if you
sell these for five dollars
and you make a really bomb video of it
on tiktok
you're gonna get tons of sales and you
can even price them a little higher and
if it does well
then you can take that business and make
it your own and buy it in bulk for even
so obviously when you're ready to take
your business to the next level you will
then go to alibaba which i include in my
how to manufacture your own products
because then if you have a really cool
idea for different kinds of glow
stikers or accessories for their room
in this case
you can manufacture your own and stand
out among the rest and your products
will never be found or never be called
out like
oh you get your products from aliexpress
or any of that so when you find
that winning product first thing that
you're going to do is you're going to
start your website
then you are going to start a tiktok
then you're going to order one for
yourself to see how it looks
then you're going to take your own video
so for example if you have the dog with
the dog bud you're going to show
your dog with the dog bed or you're
going to show the glowy lights in your
friend's room or your room or you're
just going to dress this item up
you need to have social proof and you
need to show other people what this
looks like do not use the chinese videos
that are on these websites available to
you because it just looks fake
then you can start to get creative with
how you're showcasing these products on
take tok that's the fun part
you're going to keep on posting until
one of those tiktoks go viral
i just started a new account i've
already grown it to 40 000 followers in
less than a month so i know you can too
so if you're someone that's just
starting out and you don't have a lot in
your budget to put down
that is why i would recommend drop
shipping only because
it just kind of puts you on your feet
and then you can also test out products
like these
to see if this is something that you
want to jump into business to
long term me personally i had a lot of
experience with online businesses which
is why i decided to manufacture my
products instead of just
drop shipping or taking products that
were already made
but i totally understand if you're just
starting out like i did when i was 17
to test out different products and open
a drop shipping store just to see and
kind of test the waters until you're
ready to make that big investment to
make it your own
brand and when i say making it your own
brand that does not mean that you have
to start packaging and shipping like we
no you do actually do not have to do
that you can reach out to these sellers
alibaba and find these products in bulk
or even reach out to the people that
even on the sellers on aliexpress to get
that contact to sellers on alibaba or
just maybe they may not even be on
you're going to get that contact and
you're going to tok to the company
and maybe for 20 cents more they're
going to
add your logo to the box or they're
going to package them in a pink package
they can do things if you negotiate with
them to personalize your brand then it's
all passive income
there's so many avenues that you can
take and with the power of the internet
we have access to it all
no reason why you should be working in
nine to five if you're already here on
this video it means that you're ready to
your life to the next level so don't
give up my thing
is just be original and try to see what
other people are doing but do not try to
replicate exactly
what they're doing it will fail in order
for things to last you have to go into
decisions being honest which is also why
i don't necessarily recommend
drop shipping for a long-term business
model i hope this video helped you to
what products you're thinking about
selling or to help you and guide you to
finding the right
products if you have any other questions
about this video comment down below and
i'll be happy to answer them in my next
smash that like and subscribe button
because it really really helps me out
and continuing to do these videos for
you guys
good luck with all of your businesses
and i hope to see you guys in my next
bye you guys

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