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[How to] Install WordPress on 1and1 Hosting - Installing 1 and 1 WordPress [Part 4]

Published on: December 2 2022 by Ryan Stewart

[How to] Install WordPress on 1and1 Hosting - Installing 1 and 1 WordPress [Part 4]

[How to] Install WordPress on 1and1 Hosting - Installing 1 and 1 WordPress [Part 4]

hey guys Ryan Stewart here and welcome
to part four of our video training on
WordPress for small business owners now
now that we have gone over the basics
and we have purchased your domain and
hosting we are now ready to start to get
your website set up so since we use one
on one all you want to do is come back
to one in one calm and come up here to
upper right hand corner where it says
login now you're going to use the same
credentials that you set up your account
here with and just put them in here to
login so we're going to use this domain
and click login and where this takes us
through this six what's called your
control panel or cPanel now your control
panel is how you control a lot of the
things behind the scenes with your
website so I don't want you to
overwhelmed here because this can get
very very tiknical back here but so
like for example when you click on
manage domains it's going to take you'll
see you'll see your domain in here and
you have to wait about I would say give
it 24 hours after the point when you buy
your domain because it takes time to
propagate in other words it takes time
to get set up but if you come in here
and click on manage domains it'll take
your domain Center and you can actually
check the status of your domain so if
you have multiple domains under the same
hosting and once you have this check and
it says active then we can set up
WordPress on it but so now I'm sure you
might be a little bit confused already
so before we get into getting WordPress
setup I want to tok about the
difference between your control panel
with one and one in WordPress so your
control panel is what controls your
hosting your domain your email anything
that's behind the scenes okay WordPress
is what controls your design your
content what you see so pretty much
anything that you see on a website when
you go to you know W when you go to New
York Times com write anything that's on
the website on the page that's
controlled through
WordPress but kind of the
behind-the-scenes thing that's what
takes place in your cPanel okay I just
want to make sure we have that
distinction kind of clear because it can
get very confusing pretty fast so once
your domain is active and propagated are
you going to do is come down here to
where it says hosting and click on
WordPress so this is what I was toking
about when I said one-click wordpress
install it's very very easy to install
all you're going to do here is click
install and then you can name name it
your business name so if your business
name was let's call it West Coast we can
change this later once we get into the
actual website and now you're going to
create another login and password so
this is different than your cPanel ok so
this is how you're actually going to log
into your actual website and not your
cPanel right so come back here again
the password that you created with 101
when you paid for the account that
username and password is used to log
into your control panel at 101.com the
password that we're creating here is
going to be used to log in to your
actual website and log into WordPress to
change the design the content and
everything that you see then this will
clear up a little bit as we move forward
so we'll just call this we'll call Ryan
we'll call it my name set your password
leave it on safe mode leave it on
English click I accept and then just
click install now what it's going to do
here for us is actually going to go
ahead and set up WordPress honest with
one click back in the day you actually
used to have to create a database and it
was kind of a lot of work to go through
the process but this is why I love one
at one because they have this one click
WordPress install so as you can see it's
getting it all set up for us now once
it's set up what we do here and that's
it so once it's set up again give it I
would say give it 24 hours and sometimes
only takes a couple hours but it takes
time for the for the the database the
WordPress database cat to actually
connect to the domain it's not going to
be ready right away oh and also so see
this here so one on one it defaults to
this West Coast apps
what you got to do here is click just
click a change domain so I already have
setup on this on this domain down here
but all you going to do is click Change
domain because it'll automatikally
default to that and then just click here
and your actual domain name will show up
here and you just click on that and
click Change domain so this would be
your your business comm just change it
to that domain and it'll set up on that
domain name on that URL now I hope that
made sense so like I said so give it a
good 24 hours to propagate to set up and
then what's set up then we'll tok about
how to actually go into WordPress Access
WordPress in the next lesson

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