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How to Make 6 Figures Dropshipping on Amazon Using All Software

Published on: December 1 2022 by Bryan Guerra

How to Make 6 Figures Dropshipping on Amazon Using All Software

How to Make 6 Figures Dropshipping on Amazon Using All Software

in today's video we're going to cover
how to build a six-figure Drop Shipping
business on Amazon there's a lot of
places that you can drop ship and build
a sizable business on but the reason
that I love Amazon so much is because
it's practikally 100 automated once you
get your product set up and put in your
Amazon inventory there's software that
will scan the internet and do product
research for you so you know which
products are profitable and which one's
to list there's software that will tell
you how much a product is selling
already on Amazon so you know listing it
is actually even worth your time there's
software that will automatikally reprice
your inventory for you so if you have a
product set up it'll continue to monitor
your competitors and adjust your price
accordingly that way you can make as
much money as possible because your
price will always be super competitive
there's software that will cut your
order processing time significantly if
you're doing it on your own which might
not sound like a big deal but if you're
doing dozens of orders a day this can
cut hours off your work each day there's
software that will automatikally input
tracking numbers for you so once you
actually process and order you don't
even need to manually put in the
tracking number anymore it'll do that
for you and there's even software that
will automatikally fulfill your orders
for you so you literally don't have to
do anything we're going to cover each
and every software in today's video and
I'm going to give you a rundown of how
you can build your very own six figure
Drop Shipping business on Amazon all of
this stems from my experience doing this
in my own business a business I'm still
doing right now and I still strongly
believe in so the first thing that you
need to do in order to build a
profitable drop stream business on
Amazon is find good profitable products
there's many ways to find products but
perhaps the best way is use the software
that compares Amazon's catalog of
millions of products again similar
products all over the internet on
hundreds of other websites the software
that I highly recommend is called Source
Mogul it's a game changer for software
and has been instrumental in scaling my
own Amazon Drop Shipping business you
can search through hundreds of websites
to find products that are selling for
Less on those sites than they are on
Amazon and then once the software spits
you out products you'll want to make
sure that one you're able to sell it and
this will obviously depend on the age
and sales history of your Amazon seller
account as well as if you're gated for
that product brand or category and
second you'll want to make sure that it
is indeed still profitable now you can
do that by running the price on Amazon
against the price on your supplier's
website to see if it's actually going to
make you money after Amazon fees are
deducted an easy way to do this is by
using Amazon's profit calculator and
they provide one free for you and three
that it's actually getting enough sales
on Amazon to justify listing it into
your inventory now I highly recommend
the jungle Scout Chrome extension for
this I've used and recommended this
software since I started in e-commerce
years ago it's helped me build my
business from the ground up and I could
not recommend it anymore for Amazon
sellers then assuming all this checks
out you'll want to add that product to
your inventory on Amazon and set it up
in your repricer a repricer is a
software that automatikally monitors
your price against other sellers on that
listing and then adjusts your price
automatikally so that it remain remains
competitive and you have a shot to win
the buy box for those of you that don't
know what the buy box is it's basically
just that yellow add to cart button that
you see on an Amazon list now there's
usually a lot of sellers all competing
for that but upwards of 95 of sales on
Amazon come from that add to cart button
or rarely to someone on Amazon searching
to buy click the other sellers button
and buy from somebody there and the
seller that wins the buy box doesn't
actually always have the lowest price
either there are many factors to go into
what actually gets the buy box and who
wins it I'll link a video that I did in
the past on all the factors that go into
getting the buy box and how you can give
yourself the best chance to win it it's
a really great in-depth video I'll drop
that at the bottom of the description
for you now I never recommend repricing
at lower prices on Amazon because that's
how you end up with like race to the
bottom pricing and then nobody wins
instead I typically recommend that you
either match the buy box price or you
match the lowest price if there is no
buy box or if you're selling a used
product that's not new there are many
reprices out there and they they can get
expensive so instead of recommending an
expensive one that isn't really
necessary for drop shippers I'm just
going to be honest with you you don't
really need a repricing software Amazon
has one that's already built into the
back of Seller Central and the one that
they built actually works pretty well it
doesn't come with all the special
functions of software that charges you
like 400 a month obviously but we don't
need a software like that for what we're
doing we really only need to match the
buy box price or match the lowest price
and the free one in Seller Central does
that pretty well from there you'll also
want to make sure that you have a
software that monitors your inventory
that way you don't actually sell an item
that's out of stok I recommend skugared
for this it does a really great job
it'll basically check all your products
every hour to make sure that they're
still in stok on your suppliers website
and if they aren't anymore it'll
actually go into your Amazon inventory
for you and then change your stok to
zero on that listing this will give you
peace of mind that any sales that you
have are still in stok and you don't
ever have to cancel orders which are a
big deal on Amazon another software that
I highly recommend recommend using is
called spot and paste this software
copies addresses from your Amazon orders
and then makes it super easy to paste
them into your supplier's website when
you're fulfilling orders it can be
programmed to do this on literally every
single website and it'll save you loads
of time so that you can process orders a
lot faster yet another software that
will save you time is tracker bot this
software will scan emails for your
tracking numbers and corresponding
orders and then it will match them up in
your Amazon orders and automatikally
input those tracking numbers for you
into it that means that you don't have
to waste time opening emails copying
tracking numbers and then finding the
orders that correspond and putting them
into Amazon orders yourself this
software does it automatikally for you
and finally there's software out there
that will even fulfill your orders
automatikally so you really don't have
to do anything now full disclosure I
don't use these okay I fulfill the
orders myself with spot and paste and
then trackerbot or I have a VA do it for
me but there is software out there that
will do it for you I don't want to
recommend and any specifically because I
haven't tried them all and personally I
really don't think that they're
necessary for the prices that they
charge and I found that it's actually
actually and more effective to Simply
pay a good VA to do this for you one
that I have tested personally was OA
genius and it actually did work pretty
well but the problem with OE genius
specifically was that it limits you to
only using suppliers that OA genius
integrates with which is a major
disadvantage and I suspect this is the
case with pretty much every order
software out there so keep that in mind
I've personally found that you want to
Source from obscure suppliers that most
people aren't using not your normal
suppliers that everybody else is
competing on that's how you can build a
really successful Amazon dropshipping
business and that's how you can maintain
an advantage in my opinion but I did
want to mention this because I do know a
lot of people out there that use
software programs like this and swear by
it that's the short version of how you
can build a six-figure Drop Shipping
business on Amazon now if you'd like
more information on any of these
software programs I'd recommend clicking
the playlist up in the right hand corner
right now and watching tutorials there
in that playlist there are in-depth
videos on how you can use each and every
one of these softwares all also every
one of these software programs are
linked down in the description for you
if you're interested with any discounts
that I might have set up with those
companies I really hope you enjoyed this
video if you got any value from
whatsoever please give the video a like
I genuinely appreciate it until next

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