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How To Manufacture ANY Product Idea (Beginner Friendly!) For E-commerce, Dropshipping, etc!

Published on: December 4 2022 by Baddie In Business

How To Manufacture ANY Product Idea (Beginner Friendly!) For E-commerce, Dropshipping, etc!

How To Manufacture ANY Product Idea (Beginner Friendly!) For E-commerce, Dropshipping, etc!

hey bodybuild family my name is isabella
i own two six figure businesses
all online and i'm now here to teach you
exactly how you can too
today we're gonna be toking about how
you can manufacture your own products
such as this one manufacturing your own
products is gonna make you stand out
this is gonna work for e-commerce drop
shipping store amazon fba
merch stores if you have a dog like mine
and she needs a merch store or if you
just have a startup business and a great
i'm specifically going to be showing you
guys how we manufactured our mika
because it's one of the most ones i'm
most proud of
and of course it all starts with a
drawing i'm going to show you guys how
you can get a drawing for super cheap
and how to go throughout this process so
you can manufacture your own products
so the first thing that you're going to
need is a drawing a lot of suppliers
they do want a drawing or some sort of
to be able to base off what their
pricing is to you
and to discuss further details if you're
not an artist then you can use
apps like fiber which i'm going to show
you how to use right now
so fiber if you have not already heard
of it is a freelancing app so you can
actually support
other people around the world and other
local artists and you can find prices on
for i want to say like 10 to 25 dollars
we'll take a look really quick now
so you can actually just type in um
you can get your logos done on here too
for a really good price personally we
sent a photo of mika
to them and then they were able to
cartoon it so you can see here these
prices range from like 15
so i basically just went through here
until i found one that allows you to
an image and make an animated um image
out of your
topic and they were able to do that and
i think i only paid like 15
so that's the first step it only took
them three days to make it so after
three days i
had my art i had my art ready to go
ready to find a supplier
so i decided to try out alibaba because
i saw a lot of reputable companies on
and i love that they really show their
facilities you can see how they manage
their corporations
and it's just a really reliable place so
if you have a product idea that you are
not sure
how to reach out how to search for it i
have the solution for you
what you can actually do is you can go
on source on alibaba
you can click submit rfq this is going
to take you to a page where you can
name your product you can put in the
purpose of the product
how many pieces you need and details
about the product
then you're able to submit this and it
puts it out to tons of people
in the entire network of alibaba this is
actually how we were able to find one of
our suppliers as well
the most time consuming part of it all
was just messaging back and forth and
trying to find the best deal
if you do go on alibaba and use them
just make sure you look for these logos
next to the user's name
to make sure they are reliable and
they're not working in factories that
they're mistreating their employees or
doing anything wrong to their employees
i messaged with at least a hundred
suppliers to try to negotiate a good
rate it was really hard because a lot of
them wanted a sample fee
but i found one that had a refundable
sample fee which was perfect
if you guys do want this specific
um you can email me i'll put my email in
the description of this video and we can
work something out where i can give you
their information
so the first thing that you want to ask
the supplier is what is the moq which is
the minimum order requirement
you want to make sure that you know how
much you're wanting to buy
because you don't want to go through all
this process and then not have
the money to put forward and the space
to manufacture products that you're not
ready for
and then that just wastes everybody's
time so what we did was we sent them the
we made sure that they were able to
include mika's voice inside the plush
um we also sent pictures of nika and set
another plushie of what we kind of
wanted it to look like
and then we sent the audio of mika's
voice um so they sent back like
their work we toked about the size then
we were able to pick out our fabric
so a lot of suppliers actually want to
send you the sample in person
to approve it before ordering your mask
personally i was able to just say let's
just send a video because if you do want
one sample you have to pay like 30
for shipping so i said you know what i
trust you guys
just send me a video with the audio
let's make sure it's good
they sent me that video when it was
ready which i will show you guys what
happened with that too
the first sample that they sent us a
picture of we were a little
nervous you guys and i will show you
guys what they sent us
these were the images that they first
sent us and we were kind of nervous
because this was
nothing nothing like how we expected or
the pictures that we sent
so we kind of started getting a little
nervous we showed them more inspiration
pictures of how we wanted it
and hope that they could fix it so
another week later they got back to us
and they sent us
the new version which it was a lot cuter
but still
it wasn't quite how we pictured it to be
so what i did was i saved these images
i put them in facetune and i just
colored in the darkness of her
mika's face contour of how exactly we
wanted it just to help us
get a better idea of the colors and
everything for the supplier just so they
would understand
i also made sure like i kind of like
warped the face tune
image and made like her eyes point
upwards because the one that they sent
her eyes were dripping down
it just did not look like at her at all
luckily they were super understanding
about the whole situation and was able
to correct it
with a really great time frame so the
final product we were pretty happy with
we know that we switched a lot of things
and it's still not 100 exactly how we
want it to be
but we thought it was pretty close so we
wound up ordering 300 of them which we
sold out all of them which was so crazy
um but we did want to also let you know
that the shipping for all of these
it came out to be 430 just for the
shipping and they had to do it through
sea shipping and not
um dhl or fast shipping because it's a
bigger item
that's another reason why we
manufactured the boba babies
is because smaller items we're able to
get those shipped through dhl which is
able to get them
faster because we're selling hundreds of
oh babies a day
we do have to get them into our place
faster and we can't be waiting months
once we sell out it did take about two
months for the plushies to actually
arrive after we manufacture them
so it took about two to three months to
manufacture them and then two months to
actually get them it was quite the
project but it was super fun and i
really enjoyed this experience
so one mistake that we made with this
plushie that we're just it's kind of
it's kind of like i just didn't know any
better because i just never manufactured
a product
like this one before with like a toking
voice inside was
unfortunately there's no way to replace
these batteries and it wasn't the
supplier didn't really tell me that and
of course didn't think of that i just
assumed that it lasted
it wasn't told to me until after you
received them that it only lasts for
they said about 300 to 500 pushes
the actual voice and then you cannot
replace it anymore so that was a little
bit of a letdown but that was 100 our
responsibility because
we didn't realize that i really wanted
to just give back to mika's followers to
provide them with something that they
could just have at home
that reminded them of mika and i just
thought this was the perfect idea
we definitely plan on making more
products like this in the future but for
now we think this one is great just for
her merch store
so i do want to tok about something
that might happen to you if you
anything online we have had several
cases to where we've manufactured things
even this mika plushie
and they have ended up on other chinese
and it's really really unfortunate i'm
not sure if the manufacturers are
the custom idea to other people i don't
know how it's getting stolen
or taken by other chinese sellers but
the design itself is getting resold
to other sellers so unfortunately with
the today's internet world
it's really hard to stay original
sometimes that's my goal is to always be
coming out with new products that i have
not seen anyone else have
because of this situation the only thing
we can do is just keep putting out new
products there's been tons of copycats
that even there's now
small businesses selling boba babies but
they don't realize that what they're
doing is they're basically like stealing
our entire
business and they're trying to replicate
it and that's not something new either a
lot of business owners do have to deal
with that
but it's because these chinese sellers
are taking these original designs from
our manufacturers
or the manufacturers are allowing them
to be leaked or selling them who knows
that they're then able to take those and
sell those to other people
for lower quantities usually when we
manufacture keychains we do have to
order about a thousand key chains to
create a new design
i'm actually in the process of designing
new lip gloss tubes as well
because these lip gloss tubes back here
a lot of people have already my main
is just try to just be really creative
and alter products that if you see a
product that you really like
you can try to take that product and try
to make a new design with it
so a lot of you guys always ask how we
make the boba babies too i really wanted
to show you about mika's because mika is
just more special to me
but with the boba babies the first time
i saw like a boba
cup keychain i fell in love i've always
been obsessed with the liquid um
keychains because as a kid
i had so many of them and i had just
always loved them even like when i was
super anxious like i always played with
them it was just something that
was like a part of my childhood so
nostalgic so when i saw this boba
i knew i wanted to do a spin off of that
and there's nothing wrong with
taking an idea and putting your
creativity into it and having it
manufactured or making it yourself
but it's another thing to take something
that's already been manufactured and
trying to make it your own anyways you
guys i hope you guys enjoyed this video
showing you guys how we manufactured our
products if you guys want anything like
any video at
all explaining more about any of these
topics please comment down below and let
me know and i would love to make each
video for you
if you want to know how you can make
your business go viral on tiktok i
have a video about that as well so make
sure you guys go check it out
and if you want to know how you can make
your own website 100 for free
and it's be zero dollars monthly i have
a video about that as well
thank you so much for watching i hope
this video helped you to get some ideas
of how you can manufacture your products
if you have any questions about anything
comment down below and i will do a video
for it specifically or i'll just reply
to your comment in the best way possible

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