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Published on: December 3 2022 by Leon Green



pay attention to this point because you
do not want to make a mistake here when
you're posting your content okay hey yo
what's going on uh sorry when I'm not
sighs no that's explain like a tie
eight alright so I'm back with another
video and in today's video we're gonna
be toking about how you can literally
spend as little as twenty dollars and
bring back up to ten thousand plus you
understand what I'm saying
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like if anyone is in the course watching
this video let them know that you're I'm
saying that how insane that product
research method is but anyways let's get
it to this video man trust me you want
to watch the whole thing from beginning
to end because you want to pay attention
this is a strategy that people don't
tok about it all this is a strategy
that no one pretty much uses in the
dropshipping space I haven't I haven't
seen anyone pretty much use the strategy
and it dawned upon me that this time
last year I actually used the strategy
to make over 10 my first $10,000 a month
with less than $100 worth of AB spent
okay it dawned upon me that this
literally happened a year ago nowadays
I'm so focused on Facebook
because I love Facebook Ads Facebook Ads
brings consistency and you can
definitely make ice it allows me make
over $10,000 a day consistently you know
when Facebook isn't down when you don't
disable my ad account all that kind of
stuff it allowed me to do 10 bands and
they consistently that's why I love
Facebook but as I you know set that I've
thought about it it's like wait most of
you guys that are watching or beginners
and don't have the momentum or the
capital to just jump into Facebook ads
and you know spend $3,000 a dates and
make $17,000 back a lot of you guys
don't have that budget so how can we get
you guys to get to that point where
you're making you know thousands of
dollars a day so you can actually
started running Facebook ads and because
system we're making over $10,000 a day
so $1 for me literally this time last
year I had hit my first like ten
thousand dollar month with the first
good product that worked for me and my
dress started option in February last
year so March gave were made in June
took me about four months to get to this
to get to this point where I made you
know ten bands in that month you
understand I'm saying how did I do this
it wasn't Facebook at all it wasn't
Facebook Ads it wasn't Instagram there
wasn't any it wasn't any of that
it was Twitter influences okay why does
this still work till today because it is
very untapped
very unsaturated you would not see any
you will not see any Twitter influences
posted ads as much as you do on
Instagram okay now why is it so cheap to
pay these people because if you guys
ever paid attention to an Instagram back
in the day when people started running
shoutouts it was much much more
inexpensive than it is today
for example even last year when I
started without paper Instagram
shout-out as pretty much tripled this
year you understand what I'm saying
so when Twitter influencers people don't
usually run ads from there so it's very
very very easy to find a page with a
good you know amount of engagement
literally just you will see that the
price is $20 because they don't know any
better and you pay them that money and
you can literally make thousands of
dollars in one day and do this a couple
of times throughout the month and you
can easily get to ten thousand dollars
in that month because one thing about
Twitter that people don't understand is
it's very easy that you know go viral
like this that I'm saying you can hit
the algorithm and literally go crazy by
spending $20 for a retweet you know I'm
saying so here's how you usually do it
just like Instagram you would go on
Twitter and I'm saying in the search you
type in what you're looking for if
you're running a cat product do you want
to type in cats right on the search bar
and then you want to select people okay
you can look at you can look at what
pops up when you type in cats but
usually it'll just be other people's
viral videos that randomly went viral
but you want to look for pages that post
strictly cat videos okay so you're gonna
go on a search when you're on Twitter
and then when you say she's gonna click
people and it's going to give you a list
of people that you know are named cats
and stuff like that so if you're wearing
the cap product you want to go through
all these cat pages right and then what
you're gonna do is you click on a page
you look at how many people you know I'm
saying how many followers they got and
they got anywhere from even 50,000
followers that's good okay so a lot of
the pages I used to get that $10,000 in
that month where pages that had 30,000
followers 50,000 followers some had a
few hundred thousand followers nothing
too big at all you understand what I'm
saying and I never paid more than 20
bucks for any of them for this specific
product you understand what I'm saying
so you have to understand some of them
even go as low as $10 for a retweet and
it's now I'm saying so when you find you
know a cat page for example you want to
make sure that obviously they have a way
in contact them if the page doesn't have
you know the DMS open or if it doesn't
have an email in your own description
just move on try the next one you don't
want to waste time doing this
because you know it can take some time
to contact influences and get a response
so you want to hit them up as fast as
possible as many as possible so you can
actually get a reply as fast as possible
yes that we said it so literally you
just find a page you go through the page
you see how many green sweet so how many
likes their own poster again in and you
just want to see you just want to see
like anything in 2000 I can likes and
you know something like that
because if you're gonna pay $20 for this
you're gonna get if you're if your ad
obviously is good you're gonna get the
same amount of you know I'm saying
eyeballs on your on your retweet or
whatever the pose the shout-out that you
make you're gonna get over a thousand
eyeballs on it that's a thousand people
to your store for $20 accident and
obviously people that like cats and I'm
saying they most likely have a cat or no
so and that has a cat so if you have a
really good product you can literally
spend $20 for this cat page to retweet
here on add which you'll make the post
on here you know I'm saying your drop
shipping store's Twitter account you'll
make the post on that Twitter account
and literally when you hit them up you
just say something like business-related
with the fire emoji in front so it
stands out me the dams and you just say
hey just wondering what your rates for
RIT or for you to post our content is
please let me know blah blah blah Thanks
and then when they do that they can
actually post make the post for you on
their page as if they're the ones
posting it and literally throw the link
and the comments on the tweet then great
if they can't then it's fine you could
just have them retweet your post that
you post on your dropship and stores
Twitter account that usually works fine
that's exactly how I did the ten
thousand dollars in my first month
because not my first month option before
my first ten thousand dollar month
that's how I did it I posted the content
on my arm drop shipping stores Twitter
account and then had you know influences
just retweet my tweet
yes now I'm saying so it's pretty much
the same as you know Facebook ads
whatever you want to write a good
caption something that's really good but
nothing long at all just short and sweet
Unitas now I'm saying and then usually
the tweets that go viral okay pay
attention to this point because you do
not want to make a mistake here when
you're posting your content okay you
never want to add the link to that
actual post you understand I'm saying do
not do that because for some reason the
algorithm on Twitter will not make your
stuff go viral everything is a link on
that actual post so you want to make
that post viral you want to make it as
viable as possible make it fit within
your not saying people's timelines
because if a cat page retweets that cat
product it's for cat lovers to love it
and they most likely have a cat or know
someone that has a cat so you want it to
flow on their timeline you don't want it
you don't want to write blah blah blah
get it today for a 50% off and put your
link especially the link things you
don't want to put your link on the tweet
at all the algorithm on Twitter doesn't
like that and you would not go viral the
key here is to possibly even go buy
that's how you can make the ten bands in
one day if there's some dust on fire
okay if it doesn't go viral you can
still make up to a thousand dollars from
that twenty dollars in one day simple as
that okay but you never want to put the
link on that actual post what you want
to do is after you make the post you
just reply to that tweet because you can
it's kind of like the comments on
Twitter you just reply to that tweet and
say oh you can get this for 50% off on
blah blah blah www.levitt.com
okay so if you don't understand what I'm
look into it or rewind that part and
kind of understand do not put the link
on that actual tweet like that actual
tweet that you're gonna have the
influencer retweet do not put it there
or you want to do is make that post that
tweet and then literally you can click
the comments like you can click the
little bubble where you can add a reply
to the tweet so you're going to reply to
your own tweet but in your reply you're
gonna have the offered
Lincoln everything okay and that's where
people that actually like and love that
tweet will see if when they click on
your to me though look at the comments
that's natural to look at comments what
people are saying and then they'll see
your offer and they will see your link
and then they'll go to your website so
that part is very crucial
like I said reminded if you have to if
you guys want me to do an in-depth
actual video of me showing you
step-by-step how to create the post and
do all that then I'll go ahead and do it
if this video gets 200 likes I'll go
ahead and get in the computer or on my
phone and show you how to create the
post show you how to comment on the post
and everything so if this bomb video
gets 200 Mike's I'll go ahead and make
that my very next video so you guys can
take action with this method right away
so after you do that you just you know
if whoever applies you pay that person
20 bucks to retweet or tweet and boom
there's a high chance it's gonna go
viral on Twitter and I'm using cats as
examples Twitter life's pretty a dope
[ __ ] okay and explicit [ __ ] so if you
get like a pretty ass girl with a really
really nice bikini with like really
really nice design and you get someone
following it to retweet your tweet it
easily go find you know it's now I'm
saying like it's it's super it's kind of
easy to do this but at the same time you
got to put in the work you got to find
the right influencers make sure you know
they're getting a pretty good amount of
retweets based on their following and
you can literally go from spending $20
for that shoutout to getting a viral
retweet okay if you go viral you can
definitely make over 10 bands in one day
from just spending $20 you know I'm
saying but in the case that you don't go
viral off that tweet you can still spend
$20 and your return ad spanker over 10 X
so you can still make over a thousand
dollars a day to hit you know I'm saying
that $10,000 a month obviously you're
not gonna post a shout-out every day you
can if you want for $20 but you can
spend up to a hundred now
and definitely make 10,000 in the month
if you're looking at the good accounts
but like I said this is just a little
rundown of how you can do this with
Twitter influences it's not unsaturated
its untapped because people on Twitter
and I've seen you know ads as much as
people on Instagram and Facebook are so
it's very untapped and you absolutely do
it so hopefully you guys got some values
in this video like I said it's going to
go and depth show you on my computer or
my phone how you can do this make sure
you slap like in this video 200 lights
and I'll go ahead and drop that video
and yeah guys follow me on Instagram
right here subscribe if you're new here
and turn on post notifications by
clicking on bell next in a subscribe
button so you do not miss another upload
for me and now yeah guys jump in the
course for just $19 today and speed up
your learning process I'll catch you
guys later

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