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How To Get 2-5 Leads Per Day With Facebook Ads | Facebook Ads For Realtors

Published on: December 10 2022 by Jason Wardrop

How To Get 2-5 Leads Per Day With Facebook Ads | Facebook Ads For Realtors

How To Get 2-5 Leads Per Day With Facebook Ads | Facebook Ads For Realtors

startTime durationTime text
00:00:00 00:00:03 Today I'm going to show you how to generate buyer leads for your real estate business
00:00:03 00:00:06 step-by-step using Facebook ads and Instagram ads and
00:00:06 00:00:13 We've consistently used this Facebook ad template to generate buyer leads for less than $5 per lead time and time again
00:00:14 00:00:14 Okay
00:00:14 00:00:19 So I want to walk you guys through this exact template and then I'm going to show you guys exactly
00:00:19 00:00:24 how to go through and set all this up and if you do want the Facebook ad copy here to be able to go through
00:00:24 00:00:26 And use in your business so you can generate buyer leads
00:00:26 00:00:31 Then just drop a comment down below say buyer leads and I'll be able to share that with you
00:00:31 00:00:36 Okay. Also, if you don't mind give this video a thumbs up if you guys find some value from it, okay?
00:00:36 00:00:38 So anyway, let's take a look at this
00:00:38 00:00:44 so this is the Facebook ad copy and this is one of our mini Byerly campaign templates that we've got but it's gonna say
00:00:44 00:00:46 Attention then your city, okay
00:00:46 00:00:49 so attention Dallas Phoenix, Denver, Miami
00:00:49 00:00:51 Wherever you're located and I like to use emojis
00:00:51 00:00:57 Because that kind of Peaks people's interests and grabs their attention as they're scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram
00:00:57 00:01:04 Okay, because Facebook owns Instagram, so basically if you publish this on Facebook it can also be published on Instagram
00:01:04 00:01:08 So same concept here. Okay, then you have do you know anyone looking to buy a home?
00:01:08 00:01:13 And sometimes I like to put on here are you so calls that person how specifically are you or anyone?
00:01:13 00:01:18 you know looking to buy a home follow here and then here we're gonna have a link out to a
00:01:18 00:01:21 Landing page cane on our website not a blog or anything like that
00:01:21 00:01:26 But a landing page to go through and grab the visitors contact information, so we click on this
00:01:26 00:01:29 we've got a landing pay so welcome to your
00:01:30 00:01:31 Phoenix homes under
00:01:31 00:01:37 $300,000 list. Okay. So give me the list they click on that putting their name email phone hit submit and they become a lead
00:01:37 00:01:39 Okay now obviously that's great
00:01:39 00:01:44 But I'm gonna show you here just in a second how to go through and actually book more appointments from the leisure
00:01:44 00:01:49 Generating and get three times more sales conversations as well. So back to this out right here
00:01:49 00:01:52 We've compiled a free report of Homes for Sale under
00:01:53 00:01:57 $350,000. Ok, so that's where we're getting this right here. So we got three hundred thousand dollars here
00:01:57 00:02:01 That should match up three hundred fifty thousand, but obviously just for this demo
00:02:01 00:02:03 It's kind of showing you guys the the general idea
00:02:03 00:02:07 Then we have finally a follow here and then a link out to the call to action again
00:02:07 00:02:13 And then also if you don't want to use landing pages, you can also use what's called a Facebook lead format
00:02:13 00:02:18 Which work extremely well as well, but instead of saying to an external site like a landing page
00:02:18 00:02:21 It's just a little pop-up forum on Facebook
00:02:22 00:02:25 and the cool thing about leave formats is that it will
00:02:25 00:02:31 Automatikally populate with the visitors name phone number and email address that they have on file with Facebook
00:02:31 00:02:36 So the quality information goes up and the amount of bogus information typically decreases
00:02:36 00:02:41 Which is great right and then down here, we're gonna have an image of the home, okay?
00:02:41 00:02:43 So right here, we've got three different images
00:02:43 00:02:50 But the reason why I'm doing this is because in every area, okay a home in Miami versus Phoenix versus Denver
00:02:50 00:02:52 They're gonna all look a little bit different
00:02:52 00:02:57 So you want to have a home that matches up with the homes in your specific area? Okay
00:02:57 00:03:03 Now what's cool about this guys is when someone clicks on this and they go to this landing page. They opt-in
00:03:03 00:03:04 They become a lead
00:03:04 00:03:11 So you come in here and type in their name email and their phone number and then hit submit at this point
00:03:11 00:03:15 They become a lead in your database, right? You can go through call them follow up with them all that stuff
00:03:15 00:03:20 But look at this look how cool this is that we can go through and follow up with these leads
00:03:20 00:03:23 Okay, so says thanks helped me put some homes together for you
00:03:24 00:03:24 Okay
00:03:24 00:03:26 so they're gonna go over here and click find homes for me and
00:03:27 00:03:34 This kicks them in to facebook Messenger where we can automatikally follow up with all these people with a facebook Messenger bot
00:03:34 00:03:39 Okay. So like this says hey Jason, I see you're looking for homes in the Denver area, right? That's great
00:03:39 00:03:41 Is there a certain number of bedrooms you're looking for?
00:03:41 00:03:46 So I'm gonna come in here and be like I am looking for three to four bedrooms. Okay, and then it pops down
00:03:46 00:03:50 Okay, perfect. Are you a first-time home buyer? Yes. I actually am a first-time home buyer
00:03:50 00:03:56 So now, you know to get that person in contact with your lender it says great. How soon are you looking to move?
00:03:56 00:04:00 Oh, man. I'm looking to move as soon as possible. I want to get out. I need to get a place. Okay, awesome
00:04:00 00:04:02 Let me compile a list of home. So
00:04:03 00:04:09 This all happens on complete auto-pilot while you're out and about and pointment showings open houses out your kids soccer game
00:04:09 00:04:13 Whatever you're at and you can go through and follow up with every single one of these leads
00:04:13 00:04:18 Via email now via text message because we got the name phone and email
00:04:18 00:04:23 Okay, you can call them and we have the Facebook messenger bot follow-up and all these follow-ups
00:04:23 00:04:26 We're directing them to actually and appointment with us
00:04:26 00:04:29 Okay, so let me just show you guys really quick how to set all this up
00:04:29 00:04:35 It's super easy and I'm gonna show you how to get this all set up a to Z in just three clicks kay
00:04:35 00:04:36 Create your Facebook
00:04:36 00:04:41 Add all the Facebook tracking the landing page set up the lead format set up a 12-month email and SMS
00:04:42 00:04:44 follow-up as well as a facebook Messenger bot and
00:04:45 00:04:50 to book appointments and if you'd like to join in and get all the set up and just three clicks so you can generate your
00:04:50 00:04:52 First 15 leads in the next 30 days
00:04:52 00:04:57 We're holding a 30 day lead challenge where my team will be able to help you get all the setup a-to-z
00:04:57 00:04:59 so there is a link in the
00:04:59 00:05:04 Description as well as in the top comment to that 30 daily challenge where you'll be able to get all the set up as well
00:05:04 00:05:05 Okay
00:05:05 00:05:08 so what we're gonna do is we're gonna use this software that we have built out to
00:05:09 00:05:14 Simplify the whole ad creation landing page follow a process for you. Okay. So look how cool this is
00:05:14 00:05:19 So it says what would you like to do today? So we're generating Byerly. So we're gonna mark it for buyer leads
00:05:19 00:05:20 Okay
00:05:20 00:05:27 So we're gonna come over here give the campaign a name and we'll say Denver demo campaign case or average deal size
00:05:27 00:05:31 Let's say we like to work with homes in the $400,000 range Mars
00:05:31 00:05:34 City is Denver and then we choose a file
00:05:34 00:05:38 So an image to upload to the landing page and the Facebook ad and all that
00:05:38 00:05:41 So I've got one right here on my desktop. You're just gonna hit open right there
00:05:41 00:05:44 And now we're just gonna hit next and guys. Look how cool this is
00:05:44 00:05:44 Okay
00:05:44 00:05:49 It says, where would you like your lead to go after opting in so after they opted in become a lead?
00:05:49 00:05:53 Do you want to send it to your Facebook page? Do you want to send to your Messenger bot?
00:05:53 00:05:58 Just like I showed you or a seller messenger bot. Would you like some to your website a custom URL or
00:05:59 00:06:04 Let's have them just book an appointment with us. Okay, because that's the ultimate goal. We want to get these people on our calendar
00:06:04 00:06:08 So we can get them on a phone and then get them into an in-person situation, right?
00:06:08 00:06:13 So now we've got this link automatikally populated right here. So we're gonna go over here
00:06:13 00:06:17 I want to show you guys what this link looks like because this is pretty big cool
00:06:17 00:06:19 Okay, so this is linked in with your Facebook page
00:06:19 00:06:27 It's synced with your Google Calendar and it shows what days of the week and what times of day that you're available
00:06:27 00:06:30 So let's say next Friday. You want to go through 9:30 a.m
00:06:30 00:06:32 Book an appointment they put in their phone number
00:06:32 00:06:35 They put any appointment notes and request an appointment
00:06:35 00:06:40 Now at this point you can choose if you want to prove it decline it whatever you want
00:06:40 00:06:45 But then also we will set up a text message reminder as well as a Facebook message
00:06:45 00:06:51 Reminder to remind that person that leave that book the appointment with you, so they don't forget about the appointment
00:06:52 00:06:55 Okay, I mean that's pretty cool. Right? So now we come back over here
00:06:55 00:06:59 We just go through so we're like we're two clicks in now once we click this, right?
00:06:59 00:07:00 So we're on a book of appointment with us
00:07:00 00:07:05 So now it's after two clicks and then over here. We choose our daily budget
00:07:05 00:07:10 So this is how much we're gonna spend on Facebook and Instagram ads and this is paid directly to Facebook
00:07:10 00:07:11 Okay
00:07:11 00:07:18 And this is gonna go through and show our pulse to people in our specific area so they can opt-in become leads
00:07:18 00:07:20 Okay, so I'm just gonna check right here. I understand
00:07:20 00:07:27 I'm paying my own facebook ad spend run my ad consistent continuously starting today and in the target city. We're just gonna type in Denver
00:07:28 00:07:35 Boom right there Denver Colorado and then you just select the target city and we take care of all the rest all the other targeting
00:07:35 00:07:39 We make sure that it's compliant with Facebook ads or special ad category. You don't have to worry about any of that
00:07:40 00:07:43 Okay, and then down here you can check out the ad creative
00:07:43 00:07:48 Okay, we've already done all of this based off of the couple of questions that we asked you on that first page
00:07:48 00:07:52 We pre-built the Facebook app. We pre-built the landing page
00:07:52 00:07:57 We pre-built the email and text message follow-ups all the book appointment page everything a to Z
00:07:57 00:08:00 and now all you got to do is hit launch and
00:08:01 00:08:07 Now it's submitting it takes a few seconds because we are creating the Facebook ad we're setting up the tracking the custom
00:08:07 00:08:09 conversions the landing page that
00:08:09 00:08:13 emails with all things pre populate the text messages as well and
00:08:13 00:08:18 Giving this all sent to be able to go through and book an appointment with you on your Facebook page
00:08:18 00:08:22 And that's why it's taking a few seconds right here, but once it's done
00:08:22 00:08:29 Campaign saves we can come over here to this marketing tab and look at this guy's the Denver demo campaign
00:08:29 00:08:32 We just set up here is the landing page
00:08:32 00:08:36 Okay, look at this right here. Get me the list. They come up go over here opt-in
00:08:36 00:08:39 Okay, and then we've got the Facebook ad it's on right now
00:08:39 00:08:43 Okay, and we can check out what this ad looks like if we ever want to turn it off
00:08:43 00:08:48 we can easily just check it on or off if we want to go through and we want to send this to our
00:08:49 00:08:52 Text message our database we can just hit a text message right there
00:08:52 00:08:52 Hey
00:08:52 00:08:58 we want to send it to all of the buyers on our text message list and then write up as a quick little message and
00:08:58 00:08:59 Hit Send
00:08:59 00:09:04 the same thing with emails we go through send it to all the buyers buyers and sellers whoever we want and
00:09:05 00:09:10 Then we've got the messaging that we've already created. Okay, and look at this guys
00:09:10 00:09:15 We've got the email going out immediately text message going out. We've got all these follow-up emails for the next
00:09:16 00:09:21 360 days you can go through you can create new emails new text messages anything like that and
00:09:22 00:09:28 We've got the reporting for you. Okay, we click on this you can see when the Facebook ad was started
00:09:29 00:09:31 Okay, you can see how long it's been going
00:09:31 00:09:34 So it's been going for one minute so far we can see what emails have been sent
00:09:34 00:09:40 Open clicked on scheduled what text messages have been open set all that stuff and then leads by your date range
00:09:41 00:09:45 Okay, so guys this is so powerful literally in just three clicks
00:09:45 00:09:51 We set up a Facebook buyer lead ad campaign to get you going in your real estate business
00:09:51 00:09:56 Okay, and anytime new leads come in, they're gonna drop into your leads inbox right over here
00:09:56 00:09:58 You can tag them you can set a different status
00:09:58 00:10:06 So let's say there are a pre-qualified lead and then we can have all of the messaging with our leads inside this text messaging inbox
00:10:06 00:10:08 as well as a
00:10:08 00:10:13 Mobile app so we've got a mobile app. You can go text back and forth with all of your leads get instantly notifications
00:10:13 00:10:15 It's pretty cool. So
00:10:15 00:10:18 Anyway guys if you want to join this 30-day lead challenge
00:10:18 00:10:22 We will have a link in the description as well as in the top comment
00:10:22 00:10:27 You can join that lead challenge will help you generate your first 15 real estate leads
00:10:27 00:10:35 You'll get full axises system as well as several of my trains on buyer leads listing leads Instagram ads Facebook ads at YouTube leads
00:10:35 00:10:42 We've got a ton of bonuses jam-packed in there. So make sure you go through check out that 30-day lead challenge. It's awesome
00:10:42 00:10:49 You'll get a member of our team to actually help you get your account setup activated get that first lead campaign a busy setup
00:10:49 00:10:55 So if you're like that looks super easy Jason, but I'm still just not super tiknically savvy. Don't worry
00:10:55 00:10:57 We'll help you guys get everything set up a twosie
00:10:57 00:11:01 So with that said guys, I hope you enjoyed this video drop a comment down below
00:11:01 00:11:02 let me know what you
00:11:02 00:11:04 Also give this video a thumbs up
00:11:04 00:11:10 Greatly appreciate that help more people see it who are just like you to help them with their marketing and advertisement
00:11:10 00:11:14 So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I will see you in the next video

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