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How To Get Feedback As A New eBay Seller (2020)

Published on: December 8 2022 by Financial Wolf

As a new eBay seller, receiving feedback is crucial to building a strong reputation and establishing trust with potential buyers. However, it can be intimidating to ask for feedback, especially if you are unsure of how to go about it. In this article, we will discuss some tips and strategies for getting feedback as a new eBay seller in 2020.

Tips for Getting Feedback:

1. Provide excellent customer service: The first step to receiving positive feedback is to provide excellent customer service. Make sure you respond promptly to questions and concerns, provide accurate descriptions of your items, and ship your items in a timely manner.

2. Send a follow-up message: After your item has been delivered, consider sending a follow-up message to the buyer thanking them for their purchase and asking if they were satisfied with the item.

3. Include a feedback reminder: When shipping your item, consider including a note or sticker asking the buyer to leave feedback.

4. Leave feedback for your buyers: Leaving feedback for your buyers can encourage them to reciprocate and leave feedback for you.

5. Consider offering incentives: Consider offering a small incentive, such as a discount on their next purchase, for leaving feedback.

Getting feedback as a new eBay seller can be challenging, but by providing excellent customer service, sending follow-up messages, including feedback reminders, leaving feedback for your buyers, and offering incentives, you can increase your chances of receiving positive feedback and building a strong reputation on eBay.

How To Get Feedback As A New eBay Seller (2020)

How to Build a Successful eBay Store from Zero Reviews

For the season finale of eBay for Beginners, the host shares tips on how to build a successful eBay store from zero reviews.


1. Utilize Thank You Notes: Slip in a personal thank you note with every order and ask for a positive review to increase your conversion rate.

2. List More Items: Sell more items to get in front of a larger customer base and gain more reviews.

3. Give Buyers Reviews: Leave positive feedback on buyers' profiles to encourage them to leave a review on yours.

4. Offer a Great Service: Do not try to scam anyone or get quick money, as it will lead to negative reviews and hurt your business in the long term.

By implementing these tips, you can grow your eBay store from zero reviews to over 250 reviews, increasing your credibility and ultimately, your sales. So, start utilizing thank you notes, list more items, give buyers reviews, and offer a great service to build a successful eBay store. Don't forget to check out more videos on the Financial Wolf Channel for more tips and tricks.

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