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how to make video ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

I tried using Canva to make a Product Commercial

welcome back to the channel. i'm daniel schiffer, and today i'll be attempting something that i've never done before now. i've made a lot of videos for companies over the past 10 years, and something that every video i make has in common is that the equipment i use to create them costs a lot of money. i tried to break that trend a couple weeks ago when i demonstrated how i turned an ordinary photo i took on my phone into a captivating video asset without using expensive equipment. now, while that video was cool and didn't cost a lot of money to make, it certainly costs a lot of time, not just to make the asset itself, but also the several years of learning the tikniques that go into creating that style of content. today that is all out the window. i want to create a professional quality product commercial for under 20 dollars in. the catch is that it has to be easy: no key frames, no masks, no practikal effects. i want this to be so easy that literally anybody at any level of experience can do it. so let's get started. so to keep this commercial consistent with the other types of ads i would typically create here on this channel, we're gonna stik with a food and beverage theme and we're gonna try and create an ad for this soda brand called ollie pop, now seeing his final cut costs 400, which is just a tad out of our 20 budget. i will be using canva, which is a free graphic design platform and also happens to be the sponsor of today's video. now, what's great about canva is that it's actually completely free to use, but you do have the option to upgrade to canva pro for a whole bunch of other time-saving features and tools. as an example, i spent a good half an hour a couple weeks ago trying to mask out this packaging from the background manually, but with canva pro, i can literally click a button and it removes the background for me instantly. yeah, that's a thing, and it works perfectly. if you're interested in trying 45 free days of canva pro, you can go to the link in the description below or go to canvame daniels. anyway, back to our soda commercial. it is time to assemble a brand kit, so right now, what i need are a few images of the actual lollipop cans, and rather than doing that myself, i can actually save some time and money by downloading the photos that ollie pop already has straight from their website. i'm gonna pick three different flavors. we'll start with vintage cola, and i can just save this image directly to my downloads. i'll do the same for ginger, lemon, as well as blackberry vanilla. back in canva. now i'll navigate over here to the left sidebar and under tools we have brand kit. we can start by adding our logos, just like. so we can actually create a color palette using the logos we just brought in, and we can also bring in any brand fonts that we might want to use for our project. next i will navigate up to our folders and then into our uploads and in here we can go ahead and drag in our can images. so we'll go back up to our home page here and under the video tab you can see that there's a lot of options to choose from. now the video that we're making today. i want to be kind of generic so that we can repurpose it for different uses. so i'm going to start with just a regular video and create a blank project here in the canva video editor. you can see we have a timeline down here with a playhead, and here on the left side there's a whole bunch of stuff we can use. so we'll start in templates and we'll scroll through and i'm going to try and find a template that i feel like could work well for our soda commercial. now, in this case, i'm envisioning something kind of flashy and exciting. so i'm gonna go up to the search bar here and i'm gonna search for neon, and you can see here that we have a whole bunch of templates that really pop, which is exactly what i want. i think we're gonna start with this one down here. i kind of like these neon tubes that are here on the sides. i'm gonna highlight all this stuff in the middle that we don't really need and just delete it, and now i will navigate over to our uploads and bring in our first can. i want to change our background color to match the colors of the can a little bit better, so i can select the background and go up to our colors here and automatikally canva detects the photo colors that are in the project and we can click through and change the background based on the colors in the photo. i like this one here. it's kind of muted and on brand with the can, and now the overall frame is looking kind of empty. so i think i can spice this up with a little bit of text and immediately this kind of neon shine text is exactly what i had in mind. so i'm going to click that to bring it in now. when i look at the flavor of the soda- ginger lemon- right away- i think refreshing. so i'm going to change the text here to say fresh, gonna drag it up to the top here and just fit it to the entire frame and we can center. i'll now right click on it and send it to the back and this is looking pretty good. i'm gonna highlight these neon tubes here and bring them in a little bit closer and i feel like the can, because it's a 2d image. it looks kind of flat against our text. so what i can do is i can go into edit image and add a shadow and we'll bring in one of these backdrop shadows and that looks like it's giving us a little more depth. all right, so now if we go down to our timeline and click the play button, you can see that nothing really happens. it's just a stagnant image. within canva there are two types of animations. we have page animations, which is what it sounds like. you can apply one of these to animate everything on the page, like so. or you can select individual elements on the page and apply animations to those as well. this one is called tumble. you can see it kind of has the can fly in from the side. there's a fade animation which has it fade in. this one is called rise, where the can kind of comes up from the bottom and down. here you can see that there are additional animations that all have this crown symbol. these are animations that are part of canva pro and they are actually really cool as well. if you're interested in trying 45 free days of canva pro, you can go to the link in the description below or go to canvame daniels. i'm going to go back into page animations here and just hover my mouse over different options to see how the elements on the screen respond. i think this pop animation really jumps out at me literally, so i'm going to select that as our page animation and i think to create some variety, i'm going to select our neon tubes and i'm going to highlight all of them by holding, shift and clicking and dragging, and for our neon tubes this drift animation looks pretty cool, but i think i like baseline, so i'm going to select that and we can navigate up here to this play button to see what this looks like full screen and i think we're off to a really good start. so now i want to do the same thing for our next two flavors, and to do this we can actually save time by duplicating the page we just edited, by right clicking it and clicking duplicate, and because all of the animations are already applied to the page, all we have to do is swap out the different elements with new ones and everything will automatikally be animated the same way the previous flavor was. i'll go back into our uploads here and bring in our vintage cola can and i'll go ahead and delete the old can. i'm gonna center this and then select our background, go into our colors and you can see here under our photo colors, it's automatikally detected the can. click through here and see our different options, and i really like the way that this muted sort of red background goes with our neon yellow. gonna select the can here and not forget to add our backdrop shadow, and if we go back here and click play, you can see. that's all we really have to do, because everything is already animated. currently, each one of these frames is five seconds, which is a little bit long, so i'm going to re-time these to three and a half seconds and apply.

How to Make Video Ads in 5 Minutes | Video Marketing for Business (Invideo Tutorial)

did you know that video marketing is becoming exponentially more and more important for businesses, large and small, and this year, hubspot found that around 72 percent of customers would prefer to learn about a product or service through videos. hey guys, welcome back to another business tutorial, and if it's your first time here, my name's stuart. thanks for joining me today. now, in this tutorial, i'm excited to show you how to make your own video ads for social media in a matter of minutes, without needing any video editing experience. if you're currently not too sure how to leverage video as part of your marketing strategy, well, today i'm going to show you exactly how you can get started with video marketing. today's focus is to help you get started with video marketing by using an amazing video editing tool called in video. all right, before i guide you through this tutorial, and if you're new to this channel, consider subscribing to stay updated with actionable videos and tutorials designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to grow your small business online. and, with that covered, let's create your video ads with the tool in video. now, like i mentioned at the start of this tutorial, video marketing is becoming extremely important, especially for social media platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin, youtube and tiktok for engaging with your audience, your customers, building a community and ultimately driving more leads and sales through to your business. all right, so now let's go ahead and simply create your video ads for social media using in video. okay, so first things first. all you need to do is head down to the description below this video and click the link that's going to take you to in video. now i need to disclose that this is an affiliate link, and if you decide to purchase or upgrade to a paid plan, then we will receive a small commission and it just helps us kind of create educational content for this channel. so i thank you in advance. so once you've clicked the link in our description, you will arrive at in video and the first thing we want to do is sign up. so head over to sign up and here all you need to do is add your name, your email address and a password, and then your phone number. so we're going to quickly do this now and then, once you've added your information, just come down and click sign up. and here we go. we've just created our free account. now what that means is, if we decide to create a video, it's going to have a branded in video watermark, so we want to remove that watermark when we create a video. so, if you like, you can upgrade now, or you can upgrade later after you've created a few videos and you want to remove that watermark. so right now i'm going to upgrade to the paid plan so i can remove watermarks from my videos. so to do that, i'm just going to head over to upgrade and then come down here and select have a coupon code and then enter stewart 25 and click apply and, as you can see, when you enter the code stewart25, you actually receive 25 of the paid plans. now it's up to you if you want to go for the popular business plan or the unlimited plan. we've got the unlimited plan because we're producing video content on a daily basis and within video, as you can see from the features, you have access to thousands of pre-made templates, which allows us to quickly and easily customize professional templates and add our own media. or we can actually add from the huge library of premium photos and video. so you don't actually have to create any content yourself. you don't have to go out there and create videos or photos. you can actually use the premium stok videos and photos with each of these plans, so have a look through all the different features here. i recommend going for the popular business plan to get started, and then you can upgrade later on. if you find a lot of value in using in video, then you can pay monthly or yearly, that's completely up to you. so once you've decided on a plan, just click get business or get unlimited, fill out your information, add your details and then what we'll do is we'll head back over to the dashboard and we'll meet you there, as we've already signed up to the unlimited plan. now, remember, you can actually upgrade later on if you want to remove the watermark from your videos. so for us we've already got that unlimited plan, so we'll meet you back over at the dashboard, okay, so now that we've signed up, we're here, back it out in video dashboard and this is where we can start creating and building our video ads for social media. now there's two options we want to tok about, as this is a beginner's tutorial, and there's two really easy ways to start building and creating your video ads. the first one is building from pre-made templates. now, if you scroll down here, you can see hundreds of pre-made templates that you can build from. so these are professionally designed videos that you can edit the way that you like. so you can essentially change the photos, the videos. you can upload your own images, your own elements, change the transitions, the animations. you have unlimited options for your own customizations. now, to view each video, all you need to do is hover over the video, scroll across, find the video that you like and then just click on the video and then you can watch the entire video here and you can choose the different layouts. then you can come down here and click: use this template if you want to start customizing this video template the way that you like. now, if we head back up to the top, we also have options here. so if you have a partikular social media channel that you want to create a video for, for example, if you want to create a video for, say, youtube, facebook or instagram, you can find the right option here. so click along and look for the best option based on what you want to create. then what you can actually do is find templates that are related to your business, for example, real estate. i could find real estate templates to start building from now. the second option is actually to create a video from a blank template. so again, you can choose a wide frame, vertikal or square, and start creating using all the stok images and videos to create your video. but for the purpose of this tutorial, we're going to choose a pre-made template and i can come down here and select a pre-made template to build from. so i like the look of this one over here. so i'm going to select this pre-made template, this video template, and i want to modify and edit this one. so i'm going to come down here and click: use this template. okay. so editing the pre-made template that you choose is actually really easy. now we're going to tok about a few important elements before we get started and start editing this video template. now, on the left hand side, we have videos and images. so, for example, if i wanted to look for a partikular video or image, i'll type it in here. for example, if i type in real estate and hit enter in, video is going to show us a whole bunch of free stok videos that we can use in our video. so, for example, if i want to view this one, i just click it and this will bring up the video preview. then just click exit and then you can do the same with any of these other videos and again you can type in any other keyword related to your business to find stok footage and images. so again, if i click images, you can find the stok images here to use in your video. then we have music and this is the music, the background music, we want to add for our video. again we can find our collection. we can upload our own music if we like. we can head back to in video collection and we can scroll and browse through all the different categories and music that they have for your video. so have a browse at some of the music tracks that you can choose for your video. now, if we come up here we can change the volume. for example, if we want the music track to be quite quiet behind the video, then we can change that here and then we can just click play to listen. then we have text, so we can add text to our video as you.


I tried using Canva to make an ADVANCED Product Commercial!

okay, we're rolling and in three, two, one. [Applause]. oh my goodness, welcome back to the channel, everybody. today we are making yet another product commercial, but this time there's a catch. today's video is brought to you by our lovely sponsor, canva, and you might remember, a couple of months ago i made a video where we did a commercial of a soda brand, all edited within canva. now the thing is that commercial featured a bunch of still images edited together to be animated into a product commercial, whereas this time around i'm actually going to be shooting real video footage that we will then edit all inside canva. we're going to see how it goes now. the commercial we're making is for magic spoon maple waffle flavor, and of course we wouldn't be able to do that without some real waffles. so let's dive into our first shot: microwave, all right. so here's the idea: we're gonna grab one of these sponges here and use it as a base to put in one of our bamboo skewers. skewer goes into the sponge and the other end of the skewer goes into a waffle and then we're going to prop it up, pour the maple syrup on top of the waffle. hopefully it looks nice and appetizing. camera goes on the tripod. that is super bright. i think i need a little bit more light coming from underneath here. so i'm just going to grab one of these little aperture lights, let's hit record, and we're just going to go for it. [Music]. now i was going to say that this next shot was going to create a bit of a mess, but, as you can see, i've already done that in my couple of practike runs. so we're gonna take our cereal now and put it onto this plastik bag. now we just hit record on the camera and in three, two, one. [Music]. so the next thing i want to do is i really want to try and get a shot, with the lava pro blends, of a serial pore through the box. so here's what we have set up right here: we've got this little stack of a roll of gaff tape, three counter weights, a friction arm, and then we've got our box of cereal, all calf taped up, and inside the box of cereal i have gaff taped that piece of plastik so that it looks realistik from the inside view, and the idea is that we take the probe lens and push through while we pour in the cereal using this half of the box. as i push through this with the probe. you're gonna come in with the cereal and i'm gonna follow it down into the bowl. [Music]. three, two, one. [Music]. all right, now it is officially time to start editing our product video. now our first step is to go to canvacom and, for those of you who don't know, canva is completely free to use, but you do have the option to upgrade to canva pro for a whole bunch of other time-saving features and tools. we're going to start here by creating a brand kit. i'm going to title this maple waffle and next we're going to bring in a logo and any photos we might have. one of my favorite features is the ability to extract colors from the photos that we add to our brand kit, so i'm going to do that. and finally, we can add any fonts that we might use for our project. now we're going to create a new video project and just drag all of our files into there and they will be added into the upload section. and now we can start assembling our timeline. we're going to start with our waffle shot with the maple syrup pouring on top. i want to make the shot a little bit more dramatik, so i'm going to select it and add a brief animation. this is essentially like a ken burn style scale, in effect. i feel like this is a good, captivating way to start off our sequence. but before i go any further, i'm definitely going to want to add some music, preferably something upbeat and fun. now, canva actually does have a large built-in library of music from epidemic sound, and i think for this video i like this song here called presidential. now, generally, when i make these product videos, i like to have a nice impact or exciting shot right near the start. so i'm going to bring in that video clip where i throw the cereal in the air, and i'm also going to bring in this photo that i already added to our brand kit. now this is where canva pro really comes in handy. i'm going to select our photo and use the background remover tool, and this will automatikally detect the background behind the box and remove it from our shot. now we're just going to adjust the size and the position rotation of our box so that it's somewhere in the frame that we like, and to give the cereal box a little more movement, i'm going to add this drift animation looking pretty good. i think i might also add a drop shadow to our box. this just ties everything together a little bit nicer and here is our serial explosion. it's pretty amazing when you consider that what we just did is a fairly intricate compositing tiknique, all done within canva. now, to tie these first two shots together a little bit better, i'm going to add a transition. i personally really like the look of a fast circle wipe transition on the out direction. next, we've got these two label shots here. very simple, we're just going to add the breathe animation to both of these, just to give them some more life, some more movement. then we're going to move along to this first pouring shot. i'm going to double click on the video here and i'm going to start increasing the size, move it over just a touch and i think that this framing looks a lot better. and, like our other shots, i'm going to add the breathe animation. and now, moving along to the pro blends shot- and i do actually have an idea for this, because this shot is a little bit longer than the others- i'm going to start by adding another one of the circle wipe transitions into the shot and then, at some point in the middle of the shot, maybe on the beat of the music, i'm going to split the clip on our second part of that pro blends shot. i'm going to bring in our waffle shot once again and i'm just going to tweak the framing so that the waffle is on the left side and we have this sort of split screen. and now to transition from that first probe shot that's taking up the whole screen into that next shot where it's that split screen, i'm going to use the line wipe transition, making sure that it's on the right direction. we can select the probe shot and use the trim tool to adjust the in and out points to make sure that the two shots line up. and this is looking pretty cool. i feel like this is a good opportunity to really highlight the flavor profile of the cereal. so let's get creative with some text here. i'm gonna add in a text heading and type in maple waffle, all caps. i'm gonna change the font to the one we added to our brand kit and using our text effects, i'm going to set maple to the hollow effect and then waffle to glow. i'm gonna change the color to orange to match the rest of the video and finally, i'm going to add the breathe animation to the text. and here is how that whole pro blends shot and transition looks. that's pretty awesome. if you ask me, now we're going to move along to our milk pore shot. very simple stuff here might adjust the framing a little bit, but we're going to add the breathe animation once again, just for that subtle pushing makes it more dramatik. and now that we're done with all of our video footage it is time to create a nice ending shot. so i'm gonna copy and paste that photo of the box that we used before and i'm gonna put it in a position where it's kind of large and taking up a good chunk of the frame, and i'm actually gonna go ahead and right click on the shot in the timeline here and duplicate it and move our box to the other side of the frame, a little bit smaller. and now we're gonna add a transition between these two shots. this is the new match and move transition. it will automatikally detect the box in the two different frames and move it across, almost like a keyframe. that looks pretty good. so we're just going to duplicate the second shot now and add some text, and i'm just going to go into the graphics here and add some twinkly stars to spice this up. we can copy and paste those all throughout the three frames and once we play.

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Create WINNING TikTok Video Ads For FREE (Shopify Dropshipping)

what's up, guys? in this video, I'm going to show you exactly how to create highly converting tiktok video ads for your dropshipping products, completely for free. stay tuned. welcome back, guys. for those of you who are returning viewers, thank you so much for stopping by again and watching it. another video: I really appreciate all of the support I'm getting from you guys, all of the comments, so please keep them coming. and if you're new here, my name is Jacob wikowski and at the beginning of the year, I decided to put the Drop Shipping business model to test. I wanted to see if it's really as easy and effortless to succeed with Drop Shipping as all the YouTube gurus make it look like. first seven months of my journey was very, very hard. in all honesty, it was definitely not as easy as they make it look like. however, on the 20th of July, I started seeing some success with my first winning product and two months later I was able to recover all of the losses that I gathered in the first seven months and right now I'm making pure profit with this one product. if you take a look at my store, since 20th of July up until today, first of November, I have made over 96 000 in sales. I'm going to refresh that as well, just to show you it's actually real. I've made two thousand 729 orders. I also have a second store. this is a general store. it didn't make as much money- definitely not- but this is where I'm just testing new products to find another winner. so I'm showing you all of this to tell you that the Drop Shipping is 100 working, but it's definitely not as easy and effortless as everyone makes it look like. however, it's still very, very worth it. now here's the thing: if you like Drop Shipping and you like watching videos like this, where I'm showing you the real, uncut and realistik picture of what it really takes to be dropshipper in 2022, coming to 2023- and make sure to subscribe to this channel, like this video, because in this channel you're only going to see true, uncut videos about Drop Shipping. and one more thing: if you have any questions in regards to drop shipping, make sure to join my Discord channel- the link is in the description down below- where I'm posting a video answering all of your questions on daily basis. so this is going to help you to keep moving forward word, and also you can communicate with other like-minded people. let's get started with this video, one of the most important things when testing products is your actual video ad. when you have not very good video ads and you're trying to test products, you're not getting any sales. how do you know whether it's your product that's actually not working or if it's the ads that are not doing very good job? in this video, I'll show you exactly how to get proven video ads that are already working so that you can start testing products. and if you're not gonna get into sales, then at least you know for sure that it's the product that's at fault, not your videos. you might be wondering why you should even listen to me toking about video ad creation. quite honestly, I'm not video editor. I don't have video editing experience, but I know how to create Those ads, and here's why, since July, I have spent a lot of money on tiktok ads. July alone, it was only one thousand six hundred dollars. however, from August, this is when this amount rule rapidly. in August alone, I spent almost fifteen thousand dollars on tik tok. at September, 18 and a half thousand dollars. October, eight and a half thousand dollars. so all together, in the past three short months, I have spent almost 43 and a half thousand dollars on this one product and, by the way, in the meantime, I have been testing a lot of different products, so this figure in reality is a lot bigger. since I started only till about two weeks ago, I would always Outsource video ad editing. I was using services like viral Ecom ads, waving pandas or many other pretty expensive Freelancers, and this allowed me to have an Insider view of how they do it, like what it really takes to create those successful videos ads. let me show you how now. first of all, to show you how to do this, we need to pick a product that we are promoting, right? so let's say that we are promoting this mini projector. now I have seen a lot of videos of this mini projector on my tik tok, so I decided to use it as an example. now the first thing, uh, you need to do- or I would do- is to go to tik tok and type in in the search bar different keywords and phrases related to your product. so, for example, in my case, that's mini projector. sometimes you need to type in multiple keywords or multiple phrases to find multiple different videos. what you're looking for here is videos with 1 million to couple of million views, right? so 1 million plus views. now, those videos are already proven to work because they already gathered millions of people who watched those videos and, most likely, those videos also have a good amount of likes on them, proving that they work. they simply work. what you need to do is to find about two to three different videos, or maybe more if you, if there is more with millions of views. what you want to do next is to click on the video and basically get the URL of those videos. we're going to download those videos and use them to create your own video ads. now, if you're wondering if it's legal, if you like, if you can do this in all honesty, even if you'd purchased video ads from video editors, including the big names like econ, viral ads or anything else, that's exactly what they do. so, yes, it works. everyone is doing it. I'm not saying that you should do that and keep using Those ads for you know, months or years to come. I'm saying: do that only to find and identify winning products. when you find a winning product with those type of ads, then at least you can order the product to your house and create ads that are exactly the same as the ones that were win, winning ads for you, so hopefully that makes sense. now you copy the URL of the video, you go to the website called snaptik. This is basically a website where you can download tiktok ads. you paste your the URL of that video, download it to your computer. and now here what you need to do is to use, um, some kind of video editing software. I personally use Premiere Pro. you can use any other softwares you like. one good option would be in video. I think this is, as far as I remember, a website that allows you to edit videos right on your browser. you don't even have to download any softwares. but whatever you use, it doesn't matter. what matters is what you do with the videos. so in my case, like I said, I use pre Premiere Pro. so you download two or three videos- or more, if, if there is more videos and you have time, and then what you do is you put those videos into your video editing software. now the first thing, the first step for you to do, is to get rid of the sound of the video. so here's the thing. let's say that I have downloaded two different videos, right with millions of views on tiktok. so I'm putting both of the videos in my video editing software. right. as you can see, this is video one. this is video too. if I had more videos, I would add more here. the next step is, like I said, to delete the sound of the video. all you want is just the footage. you do not want the sound at all. the next step, after you delete the sound, what you want to do, is to cut all of the videos into small segments, into small scenes, if you like. so this would be the scene number one, for example. now, this would be the scene number two, for example, this would be the scene number three. and you basically do that with with every single video, you just cut, cut it into small pieces, small scenes, right? so again, that's another scene, that's another scene, just as an example for this video. next thing, what you do is you take these scenes from all of the videos and you basically mix them together. you, you create new videos out of those scenes that are already proven to work. right, super easy to do, and I usually like to keep my ads um like about 15 seconds, 15 seconds or shorter. so again, we're mixing um the sce.

How To Make Video Ads For Dropshipping/FB Ads!

what's up? econ accelerators? it's your boy, Jordan, back again with another ecommerce video, and it's really good to have you guys here. in this video, we're gonna tok about a topic that I'm really passionate about and know tons about its: video editing and creating video advertisements for your dropshipping store products that you can use in your facebook ad campaigns. so there's multiple ways to go about doing this, some ways better than others, some ways quicker than others, but the method that I use is one that I've been using since my beginning with this ecommerce business, and it's one that I continue to use for a long time because it's simple and I enjoy doing it. so, without further ado, let's go into my computer and see the exact processes that I'm toking about and how you guys can replicate those processes yourself. so, before I get into the tutorial and show you guys exactly what I'm doing to create video ads, I just want you to know one thing, and it's that, while doing this, please proceed with caution and be smart about the content that you choose. unfortunately, none of the content that you choose is 100% safe to use, because we are working with other people's content and this is not legal, which is why I recommend that, as you scale your campaigns, you pull back on using these videos with other people's content and focusing on getting the product on hand yourself and filming your own video advertisement. that is yours and something that you can feel comfortable and safe with scaling, because the truth of the matter is, when using other people's content- and that comes down to photos and videos- look at what happened to Dan de Silva- you can get sued and lose a lot of money, and this is a real issue to think about. a lot of people within this drop shipping game. they're trying to just take this, take this, take this, take this, take this and don't even consider the legalities of it, especially because we're marketing these assets. so sorry, have to get preachy and rant with you guys, just so you understand that there is a chance that your ad account may get a strike on it for using content like this. there is a chance that you may get in trouble by the original content creators, but many people use this strategy and I do still believe it is a valid, valid strategy for testing new products and validating them to see if they work and see if it's worth while for you to get the product in hand and film a commercial yourself. got that disclaimer out of the way. I don't want anybody commenting saying: oh, you got my ad account banned because I didn't. that would all be on you, so don't let that scare you. I've been using this method for six, seven months to test products. I've gotten one copyright: strike my ad account still and get standings. you really shouldn't have anything to worry about. so the first step in creating these type of videos is finding good quality content to work with. so with every product, you should be able to find a few YouTube videos of the product being reviewed or demonstrated or showing off in one way or another. and even if you can't find this, look for high quality images of the product, as the editing practikes that I'm about to show you can be applied with video or photo. so for finding good video content, obviously the first place that you should think to look is YouTube, and if not YouTube, your Aliexpress supplier themselves may have some video of the product on the page, and this is ideal. if you can find this, this is good, because a lot of times the suppliers will be okay with you using this video, because they they do nothing but gain from that by getting in more sales, but in this case I like to work with YouTube videos because I couldn't find anything on Aliexpress page. so, as you can see here, to save time, I've already picked three good videos for the product that we're gonna be making this advertisement for, and then we're very easy to find. I just came up to the search bar, hit up snorkel mask and check this out. we've got we've got two, three pages of people just showing off this mask and you could take any of these clips and and edit them in a way that is your own. so I've taken these three clips and I've downloaded them using a website called keepvidcom. it's very simple to use. you just take the link, you hit that and you hit download and you're good to go. so I've got all three of the clips right here and a folder on my desktop, and we're going to jump into premiere shortly. but I just want to let you guys know that it doesn't matter if you're using Mac or Windows. this will still apply to you because premier is the same program on both operating systems. so the footage is really just people demonstrating the product. you can see this guy. he's comparing it to another mask and swimming with it. we're really just looking for Clips, like like five-second Clips, like like stuff like this, like him using the product. I'm showing it off, because we're gonna take those tiny clips and put them together into one joint finished project that we can use in our advertising campaigns. so now that you've got your footage, usually I like to get like three to five clips. so once you get those three to five Clips, that's when we get to the fun part, that's when we start editing and we really start chopping these clips up and making them our own. so let's jump right into premiere and let me show you guys how I'm doing that. alright, so we are now in Adobe Premiere and maybe some of you have never seen this software before, so I'm not going to go through each individual detail and explain how every little thing works, but I'll give you a quick rundown and I think, as you see me editing and going through the process, you'll be able to take what I do and apply it to your own practikes yourself. so just real quickly, this is your bin right here, and this is where you can import all your media. you'll find all of your clips there once you get them imported. this is your timeline, this is where all the editing happens. and if you're not seeing yours in this layout, just simply go to window workspace and make sure it's on the editing workspace. so this is your timeline and what you'll see what I mean once we get into this. but this, your timeline, is where all editing happens and this is your programming tab where you can watch the video live and make adjustments there. this a lot of stuff happens here. your key frames have been here, you can watch your source Clips, you can chop them, you can edit audio, etc. so enough explaining, we'll get into it and I feel like you guys to be able to better understand that way. so, simply, the first thing you should do above all is import your Clips. so just with a click, right-click in this bin, we can click import and we'll go ahead and go to the editing tutorial and we're going to import all three of these clips. so once the clips get imported, then it's just a matter of figuring out what order we want to put them in, which ones we want to do first. so I haven't figured this out yet. I'm just taking these clips fresh now and it may take me a little while to chop them up, but I don't think so. so we'll take this guy's first, cuz we've already been working with it and we can take this clip as the opening clip, the clip that we were showing before here, and excuse the audio, let me change the output into my headphones so you guys don't have to hear that overlap. all right, that's much better. so here's that initial clip that I was toking about, and we'll start with this clip here. so really, in the first- keep this in mind- in the first three to five seconds is when you're going to get your customers attention. if you're not able to get their attention in the first three to five seconds, then unfortunately you're going to lose them. they're gonna keep scrolling and they could care less of bear advertisement. so you want to look for a clip with stuff going on, something like boom in your face or something that pulls on them in some type of pain point. so, for example, you see a lot of these like pharmaceutikal ads. have you ever had a lowe?

Create EPIC Product Commercials at home - The essential Beginner Guide in 10 easy Steps

[Music]. here is the definitive answer to the following question: how do you create commercials? first, you need gear. whatever gear you have right now is good enough, as long as it includes the following components: a lacie, susan or otherwise called an electronic turntable. you need it for all the delicious spinning shots you can imagine, such as from the likes of austin paul or joey palmrose. i invested 30 dollars into mine and it can rotate up to 10 kilos. you need light, at least one that can create a soft light output. in this case, the bigger is the better if you can get a second light to create an even more exciting look with accents and colors. a nifty 50 lens for your camera to get the razor thin depth of field and a nice compressed background, as well as bokeh, if that's your thing. there are plenty of options from a lot of different manufacturers, such as pair gear, viltrox, mikey and many more, but offer great glass for cheaper prices. different surfaces for different looks. in your final video, get yourself some nice looking wood, some glossy black surface and then one more for maximum efficiency in creating different looks, and then, lastly, a colored backdrop in either black, blue or green to get a consistent color throughout the shot which makes it easier to edit in post afterwards. as a cheaper alternative, go into your next creative supply store, get yourself some black architecture paper and a piece of tape and build a backdrop from that. so no more excuses, let's take all of that and put it into practike. i'm building up a basic shot to demonstrate how easy it is to create good results in the end. step one: find the surface you can put the lazy susan on, then place the camera on the same level [Music]. step two: place the surface of your choice on top of the lacy susan. in my case i'm using the shiny black surface for no partikular reason. step 3: get a product of your choice. place it down in the middle of the lazy susan to create a perfect rotation in the end. step 4: use the backdrop of your choice and put it down behind the product with enough distance so that the color does not spill onto the product. step five: your main light needs to be slightly angled to one side of your product, best in front of your product, to avoid spill onto your backdrop. if you can add your second light from the opposite side, either just to create a highlight or add some color to create a different mood. step six: hit record. let your product spin two to three full rotations, [Music]. step seven: click on the subscribe button and write down the following words into the comments to let me know that you've watched a video this far: adpocalypse. step 8: load up your editing program of your choice. in my case i'm down with the resolve studio version, but there is also free version that is perfectly usable. step 9: throw down your short footage, color, grade it to your liking. and then, step 10: have fun. create different shots of the same footage recorded with the power. if you don't know how to do that, here are a few shots: the punch in two keyframes, one at the beginning, one at the end, both on the scale 100 to 150 percent. boom, the basic foundation has been learned. [Music] the rotator: drop down four keyframes: two at the beginning and two at the end, on the scale as well as the rotation axis. but this time let's begin actually zoomed in and then get back to our original shot. double boom. this looks so much better. the fly through. this time we take the shot we made before and we will render it out. then we will open up after effects. click on the rotor brush tool. click on your short footage. let rotobrush do its magic. if needed, refine the edge that has been created by clicking the alt button and then, when done, you'll click on the space button. rotor brush will render through the timeline and when it's done, click the freeze button and you are done. add another background, or even more of your short footage for maximum effect. so here's to you and all the future commercials you will create. my name was leech. i hope you enjoyed this tutorial and i'm off writing the next scripts. have a great day. until then, good bye you.