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How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing $1K - $10K/Mo - Super Affiliate Tips

Published on: December 1 2022 by Littlemama

How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing $1K - $10K/Mo - Super Affiliate Tips

How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing $1K - $10K/Mo - Super Affiliate Tips

hello thank you for coming to my child
today my name is Chris I'm also known as
little mama and in this video I have a
very special video today because I'm
being interviewed yes so from the super
affiliate conference I attended for a
wealthy affiliate one of the superfluous
interview me so I was able to tok about
my business my background a little bit
and give you a lots of tips on how I do
my online business and the advice I have
for new and new people who want to get
into our affiliate marketing business
it's gonna be a great interview to learn
a lot so I hope you watch it all the way
okay so let's get started now
welcome to this special interview we
have here today a special guest grace
who has experience of making money
online on different platforms like
YouTube for blocking tik-tok also by
sending emails so you are going to learn
some secrets on how to make money online
and welcome grace so first I would like
to ask your grace like how did you get
started with making money online like
how did you get started with your
journey I've heard a little bit about it
but you like to share with us more yeah
so basically I'm a stay-at-home mom and
so why I wanted to make money online the
first places that I used to work in a
corporate job so I am really always like
wanting to make money like that's just
my my thing but being a stay-at-home mom
I needed to be flexible at to stay as I
stay at home mom so that's why making
money online seems like the vehicle that
will let me do that and so I looked into
a different business model and actually
I felt marketing is not my first so I
was doing online shops before and I made
my own like handmade little gifts and so
that was my first shop and then I did a
second shop which is I made these dolls
but what I found with that business
model having an ecommerce shop is that I
was just using Instagram to promote my
shop but I've been a shop owner it's
very very involved oh yeah too much like
and I'm tied to a location I don't have
freedom to like work anywhere and so
that's why I I heard about feeling
rocking before and you're like I only
get back to that business model because
I know kind of a little bit about it and
then I just want to learn more about
because I knew there was a better way to
make money online yeah so that's how I
can let myself to find wealthy affiliate
that way oh yeah so when you had this
online shop the doughnut or chip or the
products yes like you wear so many hats
but you yeah it to deal with branding
you got deal with product research your
suppliers your
yeah like suppliers and vendors you
gotta keep looking for reliable sources
to your materials from and that was the
most stressful part because yeah I would
need certain things for my stuff that I
was making yeah and that was very
stressful it's going to different stores
locally or online my sourcing it's like
it was really tough and then you have to
figure out how to ship it then you can
figure out the packaging you know a lot
of different hats you got whereas a shop
owner and as a fellow marketer I just
drive traffic yeah and that allows me
you know to just work on my laptop yeah
it gets much more freedom yeah that's
the freedom I want to be able to work
anywhere I wanted to as long as I have
that internet connection right yeah so I
felt marketing business model is just so
much easier in that sense to do that
with and I feel like as a beginner of
somebody who wants to learn making money
online that's a very easier business
model to go into yeah versus have to
think about your own products and all
that yeah yeah that's why yeah that's
why I like recommending this business
model and why I promote what the
affiliate because they have the best
training to have a beginner really
follow these step by step well class or
a training lessons and tasks yeah that's
yeah it's easy to follow for beginners
also and it's actually surprising like
you said that there are so many things
with that like having an online store
because before I had thought that there
are not so many like because I see all
these advertisements like people
advertising you learn how to do your own
e-commerce it's make millions of dollars
but I think it's much harder than it is
way too much harder especially if you
don't know how to drive traffic a lot of
those big ecommerce stores that we see
that make a lot of money they know
Facebook Ads
yeah if you don't know Facebook Ads
you're not gonna get the sales like they
are showing you yeah and it's like
it's a lot harder than they make you see
yeah Facebook Ads requires money and
many people who start don't have so much
money so in that sense also yes those
little initial investment so everything
about it is it's a higher barrier to
entry or any beginner so that's why I
don't feel like that's the best business
model for any beginners to go into yeah
so you also recommend for beginners
affiliate marketing yeah yeah because
you're just promoting other people's
products so and then and then you earn
when you when you create a sale for the
company that you promote with and and
but that's the best part then the
company has to deal with all the payment
processing all the refunding issues or
customer service relations and I say I
like that aspect so if you're a new
person or you all you need to learn is
how to drive traffic which is a very
important skill to have if anybody wanna
make money online yeah I see so let's
say that somebody is watching this who
comes from Mars like who doesn't have
any experience of like affiliate
marketing or like when I got started I
didn't know what affiliate marketing
means so how would you explain to some
person who who doesn't know like what is
affiliate marketing like you know in a
very simple and easy way like what does
it mean yeah so this is something that
we've been doing for years and years and
years like if you have a product that
you've been using and you to your friend
hey I love this product that I've been
using go check it out you know you can
go buy it you know this is call or just
a mortar mouth or a recommendation so
this is something we've been doing for
years and years and years yeah right so
now it is translating into online
business so when your online business
it's just they could just call it a
different thing right I feel marketing
because now you could work with any
company like amazon.com and and promote
their products that's already selling
that's already popular and you just kind
of ride on their success really yeah I
mean who doesn't want to go shop it
Amazon right I see your Amazon link
always safe it's trust
yeah and it's easy for somebody to
promote an Amazon product
so yeah that's actually how I got
started I saw like a small banner or
something like that like make money by
promoting other people's products on
Amazon that's like what can I do this
that I would I want to learn more that
is actually with affiliate marketing
promote other people's products on
Amazon and make money like and then like
there are so many before because before
I thought like okay this some new thing
like only a few companies are doing but
nowadays I realized like almost every
big company on the internet I like
affiliate programs thousands and
thousands of companies now have a
program so it doesn't matter what niche
you want go into I feel like you can
make money in any niche in the field of
marketing yeah that's true what kind of
recommendation would you say like for
somebody who is starting out thinks
about the needs like like yeah like what
what part tools like what kind of
products to promote with affiliate
marketing like which which topic they
should go into how to choose a niche
yeah I think for beginners I think it is
most recommended to kind of go with
something that you like because you are
going you're building a business first
of all so you need to know that you're
gonna work in this topic this niche for
a long time so make sure you like it and
I mean the ones that are the biggest
evergreen niches are the make money
online wealth or wealth health and
relationships right but I feel like
those are kind of like really tough for
beginners to kind of get into because
it's so competitive so I mean you can
always make money in those three niches
but if you start off like let's say a
drone drone niche or a drone niche or or
do woodworking or a fishing or golf site
it's not in those three categories but
you could definitely make money in any
of those that I just labeled like named
off right like any of those you could
build a niche site and make money from
my field marketing much yeah yeah that's
true it's doing a full-time like income
with a site like that you know on me
yeah that's true
yeah that's rude so grace you have lots
of experience of different platforms
like you have done blogging you have
them YouTube channel you have you know
you know this you are famous or picked
making money with that also and maybe
you have tried Instagram also so yeah
which one would you recommend for
beginners who are starting out like what
that phone do to somebody who doesn't
have X depends on what they're
comfortable with so if someone is
comfortable with media like video then I
would recommend them using tiktok and
YouTube to start because those are the
most powerful right now video marketing
is most powerful so but if people don't
want to do video marketing and a lot of
people are shy and don't want to be in
front of camera and that is fine then
you do blogging like a filial website
right then you just stay behind the
scenes the entire time yeah make a ton
of money if you want to get ready
depending on what niche and whatnot but
it's like yeah you don't have to be so
if you don't want to be in front of the
camera I recommend definitely a blog or
a website to to make your money as much
as you like as you build your business
you kind of want everything eventually
mm-hmm because you're gonna want like
once you have one platform success and
you are getting visitors from that one
platform you're gonna want more yeah and
so you're gonna start you you might get
more comfortable you know say if you're
not comfortable being on camera right
now but once you start building like a
website and you kind of learn how the
business works then you might be more
comfortable trying to get on camera
because you'll see in an industry how
important video marketing is and so you
could develop like you don't have to do
a video right away but it's highly
recommend it yeah I say so first
starting what you are comfortable with
and what you like then once we master do
that then and then try to get out of
your comfort zone and try some of the
other tactiks because it could really
skyrocket your business if you do stuff
that's not in your comfort zone yeah so
you mention tiktok and recently have
really popular there so what kind of
tips would you give for beginners um
those kids on tiked I will not say I'm
famous yet I'm not famous
yeah but yeah so recently I had a viral
video go off on there and so that
affected my business huge like it it
doubles my youtube channel it gave me
like almost a hundred thousand new
followers in two days from a viral video
it was 92 thousand followers in two days
and it's given me it's given me since
then it's giving me like over like
probably like a hundred and fifty
thousand followers well like I'm at 180
right now right so it's uh it's
incredible that that take top platform
because right now it's still in its
early stage so even though there is some
kind of algorithm going on there isn't
um like Instagram is really hard to get
discovered right now right
so because instagrams algorithm is very
guarded right now so tiktok is more
loose right now oh I see and your
objective with tiktok is try to get
on as many for you page as possible so
your video do get on the for you page
it's just a matter of how many you could
get on photo pages like front page so
yeah so you have two main feeds on your
home page of your home page of your tik
tok account so there are a for you page
and then the tab for the people you
follow and so everybody wants to be on
the for you page because that's where
you could go viral I said so what kind
of tips would you give for creating this
kind of wire a little bit there like how
did you do it secret so like my tik
tok account it's about making money
online so it's my niche right so I can't
that's the first thing you want to set
up is your niche for your account you
don't want to just be tiktoking about
any subject on there because you don't
you do want to look like yours are
certain vertikal in your space yeah why
so like why people want to follow you
why people want to like look at your
stuff is because you are going either
give them entertainment value or they're
gonna learn something from
okay so the best way to get followers is
that you kind of provide some kind of
value right so on top of that you want
to keep things simple and simple to
understand for because there's a lot of
general public on teh tok and a lot of
the more young demographics so you want
to make sure your your context easily
understandable and relatable re being
relatable is very important and I think
that's a huge part of the element of my
video that went viral
because I said something I think almost
right away like my second line was are
you shy and don't want to tok to people
so here's a method that you can use to
make money you know to not tok to
people kind of thing like you just stay
behind the scenes doing typing work so
that really I think it rated related to
a lot of people because I I kind of say
are you this person or you this type and
then I showed them a money method that
was easy to understand simple and
valuable because they like oh I can make
money like this using the simple method
so all those elements that they added up
to the to why people were following or
engaging with that post so you need
unique your viral video or your video to
be engaging and I was getting a lot of
follows with that one post compared to
my other posts I notiked I was getting a
lot of notifications like even in the
initial stage I thought it would do
probably okay like I could tell I was
going to do well but I didn't know I was
going to do this I say so summarize like
creating so simple and entertaining and
like either entertaining because me a
lot of people go viral on there just for
entertainment value they don't like
teach anything or or anything like that
I'm doing so you can go viral on just
being either
I don't know silly or whatever but so
there's an entertainment value or a
learning value oh I see yeah yeah one
thing I wanted to ask you is that like a
lot of people will get started to make
money online and
you also have a lot of people to get
started and many people say I don't have
time like I have the family and I have
to this and that and I have hobbies and
everything and as we know you are like a
stay-at-home mom you had a family to
take care of and you are known as little
mama online so how do you manage like
your time with your online business and
family and everything like you have to
be very disciplined so no matter who you
are what you're doing but you have to
know that you're going into this is a
big project first of all so you need to
think about initially how you gonna fit
it into your schedule everybody starts
with a busy life all right and then they
if you want to make money online like
using our method and really want to
build it I will suggest that you need to
slowly schedule it into your life the
more you can do it the faster you can
schedule it into your life and and get
that consistency going
week after week you work on it like more
and more then it's very for me if you a
lot of self-discipline to stik to a
schedule but you know if you try to
start with that one one hour a week
let's say you know just to list it on
the weekend try to spend an hour on this
one thing and do two hours next week and
just can't build on that and so how how
I make sure I get everything done is I
work basically any time I have I mean I
don't wake up super early to start my
day but as soon as like I know like from
after this girls go to school I have
like 9 to 3 hours of solid you know I
eat like take a 10-minute lunch and make
sure I get as much quality work as I can
in 6 hours and then from like maybe 3 to
8 I'm busy with family stuff and I'll
spend at least another couple hours at
least after that from 8 to 10 or 8 to 11
and 12 that's what it is not doing
that's good that's good I think also
it's good like you have let's say you
work from 3 to 9 9 to 3 you have like
quite like a small deadline there like
the three yeah because sometimes for
people they have lots of time like let's
say I have the whole weekend with this
then they don't do it they just okay I
have a lot of time I would do it maybe
later than may be that they realize into
Sunday evening all the weekend time is a
lot of stuff just a plan that you got
and work on to be able to get that
consistency into your into your whole
system basically you know whatever you
want to do in life I think it's not just
this thing it's like if you want to get
good at something
yeah you really got dedicate and make
that commitment yeah I think that's
important it's just deciding like I
would do it I remember when I like made
up like like a decision like okay now
I'm going to succeed now I want to make
money online like I decided and I said
to my friends okay I'm going to do this
next year I will quit my job but do
these kind of things then I did it
eventually but before that I was like
dabbling a little bit like struggling
it's not yeah you're not gonna get that
far if you're just gonna dab alright
yeah yeah that's true alright so I would
like to ask in the end do you have some
let's say anything else you want to
share or call to access where you can
find you so yeah my channel my youtube
channel you could just find me at Grace
aka little mama you could search that on
YouTube and you definitely find me like
that and I'm sure you could just link it
yeah all the links in the description
whatever my website is work anywhere now
calm alright thank you but thank you
awesome tips and we'll see you in the
next video

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