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How To SCALE To Multiple Countries With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial

Published on: December 6 2022 by Shri Kanase

How To SCALE To Multiple Countries With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial

The above is a brief introduction to How To SCALE To Multiple Countries With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial.

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How To SCALE To Multiple Countries With Google ADs | Shopify Tutorial

you're what is going on everybody shriek
canasa here so how to scale with the
Google ads to different countries now in
a lot of my previous videos I have
always mentioned that Google shopping
ads or just Google ads as a platform in
general has mostly been for the u.s.
audience and that has really not changed
that much however after doing a bit of
testing myself with these different
countries and after having actually run
specific product campaigns through these
countries I have come to realize that it
could actually be very very powerful to
be running advertisements especially for
your winning products whether it's a
winning product on Facebook or on Google
shopping for the u.s. to these different
countries one of the biggest things I've
come to realize is that people all over
the world use Google no matter what
country they live in or no matter what
language they speak and because of this
the demand for actually shopping via
Google Shopping ads has increased
tremendously so in this video I kind of
want to go over exactly why it's so
important to be scaling with these
different countries how it's different
while showing you some actual results
right from my own Google Ads dashboard
and actually give the exact step-by-step
process as to how you can get approved
to sell to these different countries
because yes this process is not as easy
as just launching a new campaign to a
different country like you would
normally do with Facebook or Google Ads
you need to actually submit a feed for
your products to this different country
and then after it gets approved then you
can start running the ads but without
wasting any more time let's find out how
to scale to these different countries so
so before I actually reveal exactly how
to start scaling to these different
countries there's one thing you want to
do to really get the best results from
this video and that is smash that like
button for the YouTube algorithm just
kidding but hopefully you do that
anyways these videos take a long time to
make but let's start off by toking
about the first thing and that is
toking about the kind of traffic you
could be expecting from these different
countries so as I mentioned earlier in
this video I used to say that 90 to 95
percent of the shopping traffic does
come from the US and that is still true
however I'm starting to notike a lot
more countries are kind of getting
involved with the Google Shopping ads
platform and if we go in and look at the
specific artikle right here which can be
found directly from Google we can see
that the specific list of countries
which currently accepts Google Shopping
ads is tremendous
big as you can see from Algeria all the
way to Zimbabwe these countries are
accepting Google shopping yet and that
also means people that do use Google
within these specific countries have the
option of directly shopping from the
shopping and so that's what makes this
video so important for you to watch
until the end but nonetheless there's
one simple process that you can be using
to kind of get approved for all of these
different countries it's the same
process you can repeat over and over but
as I mentioned 90 to 95 percent of the
shopping traffic is still from the US
but you can expect a decent sized
amount coming from these different
countries and before I continue on with
this video I want to go ahead and take
you guys over to my google shopping
campaign dashboard to show you the
difference between targeting just the US
for a winning product compared to
targeting a different country so right
now I have two specific campaigns chosen
right here campaign number one at the
top is for the US only for one of my
main winning products that's currently
running at this moment in April as you
guys can see I've spent roughly six
hundred seventy six dollars to get back
111 conversions and the conversion rate
is around five point sixteen percent to
make back roughly ten thousand dollars
in sales and no this is not photoshopped
at all these are real statistiks but now
I want to go ahead and take you guys
down to my second campaign I have chosen
this campaign is for that same exact
product as in campaign number one
however this campaign is directed
towards Canada only if we go ahead and
look at the specific data right here we
can see that the CTR compare to campaign
number one is much much higher almost
three times higher at four point fifty
percent if we look at the specific cost
it spent around eighty seven dollars to
get back nine conversions and the
conversion rate is kind of lower three
point six one percent but the conversion
value is seven hundred twenty eight
dollars and thirty nine cents so as you
can see still very very profitable and
the beauty is I just started this
candidate campaign just a few days ago
and as you can see it's only running at
$50 a day compared to campaign number
one which is $80 a day but that kind of
shows you what you should be expecting
from these different country campaigns
and if you look at one more data really
quick and that is the search impressions
share which you can see right here this
is 65% for this product in the US
meaning I'm getting roughly 65% of the
total possible searches that are done
meaning my product is winning those
options to get shown for those searches
compared to 93% over here for Canada so
as you guys can
I should kind of let you know that the
search volume for this given product is
a little bit lower in Canada compared to
the US however it's still very
profitable I'm getting a large surge
impression share from the total and the
bids are actually the same for both
countries but now let's kind of continue
toking about exactly why this is the
way it is so I want to start toking
about how the competition is like for
these different countries it doesn't
matter whether you choose Canada or UK
or any other country that is currently
accepted for the shopping ads platform
you can generally expect much much lower
competition in the other countries
because Google ads believe it or not
it's coming out of a newer platform
compared to the other platforms which
are available and people are just
starting to kind of come on to Google
ads which is why it's so beneficial for
you to start scaling within these other
countries but in addition to that as you
guys clearly strap from my own data you
can generally be expecting a much higher
CTR because I can almost guarantee you
that not a lot of other drop shippers or
a lot of other store owners would be
selling the same exact product as you
within these other countries so you can
kind of expect a higher CTR but you can
also be expecting kind of a lower number
of impressions as you guys saw because
people may not be generally searching as
much for that given product as they
would in the US for me this is kind of a
universal product which I just showed
you on my Google Ads dashboard so people
in all countries are actually searching
for it but nonetheless lower amount of
people can be expected than those from
the US but in addition to that you can
kind of be expecting kind of some lower
scalability simply because again with
Google as you can only reach those
people that are currently actively
searching for your product so somebody
is not searching for your product you
can't really force them to search for
your product so you can only get the
searches or search impression share for
the given searches that are currently
happening in the market which is why
it's kind of lower scalability when
scaling to these other countries but
nonetheless still a good portion of
money and Rho s can be added to your
entire dashboard with these other
countries as you guys saw just from that
one campaign on my own dashboard but
generally you can also be expecting
higher ROI as I know from my own
dashboard and my own Canada campaign
that was not the case simply because it
is kind of a newer campaign it's only
some time to optimize but once a that's
fully optimized once I've fully gone
through the process that I normally
on my youtube-channel when it comes to
optimization you can watch some of the
videos I'll leave the links in the
description below then I can generally
be expecting a higher rowers but in
addition scaling to these different
countries kind of leaves you with a lot
more room to dominate the searches with
similar products so for instance if
you're selling a printer in the US and
you find a one specific printer which is
a winning product in the US then you
start scaling it within Canada UK etc
you can generally be expecting a lower
number of competition for those specific
countries which means that you have the
ability to dominate more within those
searches so if this product turns out to
be a winner in Canada and the UK is well
you can potentially add more printers
that you find from Aliexpress onto your
store and within that campaign so then
those products get shown within the UK
and Canada as well so that kind of makes
it easier to find even more winning
products which are similar to what's
already selling and these are some of
the biggest reasons as to what makes me
want to continue scaling internationally
especially in the countries where
Aliexpress shipping time is very very
fast but before you do this make sure
that whatever supplier you're using from
Aliexpress for your winning product cans
ship to these other countries you don't
want to sell a bunch of products through
these other countries only to find out
that you're Alex we're supplier does not
support shipping to those countries
especially with the situation that's
going on in the world at this moment
when I'm recording this video which is
in April but now that I've covered kind
of the basics of why it's so important
to be considering scaling
internationally let's find out exactly
how to do that and there are two very
simple steps to this the first step
actually involves the Google feed app by
sim process which you can find through
the Shopify App Store it is completely
free for you to use until a certain
number of products but within this app
you want to be submitting the feed you
meaning your product feed to additional
countries and before I show you how
that's done kiba key know that you
should only be submitting the product
feed to one country at a time I'll be
showing you how to do that but within
that specific unless you'll see the
option to submit to multiple countries
you don't want to be choosing more than
one because it could really mess up the
settings within your country could cause
problems with your Merchant Center
account so you don't want to do that but
generally after you have submitted the
feed within 12 to 24 hours the feed
should be properly integrated with your
Google Ads account especially if you do
step number two right away but now let's
go ahead and go on to my Google Shopping
feed up to show you guys
how this is done so as you can see once
you open your feed for Google Shopping
app this is the home page that you
should be seeing but now you want to go
ahead and go to the top and you want to
go to settings and choose the second
option which is called school shopping
settings from here we'll be scrolling
all the way down to choose a specific
setting which pops up regarding the feed
so once it pops up this is what you
should be seeing scroll all the way down
until you see this option on the bottom
right which says submit feed to
additional countries now you can read
through all of this to kind of get a
better understanding of what they're
saying here but there is a 5% additional
charge per country that you add and this
is not really a lot it's mostly about 40
cents to 90 cents per country that you
add and this is a new amount that is
that you have to pay in addition to what
you're already paying per month so it's
not again
a huge amount it's very very cheap only
less than a dollar so I highly recommend
you still go ahead and do this because
I'm sure you have a dollar to spare to
scale to these other countries but what
you want to do is you want to click on
this button which says manage additional
countries once you do that you will be
taken to this specific page right here
and I highly recommend that you read it
through the left side because it has a
lot of important information here what
you'll see that it says do not add more
than two countries in the first instance
however I recommend that you keep it to
one and don't add more than one just to
be on the safe side but once you get to
this page it's as simple as choosing a
specific country and just hitting this
little checkbox right here until it
turns green and once you do that just
scroll all the way down and just go
ahead and click Save additional country
when you do that it'll take you to
another page where it shows you what the
total will be that you'll have to pay
per month just go ahead and click accept
and once you click accept it'll take you
to a confirmation page where it tells
you that the feed is currently
processing it's as simple as this on the
Google Shopping feed app but once you
have done this you're not really done
there is step number two which you have
to do as well and this involves your
Merchant Center account so once you have
submitted your feed to these additional
countries now you want to go to your
Merchant Center account and you want to
choose the specific shipping settings
you want to be charging for these
specific countries because without doing
step number two your countries feed will
not be active on Google meaning you'll
not be able to run ads to this given
country so after step number one go
ahead and open up your Google Merchant
Center account and on the home page this
is what you will see you want to click
this little
wrench icon at the top and once you
click on that go under tools to shipping
and returns will be setting specific
shipping options for this specific
Merchant Center account so I already
have one here but we're gonna disregard
this the only thing I want should look
at is these specific headings right here
so currently it says the area of this
the same shipping option is for is the
US only so we want to go ahead and click
the plus button and once you click the
plus button this give it a very standard
name I like to just give it the name of
the country which I want the shipping
option for so in this case let's just do
Canada shipping and once you do that you
want to choose the service area right
here and of course we're gonna scroll
all the way down and choose Canada
because that's what we want now I want
to do that this is these are the very
basic settings that you will have to set
up this can depend on your own
Aliexpress supplier but in general I
just like to select the time for cutoff
at 12:00 a.m. and you want to choose
your specific timezone and in this case
we're just gonna for example choose
Alaska Standard Time but once you do
that for handling time out to leave this
between 3 to 7 days because sometimes
Aliexpress suppliers have issues we want
to leave this at a very broad range for
days fulfilled we want to do Monday
through Saturday because Chinese
suppliers work on Saturdays as well it's
not like the US where they take
Saturday's off so Monday's Australia day
transit time for each different country
it's gonna depend for Canada or the UK I
like to do 10 to 30 days to be on the
safe side because sometimes packages do
take up to 30 days to these
international countries and then again
you want to choose Monday through
Saturday here as well once you do that
don't do anything for the Advanced
Settings simply scroll down and before
you actually do this you want to
actually scroll to the top and for
currency choose the USD or whatever
currency your store is currently and
because this makes things much much
better and it will cause less problems
when you're integrating your products
within the shopping feed app as well so
make sure that the currency is chosen
for your country and since I'm living in
the US although USD and then scroll all
the way down to shipping rates this is
where you're gonna choose a specific
shipping rate for your specific store so
here I just like to do something like
order prize of course you can do order
wait if that's what your shipping
options run by or you can do number of
items in this case I like to offer free
shipping over a certain amount of dollar
spent so in this case let's say for
example that I offer free shipping over
twenty-five dollars so what I would do
is I would do for this specific option I
would do one cent to twenty five dollars
I'll do specifically a fixed rate of
let's say three dollars and forty three
cents because let's say for example that
that's what I charge and for twenty five
dollars and one cent or more in total
sale price I'll do zero here because I
don't charge them anything I offer free
shipping for all orders over twenty five
dollars after you do that make sure you
choose a specific shipping rate name I
just like to give this the name standard
shipping just to make it very simple and
easy to understand so standard shipping
and just go ahead and click continue
once you click continue you're basically
good to go and if you did this correctly
this should be the color blue and it
should say that all your products from
your store have currently matched so
right now I don't have any products
associated with this Merchant Center
account so it says zero but for you it
should say whatever number of products
you have once you have done that then
just go ahead and click Save and you're
basically good to go your fees are
correctly set up as well as your
shipping settings for the international
country and that's the basic two-step as
to how you can kind of start scaling
internationally with these specific
countries but if you fill in any type of
value in this video smash that subscribe
button down below if you haven't already
and like this video to show support but
I'll see you guys next time

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